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I don’t ship Mungoteazer, but that’s a ship with severe malewife/girlboss energy

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I will never get tired of talking about Electra, so thank you for the ask.

If anyone is not up to speed, please see here or here or here for me rambling about my girl.

More random musings:

- Electra (whether as a cat or in some AU) listens to extreme metal music, either from exposure to it from a former owner or some other method. I am not sure how to explain why, but she is unbothered by it and really enjoys it. Does the premise of extreme metal interest you? Mayhaps you would enjoy a gander at my primary hobby . Am I projecting onto a fictional character something sort of irrational for a cat? Seems like it.

- Electra’s appearance / costume only has the one arm warmer because that one leg / paw is all black.

- I favour the idea that Electra has a tortoiseshell coat pattern (over a Torbie), but with more ginger orange and red accents than usual. As I mentioned in another ask, she is fluffy but not long haired, but gets hairballs a lot.

- When Electra is the kitten to react the most vocally to Tugger, it is not because she likes him, it is mainly to patronize his antics by being even more over the top and out doing his theatrics. Whether or not she is put up to it by another cat (Tantomile or Cassandra) is up for discussion.

- Given her speed and agility, Electra ends up becoming the main protector of the tribe when Munk or Alonzo ‘retires’. She is an absolute ghost with how quiet and efficient her attacks / kills (dinnertime birds) are. Her claws are razors attached to red anger, but she frequently abstains from getting that angry. Every cat outside the tribe is seriously scared of her notoriety. Meanwhile, she is just a modest cat looking for warmth and pats.

- Electra is that cat who loves sleeping on clothes or the top parts of sofas, whether in a home or in the junkyard. She likes brownish tones that she can blend in with.

Sad / angst headcanon mishmash:

Her and Etcetera were either best friends or sisters, but at some point Cettie disappears or is killed (again, lending itself to why Etcetera is no longer an ensemble cat in shows).

◎ The vocal reaction to Tugger is in honour of the loud kitten who was nothing but happiness screaming out.

◎ Electra becoming a protector is meant as as a way to find Cettie or avenge her death. Does she ever find who killed her? Let’s just say they would have never seen or heard her coming.

Thanks again for the ask! Keep them coming, I will continue on and everyone is just going to have to deal with it.

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Jina Broughten and Pam Lloyd as Bombalurina and Jennyanydots, Zurich 1992

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say what you want about cats (2019) but that soundtrack is an absolute banger, expect rum tum tugger

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Here take these Dominique + Xavier “memes” bc I love them and I would sell my soul for them.


© for top pictures goes to ali_photo__

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Which looks better? B+W Color or Tan color?

I might have overdone the hearts, he’s just so happy🥰

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(808): They have a booking log online so i can just check that instead of call

(906): Technology: making bailing your sister out easier since 2008

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Rumpleteaser: “Stop reading!”

Tantomile: “Why?”

Rumpleteaser: “I’m bored!”

Tantomile: “Sounds like a you problem.”

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Meet my new cats OC

Freyja named after the norse godess of cats. She’s a brown tabby

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We all know that the Cats 2019 movie was bad. But I was thinking, would the movie be good if it was an animated movie? So I decided to fix those uncanny cat human designs by making it look like cats and drawing them

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Thank you for reinforcing my need to discuss Electra. I was answering this last night, but fell asleep part way through.

Here is a recent family related headcanon post I twisted into an Electra only discussion:

As well as another recent headcanon post steered by my favoritism:

Otherwise, expanding on Electra and her desire for headpats, I can see her being very physical when interacting with the other cats. Lots of excited pawing, playful scratching, and head / body rubbing. Much of this is based off of how she is portrayed in the 98 film, but is not strictly influenced by it.

I can see her not being overly vocal, especially at first, and growing into a more comfortable communication with others over time.

She gets along well with everyone, but has a great amount of existential sarcasm and sort of nihilistic jaded demeanor that is hard to read at first. She is at once the most and least serious cat around. Lots of dark, dry humour and realism. Cassandra and Tantomile think she is hilarious, but others are a bit worried about how her conversations and references tend to cut too deep and be almost depressing.

Electra’s best friend is Etcetera, as she balances out the negativity with a sort of toxic positivity that always makes her smile. They get into all kinds of stupid situations trying to see how far the other will go before giving a self aware wink of acknowledgement that they crossed a line.

Electra has picked up the habit of singing along in a cheerful self narration of what is annoying her because Cettie loves singing when she is happy, and it rubbed off onto her. She frequently dances along to her made up songs of frustration.

Electra and Tantomile become unlikely friends, and like I mentioned in another post, they tend to bring out the foolish nature in one another. They tend to bet each other how much they can screw with or annoy another cat without them finding out or getting them mad. Their methods are less outright silly than say, Mungojerrie or Rumpleteazer, but just as effective.

When social interactions become too much, Electra will hide in a low place in the junkyard, underneath or behind something big and just chill. She will oftentimes get dusty, but she does not really care.

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Tugger : We tried things your way

Munkustrap : No, we didn’t

Tugger : I did it in my head and it didn’t work

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