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A Random Munkustrap Headcanon

Jellicle cats either have homes or are strays indicated by whether or not they have collars and also what the songs say about them. All cats who have lyrics implying they have owners also have collars, with the exception of Jennyanydots (as far as I could see anyway).

So lets talk about our boy Munkustrap.


Originally posted by statisticalcats

Look at him. What a pretty collar! Even has a little ring on in from which you could attach a lead and walk your pussycat’s stress away.

Munkustrap’s collar indicates he has owners, but he is also the junkyards’ sworn protector. Why? If he has a home he wouldn’t be there all the time, why would they all rely on the protection from someone who may or may not be there? Why is this housecat the protector?

Because he was abandoned.

Munkustrap was left behind when his owners moved away (something that sadly happens A LOT in reality) and he took refuge in the junkyard as a young cat. Munkustrap seems to have a special bond with Jennyanydots from the fond way he sings about her and from the trust he seems to have in her charge. Perhaps Jenny helped him out as a stray and took him under her wing until Munkustrap grew up to now thrive as a stray. The Jellicles would only meet once a year before Munkustrap created a safe haven out of the junkyard that they used to meet and that he took refuge in and now he protects those who were also abandoned or lost, not wanting anyone to feel alone, unsafeand abandoned the way he did.


Originally posted by skimblyshanks

Alonzo was the first kitten he found and sheltered, they have a mix between a mentor, a brotherly and a parental relationship. After Alonzo the stray group grew with Coricopat and Tantomile, Gus jr and Jellylorum as well as their strayborn kittens Electra, Etcetera, Pouncival and Plato and their oldest brother George, all of them recognizing Munkustrap more and more as their protector and Munkustrap finding purpose in that role. Alonzo follows in his footsteps as his protegé. Soon the junkyard would become a place where those who live near would visit on the daily to spend time with their stray friends, like Victoria, Quaxo/Mr Mistoffelees, Cassandra, Demeter, Jemima, Bombalurina, Pounceval and Rum Tum Tugger who’d spent a lot of time at the junkyard keeping his brother company since the beginning anyway.

In conclusion; Munkustrap is a good boi.


Originally posted by statisticalcats

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As all good things must eventually come to an end, this is a miscellaneous CATS post to end the second installment of daily Merchandiscial CATS posts. I have been posting something everyday since January 3rd, or 59 days in a row. This probably just shows I have too many things, which is a lie. I need more and I need everything. I do technically have more programmes/brochures that I never showed, as they are very similar to what was posted.

The items pictured above do not quite fit with other things, and I feel they may not be interesting enough to anyone other than me for their own posts.

  • A promotional shirt made for CATS (1998) with Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer that was designed and test printed, but never put into production. I have no idea how many they made, but this could be a one-off! Thanks to @the-cat-at-the-theatre-door for letting me know about it. Jemi helps feed my CATS addiction and I thank her.
  • A cursed Jemima porcelain musical jewelry box, made by the San Francisco Music Box Company. They also made some very beautiful globes that I own 3 out of 4 in a series of.
  • Last but not least, a CATS facemask made partially for charity, as CATS will be donating 25% of proceeds from every mask to The Actors Funds, providing a safety net for performing arts and entertainment professionals over their life span. The last year has been hard on the performing arts to say the least, so I am happy to assist in a small way. This will only ever be worn if CATS decides to come back to Toronto for some shows. So never.

Of course, Merchandiscial CATS will be back with new items, probably sooner rather than later knowing my buying habits. I hope you had fun! I know I did!

If you own anything CATS related and are thinking of selling it, let me know!

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What's the matter?
My seven little siblings! My dear sweet litter brothers and sister! Are-are walking on their hind legs now! *Continues to cry and points to the seven kittens*
Seven Kittens *singing*
I got a new way to walk, walk, walk.
Aw it seems like only yesterday they all were walking on all four legs.
It was.
*Sniffing* Soon-soon they'll be all grown up and won't need me anymore!
That's not true! Little sibling always need their big brother no matter old they get, right Tugger?
You still need me your big brother, right?
Tugger *Dismissively*
Yeah sure, whatever.
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eSo if you don’t know, the Kilworth 2019 production of cats was very ww2 based. The set an all the costumes reflected that. I strongly recommend looking the designs up because they’re really cool. (and they inspired theses soo)

-Jennyanydots was a teacher once upon a time. When the war started up she joined the army as a nurse. While on active duty she met Skimbleshanks who had left his job as a conductor to join the army as well. The two fell in love and when they left the army got married.

-Old Deuteronomy is a WW1 vet. He was drafted when his sons were very young (Tugger only two) and when he returned he discovered Grizabella had abandoned the boys. They were in the care of a young woman named Jellylorum and her father in law named Gus. The two had taken care of the kids in order to do their part, as Jellylorum’s husband had also went away to war. Later, when the Jellicle’s became a group who took shelter in the subways, Deuteronomy was chosen as the community leader thanks to his war expertise.

-Munkustrap joined the military in order to follow in his father’s footsteps but was unable to continue because of health reasons. He received an honorable discharge but was always ashamed of it.

-Demeter was a ‘lady of the night’ so to speak. She had to make money somehow, and incidentally got pregnant by Macavity. She told him but he completely rejected her at first. When Munkustrap arrived home from war he found out about what his brother did and invited Demeter and her sister to stay with his family so he could right his brother’s wrongs. Macavity found out and got extremely jealous.

-Admetus, Electra, and Carbucketty are all children of Jellylorum and Asparagus Jr. While Admetus aims to be a civilized gentlemen, his young siblings are feral children. This is because, after their home town was bombed everyone in the Jellicle tribe went to live in the underground train station. In those circumstances Jellylorum could barely manage to raise her young kids to be prim and proper.

-Mistofelees is a milkman, but also the person who gathers rations for the group. Rum Tum Tugger swears he’s magical, and tells stories about it to entertain the kids, but the adults have no idea if he’s just making them up or not.

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I don’t ship Mungoteazer, but that’s a ship with severe malewife/girlboss energy

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Anyone want to discuss a Cats ww2 au because they’re sad and think of angsty ideas for kicks?


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Sorry if this is your second time seeing this. Camera is now fixed so I retook them.

Based on the cats Kilworth production, I did some Jellylorum and baby Pouncival! (he has a growltiger toy as an Easter egg)

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I will never get tired of talking about Electra, so thank you for the ask.

If anyone is not up to speed, please see here or here or here for me rambling about my girl.

More random musings:

- Electra (whether as a cat or in some AU) listens to extreme metal music, either from exposure to it from a former owner or some other method. I am not sure how to explain why, but she is unbothered by it and really enjoys it. Does the premise of extreme metal interest you? Mayhaps you would enjoy a gander at my primary hobby . Am I projecting onto a fictional character something sort of irrational for a cat? Seems like it.

- Electra’s appearance / costume only has the one arm warmer because that one leg / paw is all black.

- I favour the idea that Electra has a tortoiseshell coat pattern (over a Torbie), but with more ginger orange and red accents than usual. As I mentioned in another ask, she is fluffy but not long haired, but gets hairballs a lot.

- When Electra is the kitten to react the most vocally to Tugger, it is not because she likes him, it is mainly to patronize his antics by being even more over the top and out doing his theatrics. Whether or not she is put up to it by another cat (Tantomile or Cassandra) is up for discussion.

- Given her speed and agility, Electra ends up becoming the main protector of the tribe when Munk or Alonzo ‘retires’. She is an absolute ghost with how quiet and efficient her attacks / kills (dinnertime birds) are. Her claws are razors attached to red anger, but she frequently abstains from getting that angry. Every cat outside the tribe is seriously scared of her notoriety. Meanwhile, she is just a modest cat looking for warmth and pats.

- Electra is that cat who loves sleeping on clothes or the top parts of sofas, whether in a home or in the junkyard. She likes brownish tones that she can blend in with.

Sad / angst headcanon mishmash:

Her and Etcetera were either best friends or sisters, but at some point Cettie disappears or is killed (again, lending itself to why Etcetera is no longer an ensemble cat in shows).

◎ The vocal reaction to Tugger is in honour of the loud kitten who was nothing but happiness screaming out.

◎ Electra becoming a protector is meant as as a way to find Cettie or avenge her death. Does she ever find who killed her? Let’s just say they would have never seen or heard her coming.

Thanks again for the ask! Keep them coming, I will continue on and everyone is just going to have to deal with it.

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I Am The Jellicle Night Chapter 3:  | Archive of Our Own
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Jemima: *watching sports* Why are the two teams fighting? They should work together. That way they can all win!

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Demeter: Jemima! Thats your third cookie! You can’t have anymore!

Jemima: But I want them!

Demeter: I’m your mother, you have to listen to me.

Jemima: But daddy already had five!

Munkustrap: Thats because my mother left when I was a baby. You still have one to set cookie limits.

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Drew some Jellylorum and baby Pouncival. Based on the Kilworth Production of Cats where it’s WW2

May retake the pics later. My camera is shit atm

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1. Is there a favorite character or title you enjoy writing for the most?

It depends of the fandom and my hyperfixation really. Currently it’s probably Mistoffelees lol

8. How many WIP do you currently have?

Too many to count. More than 10, in many fandoms lol

9. Care to share a sneak peek of a WIP?

Of course, how about a bit from the next chapters from “A piece of you I carry with me”? 

  Mistoffelees felt as if he was floating and it took him a moment to remember that he somehow existed in real life. But then the floating feeling started disappearing, slowly, like the last drops of rain before the clouds moved away, and the soft numbness that took over him was replaced by a soft soreness and a stinging pain.

  The tux groaned as his mind slowly returned to reality. He opened his eyes, looking around groggily, waiting for his vision to clear, while he nuzzled and kneaded the blankets underneath him.

  His body froze.

  Those weren’t his blankets, they didn’t smell like him. They smelled like something else, someone else; it was a strange scent, like smoke and something strangely sour, and he would recognize who’s scent that was anywhere.


  The drowsiness from his sleep was pushed away as he remembered what had happened before he had fallen into darkness. Mistoffelees snapped into a sitting position, letting out a hiss as he felt his legs and bottom complain at the movement.

Thanks for asking! ♥

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Here take these Dominique + Xavier “memes” bc I love them and I would sell my soul for them.


© for top pictures goes to ali_photo__

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A different take on this scene from Cats 2019 cos lets be real, stranger or not, it’s a LITTLE fucked up that literally no one ran to get victoria away from macavity, especially munkustrap lmaoooo

I’ll get the other half of this done tonight! I didn’t wanna shove the whole thing into one giant post because I don’t hate ur guy’s dashboards adfasdfasfsdf

(also if ur wondering why victoria is sillabub instead, read why I do that here)

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