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My 12 year old sassy Bella. 🥰

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I’ve been very sad and heartbroken for two weeks. My sweet girl Lily is really sick and was diagnosed with cancer yesterday. She’s still so young only 6. I freakin hate cancer.

And to you my baby girl, I’ll do everything and anything to make you feel better. You just stay strong and fight this. I’ll never leave you my sweet Lily. I miss your energy. Seeing you so weak breaks my heart. I hope you know i love you sooo much.

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Meet “Dominicat”

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So here I am, trying to unfollow blog (which is rather hard, mind you), and I’m just opening every blog I can find in my following page and I opened this one blog without really noticing and I was like “I will NOT unfollow catsareeverywhere! are you crazy?!”

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I’m fucking serious too ಠ_ಠ

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