paperbeast · a day ago
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Obsessed with our new cows.
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saywhat-politics · a day ago
A TikTok video ostensibly showing footage of thousands of dead cattle, accompanied by a dark, instrumental version of the Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)," is currently making the rounds on social media. According to Progressive Farmer, approximately 10,000 head of cattle in a Kansas feedlot have died in the last few days from the excessive heatwaves sweeping across the country. That is tragic, and exactly the kind of thing we can continue to expect from temperatures that are going to just keep rising due to climate change. 
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farm-paws · 3 days ago
Hi! I'm new here but i love your cows! My family are beef cattlemen from the US Midwest so we don't get any brangus where I'm at and i just love them.
You guys don’t have brangus up there? Wild. I don’t have true pedigree brangus though, just the mutt equivalent. I like them better
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Leaf says hi
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geopsych · 4 days ago
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She said No, I couldn’t get closer to take a picture of her calf. I backed off.
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greencproductions · 4 days ago
Synergy on the farm (127)
Synergy on the farm (127)
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farmgirllacy · 4 days ago
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