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#catwoman acts like the Joker some
canonbatjokesworld · a month ago
How can people actually say that Batman isn't attractive to the Joker? When he practically deals with them the same. the sexual tension between The Joker and Batman. The only thing is Batman never acts upon it. The only different between Batman and joker relationship is they're missing the makeup sex, like the Joker said, and of course Bruce and joker's relationship is more violent, but there's definitely an attractive there.
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thepastelpriestess · a month ago
30 Days of Aphrodite: Day 14
Tumblr media
What fictional character do you associate most with Aphrodite?
✨Harley Quinn✨
One of the big ways I see Aphrodite in Harley Quinn is how underestimated both are. Harley is often reduced to her relationship with The Joker whether it be his “lover” or “victim”. She’s also passed off as the “hot crazy one”, her beauty emphasized, and her trauma romanticized. Yet Harley is more than any of this. Many forget that Harley is in fact a DOCTOR. But because she doesn’t look or act like how people believe doctors should they strip her of her title, education, and intelligence. Harley is also very complex in terms of being a villain. Under the control of The Joker, Harley has done some horrid things however once liberated from his abuse she showcases a lot more empathy and develops her own moral code. She’s still a criminal but she’s one on her own terms similarly to Catwoman and Poison Ivy.
Aphrodite, much like Harley, is also reduced to specific adjectives like petty, jealous, cruel, and vain. Her beauty is the most emphasized thing about her and just like Harley that tends to overshadow any other characteristics or abilities. Harley is the “hot crazy girl”, and Aphrodite is the “beautiful mean girl” and that’s it. They get put into these boxes and never allowed to be anything else. But clearly Aphrodite (and Harley) are much more than any box can ever contain. Aphrodite is war, love, passion, violence, beauty, loss, joy, grief, pain, laughter, humor, creation, politics, intimacy, chaos, connections, tears, revenge, vengeance, art, and healing. She’s LIFE and LIVING but she’s also death. She is divinity that embodies everything that it means to live.
But again, just like with the erasure of Harley’s education and title, Aphrodite’s full complexity gets boiled down to these limited definitions we have of who someone like Aphrodite can or should be. Loves goddesses can’t be war goddesses. Pretty girls can’t be smart, into politics, AND funny. Doctors don’t dress like that. Women can’t be complicated and complex beings. Oh yes they can and they very much are!
They also pretty much have the exact sense of humor at least in my experience!
Tumblr media
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aion-rsa · 2 months ago
What Did Batman Do Between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises?
The Dark Knight not so much glided back onto cinema screens in 2012 as he hobbled across them. With a scraggly, unkempt beard and a bathrobe acting as his cape, Bruce Wayne appeared more like how one imagines Christian Bale exists between gigs than Batman at the start of The Dark Knight Rises. He appeared like an invalid whose great adventures were behind him.
In retrospect, this is probably not the version of the Caped Crusader fans expected to find after The Dark Knight’s thrilling finale. At the close of what many still consider to be the high water mark for superhero movies, Batman has agreed to take on the burden of Harvey Dent’s sins, framing himself as a murderer and saving Gotham City from cynicism through a veil of lies. Yet it’s not really a sad ending. Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon even pens a triumphant eulogy for the superhero’s fallen image. The Batman’s become “a Dark Knight.”
After the film concluded, many fans began speculating just what a third chapter of the Christopher Nolan directed and co-written Batman films would look like: the police at war with Batman? The rise of a criminal underworld of masked freaks like Joker and Batman, embracing the chaos unleashed by their fight? Maybe we’d get to see Batman tackle the Riddler, a foe almost as mentally taxing as the clown.
None of these came to pass, however, as made exceedingly clear in the first seconds of Bale’s introduction in The Dark Knight Rises. Eight years have passed in the film’s narrative since last we saw our hero, and Bruce is now disheveled and broken, haunted by ghosts while living like one in the shadows of Wayne Manor. Prior to directing Batman Begins, Nolan dreamed of making a film about Howard Hughes’ final years: the period when the millionaire aviator, film producer, and mad man succumbed to his neuroses and obsessions. Rises not so subtly revisits that iconography, with Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) even expressing disappointment over Citizen Wayne not having Hughes’ long fingernails.
To many moviegoers, particularly fans, this is apparently all Batman’s been doing for the last eight years: living like a recluse and leaving the burden of saving Gotham to the GCPD. However, given all the context clues in The Dark Knight Rises, this is hardly accurate.
Bruce Wayne’s Greatest Crusade
While Nolan’s third Batman movie begins with Bruce Wayne fully entrenched in his traumas—the loss of his parents, his murdered childhood love, Rachel Dawes, and an overwhelming sense of despair about the state of the world—he didn’t immediately hang up the cape at the end of The Dark Knight and start growing the beard. In fact, more than just obsessing over “saving Gotham,” Bruce moved on to trying to save everyone.
The timeline is never fully explained, but various scenes between Bruce Wayne, the woman who calls herself Miranda Tate (Marion Cotillard), and other members of the Wayne Enterprises board reveal Bruce Wayne only gave fully into his demons about three years before the events of The Dark Knight Rises.
“You have a practiced apathy, Mr. Wayne,” Miranda says when she sees Bruce has stepped out of his cave, literally and figuratively, and is now at a charity event. “But a man who doesn’t care about the world doesn’t spend half his fortune trying to save it, and isn’t so wounded when it fails that he goes into hiding.” In another scene, she clarifies the timeline further when she tells Bruce (and thereby the audience), “Three years ago, a scientist published a paper on weaponized fusion reactions. One week later, your reactor started developing problems.”
When these details are fully considered, they paint a tragic portrait of Wayne’s isolation. In Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy, Bruce Wayne never imagined Batman to be an indefatigable superhero who valiantly fights an endless war on crime. With the filmmakers’ quest to ground their Batman in verisimilitude—which is to say make him feel real even as his exploits are far from realistic—they opted to depict the character as neither crazy or misanthropic. He did not only put on the cape to soothe his fractured psyche, and he doesn’t get his jollies from beating up the desperate poor every night… a grim implication for a “grounded” interpretation of a billionaire patrolling “dangerous neighborhoods” looking for a fight.
As Bruce tells loyal butler Alfred (Michael Caine) in Batman Begins, “[I’m coming back] as long as it takes. I’m going to show the people of Gotham their city doesn’t belong to the criminals and corrupt.” In his way, Bruce viewed the Batman as akin to a political campaign. Batman’s a symbol to galvanize the better angels of Gotham around an idea of anti-corruption and anti-organized crime reform. And like a political operator, Bruce built a network of allies and true believers to implement incremental change through the system. But as the saying goes, the road to Hell is paved in good intentions.
After several years of Batman-ing, Bruce has inspired copycat vigilantes who got themselves killed and a nihilistic anarchist who called himself Joker, a glorified terrorist who did irreparable harm to Gotham’s institutions, its morality, and the public trust. Still, Bruce Wayne had a desire to use his wealth to improve the world, and not just his own mood. Hence instead of spending “half his wealth” solely on an ego-stroking war on crime, he invested in building a clean energy fusion reactor.
While it seemed like an almost incidental plot point in 2012, the increasingly dire effects of climate change with each passing year makes the fantasy of powerful nuclear fusion ever more appealing. A nuclear fusion reactor that actually produced comparable amounts of energy to modern nuclear power plants (which run via nuclear fission) would mean a much cheaper power source, as well as one that did not have the drawbacks of nuclear fission, including dangerous radioactive material that must be disposed of for millennia, and power plants that run the risk of melting down.
In Nolan’s fantasy action movies, Wayne Enterprises spent hundreds of billions of dollars on “some save the world vanity project,” as one of Bruce’s rivals puts it. A clean, cheap, and massive nuclear fusion reactor could be a silver bullet for curbing carbon emissions around the world, and a chance to stop something far scarier than supervillains.
Yet after five years of investment, it resulted in more chaos. A scientist’s paper in a professional journal reveals Wayne’s dream machine was also a weapon in the making. Indeed, that’s exactly how Tom Hardy’s Bane uses it during the second half of The Dark Knight Rises. Like the abstract idea of Batman before it, the good intentions baked into Wayne’s nuclear fusion miracle result in more death, more destabilization, and more chaos.
The man with an obvious hero complex failed again. Only then does Bruce give up on the world and indulge his myriad traumas.
Batman Returns Off-Screen?
That is how Bruce Wayne spent five of the eight years between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. However, that doesn’t mean there was not also room for Batman. While the canonical text of the film states no one has seen Batman in eight years, there is reason to believe Bruce Wayne did not hang up the cowl on the night Harvey Dent died.
In another scene in Rises, rookie cop John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) recalls the myth that grew around the night Harvey Dent died. Blake says it was “the last confirmed sighting of the Batman [before] he then vanishes.” But confirmed is the operative word here since there are little things that don’t line up between the two movies that fit this narrative. For starters, there is the swanky Batcave sitting beneath Wayne Manor. When we first see it in the third film, finally renovated after primarily being a long lost historical site from the 1800s in Batman Begins, Bruce is perched at a bank of computers, trying to figure out the identity of Selina Kyle.
“You haven’t been down here in a long time,” Alfred says to his surrogate son. The implication is that in some earlier time, Bruce would spend days in the Batcave. Why would he if his war on organized crime was over? Why build an entire second Batsuit in the cave to complement the one he keeps hidden in his off-site location if he’s done? The answer is that he wasn’t. At least not for some months or years after the events of The Dark Knight.
Read more
The Actors Who Have Played Batman
By James Aquilone and 1 other
The Batman: Can a Superhero Movie Be Too Dark?
By David Crow
Throughout the movie, memories about the violent days after Two-Face’s death and the passage of the Dent Act abound, with all the characters describing it as a “war.” It seems plausible someone as obsessive and exacting as Bruce Wayne would want to participate. In fact, it’d be odd if he did not. Embracing hidden and more surreptitious tactics after becoming a public enemy might also explain how Batman injured his knee so badly between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises that he needs a brace to hide the limp.
It also might explain why no one bats an eye at Selina Kyle’s cat-themed costume. While no character calls the femme fatale with a heart of gold “Catwoman” in the film, she isn’t afraid of embracing the theatricality of her catlike ears either. She even hisses, “Cat got your tongue?” to a mark. The impracticality of this entire aesthetic seems inspired, at least in part, by the Batman. While there is never a line of dialogue confirming this, Hathaway and an uncharacteristically restrained Nolan rely on inference to get the point across.
Like Jim Gordon, Catwoman is given a moment to pause in what she’s doing to marvel at the television when news of Batman’s return breaks. And when she hitches a ride in the Batman’s sci-fi aircraft, she steals a glance at her surroundings when he’s not looking, smiling to herself about being in the same space as an apparent childhood hero. Indeed, Selina would’ve been a teenager during the events of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and like perhaps so many other members of the next generation of criminals and adventurers, her imagination took flight with news reports of a man dressed as a Bat jumping off rooftops.
It returns to the theme of “escalation” from The Dark Knight, with the Joker saying to Batman, “You’ve changed things forever.” At the beginning of that film, the Bat was still fighting mobsters; by the end he was facing clowns in war paint. The transition was painful for Gotham, but no one seems to think it odd anymore for a famed cat burglar to turn her goggles into cat ears. It makes you wonder if there were any more elements of a rogue’s gallery in the interceding years before the Dent Act brought vaguely unconstitutional order?
This is admittedly speculation. And the kind which reminds us that there were stories that could’ve been told between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises that we’ll never see. It’s probably this knowledge that disappoints some fans. Before details of Rises’ plot leaked, the nascent comic book Twitter theories of the era imagined Bale’s Batman opening the movie still running from the Gotham City Police, and fighting the next war.
Instead Rises begins with the war over, and Bruce all the bitterer for it. It was a large pill to swallow for fans who dream of Batman as a crusader always ready for the next robbery, mugging, or burning building. They wanted to see Batman fighting serial killers who leave riddles, not as the Phantom of Wayne Manor, and then as a retiree who’s conquered his pain well enough to enjoy a glass of wine in Italy.
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For those disappointed, Matt Reeves’ The Batman looks poised to offer the follow-up they wanted a decade ago. But Nolan’s choice to depict a Batman who had the vision to see the big picture, and to then walk away from it, remains satisfyingly singular and whole.
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hellyeahteensuperheroes · 4 months ago
If you floow me on twitter or are part of our discord server, you probably know that I have announced that for the time being I’m giving up on Marvel and DC, at least when it comes to new releases and announcments. I will make an exception for Runaways (unless that turns into a glorified X-Book as I fear) and catch up to some older books.
As I have said before, for quite some time I am feeling less and less joy and excitement about new Marvel and DC announcments. Especially as DC keeps shrinking and becoming increasingly “Batman Comics Comics”, where even fuckign Scooby-Doo must now be only about Batman, a character I do not like. All while the only thing keeping me in Bat-sphere, the batfamily, gets increasingly more undermined. there are maybe 5-6 Batfam members who consistently get spotlight. 4 if you don’t count Catwoman and Harley Quinn as Batfam members, then it is only Dick, Jason, Babs and Damian. Yes, Damian getting the very arc Cass Cain fans were BEGGING for DC to give her for the last 15 years is what prompted my decision. But really, it is a straw that broke the cammel’s back. Or, as we say in my country, a drop that filled the goblet of bitterness. 
For over a decade I have now watched various character in the Batfam that I like - Cass but also Steph, Duke, Harper, We Are Robin and Gotham Academy kids, etc. - get passed on and ignored or relegated to jobbers and pointless, useless cameoes in crowd scenes, in favor of the same four. And their fans would always say this isn’t the right time and ask me to be a good consumer and buy these books because if they succeed then for sure others will get their moment to shine too. But that moment never came. I’ve been told that during One Year Later, after Battle of the Cowl, during New 52, during DC You, during DC Rebirth, during New Justice and now. If I lach onto a new character they quickly become a victim of the same treatment, as was with Duke, with Harper or with Maya. And if my faves get something it is either immediatelly undermined by other books (See how all work Bryan Hill put into showing Cass as skilled fighter been undermined by King, Thomasi and Williamson who saw her only as a worthless jobber to prop their lame villains) or ignored (see Duke who vanished after that book ended) or isn’t about them at all (see League of Shadows, billed as Cass story but was really about Ras Al’Ghul). 
Currently Batbooks grow even larger but nothing changes, the promised spotlight for anyone else didn’t come. tom Taylor made a huge deal of being a Cass fan and instead he is writing Nightwing and another Batman book. Joshua Williamsone is now handing on a silver platter everything Cass fans asked for to Damian and Future State Batgirls series in anthology got replaced by a Grifter story - because DC thinks a guy so removed from Batfam he is literally from another universe is bigger part of the Batfamily than Cass and Steph. Fucking Joker got a book instead, we need that edgelord incel money I guess. And with rest of DCU shrinking to the point even Aquaman and Green Arrow (two titles I liked for various supporting cast members like Emiko Queen or Jackson Hyde, btw) got axed to make more room for Batman, there is just less things to be excited about outside a line that made it clear fans, who don’t like marketing department-approved characters and only them, are not welcome.
And at Marvel I could repeat above paragraphs with X-Men. More and more X-books that tie-in to an arc I tremendously dislike and been vocal critic of, less and less anything else. Even writers I like and had high hopes of end up doing same X-book as everyone else and it is an X-book in which characters I like are at best given pointless cameo and at worst killed and replaced by someone else in their body to show how dangerous the villain is. Or banished to another dimension. Or shown to be stupid and “manipulated by evil” for pointing problematic things about current books. And that on top of the same spiell of being told to shup up and let X-fandom enjoy their books about same five people and that sure everyone I like, like NXM kids, will get their moment to shine soon....and said moment never comes. Been told that during Manifest Destiny, during Nation X, during Curse of Mutants, during Schism, after AvX, after Secret Wars, after Inhumans vs X-Men, I’m being told that now. Instead X-books scrap bottom of the barrel to only give titles to characters from 80′s and 90′s to the point we have fucking Scalphunter book now.
All the while X-Fandom has shown itself to be extremly toxic and entitled, something I have seen when they wished for Nico and Chase to die in Avengers Arena because they felt X-men deserve to take Molly away from Runaways. And when they cheered the death of Juston for having a good Sentinel. Or when they acted toxic to Inhumans fandom while claiming oppression because they had “only” four books a month. Once again I feel like everything I like about Marvel gets pushed out in favor of its most toxic part, a part that made it very clear I and people who like same characters like me, are not welcome in it. Out of few books who stand out Ms. Marvel and immortal Hulk are ending. Champions, while good, is not the type of story I can stomach in current political climate. Runaways I fear they’ll be swallowed or at least undermined by X-Men too. Similiarly I am anxious about Miles, with Donny Cates lurking around looking like he wants to undermine everything Saladin Ahmed built for the sake of 00′s nostalgia.
Reading news and seeing new books doesn’t give me happiness anymore, just more frustration and sadness. I came to beleive it is not good for my mental health. So for time being I’m going to retreat to regain my strength. If other people running this blog, like @keeper-of-the-lore or @ubernegro or @majingojira want to talk about current books or news here, go ahead, I will just stay away for the time being from these conversations and stick to reading and talking about older stuff I wanted to check out but never had a time to do it properly. And if a book I wanted does appear while I’m taking this time off, well, I’d rather be late to the party that constantly passed on the invtations and waiting like a moron to get one.
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aion-rsa · 4 months ago
How Wonder Woman 1984 Treats Its Villains Sets the Movie Apart
This article contains Wonder Woman 1984 spoilers. Our spoiler free review can be found here.
It’s widely acknowledged that between DC and Marvel, DC has the best villains. From the volatile anarchy of the Joker to the delicious anti-heroine of Catwoman, some have even become worthy of their own spin-off movies. So it was a fascinating decision by co-writer and director Patty Jenkins to take a different route with the baddies for Wonder Woman 1984. Namely, that neither are truly villainous.
Max Lord
Ok, Pedro Pascal’s Max Lord is a selfish, greedy con man who doesn’t care about what he does to society in the pursuit of money and power. He’s not evil per se, isn’t out for revenge, doesn’t actively wish death upon anyone; he just doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. He is the embodiment of corrupt ‘80s capitalism and the pursuit of more, more, more, regardless of the harm this might do to the environment, to society, or to the world as a whole. 
Lord might nearly bring  about the apocalypse, but he can’t be held solely to blame. He doesn’t force the President to ask for more nukes. It’s not his fault the Egyptian oil baron wishes for land restrictions. He didn’t make the sex tape the televangelist wants erased, right? Lord is completely self-serving and amoral, but it is society as a whole – the ‘80s society of which Lord is a product – that ultimately causes its own downfall, and eventually its own redemption, too. It’s Diana’s job to remind us to be our better selves, the film says, but she can’t do it for us; we, ultimately, have to take action and responsibility for ourselves and for the world. 
By the close of the movie, Lord has learned his lesson just like every other citizen who has made a wish. And just like them he is delivered – he survives the movie and is reunited with his son, who still loves and needs him. Diana may have been the reminder of kindness and reason that most of the world needed, but, for Lord, it was Alistair who is the tangible reminder of the abundance he always had. And, in the world of Wonder Woman, Lord, despite the chaos and pain he has caused, deserves that chance at redemption.
Barbara Minerva and Cheetah
The character of Cheetah is far more complex.
In the comics, Cheetah is often considered Wonder Woman’s arch nemesis. She’s had various incarnations but Barbara Minerva from the comics is powerful, wealthy, and ambitious and, rather than being given powers thanks to a wish, she gains them via a plant god on an expedition to an ancient African tribe. This comics-based version of Cheetah wants to steal Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth and sometimes goes head to head with her because of her damaged pride. 
But the Barbara Minerva of Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t like that at all.
Embodied by Kristen Wiig, Barbara is instead a good hearted dork. She is highly educated and specializes in a number of different disciplines (it’s hinted at that this might be because she didn’t have much of a social life at University), but she’s often forgotten or overlooked. This Barbara wants to be friends with Diana, and when they do spend an evening together both women have a good time and a good laugh. 
Despite being beautiful and strong, it turns out Diana doesn’t have much of a social life either. These two women could be firm friends and allies, and indeed for most of the duration of Wonder Woman 1984 they are just that, with Diana calling on Barbara for help to investigate the mysterious citrine that appears to grant wishes. 
Barbara, though, has allowed Max Lord to take it, who has now become one with the stone in order to wield power over anyone who uses it to make a wish. Barbara is attracted to Lord and her judgment is clouded, but she is not a “less actively developed” woman, as Wonder Woman and Cheetah creator William Moulton Marston once described the character. While his Cheetah embodied the dangers of jealousy, our Barbara, at first at least, doesn’t want to beat Diana, she wants to be like her. She wants to be strong, sexy, cool, and special. Who doesn’t want that? 
Before Barbara even really realizes the extent of her new powers, the way they manifest is in the way people respond to her. Suddenly her colleagues at the Smithsonian listen to what she’s saying. People notice how she looks. This isn’t a ugly duckling to beautiful swan transformation. This is Barbara putting on a tight dress and learning how to walk in heels, and having the confidence to do so after a shop assistant is nice to her. Barbara already was sexy, cool, and special, she was just never treated that way. 
Diana, on the other hand, has always been treated that way. It’s worth remembering that Diana grew up entirely among women. She has no confidence issues, she is not used to being objectified, insulted, or rejected, she takes her strength and power for granted and has no reason to ever feel inferior to a man, or indeed another woman. Barbara is a product of society just as much as Max.
However, it’s notable in the film that while she is obviously beautiful and a total clothes horse, even in the ‘80s, Diana isn’t exactly cool. In WW84, Diana is almost willfully unfunny. The exchange that she and Barbara have when they agree to go for dinner about the citrine is hilarious in its crapness. Neither woman has nailed small talk. Diana eats alone, has few friends, and presumably hasn’t dated since the first world war. 
Both women make a wish that they desperately don’t want to undo and both struggle, together and apart, to prevent ever having to do so. Barbara is not evil. She has no villainous intentions. She does not plan to use her power to do harm. And although she commits an act of violence on another person it’s a guy who has harassed her and other women in the past; it’s a flavor of on-screen vengeance that is not only becoming increasingly encouraged to root for, but that is deeply and recognizably human. 
It’s only when Barbara is threatened with having to give up her newfound power that she becomes monstrous. In this desperation, it’s not enough for her to be the same as Diana, there’s too much risk of being bested (she doesn’t have a lasso of truth, for starters). Barbara becomes an Apex Predator so that there’s no one above her that can take her down, put her down, and make her feel like prey ever again.
The downside of wishes made with the stone, we understand, is that there’s always a catch. For Barbara, it’s that, in gaining powers, she loses the warmth of her humanity. Or that’s what Diana reckons, anyway (the rules of the stone are wooly at best). 
But Barbara’s fights with Diana comes from a place of desperation to keep her powers rather than any malice. It’s telling then, and important, that Barbara/Cheetah survives the film. She’s not evil. You can’t even really call her selfish, for just wanting to be seen – she’s certainly no more contemptible than all the city boys who wished for Porsches and it would feel terribly unfair to her if she were punished that much more harshly. It is important she is portrayed with compassion (and Wiig is perfectly cast) not vilified. 
This is Cheetah’s origin story, as much as Wonder Woman was Diana’s. It is what she will do next that will define her path – villainous or otherwise. At the end of the movie, after Diana has convinced the world to take back their wishes, that unearned success comes at a price. As the revelation comes that we must behave as a society and not just selfish individuals, the camera lingers on Barbara. Max takes back his wish, and in doing so is allowed redemption with his son. Did Barbara take back hers though? 
“We didn’t want it to be this typical mousy girl turned villain” explained Kristen Wiig at the Wonder Woman 1984 press conference. “What is it about her that makes her so lonely and so invisible, and then what does she really, really want? She goes through three really big stages.”
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Barbara’s villain arc does not end with the third stage, instead that could be only just beginning. If she takes back her wish, she will be Barbara again, deserving of Diana’s forgiveness and perhaps even friendship. But if she doesn’t – even after seeing the damage done to the world, even after seeing Max rescind, even after Diana’s impassioned speech – then Barbara has made a choice that might lead her to becoming actually villainous, rather than accidentally so. It’s a fitting way to introduce an iconic baddie with the nuance she deserves.
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For: @ask-toxic-the-yokai
New Muse!
Tumblr media
Harleen Frances Quinzel
AKA: Harley Quinn
Animatronic Name: Circus Harley
• The Queen of Gotham City
• Doll Face
• Maid of Mischief
• Harls (by Poison Ivy)
• Puddin' (by The Joker)
• Quinn (by Batman)
• H-bomb (by Sy Borgman)
Age: Immortal (Since she's an animatronic)
Gender: Female
Sex: Straight or Lesbian (If that depends if Harley seems to be falling in love with Ivy and lost interest with the Joker.)
Occupation: In the past, she a Psychiatrist in Arkham Asylum who was turned into an insane criminal and girlfriend of the Joker. Quinzel is often recruited for Task Force X, and nowadays her soul is inside of an Animatronic Clown that she is right now.
Bio: This animatronic was once created by the Joker with a little bit of help of the workers of "Afton Robotics LLC." This Circus Harley Quinn animatronic is created for the one and only Harley Quinn, and she really loved this animatronic. Sadly, after a few years later, Harley Quinn was either abused or murdered by the Joker. And for some reason, the animatronic itself is alive, and it started to roam around as it left the Joker's lair, Could it be alive at this point? Does the Joker really did something to Harley Quinn? For starters, we don't know for sure. But we will figure it out. Thank you for your time.
Personality: Harley's psychotic personality was ingrained from her childhood and deepened when she met the Joker, forming an unhealthy attachment to him. However, she gradually realizes his abusive behavior towards her, and with coaching and time, begins to understand that she has to be independent to be healthy, manifesting as a desire to join the Legion of Doom to become Joker's "equal". This eventually causes her to distance herself from her allies until they all abandon her, prompting her to finally server all emotional ties with the Joker and to rekindle their friendships. All throughout this progression, however, still remains psychotic, only limiting herself from killing random innocents.
During "Being Harley Quinn" it's revealed that Joker's influence over Harley is so powerful that he is rooted in her subconscious. Because of this, her attempts to prove herself independent are subconsciously motivated by a desire to prove herself to him and she relapses after joining the Legion of Doom. Her obsession with Joker is finally broken for good after he murders Ivy right in front of her. Despite this, Harley instantly recognizes Joker when they meet up again in Season 2, although she pushes him in acid to restore his memory, they act more like squabbling siblings as Harley is no longer interested in him romantically, having fallen in love with Ivy instead.
• Nick Quinzel (Father, disowned)
• Sharon Quinzel (Mother, disowned)
• Barry Quinzel (Brother, deseased)
• Unnamed Grandma (deceased)
• Unnamed Grandpa (deceased)
• Poison Ivy (Best Friend and girlfriend)
• Joker (Boyfriend and if afterwords, Ex-boyfriend)
• King Shark (Team mate and friend)
• Sy Borgman (Team mate and friend)
• Doctor Psycho (Team mate, turned enemy)
• Frank the Plant (Room mate and friend)
• Queen of Fables (Mentor turned enemy)
• Kite Man (Former friend and former love rival)
• Batgirl (occasional ally)
• Catwoman (friend)
• Deadshot (Crush, and leader of the Suicide Squad)
• Bat
• Mallet
Alignment: Bad and Good
• The Joker
• Task Force X
• The Legion of Doom
Movie Appearances (Real DC Movies):
• Suicide Squad
• Birds of Prey
• The Suicide Squad
• Harley Quinn (TV Series)
DC Horror Movie Appearances (FNAF fan movie crossovers):
• Gotham Nights
• Gotham Nights 2
• Gotham Nights 3
• Gotham Nights: The Bride of Harley
• Harley Quinn- (A "Gotham Nights" Reboot)
• Harley Quinn: I Can't Fix You- (A Reboot Sequel)
• Batman VS Harley Quinn
• Gotham Nights (2020 Remake)
Home Location (When she's human): Gotham City
Prison: Arkham Asylum
Location: Hurricane, Utah (Harley's New Home even if Ivy is with her.)
• Master Acrobat
• Expert Combatant
• Bat Mastery
• Expert Psychiatrist
• Mental Illness
Located in Restaurants:
1987- Fredbear and Friends Family Diner
2016- Harley's Pizza World (Inspired by the movie "Suicide Squad".)
FNAF fan appearances:
• Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery (Circus Baby's new skin)
• Deviantart
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canadian-riddler · 6 months ago
Hi Indy! I know Arkhamverse Riddler is definitely your specialty. Do you happen to have a rough ranking of Riddlers that you like from most to least? And which do you think is the most definitive version of the character?
I THINK that’s what my blog description says, anyway
Yes, at all times I have a rough ranking floating around in the back of my mind.  It is going to be very long so I will answer the last question first.
For most definitive version of Riddler I’m going to have to go with BTAS.  No recurring villain really had a distinct personality from their original (1940s) version, and while I am not knocking Frank Gorshin the 1966 Riddler absolutely was a bit Joker-y.  Most importantly (if I am not mistaken, which I could be), BTAS gave Riddler what became his most important trait: his intelligence.  Before that he was mostly an average weirdo who wore a green suit (sometimes) and liked riddles and sometimes built puzzle traps.  After BTAS, though, the Riddler’s intelligence became the driving force of his character.  Batman ‘66 saved Riddler from obscurity, but BTAS made him both relevant and future-proof.  Will we ever see a Riddler of average intelligence who doesn’t specialise in computer programming/engineering ever again?  I doubt it, and that’s because of BTAS. 
Onto the list.  It does not include EVERY Riddler ever because I have not read every Riddler story ever, but it should cover most of them (or at least the ones you’ve probably heard of).
1. Anything Paul Dini wrote.  This actually covers a few different Riddlers, which would be the first two Arkhamverse games, the most notable PI Riddler stuff, and of course the Riddler from BTAS.  Paul Dini can write the Riddler as both being a bad person and sympathetic at the same time, which is actually harder to pull off than it sounds.  AND he does it without using backstory as a crutch, which really is hard.
2.  Jeph Loeb/Jim Lee’s Riddler from Hush.  He only actually appears for two issues, but it’s one of the best Riddler stories merely because it allows him to do all the things Riddler SHOULD be able to do, but can’t because then there would be no Batman comics because he would have ended them.  619C is also, in my opinion, the best Riddler cover of all time.
3. Jim Carrey’s Riddler from Batman Forever.  Why would I put him this high on the list, you ask?  Because some writers forget that the Riddler is half just in it to have a good time and he doesn’t really care about how other people perceive him.  This man is living his best life and he’s doing it in glittery spandex and a light-up jacket.  Is he over the top?  At the time, no, not really.  At the time Riddler kinda just acted like that.  And he should be able to do so, in my opinion. 
4. Current Riddler (James Tynion IV).  While this Riddler has some issues with consistency (though this probably has to do with being shuffled from a main comic story into a Catwoman story), he returns to being almost self-cripplingly paranoid and absolutely losing it when he’s bested, which I think are important traits for Riddler to have.  I’m also actually really amused that they gave him the Batman Forever hair.
5. Batman ‘66.  While it did likely rescue Riddler from pending obscurity - he actually never appeared in a Batman comic before 1965, and before that was featured in only two issues of Detective Comics - and he definitely checks the ‘charming’ and ‘having fun’ boxes, there isn’t a whole lot differentiating him from the Joker he’s playing alongside.  If you watch the Batman ‘66 movie they’re almost the exact same character, just one likes jokes and the other likes riddles. 
6. Hush Returns and its aftermath.  This stuff is weird and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it mostly involves Riddler running away from Hush and retcons certain things from Hush, most importantly the part where Riddler got everyone to work together because he gave them what they wanted.  Hush Returns (which also contradicts itself during the story) for some reason has everyone angry at Riddler for tricking them and it ends with him getting the shit beat out of him and puts him into a coma for a year, which leads into him getting total amnesia and becoming a PI.  That’s the reason it’s so high on the list.  The story is weird and makes no sense at all for any of the other characters in it either but it gave us a reason for PI Riddler and that makes it matter.  Sort of.
7. Brave and the Bold/The Batman Riddler.  I’m putting them both together mostly because BatB Riddler features in I think only one episode and he deserves a mention because he’s adorable.  TB Riddler was an interesting experiment into a Riddler that, for whatever reason, never really came into himself as a person and instead sort of enacts revenge for his existence on life.  If I remember correctly he’s also pretty low-key about his intelligence, which is another interesting character choice.  I respect the things they went for but this Riddler overall gives me the impression of a person who always says no when invited to something but gets upset when people stop asking which, while definitely something the Riddler would do, isn’t really my preferred take.
8. Snyder Riddler (New 52).  The problem I have with this Riddler is that I have no idea what his motivation even is.  I was told a long time ago that a backstory for him WAS written but didn’t make it into Zero Year because the story was already too long, which is... not a great look for a professional storyteller.  And because we don’t know anything about this Riddler, this story consists of a dude who wears green to impress women (which he never shows any interest in), gets the mob to work for him... somehow... and decides to spend a YEAR watching the people in Gotham die because... I’m not sure?  If it amused him, sure, I could understand that.  But he just seems super bored during the entirety of the story.  He doesn’t even seem particularly excited when Batman actually shows up in front of him.  Beyond Zero Year his appearances are, to my knowledge, limited mostly to two issues in Batman Eternal, where he’s hiding, three issues of The Flash, where he speedruns Zero Year and is undone by the Flash villains teaming up against him (which I don’t know enough about Flash villains to comment on), and Scarecrow 23.2, where he for some unexplained reason seems to look up to Scarecrow.  And then there’s Detective Comics: Future’s End, which is just the worst thing ever.  Snyder didn’t write all of these stories, but they are based on his Riddler.
9. Gotham Riddler.  I didn’t watch past season 3 so I can’t comment on too much after that, but the arc with Mad Grey Dawn and ‘I knew that you knew that I knew’ was some of the greatest Riddler stuff we had gotten in years and if they had just kept on with that they would have had one of the greatest Riddlers of all time. 
10. Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale Riddler.  Full disclaimer I haven’t read Catwoman: When in Rome, but I have read The Long Halloween and Dark Victory.  The reason I don’t like this Riddler is because he actually bears no resemblance to him.  He’s a literal moron who just stumbles around incompetently for the duration of his relevance to the plot.  It’s like they decided to make an ironic Riddler who is actually stupid and also for the first time in his life does not have the ability to locate a tailor.  I don’t actually understand the point of this Riddler’s existence.  He isn’t even really Riddler, he’s just some sort of vaguely Riddler-coloured person.
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lovergirldreams · 6 months ago
Halloween Special!🎃  Okay, Mista JJ💋
Tumblr media
Summary: JJ & Aria make their own Halloween movie.
Warnings: Smut! Language! Intense Role-play  JJ exploding our ovaries with this GIF^
A/N: Hey guys! Happy Halloween to all of you cool boos and ghouls. I know I haven't been here for a while now. It’s been busy and chaotic these past few months with school, work, and moving. I’m still writing the Lover Boy series though, so tune in. This is a little flashback (Halloween Special), still part of the series though. I know I’ve said this more than a thousand times, but thank you for your support with the likes, comments and especially the reblogs. Words can’t even begin to describe how much I appreciate you guys! Stay safe out there my lovies, and stay spooky. Muhahaha.
"Trick or Treat!” The miniature voices hollered at John B’s front porch. The boys, all dressed up of course, happily handed the kids candy. JJ didn't hold back as he gave each of them handfuls. It’s a good thing a bough a shitload of candy bags with me. However, I think the parents think otherwise when they watched the candy fall into the children's bags. “Happy Halloween guys! Dope costumes by the way!” The kids smile and high five JJ. The pogues had decided on dressing up as DC Comic Characters. Pope is dressed as Batman, pairing with Kie who was pulling off a sexy Catwoman suit. Sarah shined bright in her Wonder Woman outfit with John B who is going as Superman. I decided to dress up as my favorite supervillain, Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad. I couldn't help but prance around giddily in the Quinn’s boots, wearing the Daddy’s Little monster shirt, the Property of The Joker jacket, Puddin choker, temporary tattoos, hair in pigtails in red and blue, sexy fishnets, and the seductive sparkly shorts. Both Kie and Sarah knew I was in for it when I walked out in the outfit. I was surprised JJ didn't take me right there on John B’s couch when I strutted out. Instead he licked his lips that were curled into a smirk and eyed me with those luscious blue eyes. He wasn't the only once aroused. My eyes couldn't rip away from the gold chain on his neck, and the temporary tattoos that littered his body. His white button up, had a few loose buttons, exposing his chest that I wanted to nip at so bad. He was even pulling off the green hair. 
The trick or treaters began to finally die down. A Halloween movie played outside, all of us were seated in lawn chairs. The pogues continued to talk away in an excited conversation about the movie when an idea popped in my head. I take out my phone and open up my messages. My fingers began to type away on the keypad, my bottom lip caught in between my teeth. I look up at JJ one last time before hitting send. I act fast by hitting record on the screen. His phone dings, resulting in him taking it out and opening up the message. He sips his beer as he reads the explicit text, making him choke on the alcohol. “You good?” Asked a concerned Pope. “Yea, just swallowed more than I thought.” (Michael Scott That's What She Said) I smirk before getting up and walking away, making sure to add an extra sway to my hips, knowing that JJ’s lustful predator eyes were watching, my panties already starting to pool. 
Aria lays on the bed, smoke passing through her lips, waiting patiently for her boyfriend to come, camera in hand recording as the weed relaxes her body. Like clockwork, JJ enters the room hastily, a smirk plastered on his face, and his eyes a shade darker. “I missed ya Mista J.” I say trying my best to perfect the voice. JJ just chuckles darkly. “What’s with the camera?” He asked bewildered. “Thought we make a movie puddin’. I know you like movies.” The statement seemed to excite him. I bet the hot blood is always rushing down south. “That I do babygirl. You're a naughty little girl though. Sending me such a dirty sext in front of my friends.” “What text would you be referring to?” I played dumb. “Maybe this will jog your memory?” He holds the phone up to the screen, displaying the provocative text. 
“Hey Mista J. Why don’t you rev up your Harley by filling her up with your hot puddin?”
Before I could even respond, JJ took the camera from my grasp, and pushing my hand down his pants, where it’s met with the naked bulge. “This what you want your daddy to fill your sweet little pussy up with?” If I wasn't already drenched before, I sure am now. “Yes, please daddy.”  
“That’s a good girl. Let’s warm you up first.” He places the camera before opening up the sock drawer taking out the gun. He makes sure to unload it, checking it multiple times. “Put those pretty lips to good use will ya?” The barrel of the gun ghosted 👻 my red painted lips smiling. “Okay Mista J.” I look up into the camera with such innocent eyes before wrapping said lips around the barrel. JJ slowly maneuvers the weapon in and out of my mouth, lubricating it. “Such pretty lips you've got. Can't wait to have them wrapped around my cock. You love milking your daddy's cock dry with that mouth don't ya?” I simply nod and hum. I could feel the juices begin to drip down my leg as my pussy throbs. The gun is snatched away from my lips, leaving me empty. 
“Go on babygirl. Show your daddy some love.” He encourages, as I unzip his pants, wasting no time pull down his boxers. His cock springs free, the cool air in the room. “K puddin’.” Those were the last words that left my mouth before my luscious lips slid down his rock hard shaft. I could feel each vein on my tongue as he throbbed in my mouth. A relieved sigh passed his lips when he was welcomed by the warmth his babygirl provided him. His hips rolled in sync, one hand on my head, while the other was making sure the camera was capturing every single detail of himself thrusting into the girl’s mouth. A smile was plastered on his face, when he looked down to see his babygirl gagging on his dick, which hit the back of her throat as she took all of him in, precious inch by inch. “Such a good job babe. I'm so close. Keep that mouth opened wide, I’m about to give you some of that hot puddin’ you asked for.” The eyes watered while he continued to deep throat my mouth, and I loved every single second of it. Watching his lustful beat red face as his breaths grew rapid. 
“Fuck! Damn! Shit!” His hips finally came to halt, his balls touching chin, and the tip of my nose met his base. A ginormous load of his hot cum pooled into my mouth and rushed down my throat, overflowing and dripping down my chin along with my tears that streamed down my cheeks. 
“Swallow.” He commanded before slipping his cock out through my now swollen lips. I gladly swallowed the creamy cum, savoring the taste as it slid down my throat. “Open wide.” I proudly display my tongue out flat to him as he catches his breath. “That’s a good girl. You deserve a reward.” His thumb presses against my lip before motioning me to stand up. “Clothes off. On the bed. Now.” He demands sinisterly, causing a spark of excitement and anticipation to ignite. I waste no time to strip away from the costume, leaving me completely naked in front of the camera. I crawl onto the bed, making sure that my ass was in full view. JJ’s hand collides with one of my ass cheeks, erupting a loud smack across the room, making me giggle and yelp. I flip myself over on the bed, legs spread wide revealing my aching pussy that glistened in the light. JJ whistled and brought the camera close up. “Mm, look at this pussy. It’s just aching and throbbing for me, just begging me to plunge into it. But first I want to taste you babygirl. After all, you deserve it. You’ve been such a good girl for daddy.” His hot breath fans my pussy for only a few seconds before pulling away and making me whimper. 
He places the camera down once more and digs through his drawers until he finds what he’s looking for, that being a pair of Harley Quinn fuzzy hand cuffs. I bought in the store the other day as a gag gift, looks like we’ll finally be using it. He quickly cuffs my wrist to the bed restraining me, before placing a sweet loving kiss on my lips. “I love you, my sweet Harley Quinn.” He whispers against my swollen lips. “I love you too Mista J.” He flashed a genuine smile, before blinding me with his black bandana that was tied in the back. 
Once again, I could feel his hot breath fan my heat, making me antsy. But once again, he came to halt. “The fuck is this?” He asked genuinely confused, as was  I. It was then I remembered about the large quartz that was nestled deep within my precious flower, which was now probably barely staying intact. JJ dips his ring cladded fingers, scooping out the mysterious object, earning a whimper. JJ held the large rosy pink egg shaped object in his now juice covered fingers that glistened along with her pussy. “It’s a yoni egg.” She stated. 
(Wtf is a yoni egg you ask? Long story short, it’s a crystal carved into the shape of an egg, typically rose quartz or jade, and is placed in the girl's honey pot. There’s a lot of health benefits it provides that I'm not going to take the time explaining so...just look it up. You can find it on Etsy. Anyways, back to the story!) 
He simply hums, before licking the juices off the yoni egg and his fingers. “Did you miss daddy's cock so much that you filled yourself up with this?” My head nods furiously. “Yes! I miss you so much. Please daddy, I need you!” I begged. He silences me with a finger on my lip. “Patience babygirl. I’ll make sure to give a proper fucking. But for now, I wanna taste you.” He silenced me once more by stuffing my drenched panties in my mouth. “We don't want our friends hearing us, at least not yet.” I don't need the blindfold to know that he’s smirking. I’m caught off guard when I feel a sudden foreign object invade my walls and his hot tongue placed on my sensitive clit. My delightful moans are muffed by my own panties, that I taste myself on. My whole body squirms underneath him as he continues his sweet sexual torture on me. I then realized that it was the gun that my walls were clenching around as it moved in and out of me. I could already feel the knot form within me, tempted to unravel, but Mista J had other plans for his Harley Quinn. 
He stopped just before I was about cum, much to my dismay. JJ positions the camera to face both of them, unbinding the girl from the bed and removing her gag, before flipping her over. With no warning, he plunges himself into me, making me scream. My velvet pussy swallows each inch of his girthy cock with my silk like juices. Giving me no time to adjust, he takes a hold of my hips with both of his hands before pounding away. His skin slapped loudly against mine with each rough inevitable thrust. I knew that my pornographic moans shook the whole chateau, like our movement was shaking the whole bed, due to the animalistic thrusts, making the headboard pound against the wall. “That’s right baby. Don’t you dare hold back those moans. I want the everyone to know who's fucking you good. I want them to know that the Joker and Harley Quinn run the Outer Banks baby. 
All of it was too much. I couldn't find the words to tell him that I was about to cum, but I was already consumed by the euphoric sensation that washed over me like waves. My mind went completely blank, my ears began to rang. I didn't even hear JJ moan out load as he reached his climax, I could only feel his seed filling me up and gushing out my pink pussy. 
“Don't fall asleep on me now babygirl. We’re making a movie, and we’re only 12 minutes in. We still have about an hour left and I’m looking forward to fucking you senseless.” I just smile lustfully, ready for a round two.
“Okay Mista J.”
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Surviving in a Different Medium: The Struggles of Making a Comic Book Movie
There have been live-action film adaptations of just about everything under the sun, from video games to cartoons, to books, to television shows, heck, even to amusement park rides or board games.  While some adaptations can turn out some….less-than-great products (Street Fighter, Inspector Gadget, Dune), other adaptations tend to do fairly well, such as adaptations like Jaws, The Princess Bride, or Forrest Gump.
Not all adaptations are created equal.  Some source materials are simply easier to adapt to the big screen, such as novels.  Others, like cartoons, are considerably harder to turn into a coherent, movie-length story.  But none of these, it would seem, pose quite the challenge that is the balancing act of a comic-book adaptation.
Tumblr media
Comic book movies are odd in that, when they are successful, they are extremely so, but when they aren’t, they’re really bad.   For every major hit, there has been twice as many misses, (up until recent years).  For every Superman, there is a Supergirl.  For every Batman, a Catwoman looms.  For every Blade, there’s a Steel.
And that’s not even mentioning the sequels, or heaven forbid, Howard the Duck.
When you think about it, it’s kind of odd that studios should have so much trouble with what seems like a very simple task: cast actors who look like comic characters, take a story from a comic, and make a movie.  The plot and characters are already there.  All the filmmakers have to do is make a movie out of it, right?
Easier said than done.
Tumblr media
Wait a minute, you might say.  I’m not blind.  Have you seen Marvel’s film roster over the past ten years?  They’ve been very successful!  And what about Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy?  Or Wonder Woman?
Admittedly, comic book films have been far more successful (and respected) in recent years than they have been in the past.  This is a good thing.  It means filmmakers are learning.  But by the same token, even in this new age of comic book blockbusters, there are some films that haven’t done so well.  The Fantastic Four.  Green Lantern.  Daredevil.  Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  
The question is, why?  Like I said, a comic book movie seems like it’d be much easier to do than a board-game film.  Comic books themselves are practically story boards.  What is so hard about lifting a comic onto the big screen?  Or, put another way:
How can comic books survive in a different medium, specifically live-action film?
That’s the question we’re going to be answering today, particularly as it pertains to superhero films.  Let’s take a look.
Tumblr media
Comic books are, by nature, visual novels.  They are stories told through pictures as much as words, typically full of larger-than-life characters or situations that are nearly impossible to replicate on-screen.  You can do anything with comics.  The sky is the limit.  The creativity of the illustrator (and author) are the rule-makers in the universe of comics.  It is due to this unlimited creativity that villains such as Stilt-Man can exist, or heroes like Spider-Ham.  The costumes or abilities of characters are not governed by what can realistically be shown the audience.  They are governed by what the artist is able to draw.
Already, we’ve stumbled upon problem number one.
When adapting a comic to film, already, something has been lost: the freedom of visual style.  Comic characters have the benefit of being drawn by different artists, in distinctive styles, with costumes or abilities that are difficult to be done with on screen.  For this reason, many costumes for film adaptations end up changed for practicality reasons, such as any version of the Wonder Woman ensemble, or Scarlet Witch’s costume.  The recent adaptation of Captain America redesigned the look for a less-goofy design, and even the Batman costume, while remaining one of the most accurately depicted, has had a few changes in order to function on a movie set.
Tumblr media
The realistic nature of live-action also cuts down on the heroes and villains that are usable.  Batman, the Joker, and the majority of his Rogues Gallery are able to be adapted to film with relative ease, as their gimmicks, while outlandish, don’t require an inordinate amount of special effects.  On the other hand, Marvel villains such as M.O.D.O.K. are far more difficult to replicate without it looking unrealistic or overly disturbing.  This is the primary reason that of Superman’s villains, only Lex Luthor has adapted well to the big screen: he is the most human, and therefore, the easiest to do realistically.
The problems with adaptation don’t lie merely in the visuals, however.  More difficult (and important) is the translation of character.
Comic book characters, specifically superheroes, are big and bold, with personalities to match.  On top of that, especially in older comics, characters were typically stagnant.  Up until more recent years, there wasn’t a whole lot of development, so readers weren’t confused if they happened to miss a few issues.  On top of that, thanks to the different iterations of each character, trying to find the ‘definitive’ version to adapt can be challenging, especially with all the alternate timelines, clones, and other odd occurrences that can make for new methods of storytelling with the same characters.  These methods, while good for comic readership, don’t make for easy, accessible adaptations for wider audiences.
Tumblr media
As a result, we can get films like Man of Steel, where interpretations of the character are wildly different from traditional comic canon, or the change for Tim Burton’s Batman to disregard the ‘no-kill’ rule that has been widely accepted as a trait of the character.  To create a distilled version of a character, some traits have to be changed, or removed altogether.  The problem comes with how this is done, trying to make it work within the context of the character, and the context of the story you are telling.
So, to successfully adapt a comic book character, we’ve addressed that you need to change both the personality somewhat, and the look, if casual audiences are to enjoy the film version of this character.  While doing this, you must also balance the existing, canon character most traditionally viewed, ensuring that you do not alienate the already-existing fans by changing the character too drastically.  It’s a tough balance, but it’s one that more and more filmmakers are hitting, and have been since Christopher Reeve first donned the Superman cape in 1978.   But there’s more to comics than just the characters.
The stories have to be changed too.
Tumblr media
In recent years, superhero blockbusters have become bigger and bigger spectacles, with the world (or the universe) at stake.  Some of these stories are original to the filmmakers, taking well-known villains and heroes and creating their own story.  Others, on the other hand, try to compress comic-book storylines into movie form, and therein lies problem number three, if anyone’s keeping count.
The issue with adapting the plot of a superhero comic is twofold: format and pacing, and nature and scope.  In the first of these two problems, the problem is very simple: movies don’t have the time for it.
In a comic series, a storyline can have several issues to play out, as demonstrated by The Dark Phoenix Saga, Snowbirds Don’t Fly, and The Dark Knight Returns.  In arcs like these, it can take several issues for a plot to be wrapped up, and in cases like Infinity Gauntlet, these stories are so vast that they are practically impossible to adapt into one concise film without leaving anything out.  As a result, the scissors come out.
In a lot of these cases, such as Marvel’s Infinity War/Endgame films, stories are condensed in order to fit into one (or two) films.  Subplots and characters are cut, things are switched around, and sometimes, the final result is very different from the original comic.  This is the risk of adaptation, no matter what format, but for comics, there’s a little more to it than that.
Tumblr media
The nature of comic book stories is very eye-catching, expansive, larger-than-life.  The dialogue is typically over the top (either campy or dark), the comics are full of action scenes, (nobody wants to read a comic about a bunch of people standing around and talking) and the stakes are grand, the action grander.  The visuals of comics are a large part of what draws people to them, and so it’s for the best that they’re big and bold.
Unfortunately, this doesn’t exactly translate the best to live-action film.
Except in cases like Batman from 1989 and the original Superman film from 1978, most comic book films have a very hard time pulling off the ‘campy’ feeling from the comics while also being a genuinely good film.  Straddling the line between keeping the same tone from the comics while making sure it works in the context of the film is tough, with most subsequent films going too far either way.  Either a film becomes so over-the-top campy that it’s impossible to take it seriously (Batman & Robin, Superman IV, the original Captain America attempt), or so gritty that it can be alienating (Man of Steel, Batman Returns, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice).  While both extremes have their fans, most fans seem to be the happiest with a balance, again, a balance that’s hard to achieve, especially when you’re working with caped crusaders and flying people in tights.
When it’s put like this, it can seem almost impossible to make a good comic book movie, especially by the time you work in a script, actors that might work, and actually begin shooting the thing.  It seems like an uphill battle.  But there is good news.
Tumblr media
Like I said, since 1978, superhero films based on comics have been hit or miss, but recently, there’s been more hits than misses.  Besides the original Superman and Batman films, there are newer endeavors like the MCU and Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Shazam, all of which are proving that live-action superhero films can be done, and done well, by achieving that balance.  There will always be misses, but the odds of filmmakers understanding the delicate stability of the elements to making comic book films are looking better with every passing movie.
The secret to helping comic books survive in a different medium is a blend of styles and focus, everything from the visuals to the characters.  That’s it.  There’s no secret tip or trick, nothing that the filmmakers are ‘overlooking’, very simply, the secret to a good comic book film is just knowing what to keep and what to leave out, which can vary from project to project.  Some films operate better as darker, more serious films.  Some thrive on the ‘campy’ source material.  Some movies work better with changes made to the characters, others succeed far better with a more accurate portrayal of the characters.  It depends on the individual story, characters, and even filmmakers.  There’s no manual to make a movie a success, no matter the source material.
Tumblr media
In short?
For a comic book to survive as a live-action film adaptation, the people behind it must have understanding and respect for the source material, combined with an understanding of both mediums involved.  When you have the respect already in place, and the desire to make a good movie, the rest doesn’t seem quite so impossible.  
Thank you guys so much for reading!  Don’t forget that the ask box is always open for questions, discussions, suggestions, recommendations, or conversations.  I hope to see you in the next article.
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amarieartist · 7 months ago
Season 3 Wishlist:
Tumblr media
So now that it’s been announced that we’re officially getting a season 3 for Harley Quinn here is my own personal list of things I hope to see in the upcoming season:
1. Harley and Ivy just enjoying and exploring their newly upgraded friendship to official girlfriends. This is going to be fun to watch because here you have two women who for the first time are experiencing a healthy romantic relationship where both parties are fully committed to one another. And this isn’t to say that Ivy’s relationship to Kite man was bad it just wasn’t right, they were too incompatible, I compare it to Ivy wearing the wrong size shoe. You’re trying to make it fit and it just doesn’t, when are you going to let it go? There was a recent interview with Patrick that said in the next season they want to explore what it’s like for these two women who only had wrong and abusive relationships to finally having a loving healthy one.  It’s exciting and new territory for both of them but it’s also going to be a challenge and will come with responsibilities, some ups and downs. But it’s good to know the relationship drama of “will they or won’t they stay together” won’t be the issue. The show runners have already officially said that they had no intention of creating this sort of drama between them to which I was so relieved to hear. Because for some reason some writers can’t write relationship drama without the risk being the relationship. The writers of Harley Quinn have earned my trust so I’m confident in their abilities. Harley and Ivy are a couple PERIOD. Does their relationship still need some work? Most definitely, but they’ve acknowledged their deep love for each other and they’re choosing to work at it. Annnnnnd while they’re working at it I need sharing clothes, inside jokes, dates, inside sex jokes, domestic shit, Harley showering Ivy with gifts (because I feel like Harley would be the best gift giver), overall just them being fucking cute together.
2. Also, small thing, we all know Ivy is immune to toxins. It’s literally her thing. In BTAS and some other renditions Ivy injects Harley with a chemical that makes her immune to toxins same as her. The reason I’m bringing this up is because I think it will be a great thing to include in the show. It’s never been established if Harley had any sort of toxic immunity in this version. And the way Ivy’s kiss works in the show is different in other renditions. One of the writer’s stated that they made Ivy’s kiss in the show something that she can turn on and off at will. This version of Ivy is insecure, has social anxiety, and trust is a very big deal to her. So if Ivy were to ever give someone else that same withstanding power against toxins, against HER, that’s a HUGE deal, it’s loving and a huge act of trust.
3. Ivy, Ivy, Ivy. I feel like Harley Quinn and even Kiteman have had far more substantial character development than Ivy did. Unfortunately her character development was overshadowed by a joke that went on too far. That joke being “you know you don’t want to marry him, you know you want Harley why are you still going through with this?” I want to know more about Ivy. What does she want? What’s important to her? What are her goals? Why do you love Harley? Are her parents still around? We got glimpses of her life before Harley and from what we saw we know she came from a wealthy family but was never really loved, she was a lonely child who had no friends, her father was an abusive cheater who beat her and destroyed her first plant. I want more of Ivy. Ivy needs more development.
4. I like Harley and joker’s interactions when they’re not a couple. I wouldn’t mind more of joker in his domestic new lifestyle with his new girlfriend and kids maybe a cameo or two. But as far as Harley and joker ever interacting again I think it would be bad and kind of wrong considering that your ex boyfriend was not only an abusive asshole but he also murdered your new girlfriend that one time and Ivy hates him and would really despise it if Harley did. So I do want Joker but I want less Joker.
5. Kiteman needs love too. He did get the short end of the stick in all of this and he just fell in love with the wrong one. He dumped Ivy and gained some self-respect, thank God. I don’t see him having any hard feelings after what happened between him and Ivy, Kiteman tends to bounce back so I do think he’ll be fine. I would like him to continue to be a reoccurring ally and friends with Ivy because I think they work better that way and I sincerely hope that he’ll find somebody or at least start talking to somebody who is really and truly interested in him. Hopefully he’ll get the wedding that he deserves and wants.
6. More of the bat family and some interactions between Catwoman and Batman. More Batgirl and Harley Quinn interactions
7. Bane gets his chair!
8. And Jen, I need more Jen and Cobb squad shit
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mrcifci · 8 months ago
Breaking Down The Batman's First Trailer: Haunting Secrets and Enigmatic Clues
A new Dark Knight rises.
Gif: Warner Bros.
At DC Fandome this past weekend, Matt Reeves stunned us all with a first look at Robert Pattinson in action as the latest Dark Knight in The Batman. It didn’t just give us a good look at RBatz though: it was our first, proper look into the latest cinematic incarnation of Gotham City, and its many mysterious rogues. Here’s what you may have missed.
The trailer opens, as most nights in Gotham City do, with some murder. A masked man is busy bandaging up a corpse with duct tape. Also a very Gotham City thing to do.
G/O Media may get a commission
This appears to be our very first glimpse at The Batman’s main antagonist: Paul Dano as Edward Nigma (or sometimes Edward Nashton, depending on the take), better known to comics fans as the Riddler. Although the green coat is evocative of Eddie’s chosen color palette in DC’s comics, this is quite unlike any other interpretation we’ve seen of the character in live-action Batman material before.
But just because it’s a new tone for the Riddler doesn’t mean we’re not getting the same sort of mysterious clues being left behind. Case in point: his handiwork done, the Riddler’s victim has a new message on his face: “No More Lies.”
The Gotham City Police Department is on the scene—as is another familiar Bat-face: Jim Gordon (Jeffrey Wright), making his way into a room filled with officers. But no one’s actually looking at Gordon here, for reasons that will become very obvious momentarily.
“From your secret friend,” Gordon recites, as we see him and other detectives investigate the scene—one picking up a letter, which is presumably what Gordon is reading from. “Who?” someone asks, only for Gordon to respond that he’s not sure.
What Gordon is shining his flashlight on is another set of clues to tell us who this victim is: Don Mitchell Jr., Gotham’s mayor, who according to these newspaper covers that the Riddler has painted the word “Lies” over, was in his “historic” third term in office. One cover also has an interesting name that suggests Gotham politics (and perhaps corruption in said politics) will play an important role in The Batman: Bella Reál, being played by Jayme Lawson in the movie. When io9 broke the news of her character, she was described as “a grassroots political candidate running for office in Gotham.”
“Let’s play a game, just me and you,” Gordon continues, now having opened the calling card the Riddler left—an actual greeting card. Inside there’s a cryptographic code, the answer to a question asked on the other side of the card: What does a liar do when he’s dead? Because it’s 2020 and we exist on the internet, the answer has already been cracked by eager-eyed fans:
Though it’s a perfectly fine riddle on its own: He lies still. Good one, Eddie.
Interestingly, the card about secret friends has an Owl on the front, asking, of course, “Whoo?” If The Batman really is investigating the corruption of Gotham City, is it too much of a stretch to consider that this might be a hint to the sinister Court of Owls, a secret criminal organization (that Bruce once thought might have connections to his parents’ death) running underneath Gotham and pulling the strings from behind the scenes? It’s probably just a nice card. The Court is appearing in Gotham Knights though, the new Bat-family game also revealed this past weekend at Fandome.
GCPD forensics tech snaps a blood-stained picture of another paper cover, this one with news of Mayor Mitchell Jr.’s bust of the Maroni crime family. The Maroni family played a suitably ridiculous part in the Gotham TV show, but in the comics, the Maronis, headed by Luigi “Big Lou” Maroni, were bitter rivals of another major crime family in Gotham, the Falcones—the boss of whom, Carmine Falcone, will be played by John Turturro in this movie.
Also, fun fact: Sal Maroni, Lou’s son and another major boss in the family, is the gangster responsible for turning Harvey Dent into Two-Face, throwing acid at the attorney during a trial. A fun little reference, but probably not a real tease for Dent’s appearance in The Batman.
“Any of this mean anything to you?” Gordon asks, lifting the card’s envelope to reveal its addressee is none other than the Batman...
And Gordon’s actually holding it up to the Batman (Robert Pattinson), who we now get to see in all his costumed glory. That’s why everyone was staring earlier.
Just as quickly as we met him though, we’re whisked away to a shot of the GCPD Commissioner: Pete Savage, played by Alex Ferns. The Batman is set in “Year Two” of Bruce’s career as a crimefighter, so Jim Gordon is not quite yet the Commissioner Gordon we know him to be. That also means Bruce Wayne himself is not quite in his origin story, but still inexperienced and at a pivotal moment in his journey.
Presumably watching Commissioner Fern’s conference from afar (also, presumably, about Mayor Mitchell Jr.’s death) is Bruce, clad in eye makeup and a scarf covering his face—before he dons a bike helmet and rides away from the scene. Not full Bat-costume, because it’s daylight, but presumably also because noted Rich Guy Bruce Wayne doesn’t want to be seen hanging around police press conferences for no good reason.
“You’re becoming quite the celebrity” a new voice says, as Bruce pulls up in what is clearly a very early iteration of the Batcave. Still pretty low-rent, not much tech: once again, this is very clearly a Batman still in the nascent period of his heroism. That voice appears to be, by the way, Andy Serkis’ Alfred Pennyworth, one of Bruce’s most trusted confidantes—presumably, he’s referring to the Batman rather than Bruce here.
Speaking of Bruce rather than his alter ego, we now get to actually see him out of the suit for the first time, attending Mayor Mitchell Jr.’s funeral just as everything goes, in suitable Gotham fashion, completely batshit. A car plows into the church the Mayor’s funeral is taking place in, sending Bruce and the gathered mourners scattering.
The perpetrator is an unwilling one, as a distressed man steps out of the crashed car to reveal explosives taped to his body, a phone taped to his hand, and another riddle for the Batman. “Why’s he writing to you?” Alfred asks.
Before we get a chance to ponder, we get our first look at another iconic comics character sneaking into action: Zoë Kravitz’ Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman! She’s breaking into the crime scene of Mayor Mitchell Jr.’s death—what could possibly be in the safe Selina’s drilling into? Cute cat ears, though.
A brief shot of a mysterious dockside meeting gives us what appears to be another major member of Batman’s rogues, as a rain-soaked Bats watches over it. This isn’t beloved character actor Richard Kind here, but allegedly Colin Farrell as the Penguin in some serious prosthetic makeup. According to Reeves, speaking during The Batman’s Fandome panel, this version of Oswald Cobblepot has yet to endear himself to that particular nickname, going by Oz instead.
“If you are justice, please do not lie,” a heavily modulated voice asks—presumably Dano’s Riddler, perhaps speaking over that phone taped to the funeral crasher’s hand earlier? Under that voice over, we get a rapid-fire sequence of shots: red-soaked snippets of the Batsuit, similar to our very first tease of the costume, a crowd of thugs (who we’ll meet later), and Batman having a very testy meeting in an interrogation room filled with Gordon and a bunch of GCPD officers.
Like we said, this is still early on in Batman’s career in Gotham, so his relationship with both Gordon and the GCPD is likely still an uneasy one. Maybe we’ll learn more as to why in that HBO Max Gotham PD show, which acts as a prequel to The Batman? That’s meant to be set a year before this movie takes place.
That rainy meeting from earlier returns, this time with Catwoman zooming away on a bike as, seemingly, Cobblepot and some goons open fire at her. Was Selina meant to be working with them—recover something from the Mayor’s safe?—and something inevitably went wrong? Or are they firing on Batman, who we saw watching over the meeting earlier?
Meanwhile, back in the mayor’s office/home, Selina finds herself confronted with Batman, getting in a fight after he’s returned to the scene to conduct an investigation without the watching eyes of Gotham PD.
“What is the price for your blind eye?” the modulated voice continues, rhyming in a way that definitely makes this appear to be the Riddler, who loves himself a couplet or two. Under it, Batman is thrown back by a massive explosion during the aftermath of the crash at the Mayor’s funeral. It’s not yet been reported but the image of the mayor there appears to be The Strain/Black Sails actor Rupert Penry-Jones.
If you look closely, you’ll also see there’s someone else in that explosion. Maybe the driver? There’s no crowd so presumably the mourners were all evacuated and Bruce uses that opportunity to swap into his batsuit in order to return and negotiate with the Riddler.
We cut back to the thugs we briefly saw earlier, and yes, much will be made of the fact they’re all seemingly wearing messy clown face paint. In basically any text about the Batman, this would indicate that these thugs have a connection to none other than the Clown Prince of Crime that is the Joker. But could The Batman really have this many icons of the Rogue’s Gallery in it? Maybe it’s just a little hint that, somewhere in this early world of Bruce’s caped crusade, the Joker is out there waiting in the wings. Maybe the Joker didn’t invent criminal clowns as the hot fall look in Gotham City. Who can say? Anyway, the thugs inquire as to the identity of someone off-screen, who’s very quickly revealed to be...Vengeance.
Presumably also, the Night. Presumably also also, Batman. You know how it is.
But yes, Batman: The Animated Series quotes aside, this is a very, very messed up moment, as Batman just completely wrecks one of the thugs before delivering his little bon mot. It’s...okay, it’s cool, but also, it’s not cool? It’s scary and feels less like an intimidation tactic and more like a still incredibly raw Batman just giving in to a dark impulse.
Things that are unequivocally cool though? The new Batmobile. Here, it’s not an armored tank like we got with the Tumbler in the Nolan movies, or the slick, gadget-packed roadster we’d usually expect out of a Batmobile. It’s a converted sports car with one hell of a turbo-boost.
A few more action sequences are cut together as the Batmobile bursts into action—one is more of that fight sequence with the clown-thugs, including a moment Batman takes a point-blank gunshot like it’s nothing. The other, more Batmobile related, is the car bursting through shipping pallets as it chases away Cobblepot’s gang from earlier. “Whoa, this guy’s crazy!” Cobblepot cries as he’s pursued.
Interestingly between all this, we also get a very quick shot of Batman grappling his way up a huge staircase...and he’s being shot at by GCPD officers. Considering Batman was welcomed at the mayor’s crime scene, this elaborate flight of stairs is presumably not there. Is this GCPD HQ itself, and Bruce his making his hasty exit from that kerfuffle earlier?
As the very cool title card for the film fades away, we cut back to the Batcave, as Bruce removes his cowl. The creepy voice of what is presumably the Riddler—this time much less modulated—returns to mock him. “You’re a part of this, too,” it jabs, as Bruce watches a news report in the Batcave, as, in voiceover, he asks how.
It seems like The Batman may be setting up the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne as part of a much grander conspiracy—if the tease here isn’t just that Batman’s part of it because, as has been a theme throughout his comics history, his mere presence in Gotham feeds the existence of his messed up Rogue’s Gallery. It wouldn’t be the first time the Waynes have been re-framed as a much larger part of the criminal underworld Bruce rails against after their death—Telltale’s excellent Batman adventure video game series did something similar to great effect.
“’ll see,” the mysterious voice teases, as Bruce glares off into the camera lens. Yes, yes, we’ve all been quoting “Welcome to the Black Parade” and making Emo Batman jokes, but after literally decades of Batman movies hiding the fact that their Batmen very clearly put on a hell of a smokey eye while wearing their cowls, it’s nice to actually see this fundamental part of bat-fashion as part of the text.
While it was shocking we got to see this much of The Batman already, Reeves estimated that only a quarter of the film had been shot before production went on hiatus due to the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, our first look gave us a compelling vision of what Reeves has planned for Gotham and its inhabitants. Getting to actually spend an extended amount of time with an inexperienced, younger version of Batman in a way we really haven’t on the big screen yet is inherently fascinating, even aside from what appears to be a huge tease for what this particular slice of the DC cinematic multiverse will offer us.
We’ve got plenty of time to speculate, because when exactly The Batman will hit theaters—and how safe it’ll be to not have our own Riddler-esque facial protection to see it—is unknown, beyond a vague 2021 window.
Or, well, ?0?1, more accurately.
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Batboys x Cosplayer!reader (preference)
Requested by the great @middevil465​: Batboys dating a cosplayer,but downside is that they have to put up with their sewing at 2am
Tumblr media
Okay so this boy will be your biggest fanboy
ESPECIALLY if you cosplay him as Nightwing
(Not to be kinky on main, but depending on how..uhm... showing... the costume is he might get a bit frisky if ya know what I mean)
He wants to help as much as possible
You have to finish sewing that cape, but your wig isn’t styled yet? Don’t worry, Dick has enough expirence from his long hair phase to take care of that for you!
You want to cosplay a certain hero (or villain), but can’t fid that specific item that would make the cosplay perfect (maybe a weapon, a mask, etc.)? Dick might or might not steal borrow said item from the original hero for you (of course he gives it back after you had a photoshoot or something similar and he always feels a bit bad for the hero (not for the villains tho))
Now to the “downsides”
Dick, unlike some of his siblings, actually rather enjoys sleep
“I need my beauty sleep, all this perfection doesn’t come from nothing”
And he is honestly torn
He loves and supports you so so so much and he understands that you can be your most productive around the nighttimes, but he just came back from like two to three hours of patrol after a whole day of working at the police station and he honestly just want to sleeeeeeeeeeeep
So he finds a comprimise and fucking sound isolates the room your sewing in
It’s a win-win if we think about it and you probably would go as far as to just completely take over the room to make it your own little cosplay studio 
Everyone sleeps is happy 
Jason is a whole ass hurricane 
Don’t misunderstand me, he loves your hobby and he thinks it’s cool, but how excited he is depends on who exactly you cosplay
Him? Amazing, showstopping, great, breathtaking, nothing more amazing ever happened in this triste gray world before that
Robin (also slightly depending on which incarnation)? Cute, want to cuddle, 9/10 would do again
Batman? “That looks nice babe, you can take it off now” (Please don’t wear a more feminine toned (or just in general reaveling if you’re not female) batman cosplay. Jason is not ready for that amount of daddy issues) 
Someone like Harley, Ivy, Selina? Hell, even penguine or Riddler? He digs it for some reason and he might even show the respective rouge a picture of the cosplay (if he knows that it’s not possible to identify you).
They all love it, possible have a little fanclub
You cosplay as any other hero? Depending on how much of a little fangirl Jason is he will be really exsited and happy with you
Now, if you, for some unknown reason like losing your brain, because quite honestly that’s what it would take for me, decide to cosplay the Joker...
Welp, you’re single now... Sorry not sorry, but Jason is not okay with that
But that’s just a real extreme so let’s get away from that again, shall we?
Jason is used to being kept awake at night, be it from his thoughts or his nightmares (Housten, we’re sinking to deep)
So when he comes home from patrol around 2/3 a.m. and finds you sitting in the living room or the bedroom on your sewing machine (a gift from Bruce so state of the art technology and relativly silent, BUT NOT SILENT ENOUGH) 
He just sighs
He might just sit down beside you and watch or chat a bit or, if he feels a bit more touchy, stand beside you and braide your hair 
When you’re finished he’ll pick you up and cuddle with you in bed, trapping you effectivly for the next 8 to 10 hours
Did someone say couple cosplay? Because Yes. Yes you do
It isn’t that Tim ever really thought of doing cosplay or plans to use his rare free time to do it, but as soon as seing you cosplay literally anyone, he’s sold
He is a gigantic fanboy, has you cosplaying him (not Red Robin, just Tim) as his lock screen and you cosplaying Red Robin as his home screen
He’s not sure what it is, but one day he’s just sitting at his computer doing Wayne Inc. stuff when you send him a picture of you cosplaying someone and just has a metaphorical lightbulb over his head
He sneakily finds out who you will cosplay next and luckily for him it’s Zelda 
He puts everything in order and the day you want to test the cosplay out, see if everything goes together and you can pull it off, a wild Link appears
He did one hell of a job for his first cosplay (he might have had Wayne Inc. designers for the upcoming clothing line do it, but who cares amiright?) 
After that it’s kind of a tradition that once in a while the two of you pull off a couple cosplay and it’s the cutest thing ever
The highlight was when you cosplayed Batman and Catwoman on a (private) halloween party, just with the catch that you had it gender bend so Catman and Batwoman (not the Batwoman-Batwoman, but y’know what I mean), not breaking the character to the amusement of everyone present (excpet maybe Bruce who acts annoyed, but kinda thinks it’s funny)
So now to the nights
contrary to popular belief I do think Tim sleeps more than an hour or two at times
Maybe not in a healthy rythm or with any logic behind it, but he does 
Just not nights for the most part, it’s mostly in the afternoon after a few hours at Wayne Inc, or the homeoffice or college (depending on which Tim!state we’re thinking off) and before Patrol
so when he comes home to find you sewing he’s actually rather happy
He won’t let you go to bed after you’re finished until you’re really tired or if you have something important the next day
You will watch a movie or do something stupid or even go out and see what Gotham city can give you around 3 a.m. (of course with a hidden weapon on tim’s part and him not letting you out of sight) 
Those nights are his favorite
Damian, like so many things, doesn’t quite understand
What’s the appeal of dressing yourself like someone you’re not?
Why do you wear fake hair?
He also doesn’t seem to see any connection between him dressing up every DAMN NIGHT 
It’s two completely different situations for him
It’s not like he does anything against that hobby of yours, but at least at the beginning he just keeps out of it 
That most likely will change if you ever decide to cosplay him (as Robin) 
If he comes to visit you after school at your place and he walks into your room (given your parents opened the front door for you) seeing you in a surprisingly good replica of his costume?
Bby boy is sold
The better the replica looks the quicker he is to fuzz over it
After that he kinda sees the point behind it (or not, but he supports it now and wants you to have even better, more detailed, costumes)
He’ll get you so much stuff
You want to cosplay someone, but the only wig you have that fits is a bit too long?
Well hillerihoo, you got a new one that fits perfectly and is almost life-like now
Don’t ever mention that you don’t feel comfortable with him spending so much money for you, because he won’t stop
He’ll find his ways to spoil you, believe me
quick interruption before we go to the night part:
If you’re Damian’s GF, you’re most likely bound to be good friends with Jon
So it’s only a question of time until he asks you to cosplay him
If you do he’ll be excited like a puppy you just gave a treat while Damian will pout
A lot
And I mean A LOT
You’ll either have to suffer through a few days of pouty Damian or you make an even better Cosplay of him (as Robin) or Batman (both works for him since he sees himself as the future Batman already)
That’ll make him happy again
Now to the night-part
Okay so let’s assume we’re talking about Teen!Damian (obviously also Teen!reader!!!) 
You two won’t be living together so that won’t be a problem and since you’re living with y’alls parents and I will assume they won’t be happy about you sewing at 2 a.m.
Also, Damian will offer to have people make the costumes for you, but he will let that go if you tell him that making the costumes is a big part about all that, the part that makes it so amazing
IF we’re talking about grown up!Damian and Reader and the two of you live together, it’ll be a lot similair to Dick (in as he get’s you your own little cosplay studio) so that he won’t be kept awake by it
but somedays he’s more like Jason and will stay up with you and to keep you company during these creative sessions
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