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#caught in an explosion
In the middle of their ongoing x emotional fight, the couple is interrupted by a deep, rumbling noise from outside. Just a split second later, the windows explode and the heatwave of the fire almost knocks them out.
They are buried in rubble, desperately reaching out with one hand for each other, but it's too late. They didn't make it, and they never got to make up and tell each other cI love you" one last time.
Pardon me while I go over here and sob in the corner
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set-phasers-to-whump · 4 months ago
prompt: sensory deprivation
whumpee: eddie diaz
fandom: 911
hi! this is sadly not that great but it is what it is...maybe you will enjoy idk :)
“Diaz, all employees are safely out of the building. You can come on outside.”
“Copy, Cap.”
Eddie makes his way through the smoke towards the closest exit. He’s almost there when there’s a strange noise from behind him. He turns around to investigate, and then there’s an absolutely deafening boom, and he’s flying back, the explosion pushing him right into the wall behind him.
He sits there on the floor, slumped against the wall, for a second, stunned. His ears are ringing and his head is hurting and it takes him a second to remember what’s happened. 
He’s been hit by an explosion. First things first, he needs to assess his situation. His turnout gear and helmet seem to have protected him from the brunt of the explosion, and other than being extremely sore from his hard impact with the wall, he’s pretty confident that he’s okay. His ears are still ringing and his head aches, but those things will pass. 
Assured that he’s not been seriously hurt, Eddie gets up, pushing against the floor and leaning into the wall for support. Luckily, he’d been close to the door when the explosion had hit, and it takes him all of five seconds to open it and go stumbling out into the daylight. 
As the door opens, the ringing in Eddie’s ears stops. But instead of being replaced by the voices of his team as they approach him, there is only silence. He shakes his head as if to get water out of his ears, but nothing happens. He can’t hear. 
His team has reached him, and he can see their mouths moving, and they must be talking to him, but he can’t hear what they’re saying. 
He looks between all of them, trying to work out what it is that they might be saying to him, and he notices how worried they all look. He then realizes that this is probably because they’re expecting a reply to whatever it is they’re saying. 
“I can’t hear,” he says, though he’s not completely sure he has said it - he can feel the vibrations of the words in his throat, but can’t hear them leave his mouth. It’s an incredibly strange sensation, and he really doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like this at all. He feels off-balance, off-guard, vulnerable, confused...the list goes on.
Fortunately, though, he has actually managed to speak aloud. Eddie knows this because he sees his teammates’ faces change to expressions of understanding and concern, and then Bobby reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He types on it for a minute, then extends it to Eddie. 
Hen and Chim need to check you out. The crews - the 118 and the 145 - need to go back in and check out that explosion. This does NOT include you. 
Eddie nods in understanding, then looks around for someone to indicate to him what he should be doing. Hen and Chim beckon for him to follow them to the ambulance, and he goes willingly. 
His examination is quick - he’d been right, his most serious injury is nothing more than a bruise - and it’s also very deliberate, with Hen and Chim showing him every single thing that they’re doing, in lieu of verbally explaining it. He’d say this makes him feel like a child, but secretly, he's glad for the amount of care that they’re putting into this (not that he expects anything different from them). This is horribly disorienting and he hates it, feels trapped by it. He’ll take whatever comfort he can get, at the moment. Anything to make him feel like he really is alright. 
Hen hands him her phone when they’ve finished examining him, like Bobby had done earlier. You’re all good. Just some minor bruising. I’m sure you’re freaked out about your hearing, but it’ll come back in an hour or two. Just try and relax for now. We’ll be back soon <3. 
Eddie nods, manages a small smile at her message, and hands the phone back. He watches as Hen and Chim get up, leaving the back of the ambulance and jogging off to join back up with Bobby and the captain of the 145. 
For a few moments, Eddie just sits there, trying and failing to not panic. He hates this. Hates how weird it feels, hates how quiet everything is, how his thoughts echo in his head, how there could be another explosion right now and he wouldn’t even know because he can’t hear it. He can’t stay here and do nothing but wait for something to happen. 
He gets up from the back of the ambulance, intending to follow Hen and Chim and see if there's anything that anyone will allow him to do. Anything to distract him from the horrible nothingness in his ears. But he gets sort of off track and ends up simply wandering around the scene, trying to observe and figure out what’s going on, but not able to concentrate enough to do it. 
There’s a soft tap on his shoulder, and Eddie whirls around, heartbeat speeding up in alarm. He relaxes when he sees Buck’s familiar face, now tinged with guilt. 
Sorry, Buck mouths (or, more likely, says). He holds out his hand to Eddie and raises his eyebrows in a silent question. Eddie takes it, letting Buck pull him along to the truck. 
“Does Bobby know you’re here?” Eddie asks as they sit down, focusing very hard to make sure that the words come out right. 
Buck nods, he said it was okay. 
They’re sitting pressed close to each other in the cab, the warmth of Buck’s body a welcome presence against Eddie’s side. He tries his best to focus on the feeling of Buck next to him, but somehow the silence is getting worse, more oppressive, more consuming, and he can feel himself starting to really panic and he wants it to stop but he can’t and he hates this, he hates it so much, it feels so strange and wrong and he’s trapped and afraid and -
Buck’s hand is on his cheek, and then Buck is turning Eddie so that they’re facing each other. There’s this soft look on his face and his mouth is moving and Eddie can feel the vibrations of his chest and he knows that Buck is talking to him, but he can’t pay enough attention to even attempt to work out what he’s saying. 
But he doesn’t really need to. Buck’s hand is still on his cheek, and they’re looking right at each other, and Buck grabs Eddie’s right hand and places it on his chest and Eddie feels his hand move as Buck takes a deep breath, and he works out what Buck wants him to do. 
He breathes deeply, matching Buck as best as he can, trying to focus on the feeling of his hand moving and on the knowledge that they are both breathing and that he is okay, or going to be, at any rate. 
It works, eventually. Eddie feels his pulse slow, little by little, feels his breaths even out, sees Buck relax and smile at him, and finally relaxes slightly himself. 
“Thank you,” he says, and Buck pulls his hands away from Eddie (who briefly panics again at the loss of contact), then wraps an arm around Eddie’s shoulders and tugs him close, resting their heads together. It’s comfortable despite being something that Eddie normally would never let himself do, and he sinks into the contact just a little more. Buck’s hand comes up and cards through his hair, soft and gentle, and Eddie sighs contentedly (and is then briefly glad that he can’t hear himself, because that was definitely an embarrassing noise). 
He closes his eyes, breathes in deeply, presses himself still closer to Buck, and waits for his hearing to return.
thanks for reading this! i have had a long long day and this basically all got written after 9 pm so i am sorry if it sucked. love you!
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firefighterreyes · 11 months ago
Don’t You Keep So Close
written for the “caught in an explosion” square on my bthb card (open for requests - see the board here :) 
requested by @brilliantbanshee, who said "Okay after much deliberation can I request "caught in an explosion"? I will leave it up to you which half of Tarlos should be caught in the explosion, but it would be fantastic if you could manage to get any of the other members of the 126 involved some how. I'm ready to love it when ever you get to it 💕"
hope you enjoy this jillian!! it was an absolute pleasure to write this for you 💗
beta’d by @lire-casander 
Pulling up to the scene of a fire is never a great feeling for TK. Sure, part of him is eager for the rush of adrenaline he will get as he makes his way through the burning structure. But with the threat of something going wrong always looming in the back of his mind, he tries not to let his excitement get too ahead of him. 
And when dispatch comes on over the radio to inform the team that there are two uniformed officers inside, he can’t help the unease that washes over him at the thought that there’s always a chance Carlos is one of them. 
“Hey,” Judd catches his attention as if he can read his mind. “Don’t go there yet. It might not be him.”
TK nods as the team exits the truck, trying to focus his attention as his dad begins to relay orders. 
“Okay, dispatch says there are two main sections of the warehouse. Paul and Marjan, I want you to take the east side, TK and Judd, you take the west. Probie stays outside with me. This building does not look too good, so when I say get out now, I don’t want anybody trying to play hero today.”
As he speaks, TK doesn’t fail to notice his dad’s eyes landing on him. He has to refrain from rolling his eyes. He’s messed up far too many times on calls when he let his instincts kick in only for it to backfire. Clearly Owen has had enough.
As he finishes putting on the last of his equipment, Judd appears behind him, clapping his shoulder. “You ready?”
Giving a quick nod, the two men head towards the east entrance of the burning warehouse, breaking down the door before entering the flame-filled structure.
(continue reading on ao3)
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mkayswritings · a year ago
The next prompt from my bingo card has been posted, enjoy reading Malec! I haven’t written for them in awhile so their characters might be a little off. Feel free to leave your thoughts on what you think! 
Prompt was by @the-wandering-whumper​
Tumblr media
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morallygreyprompts · 2 years ago
Bad Things Happen Bingo 9/25
Tumblr media
@badthingshappenbingo Caught in an Explosion (Much oof, many wows.)
Hero knew Villain was somewhere in the hotel. The place was empty thanks to the fire alarm going off. Police had the place surrounded. It was up to Hero to flush them out. They were careful as they crept along the corridors. They were so tense that their muscles ached. Villain had to be around here somewhere,  watching them, waiting for an opportunity to strike.
The clattering of metal made Hero jump and gasp. They clamped a hand over their mouth before they could gasp. “Oh, come on! Where is it?!”
Hero recognised the voice. Villain was only a wall away from them. With a deep breath, Hero shoved open the door.
Villain startled and instinctively reached for a pan. As recognition struck, they slowed. Villiain tugged their own hair and looked around the room.“There’s a bomb. I have to find it.” Hero raised an eyebrow, “Most people would run off.”
Villain continued their desperate search “Wasting time,” they grumbled.
Hero put a hand on their shoulder and squeezed tight. “The place is surrounded. Drop the act.” “[Hero], I’m serious! There’s a bomb and I don’t know how big it is. I have to stop it!” Hero didn’t budge, so Villain moved their arm in a windmill until it forced Hero to let go of them. Hero shot out a hand to grab them again but  Villain shoved them back. They tripped on a pan Villain had left on the floor and they fell onto their back.
Hero groaned, but a small flash of red light caught their eye from underneath the table.
“Run!” Hero cried, scrambling to their feet. Villain looked at them in surprise. Hero shoved them out the door “Twenty seconds. Go!”
Hero and Villain had no choice but to bolt down the hallways. As they came to a crossroads, Hero took a left and Villain took a right. There was no time for Villain to correct their path. They kept running, sprinting and forcing air through gritted teeth. As they rounded another corned they nearly flattened a little girl. She could only have been three or four.
Villain had to throw themselves into the wall to avoid crashing into her. She screamed. Villain ignored it, and grabbed her in a hug, shoving her towards a gap in the lockers. They braced for the explosion, tucking their head and clinging to the little girl. It didn’t disappoint.
The blast ploughed through concrete and metal as though it was cardboard. It shook Villain’s bones and drilled at their skull. The girl screamed and then there was nothing.
“You have to stay calm, Miss. We’ll find her,” Hero tried to reason, keeping hold of a young mother to stop her running back into the building. “This is my fault! I shouldn’t have lost her in the crowd. Oh God!” “I’ll go and look for her. Just stay here in case you find her.” Hero had to let the hotel staff try to calm the terrified mother. They headed back towards the hotel with a horrible feeling of dread.
“Freeze!” an officer suddenly bellowed. Hero heard dozens of guns lose their safety lock. Hero stopped moving, but when they looked up they realised who the target was by the half a dozen lasers on their chest and head. “Wait!” Hero exclaimed. “Civilian!”
Hero stood in shock as Villain dragged themselves out of the building, carrying a child in their arms. The mother cried her name but the staff didn’t let her go forward. Villain was dangerous. What if she was a hostage?
Villain fell to their knees, still holding tight to the child, pulling her into their chest. Their body was covered in dust and blood but the child looked well enough. “[Villain]?” Hero asked slowly. “Take her,” Villain mumbled, lowering her to her feet. “I tried...”
The staff couldn’t hold the mother back a moment longer and she rushed over to snatch her out of Villain’s reach. She backed away from Villain with a look of terror, rushing away from any potential gunfire. She hushed her baby and stroked her hair. Villain nodded slowly and lowered their head.
“[Hero], get back. Hands in the air, [Villain],” one of the officers ordered. Villain ignored them and tried to get to their feet. “Get on the ground!” Hero braced for a fight but Villain’s arms shook under their own weight.
“T. Told you,” Villain mumbled. Hero could see their back, the mess that the explosion had marked them with, what Villain had protected that child from. They tried to get a foot under them, but it was too much. Villain fell forward and collapsed onto the ground. They didn’t move after that.
There, the Oofening is done. Quick Question. Anyone got any tips for making a mood board for a story? Throw any answers in an ask or a message. Thank you! Have a great day!
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sonic-colours · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
nother au design,, well half. i got lazy. hes fucked up yeah
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whumpty-dumpty · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Human Shield" Compilation
Part 1
Part 2 here
- requested by anon
Shows are:
21 Jump Street (2012), Arrow S04E03, Batman The Dark Knight, Bodyguard (1992), Bones S11E10, Children Of Men (2006), The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air S05E15, Highlander S02E22
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Whumpee finds a bomb that is about to go off. They throw themselves on it, and then it detonates.
Good news, wasn’t that powerful of a blast. Bad news, whumpee is somehow still conscious (if you could call it conscious) and in a great deal of pain.
I bet! Holy crow!!
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set-phasers-to-whump · 7 months ago
car accident
prompt: car accident
whumpee: malcolm bright
fandom: prodigal son
hi! this is kind of a fun interpretation of car accident rather than the traditional route. it’s set in the midst of 1x13 when malcolm falls on gil’s car and can be seen mostly as canon compliant though there’s a little more whump thrown in here than is visible in the show :) hope you enjoy!
He crashes through the window, the explosion following close behind him. The bulletproof vest protects him from the brunt of it, but he feels the heat, feels pieces of glass cut him, ripping tears into his suit. For a helpless second he falls, eyes wide at the explosion rushing out of the building above him, and then his back slams into the roof of a car with a horrible crunching, crashing sound, and bits of metal and glass rain down atop him. 
He makes a noise between a cough and a groan, rolling over slightly onto his side and taking a look around at the carnage, car alarms blaring around him, ears ringing. He looks at Gil, Dani, and JT as the three approach him. “I think I’m gonna miss my flight.”
He lies back against the wrecked roof of the car with a sigh, closing his eyes as the pain begins to really hit him.
His whole body hurts from the impact, though thankfully nothing feels broken. It just hurts, a painful ache that’s especially bad across his shoulders and upper back, which he supposes had made contact first. 
“Are you...okay?” 
He opens his eyes at the sound of Dani’s voice, and takes a slightly wheezing breath to respond. 
“Not too bad.”
“I’m calling 911.”
“No, Gil, there’s really -” he cuts himself off with a cough that makes him feel like his body really is exploding this time. “- really no need.”
He can’t quite see Gil, but he pictures the look on his face as he agrees, hears the tightness in his voice. There’s something about it that makes Malcolm “Okay. I’m not calling 911. As long as you can walk out of here.”
He can do that. 
If he can just sit up. But the roof of this car is covered in jagged bits of metal and glass that cut into his palms when he tries to push himself up, and his legs just slide out uselessly when he tries to use them to get himself up. 
“A little help here?” he suggests, looking around at his teammates as much as he can without lifting his head. 
A second later, JT’s grabbing one of his arms, and Dani’s got the other, and then he’s sitting up and looking around and making the horrible realization that he knows what car this is. 
Which explains why Gil’s still standing where he’d last been, rather than being one of the people to help him up. He’s looking at Malcolm - and at his car - with this pained expression on his face, because Malcolm’s hasty, slightly stupid plan has ruined it. 
“Yeah,” JT says, evidently noting the expression of horrible realization on Malcolm’s face. He pats Malcolm’s shoulder in sympathy, which hurts. Malcolm groans. 
JT and Dani help him off the smashed roof of Gil’s car, silently supporting him between them, his arms around their shoulders. He limps along with them over to the sidewalk, casting a backwards glance at Gil, who’s still standing there, looking at the smashed wreck that is his beloved car.
They lower Malcolm down onto the curb, and JT walks off to talk to Gil. Meanwhile, Dani bends down next to Malcolm for a second, looks him in the eyes.
“Are you sure you’re good?”
He nods. “I’m sure. I’ve had worse.” He smiles, hoping to come across as reassuring. 
“Yeah. That’s not…” Dani trails off. “Never mind.” She stands up, shakes her head at him when he tries to follow (not that he gets very far before his hurting body is forcing him back to the ground, anyway). “Quick thinking, Bright. Glad you’re not dead.”
“Me too.”
He watches her walk off to where JT and Gil are talking, and begins to feel an emotional pain well up in him, alongside the physical. Sure, he’d saved himself, but he’d wrecked Gil’s car. Gil loves his car more than just about anything. And now Malcolm has gone and destroyed it. 
He has to get up. He has to go to Gil and tell him how sorry he is. 
Malcolm staggers to his feet, this time forcing himself to stay standing through the pain. He wraps an arm across his torso like it’ll help keep him together, and starts walking over to where his team is standing. 
Every step he takes makes him feel like he’s about to collapse, and every second that passes makes him feel worse about what he’s done to Gil. Everything hurts.
He makes it maybe halfway to his destination before his legs decide they’ve had enough. They turn to nothing underneath him, and a sudden dizziness rushes through his head, and he’s falling again, falling, falling…
And then he’s not, but he’s not on the ground. Someone’s holding him up, holding their arms around him, and it hurts a bit but mostly it feels nice. Safe. It’s Gil. 
It’s Gil. 
He pulls back from Gil’s arms until he’s looking him in the face, apologies tumbling from his lips. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I didn’t - I ruined - I -” 
“Hey,” Gil’s voice cuts through his panic, and he sounds so gentle, so concerned, that Malcolm wants to cry (or maybe he’s already crying? It’s hard to tell). “Kid, it’s okay.”
“Aren’t you - you’re not mad? I ruined your car.”
A brief pained look passes over Gil’s face, but it disappears almost immediately. “Of course I’m not mad, Malcolm. All that matters to me is that you’re okay.”
“But - your car.”
“My car,” Gil says, and he pulls Malcolm back into his arms, so gently it barely hurts at all, “is not nearly as important as you. You got that? She’s - was - my car. You’re my kid.”
He’s definitely crying now, the tears running down his face, stinging his bloody cuts from the glass. He presses his face into Gil’s shoulder, barely noticing the increased pain from the slight change in position. 
For a moment, Gil just holds him, supports him, lets him cry. But after a bit, he pulls back, one arm still on Malcolm’s shoulder. He looks Malcolm up and down, then meets his eyes. 
“There’s an ambulance here,” he says. “Because of the explosion.”
Malcolm opens his mouth to object, but Gil shushes him before he can speak. 
“You don’t have to go anywhere. Just let them check you out, okay? Make sure nothing’s broken.”
That’s reasonable, Malcolm figures, and he nods his agreement. He can let the paramedics check him over, get just enough pain meds from them to make the pain bearable, head home and change his clothes, and get back to work. 
He’s got a killer to catch, after all.
aaa thanks for reading! this was a little short but i had the best time writing it, and i hope you enjoyed! <3
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scooby-doo-is-best-robin · 3 months ago
Me: Dick is a great leader, who’s incredibly competent, driven, capable, an expert in multiple fields, has led his teams to victory, trudged through hell and defeated the demon himself, and-
Also me: Dick is a feral cat who falls asleep in random places in Titans Tower after staying awake for 69 hrs straight, and has somehow convinced the group he must lead despite that he’s been brainwashed so many times that he only has three braincells left and they’re all running in different directions. 
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mx-flohwalzer · 5 months ago
so this was inspired by albedo’s va khoi dao singing “just the two of us” and uhhh here you go
tw: major character death, explosions, kamikaze attack, corrupted albedo, ghosts mention idk
spoiler for dragonspine and albedo’s whole Thing
It started out as just a little ditty—neither of them remembered why or when they made it up. They’ve been singing it for so long that it almost feels like they were born knowing it. They added the words later, letting the words from their heart entwine with the melody they’d composed when Klee was just a toddler.
Klee whimpered, drawing the blankets closer to her as Albedo rubbed soothing circles into her back. “Big brother Albedo…Is the monster in the closet going to eat me? Did it eat Mommy?”
Albedo wiped Klee’s tears before hugging Klee close to his chest. “Shhh, it’s okay. There’s no monster, okay? Mommy is safe. There’s no monster in here. Just the two of us. There’s just the two of us here.” He hummed the tune of the song—their song— as Klee fell asleep in his arms.
Ten years later, Albedo stood in the ruins of the cathedral in Mondstadt. He looked around wildly, black eyes wide open and talons dripping with blood. He heard a disturbance near the steps and whipped around, wings opening and hissing.
A young woman in red stood near the steps, arms spread wide in a placating gesture. “Hey, big brother Albedo? It’s me. It’s Klee.”
She stepped closer to him. He drew back, talons out in a defensive position. As she walked, Klee kept talking to him, like a trainer calming down a horse. “Shh, it’s okay. Remember how you would rock me to sleep when I had nightmares? Remember the song you sang?”
She was standing in front of him now. It would have been so easy for him to slash out, snatch the fragile mortal in front of him and stain her apron redder than it already was, but he held back. “Don’t worry. There are no monsters here, big brother. Remember? Just the two of us.”
She smiled sadly, looking at him. “Just the two of us.”
Suddenly, Klee’s arm whipped out and she pulled Albedo into a tight hug. While he was stunned by her action, she whispered for the last time, “I love you, Albedo.”, before thumbing the red button concealed in her other hand.
Klee’s vest and backpack, both stuffed to the brim with the highest-grade explosives she could make, exploded with the intensity of a nuclear bomb. Her skill honed over the years finally being used to its full potential, wiping her and the corrupted form of her big brother off the face of Teyvat in a single, beautiful flame.
It is an old folk’s tale in new Mondstadt, built on the ruins of the Mondstadt that preceded it. Those who remember still say her name; Spark Knight Klee of the Knights of Favonius, the hero who sacrificed her young life to burn away the corruption. Some say that if you walk the ruins of the old cathedral at night, you can see a blond-haired alchemist and a young woman in red, holding hands and singing their ghostly song...
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bigweebenergy · 4 months ago
Just found out some people actually think Bakugou acts like a villain/ will become a villain
If you've never watched/read bnha than that's fine but if you made it after the first arc please reconsider all of your life choices. I had the most stupid argument on tik tok with someone who said that season 3/4 Bakugou is still a bully and doesn't value anyone but himself, at that point I stopped engaging with this person cuz of the MASSIVE headache that statement gave me. Its almost like we weren't watching/reading the same thing
Bakugou's character development literally fueled me during my sophomore year. I remember crying when he started to change into a better person. I remember the moment I started actually liking him- and I used to HATE him. Now he's probably my favorite BNHA character and one of my favorite references for well written character development
I'll prob make an actual post with my evidence later but for now I just wanna get this out in the world
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whumpty-dumpty · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Fugitive (TV Show 2020)
GIF 1: S01E01
GIF 2: S01E02
GIF 3: S01E03
GIF 4 - 5: S01E07
GIF 6 - 10: S01E08
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