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nonetoon · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Well I suppose putting it up early won’t hurt! Here’s the Caught-On-Tober prompt list for different cryptid designs each day of October. Nothing formal or anything, but feel free to use this prompt list if you like! I’ll be tagging my drawings for this as #caugt-on-tober
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trick-starr · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
OCtober day 7: draw your Friend’s OC drew my friend @xenogears‘s oc, Ames! I had fun drawing them so I hope I did them justice 
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wibblyparfait · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Day 10: Most Funny 
So!! my phone deadass bricked yesterday and i ended up drawing this in advance and taking a pic with my sis’s phone. expect the qualities of my drawings to be something like this for a while ✌️
my sense of humor doesnt exist. i just drew the kiddos that drummed the most reactions when i played them somewhere. somehow it ended up being the two Tall Cryptid Birb boyyos MGKJHNGF
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greenshi · 10 months ago
OC tober Day Twenty Six: Costume
Peter Fobince,
Don’t ask how I found you. Don’t ask who I am. Don’t ask why I need this. 
I’m commissioning a costume from you. The reason I’m coming to you, and not a tailor, is because this costume needs a few additions to it. Attached to this note, you’ll find a sketch of what I have in mind, though I am not opposed to alterations if need be. Importantly, you’ll notice some notes surrounding the eyes on the hood. I need those to include some form of nightvision, information display, and most importantly, a face censor. If I put this thing on and have my face seen, or I see someone else’s face, it’s over. 
It’s important that this be done ASAP. You will be paid handsomely, that much I can promise. Just don’t ask where that money came from, got it? Once it’s finished, leave it with Aaron. He’ll know what to do, but don’t ask him anything. If you need my contact for whatever reason, ask him. He’ll send the information my way. 
That you for your time. I expect great work. I’ve heard good things.
- Again, don’t ask. 
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pervasivescariness · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
[OCTOBER . 21 . 2017]
Day 21 features a strange superstition that I just barely learned about....the belief that whistling at night will call snakes out >:O Which, if you hate snakes, is downright horrifying. Otherwise,I guess it isn’t that terrible. Unless they’re all like super poisonous murder snakes...then yeah maybe don’t whistle at night. >_>;
This superstition of course, comes from ancient times where thieves (or “snakes) would whistle to alert one another in the night as they did their misdeeds. So whistling at night would bring about the “snakes”. Man it’s fun learning about strange superstitions and urban legends around the world.
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dramioneasks · 10 days ago
HP FESTS: Restricted Section
Kinktober 2019:
Critical Point by PotionChemist - E, one-shot - Draco and Hermione have been seeing each other for a couple of months, and he stumbles across a rather interesting video on her laptop. He enlists Blaise Zabini's help to make her fantasy a reality. Written for The Restricted Section's Kink-tober, Prompt #22- Orgasm Denial Warning: This is 100% filth, and my first attempt at a threesome.
Treasured by gracediamondsfear - E, one-shot - The continuing stories of Mr. M and Kitten. It's Hermione's birthday and Draco has agreed to arrange one of his most elaborate fantasies. Hermione will be stranded on a desert island and captured by Pirate Draco...but this time he's brought a friend along to join the fun.
Knotted & Laced by Rosella_Burgundy- E, one-shot - Trying to satisfy her needs, Hermione agrees to bring a third person in her D/s relationship with Theo Nott. They choose no other than Shibari artist Draco Malfoy.
Broom Closet Dealings by KasmiAnn - E, one-shot - Somebody is giving the Quidditch players a sexy stress reliever after practice. Neville has a plan to catch them in the act. (Hermione x everyone fic)
Five Months by sweetmusings- E, one-shot - Hermione finishes things with Ron. As time passes, she wonders if she will ever find the person who's meant for her. Maybe, she will get more than she ever dreamed of... Fest piece for The Restricted Section's Multi and Triads Kinktober 2019 fest.
Unspeakable Acts by DemiCatra - E, one-shot - What happens when three of our favorites come into contact with a mysterious statue of an unknown Goddess recovered from an Auror raid? Unspeakable acts of course... (Please pardon my terrible pun.) Shoutout to In_Dreams and her fic Distance. (A) Because she's an amazing author and it's an amazing fic. [Seriously though, please go read her works! You won't regret it!] (B) Because I was thinking about it and I'm pretty sure my statue idea came from her...very, very lightly anyways. Mine does VERY different things to those who come into contact with it! LOL
Over Me by NuclearNik - M, one-shot - Hermione is a witch with a plan to bed her favourite Aurors, and she’s determined to follow through.
F**k Me With Your Words by Lunamionny - E, one-shot - Descending into subspace was no longer alarming for Hermione. Now, she welcomed the haze that came over her mind as if it were an old friend; she embraced the slowing and dissipating of her normally tightly coiled, whirring thoughts. She'd learnt to let the serenity of it roll over her as she surrendered to pure sensation, to Draco's touch and Theo's caress and - most powerfully of all - to the feelings their words stirred in her.
Extra Credit by LadyKenz347 - E, one-shot - Theo and Draco come home to Hermione ready to work for extra credit.
A Very Naughty Holiday 2019:
The whisky, the whims, the wills by dreamsofdramione - E, one-shot - With the castle near empty during Christmas hols, Harry, Hermione, and Draco play a game of truth or dare complete with copious amounts of Firewhisky to pass the time. Fortunately for the trio, the spirits might loosen more than just their tongues.
All Manor of Lessons by PotionChemist - E, 3 chapters - Draco and Blaise have planned some lessons for Hermione over the Christmas holidays, and they're eager to get to the Manor and teach her. However, their weekend plans end very differently than they had expected.
Liquor In The Front, Poker In The Rear by ChocolateGate (cocosmama) - E, one-shot - Hermione, Draco, and Theo are the only 8th years at Hogwarts over the holidays. A rousing game of strip poker ensues on Christmas Eve.
Caught in the Middle by NuclearNik - E, one-shot - Harry and Draco sweep Hermione away for a cosy holiday in the mountains.
This is Ours by weestarmeggie - E, one-shot - Hermione hasn't seen her husbands in a week when she presents them with a risky christmas present at the Zabini's annual christmas party.
The Perfect Present by LumosLyra - E, one-shot - Written for the Restricted Section: Multi+Triads Only: "A Very Naughty Holiday". A smutty, Christmasy one-shot in which Draco Malfoy plots to grant a Christmas wish for the two people he loves the most - his father and his fiancee, Hermione Granger.
Once Upon A Lifetime 2020:
room to grow by lilibug - T, one-shot - Nothing's ever easy with three opinions in the mix and finding a flat is no exception.
A Perfect Mix by Curly_Kay - T, one-shot - Hermione, Draco, and Harry experience the birth of their first child at St. Mungos. Their path to parenthood includes a secret nursery, a knighted cat, leather pants, euphoric pain potions, and immeasurable love. The healer raised her eyebrows at the trio, “Well, hello there, I hadn’t noticed the new arrivals. Now, which one of you is the lucky dad?” Harry and Draco made eye contact, smiling widely at each other before turning back to the healer, “We are,” they announced proudly. She looked at Hermione who nodded in confirmation and then looked back at her chart in surprise, “A triad? Some witches get all the luck,” she mumbled to herself as she scanned the notes.
Free-For-All Fest 2021
Tethered by KoraKwidditch - E, WIP - When Hermione discovers Sirius is still in the Veil, she sets out to bring him back by any means necessary. Unfortunately, those means involve Draco Malfoy.
If You'll Have Me by AlexandraO - E, WIP - When Harry comes to Hermione with a request, it isn’t at all what she expects. But agreeing to be their surrogate to produce a Malfoy heir just might just be the best thing she’s ever done.
This fest is ongoing.
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shinsouskitten · 11 months ago
Late Kinktober: Voyeurism - Shigaraki
So uhh… this happened
P.s. I don’t have this kink or experience with it so I hope this is acceptable. I thought Shiggy fit voyeurism cause he creeps me out (no @grapefantaenby I will not apologize for the Shiggy slander. Get him some moisturiser and I’ll think about it)
The fact that Shiggy is the first person included in my late kinktober disappoints me. But alas, he’s here
It’s not going to be a daily Kinktober, mainly because I don’t have enough for that. But I’ll try and get as many as possible done. And if you guys wanna see anything particular, don’t feel shy about asking
💙🔥 Dabi x gn!reader, 🧴 Tomura Shigaraki x gn!reader (kinda)
Warnings: kinktober so yk… nsfw, minors DNI
Shigaraki knew what was happening the moment you disappeared from the bar. Your mumbled admission of ‘I’m tired’ was clearly faked, but no one else paid enough attention to realise it. They simply wished you goodnight and went back to their own activities. But not Shigaraki. 
He’d heard yours and Dabi’s nighttime adventures, and you were so loud it made him feel sick. Or rather, that’s what he perceived the knot in his stomach for as he listened to the sound of furniture being moved ever so slightly in Dabi’s room. Toga and Twice were playing some game in the corner of the bar, and the sound drifting from the console drowned out the noise flowing downstairs to unknowing ears. But Shigaraki was listening. 
Usually you wouldn’t start until everyone else was in bed, which meant Shigaraki could hear everything as he unknowingly pressed himself further against the thin wall separating you. He made excuses to himself, pretending he was only listening to get blackmail material or something, but the tightness of his pants each time he heard the moans echoing from the room next door told a different story.
The distraction became too much for Shigaraki, and as he heard the thump of Dabi pushing you against the wall his hand slipped on his glass, which immediately decayed beneath his touch. He scoffed in annoyance, attempting to wipe the drink from his pants before giving up and making his way upstairs. 
He was almost at his room when he stopped. It was the perfect opportunity to catch you in the act. It’s not like he needed anything to blackmail you with, but it would be nice to have some more leverage over you. Perhaps you would pay him back for his troubles of having to listen to yours screams all night.
But he brushed away that last thought as he turned to Dabi’s door, surprised to find it cracked slightly open. Likely Dabi didn’t care enough to close it, but from where Shigaraki was standing the small slither of light spilling out from the room gave him a perfect view of what he had only been able to hear for so long.
Your legs were wrapped around Dabi’s waist, ankles crossed behind him as he pinned you against the wall. Small mewls escaped from your mouth as he moved inside you slowly, the cold metal of his piercings a stark contrast to the heat of his length. From the look on your face you were trying with all your might to be quiet, but it was clear you were fighting a losing battle.
Shigaraki couldn’t help himself. The way you bit down on Dabi’s shoulder as he gave a particularly hard thrust had him enthralled. He didn’t even realize his hand was moving lower and lower until he was pulling at the zipper of his jeans to free himself. He began to move his hand slowly, matching in pace with Dabi’s thrusts as he imagined he was the one fucking you, the cause of your breathless moans as your head fell back against the wall. 
Then you saw him. Your eyes widened, realizing the situation quickly. Rather than stop (not that you could in your ecstatic state), you cocked a half smile at him, lifting Dabi’s face from the crook of your neck to press a deep kiss to his lips.
Shigaraki bit down hard on his lip to suppress a groan, quickening the movement of his hand as your eyes fluttered back open to stare at him. 
Dabi muttered something to you, and even in your daze you knew what he wanted, and removed your hands from around his neck to allow him to pin your arms high above you. Your back was forced into an arch as he used his spare hand to pull your head back by your hair, leaving only two things keeping you suspended: your legs around his waist and the weight of his body pressing you against the cold wall. 
Your eyes rolled back into your head as Dabi hit that perfect spot inside of you once again, speeding up his thrusts as he relentlessly pounded into you. A chorus of his name fell from your mouth, and though he wished it was his name coming from your beautiful lips, the look of pure unadulterated ecstasy was enough to finish Shigaraki off. He felt the metallic taste of blood seep into his mouth as he bit down on his lip, hand stilling inside his pants as he struggled to catch his breath. 
When Dabi moved to help you down, Shigaraki made his escape, rushing to his room to change his pants before returning to the bar, relieved to see that the two of you had chosen to spend the rest of the night holed up in Dabi’s room. He brushed off Kurogiri’s question of where he was, instead demanding a drink as his mind fell back to that picturesque look on your face as you came. 
Little did Shigaraki know, you weren’t the only one to see him watching the two of you. Bright cerulean eyes had caught sight of Shigaraki’s reflection in a broken mirror propped in the corner of the room, and as their owner held you in his arms, he wondered how to advance with this newfound information. A devious thought crossed Dabi’s mind, and a smile crept onto his face as he chuckled to himself. 
Next time, he’d make sure Shigaraki knew who you belonged to. His boss can watch all he likes, but only Dabi can touch you. Only Dabi can make you scream all night long. And he was going to guarantee his boss knew where the boundaries lay.
And as for Shigaraki, though the image of you in his head would tide him over for a while, it was nothing compared to actually seeing you unravel in front of him. He had to see you again, no matter what the consequences. 
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norisus · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
I should be getting caught up on my ‘tober drawings, but I was really vibing with this sketch
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parprocrastination · 11 months ago
Hi I just read some of ur stuff it’s so good, I really want 27 with rex
Thank you so much for the request! I absolutely adored writing this one, so much so I’m gifting it to you ahead of time because I can’t wait any longer and I finished it early. Kinktober?? More like “I-have-a-kink-for-soft-things-that-make-me-want-to-cry-tober”??
Here’s to giving Rex the care he deserves. I really hope you like it, anon!!
It was a rare gift to hear Rex giggle. To have a man so stoic on the battlefield reduced to giggles as you ran the sudsy cloth over his apparently ticklish sides was... endearing.
When he came back to your home, having attained a few days of much-needed leave, he was covered in so much grime from whatever dust-ball planet he had come from and wore an expression of such despondency you immediately knew the perfect solution: a steaming hot bubble bath. Hell, you needed one yourself, so why not treat you both to one?
He did it again, joyous little chuckles erupting from his belly as you wiped the last bit of dirt from his nose.
“Rex,” You couldn’t help but join in this time, hiding your face in the crook of his neck as you laughed.
“I’ll stop, cyar’ika,” He tried to calm himself down, leaning his head back against the edge of the tub with a deep inhale.
It didn’t work. You raised your head from his shoulder, giving him a look that had him falling back into his fit. Stars, it was adorable.
He took another shaky breath in and stared into your eyes with a shining grin, blinking slow and relaxed as he admired you tending to him unconditionally. You were so gentle, so patient, so beautiful. He treasured you more than anything in the galaxy. And he couldn’t believe you looked at him in the same way, wasn’t sure he would ever truly know what he had done to deserve such a soul to share with his own.
You could sense his mind beginning to overthink again and knew the right trick to bring him back.
“Rex,” You brought his chin up for a sweet but all too short kiss. He chased you with a sigh when you pulled back, smiling down at him with eyes that sang I love you.
His hands, previously resting over the sides of the tub came to grasp your waist, caressing the soft skin of your sides and back as he lured you against him, chest to chest.
The warm water sloshed against the sides of the basin but did not spill. You had taken special care in filling it up and hoped this moment would come, stopping the faucet at the strategic anti-splashing mark you had measured in your head in case of certain activities.
Your nose brushed against his and you wrapped an arm around his neck, the other moving the washcloth deliberately down his abdomen to meet his hardening flesh. You abandoned the rag in favor of feeling him with your own hand, giving him unhurried strokes.
His head fell back once more and his mouth parted with a stifled groan as you continued, lips tracing his jaw to bite at his ear. Rex turned his head to return the praise, marking and kissing your neck as you stoked the fire in his gut with a deft hand.
The hands that roamed the expanse of your back came forward to grasp ardently at your breasts. A low hum sounded from him as he dipped his head down to take one between his teeth, hum morphing into a moan when he caught the keening mewl that fell from your throat as he licked and sucked.
You said his name again, fingertips pressing into his soft hair on the nape of his neck when he went to worship the other with unbelievably more passion than before.
He pulled back. “Cyare, please, I need you.”
You could feel his legs trembling from your touch. He was getting closer and the tension building in your own gut was tearing at you from the inside. You needed him too.
“What do you need, my Captain?”
His hands went back to your waist, slotting the head of his cock against your folds, words muffled on your collar.
“I need you riding me now,” There was a nip on your shoulder that made you gasp, the tip of him teasing at your entrance. “It’s all I can think about, being inside you.”
He speared you with one precise jump of his hips and let out a pleased moan.
“You always take me so deep,” He continued, another nip to the other shoulder as he fully sheathed inside your tight warmth. “I missed you so much, cyar’ika.”
Just as he went to descend back to your breast, you forced his mouth to yours, kissing him hard as you rocked back and forth in his lap. Your hands gripped the edge of the tub behind his head and you moved stronger, rougher, your clit rubbing against his pelvis perfectly.
“I missed you too.” The smile on your face made his heart ache and the grip on your hips grew tighter.
“I know,” He began to giggle again, the sound mixing with his own panting and low moaning. “Thank you for everything tonight, cyar’ika.” He began to ramble on, his babbling about how well you take care of him only growing with his rising orgasm.
“Rex, please,” You hushed him with another sloppy kiss, teeth clattering when you both smiled again. Please was the only thing you could seem to say along with his name.
It was his turn to ask. “What do you need, cyare?”
“I’m so close,” Your head titled back, another rapturous cry spilling from your throat as your legs began to shiver atop his. “Please, Rex, I need you to-- I need you! I need you...”
He shushed you gently, holding you closer to him and meeting your swaying movements with his own, water lapping at the sides of the tub but not spilling. How about that for strategic planning?
“You have me,” His fingers branded your skin with the force of him clenching his hand as his climax shook through him. “You’ll always have me, cyare.”
You yelped as your own release caught you, heat pooling out of you. Your knuckles turned white holding the bath, body wound so tight you couldn’t feel the pain of it.
Rex’s thumbs stroked your cheeks and he pressed a kiss to your sweaty forehead. You detached your sore hands from the edge and rested them on his chest, one atop his heart as you settled back into the now-cool water, the bubbles long dissolved.
You shuddered from the coldness of the water, leaning in to soak up his radiating body heat. He held you tight and breathed deeply, never wanting this moment to end.
But the two of you were getting wrinkled from the water that only grew colder the longer you stayed. You didn’t realize how sleepy you had become until you felt him shift and jerked back awake. He kicked the drain loose to empty the bath.
“Bed?” You mumbled, burying your face into his shoulder when he picked you up and carried you out of the ‘fresher in his arms, careful not to slip.
“Mhmm,” He mumbled back, tucking you under the covers with him.
You were out after a few more lazy kisses and touches, succumbing to blissful sleep.
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verfound · a month ago
FIC: I Pick You: Chapter 5/5 (MLB/Lukanette)
Notes: This chapter frustrated the hell outta me, ngl. It was supposed to be the “easy” chapter, bc it was pretty much just going to be Ch12 from OC-tober 2020, but nooooo. It demanded a total rewrite. (The main idea is the same (Luka proposing, the shenanigans), but the execution ended up being entirely different. And somehow harder, now that I had to tie it into things? Hopefully it still works. xD)
(Ch1) (Ch2) (Ch3) (Ch4)
I Pick You
Chapter Five: Picking a Future
Marinette looked up from the dresser, a dangly earring halfway through her ear, at his voice. She caught Luka’s eye in the mirror and felt whatever irritation that had lingered from the scuffle with the kwamis slip away. He was leaning against the door, his hands in his pockets and an easy smile on his face – her favorite smile. His Marinette smile. She put the back on her earring and turned to him, letting her Luka smile curl her lips.
“Come here,” she said, holding her arms out for him. He chuckled and walked over to her, crossing the room in a few short steps. Her smile softened as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close as he bent over her. “Today has been entirely too long. Not enough you in it for an anniversary. Please tell me you have something wonderful planned to make up for it.”
“I thought I wasn’t supposed to plan tonight?” he chuckled, rubbing his hand along her back. He pressed his palm between her shoulder blades, gently working on the tense knots he could feel building up, and she sighed as she relaxed against him.
“You know what I meant, doofus,” she murmured. She looked up at him, and before she could say anything else he dipped down to kiss her. “Mmm. More of that, please.”
“We still have dinner to get to,” he said, though he was smiling as he kissed her again. “More of that later – I believe you said something about dessert?”
She snorted, clapping a hand over her mouth to cover her laugh. He winked at her, and she groaned as she pressed her face into his chest.
“We could just stay home, right? You said there were no reservations to worry about,” she said. Her arms were bent between them, and her fingers had started toying with the buttons of his shirt. She peeked up at him with an innocent smile that really wasn’t very innocent at all. “It’s not like it’s a biganniversary. No milestones here. We could stay in and just…relax.”
…and as much as he loved the sound of that, he actually did have a plan, damn it. He’d much rather save the relaxingfor later, when he’d hopefully be relaxing with his fiancée instead of his girlfriend.
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trackalaka · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
MORE OC-tobers!!! Now i’m caught up ahaha
Here we have: Vic, Podarke, Mildred, Luth and Delilah!!
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for-bebbanburg · 6 months ago
The Last Kingdom Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Miscellaneous Coccham Crew
The Haircut
Flour Fight
Heist - Series Masterlist (On-going)
Finan x Reader
Not So Fake
Sun Rise
Teach Me
Eadith x Finan
Yuletide Kisses
Edward x Reader
First Dates
Old Friends, New Beginnings & Idiots in Love
The Bookshop Assistant
Dancing Swords
Edward x OFC
The Unlucky Few - Series Masterlist (On-going)
Osferth x Reader
Cuts, Bandages and a Life Worth Living
Ghosts of Loves Lost
Uhtred x OFC
Find Me
Sigtryggr x Stiorra
Allure of the Fae - for TLK-tober
Stollen Kisses
Aldhelm x OFC
Training Day
Sihtric x Reader
Caught His Eye // Part 1 // Part 2
They Don't Approve
Ghosts of Kings Passed - for TLK-tober
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crassussativum · 10 months ago
November 2020 Single Word Writing Prompts
(So I loved OC-Tober so very much that I didn’t want it to end. However, I wasn’t ready to do the November thing of writing a novel or large story. I’ve had too much fun with the one-shot exercises. So what I’ve done is compile a list of 30 words, threw them into a random number generator to get their order and now I have my own prompt list!
Anyone can use this. In fact, I want you to! Go wild, write, drawl, whatever creative thing it is you do! Pick and choose your words, your order if you want to! No need to tag me in creations unless you want to, I highly doubt I’ll be sharing other people’s works here because this is primarily my roleplay blog. The point is that you have fun.
Thank you, @oc-growth-and-development for OCtober and the inspiration and motivation to keep going!)
1 Cornered 
2 Dream
3 Sleep
4 Vessel
5 Anomaly
6 Hide
7 Smoke
8 Cavity
9 Collection
10 Scar
11 Silver
12 Caught
13 Burn
14 Wild
15 Beauty
16 Comfort
17 Wanderer
18 Protocol
19 Pirate
20 Bullet
21 Forgotten
22 Storm
23 Perfection
24 Unrequited 
25 Peace
26 Spirit
27 Heirloom
28 Hero
29 Escape
30 Magic
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mattzerella-sticks · 10 months ago
Supernatural Crack🩹tober
Day 23 - Bunker Prom
           “Okay… now Cas, put your arms around Dean.”
           Dean grumbles, accepting Cas’s hold while laying both his hands atop Cas’s. Smiling when Jack gives the cue, waiting until his phone lowers once more. “Are you done?” he asks, “Because I am.”
           “Oh, Dean,” Cas huffs, breath ghosting across his ears, “let him be. He’s enjoying himself.”
           “What about me, huh? When can I enjoy myself?”
           “How many proms have you been to?” he asks, “And how many has Jack?”
           Sighing, Dean bites his tongue as Jack repositions them on the stairs. This time stepping behind Cas so he can do what he did moments earlier. Chest pressed against his back, midnight blue of Cas’s tux eclipsing his forest green.
           Jack never knew what prom was, until he scrolled through Instagram one morning and saw millions of posts from strangers he followed all talking about the same subject. “What’s prom?” he asked, entering the kitchen.
           Dean couldn’t answer, not enough coffee in his system. And Cas was half-asleep on his back, lulled into that state by gentle movements of Dean’s cooking and how he softly hummed while working. Leaving Sam as the only person capable. “It’s a dance,” he says, “for teenagers.”
           “Can I go?”
           “To prom?” Sam barked a short laugh, too awkward for any actual amusement. “Sorry, Jack… prom is something that teenagers who attend high school get to do.”
           He glanced at the younger boy, watching him deflate. “Oh…”
           His heart panged in sympathy, egging him forward despite the lack of caffeine. Offering any kind of consolation. “Prom’s not that big a deal anyway,” he said, “crappy music, crappy decorations in a crappy gymnasium, a bunch of crappy people you barely gave a crap about – no booze. Hell, we could throw a better prom here in the Bunker.”
           Which, when his mind caught up with his words, shows why Dean is better after drinking coffee.
           Jack glowed, vibrating. “That’s a wonderful idea!” he said, bounding out of the room, “I’ll do research and – and make orders. A Bunker prom!”
           Silence reigned for a few moments. Dean restarting as burnt pancake batter wafted past his nose, hurriedly flipping his latest piece in an attempt at saving it. “Shit,” Dean huffed, “we’re not really doing a Prom, are we?”
           “I mean,” Sam winced, “you did say –“
           “I didn’t say –“
           “You said,” Cas interrupted, pinching at his nipple. “We could throw a better prom. Which means we are… for Jack.” Grip tightening across his stomach, Cas nestled further. “Worry about that later, though. You’re not as comfortable when you’re worked up.”
           That was a week ago. In such a short time, Jack planned for everything. Decorated the war room in the chosen theme – Under the Stars. Fake shapes hanging from the ceiling on invisible strings and taped on every available surface. Map table covered by an ugly tablecloth where a punch bowl and bowls upon bowls of snacks sat. At least Jack let him spike the punch for this evening. He’d need to be less than sober knowing Sam was tonight’s DJ. If it weren’t podcasts, his music will have him sleeping on the dance floor.
           If he ever made it that far.
           “Jack,” Dean whines, “Can Cas and I go dance now?”
           “Almost!” he promises, motioning them down the Bunker’s front staircase. Guiding them towards Sam, the taller man in a simple black tuxedo like Jack’s, hair pulled up tight in a bun. Texting while the laptop blared music. “Before we do, we’re going to read out the winners of our Prom King and Queen!”
           “Really?” Dean asks, “We’re doing this? There’s only four of us, and last I checked –“
           “And, this year’s Bunker Prom King is…” Jack pauses the music, digging behind the podium for a plastic crown. “Castiel!”
           Castiel bows his head, accepting his title. “Thank you, Jack. I’m honored that you’d vote me King.”
           Dean stares at the crown, lost in one of the plastic jewels. Mind spinning, thinking. Ignoring Jack as he moves on to announce the winner of Prom Queen, choice narrowed by one. Except Jack would never choose himself. And Sam sat there without any worry, practically excited. Meaning…
           He snaps his gaze over, finding Jack waiting with a smaller crown on his head. “You won Prom Queen!” he tells Dean, “isn’t that exciting?”
           “I… you…” Dean stumbles over a heavy tongue, still processing the chain of events as Jack crowns him. And while Cas carries him back a few feet onto a makeshift dance floor, the first song starting up. Dancing around him because Dean’s feet haven’t gotten the memo. “Me?” he finally says, whispers, “I’m queen?”
           “If you want,” Cas says, “I told Jack it’d be perfectly fine if we have two Prom Kings but he said this is how it’s done, given his research.”
           “He told you about this?”
           “Would’ve told you, too, but you were busy ironing everyone’s outfits for tonight.”
           “Yeah, well… not my fault the rental place gave us wrinkly suits.” He shuffles along with the melody, forehead pressed on Cas’s. “Y’know, this is my second time being Prom royalty?”
           “One year I won Prom King,” he tells Cas, “but they had to give it to some other guy because I wasn’t there. Had already left by then… dragged off onto the next town. Only found out about it because I rolled through there for another case years later, and the prom queen told me over some drinks. Said she was disappointed, because after the dance she was looking for a private audience with the king.”
           Cas smiles, dropping a soft kiss on the corner of Dean’s lip. “Is that also tradition?”
           “It can be our tradition?”
           “I’d like that…”
           Dean does, too. And their kiss. What he doesn’t like is when Jack steps in, keeping them at arms-length. “For the Holy Spirit,” he says, “don’t let me catch you two like that again.” He leaves them for the punch bowl, uncaring that they’ve stopped dancing.
           “The Holy Spirit,” Dean parrots, “where the hell did he get his research?”
(Day 22 - Merchesters)
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