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#cause hes such an awkward bean but we love him anyways
f1incorrects · a month ago
Lance: Unfortunately, due to several experiences in my youth, I cannot just 'walk up and join a circle of people talking', but it does sound lovely, thank you.
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215-luv · a month ago
a/n: enjoy!! <3 | tw: one(1) curse word
an awkward bean
“kenma,, can i sit on your lap??”
he pauses his game to direct his attention to you
“oh? but i’m playing rn tho..”
“it’s okay!!! i can sit on your lap while you play!! :DDD”
he hesitates before giving you a reply, furrowing his eyebrows in thought while looking away from you for a moment
“uh, are you sure you’re okay with that?”
you grin, “ofc it is!! are you not okay with it tho?”
tbh he just wants to make sure you’re comfortable with sitting on his lap as he play since he doesn’t want to bother you alot
but after reassuring him, he’ll adjust to his sitting position while shyly raising his arms for you to slide on top of his legs
blushes when your arms takes its’ place around his waist
“is that okay?” he murmurs as he burries his nose through your hair
you hum, “mmhmmm, comfortable~”
as soon as he hears that coming from you, he couldn’t help but smile as he relaxes in your arms
he also tries his best to minimize his movements during a hard level and he’s actually good at it
he’s gonna want to do this all the time
loves to have you close to him all the time, so with you sitting on his lap kinda makes his play even more better
makki calls you a goddess cause everytime you’re there, they’d always win during their game sessions due to mattsun’s determination lmao he has no shame
now YOUR BOYFRIEND will be the one who’s going to ask you to sig on his lap
on a daily basis you’d be lying down on his bed as he plays on his computer
once this mf feels like he’ll be losing the game anytime he’ll go, “sweetie, can you come sit on my lap for a bit? i need to recharge”
and who are you to refuse free cuddles from your boyfriend
with that being said, he’ll pull you by your waist to land on top of him, your body situated between his arms which are stretched to reach the keyboard
he feels your slow breaths on his neck and he’s already smirking in confidence
“thanks baby, i owe you one.”
it’s either you or him who initiated it first
and either way, the both of you will get the advantage anyway since your boyfriend is lowkey touch starved all the time
he lets you face the computer screen as you sit on his lap while his chin is hooked over your shoulder
teaches you how to play for one round and lets you play as he’s watching from behind
isn’t afraid to tease you when you mess up
he snorts, “you can’t even drive a vehicle properly…” “s-shut up!”
pls the smirk on his face
after teasing you, he’ll help by hovering your hands that are situated on the keyboard & mouse so he’d be the one in control
“now, watch carefully baby. this is how you properly do it” he murmurs next to your ear
*angry keyboard smashing noises*
is too focused in playing the game to the point where he didn’t notice that you’re already sitting on his lap
so he pretty much will realize it only when he’s done playing a round
“wha- when did you get here?”
“tobio i literally-”
sometimes he gets too aggressive he’ll curse out loudly cause he forgets you’re sleeping on his lap
when you stir awake he’ll panic and lets out a quiet sorry
‘y/n is sleeping so i better keep my shit together or else they’ll wake up… but THIS FUC-’
grumpy af but won’t take it out on you cause we all know he has a soft spot for you <3
as he’s smashing his fingers on the keyboard you approach him unexpectedly, going under his arms without a word
“o-oi, w-what-”
doesn’t finish his sentence cause he’s now a stuttering mess with you fully comfortable on his lap
please this is a new side of him and only YOU get to see it
“are you okay with me sitting on your lap, haji?”
“y-yeah, of course-”
kinda messes up for a bit cause he’s not really used to being clingy and all but it’s for sure he’s loving it
everytime he wins a around he’ll give you a kiss on the forehead while tugging you closer to him
yeah, he could get used to this
grumbling noises while he’s muttering curses indirectly for osamu under his breath
that is until you came around
“oh, hey babe” he greets you as soon as he sees you entering the room
and there you went under his arms to sit on his lap and this mf already KNOWS what you’re doing
“hm? do ya miss me that much?”
hugs you closer with one arm as the other continues to occupy the video game
smushes his cheek on the side of your head as he’s pouting in concentration
he wins all rounds in victory
with a smirk, your boyfriend entangles his fingers with your hair, pulling your ear right next to his lips to lowly murmur,
“this is really nice. you should sit on my lap all the time baby, what do ya think?”
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kokoskandy · 3 years ago
Can I request headcanons for Tamaki (and Bakugou if you do multiple) with a s/o who's really insecure and they feel worse and unloved when everyone except him forgets their birthday???
hahahaha I’m so dead :P
Tumblr media
today is the day! 
the day you age and get closer to death that is
your birthday is a special celebration that should mean a lot to all of your friends and families.except it ain’t, well not today anyway, you’ve been excited about this day not really. because it only happens once a year. your first step in class you expected to be bombarded with classmates and birthday wishes and what-not, but that wasn’t the was just another day to everybody whose birthday wasn’t the start of this beautiful day was ruined and drenched in cold water mixed with “fake friends and heartbreak”
that is until  Tamaki stumbled up to you and stuttered out an awkward “h-h-happy…hap-py…. birthday s/o”
you started to tear up causing Tamaki to panic, wondering what he did wrong not knowing that he did something o’ so right
in all honesty, he could have given you a half-eaten donut and you would appreciate it. not like he would give you a half-eaten donut, he's got more respect than that.
.Tamaki probably has your birthday written in bulk on his calendar so ofcorse he ain’t missing this.
Tumblr media
king of explodo kills will remind everyone a day beforehand.
nobodies forgetting his s/o’s birthday!.
h o l y s h i t  
okay, so, Bakugou will always be Bakugou. he’s gonna threaten Deku the most as well as warn the class that whoever spills the beans about him actually caring will be facing the consequences.
you just feel so loved as soon as you walk through those’s gigantic ass doors. everyone has a gift, even Todoroki!. he genuinely got it for you.
you weren’t expecting this at all. Bakugou gloated when he saw how much you loved his gift. but let’s be real, momo’s gift was probably your favorite
we all know Mineta got a beat-down when Katsuki saw the gift he got you. 
secretly thanks Mineta for buying you a sexy lingerie set
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arthurs-wife · 2 years ago
The Fine Art of Conversation
Anonymous said to arthurs-wife:
Hello! Just wanted to say that I love all of your Arthur Morgan x reader fics and I was going to ask if I could request one where she and Arthur are arguing and out of habit from threatening people, he grabs hold of her neck or wrist and continues to argue with her until he sees the fear in her eyes knowing that he is the cause of her being scared and please can it be fluffy at the end? I understand if you don’t want to write this because we all know that Arthur is a sweet little bean. Thanks!!
writing-in-hell said to arthurs-wife:
Hello, I know your requests are open but I always feel awkward doings these but could you do an Arthur or Dutch x reader (idk who you write for, sorry) where the reader gets really anxious over yelling/being yelled at. {Ps- not having a great night so I'm sorry if this bothers you. You don't need to write it either, I understand.}
(A/N: there were two prompts that were similar and i hate combining but im running behind right now, im sorry. anyways i hope you enjoy this bc i sure didnt im still crying bye)
Gunfire rang past your head, hitting a water barrel behind you. You were no more skilled with a gun than the kid down the street but here you were, ass end of a rifle and too many men to point it at.
“What are you doing, y/n?” Arthur called across the camp, “make yourself useful and shoot them!”
You took a deep breath and said a prayer to whomever, steeling yourself to get out there and make your new gang proud. Finally, you popped out of your cover, rifle at the ready to see..
Every Lemoyne Raider dead on the ground.
Your rifle dropped to your side. God damn it.
“What the hell were you thinkin’ kid?”
Arthur stomped over to you, revolver stowed and hands curled into fists. You had no idea how to deal with confrontation so you cowered where you stood, the giant of a man soon in all of your space.
“It was a mistake, Arthur,” Charles said gently, albeit at a safe distance.
“Mistakes can get you killed,” Arthur said, “and you almost got us, yourself, killed. You could have led those bastards back to camp.”
“I’m sorry,” you managed to choke out, “I wanted to help-”
Arthur grabbed you by the arm and looked like he immediately regret it. Your fight or flight response didn’t seem to be working. It was more like fight, flight, or completely shut the hell down. Tears stung in your eyes. You were a fool to think you belonged here.
“Can’t help no one if you’re dead, kid.”
Charles walked up silently and put his hand on Arthur’s shoulder, who seemed to sober almost immediately. He looked down at you and sighed, letting go of your shoulder. You rubbed where his fingers had dug in.
A last look up at him and you mounted your horse quickly and rode off.
“Damn it, y/n,” Arthur called, “wait!”
Luckily you didn’t have many things at camp but your hands were shaking so hard that it took longer than it needed to. Your breath came in short spurts at one point and you had to bury your face in your hands, trying so hard to keep your pain in the ass panic attack quiet.
The flap of your tent ripped open and there was Arthur. You’d had enough of him.
You grabbed your satchel and strode to your horse, head held as high as it could go. At one point you thought you could love the man. He was kind, gentle, caring for his family. But there was a beast within him, one you weren’t sure could be tamed.
“Y/n,” he said softly, “just stop and let me talk to you.”
You kept on.
“You stubborn…”
He grabbed your arm and spun you around but you were quick this time. The barrel of your revolver was pointed at his shocked face and your heart hurt and the look on it.
“If you touch me again,” you hissed, “one of us will die.”
Arthur gulped and the entire camp seemed to go silent. You felt a blush creep up your face and you put your gun down, spinning around and packing your horse.
“Can we go talk somewhere?” Arthur asked quietly. You turned to face him, ready to say no, to say I’m getting out of your life as soon as I can and you can’t stop me. But he looked heartbroken.
“Fine,” you said, “but what I said stands.”
“Fair enough.”
You two didn’t walk far, just beyond the light of the camp, before you stopped by the shore. The moon was waxing, just shy of a full moon and it danced across the lake, completely unaware of your issues.
“First off,” Arthur said, holding up his big hands, “is I’m sorry. There is no excuse for what I done and I hope you can try to see it to forgive me.”
“I’ll try,” you nodded, still not looking at him.
“Second,” he said, pulling something out of his satchel, “I want you to take this.”
It was a journal, new and black leatherbound. It must have set him back quite a bit.
“What’s this for?” you asked, turning it over in your hands.
“It was tough for me to start writing again,” he said, “after all that’s happened, but I’ve found it helps with the anger and sadness.” He laughed at your look. “Mostly.”
Your eyes filled with tears again and you looked up at him.
“I don’t want to pretend like I know what you’re going through, y/n,” he went on, “but I don’t want to be the reason it gets triggered. So I’ll do my damned best to help you, however you need it.”
You reached out and wrapped your arms around his waist and he chuckled for a moment before patting your head and embracing you back. You felt his scratchy beard on the top of your head as he kissed it and pulled away.
“Stay with us, y/n,” he said, “we’re not the most perfect family, but we will love you the most.”
You followed him back to camp and helped Abigail with her son Jack, telling stories around the fire and singing with Javier. After that night, your attacks came less frequently and you were able to track them with your new journal.
And it wasn’t until many years later, as you opened the old, tattered thing next to Arthur’s grave to the last few pages that you saw the small, folded piece of paper stuck inside of it.
Just picked this thing up from Rhodes, I think it’s nicer than mine so you better take care of it. Dutch gave me my first journal when I was 16, taught me how to write in it and everything. I do wish I hadn’t lost it in Blackwater, I’m sure there’s some hilarious juvenile things in there that we could laugh about.
Anyways, I hope by the time you find this we’ve made it out west and thriving. I hope Jack is doing well and John has learned to stop being a dumbass. Not likely. I don’t really want to end up in Tahiti. Don’t tell Dutch but I’m not entirely sure I know what a mango is and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.
I hope I got the chance to tell you I love you.
All yours,
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