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#cause hes such an awkward bean but we love him anyways
f1incorrects · 3 months ago
Lance: Unfortunately, due to several experiences in my youth, I cannot just 'walk up and join a circle of people talking', but it does sound lovely, thank you.
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whatifyoulivelikethat · 6 months ago
other half, m | jjk
pairing(s): jungkook x reader
summary: A PS4 nearly kills you. Your ex-boyfriend’s best friend comes to live with you for a while. Your black towels become fodder for box-bleach gone wrong. You hand ends up on Jeon Jungkook’s morning wood. Your lunch is interrupted quite rudely. “Can I have the other half of the egg?” Now you’re thinking, none of this makes sense, what kind of stupid summary is this?
warnings: rated M (18+) for language; freshly single JK goes from sad bean to horndog and it might be your fault; smut (fem reader, handjob, penetrative sex, mentions of doggy); actually mostly fluff; non-idol!BTS – roommates to friends-with-benefits to lovers, ft kind ex-boyfriend Jimin
“I want to fuck!”
Here we go again. You stopped chewing and looked up from your phone.
“Seriously. Right in front of my salad?” you responded crossly, gesturing to the pile of greens in front of you.
Jeon Jungkook slammed his open palm on the table, causing his blue hair to fly about. He had dyed it last week, impulsively, turning your shower into a horseshoe crab murder scene. You were pretty sure all of your towels were stained with it, but then again all of your towels were black. It wasn’t that bad. At least you didn’t have to buy new towels this time.
The bleach incident was what made you have to buy new towels.
“You’ve been ignoring me,” he accused.
“We literally fucked this morning.”
You went back to your salad, shoving more lettuce in your mouth. You plucked a spare tomato with your chopsticks and nibbled on it, reviewing the latest memes on Twitter and going back to ignoring him.
“Well, I want to fuck now.”
You put down your phone and held out your now free hand, palm up. “Be my guest.”
You heard Jungkook get up and you immediately pulled your hand back, jerking your head to see him about to push down his sweatpants. “Excuse me?” you snapped.
“You said be my guest!”
“I didn’t think you were that much of a fiend!”
“I. Am. Horny.” He gritted it out, pouting at you.
“Yes, I get that, but take it easy on me, I just want to eat lunch…”
Jungkook threw himself back down in the chair, causing the whole table to rattle. You caught the plastic bowl your salad was in, huffing in annoyance. How long had it been like this? Six months? You bit down on one of the halves of the hardboiled egg.
It all started with a favor for your ex-boyfriend, Park Jimin.
The relationship hadn’t ended poorly in any way. In fact, it was one of the most reasonable, adult breakups that you had ever had. The thing was, Jimin had gotten an opportunity to join a prestigious dance company, but that meant that he would be travelling all over the world. He wouldn’t be home for the holidays either, since the holidays would be occupied with special performances. It would turn your relationship into long-distance and that kind of thing wasn’t for you or Jimin. Since both of your love languages relied on physical affection, it was only going to cause frustration and arguments.
He could have denied the offer, but you told him not to. Shit like that only came once in a lifetime and you knew he would regret it if he didn’t at least try. Both of you knew what was coming and you, being straightforward, simply bought it up. It wasn’t the most pleasant talk, but a necessary one, and it was obvious that Jimin wanted to put his career forward and you wanted him to do so.
So, you two broke up.
Yeah, it kind of sucked, but all breakups suck no matter how clean they were. You got by and you still talked to Jimin. It was weird at first, but it got easier, and now he was one of your greatest friends, so it wasn’t all bad.
Everyone always forgets that love is not just the right person, but the right timing too.
Back to Jeon Jungkook.
You knew Jungkook as one of Jimin’s best friends. He was a cool guy, sometimes immature. He actually lived in your apartment building, although you didn’t know that until you came home from work one night to a screaming match occurring on the bottom floor. Something about something, cheating or maybe looking at someone else funny, who knows, and then a perfectly good PS4 flew past you, nearly taking you out. You had to jerk out of the way and it smashed into the wall next to you.
Jeon Jungkook was standing in front of the open apartment door, livid, shouting back at the young woman who was yelling just as loud.
You looked down at the demolished PS4. Said a little prayer for it. Poor innocent PS4. He didn’t deserve a swift death like that. You looked back to the couple and she was chucking clothes out of the door one by one, all in various shades of black and white. You wouldn’t have known it was Jeon Jungkook if it wasn’t for his long black hair and white t-shirt revealing tattooed right arm. You recognized the red eyeball tattoo and the song lyrics. You also recognized his voice, although you had never heard him angry before.
None of this was your business and you did not want to die by game console today, so you scurried to the stairs to avoid seeing too much.
In any case, you pretty much figured that was that.
Until Jimin called you about a week later, asking if you could do him a tiny… tiny favor.
“Yeah, sure. What is it?”
Could you house one of his best friends for a little while? Pretty please? You did have that extra computer room in your apartment, so could one of his very best friends sleep there for a little while until they find their own apartment?
“Yeah, sure. Who?”
You thought, maybe Kim Taehyung. You loved Taehyung. He was a lot of fun to be around.
It was not Kim Taehyung.
It was Jeon Jungkook.
It was pretty obvious that Jungkook had told Jimin his side of the story. The single minute that you witnessed couldn’t be the whole story, but Jungkook didn’t seem to be aware that you knew. You reluctantly agreed, mostly because you knew Jungkook wasn’t a bad guy, but that explosive argument confused you. Jungkook never seemed like the kind of person to blow up like that. Then again, sometimes two people brought out the worst in each other.
Jungkook had been very shy and awkward when he showed up at your front door, carrying a military-sized black backpack and two giant cases of luggage.
“This is… uh… all I own.”
Well anyway, he was only living here for a little while, right?
A little while turned into three months.
In that time, Jungkook had meals that consisted mostly of chocolate, watched romance dramas and loudly criticized every single onscreen couple but continued watching for some reason, and hid in your extra room like a bandit.
You also heard him crying alone on your couch at three in the morning on five separate nights.
Okay, so clearly, his breakup had been awful. Not your business, so you didn’t make it your business. You went to work, came home, played League of Legends until Jungkook arrived from his convenience store job, and left your computer room so he could sleep on the futon you had set up. It became a normal routine and he became your unintentional roommate.
Then he decided one night to bleach his black hair blond and destroy your black towels.
“Jungkook, why?”
“Oh, fuck, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think–”
“They’re black towels and you’re using hair bleach!”
“But I didn’t think it would be that strong!”
You immediately noticed there was panic in his voice, a sudden need to defend himself with a harsher, raised tone. You sighed and rubbed your forehead, seeing the three open boxes and the various tubes everywhere on your bathroom sink, the stench of bleach so strong that it was making you a little nauseous.
“You can’t get such dark hair platinum blonde with store-brought box bleach in one day,” you said, calmer this time, seeing his wet orangey-yellow locks. There was no reason to be angry. Towels could be replaced. And it wasn’t a big deal. It just wasn’t what you expected to come home to.
You could guess why Jungkook was doing it.
“But… the salon can do it…”
“Yeah, so let me take you to the salon before you permanently annihilate your hair.”
“I…” His voice became very, very small. “Can’t afford that.”
He had one of your towels around his shoulders. You poked the sliver of his bare chest.
“We need to save your hair for my eyeballs’ sake.”
You ended up taking him to the salon and your hairdresser, Jung Hoseok. Hoseok was a cheerful, happy guy who gave Jungkook a lot of tips on dyeing his hair at home, saving you both the lecture and the possibility of your future towels getting massacred. Jungkook had come out with all of his luscious locks still intact, now a lovely ash blonde.
“Do I look good?” he had asked sheepishly.
You also bought new towels while he was stuck in the salon chair. Jungkook had asked how much they cost and you told him to do the dishes for the next week. He reluctantly agreed, poking his fingers together as you drove you two home with a giant stack of new black towels.
That was the bleach incident.
That doesn’t explain why Jungkook was shouting at you to fuck, does it?
That incident was, er.
Had it been a little bit of a cliché? Yes and no. You had hung out all night with Taehyung and his friends, eating and drinking late into the night. It had been a great time and Taehyung was a gentleman who made sure you got home safely via taxi. It was quite late, almost three in the morning, and you tried to be quiet opening the door.
Jungkook was sobbing.
You had frozen after you cracked open the door, seriously considering to close it and leave. Nobody wants to be walked in on while crying. But Jungkook had already noticed you, scrambling in the brown blanket on your couch, grabbing tissues and honking into them in attempt to blow his nose. He wearily called your name and, for some reason, you instantly apologized.
“Sorry, Jungkook, sorry, I’m going straight to my room–”
“Can you… hug me?”
“… What?”
Jungkook had wrapped himself with the blanket like a cinnamon roll, blond head sticking out.
“I just want someone to hug me. I miss hugging,” he had mumbled quietly.
“I should… uh… at least brush my teeth. And change clothes. I smell like beef.”
“I like beef,” he had chuckled wetly.
You had changed into pajamas and brushed your teeth to find Jungkook still a blanket cinnamon roll. He blinked rapidly, blowing his nose once more. He had dragged the trash can beside the sofa. It was filled to the brim with tissues. You sat down on the couch and he opened the blanket to cover you.
You hugged Jungkook.
He placed his head on your shoulder and hugged you back, wrapping you into his warm embrace, tucking you into the cinnamon roll with him. He was bigger than you, in frame and because of the blanket. He smelled clean and soft, dressed in comfy sweats. Held you firmly, sighing heavily. It had been a long time since you hugged someone like this.
It was nice.
“You most think I’m a really pathetic guy, huh?” Jungkook mumbled. His voice was strained and hoarse from crying.
“All guys are pathetic.”
“I’m kidding,” you chuckled, squeezing his waist. “But no, I don’t think you’re pathetic. It must have been hard.”
“… Maybe I’m the one who was wrong.”
You recognized that feeling. The kind of revelation that came leagues too late, after many nights of contemplation and dissection of many moments. It wasn’t like that with Jimin, but you had relationships before Jimin, ones where you were younger, more stubborn, more foolish.
“You were probably both wrong,” you said gently, patting his back. “A PS4 got murdered over it.”
Jungkook stiffened in your arms.
“How… how do you know that?”
“I… I happened to be coming home when it was unceremoniously thrown out the apartment by your ex-girlfriend. Actually, it almost took off my head.”
You felt Jungkook’s hands withdraw from your back and he retreated a little, looking at you. None of the living room lamps were on. The only light was filtering through the window, the moonlit glow illuminating Jungkook’s blond hair and his glistening brown eyes.
“I’m sorry. You should have told me.”
You shrugged. “You seemed very distraught, so I just went home. I didn’t know she lived in this building.”
Jungkook tugged you back into a hug again, splaying his fingers on your pajama-covered back. Your pajamas were thinner than his sweats. You could feel his large hands and muscular forearms, the strength in his touch.
“She doesn’t anymore. She moved away.”
You didn’t reply. His voice had become feeble, sad. You didn’t want him to cry again, so you held him, tucked into his lap, wrapped round and round with softness. It was the big, fluffy brown blanket you kept near the couch. You had brought it on a whim because it was advertised as huge. Bigger was always better, right?
It was a completely unnecessary necessary purchase.
Over the course of his stay, Jungkook had used it as his crying-late-at-night blanket.
He often wrapped himself in it during the day as well. Even if he was tall, it still swamped him and he seemed to like that. Maybe he used it as a substitute for human contact. You didn’t know. You didn’t touch Jungkook. There wasn’t a reason to. He was only your ex-boyfriend’s friend who happened to be staying at your apartment.
At this point, for far too long.
But you still didn’t tell him to move out. You didn’t ask for rent either. You didn’t need it. He didn’t do anything that was expensive or overuse your utilities. Jungkook’s main flaw was that he moped a lot, especially when he thought you weren’t looking.
“I think… I was really mean. She made me mean and I made her mean.”
That was one way to say you brought out the worst in each other.
“I wish it hadn’t been that way. The rest of it was good…”
“Was it?” you murmured softly to his shoulder. “Or did you put those moments on a pedestal and look at them with rose-tinted glasses, ignoring the signs?”
Jungkook held you tighter, burying his head into your shoulder, eyelids against your clothing. You felt tiny droplets of wetness soaking into the fabric.
“Probably…” His voice cracked a little.
You held him tighter and leaned you both against the sofa.
No more words.
You fell asleep like that.
Only to wake up with Jungkook’s hard dick stabbing you in the vagina.
Let’s be clear. You had never been interested in Jungkook’s dick. Obviously, he had one. It was definitely there. But you had never thought about investigating said dick. There was no reason to. Jungkook was your unintentional roommate and not free dick on the market. Also, he was probably not emotionally available.
So, when you woke up on top of him on the couch, planted between his legs, wrapped in the blanket cinnamon roll, his arms around you, you did not expect the hardest dick on the planet to be trying to spear you through his sweats and your pajamas. Was this how morning wood worked? But Jungkook wasn’t a teenager. He was most certainly an adult, at least in body. Didn’t this sort of thing go away as you got older? You didn’t know. You didn’t have a dick.
How big was he, anyway?
You pressed your hips down a little onto it.
His stiff length molded to your thigh. Definitely not small. And he was so fucking hard. Jungkook was still snoring too, although it was very quiet. Maybe he was having a sexy dream or something. Your hands were beside him, having slipped off his back since both of you had fallen asleep. Should you investigate this dick mystery? Common sense told you to at least wait a few seconds. Jungkook snored away, floating aimlessly in la la land.
You snaked your hand between you two.
Placed it on his cock to get a better idea of his size.
Jungkook sighed dreamily, rolling his hips into your hand.
Oh shit.
You couldn’t move your hand in time as he encircled you in his arms and held you to him, breathing in your hair. Your eyes widened. Now he was actually humping your palm, sleepily, but waking up with every thrust, his sighs turning into groans. Then he froze.
You shut your eyes.
He said your name very softly.
“… Yeah?” was your timid reply.
“Uh… Did you wake up because I was humping your hand?”
Let’s go with that. “S-Something like that.”
“S… sorry… I think I was... lucid dreaming…” Jungkook still had his arms around you though. Pinning you to his body, pressing your softness to his covered chest. Even through the thick fabric of his sweats, you could tell how toned he was. “I, uh, get… really horny when I wake up.”
“Oh. I see.” You did not see. That made no sense. But maybe that’s how Jeon Jungkook worked.
He rocked his hips into your hand slowly, experimentally. Your fingers closed around his length, tightening around him. You still didn’t look at his face. He didn’t try look at you. His voice was deep, groggy with sleep, but his words were perfectly clear.
“I need to… get off.”
His hips were rocking faster, harder, his breathing shallowing, becoming thin, needy gasps. You could feel his torso rising and falling. His grip on you suddenly released, hands sliding down. The blanket was falling open with the movement.
“Your hand feels… really nice…” He was talking to your hair, breath warming your scalp. “I wish… It was on my skin…”
You had a single millisecond to decide. Roll off and pretend nothing was happening or…
Your wrist twisted and you plunged your hand into his sweats, past his underwear, and Jungkook gasped, hands shooting down to push his clothes off, his stiff cock popping out, your hand wrapped around it. Your eyes went down to stare, blanket open, morning sunlight revealing the white precum dripping from the red tip, your hand automatically sliding up and down.
Jungkook was a good length, fitting nicely in your hand.
How would he feel inside you?
No time to think about it.
He was jerking his hips into your hand, moaning above you and you were jacking him off, your body remembering exactly what to do, hand adjusting to the proper pressure and tightness in response to his approving noises, pre-cum trickling onto your knuckles. Your name, breathless on Jungkook’s lips, something you never thought about, never imagined, and he was whining that he was close, one of his hands finding your thigh, and you realized you had gotten to one knee to get more leverage. His fingers sank in, and you heard his head lean back onto the armrest, sharp moan falling from his lips.
His cock twitched and shot out lines of white, painting your hand and the front of his sweats, pulsing in your palm as you slowed, fascinated with watching him orgasm, his silvery voice a throaty groan of your name, hoarsely dragged out in the early morning.
Your hand was covered in cum.
You planted it on the swollen head of his cock.
You whipped your head up to see Jungkook’s blond hair stuck to his forehead, looking down to watch your hand, then he snapped his head up to gawk to you, big brown eyes wide, jaw open, both of you suddenly realizing that you had just jacked him off on the goddamn sofa after he spent half his night crying about his ex-girlfriend and the other half hugging Park Jimin’s ex-girlfriend in his sleep.
Gazes locked, both shocked.
You rubbed the tip slowly, gently, smearing the slick cum all over. Jungkook moaned deep in his chest, still staring at you, but his hips were moving, leaning into it. His cock throbbed in your palm, getting hard once again. You wrapped your fingers around it once more, pumping him slowly.
“You… have to go fast,” he breathed, brown orbs shaking. “I can cum again.”
You went fast.
This time, you watched Jungkook’s face as he orgasmed, pressing his head back on the couch armrest, whining at the sensitivity, but also telling you not to stop, don’t stop, go faster, just under the head, oh fuck, yes, yes, panting your name, his eyes glazing over, ash blond hair curling around his face, fingers clamped into your thigh. He kept telling you not to stop, not that you would have, and he was just so hard, so fucking hard that it astounded you. You arm burned, but you kept going, seeing Jungkook slip over the edge, eyes rolling back, mouth open and moaning your name, and you felt his cock jolt, spilling thick cum down your hand and onto his clothes once again.
You could smell it, the strong scent of Jeon Jungkook.
His chin fell forward to his chest and Jungkook’s eyes found yours. Fucked out, satisfied.
Very sexy.
“That was amazing…” he panted.
“My arm is dying,” you stated, suddenly feeling the sharp pain.
“S… sorry.”
That’s how it started.
It could have been a one-time thing, but it wasn’t. Jungkook would ask to hug you again. And again. And again. Couch. Sitting at the table. Sitting on the floor watching romance dramas. Then the hugs were in your bed, and your hand was on his cock every morning, and then it was your mouth, and then you made the cardinal sin.
You bought condoms and spread your legs for him.
The reason it was a mistake was because somehow you had turned Jungkook into a sex fiend.
The first time he slid into you, it had shocked both you and him. It had felt good, better than your previous partners, and that wasn’t a dig on them, but for some reason Jungkook inside you made your heart skip and your body clench around him. Maybe it was because this was an unintentional consequence of him living with you and you never expected to fuck him because of a damn hug, but he was so fucking hard right after he woke up. It was weirdly fascinating. Jungkook had thrust into you like a fucking animal, unforgivingly rough and wild, and you weren’t sure if it was you or just the fact that he was having sex, but he came quickly, far too quickly for him.
For you too, but you weren’t going to shame him for enjoying being inside your pussy.
Jungkook shoved another condom on and fucked you again, harder, both hands on your thighs, pressing your knees into your chest, and you didn’t complain because it was even deeper, blistering waves of pleasure spreading through you and he didn’t stop, moaning your name with every slap of his hips, your fingers gripping your sheets, gasping at his force. He came again, slamming his crotch down on you, throwing his head back, pinning your thighs to your chest, squashing your tits with your knees.
Your shirt wasn’t off. Jungkook hadn’t even seen your breasts yet.
“Oh, fuck…” he wheezed, loosening his grip, shuddering as he buried himself deeper, cock still twitching, your orgasm painted on his crotch. “Fuck, you’re so good. Your pussy is amazing. Fuck.”
Jungkook kept cursing and your pussy kept pulsating around him, squeezing him all over.
“Er… can you let my legs down?”
“Oh, yeah, sorry…”
You turned him into a monster.
A fuck monster.
After you let him in your pussy, Jungkook took every chance to was press up against you, asking to fuck, sometimes nicely, sometimes demandingly, always needing it. Why was he always needing it? He saw your breasts for the first time in the kitchen for fuck’s sake, pulling your top off after you told him he could and unhooking your bra, gasping as he saw them, large hard nipples poking out, putting his mouth on them immediately and fingering you against the counter.
You still hadn’t told him to move out or pay rent.
Truth was, you wanted to touch him.
You still weren’t sure if Jungkook was actually into you or trying to fill a void. But for you, you missed this kind of intimate touch, hugs, petting, full-on fucking, all of it. You hadn’t been looking and certainly not looking at the guy who had ruined your perfectly good black towels by box-bleaching his hair. But you missed it. Touching and being touched, a language with no words and only action. And there was something about Jungkook’s body, his tan skin, his tattoos decorating his arm, the small moles you found on various places, running your fingers over them and his hard muscles, his hands on you, those big brown eyes. He had a mole underneath his lower lip and you found yourself staring at it.
You didn’t kiss him on the mouth and he didn’t kiss you.
Then Jungkook dyed his hair blue.
Impulsively, at home, using the brand Hoseok had recommended, making you come home to streaks of dark blue all over the white shower tile. You had calmly told him he needed to clean it up, otherwise it was going to stain, and he did, but also, he dragged you into the shower with him and touched you all over because he needed, his words, moral support.
Was this only to blow off steam? He needed to fuck all the damn time for some reason. You didn’t know the reason. You didn’t ask and he didn’t provide. He didn’t necessarily need to be inside you, but it was more like he needed to touch you, needed his body against yours, needed his hands on you and yours on him.
Recently, while fucking you from behind, Jungkook had put his hand on top of yours.
Just on top, the back of your hand against his palm. You stared at it, seeing his tattoos and his long fingers over yours, repeatedly jerked forward by his crotch smacking into your ass. If you turned your hand around, you could have held his hand.
You didn’t try.
His hair had faded from a dark navy to a light cerulean when Hoseok had cut it. You didn’t know Jungkook was going to cut his hair. He announced that he had made an appointment with Hoseok this morning and went on his own. It looked good on him. You thought this as he entered the apartment, marching up to you as you were eating lunch.
Now Jungkook was demanding to fuck right in front of your salad.
You heard him drag the chair around the table, placing it beside you. He placed his thigh against yours, head on your shoulder. The rich cerulean fanned out against your cheek, extra soft and sweet-scented from the salon product. His breath was now a familiar closeness, making your heart race.
“Can I have the other half of the egg?”
You briefly thought that you hadn’t heard Jungkook cry at night in a long time. But then again, it was hard to cry at night when he was passed out in your bed, arm and leg wrapped around you.
You picked it up with your chopsticks and Jungkook leaned forward to close his lips around the half of the hardboiled egg. You watched him, the curve of his jaw, his cheeks puffing out, seeing the profile of his nose. He withdrew, chewing noisily, head back on your shoulder. You felt his jaw move, swallowing next to your ear. His hand found its way to your thigh, rubbing it lightly. You were wearing black-and-white checkered pajama bottoms with an oversized white t-shirt with a lazy egg character on it, sitting in its shell and lamenting over life.
“I like these pants. They make your ass look great.”
“They’re just pajama pants and they’re not meant to make your ass look good.”
“Yeah, but yours does. You look so sexy even when you’re walking away from me,” he chuckled, turning his head. You felt his lips press into your neck. “I don’t really like it when you walk away from me though.”
Why did he sound sad?
You ate another bite of your salad.
He sounded so innocent. You chewed slowly. He was not innocent.
“Why did you tell Jimin that you moved out?”
Silence. You felt him lift his head away from you. You continued to eat, looking straight ahead. Beside you was your phone. The conversation between you and Park Jimin, where he asked you what was going on. Why was Jungkook saying one thing and you saying another? You didn’t know, so you asked.
“I didn’t want him to think I was… taking advantage of your generosity.”
“Is that the reason?” Your voice was calm, interrupted by you shoving more salad in your mouth.
“I didn’t want him to think we were fucking either.”
“He already knows we’re fucking.”
“… Oh.”
Jungkook’s hand was still on your thigh. He was about to move it away and then you placed your hand on top of his. Looked down, seeing his tattoos partly covered by your fingers, your palm on the back of his hand. He stopped trying to move his hand away. He squeezed your thigh instead, an apologetic gesture.
“Why did you tell him?” Jungkook asked quietly.
“Because Jimin asked.” You tapped your fingers on the back of his hand. “He asked if you still lived with me and I said yes, because I didn’t think I had to lie. And he asked why, was it because you didn’t have a job or because you were still crying over your ex? And I told him, no, you have a job and you haven’t been crying as far as I can see, but it was because we’re fucking.”
You looked at your salad that was suddenly gone, eaten in voracious bites because you needed to occupy your mouth, but all the words still came out because you were straightforward and blunt. You didn’t think you needed to lie.
“He asked and I said…”
I didn’t know you guys were into each other. That’s great! I know Jungkook’s last relationship was a disaster, but I think he’s learned a lot from it. What made you fall for him?
You remembered staring at that text from Park Jimin.
And then you understood.
Jungkook bleached his hair. He acted different after he did it. He went from moping to trying to pretend he was fine, scowling at the romance dramas instead of loudly complaining about them. He went from crying alone to asking for affection. Slowly, he stopped frowning at on-screen couples to watching them without comment. He held you like a teddy bear when he asked to hug.
Jungkook dyed his hair blue. And he was different once more. You would catch him staring at your lips and when you did, he would look away quickly. It was not the same as when he asked to cum in your mouth. This was different. And he would put his hand on top of yours, like the way you were doing now, and just leave it there.
“I said I don’t know.”
Because you didn’t. You didn’t know why you were fucking him. It just didn’t make any sense. Why would you fall for a guy who never made his intentions clear? You shouldn’t fall for a guy like that. At first, you thought you weren’t actually into him, that you were only fucking him because he wanted to fuck, and he was attractive, so why not? Then you began to realize you were fucking him because no one seemed to find you as continuously sexy as Jungkook did, sometimes for no discernable reason at all, like when you were putting away fucking dishes. Putting away dishes is not sexy. But Jungkook had wanted to fuck you for some reason, humping your ass literally the entire time you were trying to not drop a damn plate.
And finally, you realized you wanted to kiss him.
The only reason you didn’t is because Jungkook never tried to kiss you.
You shouldn’t fall for him.
You felt Jungkook’s hand shift. You looked down. His hand was turning under yours.
Palm to palm.
He intertwined your fingers together.
“You finished your lunch,” Jungkook said quietly.
You shouldn’t fall for him.
“Yeah, I did.”
Jungkook stood up, scraping the chair back, still holding your hand. You let yourself get pulled up, along for the ride once more. You raised your head and Jungkook was looking back to you, blue hair wisping around his big brown eyes. He smiled a little, pink lips pressed together, revealing that little mole under his lower lip. 
If he just...
Ah, it didn't matter. 
What were you supposed to do? If you asked him straight up... what if the answer was goodbye? Asking for more would be a mistake. Better to not ask and let it run its course. Just enjoy it. You looked away, about to move past him. Here we go again. You relaxed your grip on his hand. Walked a bit and jerked slightly, unable to go forward any longer. You turned your head back. 
Jungkook was still holding your hand. 
He was watching you, holding your hand tightly, not letting go. Not moving either. Arm outstretched, the sleeve of his sweatshirt pulled back, revealing his ink-black tattoos. 
"I don't really like it when you walk away from me," he echoed, taking a deep breath. A little shaky, tense. 
You closed your fingers around the back of his hand. 
"Then walk with me."
He swallowed, suddenly somehow small despite the fact that he was taller and bigger than you.
“Do you want me to walk with you?”
You gave him a confused look.
His words tumbled out of him, blurting them chaotically as if he had been containing them in the cage of his chest for a long time, tiny door unlocked by your inquiring expression. His emotions spilled out like a trapped flock of fluttering birds begging to be returned to the wild, suddenly freed, dispersing rapidly and scattering all over.
“Because I’m a walking disaster, you know? I shouldn’t have done all this stuff. I shouldn’t have lived here for so long and I shouldn’t have continuously had sex with you because maybe you might think I’m leading you on, but I’m not, I’m just confused and unsure if I’m even a good boyfriend because I spent the last three years yelling back and forth with some girl, breaking up and getting back together, and it was fucking exhausting, but maybe that’s who I really am, maybe I’m unbearable and don’t deserve it and shouldn’t be with anybody for the rest of my life. Maybe I’m just a really shitty human being, but, also, I like you, and I kinda want to be more than friends, but that’s really selfish of me and maybe you don’t like me because I’m annoying and taking advantage of you and what if you feel sorry for me and put up with me because I’m a free fuck, but that’s fine because I’m not anything special anyway and maybe–”
You placed the fingertips of your free hand on his mouth and Jungkook shut up immediately.
“Jungkook, when you first moved in, you spent half your time crying and the other half snarfing chocolate.”
His ears turned red.
You let out a light sigh, removing your hand from his lips. “If you want to fuck, let’s fuck. If you want a relationship, at least communicate that you’re emotionally available.”
“I’ve been emotionally available,” he interjected.
“You went straight to fucking. That doesn’t scream ‘emotional availability’ to me.”
“… Oh. Yeah.”
“You also don’t kiss me.”
His brown eyes shimmered with unease. “I… wasn’t sure if you wanted that. From me.” He looked away, closing his eyes and biting his lip. “Because you saw… saw me arguing with my ex. I’m not proud of it. I didn’t think I could be like that. I don’t want to be like that. And I… I really, really don’t want to be like that with you.”
“I’m not really the type to hold a screaming match.”
He squeezed you hand.
“But I never want to be like that with you.” Jungkook turned back to you, eyes opening, too many feelings flashing through them, reliving the past in his head. “It’s different with you, but I’m still… When I’m with you, it’s like every moment is precious and still not enough.” He furrowed his brows, unsure if he was getting his point across. “Does that make any sense?”
What made you fall for him?
Because every moment with Jungkook felt precious. Watching him do simple tasks made you feel stupidly happy for some reason, like him folding the blanket and placing it on the couch after using it, him helping you rearrange the furniture when you thought the living room needed a change, him neatly folding your laundry and leaving it on your bed, him attempting to fold the fitted sheet and getting frustrated with it before coming to you with a pout and asking for help.
And you knew this.
You knew you were living these moments, playing pretend, without asking him how he felt because how could you know he would ever be over his ex? Some people take days, some take months, some take years, some never get over it. And you couldn’t bear to think the answer was never, so you avoided the question at all costs.
Your lips curved into a small smile.
“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had. Of course, I want a kiss from you.”
You jumped as Jungkook suddenly released your hand and grabbed your shoulders, closing the distance between you two, eyes wide with surprise.
“You mean it?” he asked breathlessly. “I’m the best fuck you’ve ever had?”
You blinked rapidly. “That’s literally what I just said.”
Jungkook kissed you.
One second, he was staring at your face and the next, he was on your face, lips on your lips, eyes closed, inhaling deeply, so close you could count his eyelashes. So close you could tell exactly how fast he was breathing, so close that you could feel the sincerity in how he leaned in more when your lashes dropped and kissed him back, tipping your head up to deepen it.
It was an ordinary kiss that was extraordinary, because it was Jeon Jungkook.
He broke the kiss abruptly and cupped your cheeks. Your eyes snapped open, not realizing they had closed. He was staring into your eyes, his big brown ones sparkling, twinkling like stars, an expression that you had never seen on Jungkook’s face before.
“You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had too. That’s why I want to fuck all the time.”
Was that romantic or not? You had no idea. Whatever, you weren’t exactly the most romantic yourself.
"I promise I'll never make you so angry that you'll throw a PS4 at me."
"I treat game consoles with respect," you said dryly, chuckling. "Also, the PS5 is already out."
He grinned, suddenly looking very eager.
"Can we fuck now?"
You laughed, slightly exasperated.
"Yeah, we can fuck now."
Jungkook was a fucking animal, after all.
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215-luv · 3 months ago
characters: kenma, mattsun, suna, kageyama, iwaizumi & atsumu
a/n: enjoy!! <3 // tw: one(1) curse word
an awkward bean
“kenma,, can i sit on your lap??”
he pauses his game to direct his attention to you
“oh? but i’m playing rn tho..”
“it’s okay!!! i can sit on your lap while you play!! :DDD”
he hesitates before giving you a reply, furrowing his eyebrows in thought while looking away from you for a moment
“uh, are you sure you’re okay with that?”
you grin, “ofc it is!! are you not okay with it tho?”
tbh he just wants to make sure you’re comfortable with sitting on his lap as he play since he doesn’t want to bother you alot
but after reassuring him, he’ll adjust to his sitting position while shyly raising his arms for you to slide on top of his legs
blushes when your arms takes its’ place around his waist
“is that okay?” he murmurs as he burries his nose through your hair
you hum, “mmhmmm, comfortable~”
as soon as he hears that coming from you, he couldn’t help but smile as he relaxes in your arms
he also tries his best to minimize his movements during a hard level and he’s actually good at it
he’s gonna want to do this all the time
loves to have you close to him all the time, so with you sitting on his lap kinda makes his play even more better
makki calls you a goddess cause everytime you’re there, they’d always win during their game sessions due to mattsun’s determination lmao he has no shame
now YOUR BOYFRIEND will be the one who’s going to ask you to sig on his lap
on a daily basis you’d be lying down on his bed as he plays on his computer
once this mf feels like he’ll be losing the game anytime he’ll go, “sweetie, can you come sit on my lap for a bit? i need to recharge”
and who are you to refuse free cuddles from your boyfriend
with that being said, he’ll pull you by your waist to land on top of him, your body situated between his arms which are stretched to reach the keyboard
he feels your slow breaths on his neck and he’s already smirking in confidence
“thanks baby, i owe you one.”
it’s either you or him who initiated it first
and either way, the both of you will get the advantage anyway since your boyfriend is lowkey touch starved all the time
he lets you face the computer screen as you sit on his lap while his chin is hooked over your shoulder
teaches you how to play for one round and lets you play as he’s watching from behind
isn’t afraid to tease you when you mess up
he snorts, “you can’t even drive a vehicle properly…” “s-shut up!”
pls the smirk on his face
after teasing you, he’ll help by hovering your hands that are situated on the keyboard & mouse so he’d be the one in control
“now, watch carefully baby. this is how you properly do it” he murmurs next to your ear
*angry keyboard smashing noises*
is too focused in playing the game to the point where he didn’t notice that you’re already sitting on his lap
so he pretty much will realize it only when he’s done playing a round
“wha- when did you get here?”
“tobio i literally-”
sometimes he gets too aggressive he’ll curse out loudly cause he forgets you’re sleeping on his lap
when you stir awake he’ll panic and lets out a quiet sorry
‘y/n is sleeping so i better keep my shit together or else they’ll wake up… but THIS FUC-’
grumpy af but won’t take it out on you cause we all know he has a soft spot for you <3
as he’s smashing his fingers on the keyboard you approach him unexpectedly, going under his arms without a word
“o-oi, w-what-”
doesn’t finish his sentence cause he’s now a stuttering mess with you fully comfortable on his lap
please this is a new side of him and only YOU get to see it
“are you okay with me sitting on your lap, haji?”
“y-yeah, of course-”
kinda messes up for a bit cause he’s not really used to being clingy and all but it’s for sure he’s loving it
everytime he wins a around he’ll give you a kiss on the forehead while tugging you closer to him
yeah, he could get used to this
grumbling noises while he’s muttering curses indirectly for osamu under his breath
that is until you came around
“oh, hey babe” he greets you as soon as he sees you entering the room
and there you went under his arms to sit on his lap and this mf already KNOWS what you’re doing
“hm? do ya miss me that much?”
hugs you closer with one arm as the other continues to occupy the video game
smushes his cheek on the side of your head as he’s pouting in concentration
he wins all rounds in victory
with a smirk, your boyfriend entangles his fingers with your hair, pulling your ear right next to his lips to lowly murmur,
“this is really nice. you should sit on my lap all the time baby, what do ya think?”
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tellerluna-stories · 19 days ago
halo-halo dreams
Tumblr media
this is a belated bday gift for my beloved Tall Best Friend @starrymaidensthings !! she likes xiao and she likes halo-halo so naturally i was like mm yes let’s combine those two MUHAHAHA HAPPY BIRTHDAY ILY
notes: halo-halo is a dessert served here in the Philippines!! its name literally means ‘mix-mix’. i wrote this bc i realised that hey halo-halo has leche flan in it and leche flan looks kinda like almond tofu,, what if we mixed the two,,,, anyways i don’t really eat halo-halo often but if someone ever actually does mix almond tofu and halo-halo I’m willing to try it!!!
It was no secret that the Vigilant Yaksha did not care for mortal food— his opinion was always the same if he was asked about it. ‘I have no interest in mortal food. Cooking is tedious and the wait is long. The one thing I can manage to stomach is Almond Tofu.’
So when Xiao came to Verr Goldet asking for permission to use the kitchen of Wangshu Inn for a few days, she stared at him as if he’d grown a third eye.
“By all means, you may, but…”
The grim expression on his face discouraged her from asking any more questions, and she settled for asking, “Do you need any ingredients from the kitchen? Let me know so I can order them for you.”
“There is no need; I will provide my own ingredients.” Xiao bowed in thanks, his face and tone of voice absolutely unreadable. Without even a moment’s hesitation, he turned and walked off in the direction of the kitchen, leaving Verr Goldet to marvel in shocked silence.
Suspicion began to sprout in the back of her mind, but she put it aside to process it later; she’d need more proof than the information she had now.
Not long after Xiao had left, Smiley Yanxiao ran out of the kitchen with a terrified expression on his face. “Boss… H-he…. in- in the kitchen……”
“It’s not like you haven’t seen him in the kitchen before.” She tried to reassure him, but the chef shook his head vigorously, a cold sweat breaking out on his brow.
“Yes, but this time it’s different.” Smiley Yanxiao crouched to whisper in Verr Goldet’s ear, his voice trembling with every word. “He’s going to cook.”
“What else would he use a kitchen for? Get back to work, before I deduct from your pay for slacking on business hours.” She irritably flapped a dish towel in his face, causing him to stumble back with a fit of outraged spluttering. “And don’t bother him— it must be important, if he was desperate enough to ask us for a favour.”
His initial superstitious terror was replaced with the true fear of not being able to pay the bills, and so Smiley Yanxiao dragged himself back to the kitchen with a gloomy expression, muttering under his breath of bad omens and great misfortune. With one with as little faith as he, one incident that happened outside of everyday routine was enough to shake him to the core.
“Well, I never.” Verr Goldet leaned back in her chair, glancing at the cat on her desk. “If I didn’t know any better, I would say that Xiao’s gone and fallen in love… either that, or the world’s about to end.”
Wei gave an assertive meow in reply; Verr Goldet nodded in agreement, scratching the cat behind its ears. “We’ll just have to see which one it is, eh?”
Blissfully oblivious to the commotion that was going on outside, Xiao stood at the kitchen table with a piece of paper in hand. It showed some signs of wear and tear, having been folded and unfolded many times; but the ink of the writing was still vibrant and easy to read.
“Milk… red beans…. ube…?” He started to count on his fingers how many more ingredients were required. “So many ingredients needed for a seemingly simple dish.”
Smiley Yanxiao clumsily tiptoed into the kitchen in a hopeless attempt of going unnoticed— but against the battle instincts of an adeptus, the chef stood no chance.
Xiao glanced up as soon as he entered, and an awkward silence fell over the kitchen as Xiao and Yanxiao stared at each other.
“Do you know what these ingredients are, and where I can get them?” Xiao spoke suddenly, holding the paper towards Smiley Yanxiao.
As if the previous ordeal wasn’t enough, the chef was forced to read the entire thing while under Xiao’s watchful gaze; by the time he folded up the paper and returned it to the Yaksha, Smiley Yanxiao was trembling like a leaf.
“Although I’ve heard of most of them, these ingredients seem to be from a completely different region. It would be difficult to get these as we don’t even know if they’re in season or not… perhaps if we ask that adventurer who drops by here once in a while—“ The chef mustered a reply, trying desperately to conceal his trembling hands behind his back.
“That is of little consequence to me.” Xiao’s golden eyes flashed with something akin to motivation, his entire body tensing up slightly. “I said I would provide my own ingredients, and an adeptus does not go back on his word.”
He stalked out of the kitchen, leaving Smiley Yanxiao to comprehend what had just happened.
And so, for the next few days the staff of Wangshu Inn had to deal with the strange antics of the Vigilant Yaksha. He would appear out of the blue with his arms full of all sorts of weird and wonderful foodstuffs and then march into the kitchen without another word. Xiao would then stay in the kitchen for the rest of the day (or night, depending on what time he chose to show up), and then leave as soon as he was finished with what he was working on. Nobody was certain what it was— Xiao would immediately turn his body and cover what he was making if anyone dared to peek.
“What could he possibly be doing?” Smiley Yanxiao grumbled on the evening of the third day, aggressively taking out his frustrations on the eggs he was whisking. “I’ve been working in the same kitchen as him but I haven’t seen a single peep of whatever he’s making. He even makes sure to clean up whatever he leaves so that not a single trace is left.”
“You could stand to learn a thing or two from Xiao. At least he makes sure everything is clean before he finishes up.” Waving a spoon with leftover rice residue in the chef’s face, Verr Goldet clicked her tongue in distaste. “I am aware that I don’t pay you to wash the dishes, but at least try to keep a clean cooking environment for the sake of the guests.”
“He startled me the other evening when I was bringing up the supplies.” Huai’an remarked as he sorted ingredients into storage bins. “I didn’t see him when I was putting them away, so when I turned around he was standing there like a ghost.” The memory of seeing the glowing eyes of the Yaksha’s mask at night was enough to make him shudder, and Verr Goldet put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.
“But don’t you think it’s weird, though…” Smiley Yanxiao paused, his egg whisk poised mid-air. “He always thought cooking was a waste of time. What could’ve possibly made him change his mind…?”
No matter how wild their imaginations were, the staff of Wangshu Inn could not picture the scenario that had brought about the strange circumstances they were now faced with. Silence settled over the kitchen as they pondered what could’ve brought about this change, and this somber atmosphere carried over for the next few days.
In reality, the reason behind Xiao’s sudden change of heart was quite trivial— in his own opinion, at least.
It had started one cool afternoon, when the leaves had begun to change colours and the wind blew colder than it had before. The two of you stood together atop the highest balcony of Wangshu Inn, enjoying the beautiful day— well, that was what you were doing. According to Xiao himself, he was watching over the land of Liyue; the fact that all his attention was wholly focused on you was a mere coincidence.
“Summer’s almost over…” You remarked as you leaned against the railing of the balcony. “There goes the perfect weather for eating cold desserts.”
“…When the snow is thick enough, we can eat it.”
“Ah, no. Not like that, Xiao— I don’t want you to have to ever eat snow again.” You waved your hands vigorously, alarm evident in your face. “When I said cold desserts, I was thinking of a certain kind of dessert where I’m from…”
You paused, and a strange look crossed your face— a mixture of longing and fondness, with perhaps a little bit of homesickness mixed in. “…It would’ve been nice to eat it with you in such good weather.”
Though Xiao supposedly did not care for the affairs of mortals, he found himself asking, “What is it like?”
“Oh, it’s delicious.” You clasped your hands together in joyous reverie, eyes shining with memories of the sweet treat. “The kind of ingredients change depending on who’s preparing it, but the usual ingredients are things like banana, nata de coco, monggo beans, ube ice cream, leche flan—“
Xiao raised a hand before you could proceed any further with the ever-growing list. “I do not know half of the things of which you speak. If there are going to be any more, just write down the recipe and spare yourself the words.”
“Straight to the point as always. But that’s a good idea- wait, hang on, I have some spare paper.” Your voice trailed off as you scribbled quickly on the little scrap of paper. “You know when I think about it, this could work well with your almond tofu. I should try mixing the two together when I have time…. Here you go.”
Pressing the neatly folded slip into his palm, a soft smile formed on your lips as you closed his fingers over the paper. “Thank you, Xiao.”
Thank you? Why were you thanking him?
“Around this time of the year, I often find myself missing home more and more often. But…” A wry chuckle escaped your lips. “Talking with you has made the homesickness a little easier to bear. Weird, isn’t it?”
“But somehow…” You turned to look at the faraway mountains, a dreamy expression on your face. “You feel like home away from home, Xiao.”
Conqueror of evil, devourer of dreams, protector of Liyue— Xiao had been given many names and titles, both good and bad, and he had accepted them all as they came. They all struck fear into the hearts of those who heard of him, and he had thought it was fine that way. All the more people would distance themselves from him and the karmic debt he had collected over the centuries.
But to be called ‘home away from home’— to be someone who you could find comfort in, even miles away from your homeland…
He was so lost in thought he didn’t realise that he had been staring; you cleared your throat and hid your face in the crook of your arm, trying to hide the slight flush in your cheeks. “…Well, uh— I have to go.”
“Is it already time for you to leave?” The words were out of his mouth before Xiao even realised it.
“Yep. Time flies, huh?” You sighed reluctantly as you slung your bag onto your shoulder. “I’ve got to go somewhere and I might not visit for a while. But hey, who knows— maybe next time I’ll have mastered the fusion of almond tofu and halo-halo. Be my taste-tester then, okay?”
A strange feeling gnawed inside him at the idea of parting so soon- not yet, he wanted to say. He wanted the time to stop in that very moment. Not yet, not yet, not yet.
“I’ll be back soon, Xiao.” You smiled at him fondly, giving his shoulder a firm pat in reassurance. “I already know the drill— call your name if I need help, right?”
“…Come home safe.” He said quietly.
Your eyes began to sparkle in surprise, and the smile on your face grew even wider than before.
“…I will.”
Like the wind that carries autumn leaves to faraway places, you were gone, leaving Xiao with a promise that he knew you would keep.
But even though he had lived hundreds of years, Xiao found that the days spent without you passed more slowly than he recalled them to be. When the sun rose, Xiao found himself thinking of whether you were awake to watch it with him, and when the moon came out he wondered if you were sleeping well.
He tried to distract himself by throwing himself wholly into his duties, and for a while that seemed to work. But the feeling of restlessness grew only stronger with each passing day, and the sun and moon started to become eyesores to look at, for they only reminded Xiao of how much more time he would have to spend without you. In fact, had it not been for the fact that it would’ve been far below his station to do so, he was sorely tempted to shake his spear at the celestial bodies and tell them off with some… choice words.
Then one day an idea occurred to him, one far more beneficial than cursing out the sun and moon for circumstances that they had no control over. Xiao had been sitting at his usual table in Wangshu Inn, listlessly poking at the plate of almond tofu in front of him as he read the little paper in his palm for what must have been the thousandth time.
“Home away from home…” He murmured quietly— and that was when the idea had struck.
It was a simple, wild idea that Xiao would never have even dared to dream of under ordinary circumstances; but in that regard you had his restless state to thank. A strange recklessness and impatience had taken root, and the Yaksha’s usual self-loathing was completely overwhelmed by the feeling of missing you.
It couldn’t be that difficult, now could it?
Xiao marched into the kitchen without even a second thought (after receiving permission, of course), solely focused on one goal and one alone. Ingredients were later procured with the help of Madame Ping and Yanfei (though the latter had asked many bothersome questions about what he was going to do with them), and what couldn’t be found was substituted with local specialties. He had even taken notes on the cooking procedures of the young chef from Wanmin Restaurant when she braved through Jueyun Karst for ingredients— though Xiao admittedly opted to skip a few of her outlandish practices.
Thus armed with a fruit knife and a long-handled spoon, the Vigilant Yaksha faced the fiercest battle of his life in the kitchen against the trial and error of making a dessert he had never even seen, let alone tasted. But each time Xiao failed, his resolve only grew stronger— it was as if each failed attempt would bring you closer, and the day he mastered it was the day you would finally come home to him.
Almost two weeks after his initial dive into the culinary arts, Xiao finally produced something that he could look at and deem presentable enough for his own standards of perfection.
He sighed wearily, pulling out a chair and resting his head on the kitchen table; the hardest part of making it had been transporting the snow directly from Dragonspine. Even with the help of Madame Ping, it had taken Xiao many melted pots of snow to figure out the most efficient route back. But today he had had the good fortune to encounter the little herb-gatherer of Bubu Pharmacy on the way back, and she had kindly kept the snow frozen till they had to part ways— Xiao made a mental note to gather some herbs later to give to her in thanks.
Briefly, he admired his handiwork; a scoop of purple yam ice cream sat on a pile of clean white snow and milk, surrounded by colorful jellies and red beans. The medley of colours contrasted with the milky white of his signature almond tofu in a manner that was pleasing to the eye— with purple from the ube ice cream, scarlet red beans, golden brown from the flan and the ripe yellow of the mango, the dessert was very festive and colourful, much like your personality. Perhaps he could understand why you were so enthusiastic about this dessert.
“It doesn’t look… terrible.” Xiao remarked, nudging the handle of the spoon with his finger.
It was only too bad that he couldn’t give it to you.
That one thought was enough to sour his good mood, and Xiao momentarily considered going through with the idea of taking his frustration out by yelling at the sun- but he was too worn out.
With a muffled groan, he buried his face in his arms. He’d eat the halo-halo later— it would be a waste of effort to just let it melt.
How many more days of waiting?
“Xiao.“ Like the sound of a distant flute, a familiar voice brought him back to the present. “Xiao.”
Someone must be calling for my help, he thought dimly.
Xiao raised his head and blinked owlishly, then immediately froze upon seeing the person in front of him.
You grinned at him, your eyes sparkling in a way that they never had before. “I’m home, Xiao.”
Had it not been for the fact that his dreams were mostly horrific flashbacks to his time at war, Xiao would’ve thought he was dreaming.
Before he could say anything, your attention was immediately drawn to the dish on the table. “Is that—?”
You unslung your bag and slid into the chair across from him, pulling the glass towards you with gentle fingertips. “Xiao, did you- did you make this?”
Xiao could only muster a vague grunt in affirmation.
“I didn’t even tell you how halo-halo was supposed to look like, yet you replicated it almost perfectly…” You murmured, an look of absolute wonder on your face. “Did you suddenly decide to change your career to being a chef? Was I gone that long?”
“What- no.” He retorted. “This is something I made for no reason. I have no need for eating, so you… you may have it, I suppose.”
“For no reason, I see…” You nodded sagely, obviously not buying his excuse. “But just for the record, I want you to know that I missed you too.”
All the pent-up tension in him melted away like snow- you missed him too? You had missed him?
Your spoon mixed the dessert together almost rhythmically, acting as a beat to the tune of your voice. “I missed you a lot, although it’s a little embarrassing to admit it aloud.” You looked up to give him a sheepish grin. “Even if it was fun to go around and meet new people, I couldn’t stop thinking of you— eugh, wait, that sounds so cliche.”
Hastily, you shoved a spoonful of halo-halo in your mouth before you could say anything even more embarrassing.
Xiao’s heart leapt into his throat. “How… how does it taste?”
You closed your eyes as you chewed, savoring the flavours in deep concentration. “It’s sweet. Not too much and not too little— just the perfect amount. However…”
Beckoning Xiao to lean closer, an unreadable expression twisted your face. He prepared himself to hear the worst; that it was disgusting, it looked strange, he had used spoiled milk— all the worst possible scenarios filled his mind.
But instead of the harsh reprimand he was expecting, a warm whisper breezed into his ear as you murmured, “I still don’t think it’s as sweet as you, Xiao.”
His mind went completely blank, unable to process what he had just heard. A strange warmth filled his chest and rose to his face- could he be—?
“Are you blushing?” Your voice took on a more playful lilt. “Come on, I only told you the absolute truth.”
Xiao ducked his head in an attempt to hide from your observant eyes, but it was too late; you had already seen the faint blush creeping up his face and neck. You giggled slightly, presumably at his unusually shy behaviour.
“It’s a nice day to eat halo-halo outside, Xiao.” In one fluid movement you caught his hand up in yours, swinging it back and forth slightly as you grinned at him. “Shall we go upstairs? It would taste better if we ate it together.”
He could only nod dumbly in reply, his thoughts in complete disarray and distraction at the sight of your smiling face.
Peeping from around the corner, Smiley Yanxiao, Huai’an and Verr Goldet had somehow miraculously escaped detection as they spied upon- er, observed the exchange between you and Xiao.
“It’s all coming together now,” Verr Goldet muttered. Her hunch had been right all along, but she still couldn’t help but feel absolutely blown out of the water by this revelation. “I had an idea when their visits started to sync up a little too often, but I still can’t believe I was right…”
“Ah, young love.” Huai’an slipped an arm around his wife’s shoulders, giving her a light squeeze. “Reminds me of how we were when I first started courting you.”
Smiley Yanxiao said nothing, but his slack-jawed expression was all he needed to express his shock. The three of them exchanged glances among each other and silently tiptoed away, leaving the couple to enjoy the time they had with each other.
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corpsehusband-simp · 11 months ago
Requested by: @awoodrum68
Can you do a corpse husband x reader where the reader is Sean sister playing among us and everyone knows she has a crush on corpse but him . And Felix accidentally let it slip up that you do. Instead of it being awkward corpse say he has a crush on you.
Pairings: Corpse x reader, Jacksepticeye x sister!reader
Warnings: curse words
Can you do a corpse husband x reader where the reader is Sean sister playing among us and everyone knows she has a crush on corpse but him . And Felix accidentally let it slip up that you do. Instead of it being awkward corpse say he has a crush on you.
A/N-okay I loved this and I think I’m gonna do a part two what do you guys think???
“Umm that’s actually a good question I have no clue who were playing with, I know for sure my brother, Felix, Charlie, and Sykkuno but I don’t really know who else” you spoke to your stream as you got your discord. “Thank you Rose for the prime and thank soggy noodles for the resub!!” Finally your discord loaded up and you joined the voice call instantly being greeted by a chorus of hellos.
“Hi everyone! Charlie do you know who all of playing for I can have my mods put it in my title?”
“Jeez Y/N can’t even say hello to your brother!” You hear Seán tease.
“Yeah or your best friend!” You flinch a little at how loud felix’s voice was in your ear.
“Jesus you two! I said hello you are like children!” You laugh shaking your head. Charlie laughs “Ken, toast, Sykkuno, poki, Rae, and corpse” As soon as Charlie says corpse your cheeks heat up.
“I’m willing to bet five bucks she’s blushing right now” Felix laughs
“Fuck you shut up” you pout only making everyone laugh more.
“Ha Y/N chat confirmed you are as red as a tomato!” Just as you were about to yell at Felix when you heard the ding signaling that someone else joined the call.
“Hey guys” You heard corpses deep voice enter the conversation and your stomach filled up with butterflies.
“Hey Corpse” you tried to make you voice sound more confident but it’s still came off shy which caused Felix to snicker.
“Hey N/N!” His voice made your heart pound against your ribs”
“Okay I think we’re ready to start!” Charlie interrupted the different conversation happening.
First round you were imposter with your brother, you loved being imposter especially with Sean because it was hard to track your guy’s patterns.
You and Sean double killed Felix and Corpse in electrical and you instantly vented, first you checked to make sure med Bay was clear Incase you needed an alibi before venting into reactor and calling O2. That gave you enough to to round over and get there before anyone found the body. You were able you kill Toast as well before a body was found. In saw Felix, Toast, and corpse were dead.
“Blood thirsty I see” you smirked before unmuting yourself.
“Okay well we obviously know it’s not Y/N because she wouldn’t kill Corpse” Sykkuno spoke matter-of-factly. This was true everyone knew you wouldn’t do that.
“Yeah but she would kill Felix first” Rae laughed.
“That’s true shoot now I’m sus of you Y/N”
“Both stamens are true” you laughed. “But I didn’t kill either I was super sus of Sean in the beginning of the so I was following him at first and we cleared eachother in med bay before I went up to reactor.”
“Why didn’t you go to o2?”
“I did go to O2, I stopped Simon says midway and went to the one in Admin with poki”
“Can confirm that did happen. I think we should just skip, we don’t vote on 7 anyways and we’re not sus of anyone” you all agreed and moved on.
You and Jack ended up winning the round.
Later in the game you were minding your own business as crewmate, you walked into navigation. Just as you were walking in you say Corpse kill Jack.
“Nope I saw nothing” you did a little dance and walked out of the room and continue to do your tasks. The body was soon found and Corpse internally panicked not knowing if you would tell or not. Of course you didn’t tell and ended up framing Ken since he was the last person aside from corpse that you saw go that way.
In the end Corpse ended up winning.
“Y/N I can’t believe you saw Corpse kill me YOUR OWN BROTHER and covered for him” Jack whined
“Yeah Thanks for not snitching n/n” Corpse laughed.
“Are you really that surprised Jack she has the biggest crush on him.” It went silent. Everyone knew that you had a crush on Corpse except for Corpse. Felix immediately felt bad for spilling the beans. All that could be heard on call was your head hitting your desk. You were utterly embarrassed and tears started to well up in your eyes. You immediately got a text from Felix profusely saying how sorry he was. Before you had a chance to end your stream Corpse finally spoke.
“Is that true Y/N?” You cleared your throat before speaking.
“Um I’s true”
“I should really be thanking Felix then because this is the only way I would really have the balls to tell you I like you too.” There were a chorus of aww from everyone in the call and your chat was going crazy.
“Aww this brings a whole new meaning to Among us love story!” Rae gushed.
You guys continued the game for another hour or so, you and corpse shamelessly flirting the rest of the time. Finally everyone said good bye and you sign off stream.
You sit back in your chair and rub your face.
“That was not how I expected tonight to go” you laughed a little. Just as you were getting up so you could make yourself some dinner you got a phone call. Your heart started beating hard in your chest seeing Corpses FaceTiming. You took a deep and answered.
“Hi corpse”
“Come visit me.”
“Fly here from London, let me take you on a few dates and I’ll take you to Disney land” you didn’t even try to hide the huge smile that spread across your face.
“Okay, I’ll start looking at flights”
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tomdiddlyumptious · 5 months ago
Heyyy ok but what about dad!tom finding porn on his 15yo boy’s phone and having "the talk" with him 😭😭 I live for this😌
Trying writing again, seriously guys idk whats going on with me. And im terrible at doing “the talks” so take it as it is-
warnings: ya and praying children<3...and a hint of bisexual!tom👀
Its normal, Porn. The dirty sight for anyone to see. Tom did it once, only once though. He found it pretty creepy and stalkerish that hes watching people have sex. When he was 15 and thought about sex it caused insecurity because he noticed that you HAVE to get naked. It just shivered his veins. well of course until he met you. 
So when Tom and Wesley were cooking for your birthday, Tom forgot an Ingredient. “Hey- wes, can i borrow your phone?” tom struggled, his hands covered in flour as he looked at his sons phone. Wesley's eyes widened as his hands were also covered in flour, he turned, wiping his hands on the black apron before chuckling “y-yeah dad”. Tom laughed and also wiped his hands with a towel before grabbing his phone. Wes’s knees almost gave out as they shook and his body felt like it was going down a roller coaster, he jumped when his dad asked for his code. “Its my birthday” “oh- of course, it is” tom mumbled, leaning on the kitchen island as Wes got back to work, trying not to look weird as normally he would stand over his dads shoulder watching his fingers tap away in his phone, not that he did it before. 
Toms eyebrows furrowed as he bit his bottom lip, wondering if he should search through his phone while he already has it, only to shrug his head no saying thats not a good thing for a father to do. He clicked on the safari tab, Wes’s phone acting slow so he reached and grabbed his glass cup thats filled with water, only to choke and have his eyes widened. “Oh shit” wes mumbled to himself. Tom didnt even look further, he slammed the phone down but both of their ears turned red when a loud pornographic moan left the womans mouth “yeah fuck my cock”. “OH MY GOD” tom yelled in his british accent, grabbing the phone and screaming when he was met with liquids shooting at the camera, he shut off the phone and placed it back on the table, Wesley's hand slapped over his mouth as he cringed intensely by the word “cock” but then soon becoming more embarrassed that his dad knows he watches….well, that. “Im gonna use the bathroom” wesley said, not looking at his dad as his cheeks shot red. “Erm….im gonna set a 15 minute timer” “DAD” wes said storming off to the bathroom. “Im gonna die” wesley muttered to himself, cursing at the lord for letting this happen as he also begged for forgiveness and asking for this not to be a big problem, just on his knees infront of the toilet, apron still dirty as he shut his eyes tight. 
“God i swear if my dad leaves me alone i’ll pray EVERY night, i’ll sing- look i’ll sing this church song”
By the way, he only heard it from some where.
“Take me to the kinggg, i dont have much to bring” he didnt know anything past that so it didnt do anything in his favour, it only made tom furrow his eyebrows from the other side of the door before knocking making wes silently flinch at the holy ghost “just please- dont do this” he whispered. “I-i can hear you son” tom awkwardly smiled, “mind coming out now?” “ive only been in here for like 5 minutes” “can we just talk about it?” “i dont know if id be comfortable with that-” “or else it will be with me and your mom” “oh my god” wes stood up and did a “woo-sah” looking at himself in the mirror before turning around and hesitantly opening the door. Tom smiled and did an awkward wave “to the couch please”
“Dad i really dont wanna talk about this” wes said on the couch, touching knees with his father that was sitting right next to him. “No we have to- so be quiet and let me speak.” tom sent a look at wes making him grumble and hunch in his seat, but all ears. “Please dont watch porn, its terrible. Its addictive and its not how things work, trust me. When we made you it was pretty ugly in there-”
“DAD PLEASE” he groaned in his arms. “What! Im just letting you know! Im letting you know that when you- or you probably have but-” tom shrugged looking at him son. “Just make sure you use protection, uhm if you want me to buy you some i can- dont give me that look” “your literally talking to me about what goes around penises, what am i supposed to do, say i love you?” he groaned again. “Well its your fault! But anyway you need to make sure you get consent from her, make sure she- or HE is into it-” “oh my god” “what? I dont know your options?” “what are yours?” wes asked.
Tom smiled at his son, making wes’s mouth drop (i dont think its a secret that toms at least a LITTLE fruity) “anyways. Girls have three holes, ones for the pee and the others for the- pp. And the other one is for the other one. I dont think your ready for anal yet” tom gripped his sons knee. “Youve done-” “you ARENT ready for that talk” tom but him off. “But you need to make sure that the woman is lubricated enough because if she isnt it will be TOO tight and un-pleasurable for the both of you. If shes” he raised his fingers doing the quote on quote “loose, that means shes lubricated, dont listen to these assholes shaming girls for something they cannot control” he rolled his eyes, wes thinking about anything to drift off into space but very stuck. “Dont be nervous asking for help trying to find the hole, although it should be located right on top of her- ya know” tom too immature to say the word, something he cant say although he said only a few words ago. “But yes, make sure you wrap it! Im serious, i dont need more children” tom ordered. “Im the single child” “your also annoying” wes sarcastically smiled at his dad by his words. “Her clitoris is that- bean, yeah lets call it a bean” “you call a clitoris a bean?” “oh no, i give it a name more...boujee, but thats between me and your mom” “PLEASE STOP REMINDING ME THAT YOU AND MOM HAVE SEX” wes shouted while stuffing his head into a pillow. “What its normal! You were watching it!” wes grunted “my life is over” “oh it hasnt even began” “DAD” “im just sayin!-”
The boys heard the keys jiggle from the door before hearing a loud “hii!” “we are in the living room babe!” tom said, wes panicking more as he heard th door shut and lock before seeing his mom coming over. “What are you guys talking about?” tom looked at wes and wes silently pleaded for him not to say anything, but being the div he is “sex talk!” he threw his hands up. “Ohh! How fun, have you told him about the movements yet?” “PLEASE NO-”
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bend-me-shape-me · 7 months ago
"Happy Valentine's day, Dean."
Dean doesn't know if he is dissapointed or relieved at the lack of a cheesy present. He is relieved, yeah, he tells himself, imagine how awkward it would have been to sit Cas down and explain to him why it isn't really normal to get your best friend, the one you aren't interesed in, romantically speaking, a gift for today. He shivers at the thought.
"Happy Valentine's, Cas." He sets down his mug, giving the angel an easy smile. "Any plans for today?"
Dean is totally relieved now, no doubt about it, when Cas shakes his head no at the question.
"And you?"
"Nah, don't feel like going anywhere." He shrugs lightly, he could go to a bar, a couple years ago he would already be there, looking for some fun, someone to go home with, forget in the morning, never getting what he was really longing for, convincing himself he actually didn't want those things, he didn't want the emotions, the physical part was enough, the gentleness something he didn't crave.
But now, well, he stopped thinking that way a long time ago, but see, the one Dean wants those things with is the one he knows he will never have. There is no way Castiel will ever feel for Dean what Dean feels for him, he is trying to make his peace with that, somedays it turns to be harder, because he still can feel that warmth of his hope, hope that maybe, Castiel wants to be with him too. It's painful, but the daydreams are sweet while they last, until reality comes crushing down.
"Then," Castiel's rough voice cuts off his inner monologue and he wonders for how long he was there, quiet, lost in his own world, "maybe we could watch one of your movies together."
There it is, bright and exhilarating, there comes his hope again. He smiles at the suddenly shy-looking angel in front of him, he is going to joke, ask if Cas is asking him out on a date, but since he might ruin everything, he simply nods, "I would love that, Cas." He drops what he was doing, getting up from his chair and making a gesture towards his room, "after you." He says, with a flourish that has Cas giving him an amused look before leading the way towards Dean's room.
They end up watching a couple of movies, and they talk for hours, and in the morning when he wakes up Castiel is still there, watching over him from the other side of the bed, it doesn't bother Dean, they aren't touching, but for their joined hands on the empty spot of the bed between their bodies, Castiel starts moving his hand away, his expression turning sheepish, afraid of Dean's reaction, but it doesn't bother Dean either, he closes his hand more tightly around Cas', keeping it in place, his sleepy brain not registering Castiel's surprised, but content, expression.
"That really doesn't sound like the most romantic plan in the world, that's all I'm saying."
Dean lets out an annoyed and pretty offended huff at that.
"Well, it is, so shut up." He claims, defensively. Sam doesn't know a damn thing about his actual plans, Dean made an effort but he isn't going to spill the beans to his brother, 'cause he doesn't feel like being called out on his sappiness this early in the morning, and because this is about an special moment between Dean and Cas, and he is going to spare Sam the details.
This is their first Valentine's day together, so Dean wanted to make it special, giving Cas a taste of human customs and experiences. They are going for a quick trip, grab a couple burguers, because neither of them are into the fancy stuff, unlike Sam and his plans for today, and then Dean is taking Cas to a surprise destination, they are going to spend the night at the same motel room where they kissed for the very first time, well they did more than kissing, not like Sam needs to know any of that.
Cas, as predicted, loves Dean's idea, even if the schedule changes a bit when a quick stop to watch the stars ends up with them having some fun in the backseat of the impala.
"Happy Valentine's day, Dean."
Both of Castiel's hands are hidden behind his back, he is probably holding one of those gas station cards, like every year, the cheesiest one there was, Dean is sure, since he did exactly the same when he went to the supermarket last week, is some kind of competition they have, see who can get the worse card for the other. They exchange other gifts too, of course, mostly handmade stuff.
"Happy Valentine's, Cas." He was waiting for Cas to appear so he just has to lift the book he was reading to have the card he bought for his husband ready. "Any plans for today?"
Castiel puts on his best thinking face, "not really." He says, he reaches to comb hai fingers through his always messy hair, gray nowadays, looking as handsome as always, "We could always recreate our first Valentine's day together?" Castiel thinks out loud.
"Neither of us are that young anymore for some acrobatic impala sex." Dean replies, making Cas snort.
"Speak for yourself." Dean gives him a look, pretending to be offended by Cas' comment, "anyway," Castiel starts, before Dean can keep the banter going and remind Cas the fact that if someone is old in this house that's him, the ex-inmmortal being, not Dean, as much as he is in his sixties, "that wasn't what I was referring to when I mentioned our first Valentine's day together." He explains.
Dean gives him a puzzled look, he frowns, trying to understand what he means, he is pretty sure Cas doesn't want to go kill a horseman of the apocalypse and eat a not recommended amount of red meat, burguers and murder, heh. But that's when the lightbulb in his head turns on, shining brightly, "Oh," he says, Cas' smiles at him, eyes bright, "movie night, right?" He smiles back.
Castiel nods a couple times, "I didn't know if you were going to remember that night."
"Of course, I do," he would never be able to forget any of the precious seconds of peace he has spent with Cas since they met, so few for years, but special, one doesn't simply forget the world-turning things. He comes to the sudden realisation that they weren't a couple back then, that he thought Cas just wanted to spend the night with him as he didn't have any better plans for the day, "so you were asking me out on a date back then?" He has to know.
"I thought it was clear, it was Valentine's day and I wanted to spend it with you."
"Well, it wasn't!"
"You would have panicked if I had told you it was, Dean."
"Well, maybe!"
Castiel only rolls his eyes, quickly reconducing their conversation to the original topic, "movie night, then?"
Dean nods with a grin, he gets up, his knees protesting, he makes a gesture towards the hallway, "after you." He says with a flourish, Castiel gives him an amused look but instead of marching down the hallway towards their living room he offers a hand, waiting for Dean to get closer and interlace their fingers together, "love ya, Cas." Dean leans forward, pressing a lingering kiss on Cas' cheek before resting his forehead against Cas'.
"I love you too, always."
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ktheist · 6 months ago
girls like you [don’t] run ‘round with guys like me | m
Tumblr media
characters. popular!reader x shy!jimin
genre. college au. rich kids au. fwb au. eventual ceo au. eventual racer au.
words. 4k
warnings. 18+
note. this is a repost. tumblr messed up my exposure last time. this fic didn’t show up in search and it’s probably a third post of mine that ends up like this. this one probably won’t either but posting bc someone might see it and like it.
It’s easy to tell when Park Jimin is in love.
Unlike Kim Seokjin, his eccentric, dad joke-loving friend, Jimin would only wear the pastel pink when he’s feeling giggly and shy and mushy inside.
The source of said feelings being either the barista he goes to get his daily dose of coffee from, or the girl at the library he studies at during finals or well, right now it’s the girl he’s fucking almost every day of the week - you.
“What are you doing?” Seokjin looks at him like he just dumped a spoonful of salt in a broth that needs a little, teensy bit of sugar.
Or his face seems to say that as he goes on, “she’s a mean girl. She’s mean.”
Jimin isn’t sure if Seokjin’s aware that he’s just repeated the same thing twice.
“She calls you Chim!” The older man reiterates.
“Yeah, it’s…” Jimin trails off, the heartwarming image of you cuddling into him after yet another mindblowing sex, flashing at the back of his mind, “...her pet name for me.”
“Sounds to me like she can’t remember your actual name,” Min Yoongi interjects from the couch he’s claimed for himself ever since they got to their usual hangout.
It’s a penthouse Jimin’s parents bought him on his 18th birthday. Him and the boys would hang around there after they’re done with classes or just need a place to crash whenever they have problems with their girlfriends or boyfriends or parents or any sort of problem that renders their usual room not sleepable.
“I think we can just agree we have different wants,” Jeongguk - or the sanest of them all, as Jimin likes to call him - chirps in, taking a bite of the apple he got from the fridge.
“Exactly,” Jimin throws his hands up as if freed from his elder friends’ judge-filled eyes. The vibration of his phone in his lap gives him even more comfort to know that he finally has an excuse to slip away - he checks his phone, your name flashing in the bubble that says ‘hey, wyd?’
“I have to go, it’s ___.”
A series of groans and hollers equally erupts from the men in the room at the realization of what Jimin’s ‘having to go’ means.
And so it goes. Jimin finds himself under your blanket that smells like fresh laundry - it’s a nude green color compared to the pleated black and white from last time. Your head is on his chest and he’s caressing your hair like it’s the softest thing he’s ever laid his hands on.
Besides your boobs, that is.
“I was thinking… since we have Monday off… maybe we could-”
It’s the way you push yourself off him, eyes that are onto him gazing straight into his soul, “oh shoot, Monday’s a public holiday. I totally forgot! I have to meet my parents. My dad’s been nagging me to come back since I skipped Christmas and New Year.”
And there goes his chance to ask you out on a date.
“Oh yeah, what were you saying about Monday?”
Jimin wears the biggest fake smile he can muster, “just that… me and the boys are gonna hang out and we’re bringing our girlfriends and boyfriends and uh- doesn’t have to be someone you’re exclusively seeing,” he almost chokes at the almost-admittance that he has the fattest crush on you and wants to make it official by inviting you to a couple’s-only hang out, “but like, I don’t think I’m going, it’s boring anyway.”
He waves his hand dismissively, trying to play it cool.
You make a cooing sound, eyebrows knitting together as your lips pout cutely before a playful smile blooms on your face, “I know what you’re trying to say.”
“You do?” Jimin thinks he heard his heart dropping to his stomach.
“Yeah, you’re single and all the boys have someone special they’re gonna bring… it’s gonna be awkward as hell because they’re gonna act different because they’re around their special someone so you thought if I was there, it’d be more fun because at least you have a friend with you that’s not gonna act fake the whole time there but I can’t go so you decided you’re not going too like a minute ago.”
Silence lulls in after your analogy that you sound so sure of when, in fact, he has a whole list of things he’d do on the date which he may or may not have gone over a hundred times in his head.
Doesn’t matter now, since that date is a no-go.
He’s going to delete that list off his phone once he gets to his place and drink himself silly until he wipes it out of his mind.
“Yeah,” Jimin says a moment later, “yeah… I mean, girls in love are cute but boys in love are just… annoying.”
The week flies by without Jimin ever mentioning Monday and you’ve showed him the clothes you’re going to wear to visit your parents because apparently-
“It’s lunch at some five star Michelin restaurant and I think they’re gonna tell me they’re getting a divorce,” your voice drifts into the room from the open, walk-in closet.
“If they’re not in some long, dreadful battle on who gets the holiday house with the pool and the dogs - how do I look?” You step out, in a frilly creme sweater with a black ribbon tied around the collar of your white undershirt with a black pleated skirt that stops mid-thighs, just inches from your black stockings.
A glaring contrast to your collection of washed out skinny jeans, plain t-shirts and sneakers.
“You… look…” Jimin knows he should stop openly ogling at your never-before-seen drip but there’s just something about the creme colored sweater.
“Like a good girl?” You offer with a smile Jimin couldn’t quite put a name to. Somehow he notices a trace of sadness in your eyes, but you disappear into the closet too soon.
“I’ll think about what to wear the morning I need to wear it,” you’re in the middle of pulling off the sweater when Jimin comes up behind you, kissing your neck and grabbing your boobs like they’re his.
The sound of your giggle is music to his ears.
That is, until his boner brushes against your butt and you gasp, “Chim! We just did it.”
“I know but you look so cute in that sweater.” He sounds exactly like Jeongguk. Like a fuckboy.
Like one of the boys you got tired of before you finally noticed him, the quiet, shy guy who’s friends with the outgoing, baby-faced Jeon Jeongguk whom - Jimin hates to admit it but he thinks about this every once so often and gets jealous all on his own - you’ve humped and dumped.
How you and Jeongguk still manage to stay friends and tease each other about the other’s choice of partners, Jimin doesn’t know.
It’s like a twin calling the other ugly.
He wonders if you and him will still stay friends after…
Jimin pushes the thought out of his mind. It’s not hard to forget everything when he’s with you - when he’s kissing you on the mouth like you’re the only girl he’ll want to spend the rest of his college life with and maybe his old days with together too.
“Chim, I can’t get my shirt creased,” you say but you’re already dripping wet and laying down in said shirt that’s half ridden up from him sucking and biting on your nipples.
He stopped you when you tried to take off your clothes.
“I’ll wash it and iron it for you,” he negotiates just as he rolls the condom over his length.
The sound of your giggle makes his heart skip a beat. Or maybe that’s the libido?
Either way, your mouth clamps shut when he pulls you down against him by the dip of your waist.
A different kind of hymn leaves your lips as Jimin throws his head back, relishing in the feeling of you around him.
When Monday rolls around, Jimin’s lying on the bean bag with his two legs sprawled over the floor. The boys are all out with either their significant others, working part-time or at a party.
The worn out baseball Jimin’s been tossing in the air and catching with one hand finally hits him square in the face when he hears the doorbell, signaling the presence of someone at the door and that someone being none of the boys because they would just punch in the code and strut in like they own the place.
Jimin thought maybe it’s Yoongi - the guy couldn’t even remember what he had for dinner and actually forgot the passcode to his own rental room once.
So he didn’t think to check who it was.
When your bright smile and slightly puffy eyes flash in front of him, Jimin thinks his soul just yeeted itself out of his body.
“Hey!” You sing song, holding up two plastic bags of beers and snacks.
It takes a moment for him to snap out of his stupor and grab them from your hands and then stepping aside to let you in.
“Is… everyone late or am I just early?” You sound increasingly confused as you step further into the center of the room, standing right next to the bean bag he was laying in just a moment ago.
“Oh-” he says once before he opens his mouth the second time, ready to spurt out another lie, “oh yeah… we decided not to ‘cause why hang out in a group when you can hang out with your significant other… you know, just the two of you… doing what couples do…”
“Huh,” you say, nodding though not quite believing him but you being you, easily lets it slide, plopping on the bean bag and grabbing the closest thing to you which is the ball that hit Jimin in the face - he’s sure he has a circular mark smack dab in the area on the top of his nose bridge, in between his eyes.
The dress you end up wearing is creme colored and riding up your thighs - Jimin swallows thickly and give extra attention to the bottle opener.
“So… how did lunch go?” He pops two beers open and hands one to you, taking a seat on Yoongi’s favorite couch and admiring how your dress is taking the shape of your body as gravity pulls it down.
“Oh, you know, everyone was being fake and acting like the perfect role in the family,” you put the beer down a few inches above your head so as to not tip it over with the ball you’re waving around but not throwing in the air like Jimin did.
“Sounds suffocating,” Jimin repeats a similar answer he gives whenever you use that dismissive tone while talking about your family.
“...are you okay?” Then he asks - and he’s genuinely asking - about your state of mind while casually downing the beer and feeling the bitterness lessen with every gulp.
The silence that lapses in between you is familiar.
“If I say no, can I get a hug?” It’s the look in your eyes, glimmering like the lake he used to go to in summer.
“Always,” he sets his beer down on the table next to the couch and goes over to you, standing on his knees before bending down and engulfing you in his arm.
You’ve always had a knack for picking yourself up.
When he sees you the next time, which is on instagram and a post of you having lunch with your friends, Jimin could hardly believe that’s the girl who asked him for a hug as if she’s afraid she’ll be putting him in an uncomfortable spot by asking for too much.
But there’s something…
Like an invisible wall made of ice that he can’t thaw through nor can he climb over to get to the other side where you are. Where you keep the people you love the closest. Closer than he’ll ever be.
Jeon Jeongguk is one of them.
In the picture of five people huddled close to fit in the frame, Jeongguk has his arm over you with a peace sign while you lean your head on his neck but not actually resting on it - like it’s an unconscious action you’d do because you’ve done that plenty of times.
Is it when you two were together?
Everyone he knows, knows that you and Jeongguk used to be more than just friends at some point.
Sometimes he still hears people talking about you two in passing.
‘Did ___ and Jeongguk get back together? I saw in Jeongguk’s snapstory - they were in a club or something.’
‘No way. There goes my chance of getting close with Jeongguk.’
‘Girl, with ___ hanging around him 24/7, do you think he’d look at girls like us?’
‘A girl can dream though.’
Jimin wanted to open his mouth and tell them they deserve way better than Jeon Jeongguk - though they’re not prettier than you.
He thinks you’re the loveliest girl on planet earth and if there was another life form on another planet, he’s almost a hundred percent sure you’d still be prettiest being in the universe with your obsession for skinny jeans and the way you’d unconsciously pout when he talks about how things weren’t going his way that day as if you would’ve exchanged your abundance of luck with his shitty one just because you’ve got that big of a heart and how you’d be walking with your friends, laughing and giggling and when you see him, you’d wave at him like you’re good friends.
Second only to Jeongguk and your friend group that you’re always hanging out with.
“Oh, ___? We were childhood friends.”
“Hmm… Gguk and I became friends because our parents are friends.”
The two of them say at different times and settings when Jimin asked, trying to play it cool. Like he isn’t just brimming with jealousy. Like he’s not half-way to losing his mind because the girl of his dreams just went to a retreat with his friend-of-a-friend-turned-actual-friend together when everyone else in the group who was excitedly planning for the trip - couldn’t make it.
The rooms at the inn weren’t even pre-booked. It was owned by Jeongguk’s family and they didn’t deposit any money for the trip for them to rationalize going on that trip anyway despite everyone else not being to go.
“The trip? It was fun, if you want we can go together next time.”
Jimin isn’t sure if you even mean that when he asked how the trip went after you’re glistening with the glow of after sex and scrolling through instagram, liking posts of everyone you know.
But then three months later, on your break, Jimin is hit with a ‘keep your schedule free next week for a whole week!!!’
Then he finds himself at a five star hotel by the beach with the most breathtaking view of the sea.
It wasn’t the inn owned by the Jeon’s but Jimin liked the fact that you brought him to a place - and he hopes his assumptions are true - your friends have never been before. Especially Jeongguk.
“Woah, this place is better than I thought,” a king sized bed lies directly across from the balcony where you’re standing, hair flying behind your back as the seaside breeze blows into the room.
“We can watch the sun rise and set from our bed,” Jimin comments for the sake of saying something.
He’s not sure what this means. He’s not sure if he should be having a boner at the thought of the two of you being together for a whole week without any other person getting in the way. He’s not sure if his heart should be thumping this fast.
For the first time since he’s known you, Park Jimin is the most unsure he’s ever been.
“You know what I wanna watch?” Your hands slip in his as you stand between him  and the open balcony door, “you under me, biting your lips because you’re still shy about the sound you make.”
So when you tug him back into the bedroom just minutes after checking in, naturally, Park Jimin follows like he’s been bewitched by your ungodly beauty.
Once the one week of nothing but heavenly morning wishes and passionate night kisses - oh, there was more than just kissing but Jimin remembers how your lips meld so perfectly together with his the most - Jimin is sure.
‘Something definitely changed.’
He thinks maybe it’s not impossible to dream of a future with you even after college.
“Jimin I-... I’m not at a point in life to be thinking about relationships,” you say, hand gripping your arm, head lowered as if your whole body is saying sorry.
“O-oh,” is all he says, he hearts his heart breaking and his chest caving.
All of a sudden, the lights in Gangnam city doesn’t seem so bright anymore.
You both live your last year pretending like the other doesn’t exist. He doesn’t look at you when he passes you and neither did you. Only talks to Jeongguk even though you’re right next to the aforementioned man - granted you were talking with your other friends like you didn’t even notice him there.
But Jimin’s never felt so invisible in his life than he does now.
Then, graduation rolls around and he thinks finally, he won’t have to walk through the hallway and pretend like he didn’t see you. Don't have to keep a five feet distance whenever you meet up for a group project.
Park Jimin doesn’t need to see your pretty face and starry eyes anymore.
“Jimin… do you have a minute?”
Or so he thought.
“So… congrats on surviving college,” you make small talk while standing just ten feet away from the boys whom he’s sure are speculating on what you’re talking about.
Jimin never got to prove to his friends that you’re not the mean, name-forgetting girl they all thought.
Jeongguk knows you’re not. He’s always backing Jimin up when Jimin’s debunking their passing accusations about you.
“Sometimes things just don’t work out between two people but doesn’t mean one of them is the bad guy.” Jeongguk's words put an end to their debate of whether Jimin deserved better than you or not.
For someone young, Jeongguk spoke his mind decidedly.
Jimin felt ashamed that he’d ever been jealous of Jeongguk’s relationship with you.
“I just… didn’t wanna leave things on a bad note. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings when I said no but I really like spending time with you - whether it’s sex or just staying over and cuddling for hours… I like it all.” You say the word sex and cuddle like they’re used interchangeably and Jimin thinks his heart just fluttered.
And you’d said it in public where your everyone can see or possibly pick up on what you were saying, at that.
Well, one thing’s for sure, you’ve got bigger balls than he does.
“My feelings are the same as six months ago and call me crazy but I don’t think you dislike me either.” He finally says and it feels like a deadweight has been lifted off his shoulders.
There comes that pout, as if something is bothering you and you always ever pout like that when that something concerns him.
“You kidding me? I can never dislike you.”
The Jimin from six months ago would have stared at you with disbelief and a dust of pink on his cheeks. But the Jimin he is now simply smiles, heart thumping in his chest. He nods.
“Thanks for telling me that,” and Jimin knows that’s the closest to an ‘I like you’ he can get with the girl who builds an ice fortress around her heart.
A whole year passes by and Jimin finds himself in different shades of grey every day, working at his dad’s company and attending dinner meetings. Life comes to a standstill while time passes him by.
“So, like, you have a sports car, right? Why don’t you come over to the race circuit after dinner? Everyone’s gonna be there.”
Jeongguk tells him over the phone.
And by ‘everyone’ he means the sons and daughters in the corporate world. It’s networking at its finest.
When he’s there, three cars are already racing in the circuit. The smell of burnt rubber and the sound of tires screeching against asphalt isn’t exactly his favorite but they have cheap booze instead of fine wine and he knows the people here are in for the same thing as he is.
An escape.
Away from the grandeur of fine wine and dinner dresses and the elders breathing down their necks and having to act like the next heir to the legacy they were born to carry.
“That Chevrolet over there,” Jeongguk comes, hand on Jimin’s back as his other one that’s holding a bottle of beer points at a red car that looks like a racing fireball, “everyone’s betting on that one tonight.”
Jimin doesn’t know there’s a bet.
“I’ll skip the bet this time ‘round. Haven’t seen the driver yet,” he shrugs dismissively.
Even in stock investment, he’d learned to study the market first before placing his best bet.
Jeongguk leaves his side when his friends - he’s got new ones now - beckons him over. At the same time, the Chevrolet passes the finish line seconds before the Ford Mustang and McLaren 720s, making it the winner of the night.
The driver seems like a show off with the way the car rolls up to the audience, the sound of its engines revving into the night being met with cheers of half-drunk young adults.
Arrogance is a man’s downfall.
Jimin’s about to turn around and head for the exit when the door of the car gets pushed open. The driver steps out, decked in black and red leather jeans and jackets that seem to match the car.
But it’s the smooth, silken hair that cascades past the helmet that catches his eyes.
Park Jimin’s seen many arrogant men in his life but he’s only ever seen one woman with balls and looks good wearing them.
“___! ___! ___!” The crowd starts cheering as you pull off the helmet, holding it underneath your arm and waist.
Your eyes are as brilliant as the night sky full of stars. They’re tinged with shock and then recognition. And finally, you smile that gorgeous smile that gets you misunderstood often as a woman who doesn’t need anything or anyone but uses them as they come.
But Park Jimin knows better than anyone, how wholeheartedly happy that smile looks when you see him.
Like meeting a good friend after a long time.
Seven months down the road, Jimin finds himself with just a blanket draped over his waist while you’re taking a shower in his bathroom to get ready to head to Hong Kong for a business trip.
He hears the sound of the shower head being turned off. The tapping of your foot around his bedroom as you pick up your clothes that are strewn all over the floor.
Then the bed dips ever so gently under your weight as you climb over to him, the fresh scent of shower get filling his senses.  Lips press a deep, lingering kiss on his. As if you don’t want to go to a place where he won’t be.
A few socials and midnight races after his first meeting with you after a long time, you asked him if he’s seeing someone.
“If I say yes, what will you do?” It’s playful at first, because Jimin didn’t want to get himself hurt the second time.
But it’s the way you tilted your head, a finger tapping on your chin as you pondered on his words, “that’s a problem because I don’t want to be that girl that steals another girl’s man,” then you looked at him like you know he’s the one you want to wake up to every morning and the last face you see when you sleep at night and if you can’t have that. then-
“Can you be mine… just for tonight?”
“I don’t think I can.” The crestfallen expression you wear makes his own heart break, even if it’s just for a split second-
“Because I’m not seeing anyone but I’m in that point in life where I want a serious relationship or nothing at all.”
But what he doesn’t tell you is how he doesn’t want a relationship if it’s not with the girl who still haunts his dreams even after all this time.
Just like how you’d turned him down because you weren’t looking to be in a relationship before, you’d courted Jimin like you’d want to spend your whole life with him now.
Flowers got sent to his office everyday until it smells nothing short of floral. You’d be there, waving at him like he’s your savior in that dreadful social you were both attending. Every week, you’d plan dinner dates under the guise of catching up.
Before you race, you’d look over to where he’s standing, as if saying ‘this one’s for you’ before slipping into your car and coming out first every single time.
As if you were making up for every month of the year that you’d let life pass you by.
Now you’ve won a total of 36 races since he met you and the metal band you gifted him on the night of your 12th win feels warm against his skin. As if it’s absorbed all the love and adoration you poured into it.
And you’re wearing that ring he got you on your birthday on your finger that’s resting on his chest where his heart is as he kisses you back just as reluctant to let you leave.
But Park Jimin knows wherever you are, wherever you will be - you will always find your way back to each other.
Back home.
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I hate that I love you p. 13
13. I hate you
Series Masterlist
Previous Chapter // Epilogue 
Warnings: annoyingly persistent dude shows up this time, but not for long so don’t worry! probably some swearing too, and a first time writer’s SMAU so might be awful lol
Pairing: Tsukishima Kei x Fem!Reader
A/N: how are we already done this fic omg... i won’t lie to yall, I finished the majority of the chapters within a few days cause I was so excited to write haha. But thank you so much for everyone who has kept up with this series and has interacted with me about it! I love interactions so never feel like you can’t interact okay? :) 
Anyways! Onto the story! More written things this time cause you know, we can’t have a big finale and a confession that needs to be said over a text (or at least i don’t personally like text confessions so here we are lol) Enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tsukishima groaned internally as he thought about what to type next. This was the moment he had been waiting for all week. You were finally talking to him, even if it was over text. He didn’t want to mess this up and have your name never pop up in his notifs again. But what would he even say? 
He wasn’t even really sure what happened, how he ended up here waiting for the nurse to bring him an ice pack. He knew the gist of it but the details were still a tad hazy.
“Doesn’t matter how much she rejects me! I’m going to keep trying! Girls like that, you know. If you start slacking off, she’ll just start ignoring you!” The guy had practically yelled across the courtyard in Tsukishima’s direction. It wasn’t that it really pissed him all that much off. It was more the way the guy was talking about you that got under Tsukishima’s skin. “She’s just so beautiful and so smart, she’d make the perfect girl to have on my arm! I don’t care how many times she says no, Y/N’ll be mine eventually!”
Before Tsukishima even knew it, he had a fistful of the guy’s shirt in his hand, glaring down at him, “Stop talking about her like she’s some sort of prize. Besides, how old are you? Even a toddler can understand what NO means.”
Maybe Noya and Tanaka had been passing through and Yamaguchi had called for their help, or maybe they just decided to jump in, but before he knew it, Tsukishima felt himself fall back. Noya and Tanaka had both thrown him aside (neither of them meaning to, they just had a lot of adrenaline and wanted to get up in front). Even though Tsukishima told Y/N he didn’t really hit his head, he could remember the pain surging through his skull. His head was killing him.
Did he black out? Or was he just missing pieces? Tsukishima thought back to the moment and frowned. All he could really remember was the pain and then suddenly, you were crouched next to him with that worried look in your eyes. Honestly, he thought he was dreaming because you were sitting there right next to him, holding his hand and touching his face. 
“Tsukki, are you okay?” You had asked him, helping him sit up. He felt his cheeks flush in that moment, realizing what had just happened. Tanaka and Noya were still yelling at the guy, not even realizing they had practically thrown Tsukishima across the courtyard. 
“IF YOU SO MUCH AS LOOK IN Y/N’S DIRECTION WE WILL COME AFTER YOU. DON’T YOU KNOW THE POWER OF SECOND YEARS?” Noya had added in, the two of them making the best intimidating faces they could manage.
“We should get you to the nurse’s office,” you had told him and before he knew it here he was. He could remember leaning against you as the two of you walked but other than that, it was all a blur.
“Here’s an ice pack, try to rest okay? No volleyball for at least a few days too,” the nurse was telling him and he just nodded. He hadn’t even gotten another word typed out before she had come back and now he was going to have to face you without really knowing what to say.
“So?” You looked up at him in anticipation and Tsukishima wasn’t really sure what you were asking about - his last text or his head.
“I’m fine,” he stated quietly, holding the ice to his head. “I don’t think I have a concussion but I can’t play for a while.”
“I’m sorry,” you mumbled nervously, eyes darting away from his. This had been because of you. You felt the guilt fill you up - if you had just gotten the guy to leave you alone in the first place, none of this would’ve happened. Maybe you should’ve done what Bokuto and the others told you to do and talk to the school’s administration about it. But it seemed like such a trivial thing to complain about.
“Oi,” Tsukishima interrupted your thoughts, nudging you. He could see that guilt written all over your face. “Stop it. It’s not like you hit me or anything.”
“Yeah well, but it’s not like I didn’t want to,” you huffed, frowning up at him. The two of you stood there awkwardly for a moment, both of you waiting for the other to bring up the topic of anticipation. “So... are you going to explain your last text?” You finally asked, a ball of nerves sitting in your stomach. 
Tsukishima bit on his inner cheek, thinking about all the things he had wanted to say to you for the past week. “I’m bad with words when it comes to how I’m feeling,” he stated quietly. “I’m good with facts. I know for a fact that there are so many things about you that I hate.”
Wow great start to the conversation, you thought to yourself, your heart falling a bit. The two of you hadn’t spoken in a week and this is how he wanted to do things?
“Let me finish,” he grumbled, seeing the discomfort in your eyes. “I hate how you click your pen when you’re nervous for a test, I hate that you doodle on my notes in class or that you draw smiley faces on my hand when I’m not paying attention. I hate that you text me at 3 in the morning to ask me questions about the homework or just to ask me how I am. I hate the fact that you refuse to put your books back in your bag and that you’ll just carry them in your arms because we both know you’re clumsy and that you’ll end up dropping something. I hate that you’re always the loudest person during my matches, I hate that I can pick you out of a crowd and that when I can’t see you I get worried.”
Your eyebrows furrowed a little as he continued, his eyes now starting to avoid yours. 
“I hate that you get along with all my teammates and I hate that they make you smile and laugh. I hate that you and Bokuto are good friends and that he makes you happy. I hate everything about you because everything you do just makes me like you more.”
You blink in confusion... was this.. supposed to be some sort of twisted confession?
“I hate that you were so childish that you ignored me for a whole week for being an asshole and that it’s been the most miserable week of my life. I hate that I heard your voicemail more times than your actual voice this week because you wouldn’t pick up the phone. I hate seeing that you hadn’t sent me a text message back, I hate that I wake up at 3 in the morning just in case you reached out to me. I hate that there were no smiley faces on my arm and no doodles on my notes, I hate that I wasn’t able to help you pick up your books or study with you. I hate that I can’t stop thinking about you from the time that I wake up, to the time I go to bed, I hate that you’re in my dreams every single night and I hate that no matter how many times I’ve dreamt about saying these things, it’s never the way that you deserve. I hate that you’re effortlessly perfect and that every guy who walks by you knows it too,” Tsukishima’s hands balled into fists as he thought about it all, scoffing a little at himself. 
How desperate, he thought to himself. He hated how absolutely cheesy he sounded. But he couldn’t stop now. “I hate... I hate everything about you because everything you do just makes me fall harder for you. I hate that I love you, Y/N because no matter how much I want to hate you, I just can’t.”
Time must’ve stopped right then and there. Or else that’s what it felt like. Tsukishima had finally said the words that you were waiting for the whole time you’d known him. Tsukishima... loved you? Everything you felt was... mutual?
Maybe time hadn’t stopped at all and you were just staring at him in complete shock, because Tsukishima was shifting awkward in the empty hall the two of you were in, waiting for some sort of reply out of you. “O-Oh!” He recovered quickly, his whole face turning red, feeling like it was you waiting for him to say something else. “A-And I’m sorry. For being an ass.” His eyes dropped to the ground, holding his head in shame, “I know I was being a dick about Bokuto. And after the first game you came to. I thought that the whole jersey thing was going to make you realize how I felt but you just thought it was to freak out your stalker and...”
“I only thought that cause when you gave me your jacket, you told me it was for the plan,” you interrupted quickly, biting on your lip nervously. “I didn’t... I didn’t want to believe that you would really give me your jersey cause that would mean that everything Yamaguchi said was true.”
Tsukishima looked at you for a moment, a small scowl on his lips, “What did Yamaguchi say?”
A small smile started to play on your lips, “That Tsukishima Kei had a big fat crush on me. Who knew?” You couldn’t help but giggle, watching as this tall glaring bean pole started to go pink with embarrassment. There was such a relief off of your shoulders, knowing that he was admitting how he was feeling and apologizing. 
“S-So you knew?”
“Of course not,” you laugh, shaking your head. “I figured Yamaguchi just told me that because he was encouraging my crush on you!” The words slipped from your lips before you could slap a hand over your mouth, eyes widening as you look up at him.
There was that stupid smirk on his lips, growing bigger as he tilted his chin up in pride, “So Y/N Y/L/N has a crush on me huh?”
You scoff, rolling your eyes a little in embarrassment, “Pfft. What? Me? No way.”
Tsukishima smirked, catching your chin in his fingers and forcing you to look at him, “Go out with me,” he demanded softly, pressing his forehead against yours gently. “For real this time.”
Your whole body was going hot with how he was looking at you, the soft but teasing look in his eyes was driving you insane. You hadn’t ever seen him look at you like this before, “O-Okay,” you mumbled quickly and Tsukishima smiled. A real genuine giddy sort of smile.
Before you could embarrass yourself further, you shove his shoulder gently and pull away, walking towards the exit, “But if you’re ever that much of an ass to me ever again, I’m never talking to you again!” You yell over your shoulder, trying to pretend like your heart wasn’t just leaping out of your chest. 
It didn’t take long for Tsukishima’s long legs to catch up with you, casually opening the hallway doors for you, “Fine.”
“Don’t think you confessing to me makes up for anything, I’m still mad at you.”
“What? Why! I said I was sorry! I thought you said it was ice cream or words! And I apologized!” His scowl was evident, even though his heart was fluttering. Everything he wanted, it was finally happening. 
“Well you were a real asshole so you’re going to need at least words AND ice cream.”
“You’re impossible.”
“But you loveeee me.”
“Just wait till Yamaguchi finds out your whole confession was about you hating me,” you mused as the two of you walked and Tsukishima groaned a little. With how sassy Yamaguchi was getting, he was never going to hear the end of it.
“I will literally buy you any kind of ice cream you want, just don’t tell him,” Tsukishima mumbled, not wanting to admit how embarrassed he would be if his best friend scolded him over his confession.
“No way,” you laugh, shaking your head with a huge smile. “Tsukishima Kei finally confessed to me and I need Yamaguchi to know that he did it in a very Tsukishima way.”
The blond boy just groaned but he swiftly grabbed your hand and stuffed it in his pocket with his own. You tried not to seem so surprised and quickly started looking in every direction but his, not wanting him to notice how nervous you were getting every time his thumb would slowly make a circle along your skin. The two of you walked back to your friends, chatting away the tension that had been so thick before, as if it was a totally normal day for you. As if both of you weren’t thinking I’m the luckiest person alive.
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call my manager; hyunjae
genre: fluff, humor, actor!hyunjae, manager!y/n, agency au ft. the boyz
warnings: swearing, mentions of suicide
note: as a business student i sometimes daydream about being a manager / working in the office. inspired by a turkish tv show, i came up with this story.
Tumblr media
“tell me one thing, chanhee!,”
indeed, the aura radiating in the cre.ker building appears completely different from your expectations. you remember spending several sleepless nights in your bedroom, thinking that your first appearance in the agency would be phenomenal: feeling the fantastic energy, witnessing everyone rushing through the office with tons of movie scenarios in their arms and best of all, meeting multiple star actors. as it happens, you are met with your expectations, but with a tension growing at the reception desk in the fifth floor of the building.
“one thing. why am i not on the poster?!”
if someone told you that kim younghoon, one of the biggest actors, would be the first person you’ll see in the agency, you wouldn’t believe them. but do you know which prediction would cause you to burst out laughing? kim younghoon having an outburst of rage in front of his manager.
“younghoon, i–“
“no. i mean, did everyone forget who received all of the awards last year? who got the best male actor? best main lead, daesang?”
kim younghoon doesn’t even allow his manager to finish his sentence but instead goes on and on about his disappointment in the producer’s choice of creating the grand posters. in fact, the famous actor goes a little too far, causing everyone around him to stop abruptly on their spots, jaws dropping.
“...but you know what? you can go ahead and tell that tasteless producer son eric that i will definitely not play the role until i’m on that damn poster.”
everyone gasps for air, not believing he called one of the best producers tasteless. the look on his manager’s face is horrible when these words leave kim younghoon’s mouth.
“no, no, no, you have to act in that movie. it’s the biggest of the year! younghoon, there’s no need, come on. besides, it’s only a teaser poster!”
with panic written all over his face, the manager grips on the actor’s shoulders and tries his best to calm him down, calling for someone specific with an annoyed tone.
“where’s kevin anyway?!”
all of the sudden a stressed assistant shows up in the lobby, rambling about his experience with another man, who had plenty of complaints.
“i’m here, chanhee-ssi! just checked out the possible magazine covers with juyeon-ssi. not so fortunate. he said, and i quote, can‘t believe this stylist called kim sunwoo made me wear this ugly hat. kevin, you seriously don‘t think that i‘ll allow them to–“
“kevin! enough! can‘t you see we‘re going through a mental breakdown right now? bring younghoon a coffee, please.“
you almost pity the poor manager who seems way too overwhelmed by the huge chaos going on.
”the usual iced vanilla latte with almond milk and a red bean bun on its way!“
it only takes kevin a few seconds to sprint off, leaving the suffering duo alone. soon enough they make their way to their office, which finally enables you to approach the secretary. the unbothered look on the ladies face surprises you as she flicks through several folders, typing on her computer at the same time. her eye roll makes it seem like she’s used to these things happening in the agency. before you can lose more time, you ask her if you could see lee sangyeon, the ceo of cre.ker.
“y/n! it’s nice to see you again! please take a seat.” lee sangyeon kindly gestures to a chair with a genuine smile on his face.
“thank you for taking your time, lee sangyeon-nim. it means a lot to me.” sitting down on a modern armchair, you offer him a kind smile before your eyes dart around his room. the office appears modern, furniture in warm colors, framed pictures of famous movie posters on the walls, a few plants decorating the ceo’s office in a beautiful way.
after chatting about different topics, you are brave enough to bring up the real reason for your appearance at the famous company. studying human resource management, your love for cinematography and your huge interest in cre.ker group - you make sure to mention everything that could make up for the fact that you have absolutely zero job experience. the young ceo is genuinely impressed by your speech and considers you as perfectly competent. unfortunately, the company isn’t currently looking for managers because they have plenty of them. lee sangyeon wants to explain you everything and even offer you a job in a different position when suddenly his personal assistants enters his office after knocking on the door.
“one latte for the boss and here’s your sugarless cappuccino!”
both of you thank the assistant called haknyeon, who seems really close to the ceo.
“by the way. lee sangyeon-nim, especially you know that i’m the last person to spread rumors, am i right? but, i randomly happened to pass by the lobby this morning and may heard that changmin-ssi’s assistant quit today. isn’t that unbelievable?”
with wide eyes haknyeon stares right into the ceo’s eyes while swinging the wooden serving tray in his hand. lee sangyeon only frowns at the statement,
“is that true? how come she hasn’t told me anything about it?”
“apparently it was a sudden decision due to the fact that she can’t handle the actors’ insensible and childish behavior anymore.” haknyeon sighs with an annoyed undertone, using air quotes to describe her reason,
“seriously, she should consider herself lucky. poor kevin has to endure choi chanhee with kim younghoon and lee juyeon at the same time and she can’t cope with manager ji changmin and his actors?”
“that’s true. jacob is anything but insensible. maybe it’s hyunjae?...”, lee sangyeon too, agrees to his assistant’s opinion but mutters something under his breath.
“whatsoever, changmin needs a new assistant now. i can tell that’s going to be tough.” pursing his lips, haknyeon raises his eyebrows while pressing down the door handle to leave the ceo’s office.
swiftly you turn your head back to the ceo sitting behind his desk, looking like an idea popped up in his head,
“if you can endure one month as lee hyunjae’s assistant, you’re absolutely welcome in our agency.”
“i’m sorry.” you trail off, thinking you misheard something, “assistant of who?”
“changmin! i mean ji changmin hahaha.” lee sangyeon rubs his neck and lets out an awkward laugh, “ji changmin is one of our best managers in cre.ker. as it happens, he works with a lot of actors and definitely needs support. i was thinking that maybe you could take this as on opportunity and work as his assistant?”
noticing a look of uncertainty crossing on your face, the ceo continues explaining his offer in a rushed way,
“look, i know that you work as a manager and trust me, you’d certainly be a perfect one. at the moment we’re filled with managers. however, if you start off as an assistant, you could take the position of a manager in the future! in that way, we could observe your abilities and skills as well!”
and the next moment, you find yourself in the office of the well known ji changmin.
the manager doesn’t even bother looking up after greeting you. instead, he flicks through your cv with furrowed eyebrows, round glasses sitting on his nose. 
“human resource?”
“yes, sir.”
“call me changmin.”
“changmin-ssi.” you chuckle nervously.
“alright! you’re my assistant. prove me that you’re capable of everything and you become a manager.”
changmin shuts your folder close and slams it on the desk in front of you before standing up abruptly, making his way out of his office. way too shocked and overwhelmed with the current situation, you don’t move from your seat.
“what are you waiting for? follow me.”
“oh. yes!”
“if i call you randomly at three in the morning, which i am pretty likely to do, i expect you to answer right away. is that clear?”
your small figure following the tall manager through the hallway like a lost puppy, changmin doesn’t give you enough time to answer. 
“the first thing you say to me in the morning isn’t good morning, it’s here’s your coffee.”
“coffee.” you note quietly.
“exactly. iced americano with lots of ice.”
“of course with sugar. i work 24 hours a day, how do you think will i survive without sugar? in this agency we represent over 300 actors. movies, tv shows, advertisements, promos. building all the connections, preparing the contracts are our jobs. and so on and so forth. this is your desk.”
entering a room with three desks, changmin points to the empty one on the right. instantly, you notice two other familiar faces sitting in front of their computers, looking up with excited looks on their faces.
“this is haknyeon, sangyeon’s assistant. kevin is manager chanhee’s assistant. and this is- what’s your name again?”
“y/n!” you respond quickly with an excited tone.
“y/n. my new assistant. please show her everything while i’m at the set for a few hours.” 
before changmin leaves the room, he makes sure to give you a small smile. whereas you cluelessly look around after taking a seat at your work space.
“welcome to cre.ker, y/n! i’m kevin but you can call me kev.”
with excitement the assistant shakes your hand but his smile drops soon when you respond a short nice to meet you. the young boy stares at you with wide eyes, putting his arms up in the air in a funny way,
“yo, hold up. we met before. this morning? at the reception? younghoon’s breakdown?”
“exactly.” chuckling at his way to describe the whole situation, you nod and play with the pens on your desk.
“unbelievable! but hey, don’t worry about that whole... chaos. things like that always happen in this agency. you’ll get used to it very soon.”
kevin can’t stop himself from laughing as haknyeon suddenly gets involved into the conversation, glancing up from his computer to meet your eyes in less than a second,
“younghoon’s something like a crazy b– anyway, welcome to the agency! being an assistant doesn’t suck that much, you know?”
“sure, when you’re lee sangyeon’s assistant.” kevin crosses his arms in front of his chest as he leans back in his seat, an exhausted sigh leaving his mouth, “i gotta get that grind so chanhee won’t snap at me for juyeon not liking his magazine covers.”
“y/n’s only an assistant for a month until she becomes a manager. besides, you only need to deal with lee hyunjae, the other actors are pretty chill.” haknyeon winks at you in order to lighten the mood up.
after explaining your whole situation to your new coworker kevin, he decides to show you around the agency. thanks to him, you get to know the important departments like accountants, media, marketing, production and all that. apart from that kevin shows you the room where movie scenarios are organized well. after taking a look at the huge terrace at the last floor of the building which leaves you amazed, the young assistant leaves you alone in a matter of seconds. his manager needed him immediately.
the air up in the last floor of the building feels nice, as you take a deep breath in, closing your eyes while doing so. today‘s happenings feel a little overwhelming, which is why you allow yourself to take a small break from the loud and busy work space.
yet, the moment you open your eyes, you spot a tall figure standing a little too close to the railing, hands firmly gripping on the iron bar. with panic the stranger looks down the terrace. the sight of this makes you frown while your head lets itself fill with endless thoughts. noticing the person putting his head above the parapet, you panic.
is he going to jump?
is a stranger committing suicide right now?
not wanting to act late, your feet quickly make their way to the stranger. without thinking twice you wrap your arms around his torso in an abrupt move. caused by your sudden actions both of you stumble backwards, his back now pressing on your body.
“sir, be careful!“
your arms remain wrapped around the male’s torso and you feel the soft material of his jacket. breathing in and out quickly, you try to calm yourself down from the sudden worry.
not going to lie, hyunjae felt like dying from shock the moment he felt someone  holding him. the young actor let out a loud yelp before he was forcefully pulled away from the railing.
with a shocked face he turns around to face you, causing your arms to drop. noticing the surprised look crossing on the stranger‘s face, you take a small step back while coughing and rubbing your palms on the material of your trousers,
”i don‘t know how you‘re feeling right now but things will get better. you can get help, sir, just please don‘t do this to yourself.“
hyunjae‘s confused expression changes to an amused one in a matter of seconds when he hears your statement, looking you up and down with a small smirk.
“sir?“ noticing your worried eyes, hyunjae tries not to burst out in laughter, ”you don‘t know who i am?"
“no... i‘m new here. are you perhaps one of the stylists?“
analyzing his outfit, you respond cluelessly. instead of worry and sadness, you catch a glimpse of amusement hidden in the male‘s eyes, which makes you feel dumbfounded.
how can he smile when he almost jumped off a building?
“interesting. really interesting.“
hyunjae only narrows his eyes, the amused smile remaining on his face while mumbling these words. the fact that you don‘t seem to know him, one of the popular actors, doesn't hurt his ego at all. quite the contrary: it‘s interesting. oh, and the fact that you think you saved him from a suicide attempt.
“are you okay, sir?“ still concerned from the previous happening you internally question if he‘s possibly bipolar.
”i‘m great, madam. just a little startled by your sudden hug.“
you catch glimpse of a grin forming on his lips.
”unfortunately my phone dropped from there and i’m pretty sure it landed on the balcony below. and no, i‘m not a stylist.”
“your phone dropped?“
the stranger nods.
“you, you weren‘t–“
“attempting to jump off this building? thank god, i wasn't.“ the young boy crosses his arms in front of his chest and tries to meet your embarrassed eyes. whereas you glance around as if looking for an exit. this is humiliating. 
pressing lips together to keep his laughter in, the stranger’s gaze lingers on your small figure only to get interrupted by another male voice calling for his name,
“hyunjae, here you are! everyone’s been calling you. come on now, changmin is waiting at the set.”
“coming, jacob!”
surprised and confused at the same time, your gaze shifts between the two males.
hyunjae? jacob? oh, no.
realizing you were talking to lee hyunjae himself the whole time, you almost face-palm yourself. now you are even more embarrassed, if that is possible. the only thing you plan in your head is to escape as soon as possible. no longer can you endure this humiliating situation.
“you are hyunjae?”, your mumble is too quiet for the actor to understand,
“i gotta go now. thanks for saving me, madam.”
smirking one last time, hyunjae follows his fellow actor, jacob bae, to the elevator, leaving you completely dumbfounded for the second time this day.
expectations are meant to be broken. at least, that’s what you can say to yourself. constantly, you set them way too high so they can’t help but get broken. take your second day at work as an example. bringing changmin his iced americano early in the morning, reading and sorting multiple movie scenarios, joining the others at set or chatting with your fellow assistants in your office. 
still and how, realization hits you at five in the morning when you remember that ji changmin is representing many important actors, including lee hyunjae. needless to say, your job involves being around them most of the time. don’t get me wrong, all of that would be completely fine if it wasn’t for your first encounter with hyunjae.
nevertheless, you step into the building nervously with a cup of coffee in your hand, heading to the manager’s office.
“good morning! here’s your coffee.”
“morning, y/n. thank you, i’ll really need this because we’re heading to the set today. it’s going to be a long day so please sort all of these files before we drive off.”
ji changmin is on his feet, flicking through folders, phone placed between his ear and shoulder when you enter his office. indeed, he seems stressed.
“of course. is there anything else i can do?”
“none for now. ah, please take a break and have something to eat before 12. i don’t want any of you to work with any empty stomach, okay?”
“yes. thank you, ji changmin-ssi.”
“good morning to you, changmin!”, out of nowhere lee hyunjae bursts into the room, slamming the door open with a wide smile on his face. slightly amazed, you shift your glance away from him. how can he be so energetic in the morning?
“morning, hyunjae. you seem very excited. like always.” changmin lets out a small chuckle before turning to you.
“ah! this is y/n. she’ll be working as my assistant for the next month.”
you don’t fail to notice hyunjae raising his eyebrows slightly, a small smile forming on his lips while he points at you.
“my savior! we already met yesterday, no? when you hug–”
“that’s true! we met at the terrace.” in attempt to prevent him from telling the whole story, you interrupt the actor with an awkward chuckle, eyes darting from him to changmin.
after getting your work done, you decide to go on a small lunch break. unfortunately, kevin and haknyeon seem to still work on piles of work. therefore, you grab something from subway on your own and find a bench at the park near your agency.
biting into your sandwich while watching couples, kids and dogs pass by, you don’t expect to get startled from the same man you met at the terrace.
“mhmm,” still chewing your sandwich, you quickly swallow it before facing the man, who’s now sitting next to you,
“hello, mister hyunjae. is there anything you need?”
“don’t call me mister. it makes me feel old.”, hyunjae jokes and wipes the corner of your mouth with the napkin he took from away from your grip,
“looks like you’re my new babysitter. good luck with that.”
suddenly you’re interested in your untied shoelaces and can’t seem to take your eyes off of them, as you try to hide the small smile forming on your lips. for someone, who likes to talk to people and is open in the social area, you seem a little quiet at that moment. thankfully, the actor continues the conversation instead of keeping silent like you do. usually the young boy would act shy in front of people he just met, yet this time he feels like talking to you is the only option in order to get to know you more. could you call it curiosity? interest? amusement? 
“how’s work going?”
“not that well.” your quick responce makes hyunjae tilt his head,
“what happened? i won’t tell changmin, i swear.” noticing your unsure expressions, he adds.
“i made a mistake.”
it seems like the famous actor doesn’t take you serious, when he lets out a deep chuckle, his shoulders moving slightly while doing so,
“that happens! i make mistakes all the time.”
“that’s not the same thing, you’re talented, famous and handsome!”
at that point, you’re acting no longer shy and quiet but rather open and ready for a discussion. however, the slight embarrassment and regret after saying that sentence, causes you to shut your mouth and avoid his eyes once again. indeed, you can’t deny that you look up the actors new on google after your first unusual encounter. definitely, you were more than amazed by his excellent acting skills.
“none of these are important. there are many people like me.”
this time, you notice how his eyes focus on something behind you. besides that, you notice him darting his glance around the park, uncertainty written in them.
“come on. we gotta go.”
unexpectedly, you get dragged away from the area. confused by his sudden actions, you ask what’s going on before swiftly taking a look behind you, only to spot three young teenage-girls, obviously fangirling over hyunjae.
oh my god, isn’t that lee hyunjae?
he looks even more handsome in real life!
let’s take a selfie with him!
“aren’t they your fans? why are you running away?”
hyunjae doesn’t respond, as his feet move even faster, making it harder for you to keep up. steadying your breath, you ask once again.
“maybe you should talk with them for at least five minutes?”
“sometimes i’m not in the mood. i can get annoyed too, you know? one wrong move or statement from me makes them hate me instantly–”
“are we going to keep running away like this?”, after looking behind you, you interrupt hyunjae in a worried voice.
for a moment, an unsure look crosses over the actor’s face as he thinks of a way to escape without having to keep running. fortunately, it doesn’t take him long to tighten the grip on your wrist and pull you around the next corner. you’re too overwhelmed to ask any further questions and follow the young man into an unknown backyard. seconds later, the three young girls seem to have disappeared which makes you open your mouth, only for it to get slapped shut by hyunjae’s hand. shocked, your widen eyes stare into his, as he presses his finger on his lips.
it’s only seconds later when you notice the small distance between your faces, which makes you slap his hand away from your mouth quickly, before you get distracted by his deep brown eyes.
“they’re gone anyway!”
standing up, you take a few steps away from hyunjae, who seems a little lost. soon he stands up as well and can’t help but laugh. being chased by fans isn’t exactly his favorite activity but running away with you was quite cool.
“hyunjae! perfect, i was just about to call you. the car is here in five minutes.”
arriving back at the agency after a long walk with the young actor, ji changmin’s voice catches both your attention, as he approaches you.
“had lunch break with your assistant. got caught by fans but we escaped. right, y/n?”
“you could’ve taken a selfie with them.”
although the manager gives a sweet smile, you can sense slight bitterness. luckily, the car pulls up right away. changmin tells hyunjae to wait in the car before he turns to you, his smile dropping instantly. this makes you feel unsure and slightly panicked. you can even feel your heart speeding up as you wait for your annoyed manager to speak.
“y/n? what do you think you were doing?”
for a second you stay silent, unsure how to answer,
“nothing. i was eating lunch and he wanted to join me.”
internally you cussed at yourself for talking in a quiet and shy voice.
“what if the paparazzi caught you and news like lee hyunjae caught with this girl get spread?”
“nobody took a picture–”
“because you were lucky! never get in contact with an actor without my permission.”
“yes. i understand.”
again your voice sounds sheepish and small, your hands struggling not to tremble.
“hyunjae is a star. you’re just a normal person. if you want to have lunch with someone then do it with normal people like you, got it?”
that’s all ji changmin has to say before he makes his way to the car. and you? you feel bad. very bad. you feel like you got slapped by ji changmin twenty times. you feel like the earth beneath you is going to swallow you so you can escape this exact moment. but unfortunately, you’re forced to enter that car right away.
one month.
you only need to endure one month until you become a manager.
remember when ji changmin told you that even if he calls you in the middle of the night, you have to be available? out of all his statements, you thought of this specific one as the least probable. however, once again you are proven wrong.
you don’t expect to get waken up by the loud ringing of your phone at two a.m. how could you leave your cozy bed after such a long and tiring day? without opening your eyes, your hand reaches for your phone on your nightstand and pick it up after a few unsuccessful tries.
“y/n! are you awake?” the manager’s loud voice can be heard through the phone, “wait, never mind, you’re awake now. i want you to go to the bar hyunjae’s at and pick him up, alright?”
rubbing your eyes, you finally sit up. “now?”
“yes, now!”
“can i ask why he can’t leave by himself.”
changmin notices your tired voice and decides to speak up, “he got into a fight with someone so you have to hide from the paparazzi when you leave. make sure to go with a taxi and don’t you ever think of leaving his side, that boy’s not in his right mind right now.”
“i’ll call you a taxi, you’ll be there in ten minutes.”
“alright. i’ll get dressed quickly and leave-”
“don’t lose your time with that! nobody cares how you look like! i’m sending you the location tell them my name when you enter.”
eventually you end up looking for lee hyunjae in a popular bar filled with drunk people, paparazzi’s impatiently at the front. like the manager said, nobody seems to care that you’re in your pajamas. 
you sound worried when you finally find the actor sitting in an empty room, the music still audible through the walls.
“y/n?” the boy appears upset and exhausted at the same time, rubbing his brows to ward off his headache.
“i’m here to pick you up.”
“i told you that you’d become my babysitter.” suddenly he looks up to you with a knowing smile on his face.
“you got into a fight?”
“i ha– are you in your pajamas?”
hearing him chuckle causes you to do the same while looking down on your clothes.
“now that i’ve seen you in pajamas means that we’re friends.”
trust me, you want to continue this conversation with him. you want to become his friend and laugh about stupid jokes with him. but unfortunately, you don’t have enough time.
“okay. but we have to leave now through the staff entrance. the taxi is waiting there.”
“alright! i’m always up for an adventure.”
thankfully your mission to sneak out unnoticed by the paparazzi was successful. at the moment both of you sit in the backseat of the taxi as nothing but the noise of cars outside can be heard. the young actor stares out of the window with dull eyes which catches your attention. 
“don’t worry, hyunjae. they couldn’t take any pictures.”
“even if they did, changmin would find a way to handle it.”
once again the car is filled with quietness after you tried to cheer him up. still, you don’t give up.
“thousands of people adore you, support you, want to be like you. if only you could set an example for them instead of fighting at bars.”
hearing those words out of your mouth makes hyunjae overthink his actions. the actor enjoys that you talk to him about this matter without scolding him. your soft voice calms him down as he understands that you speak nothing but the truth. however, he doesn’t want to admit it.
“i never wanted to be an example for others.”
“if you show up on that screen, you’ll eventually be seen as one.”
when hyunjae is finally able to turn his face to your side, the sight of a smile forming on your face causes him to ease up on his thoughts. the boy doesn’t notice his eyes lingering on yours a little longer than usual. the fact that he doesn’t look away makes your heart flutter. you feel butterflies in your stomach as you stare deeply into his dark brown eyes. moonlight shines through the car’s window, appearing on his soft skin. for some reason hyunjae enjoys this staring contest and he doesn’t mind looking at your face for a few more minutes.
however, when his gaze drops down to your lips, you avert your gaze in panic.
“i-i have rubbing alcohol in my bag.”
hyunjae is a little confused when you interrupt the intense staring contest with these random words. still, his gaze doesn’t leave your face.
“we should clean your wound with it.”
the boy tried to hide how delighted he is as you sheepishly dab the cotton pad on his cheek. after that he moves closer to you, shoulders bumping, and places his head on your shoulder without thinking twice.
your skin tingles at the sudden contact as you try to calm yourself down. however that seems impossible as the male snuggles up. stupid heart, you act up again.
“you’re taking good care of me, y/n.”
the next day you get an unexpected call from changmin as you sit in your office, typing on your notebook. your fellow assistants, haknyeon and kevin, observe your expressions curiously. 
the manager demands you to drive to the film set since he’s currently attending an important meeting. he gave you the producer’s phone number and the location, leaving you alone and clueless. 
to be completely honest, you’re not surprised when you hear that it’s about lee hyunjae again. apparently he refuses to leave the caravan, making everyone at the set wait for him. besides that, you find out that his stubbornness is caused by his co-actor park sumin, the female lead, who had a small argument with him.
finally you arrive at the film set and meet eric sohn for the first time.
“you must be ji changmin’s assistant?”
nodding, you follow him to hyunjae’s caravan as he explains that the actor has to leave in fifteen minutes or else the day would get cancelled. the stressed producer walks away frustratedly,
“both of them are driving me crazy! what is this unprofessionalism?” 
taking a deep breath in, you knock on the door, “hyunjae, it’s me. y/n. can we talk for a few minutes?”
hyunjae opens the door and pulls you inside the caravan with a swift move, making your body bump into his. you look up to spot his angry face, eyebrows furrowed, jaw clenched. this side of him frightens you a little and you can’t do anything but look at him with nervous eyes. 
hyunjae’s stares are always extremely intense. once again, the actor shamelessly stares at you. 
“i’ve never been inside a caravan. it’s pretty.” randomly you mutter, as your glance darts around the caravan.
this causes hyunjae to scoff and move away from you, allowing you to breathe. 
“changmin’s mad at me for causing trouble and sent you again, am i right?”
the actors takes a seat at the small couch, fingers rubbing his forehead.
“i didn’t see him but i think he’s really angry. i bet his nerve is popping on his head.” finger pointing to your head, you try to lighten up the mood.
but he doesn’t laugh. instead he pounds his fist against his thigh. obviously, he’s angry and frustrated.
“hyunjae, why are you being like this?”
“because i’m tired of waiting for sumin every damn day. not only me! the whole staff, hundred people. do you know how long she needs for hair and makeup? all she cares about is her looks. she’s an actor not a model! now she should wait for me.”
“but now you’re doing the same! everyone’s waiting for you!”
“i’m trying to teach her a lesson.”
you sigh, almost losing your temper, “okay. you two main leads argue. the stylists wait. you lock yourself in the caravan. the innocent staff becomes the victim,”
in the middle of your statement, hyunjae stands up and walks around the room, you following him in only seconds,
“why are you so-”
suddenly he turns around and takes a few steps to you, making you trail off.
“i’m what?”
“selfish.” after a few seconds you reply. however, you instantly regret it as you see the look on his face. the actor sits on the couch again before sighing,
“i’ll enter the set. if she apologizes to the staff.”
“great! i’ll talk to her now!”
“you want me to what?”, the female actor laughs with an edge as she looks you up and down, “apologize? for what?”
“for making everyone wait all the time.”
park sumin laughs arrogantly, eyes darting around the set. “sunwoo, have i ever made the staff wait for me?”
the stylist standing next to you, apparently sunwoo, bites his lip as his grip on the costume tightens with nervousness. the boy’s silentless explains that you’re right.
“i heard you waste time because of hair and makeup.” 
sunwoo’s eyes widen and you notice his amused smile after these words leave your mouth in a confident way. fortunately, you are not the shy or introverted type. quite the contrary. you like getting to know new people and are brave enough to speak up when you witness something unfair.
“because, little girl, i want to appear my best for millions of fans,” the actress crosses her legs before her eyes land on you, “i’m not apologizing.”
“hello, changmin-ssi? we have a little problem. hyunjae said that he will only leave the caravan if park sumin apologizes but she doesn’t want to. what am i supposed to do?”
“lie! sumin apologized to all the staff, she’s begging them to forgive her! is what you have to say. what do i always tell you, y/n? don’t come to me with problems. come to me with solutions.”
changmin speaks through the phone with a frustrated tone.
minutes later you find yourself in the same caravan again. this time you’re not able to meet the actor’s eyes since you can’t bring yourself to lie.
“she didn’t apologize.”
“i knew it.”
“mister changmin told me to lie to you about it. but i choose to be honest with you. hyunjae. if you don’t leave this trailer now, ji changmin will scold me to death. maybe he’ll even fire me! i’m going to be jobless again and i’l never become a manager, ever! i’ll have to send thousand of cv’s again, they’ll tell me we’ll call you but they never will, all the staff at the set will die from the coldness outside. but your problems are more important,”
“because you-”
suddenly you trail off and stop your rant when hyunjae speaks.
“did you just say okay?”
“i don’t want you to get punished because you told me the truth. that’s why i’m going out there.” hyunjae stands up to face you. he seems a lot calmer now.
“thank you.”
“i’m responsible for all this. i won’t be stubborn.“
the sight of your genuine smile makes him chuckle. he’s happy to see the joy in your eyes.
“but first we need to get something.” you’re dumbfounded when the man in front of you takes your small hand into his and pulls you to the front seat of the trailer. he starts the car as you sit on the passenger seat with widen eyes,
“what are you doing? are you crazy?”
he only laughs before he winks at you and starts driving out of the area. everything gets worse when you get a call from eric sohn. your hands tremble in panic and you’re too scared to answer the phone call.
“tell him we’ll be back in ten minutes.”
the car ride is quite funny and entertaining. both of you talk about random things and also gossip about the agencies employees. the conversation about your own life gets so deep, that you forget about the situation. in fact, you still have no idea to where you’re headed.
eventually hyunjae stops by a convenience store and tells you to wait in the trailer. when he comes back he holds two plushies in his hands, handing one to you.
“it’s sunwoo’s sister’s birthday, i wanted to get her a gift. and this one’s for you. do you like it?”
amazed by his actions, you stare at the adorable small bear plushy in your hand. your eyes light up as you hug it tightly, “it’s so cute!”
“like you.” he drives off with a smile, leaving you blushing.
in the end of the day everything is back to normal. hyunjae and sumin film their parts successfully, although the slight tension can be sensed. however, none of that matters to you since ji changmin’s praise is stuck in your head. and perhaps also the loving look hyunjae gave to you.
days later almost everyone finds out about the small argument between the two main leads of the brand new kdrama. fans, who wished for the two of them to date, are incredibly disappointed about this matter. lee hyunjae and park sumin’s image is somewhat destroyed since they’ve been shipped all the time. haknyeon told you that they will definitely get nominated for the best couple award. but they’re not even dating?
“but the fans want that. and nothing is more important than the audience’s expectations.”
were the manager choi chanhee’s words after he gave you and kevin a mission. 
choi chanhee being park sumin’s manager and ji changmin being lee hyunjae’s manager, told kevin and you to spread fake news on all social platforms. except, nobody can know that those are actually fake news. 
“i can’t believe we’re doing this.”
“don’t be so negative, y/n! this is actually quite fun.”
hiding behind trees, kevin and you observe hyunjae and sunmi at a cafe. all you have to do is take pictures of them together and post it on twitter. not difficult, right? obviously, unlike kevin, you don’t really like the idea of doing this. was it because you’re naturally an honest person? was it because you hated doing things undercover? or was it because you hated the sight of hyunjae with his co-actress?
click, click, click
kevin looks excited as takes several pictures with his phone while you stand next to him, arms crossed over your chest.
“yas! this is so going viral.”
“they’re not even dating. it’s fake, all a game.”
“but i’m going to make it look like it’s real?” your fellow assistant gives you a side glance.
“yes, we have to. and don’t tell anyone.” 
both of you know that kevin isn’t really talented in keeping secrets for too long.
“i swear to everything. i even swear to queen beyonce-”
“i thought hyunjae wouldn’t meet her. he said he didn’t want his life to get controlled by others.”, you sigh as you watch the two actors with sad eyes, “i guess haknyeon’s right. actors say one thing and do the opposite.”
“she’s really pretty, though.”
you nod, “yeah.”
suddenly a man shows up behind you, making you almost yelp. kevin quickly covers your mouth with his hand and pulls you behind the big tree. 
“you’re finally here, sir! like we talked about it. just play a romantic song over there.”
the man with the guitar nods and leaves you to make his way to the same cafe, stopping near the popular actors.
“this is gonna be lit!”
“you did what?!”
“hired a musician who can play a romantic song causing hyunjae and sumin to dance with each other?” kevin replies like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.
moments later kevin zooms into the dancing couple as the music is played in the background. hyunjae’s arm is wrapped around sumin’s waist and they both look into each other’s eyes. when it comes to you, you’re upset and somehow insanely jealous. you want to take your eyes off of them, avoid the pain in your chest, but you can’t. 
“i’ve been wanting to ask. is there anything going on between you?”
kevin’s sudden statement makes you turn your head to him instantly, spotting him still recording the couple.
“a star and an assistant? is this a wattpad fanfiction or what?”, you scoff.
“so funny.” he sarcastically mocks you before continuing, “you said he slept on your shoulder in the taxi.”
“he was drunk.”
“he doesn’t want you to get fired, let alone scolded by ji changmin. personally, i think there’s a possibility.”
you gulp, “i don’t want to hope. my expectations always get destroyed. also, haknyeon said they’ll fall in love in the future. he said normal people can’t date actors.”
kevin only rolls his eyes and whines, “haknyeon doesn’t know shit. every decent human being can tell that there’s nothing between them. no sparks. no loving looks. nada.”
“you think so?”
right after you say this, both of them start to laugh as hyunjae whispers something into sumin’s ear. he pulls her even closer than they were, making it look like they’re actually a couple.
“perfect shot. now they look like they’re in love.”
the co-assistant is proud as he presses the record button and ends the video. 
yet, you can’t deal with any of these anymore. you’ve never felt this jealous before and are afraid that you’re going to have a breakdown any moment. therefore, you pull at kevin’s sleeve, dragging him away from the area.
“now that we’re finished, we can leave.”
once again the whole office is filled with busy people walking around on a thursday morning. some make their way through with their phones pressed against their shoulders and ears, while others can’t see ahead of them due to the piles of folders in their arms. since day one things have been going this way, including a few arguments between actors and managers (like younghoon and chanhee). fortunately, kevin and haknyeon helped you through your first two weeks, leaving only two more to finally end this disaster. in fact, you are so fed up by some of ji changmin’s actions towards you that you considered quitting.
when it comes to lee hyunjae, you still don’t know whether he is easy or difficult to deal with. indeed, he puts himself in many difficult situations, leaving you to save him from all of it. however, besides that, the young actor strangely makes you feel happy and motivated in the agency. without doubt, he keeps entertaining you, supporting you and acting like a friend.
if only you could call him that. in fact, ji changmin’s words haunt you till this day. demanding that you can’t be near him unless he says so, telling you that you’re just a normal person, who can’t be anything but an assistant to the famous actor. but you can’t help it! because at the same time, the same manager calls you everyday, no matter day or night, telling you to help lee hyunjae. no matter how much you try to keep a distance from him, you fail. being changmin’s assistant means dealing with his actors everyday.
and this exact matter drives you crazy. every time you’re close to lee hyunjae, you feel more attracted to him. therefore, you attempt to avoid him. which is – newsflash – impossible.
like just now changmin asked you to go to hyunjae’s house this night and go through some movie scenarios together. his house. this night. alone. great, thanks changmin!
“everything okay?”
looking up from the movie scenarios in your arms, you spot bae jacob in front of you. swiftly, you move away from the wall you were leaning on and meet his eyes and offer him a smile.
“everything’s fine. i was just going through some of these.”
“i see. are those for hyunjae?”
“they are. i guess there’ll be lots of work for me this night.”
chuckling at your pout, jacob pats your shoulder, “don’t worry, you can do this! i’m here if you need any help. i’m pretty good at rating scenarios, you know?”
“i know! mister changmin told me you go through them on your own. besides that, you almost never need anything.”
“is hyunjae giving you a hard time?”
jacob’s laugh causes you to laugh as well and neither of you seem to notice lee hyunjae himself standing only a few steps away from you, witnessing everything. both of you are way too engrossed in the conversation.
“not only hyunjae but ji changmin as well.” you whisper into jacob’s ear, making sure nobody hears it. the actor nods understandingly, a small smile on his face.
“i guess i’ll have to cause trouble too in order to have such a nice assistant by my side.”
blushing at his words, you don’t even notice the closeness between you two. but lee hyunjae does.
clenching his jaw, he finally approaches you too, unaware of the jealousy boiling inside him. he’s almost glaring at the both of you before he shifts his gaze away from your flattered figure. luckily, he greets you with a calm voice.
“what’s up?”
“oh, hey! we were talking about you.”
in fact, hyunjae ignores jacob as his eyes are focused on you. obviously, he sees that you’re unable to meet his gaze, your glance shifting around the office, never settling on something specific. still, hyunjae responds to his fellow actor.
“really? what were you possibly saying about me?”
you’re aware that he is still observing every move of yours but still decide to keep silent, hoping that jacob won’t tell him that you think of hyunjae as a troublemaker. but that’s exactly what he does.
“apparently you’re giving her a hard time. poor y/n seems a little exhausted.”
of course, you know that jacob is only joking as he wraps his arm around your shoulder, giving hyunjae a cute smile. bae jacob is the kindest person you know on earth, he wouldn’t even hurt a fly.
“i am? is that why you’re avoiding my eyes right now?”
your heart drops. gripping the folders against your chest, you finally turn around and meet hyunjae’s eyes for a second.
“of course not! we’re just joking, right?”
jacob nods with amusement written all over his face and observes you looking for an exit.
“i should go now, have fun at the set!”
“thanks, y/n!”
jacob is the only one who says goodbye as both of the actors stand at the same place, watching you sprint off to your office.
“she’s so weird. why is she so weird?”
hearing hyunjae mumbling these words under his breath, jacob chuckles while hitting his back.
"she probably has a lot of work to do. besides, both of you have been acting like best friends, why don’t you just ask her?”
the cold air at the middle of the night makes you shiver and run your hands up and down your arms in order to warm you up. from all the work in the office, you weren’t able to finish any earlier. currently, you find yourself standing in front of lee hyunjae’s huge house, almost freezing to death from the awful coldness.
finally the door is opened by the actor himself, a tired expression on his face. he’s wearing a white lose t-shirt with a pair of sweatpants, hands rubbing his eyes while mumbling words under his breath.
eventually he catches glimpse of your cold figure which makes him give you all of his attention. his eyes wander over your whole face, from your tired eyes to your red nose, rosy cheeks and lightly trembling lips, which causes butterflies to appear in your stomach. hyunjae’s voice is deeper than usual, indicating you probably woke him up from his peaceful sleep.
“am i disturbing you?”
“you’re not. i was just taking a nap.”
“changmin-ssi wants us to go trough the scenario for the new movie.”
“at this time.” lines form between hyunjae’s eyebrows but the small grin goes unnoticed. his words sound more like a statement instead of a question, causing you to frown as well, waiting for him to continue.
“you’re only here because of that? nothing else?”
you open and close your mouth several times before finally forming words,
“yes. why else would i be here, hyunjae?” hearing his name in your soft voice almost makes hyunjae’s knees weak. without waiting any longer, he shakes his head and gestures you to come inside.
before you can talk about work hyunjae insists to offer you something to eat, claiming you must feel exhausted after this long day. you lean against the counter in the kitchen as you watch him prepare something for you.
“are things better between you and sumin?”
he sighs while mixing the rice, “kinda? she still annoys me, though. and all the media and stuff makes everything worse.”
“hey, don’t worry too much. people might talk about it now but everything will be forgotten in a matter of weeks and everything will turn back to normal. you shouldn’t stress yourself out or you’ll get sick.”
saying these things is easy for you. firstly, because you’re empathetic and like to help people. secondly, because hyunjae’s become a close friend of yours and you feel comfortable around him. and thirdly, because you may have fallen in love with him.
“you’re so good to me.” hyunjae pours a glass of iced tea in a cup and looks up to you, “you’re like herbal tea. calming me down instantly.”
“i’ve never been compared to herbal tea.” laughing you take sip from your drink as he gives you an adoring look. he leans in a little, genuinely concerned about you,
“it’s your turn. tell me why you’re upset.”
“hm? oh, no, it’s nothing. i’m just a little tired from work.”
the actor doesn’t believe you and gives you a knowing look, “you can tell me if someone hurt you. you can tell me everything.”
little does hyunjae know, you can’t tell him everything. you must be insane to tell him that you are in love with him. that you can’t ever be more than friends. that you’re just a normal person and normal people can never be with stars. that it hurts you every time you see him with park sumin. that his loud laugh gives you butterflies. that his intense stare makes your flutter. that even a small smile makes your cheeks turn red.
the actor catches glimpse of your unease and searches for more signs of it. he tries to find out what’s bothering you, but you won’t allow him to. tilting his head, he lifts up your chin only for you to turn around rapidly.
“we should go through the scenarios.”
“the interesting and probably most important matter in this story are probably the character’s personalities. jake and alison are different from each other.”
currently, both of you sit on the couch in hyunjae’s living room as you explain the details about the upcoming movie.
“jake thinks everyone’s against him. he doesn’t like people, therefore he appears cold and uninterested. alison’s the complete opposite. she tries her best, always hoping for the best and likes talking to people.”
“true. that’s why they are attracted to each other.” 
“exactly! you know why?”
hyunjae shakes his head and waits for you to continue in anticipation.
“opposites attract.”
after your words, the actor seems like he understood what you mean and tries to hide his grin, eyes now completely focused on your expressions. 
“what if jake suddenly acts extremely joyful and never gets annoyed? what happens if he starts acting like alison?” your voice is softer than before.
hyunjae’s lips are slighlty parted before he leans in, placing his chin on his palm, looking into your eyes, “you tell me.”
“they will push each other away. that means... that means sometimes we can be with people who aren’t like us.”
“because then there‘s excitement. right?”
“right. what should we do?” moving his palm away from his chin, he shifts even closer and is interested in your features. you too, are focused on his eyes as endless questions fill your head. what does he mean? wetting your lips, you wish for him not to notice the redness on your cheeks.
“what should we do?” whispering his words with a questioning tone, you notice how his face gets closer to yours. nervously, you gulp, hands gripping tightly on the couch’s material. by the time his face is only inches apart from yours, your heart almost explodes and you feel his breath on your skin.
what is happening?
right when you think he’s going to press his lips on yours, he grabs folders with the scenarios from behind you and leans back to his seat quickly.
attempting to hide the amusement, hyunjae sighs, acting like nothing happened, “we should analyse the dialogues between them to see how they show their affection.”
the sight of hyunjae acting laidback and chill almost annoys you since you sit there speechless, heart still beating like crazy. your attempt to hide your nervousness fails since the redness of your cheeks give it away. quickly you snatch the folders away from his grip before cleaning your throat,
“t-that’s enough. we can talk about it tomorrow at the agency. it’s late now.”
of course, the actor doesn’t fail to notice your eyes avoiding his. he nods understandingly but you’re already on your feet. he stands up in order to guide you to the front door. however, you remember that your phone still lies on the couch and turn around suddenly, causing your bodies to bump into each other.
“my phone-”
you stop abruptly when you are met with hyunjae’s chest. slowly, you look up to see him already watching you with no longer a smug look but rather a taken aback one. 
this time, hyunjae feels his heart beat thousand times faster than before. there’s a heavy feeling in his stomach as his eyes wander around your beautiful face. the closeness of your bodies makes his ears turn red but once again you’re the first one to end the intense staring contest.
“i need to walk my plants.”
what did you just say?
hyunjae frowns.
with widen eyes you run away and leave his house, “good night!”
in the end hyunjae lets himself fall on his couch with his palm pressed against his heart. eyes formed into crescent moons he can’t help but let out a giggle. 
“how are you so damn cute?”
it’s new years eve. that means party at the agency.
“remember when you freaked out about the teaser posters?” chanhee asks younghoon as they sit by the bar with drinks in their hands. 
“that was a disaster.” the actor laughs hysterically as his manager hits his arm playfully. younghoon then wraps his arm around the boy next to him, his manager and best friend at the same time.
while others... 
“you know, kevin, my back hurts from carrying the whole agency. but i’m grateful to have such a nice assistant by my side.” the model takes a sip from his drink dramatically.
“sure thing, juyeon. just don’t tell that chanhee. he’ll get jealous of me.”
“you’re my best bud.”
on the other side of the room ceo lee sangyeon and his assistant haknyeon have a random conversation about turtles. little does everyone know, they’re gossiping about the agencies workers. 
“i don’t care about how good ji changmin’s new assistant is. y/n will remain the best.” haknyeon wipes away fake tears from his eyes.
“she’ll still be working with us, hak.”
“but not as my fellow assistant, sangyeonnim!”
don’t worry, you didn’t quit. it’s just the last day of you being an assistant. you’ll enter the new year as a manager at cre.ker group. your dreams will finally come true. isn’t that awesome? indeed, it is.
however, you couldn’t really bring yourself to enjoy the night. no matter how happy you are about your career as a manager, the sight of hyunjae with sumin upsets you.
everybody’s going crazy at the new year’s party. loud music playing at the back, people start dancing. thankfully, you aren’t alone but with ji changmin and bae jacob.
“ready to be a manager?” ji changmin nudges your side, leaning in so you can hear him through the loud music.
“definitely.” laughing, you high-five him.
these past weeks went by really well. besides having fun days with your fellow assistants, you got closer to ji changmin. you’re friends now, which makes you really happy. in fact, you feel like he’s become the closest to you, after lee hyunjae.
“can’t wait to have you as my fellow manager.”
“i’m a little sad. y/n won’t be by our side that often.” jacob pouts playfully, making changmin and you laugh hysterically.
“that’s true. you’re the best assistant i’ve ever had.”
“hey! i’m still in cre.ker, remember? we’ll see each other every day.”
the three of you continue your conversation until you spot hyunjae with his co-actress. they’re laughing at whatever, her hands all over him. the actor isn’t bothered at all but tilts his head back, chuckling at her joke. she looks into his eyes with love and attraction and that’s the limit for you. if you continue watching them, you’re certain you’ll do something you regret.
“gonna get some air. i’ll be back in five minutes.”
city lights are so beautiful to look at at night. especially at the terrace of this huge building. the cold air makes you wrap your arms around yourself to keep yourself warm. nobody else is up there, leaving you by your own. the music can still be heard besides the city noises. leaning on the railing, you remember your first day at the agency. the memory of your first encounter with lee hyunjae appears in your mind and you unknowingly smile at the embarrassing moment.
what is hyunjae to you? you’re no longer his assistant. neither are you his manager. yet, he’s your friend. he’s someone you can tell almost everything. he’s someone you share so many wonderful memories with. someone, who always makes you burst into laughter. someone you had several adventures with. although, you should be thankful to have such an energetic friend like lee hyunjae, your heart aches. you’ll have to see him at the agency every day, probably with his new girlfriend.
“what are you doing up here, miss?”
abruptly, you turn around to spot lee hyunjae right in front of you, hands in his jacket pockets.
“i’m just getting some air.”
“hm.” leaning on the railing next to you, his gaze focuses on the city lights, “this is where we first met.”
grinning, you look away in embarrassment.
“when you grabbed me like this.” 
suddenly you feel arms wrap around your waist from behind. his chest presses against your back as he rests his chin on your shoulder. deep inside, you want to scold him for making you feel this way. for making your body freeze, heart pounding forcefully against your rib cage. 
“be careful, sir!” 
eventually, you burst into laughter at hyunjae’s attempt to imitate your voice.
“you were so confused.”
“apparently you find it amusing?”
“absolutely. you were like sir are you okay, are you fine the whole time.”
“which idiot drops their phone from the building.” scoffing playfully, you shake your head in disappointment.
“yah! that can happen.” he scratches his neck after unwrapping his arms around you to stand next to you. when you glance at him, his rosy cheeks catch your attention and you smile at him as he stares at the stars before you remember his closeness to park sumin.
“you know... i’m really thankful that i had such a nice assistant by my side the whole time.”
“you mean babysitter?” you chuckle.
“i’m serious. you were always here when i needed something. or someone.”
“are you going to cry?”
“hey! take me serious for a moment.” hyunjae nudges your shoulder with a laugh, “i’m sorry that i caused trouble. i can’t thank you enough for covering everything up. and honestly i’m upset that you’re no longer by my side.”
“what do you mean? we’re still friends.”
“you know it’s not the same.”
“maybe it’s the best.”
hearing these words from you confuses hyunjae and he gives you a clueless look. the boy feels like his heart broke into pieces. “what do you mean?”
“sometimes distance is good. when you, you know, when you want to get over someone.” 
you can’t believe what you just said.
hyunjae is frozen on spot. he has an idea of what you’re trying to point out but he’s not sure about it.
“you’re trying to get over me?”
you sigh, giving up to conceal your feelings, “yes, i know it’s ridiculous. but i can’t help it. i like you. a lot. i want to be with you all the time. i tried to avoid these feelings and even avoid you but that was kinda impossible. and i know that this will never work. because you’re a star and i’m just your assistant. seeing you with other actresses hurts me. that’s why i think distance is good.”
you press your lips into a thin line and look at the floor, trying to avoid his eyes out of embarrassment. while hyunjae’s tongue gets tangled. there’s a fluttering in his stomach and he feels lightly dizzy.
“who said that?”
you look up in confusion.
“who said it will never work?”
blinking, you clear your throat, “i’m guessing you like park sumin. and besides that you–”
suddenly the boy in front of you starts laughing, head tilting back before he reaches for your hands, “you never fail to make me laugh. how did you get that idea?”
stumbling to halt, you swallow multiple times as you feel his thumb brush over your hand, “you’re always laughing and flirting.”
“it’s an act, remember? oh my god, why do i enjoy your jealousy?”
you’re enjoying it a little too much.
“jealousy? hahahaha.” you slap his arm away and take a few steps back. 
“okay. i’m guessing it’s my turn. i like you, y/n. i might even love you. i don’t know why i couldn’t tell you this earlier, i think i was being a pussy. but you make my heart flutter whenever you smile at me. i want us to be together all the time. i want to hug you like this.”
suddenly he pulls you into a tight hug, hand patting your head as you snuggle between his neck and shoulder, butterflies exploding in your stomach. you feel lightheaded and giggle when he pulls away and holds your face in his hands. 
“and kiss you like this.”
next thing you know, hyunjae’s lips are pressed against yours. his fingers brush on your cheek while his other hand lingers on your back. you’re taken aback, hands not knowing what to do before you eventually wrap them around his torso, pressing your lips on his soft ones.
both of you pull back, his hands still caressing your face. you look into each other’s eyes with so much love and affection. 
“i love you.”
“i love you too, hyunjae.”
“it’s almost midnight.” he brushes the hair away from your face.
“i know. should we go before the others come up?”
“why? do you need to walk your plants? or water your dog?” 
you hit his chest and try to push him away from you in embarrassment but fail since his grip is extremely strong. he refuses to let go and pouts his lips in a cute way, “i want to share my new year kiss with you.”
“but they’ll know.”
“i don’t care. i’m not going to hide my feelings anymore.” with these words he sways you from left to right.
eventually hyunjae and you decide to hide at the back of the terrace since you are a little too shy.
“let’s always be together.”
“i love you.”
“i love you too.”
and you enter the new year with hyunjae, as a manager at cre.ker, happier than ever.
“miss y/n! here’s your coffee.”
“thank you! are the signed files on my desk?”
“yes. i brought them this morning.”
“you’re the best.”
thanking your assistant you make your way to your office. on the hallways you spot many of your co-workers, everyone stressed with their own work.
“have a beautiful day, y/n!”
“you too, kev!” kevin enters his office after greeting you while you speed walk to the meeting room. chanhee appears in front of you, hands pressing on your shoulders,
“first of all, good morning. second of all, i forgot juyeon’s birthday gift.” he bites his lip in horror and looks at you helplessly.
“oh, no. chanhee you can’t forget his gift, he literally was bringing up his birthday the whole week.”
“i know. so i’m telling kevin to get one. please tell changmin i’ll be late.”
“but not too late!” you shout after him as he sprints off to the elevators.
you enter your office only to spot hyunjae standing next to your desk.
“good morning to my favorite manager.”
“good morning, hyunjae.” 
instantly you hug him before he sways you from left to right. he presses a kiss on your lips and holds your face close to his.
“what are we doing today?”
“hmm, i don’t know. don’t you have to attempt the set?”
“wrong answer. we’re going to the amusement park.”
“we are?” your eyes widen in excitement as he pinches your cheeks.
“yes. i told changmin to talk to lee sangyeon and i’m guessing he came up with something really convincing since you’re free after twelve today.”
“you’re the best!” 
“i know.” hyunjae chuckles while you hug him tightly before you get a phone call. “there we go.” he sighs.
“back to work. we’ll see each other in a few hours, hyunjae!” you smile before answering the call.
your boyfriend runs his hand through his hair and opens the door. 
“i wish you were my manager.” he mumbles before you peck his cheeks and leave your office.
you only need to endure a few hours.
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notprofessionalwriting · 8 months ago
. 1:47am . -  Part Two
Tumblr media
Corpse Husband X FemReader
Summary: After accidentally calling Corpse, Y/N and him are trying to not be awkward in a park, so they play 20 questions. Corpse won’t let Y/N forget she ignored his 8ball request (she 100% did) 
Warnings: slight angst if you squint, cursing, mentions of car accidents and guns being pulled
A/N: i literally cant believe anyone read part one, thank you sm for the nice words and stuff :) 
Part 2 of ???? 
You were sitting on a park bench with your skateboard next to you. The world around you was quiet, other than the occasional car speeding down the busy road next to the park. You pulled out your phone and checked your notifications, nothing. The last text you got was 10 minutes ago from Corpse saying he was on his way. 
“What the fuck am I doing?” you questioned yourself as you looked down at your board. It’s from junior year of high school. It was a beaten up Black Label skateboard, one that your crush from high school picked out for you. The only time you ever actually used it was when the two of you rode your boards together downtown after school. That was until he then began dating your other friend - then you never touched it again. 
Your gaze never parted from the board until your phone buzzed as your phone screen lit up. A text from Corpse appearing across your screen. 
Corpse: here. 
You lifted your head and looked around in the darkness. The park around you is completely empty, the swings standing lifeless as the grim night air creeps around you. A slight chill makes it’s way up your spine and you began thinking to yourself, ‘am I going to be fucking murdered?’ The fear began to sneak upon you, your skin now crawling. Eventually, you heard the sound of a skateboard rolling towards you. Slowly, you’re able to make out the figure on the board as it begins to approach you. 
Tall, slender build, curly hair hid under a beanie, dressed in all black with a pullover hoodie. They effortlessly rode the board until their foot touched the ground, the board now stopped before you. They had a mask on, hiding most of their facial features aside their eyes and up. You were in shock, this is the first time you’ve seen him in person. In fact, you weren’t even sure if Sykkuno ever actually met up with him, despite living in the same city. Your nerves began to creep up more as you studied what features of him were available to view. So far, you declared he has the prettiest set of brown eyes you’ve ever seen. 
“Hey, y/n.” he spoke quietly, his deep voice erupting into the eerie night air. He stepped off his board and sat next to you onto the bench. 
“Hey, Corpse” you responded while giving him a small smile, looking down at your hands and twiddling with them. You were nervous being in his presence. Something about how mysterious he’s always been caused you to feel intimidated. Though, in person, you saw how anxious and awkward he actually was. He wasn’t looking you in the eyes, his hands were stuffed in his pocket and wait- was he shaking? This all made you wonder, why were you so nervous? 
He let out a breathy laugh and turned to face you, studying your features. You felt blush begin to rise to your cheeks. His high pitch laughter was one you had originally only heard through your headphones in-game, hearing it in person was a whole different experience. 
“You nervous?” he questioned you
“Uhh,” you locked eyes to him, you could tell he was smirking underneath his face mask with the way his eyes moved, “yeah actually, really fucking nervous honestly.” 
“Me too,” he chuckled and leaned forward, not making eye contact with you anymore. He rested his arms on his knees, “really fucking nervous.” 
“Why?” you let your eyes rest on his figure, studying his movements as he adjusted his beanie and anxious pulled his sleeves down to cover his hands. 
“It’s the first time I’ve been out of my apartment in fuckin’ days,” he slumped into the bench now while looking off into the nighttime, “Plus I haven’t seen more than half of my friends in person. Uhh, actually all of my friends.” 
“Well, ain’t I special?” you said, confusion festering inside of you. You felt yourself so intrigued by every movement and word that let his mouth. You wanted to watch him and listen to him talk for hours. What the fuck is happening? 
He looked over at you, yet another smirk hiding underneath his mask, “I wanted to ask you in person…”, he adjusted his seating to now face you again, “Why the fuck did you ignore my 8-Ball request?”
You stared deadpan, another laugh escaping you, “No fucking way. I totally fucking responded to that.” 
“No you didn’t,” he quickly responded, “you definitely didn’t.” 
“You brought me in the middle of a park at basically 4am to argue about 8-Ball?” You questioned him, watching his features soften more. A smile grew upon his face, brightening what you could see of his face. 
“Yes, yes I did actually.” You didn’t respond, instead you squinted your eyes and stared at him. “I-uh- I wanted to also, you know, actually talk to you?” He mumbled, “We never actually talk. Plus, you called ME at wee fucking hours in the mornin. Don’t you spin this around on me.” 
“It was an accident!!” You retorted, laughter escaping your lips so easily it felt natural to be sitting and laughing on a bench with him, “I didn’t mean to be weird and randomly call you!” 
He moved slightly close to you, slowly closing some of the space between the two of you, “Well, I was the weird one and asked you to hang out at 3am, so we’re even I guess.” 
You could smell his cologne and aftershave, and fuck it smelled amazing. He continued to mess with the sleeves of his hoodie, pulling them over his hands and tucking them anxiously in his pockets. 
“Okay, okay, my turn. What made you ask me to ‘chill’ in this park?” 
You studied him, awaiting his response. “Same reason you ‘accidentally’ called me,” he said, putting air quotation marks over the word accidentally. 
“Oh?” you jokingly questioned him, “and what’s that?” 
You wondered what he looked like under the mask. You wondered how his hair looks under his beanie. You wondered if he smelled even better under the layers of his hoodie and what appeared to be another sweatshirt underneath. Your mind began to wonder how his voice sounded like when he first woke up, or what he sounded like when he was half asleep. More thoughts began to dance throughout your head as you stared at him, looking at his eyes which showed he was smiling under his mask. 
“I wanted to get to know you better. Ya’know, actually talk and stuff.” He responded, breaking the shared eye contact and looking around you.
“And stuff?” you giggled, watching his nervous reaction. His hands were stuffed in his jacket pocket again.
“I don’t fucking know, what do normal socially inclined people do?” 
“Okay, how about this,” you spoke into the uncomfortable silence that fell between the two of you after you ran out of small talk. You two were staring at each other, motionless. “20 questions?” 
“20 questions?” he questioned you, narrowing his eyebrows in confusion
“Yeah, why not?” you laughed nervously, something about him made your nerves on high alert, “you start!” 
You positioned yourself to face him on the bench, crossing your legs in front of you and resting your arms on your legs. You gauged his reaction, the look of confusion flooding his face.  
“Uhhhhhh,” he turned to face you, mimicking the way you were sitting -  crossing his legs in front of him on the bench, “uhh- i don’t fucking know, favorite color?” 
“Blue!” you exclaimed, “I’ve always loved darker shades of blue, like turquoise or- well it’s not blue-blue but aquamarine too.” 
“Aquamarine? That’s a fancy color, heh. Guess mine.” 
“Black?” you giggled, looking his outfit up and down, it was about fifty shades of black. 
He laughed his signature high pitched laughter, adjusting his sleeves to again cover his hands, “Correct. How did you guess?”  
“Oh just a hunch, that’s all. It’s your turn.” 
“Uhhh,” he pulled out his phone and began typing rapidly. You stared at his hands, luminated from his phone screen. His chipped black nail polish was uneven on his nails, his rings shining bright against the light. His hands were veiny, you found yourself unable to look away, “I’m ass at these things, so lemme google something.” He began clicking rapidly, “…. Okay okay I’m ready. Got some questions and all” He held his phone up to hide the questions as he stared at them. 
“That’s cheating!” you giggled, reaching for his phone, “you’re a fucking cheater!”
“No, no, no, there are no rules. You did not say any rules. No rules! Ahem- okay.” he cleared his throat, scrolling through the question list, “holy fuck these questions. Ok- okay this one is good. So, ahem,” he put on a fake announcer voice, causing you to giggle even more, “Have you ever been in a car accident — and it was your fault?”
“Well damn,” you laughed, “where the fuck did you find these questions?”
“Hey man, I didn’t write the question. Anyway, you gotta answer it. Spill the beans, hunny” 
“Oh geez, well yes, I have been in a car accident, no I didn’t cause it.” You watched as his face softened, a look of sorrow clouding his dark eyes, “It was when I was in high school. A friend of mine- an old friend- was driving and another car blew a red light. It was a minor accident. No one was hurt or anything, but it fucked with my anxiety for a while. I still hate driving now. So I prefer public transportation.”
“Oh fuck- I’m glad you’re okay- jesus fuck. I’m sorry.”
“Honestly, I was paranoid about any cars. I refused to get in them for about a year, but I’m able to drive now, no worries. Anyway- your turn.” 
“I for one, have never been in a car accident, thankfully. However, I have had a gun pulled on me inside of my car, if that counts.”
“You WHAT?” you interrupted him, leaning closer to him, “ex-fucking-cuse me?” His nonchalant way about talking about that baffled you. 
He giggled, how was he giggling over this? “Yeah it was fucking wild man, straight fucking wild. I lived though.” 
“Okay, my turn. Why the fuck did you have a gun pulled on you?”
“You’re not letting that go, huh?”
“NO.” You shot back at him, “that’s fucking nuts.”
“It happened so fast, I can barely recall most of it. Guy tried to rob me, but I’m too fucking broke and didn’t have anything. Threatened to blow my head off, then fucking left. I still don’t know why the fuck he picked me. Do I even appear to look like I have any sort of value? But I lived, so there’s that.”
“Oh my fucking god.” That’s all you could manage to say, the thought of anything bad happening to him now begins to worry you. You have the strong urge to protect him from all evil, at any costs. 
“Yeah- straight fucking nuts. Anyway, my turn.” He began to scroll through the questions pulled up on his phone, letting out hmms and huuhs? until he finds a question that he deems worth asking, “What embarrasses you the most and/or what’s been your most embarrassing moment?”
“Hmmmm,” you took a moment to ponder the question, there’s a lot of things you’ve done that really embarrass yourself, “Okay so I was on a date with this guy I was really into in college, like I loved this guy before we even went out.”
“Was he cute?” Corpse asked, resting his elbows on his legs and his head on his hands, a pensive stare in his eyes as he peered at you.
“Uhhhh, really fucking cute actually….,” you were lost in his eyes, you couldn’t make out the rest of his face, but you’ve declared him as one of the most attractive people you’ve seen, “... uh anyway, so we were out on a date-”
“I can’t relate.” he interrupted, laughing again. 
“Huh?” you, again, we snapped out of your story. 
“Being on asked dates, can’t relate. I have never been asked on a date.” 
“I don’t believe that. Anyway-”
“O really? I legit have never been asked out on a date,” he let out a breathy laugh, “I’ll let you finish though.” 
“Well this isn’t a good date, anyway we were at the movies on a date and it happens to be the same exact movie theater his ex was at. Same movie, same time, same everything.” 
“Oh no…” Corpse knew exactly where this was headed. 
“Yuuupp, it was a ploy to run into his ex-girlfriend. They ended up getting back together right after that happened. Exact reason I hate the entire Purge series now.” 
“Evil. Straight fucken evil. I’m sorry.” he leaned his hand over to lay it on your leg, “that’s actually fucked.” 
He was touching you. His hand was on your leg, right above your knee. You felt the sensation of touch shoot up from your leg to your stomach. Your heart began pounding a thousand beats a second. Why were you acting this way? Why was your heart racing at an innocent touch to express sorrow? You tried your best to ignore it.  
You shrugged, although it still has taken a major shot to your self esteem, “I mean, it still stings but they have two kids now so, good for them I guess.” 
“At least you’re not spending the money on diapers now,” he laughed, moving his hand away and giving you finger guns, “that shit is outrageous.”  That was the cutest shit you’ve ever seen.
“Okaay, my turn. So have you really never been asked on a date?” You watched his reaction, he quickly rubbed the back of his head again, letting out an anxious laugh. 
“I mean, I’ve been on dates with my ex before and like, two other people, but I was the one to always ask ya’know. I never had anyone take interest in me first. I’m always the initiator. It’s not really that deep though. I actually like not being bothered with relationship shit honestly. Anyway, my turn.” 
Why did that upset you? You felt a ping in your heart. A ping of sadness. What’s wrong with you?
He scrolled through the questions a bit, searching for a good one to ask. 
“Okay, this one isn’t as cringe, what's the luckiest thing that's ever happened to you?”
You thought for a moment, looking at him staring back at you. A smile forming underneath his mask despite the lack of sleep hitting you both. The early morning sky began to form around you two on the park bench, you couldn’t deny it, he was attractive. You couldn’t see his face fully, but his visible features were inviting. You wanted to see what he was hiding on the mask. He had warm eyes, curly mess hair, you imagined he was more attractive than you imagined under the mask. “Well, I’m sitting on a fucking park bench at like 5am with Corpse Husband. Completely unplanned, no sleep at all. Answering questions about our lives in the darkness. Totally random, almost face reveal and all.”
Wait what the fuck - were you just flirting with him? Why are you flirting with him? You couldn’t tell, but he seemed to blush. 
“Oh shut the fuck up,” he laughed leaning over and playfully nudging your arm, “this is after you randomly called me, don’t forget that.”
“I knew you never actually wanted to talk to me.” 
“Ohmyfuckinggod.” you reached over and snatched the phone from his hand. In the process, you accidentally touched his hands, you felt another surge of butterflies rush through you again. You tried to brush them away and scrolled through the questions, “do you believe in soulmates?” 
Of all questions, you asked that one. You wanted to smack yourself. What were you doing? 
He raised his eyebrows, bringing his hands to his chin, rubbing the front part of his mask. You wondered what he looked like without the mask on again. Thoughts of his skin racing through your mind, “Huh. I don’t honestly. I don’t think anyone is truly meant for anyone. Love is fucking hard, yaknow? Sure you can be attracted and interested in someone. But to actually have a meaningful, fulfilling relationship, it doesn't just happen. You need to actually want it. Want to actually work and build with them. No one is someone’s actual soul mate. Don’t even get me started if someone dies.” 
“Period sis,” you laughed, “I’d like to believe there’s someone for everyone though.” You were a hopeless romantic, it’s showing. 
“My person is the one that probably was murdered or something,” he laughed, looking down at his pant legs, “I kinda gave up on relationships and shit anyway. I’m not really the ideal partner.”
“Why?” you didn’t mean to ask that immediately after he spoke, it slipped out
“It’s my turn, mam.” He laughed, taking his phone back, “ooooh here’s a goodie, when you can’t sleep at night, what keeps you awake?” 
“Everything,” you blurted out, laughing, “fucking everything.” 
You paused for a moment, letting go on any filter you’ve had set, tiredness is setting in and you have no control over your words, “I always feel like I’m never really good enough, yaknow? Like I don’t really belong anywhere. I feel like I’m an outsider everywhere. I guess, I guess that’s what keeps me awake at night. Damn that got really fucking emo.” 
He nodded, the two of you not speaking for a good minute. He finally broke the silence, “Yeah, yeah. I actually fully understand that feeling.” 
“My turn,” you didn’t look at the phone this time, “so why did you give up on relationships? Or finding in love, or whatever.” 
Why did you care so much? Why are you asking him this? 
He took a deep breath, letting up a breathy chuckle, “Ah fuck, I-I don’t think I’ve ever talked about this before - like out loud.” He paused for a brief second, you were moments away from telling him it was fine without answering, but he continued on, “I- I don’t really see myself as a good partner honestly. Like, I don’t go outside much. I don’t show myself anywhere - that’s actually unfair to my partners. I can’t see myself being able to fully invest myself into a relationship either, I have so much other shit going on. My life it’s self is a fucking mess, I’m a fucking mess. I don’t deserve that sense of happiness either.” 
“Why’s that?” You questioned him, staring into his eyes. Those big brown eyes shined back.
“I just don’t. I can’t go outside without fucken panicking, without worrying someone will find me. That’s why my ex left me. I couldn’t do anything with her, no, for her. She wanted to go out and do all of these lavish things, but me? I couldn’t. Literally would fucken panic at the thought. Hyperventilate, shake. What the fuck is wrong with me? I wouldn’t want any parts of that either. She got tired of waiting for me to fix myself and left. I can’t blame her, she had every right to. I can’t see myself committing to anything. I’m so accustomed to everyone leaving. I-I can’t put myself through that heartbreak. I don’t want to put myself through heartbreak again. I- I don’t know. I’m scared to get attached. I-” 
You were staring at him, lost in his eyes. Lost in the emotion of his voice as he spoke. Raw, unfiltered, passionate, and real. Every croke as he spoke, every pause, stutter. Your heart was about to break. Who hurt him so badly that they caused him to feel broken? To feel betrayed? To feel so unloveable. You wanted to speak, but you were lost in him confessing his heart to you randomly on a park bench in the center of the city.
“Corpse,” you breathed out, watching the tears begin to well up in his eyes. Wait, he’s about to fucking cry. Holy shit. How do you calm a crying person? Do you even have tissues on you? You’re not prepared for this. 
He turned his head away and cleared his throat, trying to hide his watering eyes, “Fuck I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean-uhhhhhh- fuck- uhhh, ignore me.”
“Corpse,” you again said, reaching over to grab his hand. You made contact with the top of his hand, feeling the top of his rings grace underneath your palm. His skin is soft and warm. How the fuck is his skin so soft? You wrapped your hand around his and you lost control, you squeezed his hand to let him know you were there. You were listening, processing his emotion. You were letting him know you cared. 
“Thank you, y/n.” he looked back over at you, flipping his hand around so your palms are now touching. He intertwined your fingers together. His eyes are watering still, now vulnerable and more alive.
You were holding hands. Your heart began racing, you imagined it would jump out of your chest. He scooted himself directly next to you, your legs touching now. He rested his head on your shoulder, keeping your hands intertwined. His hair smelled like… was that cherry blossoms? His head was heavy on your shoulders, but it never felt so perfectly placed. He let out a deep sigh and you felt the breath on your shoulders. You began to panic inside, but it wasn’t a bad panic. It was a nervous panic. 
“Of course,” you whisper, laying your head on top of his, “damaged goods gotta stick together.”
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bakucumsackslut · 5 months ago
Buying Condoms With The Boys/Men
Innocent Bean Doesnt Deserve This Cruel Fate🦴
Tumblr media
-I could just imagine Allmight helping my boi out with dis one so yeaa
"Ah, Young Midoriya!! I was hoping to have a chat with you!!" All Might clapped his large hand onto the boy's shoulder with a grin. The bright smile would usually put Deku at ease, but at the moment, all he could focus on was the dreaded conversation that was going to come inevitably.
From the moment he came into the dorm room to find a bag full of condoms, he knew something was up. At first, he thought you had dropped them off, but it wasnt in character for you to just leave something so...lewd out for him to come back to. You didn't even use condoms with your birth control but Deku would push that off for later thought.
Then he figured it might've just been some silly prank. Maybe Kacchan was trying to get back at him for all the jokes about him and Kiri's date, but Kacchan would've stuck around to see his shocked face instead of just leaving them there.
It wasnt until All Might turned him around and sat him down into a chair that he realized what was going on. Without a father figure around, there wasnt any anyone to talk about...Well, the 'birds and bees.' His mother was too nervous about bringing it up, and Deku would gladly go on without having that awkward encounter, thank you very much. Of course, that was the problem with All Might suddenly becoming his new father stand-in.
"A-All might you really...REALLY dont need to do this-"
"Nonsense Youn- Midoriya." He corrected with an uncomfortable cough. "As your mentor, teacher, and....father figure, It is my job to direct you on the right path. In both life and as the future number one hero, you must think carefully about everything you do, even something as small as this can change everything."
-The speech lasted three hours...
Anger Mangement👀🤬
Tumblr media
-this lil horny freaky fuck
-my mans really wants some of dat coOcHie. Simple.
-he would try to hide it but yk he want dat GOOOD SHI-
You looked up at Bakugou with a cocked eyebrow. His entire face flushed a brilliant bright red as you glanced between the box and the blonde's flustered expression. A few moments passed in silence as more anxiousness grew in him before angrily shoving the condoms into your arms with a growl.
Smirking, you gently placed it next to you as he tossed aside the small backpack he used for class. "Did you go buy these because of that outfit I showed you earlier?"
"How does that have to do with anything, nerd?!"
"You kept staring at my ass when I walked past, so I kinda assumed you liked the skirt-"
".................................. Knew it -"
Tumblr media
-My SWEET SWEET boi would be kinda afraid to get dem
-but he want to do it
-then sometimes you would have to drag him to get it
-but usually he goes with it
"Please, Kiri? We need them!!"
"No way, Baby Cakes. I am not going in there. No way, no how." His arms crossed over the front of his black tank top, eyes darting around nervously as you glanced towards the dreaded Aisle. It wasnt even that big of a deal. The cashier wasnt going to ask any questions, and it was perfectly normal for a couple to go out and buy some... *cough* Personal items for the bedroom.
Maybe it was because the rest of the group was around the corner, but you both needed them after Kiri wasted the last one by giving it to Denki. (Lord knows Denki wasnt going to use it anyway-) Naturally, it would make sense for the loving boyfriend of the relationship to get them, but noooo. Instead, he was going to stand here sulking nervously while you begged him just to grab the damn box and run to buy them as fast as humanly possible.
Pouting gently with tears in your eyes, you turned back and gently inched closer. "Baby..."
"H-Hey! Dont cry!!"
"Please, Kiri? Just one box?"
"This is SO unmanly of you!!" With a smirk, you gently patted his ass as the two of you walked towards the condoms, hand slipping into the back pocket of his jeans with a chuckle at the discontent twisted over Kirishimas's expression. "You owe me when we get home."
-couldn't pick a hair color so he went with both
- I feel like he would do something so stupid but funny at the same time
-like he just "🧍🏽‍♀️" all the time
A box hit you in the face within seconds of Todoroki entering the room. His face blanked as you dramatically fell over with an Oof.
"You ordered these."
"WHAT THE HELL SHOUTO, YOU COULDVE HANDED THEM TO ME- Wait, these aren't the ones I had picked out."
Blinking wordlessly, he sighed and turned to his desk. "My dead beat father found the box and bought a different brand."
".....................Is this........His face....."
"I plan on burning them as soon as possible. Join me?"
"...............Hell yeah-"
Ross Pikachu✨
Tumblr media
-oh boi this one..
-yea that's a long story
"Denki, you are FUCKING DEAD!" Your voice rang out through the house as he jumped up in shock, his eyes widening as you busted into his bedroom with an angry huff. "I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU!"
"H-Hey baby, h-h-how"
"It was going GREAT until my mom called me SAYING SHE GOT A 100 PACK OF GLOW IN THE DARK CONDOMS DELIVERED WITH MY NAME ON THE GODDAMN PACKAGE. YOU DUNCE!" A dark flush cast over his entire face as you threw the box at him. Denki shyly looked between the open box and your annoyed expression, his hands shakily holding it as you gritted your teeth.
Before he could try and explain, you slapped his head and growled as he set the box aside. "Hey! Dont hit me!"
"I didn't mean to, babe! The account must've still had your parent's house number set from when you bought those curtains for your dad. It's not like I sent over a 100 pack of glow in the dark condoms to your mother on purpose..." Glancing over at the box, he raised an eyebrow and smirked. "On the note of that, though...."
"Dont you dare-"
"Wanna try them out?"
"......................I'm going to kill you, and I will make it look like an accident."
Couldn't find a name for him so this Picture will do( iykyk)
Tumblr media
-I feel like Tamaki would  I asked the big three for help
-cuz he shy boi 👉🏽👈🏽
-ok on to the story🏃🏽‍♀️💨
Tamaki nervously fiddled with his shirt hem as the two snuck in silently, glasses covering up most of their face and large trench coats across their bodies. He sighed in relief when Mirio whipped off the glasses and smiled, Nejire tossing the blushing boy his box while they slipped off the shoes quickly.
Looking down, he gave another small smile with a dark blush. "T-Thank you so much...Bunny w-w-will be happy that w-we...that we have these."
"Of course, dude! What are best friends for besides buying each other condoms at midnight?" Mirio gave a cocky wink as Nejire chuckled. "I gotta admit, it wasnt easy getting those. The cashier kept giving us weird looks."
"Hm, maybe that was the flamingo glasses."
"Nah, he was probably just jealous of those."
"Touche." Nejire chuckled and slid the glasses up and over her hair while Tamaki set the box into his bedside table. When he shut it and turned back, there was a relaxed look on his face as he sighed loudly. "I thought (Y/n) was on birth control? Why would you need a 70 pack on condoms?"
He flushed redder as Mirio nodded along in confusion. "Oh well...B-Bunny ran out a few days before...She won't be getting them till Friday."
"Wait, Friday?"
"That's like, in three days."
"You...You guys need 70 condoms for three DAYS?!" Mirio sputtered out as Tamaki went the brightest red he possibly could, the loud volume of the blonde boy's voice only making him more nervous as Nejire shook her head. "I love you guys, you know I do, but GEEZ. 70 for three days is INSANE! How many do you guys go through per day?!"
"I...W-well I uh..."
"Do you need me to like, talk to her? Is she making you bang all the time, bro? I can talk to her if you want."
"Please dont."
"I'm calling her right now-"
Copy cat BITCH-🦸🏼‍♂️
Tumblr media
-Monama being the man child he is *cough Shigaraki cough*
-He would be such a brat when it happen
-and You and his parents have this connection like "shh baby the grown ups are have a con·ver·sa·tion"
Monoma flushed a darker red as you went wide-eyed, his parents staring at the two of you expectingly from across the dinner table. "F-Father! I...I dont think that its...We d-dont need them!"
"Hunny, we just think that it's important you stay safe. We wouldn't want an accident to happen-"
"Mother, please, I insist that we are being as safe as possible. We dont need any...any um..." He glanced over at you with a pout. Sighing, you rubbed your temples and shook your head slightly, but helped him anyway.
"Thank you for the concern, Ma'am, but your son and I have taken precautions for the past year. I am on birth control and have made sure SEVERAL times that I am not, in fact, pregnant with his child. Neither of us has a desire to have children just yet. My career in hero work comes before that, and I doubt Monama would want his appearance tainted."
"Darling, you know that's not it-"
"Shush, Monoma. The grown-ups are talking."
"Yes, father..."
"Well, just in case, we emphasize that you take the box anyway. You never know when you may need them." The box slid across the pristine table as Monoma slumped down in his seat and looked away, the embarrassment knawing away at him as you reached across to grab it. Quickly, you stuffed the box into your bag with a forced, pleasant smile.
"Thank you....sir."
"You're welcome. We only want the best for you and our son. We consider you a part of the family already, so your future is in our minds as well as troubled Monoma here. I doubt the poor boy could handle the responsibility of a child."
"F-Father! Have you no trust in me?!"
"Son, you got lucky when you found this girl to date you. Life will not always be so generous in the way it handles you."
"I mean, I have to agree with your dad, Babe."
Good Boi Finna Be SINNING🏃🏽‍♀️
Tumblr media
-all I gotta say is still, after constantly nagging, begging, and much too many tempting photos, he finally gave in to the sinful (But hot sounding) fantasies that took place in your dirty mind.
Iida fumbled with each box that you shoved into the ever-growing pile of condoms resting on his chest. For the first two years of dating, he denied every pass and attempt at any intercourse before marriage.
Of course, as soon as the words passed his lips, you were tugging the blue haired boy outside the dorms and towards the nearest store possible that carried forms of birth control. At least you were safe, Iida supposed, but it was still alarming how eager you were for this. Had it really meant THIS much to you?
"My star, do we need this many? I assumed this was going to be a one-night thing, and then you would be satisfied-"
The stare you gave instantly made any attempt to argue die out on Iida's tongue, and instead, a hesitantly turned on gulp replaced it. "Iida, baby, once I get started, we won't be stopping until we"
With every word, you inched in closer to the heavily breathing boy, his eyes flickering between that evil glimmer in your eyes that held dark promises and the small luscious lips that whispered everything he wanted to hear. Without another word, he kissed those sinful lips, worries fluttering away as you smirked into the passionate dance of his mouth.
Ok, maybe you DID need all those boxes...
Tumblr media
-Was it possible to BE AnY LOUDER WITH YOUR DAMN KEYBOARD???!?
-sounding like those shoes from Sofia the first
-What could you possibly be searching at three am that was SO damn important? HELL IF DABI KNEW.
-Annoyed at your loud keyboard and mouse-clicking, he turned around, eyes squinted in the dark to focus on your dimly lit face next to his. Darkness had drowned out the entire room in the pleasant cover of night before you had opened up your obnoxious computer to do some late-night research.
Reaching out to slap away your hand from the keys, Dabi growled as you yelped in surprise. "For fucks sake, go the FUCK to sleep..."
"Sorry, sorry. I was...I was trying to find something."
"At 3 in the god damn morning?"
"What is so important that it can't wait until morning." Your eyes flickered over as he cocked an eyebrow. "What's with the look."
A dead silence covered the room as he watched each small fidget from your hands and body. Every second only added more to the building annoyance (And slight worry) inside his chest until you finally mumbled something under your breathe.
Dabi huffed and leaned up to press his face into your neck. "What was that Doll?
"I...Was looking for condoms that are fire-resistant..."
"What the fuck-"
Tumblr media
-he would automatically have them
-freaky bird
Oscar the grouch💀(I'm so sorry)
Tumblr media
-that's all I gotta say-
-I could just imagine Denki doing something stupid in a store and see Aizawa buying condoms😭
"Is that...Is that Mister Aizawa?" Kirishima pointed over at the dark-haired man as Sero squinted his eyes, the group watching as Aizawa looked over the different boxes and picked up a package silently. There was a look of consideration on his face before he settled it back down. "Why is he...H-He's..."
"ARE YOU BUYING CONDOMS?" Denki's loud voice made the entire group tense as Aizawa looked up from the boxes.
He looked over at them wordlessly as they angrily whispered at Denki, a bright flush on Kiri and Sero's face and anger on Bakugou's. Mina was too busy cackling to join their murmured yells as Aizawa groaned lowly and turned away.
Just great...First, he was late to work because you insisted on having another round, then you sneaked out with him during lunch, and now he was getting caught buying condoms by his students. None of this would've happened if the damn mailman didn't lose your pills in the postage.
Before he could try and say anything to the group, you rounded around the corner, a bright smile on your face as you wrapped your arms around his. "Hey Daddy, did you get them yet? If they dont have your size, we can get some online. Daddy? You ok?"
"....Kitty...You know I love you, right?"
"Um, Yeah?"
"Then, you'll turn around right now and dont look back as I go yell at my idiotic students." Your eyes went wide as the group awkwardly watched you and Aizawa. Quickly you peeked around him and connected eyes with the group, your face turning a bright red as they went silent. "I'll meet you in the car, baby."
"R-Right...I'll uh...I'll just go and buy these..." Grabbing the first box you could find, you turned and bolted off while Aizawa turned to the now pale group.
"Dont even THINK of running away-"
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Unintentional First Date
Summary: Y/N gets stood up on a date but luckily, Peter’s there to save them from the public humiliation. Ensue a only slightly awkward unintentional first date. *Aged up reader and Peter, they’re both in college*
Tumblr media
A/N: So...just want to apologize for not posting in so long, I literally have like 3 other drafts saved, all of which I started in the last week and they all have a decent word count on them too but idk, I just can’t seem to finish them so yeah, hopefully this will help me get back in the swing ;) of writing. Enjoy <3
Warning: Second hand embarrassment. Mentions of a toxic relationship. Swearing. 
Word Count: 2.5k
Tumblr media
You fiddled with your phone for what felt like the hundredth time tonight, the simple black matte case smudged slightly with the sweat from your clammy hands. The screen turned on again and the big white numbers that lay upon the picture of you and your douchebag of a boyfriend seemed to mock you. 9:02. Almost an hour late. 
You didn’t know why you were even surprised at this point. Or why you kept making excuses for him. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, for him to completely dismiss the plans that the both of you had made. He was so bipolar it made you want to scream, one minute he could be soft and cuddly, kissing your nose and telling you how much he loves you and the next, he would be yelling at you and calling you a stupid bitch for moving his video game controller from the sofa to beside the television. 
The diner he’d asked to meet up with you at was at least a cozy space, not too packed but people in small groups still littered the divided booths. The floors were a dark cream color which would usually irk you but for some reason, it seemed to work in the dim yellow lighting, complimenting the red leather seats just right. The walls were covered in a neutral colored patterned wallpaper with somewhat strange paintings adorning the walls, fairy lights scattered along the top of the ceiling. It would’ve been a perfect place for a date...that is if he’d actually bothered to show up.
Reaching for the pity glass of water the waiter had given you after the first half an hour, you swished around the liquid, the small melted pieces of ice barely staying afloat. Your drink was room temperature by now, the glass cup covered in a couple of your fingerprints. 
Hearing the soft pad of footsteps coming towards you, you looked up, the hair you spent nearly an hour doing shifting with the movement. The waiter that was assigned your table seemed like a nice enough person. Soft brown hair and big doe eyes with matching dimples on both sides of the bright smile that she’d given you when you’d walked in. The small silver tag on her shirt read Molly, the name suited her. Very girl next door vibes. You hated the way she was looking at you now, with pity and understanding that made you want to roll your eyes. You didn’t mean to come off as rude but you were just annoyed and frustrated and so so tired. 
You didn’t know if it was just your social anxiety acting up but you could practically feel the focus of everyone around you looking at you with sad eyes, all of them practically yelling at you that tHeY kNeW hOw iT fElT to bE sToOd uP. And maybe they did but you didn’t think anyone appreciated this much attention on them for being left alone on a date. Your face had already been burning up and flushed consistently after the first 20 minutes. 
“Can I get you anything else? Maybe some food?”, her voice was soft and silky as she came up to you for the fourth time tonight and you just wanted to cry, shaking your head slightly, you muttered under your breath, “No, I’m good, I’ll be out in just a minute. Sorry.”
She gave you a sympathetic smile and nodded, turning swiftly around and making her way through the thick doors that had “Staff Only” printed on them. Grabbing your phone, your keys, and the small black purse that you had brought with you, you made your way to stand up and get out of this shithole so you could finally go scream into a pillow at home but you were stopped by a guy around your age slipping into the seat in front of you.
He was in an oversized sweater with sleeves that ended near his knuckles, a shirt with a science pun on it that made you want to smile and a pair of loose baggy jeans that were faded, not necessarily underdressed, just wearing something that looked comfortable. Curls messily hung over his forehead and your fingers itched to reach out and comb through the chocolate strands, hazel eyes wide and cheeks flushed bright red. His lips were the softest of pink and you watched carefully as his tongue flicked across the surface of them. How could a grown ass man look this soft and adorable?
Loud enough for the people around you to hear, he said, “Sorry I’m so late babe, traffic was crazy and work was just a pain in the ass today.”
Leaning across the table, he whispered just quiet enough for only you to hear, “I’m Peter, just go with it, yeah? Whoever didn’t bother to show up is a dick.”
You smiled at that, the first genuine grin you’d given all night. “It’s fine bub, this place is pretty cool anyway.” For the first time today, you felt like you could breathe again. Like everyone else’s opinion didn’t matter anymore because you weren’t alone which, if you thought about, was kinda weird how easily you warmed up to this random stranger.
His voice returned to a normal tone as he leaned back slightly, his hands slipping back into the pockets of his hoodie and his cheeks flushing darker as his eyes skittered along behind you, not quite meeting your gaze, “Hi.”
You laughed a little at how shy he’d gotten all of a sudden, “Hey.”
“Who was supposed to meet up with you?”, he looked tentative as he asked, testing the boundaries and ready to let you know it’s fine if you didn’t want to answer.
You let out a sigh in response, sinking into your seat, “No one important, just my idiot of a boyfriend. He’s been pulling shit like this all month and I’m kinda done with it but- I guess I’m holding on to this random strand of hope that things will go back to how they used to be when we first started dating with all the pretty rainbows and unicorns and lies of a happily ever after.” Realizing that that’s probably way too deep to tell this random guy, you immediately started apologizing, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to just through that all on your lap. I’m just super tired right now and I have way to many assignments due that I haven’t started on yet.”
He let out a small laugh which might just have been the sweetest sound you’ve ever heard, “It’s ok. I feel you, I know how College gets, I don’t think I’ve slept in the last three days.”
“You’re in college?”, you didn’t mean to sound surprised but you’d assumed he’d graduated already, he didn’t seem familiar and you feel like you’d recognize him if he went to NYU.
“Uhh...yeah, I go to Columbia.” He leaned forward as he said this, not in a threatening way but as if he was more invested in the conversation now. His forearms were resting on the table and you couldn’t help but notice the slight outline of his bicep as the dark material of his sleeve stretched, his fingers intertwined with each other and a nearly black ring with a small ruby in the shape of a spider set in it lay upon his pointer finger. You hadn’t noticed it before but now that his sleeves were pushed back, it was shining right in your face.
You hummed in acknowledgement of his answer, flickering your gaze back to his, “I go to NYU.”
Before he could respond, Molly was back, shooting a wink at you before handing you both sturdy menus and telling you guys to call her when you’d decided on your orders. The top read Angie’s Diner in a fancy font before it swirled off and melted into the gold border that wrapped itself around the whole of the card. Skimming through, you decided to settle on a hamburger and fries.
Your eyes flickered above the rim of the menu and you focused more on his features, soft freckles were scattered across his nose and cheeks, like stars and his bottom lip was bitten red as he nibbled on it softly, his eyes focusing on the chart before him, eyes moving lightly as he took in the various food options. The staff had brightened the lights inside as it got darker outside and the way that his curls glowed practically golden was sinfully attractive. As if noticing your eyes on him, he looked up, causing you to look away quickly and your face to heat up. 
“You ready to order?”, his voice was softer than before and smoother, you could listen to him talk for hours. Nodding, you waved a hand slightly to catch the attention of Molly and she hurried her way to your table.
“What can I get for the both of you today?”, her peppy grin was back and you gave her a big smile of your own in return.
“I’ll have a burger, no tomatoes with fries and he’ll have...”
“...umm, a cheese pizza and a coke please.”
She nodded before letting you know that it’ll be a few minutes before heading off to the kitchen to give them the slip of paper with your food.
“So...”, he started, “Were you born here in New York?”
You laughed, “Nope. I’m Canadian actually, born and raised in Ontario, you?”
“Queens since forever. My aunt was pretty mad about having to travel an hour to visit me but it was better than having to travel on a plane to MIT so she learned to deal with it.”
You nodded, “Any pets?”, you asked cheekily. 
He groaned, “No, I wish! I found a small kitten once behind a dumpster but college dorms don’t allow animals inside and I doubt my aunt would keep it at her place until I graduate so I had to drop him off at the shelter. He was the cutest thing though,” Pete whined, “he was such a smol bean and he had the biggest blue eyes.” Peter dramatically wiped a fake tear from his eyes before letting an exaggerated sigh. “I would die for that cat, his name was Cirrus.”
You cocked an eyebrow at the strange name, “Cirrus?”
“Yeah. You know, like the type of cloud. ‘Cause his eyes were sky blue.”
You melted inside from how much thought he’d put into a name for a random cat, “I have a dog.”
Peter gaped, “Pics or they don’t exist.”
Giggling, you flipped over your phone. Ignoring the picture of your boyfriend and you staring back, you opened up your camera roll and clicked on the most recent picture of your doggy. Titling your phone so he could see, you displayed the picture of you and your furry friend playing in your backyard with a big rainbow beach ball. “This is Sepia. I’ve had her for about...I think officially 7 years in March and she’s a Sheepdog.”
Peter cooed at the picture, his fingers gently pinching the screen to zoom in on your dog. “Oh my god, she’s so cute. What the fuck?”.
You thanked him with a chuckle as you pulled your phone back, thumbing through a couple more pictures until you reached one of Sepia pouncing on you, tongue out and dangling proudly. Peter’s face lit up again as he grinned at her and then paused as if he was thinking through something, “Wait. Why the name Sepia? It’s really pretty and everything but- any story behind it?”
You made a face before you started on the story you’d repeated several times over the years, “I paint occasionally and the day that I got her, I was painting so all my brushes and palettes were splayed in the living room of my apartment. When I came back home with her in my arms, I forgot about all that cause I was just so excited to have her, you know? And she jumped out my hands as soon as I locked the door and before I could stop her, she had her nose covered with a shade of brown called Sepia, hence the name. It’s also the color of the lighter parts of her fur.”
“Is she ok now?”
You gave him a strange look and he continued, “From the nose full of paint.”
You laughed, “Yeah, she’s fine. The paint, luckily, wasn’t toxic for her.”
He opened his mouth, about to ask you another question about your dog but Molly was back with your food, setting down the plates in front of you. Both of said thank you to her before you dug in. 
The conversation flowed easily from there and it felt as you guys had only been talking for a couple of minutes before the staff started slowly shutting down lights. After a small fight between who would pay (You ended up splitting), you both made your ways out of the diner through the black rimmed glass doors. Shivering slightly in the breeze of the night, you rubbed your arms, turning to face him. His hood was pulled up causing his curls to poke out more prominently. 
You let out a little breath, observing the way it fogged up in front of you, making eye contact with him, you swayed slightly, “Guess this is it.” He nodded.
“Uhmm yeah, bye...”, Pete paused, trying to remember your name. Both of you looked at each other surprised, how had you gone the entire night without introducing yourself? 
“Y/N.” You pitched in, “I’m Y/N.”
“Bye Y/N.”, Peter said softly, his hands going from fiddling his ring to being shoved deep into his pockets. 
“Bye Petie.”
Turning around you both started walking in opposite directions but it felt wrong to leave each other. Like you just met someone that fit perfectly in with you and now you were leaving half of yourself with him. Turning around at the same, you both blurted out, the words stumbling over themselves.
“Want to go out with me?”
“Can I get your number?”
Your faces flushed before you responded to each other’s questions, the word in sync “Yes.”
Digging his phone out, he unlocked it and handed it to, his hands clammy as they grazed yours. Punching your number in and setting the contact name as “Y/N ❤”, you handed his phone back to him, both of your cheeks practically hurting from how big your smiles were.
“I- bye...again.”
“Bye...and don’t forget to call me!”
“I won’t.” He said, a small smile on his face.
Waving at each other for the last time, you turned to start your trek to your car. Slipping in and turning on the heater, you squealed to yourself, excited for what was to come. But first, you had to break up with your dick of a boyfriend.
Tumblr media
EEEKK! I don’t know what this is kdjfsnfkj. It’s very...vanilla? But vanilla is fine. Nothing wrong with vanilla...Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and someone please like this because this took literally forever to write. Re-blog to help this fic grow and just a reminder that I love each and everyone of you <3
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Tumblr media
Terrible to Meet You - A Harry Styles One Shot - Act 2, Let not the time discern
Harry wants to get out of the house. Alex wants to get home.
Alex meets Harry at at crossroads. Harry meets Alex on a one way street.
A coffee shop OU fic feat. lattes, lamingtons & that Great Unfathomable Feeling.
Story Page Here My Masterlist Here
Read Act 1, If at first we meet Here
Two of Us:  'This universe ain't big enough to keep us apart'
Harry went back to the cafe the next day. (And, after that, every day for a medium while)
There was something about it. Something about the tiny cafe he must have walked past a hundred times before but never took much notice of. Perhaps it was the way he felt the rest of the day after having been there. Or the fact the coffee was fucking good. But also maybe it was her—kind eyes, a foreign accent and a quick wit. It would take Harry's mind and body marginally longer than his heart to recognise what pulled him there. 
Alex was surprised when he returned. Part of her was relieved, too. The other part of her was busy extracting the dagger of guilt that shot through her chest. Seeing Harry reminded her that she forgot to tell her flatmates the juicy The Daily Dose gossip about Harry Styles. And Harry walking up to the window a little before 8 am with a calm but reassuring smile on his face made something in her still, and Alex realised he wasn't gossip at all. 
"Hi," he greeted her pleasantly, seemingly thinking nothing of the way his hand was tucked into the top of his running shorts to extract his phone for payment. (Alex's heart did a lusty little backflip) She saw a slither of a toned tummy and the way the elastic of the shorts folded over itself, "I'm back for more," he said.
More coffee, and more of whatever else it was packaged into the takeaway cups with it. Alex and Paul were Harry's first human interaction after returning from LA. And, where 24 hours prior his aching need had been to see literally anybody, it was now just a need to see more of this somebody. A person whose name he didn't know yet and who Harry had absolutely no reason to feel connected to at all. Knitted hearts aren't visible to the human eye, not when it isn't Looking.
He did though. Although the way she was now watching him with a completely blank expression on her face and a far off look in her eyes made Harry's confidence falter. He repeated what he'd already said over in his head looking for where he might've gone wrong. Harry came up blank. Was she completely freaked out by him already?
Paul rescued her from what Alex was sure was turning into a flushed moment for her. Did Harry really not realise what he'd said with his fingers beyond the elastic of his shorts? Paul's head appeared over her shoulder as a frown started to appear on Harry's face, "Careful Harry, she's a grump today."
Nobody blinked an eye at Paul using Harry's name before it was technically given to them. 
"I am not," Alex insisted too quickly, too forcefully. Her elbow launched backwards, trying to catch Paul's gut. She really was a grump. But last night's wine was still causing her head to thump and her throat to ache. Tears and a bottle of red worked well in the moment but weren't as comforting the morning after. 
Paul's eyebrows rose in Harry's direction, and he waved a hand out in front of him, expertly weaving away from her attack even in the tiny space, "See?"
"Ah," Harry nodded awkwardly and briefly looked at his feet.
"Doesn't like it when I start talking about universe stuff," Paul explained loudly, despite nobody asking for him to. "Very spiritually pragmatic, the Australians."
"Didn't know that," Harry added, expression turning to one of interest. He wasn't involved in this part of the conversation the previous day.
"Long black?" Alex asked because yes she remembered his order, and she had the defence of it having been less than 24 hours since she last made Harry's coffee in case anyone started raising eyebrows for another reason.
"Uh, yeah," Harry fumbled over how quickly the exchange turned to business, "Thank you."
She got to work but felt Harry's eyes on her as her hands ran on autopilot, stepping through the process. The click click of the bean hopper, the churn of the grinder, packing the head … Alex put the machine on to run and internally cursed Paul, who took himself into the back room, mumbling something about them running low on serviettes. A blatant lie. 
Now, when she turned back to Harry, she tried to look calm and serene, like him. But she was already covered in coffee grind and couldn't be sure there wasn't a smudge of it across her face. Paul never told her when there was. Harry's heart was waving to hers widely.
"So … You're definitely not in a bad mood then?" Harry had an expression on his face that told Alex he was testing the waters, but the teasing note was there in just the right amount. 
"I'm hungover, which is completely different," she provided.
His smile turned into a grimace, "Oh yeah, completely … Nothing worse … Self-inflicted misery."
Alex tried not to let Harry's awkwardness affect her and in doing so fell into an old pastime of hers; filing the silence with mindless chatter, "Exactly. And then if you add in some idiot going on about the universe and it's wonderful, eternal plans for my existence … I could just kill a man, you know?"
Paul, Paul is the man I could kill, she thought.
He didn't know, but Harry nodded obediently anyway, "You need carbs and coffee, not the cosmos."
"Thank you," Alex gave Harry a look that told him she thought it was obvious the two of them were right, "I mean, the downright gall of that man, trying to put the universe on me this year of all years. Absolutely bloody insane."
Harry tried to hide the instant smile that came to his face hearing her accent navigate absolutely bloody insane. "I'm Harry … By the way … Feel like we're at names."
"Alexandra. But it's Alex." She added quickly, ignoring the lovely, melodic chuckle that came from Harry, "Do you really think that this year, with a global pandemic, anyone can claim that the universe is conspiring for their specific good? Like, 'Sorry everyone about the pandemic, this is really about my destiny, so you're all just going to have to hang tight while that all falls into place!' This is a terrible year. The universe isn't setting up shit."
"Well, it's terrible to meet you, Alex," Harry grinned, stealing her word. She really was in a grump, and he loved it. But if there was one thing Harry knew how to do, it was charm and disarm. He had a feeling nothing would look as lovely as Alex with a blush he'd put there. 
Alex paused where she was about to put the lid on his coffee. She felt her cheeks heat as the last few moments played over in her head—her ranting, Harry's introduction, threatening to murder a man—and then she took in the way he was watching her. A little pink-cheeked himself, amused but not appalled, a waiting look of anticipation on his face for what might come out of her big mouth next. 
"I think I might still be a little drunk," she excused meekly. Despite herself, Alex thought she might have a little crush.
"You're handling it well," Harry provided kindly, taking the coffee from where Alex put it down in front of him. He waved his phone over the payment portal, waiting for the beep before locking the screen and going back to looking at her, "Drinking for any particular reason?"
"Oh," Alex's eyes widened, "I—
—"Sorry, that was intrusive of me."
"No, it's okay," she continued quietly, not seeing the way her softening had Harry frowning in concentration to tune into what she was about to say, "I've been trying to get home—back to Australia—for a while now. Flights keep getting cancelled or, on Saturday, I was bumped from one at Heathrow…. So we're back to square one."
Dread filled Harry instantly. He could see how upset Alex was, the heartache in her voice—the homesickness—and he hated this look on her, the opposite to the one he'd just daydreamed about. If there was one thing Harry knew it was what it was to miss home. There was no cure for it. A dozen ways he could offer to help burst to the tip of his tongue, but he held them back. 
"I'm sorry, that's really shit. Have …" he hesitated to ask, "Have they put you on another one?"
She smiled through glassy eyes, "It's complicated, that's not really how flights home are working at the moment … But it's alright! I'm fine. I'll get there eventually. I got the refund for the first one, back in April, last week and Paul's let me come back to work here three times now so … This can't last forever, right?"
Harry didn't have an answer for that, he was in no hurry to return to his house as he took a sip of his coffee, "How long has it been since you were home?"
"I went back for a visit a little over two years ago," Alex flipped a button on the espresso machine in front of her, to distract herself from the subject but also the way Harry was watching her. If only she could see the way the hearts were watching each other. She started rinsing out her coffee mug under the stream of boiling water, "My sister came over for Christmas last year, though."
"I just got back from America," Harry provided without knowing where the urge to comfort this stranger was coming from, "I was only gone a few months, and it was a little hard to get back, it felt dreadful, so I can't imagine what it's like for you. That's a long time to be so far from home, especially now."
While he spoke, Alex started making herself a latte, for something to do in the moment and for something to hold onto if Harry stayed at the window. 
"How long have you been in London?" He asked. How long have you been just around the corner? Harry thought. 
When she looked over at him, Harry felt like she was seeing through him. There was something about her soft, brown eyes and the way they exuded kindness that had him buoyant with giddiness at the same time as feeling incredibly self-conscious. 
"Four years now," Alex told him, "Was supposed to be just a 12-month adventure."
"Your family must miss you then."
She shrugged, "I think they're used to it now. Life moves on without you, which is strange at first. Tough to get used to, that the people who own you suddenly have lives you only know about from catch-ups and Instagram posts."
Harry didn't know how to tell her that he knew exactly what she meant. He'd been struggling with that very notion for years now. Home never left like the same home he remembered, and wherever he found himself living—LA or the road—never quite felt right either. 
"I've loved it though," Alex added, "Wouldn't have stayed if I didn't. This year though … I just want to be home, London's… Lost something."
Harry watched her shake herself out of the sad moment, her face brightened, and he barely registered the way Alex said in a genuinely upbeat fashion that she'd just have to wait for her time. He smiled along with the rising of her cheeks and felt like he saw a transition between two feelings that was entirely healthy and okay. She wasn't pretending. Her graciousness and patience with life were astounding, despite the fact he'd equally seen her sadness as being genuine as well. The balance there was enlightening. 
"Need to make the most of the bonus time you've been given here then," he tried hesitantly. The hearts nodded at each other, gleefully. 
That had been the right thing to say, the smile on Alex's face amplified in agreement, "Exactly.”
3AM 'She's got a little bit of something' &&&
Alex was sitting on an upturned milk crate as Harry rounded the corner. 
His step faltered but only because she was looking right at him as if expecting him to arrive. He smiled under his mask and tugged it down while he was still a reasonable distance away. Alex smiling at him, holy hell did that taste—the flavour of her spirit—feel good in Harry's chest. Each day for nearly a month he'd felt the same way every time he saw her.
Alex received a text message from Harry just after 7 am that morning. Unlike the ones he sent every other day telling her he was on his way (an old fashioned tip from his sister, to demonstrate to Alex that Harry was thinking of her) that morning Harry told her he wouldn't see her until the afternoon. All day, she waited. Her heart tapped its foot impatiently in her chest, a nervous ticking that made Alex clumsy and disappointed when every new customer wasn't him.
"Hello," Harry grinned back at her, because that was all he could do, really. In her presence happiness exploded out of him and charged his whole body faster than caffeine ever could. His shoe scuffed the concrete path again as he looked at the closed cafe behind her, "Did I miss something?"
Harry stopped a safe distance from her, not sure how this new level of interaction would go. He'd never seen her whole body all at once, part of her was always obscured by the cafe window. Alex in the flesh—in the whole—was like the first taste of chilli on his tongue, invigorating in a way that stole the breath from his lungs.
"We close at three every day," she stayed seated but pushed another crate towards him with her foot. There were brown smudges of coffee grind all up and down her shins, and he guessed the black jeans she wore to work were strategic.
Harry squinted the sign on the window by the door, he was always occupied by her and didn't need arbitrary activities like reading signs to keep him entertained waiting for his coffee, "Really?"
"You usually come in the morning," Alex said pleasantly, waiting for him to sit down opposite her, "Here."
Harry was overwhelmed, he really was, by the sight of a white takeaway cup in her hand, and he reached for it carefully, "What's this—Alex."
"Can't have you missing your coffee … Made it right before closing, had to put the tiniest drop of milk in there otherwise it would shit itself and taste horrendous," she laughed at his wrinkled nose at the mention of milk, he sniffed the lid just to tease her or to get her to roll her eyes at him blithely. It worked, "It won't kill you, promise."
"Says someone whose intestines know how to handle lactose without making you shit yourself," he borrowed her phrase. Sounded better when Alex said it, with the wideness and the breadth of her accent. 
Alex tilted her head back and laughed. Really laughed and Harry didn't have it in him to be embarrassed or scold himself for how he just spoke about his bowels in front of her, because the sound is marvellous and so Alex. It's unapologetic and genuine and a touch off-beat, which he loves. 
"Holy shit," she let out a long, shaking breath afterwards, holding a palm to her rib as if in pain. She was pretending not to notice how Harry stared at her while she was laughing as if extremely happy with himself. "You wear white bottoms far too often for that to be a daily worry for you."
"Oh, it's a worry," Harry insisted, mainly to keep the joke going. He felt like his face was about to crack in half, "I can't have people spiking my coffees without my knowledge," Harry took a sip but then pointed his finger at her playfully, "I'm going to have to keep an eye on you."
As if he wasn't already.
"Busy day?" Alex asks, watching Harry take a hearty sip of the coffee she made him.
"Yeah, I um … I had some, ah, work stuff."
"Oh?" Alex crossed one leg over the other and looked at Harry with (mock) interest, "What do you do for work?"
Harry's eyes bulged involuntarily, and his mind went completely blank. Did she actually not know? 
Alex only let the horror play on his face for a few seconds, "I'm kidding! I'm kidding. Jesus, Harry, sorry. I was just having a go."
"You're an excellent actress, as it turns out," he swallowed down the moment of panic. It only ever happened once before, years before, that a girl he'd been interested in hadn't known who Harry was beforehand. It hadn't ended up going down well.
Alex asks Harry about the book recommendation she sent him the week before, whether he'd started reading it yet. 
Harry held up a finger at her, "I've been meaning to talk to you about that," he said, "But I haven't had lunch … I'd promised myself one of Paul's ham and cheese croissants."
"Well, you're shit out of luck, unfortunately," Alex told him, "He takes the keys with him, I can't break in and make you one. But the cafe on the high street around the corner stays open until five. You could try there?"
Harry felt like he was about to defecate himself, but it wasn't from the lactose, "Will you join me?"
Alex's eyes brightening instantly, but Harry didn't miss the way her cheeks reddened, "Sure. Of course."
"Great!" Harry coughed down his too-enthusiastic response then worried—as everyone did in 2020—that his physical reaction to her saying yes, the cough, would be interpreted as a symptom of something else entirely. He checks the time on his Apple Watch, "Should we go then?"
They walk in step away from The Daily Dose, and away from the previous pattern of their friendship. It strikes them both that this is the first time (both trip over 'first' in their minds as having the possibility to suggest it happening more often but their hearts have known all along, of course) they were out in the world together, the first time they were more than barista and customer.
Harry's hand touched Alex's forearm when they got to the cafe's door as he held it open and encouraged her to go inside. They ordered takeaway, Harry got a croissant (he was still working on the coffee Alex made him) while Alex ordered a tea. They then walked back a little way to where there was a small park with vacant seats Harry noticed on the way past. 
"So, the book …" Alex asked him, the lid of her tea is off to let the heat escape. She’d crossed her legs and angled her hips towards him on the bench seat. Harry faced forward, heart hammering as he tried to remember how to use his voice.
Harry struggled to look dignified while biting into his too-hot croissant, the cheese burnt his lip, but he tried to hide it, "Oh, yeah, well, I haven't started it."
"I thought you said you wanted to speak to me about it!" She laughed.
"A ploy," Harry admitted sheepishly, "Was trying to figure out how to ask you to come with me."
In her head, Alex squealed. Her heart held two thumbs up at Harry's.
"How's the coffee," she asked, eyeing the cup in his hand.
Harry grins, knowing his next line is a winner, "Best in London, easily."
GIve me all your best Alex & Harry theories Act 3, Hearts beat not fail - coming soon!
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all for us [the wilds girls]
the wilds girls x platonic fem reader
requested: I love your imagines a lot, you’re an amazing writer! I had a promt where maybe the reader is the youngest of all the girls and basically the younger sister they all never had and they all care and love for her very much (maybe short flashbacks with moments of her and the girls) and once their quarantine is over they realize she’s missing and it turns out she got internal injury or something else quite angsty and the girls do everything they can for her
Tumblr media
*not my gif*
“So tell me about Y/N Y/L/N.” Agent Young says.
“Y/N Y/L/N?” Leah asks and Agent Young nods, “Where do I even begin?” 
You were the youngest of the group. Not too much younger than them, but still younger. And just like regular siblings being the youngest had its perks and downfalls.
For one, you could never go anywhere alone. Even to pee, the girls would not let you out of their sight. 
But, you got away with almost everything. The girls couldn’t stay mad at you for too long, not even Toni could stay mad at you. And she could literally stay mad at anyone until the day she died. 
“I’m taking you and her were close?” Agent Fader asks.
“Yeah, she was close to pretty much everyone. She’s like a little bean we all wanted to protect. You just wanted to squish her cheeks ever time you see her.” 
“Leah? What are you doing up here?” you ask her, plopping down onto the sand further away from everyone. 
She shakes her head staring out at the sun that was just beginning to set, “Just reading the notes he left me...again. I know I’m pathetic.” 
“I wasn’t gonna say that.” you reply and she looks at you wide-eyed.
“You weren’t?” 
You shake your head, smiling at her a little bit, “You were in love. I’ve never been in love before, but when you’re in love you’re in love. And he dumped you which wasn’t cool. I don’t support your relationship with him, but it’s only natural to be heartbroken over it.” 
“You’re wise for your age.” she says, ruffling your hair.
“If I ever meet Jeffery, I’m gonna kick his ass.” you warn her, looking at her dead in the eye.
“You probably can, if I’m being honest.” Leah states and she lets out a small laugh. 
Yes, mission accomplished.
You nod with your fists up, pretending to block, “Hit him with that one, two, punch. Pow. Pow pow pow!” you mimic, punching the air in front of you.
Your fake fighting causes her to laugh a little louder and harder. So you decided to take it up a notch, get her distracted a little more.
You get up from where you were standing. And lift one leg up, like Daniel did in Karate Kid, “Finish him!” you yell, making your voice a little deeper. 
Kicking your feet up in the air, however you don’t stick the landing. You fall onto your back letting out a small groan and the sudden hit. Leah starts laughing uncontrollably, releasing a little snort.
That small snort causes you to start laughing along with her. Jeffery long forgotten. 
“We heard from Leah that Y/N was close with everyone. Is this true?” Fader asks. 
“Oh yeah 100%.” Rachel says with a nod, “It was like having yet another younger sister to take care of. Or well...them taking care of me.” 
“You think you can beat me in a swim race.” Rachel asks, staring at you like you’ve just grown two horns.
You hum in response, “Yep!” 
“Fine you’re on! From this point to those rocks.” she says, pointing at the rock figures in the middle of the ocean.
“Who you got?” Dot asks, Toni.
Toni looks at her with a small smirk on her face, “I’m gonna bet on the underdog this round. I got my Diet Coke on Squirt here!” Toni gestures to you, using your annoying nickname that the girls named you after. 
They gave you the nickname after the turtle from Finding Nemo. You pretended to hate it, but you secretly loved your embarrassing nickname.
“You’re on!” Dot says, shaking her hand.
“On your mark, get set...GO!” Martha yells sitting along next to Marcus.
The two of you take off swimming. You start off a little slow at first trying to maintain your energy, but Rachel was the opposite. She was using everything in her power to get their as fast as she could.
When she finally started slowing down, that’s when you pushed on the gas. Moving your arms and legs in a perfect motion. Slowly, but surely you started passing her just as you made it to the rocks.
“Hell yeah!” Toni yells.
Dot groans before throwing Toni a Diet Coke. 
“How the hell did you do that?” Rachel asks you, out of breath as the two of you sat on the rocks.
“Honestly, no idea.” you say with a laugh and she rolls her eyes.
“Race you back!” she yells, jumping into the ocean.
“Cheater!” you yell before diving in after her. 
Dot was slurping down her milkshake. While the two agents waited for her to stop drinking. 
“Can I have another one of these?” Dot asks and Fader nods with a laugh. 
“Who do you think you wanted to protect most on the island?” Young asks after Dot finishes her ten course meal.
“Y/N, hands down. I think that would be every girls answer.” Dot explains, plopping another fry into her mouth.
All of you girls were relaxing on the beach. After two days of scavenging the jungle for any sorts of food and firewood. This was the first day all of you could just relax.
“I just came up with the best idea!” you exclaim. 
It was just you and Dot. The rest of the girls were scattered all over the beach, doing their own thing.
“What is it?” she asks as your eyes had that mischievous glint to them, “Oh no. I know that look!” 
“We’re already stranded on a deserted island, what if we pretended we were on an episode of Naked and Afraid?!” you say, excitedly.
She releases on of her famous hearty laughs, “You want all of us to strip down naked? You really think the girls would be up for it?” 
You nod your head, multiple times, “I bet at least 6/9 of the girls here have at least imagined one of us naked.” 
Dot raises her eyebrows at you, “Are you one of those 6?” 
“No comment...” you state.
After much convincing, you got the girls to have a pretend episode of Naked and Afraid. Everyone was stripping down of their clothes, looking at each other, trying to stifle a laugh. 
The air was awkward, yet comfortable at the same time. The only awkward part was standing there unsure of what to do next. 
“Y/N, you have a cute butt!” Fatin exclaims, giving you a high five.
Toni sidles up next to her to get a look, “Awe it looks like a little peach.” 
You throw your face in your hands, shaking your head as a chorus full of aw’s fill the air. 
Toni sat there with her arms crossed over her chest, not wanting to talk about anything to these phonies. 
“So we’ve been asking the girls their opinions on everyone else, we’re gonna go one by one on the list and you’ll say one word to describe them.” Fader says and Toni just nods.
“Leah Rilke?” 
“Over-thinker.” Toni replies.
“Rachel Reid?” 
“Dot Campbell?” 
“Shelby Goodkind?” 
There was a moment of silence, trying to find the right words to say, “Complex.” 
“Martha Blackburn?” 
“Y/N Y/L/N?” 
Toni laughs to herself softly, “Squirt.” 
You and Toni were out in the shallow waters of the ocean. Dot sent you and Toni on an experiment to see if watch she saw on TV actually works. Where you stand out in the water and catch a fish with your bare hands.
The two of you didn’t quite know the logistics on how it works, but you volunteered anyway. You were standing out, not too far away from the shore just reaching down trying to grab a fish to eat.
Each time you tried you came out short, “You look like an idiot right now.” Toni says, laughing at you flailing your arms in and out of the water.
“Shut up!” you say, splashing her with water. 
“You guys aren’t doing it right?!” Nora yells from the shore, “You need to stay still and patient so the fish will come to you.” 
“We literally picked the worst people for this job.” Shelby says and you and Toni flip her off from where you were standing, “You guys literally can not stay still for the life of you. And don’t even get me started on patience.”
“That’s rude!” you yell at her, “God can hear you! You’re supposed to be nice!” 
“I’m also supposed to be honest!” Shelby shoot back and you mock her actions, before she gives you the bird herself.
“Hey that’s not allowed!” Toni yells at her girlfriend. 
You start laughing with Toni, pushing her slightly. She pushes you back playfully, before it turns in to a full on battle to see who can get the other to fall first. But Toni being Toni decided to just tackle you. 
“Ahhhhhh!” you say letting out a little screen, “Something’s touching me!” 
“Pick it up! It could be a fish!” Toni exclaims.
You pick up the creature and yell a little louder when it bites you, tossing it in the process, “It bit me!!” 
“Y/N, it’s a baby turtle!” Toni exclaims, “You were scared of a baby turtle!” 
“Shut the fuck up.” you joke with her, but give her a serious look. 
Toni picks up the turtle examining the cute little guy. She looks at the turtles face and then back at you doing a double take. 
“It kinda looks like you.” she says, before letting it go back into the ocean.
“Fuck you.” you tease, tackling back into the ocean.
“We really picked the worst people.” Shelby says to Nora.
Both of them shaking their heads in disappointment.
“Thoughts on Y/N Y/L/N?”
“Oh intern for being the baddest bitch out there.” Fatin says with a smile on her face.
“Intern for who?” Fader asks.
“Me of course.” 
Nora and Rachel were currently fighting to the death. Neither you, Leah, or Martha knew what to do.
“Y/N come over here!” Fatin says, gesturing for you to go where she was standing, “Take this bottle of lube!” 
You catch the bottle of the lube she tossed you. And you raised your eyebrow up at her. 
“Just follow my lead.” she brings her toothbrush up to her mouth, “Nora has Rachel pinned on the ground.” she mocks an announcer you would hear on ESPN.
“But Rachel is not giving up too easily folks!” you go along with your guys’ bit, “I don’t know about you Fatin, but I have never seen a girl fight this interesting in my life!” 
“Agreed, usually it’s just a bunch of-HOLY SHIT that was a knee to the tit ladies and gentlemen!” she yells out. 
“Is Rachel out for the count?!” you add on watching the fight unfold in front of you. 
It’s probably not the best time to make jokes, but you all need to let loose once in awhile.
“Wait...she’s getting up!” Fatin yells.
“Oh my gosh she’s not...OUCH! That was knee to the twat!” you yell wincing at the pain that was just brought upon Nora.
“Y/N, how do you feel about this fight?” Fatin asks.
You shake your head, “I don’t know you have two amazing fighters going head to head for the very first time. We have Rachel, olympic diver, very strong and very determined. But then we have the underdog of the hour Nora who is small and scrawny, but she’s packing quite a punch. It could be anyone’s game.” 
“You’re absolutely right Y/N! But Rachel now as Nora pinned to the ground and she can’t seem to get up! This fight might be over everyone!!” 
“Hey there.” Shelby says, sitting down at the metal table. 
“Hello Shelby, can we get you anything?” the two men ask and she just sit back in her seat, shaking her head.
Fader nods, “Well let’s get started, shall we?” 
The three of them have a long conversation before Shelby ultimately decides to stop the interview all together. 
“Wait just one question!” Fader exclaims as Shelby stands up, “How do you feel about Y/N?” 
At the sound of your name Shelby freezes in her spot, “My favorite person on the island.” fear and worry start to fill her body at why the sudden question about you, “Is she okay??” 
You were trekking in the jungle looking for some source of food. All of you ate all the food when the rescue plane was coming, but it’s not coming anytime soon so here you were.
Shelby, Toni, and Martha said they were gonna go out looking, but none of them were to be found. So you decided to go on a little expedition to find them. You heard rustling coming from the tree up ahead, so you decided to follow the noise.
Only to see Toni and Shelby basically naked under a lychee tree, “Oh my god!!!” you yell, covering your eyes with your hand.
“AHHH!” the two girls scream, but you couldn’t see what they were doing.
You turned around facing towards the direction you came from, “Sorry sorry. I was just looking for you guys and food. I uh I didn’t mean to.” you say, shaking your head.
“Jesus Y/N you scared us!” Shelby yells and you can hear rustling. 
Hopefully, they were putting their clothes back on. 
“Damn it I was getting laid!” Toni says jokingly and you could hear a smack hit her arm.
“Leave our daughter alone!” Shelby jokes and you laugh softly.
“Can I turn back around now?” you ask meekly.
“Yes.” the two girls say and you release a sigh and turn around to face the two girls.
You look at their flush faces, “You guys couldn’t have gone a little farther away?” you ask, “Thanks to you I’m more traumatized than I already was.” you joke. 
“Oh c’mon you know you liked it.” Toni nudges your shoulder as the two of you walk back to the camp.
Your face flushes as you put your head in your hands, “Stop corrupting her!” Shelby yells at her. 
“Let me see her!” Shelby yells at the two men.
“We can’t let you do that. You girls aren't allowed to see each other yet. Not for awhile.” Agent Young says.
“Can you at least tell me if she’s okay?” she asks, looking at the two men with her eyebrows raised.
“She’s fine.” 
That didn’t relieve the feeling in Shelby’s chest that something could possibly be wrong. But she couldn’t do anything, even if we tried.
The girls didn’t know how long they were quarantined. It felt like months and it probably was a couple months. They finally let all of the girls hang out together in the small courtyard.
All of them hugging one another, super glad to see each other. Knowing that everyone’s okay. Well...everyone who made it.
“Y/N? Where’s Y/N?” Leah asks, looking at all the other girls.
“She was okay when we left. She should be here.” Dot adds on. 
Shelby face was flushed with worry, “They wouldn’t let me see her when I asked about her. I asked if she was okay, but they said she was fine.” 
Fader was standing there with a guilty look on his face. Toni’s blood was boiling at the look on his face. She runs up to him, pushing him against the wall, holding onto him by the collar. 
“Where the fuck is she?!” she yells.
Which causes Agent Young to burst into the room, “What’s going on here?” 
“Where is Y/N?!” Toni yells again, but at the other man.
Agent Young locks eyes with Fade and he subtly nods, “She’s in the infirmary. Her heart was in bad condition, so she needed open heart surgery. The surgeons are working on her right now.” 
“You told me she was fine when I was being interrogated.” Shelby says in between gritted teeth, “Did you lie?” 
The two men don’t answer. They just stare anywhere, but at the other girls. The silence spoke louder than any words did. Fatin scoffs at the men’s actions.
“That’s why you wanted to know huh?” Leah asks, her imagination running wild, “You wanted to know about her because you were wondering if she was worth saving. Isn’t that right?” 
Neither of the men decided to speak again.
“Let us see her.” Rachel says, staring at them intensely.
“We can’t do that. She’s in surgery right now.” Young says.
Toni pushes Fader up against the wall yet again, “You’re gonna let us see her when she’s out. No excuses. No bullshit. You’re gonna let us see our friend.” Toni threatens.
The girls sat in the waiting room of the infirmary. Leah paced back and forth chewing on her fingernail. Toni was trying to console a worried Shelby. While Dot, Rachel, and Fatin sat in the seats waiting impatiently.
Agent Young filled the girls in on your condition. You had a heart disease before you came onto the island. And your parents gave you a little trip to help because of the depressive state you were in. Little did they know you would be trapped on an island with none of the medication that was needed to help you survive.
All of the rigorous activity brought your heart to a weaker state than ever before. When the girls got saved, you were already experiencing symptoms of heart failure. And you were put under immediate watch when you reached the facility. You were getting better, but then your heart gave out and you needed to get an artery reconstructed.
“We already lost too much.” Fatin whispers in the tense silence of the waiting room. 
“Nora, Martha...” Rachel draws out.
“We can’t lose Y/N.” Toni adds. 
“The girl who loved the most has a heart condition. How ironic is that?” Dot asks.
“I’m scared guys.” Leah whispers.
“She’s strong, she’ll pull through.” Shelby says, trying to boost their hope, but she’s losing faith herself.
After God knows how long the doctor finally came out. All of the girls looking up at her. Tears brimming all of their eyes, scared for the answer they were about to get.
“She’s okay. We managed to repair it without too much trouble. You guys can see her now.” the doctor says and everyone lets out this huge breath.
A smile breaks out on Fatin’s face as tears spill from her face. The six girls walk into your hospital room where you were laying peacefully. Your eyes somewhat open, you had a soft smile on your face as you stared at the girls.
“Hey guys!” you exclaim, as excited as you can.
Dot lets out a small sniffle, “You scared us, asshole!” 
“Why didn’t you tell us about your condition?” Fatin asks, tears still streaming down her face.
You shrug, “We already were going through too much. I didn’t want to worry everyone more or get treated any differently. Rachel, if I told you about my heart would you have raced me?” 
She shakes her head, “No.” 
Rachel, Dot, and Fatin take a seat on the foot of the rock-hard hospital bed. You scooted over so Leah could cuddle in next to you. While Shelby and Toni pulled up a chair right by your side.
Leah rests her head on your shoulder, “We thought we were gonna lose you Squirt.” Toni says, ruffling your hair. 
Shelby was still crying, looking at you full of worry. You look at the blonde beauty who was now bald, but she still looked beautiful.
“Come here.” you whisper to her. You scoot over closer to her Leah, making room for her.
She sits next to you, crying into your chest, “Hey. I’m okay Shelby.” you look at all of the other girls who still had worry on their face, “I’m okay guys. We’re all okay.”
But the girls don’t look convinced.
“Listen to my heart Shelby, it’s still beating. Just focus on that okay?” you tell her and she nods. Even Leah could hear your heart beating from here. 
“You’re really okay?” Shelby asks and you nod.
“I’m okay. I promise.” you say, giving each of the girls a look, They all nod with small smiles, “Now how the hell do we get out of here?” you whisper.
And each of you give each other a small smirk, “Time for the Great Escape.” 
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bluelancelion · 5 months ago
Here's some characters info about the Pirate/Assassin/Princess AU klance-Voltron fanfic that I'm writing!
(Lance is a pirate and Captain of a ship, Keith is an assassin with a mission and Allura is a runaway princess. They all end up in Lance's ship for a long, disastrous journey. What could possibly go wrong?)
- Pirate
- Captain (we believe in Lance's leadership)
- homesick boy
- free spirit
- loverboy with a broken heart
- found family in the sea
- protective
- funny
- obnoxious
- touchy
- carefree
- kind
- stubborn
- very competitive
- looks ultra confident, he's actually insecure (his friends know it and they're here to support him)
- Actually a fucking human tank
- He's like??? Insanely strong???
- Worked all his life with his family, decided to take his life in his hands and parted ways
- Knows Lance from childhood, he decided to go with him
- OR he didn't know him at first and he stumbled across him and became best friends ever since
- Best Cook ever
- Worst Pirate ever
- He got used to it though
- GOOD at shooting with cannons
- Actually the Fucking BEST
- Still gets scared about everything else and can you really blame him?
- Can and will repair every single piece of the ship
- Gifted boy with lots of pressure on him, but now he can live freely and do whatever he wants
- the mom friend half of the time
- shares his last two braincells with Pidge and Lance the other half
- a fucking savage
- Looks like a cinnamon roll, could actually kill you
- Too fed up with the good girl stays at home sewing socks for nasty babies bullshit
- So she took her tools and left
- Stumbled across Hunk and Lance and found the family she never though she needed
- At some point they collect the other Holt too
- Can do phenomenal tricks with weapons
- Like, she can build from scratch cool things or modify already existent guns and swords and SHE LIKES TO BUILD BOMBS out of FUCKING NOWHERE???
- Blind like a mole
- her only weakness is her sight. No glasses? Sayonara.
- Which is funny because she's the look-out/sentry of the ship
- Social Anxiety
- Kills people off as a job but turns out to be a soft bean???
- Yeah Lance still has a hard time believing that
- fucking competitive
- loves knives more than people
- Actually love deprived
- "I push them away before they reject me"
- doesn't have a hair/skincare routine but still looks flawless and pretty
- perfect sight 100% perfect muscles super agile like a feline but WILL Stumble down a staircase if looking directly at a cute boy's ass eyes
- Cool in the streets, awkward in the sheets
- But that's cool cause Lance loves everything about him anyway
- Nah he's probably fine in bed, he's just so awkward in the courtship part?
- Which explains why he never had a stable relationship
- other than the fact that he slices people's throats off
- loves his brother
- a free spirit who's long been refrained by his own living style
- things that will change thanks to some cuban boy
- now he slices off people's throats IN THE SEA :D
- really fucking gay
- emo edge lord
- Let the man rest in peace
- Wanted to have a normal life, work, get married, make a family and such
- Ends up armless in the middle of the fucking ocean adopting three underage pirates and one depressed boy under the jurisdiction of a runaway royalty.
- Honestly just let him die
- Decided to take a nap, got kidnapped instead
- Decided to get a vacation, got chased by bloody murderers instead
- Just wanted to chill from the start but I guess that's not gonna happen lol
- Actually pretty funny
- Bad dad jokes
- "Oh well since we're already at this point of the situation, might as well roll with it"
- His patience is a mask, he keeps going on by sipping tequila when nobody watches
- Can be awkward. Like, a parent level awkward
- the dad friend half feeling responsible about everything half not giving a shit anymore at some point
- tiddies
- a fucking badass
- "I can like cute things and can also kick you ass"
- feels bad about 80% of the time but the squad makes her feel worse
- just kidding they actually make her feel inlcuded
- which means they don't care about what she does or doesn't do
- which is new for her cause being a princess means being perfect and have etiquette and such
- but there she can be herself without standing up to any expectations
- so at some point she just lets go and starts living the way she wants
- old like Shiro but childish like Lance
- she and Shiro could be great leaders but here it's Lance supremacy, let the seniors be still and chill
- Even though she's free now, it's a good thing that Lance cares about beauty. They become skin product buddies
- Allura learns the way of a true living and becomes aware of how people live outside the castle (not that she never went out but those occasions became more rare as the enemy slowly rised, that's why Alfor took precautions.)
- God is a woman and her name is Allura
- the most gorgeous man you'll ever see
- The doctor of the crew!
- Very interested in science and medicine
- Can fix you up in no time, make awful jokes (very appreciated) and can make lotion to make moustaches grow faster
- Professional adviser in the castle becomes a very enthusiast pirate in 0.67 seconds because he's adventurous and lively and honestly everyone needs a Coran in their life
- "Coran, how can you get used to this life this quickly? It took me months to get used to it"
- "Well, you see Princess, it's all about the TONE of the speech and the GESTURE. If you want to be a pirate, you have to act like one" *puts on pirate blindfold and starts making weird noises to assert dominance*
- He's the man with a parrot on his shoulder
- generally enthusiast about everything
- just really loves learning things
- At some point becomes a drug dealer for a short time
- looks like he adopted everyone, is actually still aware of them
- it takes some time but he ends up adopting everyone
- other pirates make him compliments about his mustache
I'm being possessed by the inspirational demon and now I can't stop writing. Should I post the fic somewhere once I finish it?
Let me know in the comments :3
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cole-grey-writes · 7 months ago
Different, 70 Years Later
Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Timeline: Post-The Avengers
Character(s): Steve Rogers, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov
Pairing(s): Steve Rogers x Male Reader
Warning(s): swearing, perceived homophobia, mentioned period typical homophobia
Request: Omg hi i miss seeing you in here. Can i request Steve Rogers X Male Reader angst + fluff. Like they had a big fight and then in the end they just forgive each other and cuddle and talk about a beautiful memories together until they both asleep. I love you ❤️
A/n: WOW can i just apologize that it took me literally months to finish this. I’ve just been so preoccupied by another fandom that I started hyperfocusing on (it was my hero academia if anyone wants to know). Anyway, I hope you enjoy this and ignore the fact it took me a decade to get it out :)
Tumblr media
You and Steve have only been dating for five months when you have your first fight. Honestly, it’s surprising that it took this long to happen.
You wish you didn’t remember what the fight was about, you really wish, but you remember exactly.
The fight had started due to Steve’s attitude towards your relationship. It’s clear that Steve isn’t ready to come out to his friends about your relationship, as you’ve come to realize, but that’s obviously not your actual concern. You’re not at all bothered by Steve not being ready to come out, it’s a subject you would never push. No, there’s a much bigger issue that you have a problem with.
It seems Steve is still being influenced by rotten and outdated 1930s ideology, still thinks that being queer is a bad thing which is very much untrue. You had done your best to explain that to your boyfriend, done your best to explain that there is absolutely nothing wrong with two men being in a relationship despite how much Steve’s time period has convinced him otherwise. Your efforts to help had backfired, though, for reason you can’t even begin to figure out.
Steve had gotten defensive all of a sudden, the conversation getting out of hand and blurry from there. The conversation turned into something else, something bordering on a screaming match. The fact that it was near midnight when the fight began had saved your neighbors from having to endure any interrupted sleep.
You and Steve had broken apart, eventually. Unfortunately, it was not because you were actually done fighting and instead, because Steve had stormed out of your apartment where you both had gathered after a long day (well, more like a week) of work. Maybe it sounded cliche or something, but you realized you wouldn’t be speaking to Steve for a while once you hear the echoing of the apartment door slamming shut.
You were right about you and Steve not speaking because you’re sitting in a local coffee shop called Honey Bean all by yourself by the time a week has passed.
You’re settled down at one of the two-seater tables in the front of the coffee shop so that the sun can bath you in light. You’d ordered a large muffin, although it’s not your favorite kind because apparently they don’t make more batches after 10:00 a.m., and are also half-way finished with your second venti cup of iced coffee. It’s not much of a lunch, though you don’t really care because you weren’t paying attention to your food all that much.
Your mind is still preoccupied with the fight, unable to force the thoughts revolving around it away.
“Want some shop with that coffee?” the voice breaks through the constant replay from behind your eyes. Your eyes snap up to Clint who has taken a seat across from you. You and Clint have both worked for SHIELD for years so you are very close, working as partners on missions many times. Actually, missions are where you and Clint grew closer, Natasha Romanov as well, which lead to your inevitable friendship.
You press your lips together, putting your coffee down as you refrain from rolling your eyes. “How’d you find me?” Clint’s mouth opens as if he’s going to say something but you interrupt him at the last moment. “Why am I even asking? You had Nat track my phone, didn’t you?”
Clint smiles too sweetly for the conversation you have no doubt is fast approaching. “You got that right.”
“Well,” You sigh heavily, “have at it. Say what you want to say.”
Clint hums, clearly appearing amused is the smile he’s failing to hide is anything to go by. “You know, I think I’ll start with the fact that you’re sitting in a coffee shop all alone because you’re too embarrassed to run into Steve in the SHIELD cafeteria.”
You don’t reply to Clint’s spoken truths as you play with the crumbly remains of your muffin. You mumble something along the lines of, “Hate being friends with SHIELD agents,” but your miniscule snip only causes Clint to laugh.
“So,” Clint says, “are you gonna explain why you and Steve are avoiding each other?”
You stare straight at Clint instead of avoiding eye contact, otherwise that would be admitting defeat, but you don’t say anything either because that would also be considered admitting defeat mostly because you have absolutely no idea what the hell you’re supposed to tell Clint. You and Steve are in a secret relationship. It’s bad enough that spilling your guts to Clint would be sharing your relationship without Steve’s permission but you would also be outing Steve in the process, which is completely out of the question disrespectful.
“No?” Clint says in a wondering tone before he shrugs, almost as if he knew you were going to refuse to answer the question. “I guess I’ll just tell you why you’ve been avoiding each other. You two got into a fight, a pretty bad one, not that it was hard to figure out. Bad enough to drive a visible wedge between two best friends who’ve been practically joined at the hip for months.”
You’re even more speechless, more than before, as Clint stares at you knowingly from across the table. Apparently, it’s his turn to sip his coffee pointedly.
You choose to bite the bullet and speak when Clint doesn’t continue picking apart your relationship with Steve after about a minute of complete silence. “Do you have a point to this?”
“There is a point,” Clint confirms. “The point is to make you talk to Steve.”
“Yeah, no shit. But, why?”
“Because you pout everywhere you go,” Clint informs you as if you didn’t already know. “Look, you’re obviously really bothered by whatever the fight was about. You and Steve aren’t gonna go back to what you were before unless you talk to each other about whatever happened.”
Your gaze lowers dejectedly, towards the muffin crumbs that stick to the napkin it sits on. The picture is clichely symbolic of what your and Steve’s entire relationship is gonna be if you don’t at least try to work through your fight. “You really think me and Steve could go back to being what we were before?”
Clint doesn’t even seem to hesitate before answering. “Guess you won’t know until you talk to him.” You roll your eyes more due to the harsh truth behind his words than any actual annoyance towards Clint for saying it.
You chew the inside of your cheek as you wonder if you should say what you’re thinking because you know it’s gonna be a very high ego boost for Clint. Ultimately, you decide to say it anyway. He deserves it after coming all this way so he could get two friends back together.
“You’re too convincing for your own good,” you tell him, Clint only smiling smugly in response. “Thank you.”
Clint shakes his head slightly. “Thank me by tracking Steve down and talking to him.”
Smiling, you nod in agreement. Finding Steve and making up is definitely going to be an immediate priority.
Standing from the table, you pick up all your trash, which just consists of a dirty napkin and two empty coffee cups, so you can throw it out on your way out of the door but Clint is stopping you.
“You can also thank me with another coffee,” Clint quickly adds before you’ve even begun to walk away. You scoff in disbelief before you internally give up.
“I’ll buy you as much coffee as you want when this is all over,” you promise him while grinning at the return of Clint’s playful personality.
Clint grins back at you, saying, “I’ll hold you to that.”
Tumblr media
It seems as if the walk back to SHIELD takes forever while simultaneously taking no time at all which makes you even more anxious because now the discomfort and awkwardness that will be accompanying this talk is closer than you would like. But, that thought is quickly shoved away by the other side of your brain. Instead, it presents you with another thought, a fact actually that if you didn’t have this talk with Steve, your relationship would never be able to heal.
You suddenly realize that this fight could very well cost you your relationship with Steve which is even worse than having to deal with some minor discomfort for an hour at most. You don’t want that at all.
You remember how Steve had been adamant that being queer wasn’t right, most definitely from internalized homophobia, but you also remember how painfully upset he had looked while you two were going back and forth. You don’t want to give up on Steve, he doesn’t deserve that, especially not after enduring so much violent discrimination in his day and even some in the current years. Steve deserves to finally have some reprieve, deserves at least a shot at a happy ending.
You waste no more time wallowing in your own side of the story, pushing yourself to find Steve quickly.
Trudging through the halls of SHIELD headquarters seems to be more confusing than usual but you still manage to find Steve before the end of lunch. You spot him through the giant windows that provide a good view into the cafeteria. Steve is sitting with Natasha at a table with half-eaten food forgotten in front of them. Now, you want to march right inside the cafeteria so you can talk to Steve immediately but you don’t want to interrupt his lunch with Natasha so you just wait impatiently in the hallway.
Leaning against the wall across from the double-doors leading into the cafeteria, you watch as Steve finally stands from his table. Steve and Natasha exchange some sort of short conversation before he’s hastily making his way out of the cafeteria. Steve’s in such a hurry that you’re almost worried you won’t catch him before he walks off.
“Steve!” you call out, Steve pausing in his apparent quest to turn towards you. His eyes widen slightly upon recognizing you. As you approach him, you wonder, “Hey, um, can we… talk?”
“Wha– yes, of course!” Steve stutters awkwardly. “I was… actually just looking–”
And then there’s a buzzing noise echoing out from his pocket, clearly coming from his phone. You and Steve stop moving at the same time, the same look crossing your faces because you know exactly what that buzz means.
“You have a mission,” you state plainly as if Steve didn’t already sense that.
Steve sighs sadly, mumbling, “Yeah.”
You had feared this precise situation. You had wanted to make up with Steve before he left for a mission so that your fight wouldn’t stew any longer than it already has.
“This isn’t over,” Steve blurts. You look at him, confused and slightly worried at his phrasing. “I–I mean… I’ll text you. When the mission is over. We’ll talk.”
Managing a smile, you nod your head in agreement. When Steve steps forward, eyeing you questioningly, it takes a second for you to understand why. He’s clearly wondering whether or not it’s okay for him to kiss you goodbye. Kissing goodbye was just something you always did before Steve left for missions, your shared way of expressing that you’re gonna see each other again.
You take a step forward as well, understanding and relief flashing through Steve’s eyes as you do so, and you come together to exchange your goodbye kiss. You stay in the kiss for as long as you can but Steve’s phone is buzzing inside his pocket once again.
Separating reluctantly, you watch as Steve turns and walks away from you as the kiss lingers in your mind. Remembering how it felt, remembering that it felt like every other goodbye kiss you’ve exchanged before, which is surprisingly comforting to you.
The kiss in no way signifies that everything is fixed between you and Steve but it definitely means that you aren’t going to run away from each other anymore.
Tumblr media
The mission doesn’t last very long, surprisingly, because Steve texts you around 9 o’clock asking you if he could stop by your apartment after he lands which you immediately agree with. You don’t even have to think about it anymore, the hours you spent alone giving you some time to really think about your fight.
In all honesty, as the hours ticked by, the fight between you and Steve grew to appear increasingly stupid and kinda messed up. You can’t even believe you’d blown up at Steve like you did instead of trying to reassure and comfort him. Steve isn’t like modern day homophobes, he didn’t have an open environment in his days to safely navigate and learn about queerness.
Your mind races with all the better ways you could have reacted to Steve as you impulsively made your living space cleaner for your boyfriend’s arrival. He knocks on your door at just past 10:30 p.m. and you don’t even have the willpower to stop yourself from instantly opening the door so it doesn’t seem like you were anxiously waiting right next to it.
You and Steve nervously stare at each other from opposite sides of the door before you finally step aside and invite him in. Steve smiles and enters your apartment, which is when you notice that he’s still dressed in his Cap uniform meaning he came straight to you after he landed. It’s a little dirtied and has clearly been drug through the mud but it’s not destroyed.
Relocating to the living room, Steve sits on the couch while you choose to sit perched up on the arm of the single seater. “Okay, so I think I should start off by telling you that I’m sorry,” you say, speaking meekly while subconsciously rubbing at the back of your neck. “I know that’s probably not what you wanna hear–”
“No, I’m sorry, too. I didn’t react the way I should have…” Steve trails off, as if he’s trying to get his thoughts and feels in order. “It’s just that I don’t think I’m ready to tell people, yet.”
Your mind stalls at your boyfriend’s words for a moment, your confusion causing you to stutter. “Wha– Steve, you don’t have to be.”
Steve’s face falls as he seems to cave into himself slightly, the sight twisting your guts in circles. You have never wanted to make Steve feel like that, like he has to hide from you. “That’s not what you said earlier.”
You feel your face scrunch up in confusion as your head tilts to the side. “What do you mean?”
Steve shifts around in his seat awkwardly. “Earlier, you know…” he shrugs and waves his hand around a bit, as if to help remind you of what he’s talking about. “when you were trying to convince me to come out.”
“What, Steve, no!” You’re immediately sitting up straight in your seat, your entire face widening in surprise. “That’s-that’s not what I was trying to say at all.”
“It wasn’t?”
You shake your head vigorously. “No, of course not. Me trying to bully you into coming out is just as bad as outing you myself. The only person who gets to decide when you come out is you.”
“Well, then what was I even mad at you for?” Steve wonders, his turn for his face to mold into a questioning expression.
“I have no idea… alright, let me get something straight,” you speak slowly, trying to make sense of the fight you and Steve had a week prior. “Last week, during our fight, you were only telling me you weren’t ready to come out about our relationship.”
“And… and you weren’t actually saying you that being queer was a bad thing?”
Steve’s eyes darken with worry. “You thought I was saying that?” his voice seems so small, it makes you feel guilty for even thinking what you thought.
“I don’t know,” you sigh heavily, hands coming up to rub at your face. “I thought you were still being effected by your time period’s public homophobic ideals.”
Steve hums understandingly for some reason. “I know I used to internalize that stuff before, but I’ve worked through all that. I know being queer doesn’t make me less than others.”
You stand from your place on the arm of the single seater sofa so you can approach and reassure your boyfriend of the feelings you had previously thought he had. “That’s good, it doesn’t,” you pause before continuing. “I only wish I could go back and actually understand what you were saying. This whole thing wouldn’t have happened if I had just listened to you.”
“We both weren’t listening,” Steve smiles up at you sadly, clearly just as regretful as you are about this stupid fight that obviously shouldn’t have even happened in the first place.
You and Steve sit in silence for a moment, processing everything that’s just come out about your fight. There’s not more words exchanged between you as you both stand from your seats and gravitate towards each other in order to wrap your arms around each other.
You hug tightly for quite a long time, not saying anything, until you finally say, “I know you didn’t say anything about spending the night…”
“… Yeah,” Steve answers your unvoiced question without hesitation.
Somehow hugging even tighter, you and Steve manage to maneuver yourselves into the couch, laying side by side while pressing up against each other. You’re mostly on your back with Steve’s head resting near your neck and unable to stop yourself, you rest your hands in Steve’s soft blond hair in order to play with it despite how much soot and dried sweat lays within it.
It’s a while before one of you speaks. Steve begins to wonder out loud, “You remember how we met?”
You scoff lightheartedly, “How could I possibly forget?”
The memory comes to your mind easily. It was in the SHIELD cafeteria, you and Steve walking with your respective companions when Steve makes a sharp turn and accidentally bumps into you. Steve’s tray of food, as well as your own, spills all over you and your agent uniform. You remember Steve becoming a stammering mess of apologies out of embarrassment while Natasha stood next to him, surveying the scene in obvious amusement.
“You cost me $15 in dry cleaning,” you remind your boyfriend.
“I paid you back,” Steve whines as he pouts playfully.
Pressing your lips to Steve’s forehead, you mumble, “You certainly did.”
And, in fact, Steve did pay you back and he paid you back in the form of a two hour coffee date three days after he’d asked you out with a face as red as the tomato soup he’d spilled all over you.
You and Steve fall into a comfortable silence as you both seem to reminisce about an easier time in your relationship. Not that you want to go back to that time, you’re confident in that because while the first few months were easier, you and Steve have become more connected as time went on. You and Steve are closer to each other than you had been in the beginning and you don’t want to lose that for anything, not even for an easier time in your relationship.
“I know we can’t prevent fights,” you mutter, voice catching Steve’s attention. “But, can we at least promise that we’ll never stay away from each other for that long ever again?”
You feel Steve trying to burrow further into your neck as he says, “Only if we promise not to yell at each other that loud ever again.”
You agree immediately.
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zodiyack · 8 months ago
Curiosity Killed The Cat
Requested by Anon: I know we do happy Elizabeth Shelby but, could you imagine teen Elizabeth figuring out that Bonnie was never her real dad? And it was a dead beat bastard? I’m feeling kinda angsty????
Pairing: Bonnie Gold x Female!Shelby!Reader, Mentioned Male!Character x Female!Shelby!Reader, Bonnie & Reader + Elizabeth Shelby (platonic)
Warnings: Angst, swearing, mention of teen pregnancy
Words: 1,898
Summary: (See Request)
Note: I like- I had an idea, altered it a little halfway through, and then went with it. I hope you like it, anon!
Tumblr media
Taglist: @matth1w, @redspaceace-writes, @simonsbluee, @fandom-puff, @marquelapage, @stuckysslag​, @psychkunox​, @darling-i-read-it​, @sebastianstanslefteyebrow​, @i-love-superhero​
Masterlist | Peaky Blinders Masterlist | Elizabeth L. Shelby Masterlist
Tumblr media
She had never meant to invade another’s privacy in her life...but one little detail pulled the small bit of string sticking from the yarn ball, unraveling into one big mess. That was how she’d ended up in the situation never meant to happen. But it did.
It was a slow morning, Bonnie out to help with the Peaky Blinders and Y/n helping Ada and Polly with the boys. Elizabeth had a free day from her schooling and her ever growing mind was still as inquisitive as it was when she were just a babe.
The study, in which her parents did most of their work, was not off limits to her, just a place where she hadn’t been as often. Because of that, she decided she’d spend her time taking care of her boredom by snooping around.
All was going pleasantly until she found a letter, hidden in the bottom drawer of her mother’s wooden desk. Elizabeth frowned to herself, knowing better than to stick her nose into things that were not hers to know of, and began to move the items in the drawer to return the letter to its original place. However, the glimpse she caught of her name, or what looked like her name, sprawled in messy handwriting, caught her like a fish on a hook and reeled her in.
The word had been seen slightly between the folded end and the middle. She wasn’t completely sure it had been her name, so she debated leaving it alone and moving on with her day or giving into the pull of the hook of intrigue.
Biting her lip, she looked around. Then she breathed slowly and carefully unfolded the paper.
Tumblr media
When Bonnie and Y/n returned to their home, they had expected a few things. Perhaps the house would be spotless and Elizabeth would act as if it were nothing, or the house would be a mess and she would have a boy over- that idea caused Bonnie to almost crash the car. Thinking of many things they’d find, Elizabeth with her arms crossed, a paper in her hand and a conflicted look upon her face was not one of them.
It was like they were the teens caught out and about in the middle of night by returning after curfew and she was the angry parent. Her expression caused her parents to stop in place and give her a questioning look. Ellie unfolded her arms and held up the paper. Right at that moment, Y/n’s heart stopped and dropped into her stomach. She squeezed Bonnie’s hand tightly.
“Who wrote this?” The two exchanged a knowing glance. “Mother. Who wrote this?”
Y/n hesitated getting the answer out of her mouth. The letter was something she hadn’t thought about, something she yearned to forget. “Your father.”
“My father? But I thought he was my father.” Elizabeth gestured to Bonnie, who sighed and moved to take a seat opposite to Elizabeth. “Have a seat, mum, I think we have something to talk about.”
“Indeed we do, Elizabeth.” Bonnie avoided his daughter’s- step-daughter’s eyes as he spoke, staring at his hands.
Y/n did as her daughter requested, more so demanded, and sat beside Bonnie. She too held a sheepish manner.
“Please, tell me, why am I just now learning of my father? Why not when I was a little girl? Why is he not a part of my life?”
The final question led Bonnie to surge upward from his seat, finally making eye contact with a now startled Elizabeth. “That man will have nothing to do with you if I have any say in this whatsoever!” His face was as red as a tomato, but calmed a few shades as Y/n put a soft hand on his arm.
“You don’t have a say in it. This is between my mother and I.” She looked at him apologetically, “You will always be my dad, but I want to know my real father.”
“He’s right...ya know? I never really wanted you around him...but-” Was it worth it? Ruining his image before Elizabeth had the chance to even meet him? He lived right there in Birmingham, she could meet him and see for herself, but, as Y/n thought more about it, he was a cruel man, one who neglected to even care for his child or his lover who was carrying said child.
“But what? Is he dead or something?”
“No, but-”
“But nothing!” Moments prior, Bonnie had scared Elizabeth with an outburst of his own, but it was the adults this time who nearly fell out of their chairs in surprise. “Either let me meet him or leave me to find him on my own.” She whipped around, her shoes clacking against the floors as she paced quickly to her room, leaving her parents to discuss her ultimatum.
Tumblr media
Each meal went by with an awkward tension hanging over the three, the room filled with silence if you didn’t count the scraping of spoons against bowls or forks against plates. The simple sound only worsened the strained feeling in the air.
No answer came to Elizabeth, so she took matters into her own hands, following out her second offer and sought to find the man who gave her life. Each day she’d ask the name of which had been signed on the letter, going as far as to put his name in the newsprint. As a Shelby, she didn’t have to pay a single thing to have the people put anything in the news, but the goodness of her heart got the best of her and the people themselves. They offered to call the place she had been staying when they had a lead, but sadly, no calls had been made.
But one day, while she sat with the same hopefulness by the telephone with a cup of coffee in hand, the ringing filled her ears and a smile struck her face instantaneously. She almost dropped the coffee onto the carpeted hotel flooring as she jumped to set it down and grab the phone. “Hello?!” Her voice beaned with joy.
“Miss! There’s a call from the newsprint office,” the woman from the front desk said, voice ringing with a sense of rush, “they’re on hold- they say it’s urgent!”
The smile on Elizabeth’s face widened, “Please, put them on the line!”
“Miss Shelby, we have him!”
Tumblr media
He waited for her in the lobby of the hotel, confusion obvious on his features. Elizabeth slowly walked down the stairs and the second her eyes met his, she felt sure that it was him. “Father!” She grinned and raced to him. Ellie threw her arms around him the second she reached him.
A small feeling of uncertainty picked at Elizabeth when he didn’t hug her back right away. She noticed his hesitation almost instantly but brushed it off when he finally wrapped his arms around her small frame. “You must be...”
“Elizabeth. Elizabeth Luludja Shelby.” She paused, furrowing her brows a little when he scoffed at her middle name, but continued nevertheless. “I’m um...your daughter.”
“Did your mother tell you about me?”
Elizabeth rolled her eyes, sucking in a breath bitterly. “No.”
“Oh...It’s fine with me. Never liked the whore that much anyways.”
Another pang of guilt struck Elizabeth, but again, she ignored it. “Yeah...” She laughed nervously, the unsure feeling growing deeper, twisting into a big sign that told her in capital letters to RUN. But she didn’t.
The two spent the day together, bonding and discussing what he would’ve done with her had he been given the opportunity to be her father. Of course, he never wasted the chance to call Y/n slurs and ghastly words. All seemed fine, Ellie wondered why on earth her parents thought he was a bad man, until he did yet another thing to make Elizabeth’s fight or flight mode prepare itself despite her not exactly wanting to.
He offered to hold her bag whilst she used the toiletries, then when he handed it back, took her to a shop. There, when paying, she found that a large amount of funds she’d been saving up since childhood had been missing. She bit the inside of her mouth and shook her head. But still, she refused to give up on him just yet.
They walked the streets, making small talk as they went by. “You got a lover yet?”
“Not quite. Mother said I should be sure before giving my heart to someone.”
“Yeah, well, your mother got herself knocked up before she was even of age so. Best think about who you’re getting advice from, Eirene.” He butchered her name off the bat, but she’d ignored that too, only correcting him each time- just not this one. “Date and fuck whoever you want, don’t let that bitch boss you around.”
He leaned closer to her, allowing her to smell the alcohol under his breath, the tobacco and surely, without a doubt, plenty of drugs. She cringed, scrunching her face and looking away from him in hope to get fresh air, but something about that smell stuck with her. What had he used her money on? Did his breath smell like that before? Was he intoxicated at the hotel?
“Listen, I think it’s best I get going...” She tried to pull away from him, but he caught a grip on her arm, tighter than he should’ve.
“No. You’re staying with me and that’s final. Come on Eliza, lets go meet my friends. You ever try snow before?”
That was the final time the red lights flashed. In what felt like a split second slowed dramatically, Elizabeth socked her father in the nose, hearing a cracking sound before he let go of her arm and she stumbled backwards a little.
“You bitch!” His grumble was muffled from behind his hand. He covered his nose and mouth, blood on his hand from either places but Ellie didn’t know which. “Why the fuck would you do that?!”
She was ready to apologize, but for once, it felt good to do something un-ladylike. “I seldom act as barbarous as that, but I know one thing. I feel not guilt for my actions, but justice. You call my mother horrid names that she would never be defined by, you can’t even stay clean for a visit with your own daughter nor keep your thieving hands out of anything that is not your own! Let alone remember my name!”
“And-” She hesitated, but rolled her eyes and let it out. “And fuck you. I believe there is good in everyone, but you have shown me otherwise. I thought mother and...and my father were wrong, that my birth father was a good man, but the day started with joy and ended in disappointment. I’m ashamed to even be from your blood. May you rot in the deepest depths of hell, you dishonorable bastard.”
Gasps came the people around them, making Elizabeth look around and glare at the bystanders, “Fuck off before the Peaky Blinders have you all...”
She turned to the man, still on the ground clutching his face, and thought about how she’d spent just a little less than a month searching for him; news traveled fast in Birmingham. “In fact, you’re lucky all you got was me. Because, if you have any brain whatsoever, you’ll leave Birmingham before you get the Peaky Blinders too.”
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sub-hoshi-enthusiast · 7 months ago
I know it might be too soon cause I just got into them but I had a mighty need 😔😔 also no one writes anything for my babie Keonhee wtf- (this one has been completed in my drafts before the haechan one 🙃)
⚠️Warnings⚠️: sub!oneus, mentions of crossdressing, mentions of petplay, mentions of bondage
Oneus as Camboys
Alright, so we all know the confidence this man holds so he was made to be a camboy and I will not fight on this. Of course, as the prettiest boy, he gets a lot of attention right off the bat. He seems so cocky at the beginning of his streams which make viewers question if he's submissive at all, but then he'll whip out a fucking machine and proceed to get railed until enough comments give him permission to stop. If he ends up cumming before then he'll let it run for a little bit longer to overstimulate himself as his punishment, even when no one tells him to. He thrives off the comments that tell him how pretty he looks (which of course he already knows that but it never hurts to hear it again-), so much so that if he's getting close he'll start to ask the viewers if he's pretty just to help bring him over the edge. One of the viewers even mentioned that he looked similar to a kitten so the next stream he did he wore some cat ears he had laying around the house (no one knows where they came from or why he had them laying around but-). Now he never takes them off. Someone even bought him a cute little collar with a bell on it that everyone was thankful for cause it jingled everytime he moved and it only made him even cuter 😔.
Tumblr media
This man has the sweetest face so the first time people started watching him they were very confused as to why such a sweet looking boy is doing something this dirty. Originally he didn't know what he would be doing but the second people started telling him how precious he looked he knew he had found his act. (Of course everything he does on camera is just an act and you really wish he would listened to you as much as he listens to his viewers sometimes but nope, you get left with the bratty bitch we all know and reluctantly love) He'll log on wearing big sweaters and panties that barely cover him up, and he'll let people buy him toys for him to use on the stream. When these gifts arrive he acts clueless as to what they're supposed to do, asking viewers if he's doing it right every five minutes cause he's just a big dumb babie that needs to be told what to do all the time 😔😔. Towards the end of his streams when he's coming down from his high, and he's all shaky and covered in his own cum, he'll look toward the camera and murmur "Was I a good boy for you?" Which of course makes everyone's hearts burst then and there. Then he'll just lay there for a minute or two, all smiley and giggly as he reads through all of the comments telling him how good he'd been and how proud they are of him :(. There are also times he'll claim that he's a virgin which no one knows if it's true or not it's definitely not but they roll with it cause he's just too darn cute.
Tumblr media
Everyone was hyped as soon as he started making his own streams after seeing him appear in one of Hwanwoong's. They were a little surprised to see him all shy and awkward after seeing him pounding into one of his friends but he's hot so no one questioned it that much. His first stream he didn't really know what to do so he's just awkwardly touching himself, trying his best not to look at the camera. The first time he glanced up, his eyes landed on a simple comment that said 'you don't have to be so shy baby, you look so pretty :)' and everyone sees his cock jump in his hold as he murmurs "I'm.. pretty…?" under his breath. From that moment on everyone flooded the comments telling him how cute he was and he was finally able to relax a little. Someone mentioned that he whimpered so much he might as well be a dog, so it really wasn't surprising that he received a package a few days later with some puppy ears and a collar. Let's just say he enjoyed the collar a lot more than he thought he would. He'll start off quiet and shy but as he gets closer and closer to his release he can't hold back how loud he is. To 'spice things up a little' he wanted to do a stream where he cums without him touching himself, which leads to someone asking him to hump a pillow for them like the desperate puppy that he is. He enjoyed it a lot and has done many videos with it since then. But overall he's just the sweetest puppy who's ready to please 🥺💔
Tumblr media
I genuinely don't know why I wanna tie this man up so bad but we're gonna roll with it. His first ever stream isn't meant to be sexual, he's just asking for advice on how he should tie his shibari cause he wants to surprise his girlfriend. The next one is of him showing off what he learned, and he's smiling so wide cause he's all proud of himself :(. But he starts to notice a bunch of comments telling him how pretty he is and how much they would pay to see him in nothing but the red ropes he had tied around him. He thinks about it for a bit before asking if you're ok with it (cause the sweet boy would never want to do something you're uncomfortable with) and after getting the go ahead he starts his camboy career. You tend to stick around behind the camera while he's filming cause 1) he tends to be more confident when you're with him and 2) he needs someone to help untie him when he's done (and secret reason 3) he gets really turned on by you watching him doing something so filthy). Let's say, giving a totally random example, he finishes up a stream where he's been tied up and gagged as he helplessly writhes around with a vibrating buttplug in and after the camera goes off, instead of untying him you take out the plug and replace it with your strap to make him cum again and again until you've drained him of everything he has to offer. Theoretically, if that ever happened, he wouldn't be against it- 👀 theoretically of course.
Tumblr media
No one is surprised this man has a camboy account. He's the most likely to have one out of all the boys and everyone knows it. He's such a whore- But anyways everyone who watches him has a size kink. Obviously, everyone logs on to see his tiny body get absolutely ruined and you can't argue with me on this. His streams consist of him inviting over his tall, strong friends to just completely destroy his little hole for the world to see. One friend he invited over really caught people's attention cause of how pretty he was (*cough cough* Leedo *cough cough*) so he tends to keep bringing him back, and even convinces him to start his own camboy account. He's even done a few videos of him giving his friends a lap dance before he gets railed, which made someone mention that he'd make a good stripper and that's how he got his job at the strip club a few miles from his house (and this man would be loaded cause who doesn't want a piece of that?). He doesn't do a lot of streams of him by himself but they tend to be popular when he does. He gets a little shy cause he has to actually read the comments himself instead of someone just telling him how cute he looks as he rides his favorite dildo. Plus when he does it by himself it gives viewers a better view of him instead of another person.
Tumblr media
This sweet boy lives for crossdressing. Originally he just wanted to show off a few cute outfits he had, which blended into him only wearing cute skirts and dresses he buys, and even though he isn't doing anything sexual everyone gives him money cause he's just so precious. One stream he's doing what he always does but things suddenly take a turn when someone tells him that if they were there right now then they would bend him over the nearest surface and fuck him senseless cause he just looks so cute, which leads to him touching himself cause just that one comment got him so worked up. He'll also get into roleplay and stuff too, usually around halloween cause it's easier to find costumes to wear. A fan favorite was a maid costume he bought for a halloween stream for some master/mistress and maid roleplay (Think of this cause I got lost in the world of catboy maids for a hot second the other day). He's been calling his viewers master ever since then cause he kinda likes the humiliation he feels when they call him their dumb little servant. Someone even sent him some cat ears, a collar with a bell, and some cat toe bean thigh highs to really pull his outfit together. He even bought matching pink lace panties to make him even more irresistible. I think out of all the boys he'd be the one to talk with his viewers most cause he just wants to make sure he's doing good for them cause he aims to please.
Tumblr media
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kimoralov3 · 6 months ago
Hello, Old Friend
Requested by: @nuclearpizza84
Word Count: 2449
Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr x gn!black!mutant!reader
espèce d'imbécile = idiot in french according to google translate
Warnings: swearing, talks of attempted murder, mention of racial slurs
Charles’ POV
“Who’s the next person on our list?” Erik asked as he sat in one of the chairs, propping his feet up on my desk. I pushed his feet off of my desk then picked up the notebook filled with mutants we could possibly recruit.
“Someone by the name of (Y/N) (Y/LN). They live in Atlanta, Georgia, and as of now it doesn't seem as if they have a job."
"(Y/N)? I used to know someone with that name. Do you have a guess as to what their mutation may be?" Erik sat up straighter in the chair. Oh, now he's interested now that this person has the same name as an old friend of his?
"No I don't, but I guess we shall find out soon. If we want to make it there and back before midday tomorrow, we should leave in the next 30 minutes." Erik nodded and stood up, walking towards the door. "What if this person happens to be your old friend?"
"If this is the same (Y/N) as the one I know, they'll need a lot more convincing than us being in the same boat as them. They're quite stubborn in that way." Erik said as he stopped and turned to face me.
"Like you?" I asked as I titled my head to the side slightly. Erik glared at me before exiting the room, not bothering shutting the door behind him. There was definitely something else going on between Erik and his supposed old friend.
Erik's POV
I stepped out of the car, buttoning up my coat as I took in my surroundings. We had taken a taxi to a small town, not too far from Atlanta. There was a corner store across from us, some restaurants down the street, and a combined book/coffee shop. Of course you would run away here. It's the perfect place to escape from your past. 
"Well, it certainly is quite lovely here. According to Cerebro, (Y/N) comes here every other week to get some more books for the orphanage across town. Very nice of them." Charles said as he made his way towards the book/coffee shop. I followed him, taking one last look at the street before stepping inside.
One half of the shop was filled with floor to ceiling bookshelves, all marked with whatever genre of book filled the shelves. If we were to walk about a foot forward, we'd be standing directly in front of the white and grey display case. There was a counter attached where the coffee machine sat. The back of other side of the shop was filled with bean bag chairs and pillows, while the front is where the tables and chairs sat. 
"Welcome gentlemen, would you like a cup of- Erik?" A voice said as they came from the back. I turned my attention towards the owner of the voice and smiled.
"Hello, (Y/N). How have you been?"
"Wow, he wasn't lying, he actually has friends. I'm impressed." Charles said with a hint of mockery in his tone.
"Erik, what are you doing here? I thought we agreed to never look for each other again." (Y/N) asked as they walked around the counter to stand in front of us.
"Well that was then, and this is now. We need your help." I said. They haven't changed a bit. 
"Oh, I've heard that before. You can fuck off Erik, I'm never helping you again." They said as they glared up at me. You always did look cute when you were upset.
"I don't know what the history between the two of you is, but he's not asking for your help. I am. In return I'm offering to help you control your mutation. If we could sit down I could explain everything further." Charles said as he looked between the two of us.
"Mutation? What are you talking about, I don't have any type of mutation. And who even are you?" (Y/N) asked as they finally turned their attention towards Charles, giving him a once over.
"I'm Charles Xavier. You see, the three of us all have a gene- well, a mutated gene- that gives us specific abilities. I'm a telepath, and Erik can control metal." 
"You're crazy. The whole time Erik and I worked together, he never showed signs of having any special 'abilities'. Other than being an asshole." (Y/N)'s lips curled into a slight smirk at the insult.
"It's not my fault you kept getting in the way." I said.
"You pushed me off a fucking train, Erik. I think it's safe to say that that wasn't my fault."
"You're the one who wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. I told you to stay in the train and wait for me, but you just couldn't follow directions." 
"So you decided that the safest bet was to push me off a moving train?"
"Erik, you're not helping. (Y/N), I understand that you probably don't trust Erik, but you can trust me. If anything goes wrong, I'll take full responsibility. So what do you say?"
(Y/N) took a deep breath, looking between the two of us. I was beginning to think that they'd say no and kick us out, but they finally came to a decision. "Fine, I'll help. As long as Erik doesn't double cross me. Again."
Charles looked at me expectedly, making me roll my eyes. Please, we need all the help we can get. Charles communicated to me telepathically. "Fine, I won't double cross you."
"Excellent! (Y/N,) let's take a taxi to your place so you can gather some of your things. On the way, I can tell you all about my research and what exactly it is we're doing here. I'm sure you'll find it all very interesting." Charles said as he led (Y/N) out of the shop. 
"You coming, espèce d'imbécile?" (Y/N) asked as they got in the taxi. I snapped out of whatever trance I was in and got in the taxi.
(Y/N)'s POV
Charles had spent both taxi rides and most of the plane ride explaining his findings about mutants. To be honest, I didn't understand most of it, but he seemed excited to share this information with someone new, so I wasn't going to stop him. All I knew was that I had another reason for people to call me a freak. Once the plane landed, Charles drove us to his house- excuse me, I mean mansion. "Well shit. You lived here by yourself?" I asked as I got out of the car. 
"Well, not entirely. I have a sister named Raven, you'll meet her soon." Charles said as we walked inside. I can't believe I'm in a fucking mansion. If only my parents could see me now. 
"Oh good, you're back! Hello there, I'm Raven." The blond girl said as she smiled brightly and ran over to me and gave me a hug. I was shocked for a second, but I quickly hugged her back. Is this usually how people greet each other?
"I'm (Y/N), it's nice to meet you. You're Charles' sister, right?" I asked as she pulled away. She nodded and turned to Charles. 
"The boys are sitting in the kitchen. Can you take (Y/N)'s stuff to their room while I introduce them to everyone else?" She asked him. He nodded and grabbed my suitcases, walking somewhere down the hall. She then turned to Erik. "Are the two of you getting along well?"
Erik scoffed. "Me and Charles or me and (Y/N)? Because me and Charles are getting along swimmingly, but (Y/N) is being a bit dramatic if you ask me."
"Says the man who spent 30 minutes crying because he lost track of some stupid guy." I shot back quickly. Erik's jaw clenched as he gave me a once over, then walked in the same direction that Charles went.
"Well that was rude of him. Anyway, come on, let's go meet the rest of the boys." She said as she grabbed my hand and tugged me towards the kitchen. One boy was standing in front of the sink with a beer in his hand, another one with glasses sitting at the table with a bunch of files in front of him, and a messy brown haired boy digging through the fridge. "Boys, we have a new friend. Introduce yourselves please."
"Alex." The boy with the beer said.
The boy rummaging through the fridge stood up, holding a bottle of water in one hand and waving at me with the other. "I'm Seth."
"I'm Hank, nice to meet you." He gave me an awkward smile.
"(Y/N), nice to meet you all." 
"So, what are your special abilities?" Alex asked as he threw the bottle in the trash.
"Anatomy manipulation. You?" They all looked at me like I was crazy. Did I say something wrong?
"A-Anatomy manipulation? That's a pretty violent thing." Hank said as he pushed his glasses to sit correctly on his nose.
"Yeah, it can get pretty ugly. That's why I don't really like to use them. Hurting people isn't really my style."
"I learned that the hard way." Erik's voice came from behind us. I swear this man gets on my fucking nerves.
"Hey Erik. Did you need something?" Raven asked as she turned around to face him. She is definitely interested in him. 
"I would like to speak to (Y/N) in my room."
"Why would I go anywhere with you. You gonna try and kill me again or something?"
"I promised not to, remember? Now come with me." He grabbed my hand and dragged me to his room, closing the door behind us and locking it. First of all, that's creepy. Second of all he could've given me a chance to walk without him dragging me along like I'm some child.
"What do you want, Erik?" I asked as I crossed my arms over my chest.
"I want to apologize. For being an ass. And for anything else I might have done that caused you pain. Will you forgive me?" He said. His words were rushed, he stumbled a little and he seemed out of breath. He must not be used to having to apologize for his actions. Typical.
I stared at him for a moment, switching my focus between his eyes before speaking. "Well I'm not going to say that I forgive you, but I'm glad that you decided to apologize. What made you want to do that?"
"Charles helped me see something that I couldn't see before. Although there's something I need to do to prove his theory."
"And what's that? Be nice to everyone for a day? Well good luck with that because the day that you're nice to people is the day that hell freezes over." 
"Has anyone ever told you that you make things extremely difficult?" Erik asked as he looked down at you. Why did he have to be so tall? 
"No, but then again I've never had to work with someone as stubborn as you."
"Oh I'm the stubborn one? Aren't you the one who refused to leave a bar until the bartender apologized for calling you that horrid word? Then when he finally did mutter out a half assed apology, you still wouldn't leave? Or am I just remembering things incorrectly?" Erik stated, his smile growing bigger at each sentence. I chuckled and shook my head.
"You see, that was different. He called us both slurs, and I wasn't just going to let him get away with that. Plus you know you enjoyed it, you sat there laughing the whole time." I said as I poked him in his chest. 
"I always did love the way you would stand up for what you thought was right." 
"Oh, so you don't hate me? Well there's a shock. You are full of surprises today, aren't you?"
"Why would I hate you? You're the closest thing to a friend I have at the moment."
"If I'm the closest thing you have to a friend, you seriously need to work on your social skills."
"Yeah, Charles said the same thing. Just a lot more complicated, honestly I stopped listening about a minute in. He tends to take the long way of explaining things."
"I think he's just excited to be with other people. He's been alone in this big house with only one other person to talk to. I'd be happy to be around other people too."
"That's fair. So what have you been up to since the last time we talked?" Erik asked as he sat down on the bed, patting the spot next to him. I sat down and smiled at him.
"You mean since the last time you tried to kill me? Nothing much really. As you see I moved to Atlanta, and I was working at a coffee/book shop. Sometimes I babysit the owner's kids while she goes away for work, and when I'm not at work, I volunteer at the orphanage. Pretty boring stuff if you ask me. How about you? Still chasing after Shaw?" I ask as I look up at him. 
"Of course, he has to pay for what he's done. This is the closest I've gotten to catching him."
"I understand. But what are you gonna do once you finally kill him? Are you gonna move away again?"
"No, I don't think I will. I think I might stay here and help Charles with his plan- even though it sounds utterly insane."
"What plan?" 
"He wants to turn this place into a school for people like us- his preferred term is mutant. He wants to help other people in the way that we never had help."
"That's actually very kind of him." Charles does seem like the kind of guy to put others before himself.
"Yeah, I guess. You should stay too, you've always been more of a people person than I."
"Maybe I will. It'd give me more time to annoy the hell out of you." I said as I nudged his shoulder. He chuckled and nudged me back.
"It's getting late, you should head to bed. It's been a long day." Erik said as he helped me off the bed.
"Yeah, I am getting pretty tired. Thanks for the trip down memory lane."
"Any time. Goodnight (Y/N)." He leaned down and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. I smiled and waved as I walked away, in search of my new room. Maybe Erik Lehnsherr does have a heart under all those steel walls after all.
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