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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#cause i cant see it-

it’s literally at the point where it’s like oh u wanna be a ww/e superstar? get ready to have your real life addiction issues used repeatedly against you in storylines, your mental illness demonised, have someone point out that you’re descended from cannibals if you’re samoan, and a whole lot more!! xx

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idk what i should be annoyed at my body most for rn: the shear amount of bloody noses i’ve had in the past 3 days, the allergic reactions to everything in sight, or just the things i normally hate about it

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I’m reading a book and honestly it sucks,,, like it’s the worst boom I remember reading. I’ve read it before and I think I liked it so it may just be that I’m not in the targeted age anymore but still,, when you despise the main character you can’t enjoy the book

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lol if you’ve known me long enough to know about my “past behaviour” (idk what are you referring to) why haven’t you blocked me already? a lot of people have me blocked and it has never been a big deal. i’m actually curious to know why you associate me with ~fandom drama~ cause i never even talk about people who block me gkfjfdfkdsjf i simply dont care (except when theyre people who used to talk with me cause in that case i think it sucks but i wont vague them or anything) the block button exists so you can block whoever you want

and yeah this answer’s probably make you find me even more annoying but what can i do? i talk too much

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