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New Day, New Skill
Pairing: Scarlett Johansson x Reader 
Summary: Scarlett has just learnt how to use Facetime properly and is excited to show you her new skill!  
| Fluff | 0.7K | No Warnings | Scarlett & Reader are close in age. 
AC: Got this idea from rewatching the new Out Set TikTok videos!  
Tumblr media
You sat at home catching up on some long overdue relaxation time. With your legs rested up on the coffee table, a warm hot chocolate by your side and four chapters into your new book, it was the perfect way to escape the stresses of work recently. 
If your partner, Scarlett, were home then you’d be doing something with her to destress, but she was busy with doing some promotional work for her skin care brand, The Out Set. Usually, you’d pop into the office and surprise her, but she mentioned late last night while in bed how much work she had to do in the morning so this time you just waited for her to come home. 
Your phone sat on the coffee table on vibrate as your book drew you more and more into its contents, a fruit snack sat in a bowl within arm’s reach, picking at it when you turned the page. Shortly, a black and white photo of Scarlett lit up your screen causing you to smile at your favourite photo of her. The device vibrating loudly as you reached to pick it up, a slightly look of confuse quickly covered your face when you say Scarlett was trying to Facetime you instead of her normal voice call. 
It took a few seconds to connect before you were greeted with your lover’s smile. 
“Hi honey!!” Scarlett said with excitement.
“Hi darling, you’re facetiming now?” you cocked an eyebrow. 
“The girls showed me a couple of times how to use it properly! They’re just showing me how to make TikTok’s by myself and how to use the app then we got laughing at my lack of knowledge to FaceTime” Scarlett couldn’t help but giggle at her co-workers in the background. 
“I never thought I’d see the day, my baby girl finally learnt how to facetime!” you chuckled, “You learn something new every day” she replied, “what are you up too hon?” Scarlett asked, completely admiring you through the phone. 
“I’m just relaxing on the sofa with my new book” 
“Are your feet on our coffee table again?”
Slowly you returned your feet from the coffee table and gave Scarlett a playful look, “of course not” you smirked.
“I’ll just ignore that little white lie” she chuckled, “I’ll be home shortly, do you want me to pick up dinner on the way home?” 
“I could really go for some Mexican” you suggested with a sweet tone. “I’ll grab your usual order” Scarlett smiled. “Thank you, baby” you returned the small smile. “I’ll text you when I’m leaving the office, I love you”
“Okay, sweets, I love you too” you blew her a kiss through the phone before you watched her look up from the phone “it’s not hanging up” she spoke to one of her co-workers, with a giggle you hung up for her knowing she probably just didn’t’ press the red button hard enough. 
The rest of the afternoon was spent locked into your book, your warm hot chocolate now gone cold, the fruit snack was now just an empty bowl and now you were 12 chapters into your book you completely forgot about the time. 
Your phone calling brought you back to reality, smiling to yourself once again when seeing it was Scarlett calling, again via FaceTime. 
“You’re really liking the FaceTime, aren’t you” your smile widened at the sight of Scarlett’s excitement. 
“I love it! I get to see your face while I’m away” she replied. 
“Honey, I’ve been trying to show you FaceTime for months” you chuckled remembering the attempts to get Scarlett to FaceTime you whenever she was away. 
“I’ll have you know; I just made this call without any help” she chuckled with you. 
“Ooo, I’m so proud!” you said honestly, “Are you almost finished at the office?” you asked. 
“Yep! And I’ve already got our dinner, I just got back in the car” 
“You said you were going to text me when you were leaving the office?” you questioned. 
“I did? Have you been read this whole time?”
“No?” you playfully shook your head, swiping down on your phone to see that Scarlett did in fact message you 43 minutes ago. “You’re the worst liar, you know that, right?” 
“I do but you love me”
“You’re lucky I do” she chuckled once more, “I’ll be home in 10, see you soon honey, I love you” 
“I miss you; I’ll see you soon. I love you too” you smiled, “can you work out the hung-up button yet?” you joked. 
“Shut up” Scarlett laughed before hanging up, leaving you to laugh by yourself for a moment. 
Tumblr media
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Morpheus/Sandman X Male Reader || ONE ||
|| Masterlist ||
Authors Note: I know I said I would be back on the 12th but my ass lied, I got caught up with some personal stuff and my leave extended. But, I am officially back and working on some shots. I also took the time to finish watching Sandman and loved it! So, I here is my first Lord Morpheus shot, which by the way is a Modern AU!
Summary: Reader is Mr. Dreams assistant at The Dreaming Corporation, working their for two years ( going to three ) and building a small friendship with his boss. But, reader is to leave to France and visit his family for a wedding. So, what happens with his boss comes with him to this wedding and ends up becoming his date for the wedding?
Warnings: Fluff, flirting, Morpheus is rich, mentions of death ( couldn’t decided a good name for her ), Modern AU, fake dating, readers family is great, Morpheus is antisocial, French language, slight angst, boss and assistant.
Word count: 3k
Tumblr media
The Dreaming Cooperation was one of the cities popular company that many people knew about. The company itself is known to help people, making medicine and providing help to those who struggle with sleep or need help with sleeping without having to deal with night terrors or perhaps sleep paralysis. The company grew due to its results and helping others, the company made sure that it was safe for the everyone and affordable too.
He spent nearly two years working as the Morpheus Dreams assistant. His last assistant had led to work on the next floor, the companies library that held so much information about science and previous medicines that were made in case anyone had to look back into it. She was a kind person when he first met her before she left, both Lucienne and Morpheus had a deep friendship that everyone know about.
But after her leaving and the new assistant taking over, it’s like things changed. Y/n had tried his best to keep the scheduling going and on time but their were times where he had setbacks that got Dream a bit upset, close to firing him on the spot for his messy work until Y/n asked for a second chance, wanting to prove the man that he is capable of working for him. So, after a few days of improvement be became Dreams second favorite, already knowing the man’s dislikes and likes when it comes towards work.
Due to the changes it caused his stay to extend, he was only planning on working for The Dreaming for a few months but after his hard work and improvement he decided to stay longer, extending his stay to two years. Now, he stood outside Morpheus office, documents in hand and news ready for this morning.
He gave two knocks before Dream is allowing him to enter. He sits behind his desk, books piled on one end of the desk and files on the other as he takes his time reading through them and analyzing the information. “Good Morning, Y/n.” He greets, his tone soft and deep. His eyes not leaving the pages he reads.
“Morning, Sir.” He responds back, setting new books onto the pile and letting him know todays schedule. “You are to have a meeting today at noon, please. Do not be late again—“ Morpheus lets out a light chuckle, he may seem like an intimating man to deal with but he was one to always avoid such meetings. “Your sister also called, she’s been wanting to visit.” This catches Dreams attention, lifting his head as he tilts his head to the side in questioning.
“Tell her that I do not have time.” He informs. Already knowing which sister he was referring too.
“She says she misses you and wants to visit.” Y/n mumbled, organizing the rest of the paper work as he sighs deeply, his fingers tapping the watch on his wrist as he cleared his throat. “I’d also came to remind you that I’d be gone for the rest of the week.”
Morpheus froze up. “What do you mean?”
“I—I let you know ahead of time that I am to be returning to my family. My own sister is getting married and wishes for me to be there to help with preparing the wedding.”
Y/n lets out a soft sigh as Dream remains silent, giving him a glance. He starts to grow nervous. “I’m sorry, sir. For the late notice.”
“No, no, it’s not your fault. The mistake was mine for not remembering.” Morpheus closed the book in front of him, pushing it aside as he comes to a stand. “Where did you say your family was from again?”
“Their from California, but the wedding is to be hosted in France.” He lets him know, noticing a small nod from the other who stood across from him. “Very well.” He whispers.
“Then to France we go.”
Y/n’s eyes widen. “We?”
“Of course, not only do you have a wedding to attend to but I, unfortunately have a meeting there soon. Best get it done fast and not continue waiting.” Morpheus provided him a small grin. “Don’t worry, Y/n. I won’t bother your family event. Will take the same plane and I’ll pay for your flight.” Dream gives him another smile before leaving the office. Y/n standing in the room alone as he takes in the information before groaning to himself.
He didn’t expect his trip to be this way, having to sit next to Morpheus in first class. A fourteen hour flight sitting next to the man that he sees every day. He didn’t hate the man, no, he just wanted his own time alone and enjoying his small vacation from the chaos and staying away from The Dreaming. He just wanted a week where he didn’t have to worry about work and is finally able to relax.
Y/n looks up to see a young flight attended holding a tray in hand with some glasses balanced on top. “None for me.” He says back with a soft whisper before her eyes avert over to Morpheus. “And you sir?”
Morpheus also shakes his head. “None for me.”
The flight attendant gives them both a nod before moving onto the next row. “I could’ve taken this flight on my own.” Y/n mumbled, catching Morpheus smirk as he shook his head. “Together would’ve made the flight a lot faster and easier.” He gestures to first class. “Your able to sleep comfortable during the long trip or would you rather have a child kicking your seat while you try to sleep?”
Y/n grumbled. The man had a point, he’d rather sleep in first class then struggle with it. He was just lucky this one time to be flying such Luxury. As he sighs to himself he gets himself comfortable, adjusting his seat belt and checking the time. They’ve only been flying for an hour and they still had thirteen more to go.
“So, frustrated to be sitting next to me?” Morpheus questions, watching him closely.
Y/n frowns. “For the record, this is a vacation. Meaning, that you are not my boss right now.” He reminds the man, not wanting to get ordered around or having to deal with anything that’s work related during these next few hours.
Morpheus chuckles dryly, focusing back at the screen. The lights around them have dimmed, causing the passengers to get their sleep before landing on a different time zone. The two are unable to sleep for the first hour.
“What’s your family like.” Y/n’s brows raise in surprise at Morpheus sudden question. A little caught off guard as he leans his head back against his seat, sighing to himself. “I have two siblings. One sister and a brother.” He began to explain, getting the others attention as he listens closely.
“My sisters name is Lily, she’s twenty one and to be married this week. Shes actually a chief and has worked her way up at a young age due to one of my aunts owning her own restaurant and hired my sister there who showed her the talent she had.” Y/n smiles. “Then theirs my little Brother, Henry. He turned fifteen five months ago. But, he’s a bright kid—a little annoying but all siblings are. He wants to be a racer when he’s older.” He laughs quietly. “The kid has a lot of knowledge towards cars.”
Morpheus’ eyes stare into his. “What about your parents?”
Y/n quickly looks away, his face growing warm as he answers. “My father is a baker and my mother a tailor. She started making clothes for us when we were kids and created her own business along with my father. The two enjoy their jobs and life but sometimes…sometimes I feel like they deserve more for raising not just me but my sister and brother too.” He mumbled, remembering the struggle his small family had gone through. Before his family’s future grew into something more, they struggled with money.
Due to him being the oldest he remembers the time that his parents worked hard just to maintain a roof over their heads. Their situation was tough and hard, but his parents always told him that their future will brighten and things will get better and they did. His mother started her tailor business, starting small before gaining the popularity and earring enough to open up a shop along with his father who worked on his baking. He would get many requests from family and friends who wished to have his food in their homes or a parties.
His family grew and found their own way, he was happy for them and he was happy to be here.
“You make your family proud.” Morpheus brings him back to reality. “You speak passionately about them.”
Y/n chuckled. “What about you? What’s your family like?”
Morpheus shoulders sag, rolling his eyes as he stares back at the screen. “You’ve already met my siblings. We were all adopted but yet somehow never get along—we are not a perfect family. We sometimes despise each other.”
Y/n hums. It’s true, he’s met a few of Morpheus siblings during a reunion. He was in charge of providing them documents and information about The Dreaming Corp and changes that were made. Some of his siblings didn’t seem to get along with Dream, starting arguments and threats against each other. Due to it being his first time at a family reunion, he didn’t know what to do or say.
Good thing Morpheus was able to handle the situation, calling his siblings out and putting them in place. Morpheus was intimidating when upset and wouldn’t allow anyone to get in the way of his plans. After that first time, he grew used to the sound of siblings bickering each time they had their reunion.
“Not every family is perfect, we’ve got our flaws.” Y/n reminds Morpheus. Even though he made his family sound successful and perfect, they still had their own problems and issues to take care of.
“You are right, Y/n. Not everyone is perfect.” He hears Morpheus whisper as everyone around them was asleep. Y/n let’s out a yawn and rubs his neck. “I’m going to get some rest, best you do the same.” Y/n let’s his boss know before unbuckling his belt and standing up to leave his seat. He adjusted his seating to the point where it ends up flat out like a bed. Giving Y/n access to sleeping comfortably.
“Good night, Morpheus.” Y/n had whispered out as he lied down and got himself comfortable, keeping himself buckled up as he drifts off to sleep. He’s able to sleep off the first few hours before being woken up by the flight attended, letting them know that dinner is to be served and that their flight is to land shortly.
Once the last few minutes of their flight hit, they were both arriving to France. He held his luggage in hand as he walks out of the gate, Morpheus following by his side. “I’m guessing that you’ll be staying at a hotel?” He asks Dream who gives a small nod. “It’ll only be for a few days before attending to my meetings and then I’ll be return back home.” He explains, giving him a glance.
Y/n hums with a smile. “Well, good luck on your meeting. I’ll be sure to come back soon once the wedding is over.”
“Don’t rush your vacation, you deserve a break from handling my company and for having to deal with my family once a year.” Y/n laughs at the last statement, knowing well on how suffering it is to deal with his family sometimes.
“Thank you, Morpheus.”
Before Morpheus could say anything a young girl is suddenly throwing herself onto y/n. Her arms and legs wrapped around him as he stumbles back in surprise. It wasn’t long before another young boy comes running and does the same to his legs.
Y/n gasps and nearly tips Obed by the weight on him. Dream is quick to place a hand behind his back and keep him balanced.
“You’re finally here!!”
Y/n’s young sister and brother say as they hug him tight. He gives them both a pat on the back and shoulder. “Can’t breath.” He chokes out before they both let him go and allow him to breath a little as he glared. “You both could have killed me!”
“But we didn’t.” His sister shrugs with a big smile on her face. “Geez, look at you.” She pokes his sides, causing him to flinch away. “You gained weight and muscle.”
“Is that a bad thing?” He raises a brow.
“Nope! You know his mother can be when she hasn’t seen you in years. She’s worried about your health and wants to make sure that you are eating but you like fine to me and don’t look like death.” She explains, the siblings already knowing their mothers worries when it comes towards their health after being on their own for years.
“You haven’t seen your family in years?”
The siblings were too tied into their conversation that y/n had forgotten about Morpheus still standing next to him. Getting the attention of his brother and sister while Y/n adjusts the luggage in his hand. “You could say it’s been a few years, I am the oldest so I’m not around much.” Morpheus wasn’t much of a family man himself and with the terrible relationship he had with his own family he wouldn’t understand the worry a mother would feel for their own child. The only person who worried for him was his older sister who came to visit every once an awhile to cheer him up or to check up on him.
“Is this your date for the wedding?”
Both Y/n and Morpheus turn to face Lily, his sister, who grins widely, brow raised as she eyes the two while Y/n stood in shock. “Wait what?” He was confused by her implement. “He’s not my da—“
“Of course I am.” Morpheus cuts in, causing the others eyes to widen at him. “Morpheus Dream.” He extends his hand out to lily who takes it with a small shake. “Dream? As in the owner of The Dreaming?” She ask, eyeing her brother as Morpheus smiles. “That’s right.”
“Your dating your boss?” She shockingly asks.
Y/n’s hand tightened around his luggage, giving her a forceful smile. “Sure am.” He says through gritted teeth before shoving his things to her and his brother. “Why don’t you both take this to the car so that we can start heading out while I quickly get something—Morpheus why don’t you join me?” His smile tightens as he nods towards an empty space for them to talk.
“Of course, my love.” Morpheus voice is deep with a hint of teasing as he followed him to the side where Y/n glares. “What were you thinking?! You can’t just accept an invitation, trust me you don’t want to be there.” He rambles on in a hushed whisper.
“Why not? I wouldn’t miss a wedding and meeting your family. Besides, from the look on your sisters face it sounds like you haven’t dated in awhile. Perhaps a few months or years?” Morpheus leans close, his voice reaching his ears as Y/n blushed deeply as he looks away.
“I’ve actually—“ he breaths out nervously. “I’ve never dated anyone.”
“Seriously?” Morpheus raised a brow in surprise by this new information. “Why’s that? You’re a handsome man who should have a past of dating experience.”
“Because, no one wants to date someone like me who’s always working and besides, my past confessions never turn out right and it doesn’t work for me.” For majority of his school life he was always rejected when he confessed to people he liked, wanting to take them out and get to know them but he was either stood up or rejected. No one wanted to date a man like him. So, he kept himself closed up and continued on with life like normal.
His parents still teased him about his dating life to the point where he couldn’t stand their bickering about him needing to find someone who he should get married with and start a new life. He wasn’t even dating and they were already planning his non existing wedding.
“Why don’t we give it a chance.” Morpheus suddenly cuts in. “From what I heard about your family it’s like you need this chance. It’ll only be for a few days and they don’t need to know.” He offers his hand to him, showing him that they can pretend for a few days.
Y/n hates lying to his family but for once he wouldn’t mind doing it for a few days. He was going to be gone soon and not hear from them again until he is invited over. He’s been living on his own for years now and he’s an adult who can make his own choices. With a deep sigh he accepts Morpheus hand, causing him to grin softly.
“Only for the week, but will have to set some ground rules and make it believable.” Y/n reminds the dark haired man who could only smirk down at him. “Don’t worry, my love. Will make it work.” His face heats up by his charming words, ignoring his stare as the two walked out of the airport.
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protect me
pairing: Steve Harrington x Munson fem reader
warnings: introduction fluff.
parts: pt:1  pt:2
Tumblr media
 Your dear, sweet, kind, obnoxious, loud, and “freak” of a brother is in his 3rd senior year. YOUR senior year, which means he's graduating with you. Well you and Wayne hope he is. “Eddie?” you called as you entered the boat house of reefer ricks. Eddie sat by the wall drinking one of the beers you’d snuck to him last night. “Am I finally your favorite club member?” you asked, smirking, holding up a bag of burgers and a six pack of his favorite beer. “You’ve always been my favorite sheep, sis.” Eddie smiled as he snatched the bag. After he finished eating, you were looking out towards the road while Eddie relaxed. “Shit, there's a car.” you said in a panic Eddie got in the boat and pulled you in with him. There were a few voices and rustling as the door to the boat house had opened. “ don’t worry Steve will get him with his oar.” spoke a familiar voice similar to Dustin’s. Eddie jumped up and pinned a tall long haired brunette to a wall holding a broken bottle to his throat. “Eddie, Eddie he's cool, he's cool!” Dustin yelled a little bit, Eddie looked between Dustin and the male. “I'm cool.” the brunette had said fear in his eyes. “I swear on my mom, right guys.” Dustin looked at everyone he was with and they all agreed on Dustin's mom. Eddie let the broken bottle fall and you let out the breath you hadn’t realized you were holding. “Y/n? Have you been with Eddie the whole time?” Max asked, finally acknowledging your existence. “I'll bring him food, that's about it.” you responded with looks and the two older brunettes. “I'm y/n Munson, Eddie's sister.” you smiled, the pair introduced themselves as Eddie sat against the wall before telling them what happened with Chrissy. The night turned to day, and you went with Steve, robin, and the kids to follow the cops. Seeing what was in front of you almost made you sick. Your best friend Fred, laying there on the road, arms bent in impossible ways, same with his legs. “Freddie?” you said in a cry like a whisper. Nancy looked over and saw you and the group, she finished talking to the cops before walking over to you. Her hold was tight, like she was afraid you’d disappear or you’d be next to end up like Fred. Going back to where Nancy had left her car sitting a few feet from your trailer that was surrounded by police. After figuring out a plan, you let calm wash over you. “Us ladies will go talk to the library while you guys go talk to the shrink.” Robin said, grabbing your arm. “Oh hell no, if in the babysitter she's gonna come with me.” Steve spoke, pulling you towards him. Robin let you go, you got in the front seat and went with Steve and the kids to Mrs. Kelly’s. After a few moments Max came and yelled at Steve to drive. While at the school searching through the office you looked at max for a second. When you looked back at her she had started walking out of the room towards the hallway. So you saw, what, a clock?” you had said in a sarcastic manner,  which was not intended, it caused Dustin to smack your arm. After a few short minutes of her explaining what was happening, and Lucas scaring the shit out of all of you, you guys had gone back to Nancy’s to hatch a plan. Watching Max write letters to her family, even to her brother Billy. You walked over to Steve and started to talk to him. “I never thought the king Steve Harrington, would be friend a bunch of children plus a lesbian.” you laughed, Steve looked at you with a smile. “yeah I know it took me by surprise too, but they’re like the siblings i never could have.” Steve said looking over at Lucas and Dustin then to max. “Don’t tell Eddie but I always like guys who care about kids of any age, you know like a father or older brother figure.” you smiled looking at max as well. “So all I got from that, is that I'm the type of guy you’d date?” Steve smirked. “Don’t get a big head about it Harrington.” you smiled at him, as he smiled back. After a while, Nancy and robin went to talk to creel, we drove max to the graveyard and waited for her to finish talking to Billy. Lets just say now you understood the measures of whatever the fuck was happening in Hawkins. After driving to Rick's place the next day panic set in. There were tons of cops. Dustin's Walkey went off and Eddie told us where he was. While walking to skull rock you and Steve were following Dustin who was going the wrong way. Steve eventually took the lead and walked us straight to skull rock, Dustin complained about his compass. “See even though you're wrong,” Steve waved his arms around as you walked next to him. While he continued to talk. “ you're a total butthead.” Steve spoke, causing you to laugh while you stood next to him, he smiled at you. There was a noise behind you three, it was your brother. “I concur Dustin Henderson you are a total butthead.” he said, you and Dustin hugged him as time passed following Dustin this time lead to lovers lake. Where a gate was for the upside down. Robin, Nancy and Eddie had gotten in the boat, Eddie pushed you and Dustin back. “You guys trying to sink us, fits 3 people MAX.” he spoke, you grabbed his hand. “Ok good thing i can swim.” you said getting in the boat followed by Steve. Now, in the middle of the lake, Steve stood up taking off his sweater. You and Nancy were both looking, you were actually drooling almost. Steve went under the water, which caused Eddie to look at you. “Of all guys you could have a crush on, why Harrington?” He asked you, catching Robin and Nancy's attention. “His nice Eds’, better than the jocks I used to date.” you said Eddie nodded in agreement. Steve came back up, and said he found the gate before being pulled back under. You stood up, Eddie grabbed you, knowing you were going after him. You shoved him and jumped in. unaware of what was to come.
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gloopny · 18 hours ago
The Sleepover ROTTMNT Turtles + April x Platonic! Reader
This is my first one shot so I hope the pacing is okay. If you enjoy reblogging would help out a ton \o/
Word Count: 1,831
It was a late night in the middle of January. Clouds roamed above the bustling NYC streets. And underneath those streets, You, April, and the guys were all hanging out in the lair. Chilling out, watching Leo and Mikey skateboard. Empty pizza boxes were skewed along the floor, yourself sitting next to one of them. You checked the time on your phone: 10 pm. It wasn’t that late but you did have to get home to (Pet’s name). You figured much else wouldn’t happen that night so you started to say your goodbyes.
“This has been fun guys but I think I’m gonna head out now.” You announce.
“Aw what?!” Mikey’s face drooped downward.
“Yeah man it’s getting late and I’m sure (P/N) is getting cold.” You explained as you picked up your bag and scanned it to ensure you had everything you came with.
“Alright, tell (P/N) we say hi and get home safe!” April shouted as you were waltzing to the exit.
“Will do! Bye!!” You responded waving to everyone. 
“Bye!” They all responded in unison.
You memorized the fastest route to get in and out of the lair. Knowing the guys for a while, their home felt second nature to you. As you reached the top step of the ladder you extended out an arm to push aside the sewer lid but, it didn’t budge and was frigid to the touch. You trapped your feet inside the ladder so as to not fall and attempted to use both hands to push the lid. It didn’t move an inch. Attempt after attempt you grew tired. You decided to call Raph up. The phone rang a few times before he picked up. 
“Hey Y/N! Everything good?” He casually asked.
“Yeah, um this is gonna sound stupid but I can’t move the sewer lid … can you come move it?” You admitted embarrassed. 
“Oh sure. Don’t worry about it, sometimes 'cause it’s so cold it just gets stuck.” Raph read your shame through the phone.
Though you couldn’t escape a witty comment
“Wow Y/N sounds like you, froze up.” Leo remarked. A synchronous groan erupted from Raph’s side of the call.
“I’ll be over in a sec.” Raph jokingly downcasted his voice then hung up. 
Everyone decided to follow along because they had gotten bored at that point. Once they got there everyone gave Raph space to work. At first he started out with one hand which everyone assumed would be more than enough seeing as he’s lifted much heavier before. However, he had to shift his body to use both hands. Then, Leo had to join in. Then it was Donnie. Finally, Mikey had tried, squeezing his body on the last side of the tubular foyer. 
“HOW’S IT NOT EVEN MOVING?” April exclaimed in disbelief. 
“It’s a lot colder than usual … Y/N have you checked the weather?” Donnie queried.
“Not in a while but, let me see-” Before you could even finish your sentence the weather app popped up with a message: WARNING: Snow Squall Warning in Effect.
“Oh shiii-” You facepalmed in the middle of speaking. “I think the ground is frozen over right now. There was a storm warning about an hour ago.” You sighed disheartened. 
April began to get visibly worried too, she was expecting to go back home tonight to her warm cozy bed and Mayhem. The guys noticed and were left in silence unsure of what to do. Until Mikey got hit with an idea that had him grinning from ear to ear.
“OH MI GOSH, we should have a sleepover!” He cheered.
“For once, I agree with Micheal, we have spare clothes and I have emergency blankets and pillows in the Turtle Tank.” Donnie added to Mikey’s idea.
“Not that we have any other choice but, I’m down.” You said.
“Ditto.” April agreed.
“Alright! Let’s make the most of this, we can watch movies, play games, tell scary stories.” Raph went on as everyone walked back to the lair. 
When you all got back you whipped out your phone to text your neighbor to check on (P/N) and turn on the heat in your apartment. Finishing your text, you glanced up to see Raph handing you a big shirt, pillow, and blanket. You gladly accepted it with a smile on your face.
“Oh thanks, that was quick.” 
“No problem, c’mon I’ll show you where you and April can sleep tonight.” He sounded like a party host, which was pretty adorable to you. Sure you and April have hung out with them a gazillion times but you can’t recall ever having a sleepover, so they all had to be pretty stoked.
Raph escorts you to the TV room where you see April setting her stuff up on the left side of the room so that left you on the right side, closer to the shelf of Splinter’s miscellaneous items. After crafting your bed for the night, you went to the bathroom to change into the shirt Raph had given you. It had to be his considering the fact that the shirt had a bright-colored graphic of Ghostbear on it. You kept the pants you wore during the day on and figured you’d just wash them when you got home. Leaving the bathroom you rendezvoused with everyone at the projector in the TV room. You all sat in a circle brainstorming what you could do for the rest of the night. 
You spring up with an idea. “Let's do the whisper challenge!”
“What’s that?” Asked Mikey.
“Someone puts on a pair of headphones and blasts some music so that they can’t hear anyone around them. Then someone else mouths or whispers a phrase to the person with headphones on. Whoever’s in the headphones has to guess what the other said to them.” You explained to everyone. They all smiled and nodded liking the idea.
“I have the PERFECT thing for this,” Donnie frantically said before zooming off to his lab. Before anyone could say anything, he was back with a pair of chunky purple headphones in his hands. “Extreme noise cancelation AND great bass.”
“Okay great, I wanna go first.” Leo called out in joy grabbing the headphones out of Donnie's hands. The headphones connected to his phone and he blasted what sounded like rock music.
“Can you hear me?” Donnie asked speaking in a normal voice.
“Dan to fear-ee?” Leo said tilting his head in honest curiosity. Silence was sent into orbit with the bursts of laughter that emitted from everyone. Leo was lightly laughing in confusion.
“Wait wait lemme try. Ahem, Leo is stupid.” Mikey confidently whispered slowly making sure Leo could see every syllable. 
Leo focused his eyes on Mikey’s mouth figuring out what he said. Leo smirked, “Mikey is stupid,” he feigned confusion that time turning Mikey’s gotcha moment onto himself. Mikey scowled.
Then Raph had a go. “Okay Leo, Irish wrist watch.” 
‘A classic tongue twister.’ you thought to yourself. 
Leo thought to himself for a bit, even had Raph repeat what he said. Then he thought he had it, “A rich biatch?” 
Everyone was ROLLING at that point. This went on for a little while before everyone wanted to do something else. Then April perked up with an idea, “OOH lets do some karaoke!” The response was a harmony of ‘oh yeah’ s and ‘yes’ s. 
Donnie pulled up a YouTube playlist of songs with lyric videos and projected it to the screen. Everyone grabbed random objects to act as their microphones. April had a water bottle, you had a pen, Mikey got a paintbrush, Leo had a comb, Donnie snagged a wrench, and Raph used an Xbox controller. Everyone started to sing their hearts out to Bohemian Rhapsody, Toxic by Brittany Spears, and many other karaoke classics. The guys tried their best on high notes but, it didn’t end well…
“All I want for Christmas.. is~  YOOOOuUuUUuuuu!!!” Donnie croaked and cracked towards the end of Maria Carie’s All I want for Christmas Is You.
“Dream on! Dream on! Dream on ohohohoHOHOHO AAAAHNNNN!” Leo screeched out Dream on by Aero Smith.
“Why why, did I ever let you go!” April screamed out Mama Mia by Abba.
“What doesn’t kill ya makes you stronger stand a lil’ taller!” Raph heightened his pitch to sound feminine for Kelly Clarkson’s Stronger.
“And in the naked light I sawww … ten thousand people maybe moooaarrr.” Mikey lowered his voice and emphasized The Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkle.
By the end of the playlist, everyone was tuckered out and ready to go to sleep. Packing up the “mic’s” the boys each went their own way to their room and said “goodnight” to you and April. You and April went and did your nighttime routines before tucking into the blankets that Donnie thankfully had. Though neither of you felt like going to sleep, so naturally you stayed up and talked for a while, talking about anything. Favorite games, school drama, and friends. The topic of friends got you really sentimental. You had just moved to NYC for school a few months ago and you had managed to win over the friendship of some amazing turtles and a really awesome human. 
“Y’know I’m really thankful I met you and the guys. After moving here so late in the school year I didn’t think I’d meet anyone who’d wanna be friends with me. So, thanks” You said wholeheartedly. You swear you saw April shed a tear before she pulled you into a hug. You guys held each other in comfortable silence. 
Until that silence was broken by, “Awee,” from a familiar set of voices.
Turning around you saw the turtles standing in the doorway wide and teary-eyed due to overhearing your story. You patted April letting her know to let go for a second, though she kept one arm around your shoulder and smiled.
 You cast your arms open. “Group hug?” And before you could even blink, they were all hugging you with familial warmth. The cluster was surprisingly comfortable, the hug wasn’t too tight, not too loose either, just right. You reminisced on everything you did tonight and on previous nights. A happy tear or two flowed down your cheeks when all of a sudden your phone got a buzz. It was a text from your neighbor. 
(P/N) is all set, they were cuddled up on your bed and the heater is on. Streets look clear now if you’re not too far - could probably make it back. Up to you.
Deciding to leave the notification on delivered, you shut off your phone and resumed holding the arms encircling you. ‘It’s already midnight, it would just be a hassle to leave now’ you made up your mind. You’d give (P/N) some treats in the morning as an apology but, you figured they would understand why you didn’t come home if they were where you are right now. 
Lil side note: I had made an ending where you go home the next morning but then thought of this as I was writing and I was like "oh that's the good stuff right there" and stuck with this. I like it a lot more so I hope you guys do too. Reblog if you enjoyed :) helps me out a lot
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halfway-happyyy · 2 months ago
invisible string (rooster bradshaw)
AN: the one where rooster’s about to leave on a mission he doesn’t know if he’ll be back from, and he wants you in every way imaginable. as always, soft feelings ensue! under a cut because there is some 18+ sexual content!
pairing: rooster bradshaw x female reader
side note: rooster has been really fun to write for recently so thank you for all the love and feedback on my other two works 💙
Tumblr media
“There’s an invisible string between the two of us,” Bradley Bradshaw confesses over a pint on the eve of mission day.
Struggling against the background hum of the Hard Deck you quirk an eyebrow in question. “I beg your pardon?”
He leans in closer to you; his coarse moustache hairs tickle the delicate shell of your ear, and make you shiver involuntarily. Taking your smaller hand in his, he traces a circle around your ring finger. “There is a string around this finger that connects to mine. You can’t see it, but wherever I go, you go with me.”
He has completely dumbfounded you, and so for lack of anything better to say, and also because you’re in serious danger of telling him just how much you love him you ask, “What color is this mysterious string?”
“Red,” He simply states- as if it were the obvious answer- and swills back the last of his beer.
His umber gaze smolders under the low light of the bar while he watches you; the beer he has just finished is a catalyst for the blush that colors the apples of his cheeks, and which threatens to spread even lower. A sudden, subtle shift in the atmosphere occurs; like moments before the sky rips opens and bleeds rainfall in torrential sheets.
He tilts his head to the side, a smirk pulls the corner of his lips skyward- and yeah, he knows.
“Yeah, babe?”
“Take me home.”
It comes out as more of a desperate plead than you were anticipating, and hot flames of embarrassment lick at your cheeks.
He senses the not-so-subtle urgency in your tone, and because he’s always had a rather difficult time saying no to you, he grins from ear to ear and says, “Sure thing, kid.”
The drive home is silent save for the static of the FM radio in the background, and when he rolls up in front of your house eleven minutes later, a breath of pent-up air rushes from your mouth in a soft sigh. Rooster exits the car and makes his way around to your side to open the door. Taking your hand, he leads you up to the front door where he struggles for a moment with the keys, and finally- you’re in the comfort of your front foyer. Kicking off his boots, he leads you by the hand to the bedroom down the hall. Once there, he doesn’t wait a moment before pushing you up against the wall and kissing you like it's his last time.
Because maybe it is.
When he pulls away from you, he’s breathless, his chest heaving from the sudden lack of oxygen. “You really are something else, you know that?”
Tugging impatiently at the hem of his cotton t shirt, you gaze up at him from under long lashes, a sly smile dances on your features. “Oh, shut up and take me to bed, Rooster.”
If he senses the desperation behind that sentence, he makes no mention of it. Instead, he gazes at you for a second before pressing his lips to yours again. It’s a languid kiss that carries with it an underlying frenzy; he wants this as bad as you do and when he pulls away, you are left breathless and utterly yearning for him. His taste on your tongue is so familiar- so intrinsically Rooster- that it causes tears to prick behind your eyes and when he pulls away to study you, his lips glisten with shared saliva. When you ask him what he's thinking of, he offers a half shrug. “This moment- with you, right now, makes everything worth it.”
The late nights. The suicide missions. The missed birthday parties and holidays. Time with you.
You kiss him now because you can’t bear the weight of those words yet- maybe not ever, and your need for him is entirely primal now. He wordlessly rids you of your sundress, pleased to see that your proper undergarments were somehow completely forgotten.
“That’s my girl,” He grins into the muddled air before you, pressing a chaste kiss to your temple. His warm, sure hands roam your body freely; they find purchase in your hair, moving to your neck, then further down to caress your breasts and- goddamit, if this is the last time, you resolve to commit every second of it to memory. No one has ever made you feel the way Rooster does, and you doubt anyone ever will again.
Bending his head down to suck a nipple into his mouth, he tugs and rubs at your free one with calloused fingertips. You arch into his touch, feeling the weight and friction of his clothed erection as he grinds up against you. Rooster sinks to his knees then, leaving scorching trails of open-mouthed kisses down the expanse of soft flesh between your chest and ribs, while you writhe in anticipation beneath him.
“Rooster…” A low moan claws its way from the hollow of your throat as you watch him hook your leg over his toned shoulder.
When he gazes up at you, his burnt-honey orbs twinkle mischievously in the waning evening light. His kisses are sloppy as they blaze over the velvet-softness of your inner thigh while you squirm with need beneath him. Paying particular and close attention to the ways in which you come apart for him are one of his many strong suits. You reckon he could draw a road map of your body from memory alone; where to kiss to make the prettiest sounds sing from you and where to touch to have you coming apart beneath him. He parts you with ease and without warning presses the tip of his nose to your clit, inhaling your scent. Shaking his head against you, the vibrations spark shockwaves of pleasure that stoke the fire roaring in your belly. He pulls away to lick a long, firm stripe up your slit with the flat of his tongue, greedily lapping at the moisture collected there. Your fingers find purchase in his hair as you give yourself over to the pleasure he's so graciously gifting you.
“Fuck, Rooster…”
Rooster's acknowledgement of your need for him arrives in the form of a muffled groan. He continues lapping at your folds with a pressure and speed that lights a match to the unravelling coil wound deep in your belly. Filthy noises and a seemingly endless array of choice curse words flow freely from you as he helps you near the edge. He pulls away from your all-encompassing heat to push two thick fingers into your soaked core and it's all you can do to keep from falling apart right then and there.
“Always so good for me…” Rooster marvels at you, his naturally husky voice ruined by sheer want. He knows you’re close; can feel it in how tightly wound you are, how hard you’re quivering against him. His head rests close enough to you that you can feel the warmth of his breath where it really matters and suddenly- thanks to the curl of his long, skilled fingers, you tumble head-first over the edge into an abyss of pure pleasure. Stars bloom in vivid fireworks behind the lids of your closed eyes while Rooster holds onto you like his life depends on it; like he's afraid if he lets go, he'll lose you forever.
“That's it sweet girl, give it all to me." He coos encouragingly while you tremble against him.
Rising from his position, the site of his chin glistening with your arousal is obscene and only helps to stoke the fire still burning in the pit of your belly for him.
“I don't know that I've ever wanted you more, sweetheart.” His tone is desperate, almost frustrated, and your gaze travels to the erection straining the crotch of his blue jeans.
“I am yours, Rooster.” You whisper.
And it’s true.
In every way imaginable, you are his.
He strips for you now; knows it’s one of your favourite things to watch, and how quickly it gets you ready for him again. Lifting the cotton t shirt up and over his body, he tosses it onto the pile of other discarded clothing. The sound of metal from his belt buckle as it hits the hardwood floor pierces the too-warm stillness as he shimmies the black briefs from his legs. His hard cock slaps up against his abdomen- a pearlescent string of pre-come hangs from the tip of his swollen head, and your breath hitches at the mere thought of lapping up the salty-sweet fluid there.
“You want a taste of it as badly as I want to be inside of you,” Rooster muses, his orbs blown almost fully black with desire.
You’re about to argue with him- even though he’s not wrong- until he gestures to the bed with a subtle nod of his head, and the words fizzle and fade in your throat.
Bodies slick with sheens of perspiration, you continue to shiver violently beneath him as he inches up the bed to drop his head into the crook of space between your neck and shoulder blade. His kisses lack the fiery intensity from before but are instead tender and lingering, and the notion of it makes you dizzy with hunger for him. He pulls away to straddle your thighs, taking his cock into his fist and stroking it, languidly. You watch him with a hooded gaze, the very image of him exactly like this, will be etched into your memory for all of eternity. A bead of sweat rolls down the side of his face, his normally pale cheeks burn pink with mounting pleasure, and you watch in awe as his head tips back, a pair of pink, full lips part in toe-curling bliss.
And fuck, he’s never looked more beautiful.
He’s working himself up well; another bead of pre-cum glistens tantalizingly at the head of his cock and you swallow hard, the urge to taste it still just as overpowering as before.
“Fuck,” He whines, halting his movements entirely. “Want to be inside of you so bad…” He lowers himself back to you, lining the head of his cock at the center of your wet, hot core. He teases you at first; rubs himself against your slick wetness, and just when you’re about to protest, he sinks himself into you.
“Oh,” You gasp; breathless from the sheer size of him.
Being filled by Rooster is one of those things you know you’ll never forget. It’s impossibly warm and so tight it’s almost painful- but it's also easily the most satisfied you’ve ever been. He goes slowly at first- he's careful to make sure you can feel every inch of him as he stretches you fully. His head drops to your collarbone, and a long sigh emanates his parted lips. “Fuck, you feel so goddamn good.”
His hips slam home again, causing you to spasm around him at the dizzying sensation of it all. His lips have found that achingly delicate part of your neck again, where they lick and suck and nibble and leave miniscule bruises in their wake.
He ruts into you shamelessly now; the aching push and pull of his cock inside of you has you both breathing heavily, ready, and awaiting the nearing end. Resting on the support of his elbows, his large, warm hands move to cradle your head, and he kisses your temple tenderly. He's close now; steadied movements fall in and out of rhythm, his cock throbbing and pulsing inside of you with each powerful thrust. You arch into him, bettering the angle at which he’s driving into you, and purposely rake your fingernails across the firm flesh of his back. He groans loudly at this particular sensation- his relationship with pain has always been complicated. Tilting his head back, his eyes close and his mouth falls slack with mounting pleasure.
“Tell me sweetheart,” He hisses so low you almost miss it over the sound of him fucking you into literal oblivion.
Dragging a sharp fingernail down the front of his toned chest, you gaze up at him. “Come for me, Rooster.”
His brows furrow, and his beautiful mouth twists up into a tight O. Tossing his head back in ecstasy, he stills his hips against yours and fills you to the brim with his hot release. You'll never be over the feeling of being truly full with him. Utterly spent and still riding the high of post-orgasm haze, his forehead drops to the crook of your neck where he allows himself a moment of respite before slipping from the heat of your core and rolling onto the space of bed beside you. It’s mostly silent in the room while you try to regulate your breathing; the only other noise is the slight pitter-patter of drizzle on glass window panes, and the odd F/A-18 overhead. Rooster turns on his side and gestures for you to turn over too so that he can curl up around you and you oblige him, happily.
After a couple minutes of comfortable silence, you excuse yourself to use the washroom. “When I get back, I want to hear more about this invisible string.”
And Rooster only chuckles lightly before complying. “I’ll be right here, kid.”
He’s lightyears away from you when you return, a pair of large hands steeple together atop of his chest, like he’s deep in thought about something. He’s not gone yet but the mission’s on his mind. How could it not be?
“You alright?” You ask, tentatively.
Rooster meets your gaze and hesitates before shrugging. “For the first time in a really long time, it feels like I have something to lose.”
Crawling back into bed, you take his hand into yours and press your lips to his temple. “You’re going to be back.”
But maybe he won’t.
He leans toward you and kisses your forehead gently. “Lay down, kid. Let me rub your back.”
You do as your told.
“So the string theory goes like this,” He whispers. “Two people connected by the red string are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances.” He pauses to kiss your bare shoulder. "Wherever I go, you go with me."
“That’s how you feel about me?” You swallow hard, emotion thick in the hollow of your throat.
Rooster nods against you. “It’s how I’ve felt about you since the first day, sweetheart.”
When you know, you know.
You waken a couple of hours later to the realization that Rooster is already gone- his side of the bed vacant and cool to the touch. Your throat constricts at the possibility of never setting sights on him again, when something on your hand catches your eye.
He had managed to tie a crimson string to your left ring finger while you slept. A note on his pillow reads,
To my invisible string-
Whatever happens today, I’ve loved you in this life, and I’ll love you in the next.
Hope to see you soon,
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lanadelreyscokewhor3 · 3 months ago
Pairing: Dilf! Cowboy! Peter Parker x Innocent! Fem! Reader
Word Count: 3.3k
Summary: Coming home for the summer back to the farm had it's perks. One of them being, you get to help out the owner of the ranch next door, Peter Parker. As they say- save a horse, ride a cowboy.
Warnings: thigh riding, over stim, BREEDING KINK, pet names, sir kink, praise kink, dumbification kink, degradation kink, tit play, smut implied, choking, cum feeding, teasing, swearing, yelling & booze mentioned ( readers father gets drunk & mad), age gap ( reader is mid 20s, peter is 40s), i let all my daddy issues shine through with this one yall, saddle up!!
Notes: "you're in the wind, i'm in the water- nobody's son, nobody's daughter... watching the chemtrails over the country club" - lana del rey, chemtrails over the country club
Tumblr media
The caw of the rooster woke you every morning.
You didn’t have the luxury of an alarm clock, the blaring red numbers and constant blaring every five seconds being replaced with the trickle of the sunrise through your dainty lace curtains, the weight of your dog Harley jumping on your legs.
You didn’t mind.
It was a nice change from the sound of the bustling streets, the yelling of people down below mixed with the consistent sirens.
You loved your little apartment in the city, your roommate always providing you with comfort and kind words with a side of her jasmine tea.
But you had missed home.
You missed breathing in fresh, clean air, the soft breeze that would sway through the willow trees by the creek. You missed the feeling of the warm sunlight beating on you as you sat in the pasture with the cows, often sketching them while your father would yell at you to feed them, not just give them therapy sessions.
You could already hear their mooing from by the barn, causing you to sit up with a stretch, a yawn escaping your lips as you scrambled out from under the sheets.
An extra pep was in your step as you scurried down the hall to the washroom, brushing your teeth and washing your face in record time.
Today was the day.
You braided your hair in little pigtails, wrapping little pink bows to finish them off, smiling at your reflection in the mirror.
Today, you'd be seeing Mr. Parker again. Mr. Parker was your neighbour, the owner of the ranch right next to your farm. Your father had introduced him to you the second you had hauled in your suitcases in the door for the summer, and you nearly had fallen to your knees right then and there.
He was a living Adonis, his boyish smile making your face heat more than the stale summer heat outside.
I offered you up to help Mr.Parker this summer Y/N. His boys left the ranch to settle in the city before their first year at University.
Now typically, you hated when your father did this. This, little thing where he’d offer you around to the villagers like carol songs on Christmas, announcing that’d you'd be helping them with chores, without charge.
Of course, you couldn't just say no- being rude was not in your nature. But it irked you to no end when you’d have to scrub Mrs. Dorris's endless pile of dishes, or when you were forced to shovel manure on Mr. Hill’s barn with a smile plastered on your face.
But this wasn't Mrs. Dorris, and sure as hell wasn't Mr. Hill. This was Mr. Parker.
I’ll go easy on ya darlin. he had said with a wink, when the look of surprise was stunned upon your face at your father's words. Your heart had fluttered, hands went clammy as your fidgeted with your sundress. The thought of him and the words that rolled off his tongue had you smiling, a blush staining your cheeks as you ran back to your bedroom, slipping on the prettiest shirt you owned, and a pair of jeans that hugged your curves like a glove.
A basket filled with fresh berries and slices of homemade bread you had prepared last night was wrapped in flannel linen as you kissed your father on the cheek, and rushed out the door.
“Come in!” the husky voice called in response to your soft knocking on the oak door, sending shivers down your spine as you creaked it open, peeping your head inside. The sight had you nearly falling to your knees, the basket near slipping from your fingers.
You had walked in on him buttoning up the last of his white dress shirt, his beautiful, calloused hands adjusting the silver watch at his wrist. There was no ring on his finger, you noted.
Part of you hated yourself for feeling a wave of relief and happiness wash over you at the bareness of his hands, the other side encouraged it.
It was agony, wanting this man. You knew deep down, it probably wasn't right, him being a little younger than your father. Yet you couldn't stop the feelings you felt, no matter how much you tried to repress them back down. They bubbled to the surface, with every smile he gave you, with every word that spilled from his lips.
“Hello, love.” he smiled, bringing your attention up to his soft, brown eyes, the sunlight shining on them, turning them caramel.
“Hello sir.” you smiled softly placing the basket of goodies on the table, clasping your hands together. As if your inner conscious knew if you didn't, you'd reach out to touch the living artwork of the man, running your fingers down the planes of his shoulders, across his sharp jawline, through the strands of his silky hair from under that damn hat…
“Are those for me darlin’?” he asked, tugging you out of your daydream. “They're from Daddy's bushes outback… I picked some yesterday. The bread I made last night.” you blushed, watching as he popped a raspberry in his mouth.
Juices stained his fingers, in which you watched him suck them clean, his eyes boring into yours the entire time, gaze mischievous.
You gulped.
“You shouldn't have love. You’re too sweet.” he winked, rolling up his sleeves to his elbows as he brushed past your frame. “You give little treats to everyone darlin?” he asked, eyebrow raised as he held the door open, nudging for you to step back outside with him.
You obeyed.
“Only the ones I like.” you teased, earning a laugh from him. It was your new favourite sound, you decided, as light and airy as the birds who chirped from the branches of his oak trees.
“I’m honoured, sweetheart.”
Mr. Parker stood true to his word, of course. He did go easy on you.
Not once did you lift a finger, as much as you offered to. He just shooed you off with a smile, saying today was an “introduction day”.
You were given a tour of his property, its beautiful pasture and meadows appearing like a painting in your mind. You couldn't help but smile as you watched some horses gallop in the meadow, their manes blowing in the gentle breeze as the grass swayed. It was stunning here. All seven hundred acres of it.
From the little apple trees that bloomed white in the spring to the creek that stretched to the back of his property, you never wanted to leave here. Especially if Mr. Parker would be here.
The day was drawing near, the afternoon heat diminishing as he took you around his barn, showing you all the horses that nicked in their stalls. You’ll mostly be helping out here, if that's alright darlin. Just keeping them fed, watered, clean and maybe even on some rides while I get stuff done out back. He had told you as you scratched a pinto mare's forehead lovingly, laughing as he snorted at you.
“I saved the best for last.” he teased, leading you to very last stall. A gorgeous chestnut mare poked its head out from the opening, it’s doe eyes wide as it took you in.
“This is Layla. She’s truly something.” Sure enough, a golden plate with Layla was underneath her long neck, glimmering brightly as the sunlight trickled through the open doors. “She's beautiful.” you gasped, placing your hand out for her to sniff.
“Layla’s the first horse I ever bought. Don't let her age fool you though, she runs as fast as the greens our back.” he joked, scratching her neck gently. “She seems very friendly.” you nodded, your heart seeming to triple three sizes as she nudged Peter's body, as if to say- more attention on me please!
“Oh she's a sweetheart. She's my good girl, aren't you Layla? Such a good girl.” he cooed, patting her neck.
The barn suddenly became hot, the sticky afternoon heat reappearing as your cheeks flushed. Such a good girl.
Those four words alone had you keening, causing you to chew on your cheek as you clenched your thighs together, kicking little pebbles as a means to calm down.
Those words weren't sexual. They were not intended for you. So why did it feel like it was?
You wanted to slap yourself silly for thinking this way, taking something so innocent and contorting it into… whatever this was. The dampness in your panties increased as he turned his attention towards you, a grin on his face.
Almost as if he knew. Almost as if he could see right through you.
“So does that sound okay then love? Lookin after them?” You nodded, following suit after Peter as he turned on his heel, heading back out the main doors. “Good. Wanna make sure you're comfortable here, okay?”
“Yes Mr. Parker. Thank you, um, for showing me the ropes and stuff today.” you blushed. “Of course darlin’. And-” He stopped you with the gentle touch of his hand, the feeling warm against your goosebump ridden skin.
“Don't be afraid to come over after hours okay? If you need anything at all, I’m here.” His eyes bore into yours, the softness they portrayed making you hypnotised.
You would do anything this man asked of you. You'd come over every day, every night, every hour if that's what Peter wanted.
“Thank you sir. You’re too kind.” The fact his grip tightened slightly at your words didn't go unnoticed by you. Nothing ever did, when it involved him. “Have a good evening darlin’.”
It was going to be a very, very long summer indeed.
“YOU RUIN EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH GIRL!” Your fathers' cruel voice and the sound of the glass hitting the floor echoed, his whisky coating the floor with its bitterness had you running for the door with a cry.
Your vision was blurry as you sniffled, tears making your eyes red and puffy as you sobbed. The door slammed behind you with a thud, your legs carrying you as fast as they could down the steps and to the driveway.
You needed out.
You needed away from this house, and your fathers booze stained breath. His temper raged when he drank, and that was many times this week.
Many, many times.
The cool air soothed your heaving lungs, the cicadas buzzing under the moon distracting the buzzing in your brain. You couldn't think of anywhere else to go but, well… Peters.
The offer he had given you the first day of your time on the ranch blazed in your memory like a wildfire, his soothing voice numbing the pain.
You wanted to see him.
The idea of his soft embrace and charming smile sent your feet running down the driveway, down the road and to his house. You prayed the offer still kept. You had worked for Peter nearly every day this summer, and when you didn't work, you still often dropped by to give him little treats and pastries.
It was too late to second guess yourself any longer as you clambered over the closed gate, lock and chains jangling as you jumped down. Cursing yourself for wearing a little lace nightgown, you made your way down the long driveway.
There was dim lighting from behind his curtains, and you were thankful he wasn't asleep. The guilt that would wash over you if he was would never leave. You made your way up the front porch steps, rattling on his door quietly, The curtains shuffled as he made his way to the door, creaking it open slowly.
“Y/N? Darlin are you okay?” he asked gently, a look of concern on his face as he shooed you in. “I know its late, Mr. Parker sir but I just…”
You burst out into tears, hands covering your face as you cried. You felt his large frame wrap around you in a comforting embrace, swaying you side to side in his arms.
“Shhh, shh its okay love. Just let it out, atta girl.” he cooed softly, stroking your hair in a soothing manner as you gripped his shirt like your life depended on it.
“M’so sorry sir.” you sniffled, rubbing your nose as he lead you over to the couch. “Hey, never ever apologise honey. I told you that you could over anytime, did I not?”
You nodded softly, glancing up to meet his gaze. “Exactly. Can you tell me what happened love?”
His voice was so rich, so smooth and dreamy you never wanted him to stop talking. Each word was a note from a symphony, blending together in perfect harmony. You trusted him. More than anything, you trusted him. Which is why you told him everything.
“Dad was drinking again and he- he started getting mad again. Throwing stuff and yellin, blaming me for things I- I have no control over.” you sniffled, his palm cupping your cheek as he whipped your stray tear with his thumb.
“Oh honey I’m so sorry. That's not very nice of him is it?” You shook your head. “He’s being so cruel to you angel. But I’m so proud of you for coming over, you did the right thing.” he whispered, kissing your forehead tenderly.
You felt your heart thud madly in your chest, its beat in sync with the cantering stallions in the barnyard. His skin smelt of oak as he drew you even closer to him, sliding your body across his lap. There was nearly no space between the two of you now, but you didn't care.
Peter was here now.
He’d take care of you.
“He’s always telling me mean things, it makes me cry. I don't like to cry very much Mr. Parker.” you whispered, the throbbing in your core becoming more prominent as he began to bounce his knee.
Up down, up down.
You hiccuped softly as his hand came to rest on your thigh, tracing circles gently against your skin. It was comforting. You liked it, more than you should have.
“Tears can be pretty sometimes sweetheart. Happy tears, for instance.”
“But these aren't happy ones sir.” you smiled weakly, watching as his hand inch up your thigh. “I know sweetheart. We should do somethin about that eh? Get you feeling all better?” he purred.
You nodded, too dumbstruck for words as his hand resumed its hitch hiking, making its way closer to your soaking clothed cunt from under your nightgown.
Oh god.
“W-what are you doing sir?” you asked meekly as his fingers gently traced the cloth, making you shiver, the pulsing of your clit near unbearable as he teased.
“Oh darlin, I’m making it all better, see?” he pouted, slowly adjusting you so you sat straddled across his thigh. “But Mr. Park-”
“Shhh, darlin. Its just me, its your Peter.” he shushed you, hands tracing the curves of your hips, running up and down as he watched your nipples pebble from under the soft nightgown. He could sense the worry on your face as you chewed on your lip, looking up at him softly.
You wanted this. More than anything you wanted this. But deep down, you knew it was a bad idea, getting mixed up with your employer.
But weren't the bad ideas always the best ones?
“I see those thoughts runnin in that pretty head of yours baby. Little girls like you don't need to think, they need to be taken care of. And I’m gonna take care of you okay? I’ll give you everything you need, everything to make you feel better.” he cooed, tugging on a curl that had fallen from behind your ear as you swallowed, nodding.
He was right. Peter was always right, you knew this.
“Yes sir.” you whispered, eager to please the man. “God when you call me that darlin you drive me wild. Make me so god damn hard and you don't even know it, you silly girl.” he mocked, eye brow raised as he squeezed your cheeks together.
“Makes me wanna bend you over and stuff you full of cum, till your drippin. Makes me wanna spank your ass red, till you're a blubbering mess. But I can’t do that, can I sweetheart? That'd be too cruel for my innocent lil girl.” Peters grip made its way down to your neck, closing firmly around your neck, making you gasp.
“Mr. Parker I need-”
“Ah ah ah..” he clucked his tongue, watching your doe eyes widen. “I know what you need darlin. I always know what you need.”
Any thoughts from your brain has left, your body and mind solely given to use for Peter in whichever way he wanted. You wouldn't be surprised if drool dribbled out of your mouth with the way you were under his trance, your gaze fully focused on his full blown pupils.
“Yes sir.” you speculated, smiling as his dimples showed. You were making him happy. “Good girl. Now you're gonna ride my thigh yea? Then I’m gonna fill you with cock until you're fucked stupid.”
You found yourself nodding, his grip on your hips tightening as you began to rut your hips against his thigh, the denim feeling delicious against your clit. “Mghmm.” you moaned, rolling your head back as he guided you slowly against his bouncing knee.
“You’d like that huh? My dumb lil darlin, stuffed full.” he teased, country drawl even heavier as he watched you in delight. The praise and degradation was making your head spin, your bones turned to mush as you rode him.
There was a fire in your veins, a simmering in your core that continued to burn with each rise and fall of his knee, with each gentle kiss and lick he placed on your collarbone.
It ached. It ached more than anything.
“I know it aches honey, but you gotta be a good girl and take what I give you.” he murmured against your skin, moaning as you slid your hands up through his hair, tugging.
The brown, honeyed strands were as silky and smooth as you thought they'd be, perfect reins for you to hold onto. “Been wanting you so badly sir please!” you cried, your slick coating his jeans as you slid your hips.
Back and forth. Back and forth.
It was addicting, the way he was making you feel without truly touching you. “Oh honey I know. I’ll just have to ruin you for all those boys at college won’t I?”
He was toying with you, a cat chasing its dinner. You were the mouse. And you were perfectly fine with that.
“Please!” you gasped, pulling on his scalp as he leaned down to suck on your breasts through the lace of your dress. “Mmm. By the time I’m done with ya darlin, these will be full of milk. Gonna fuck you r-right.” he stuttered as you tugged on his his hair, arching your back to provide better access as he licked and sucked. He bit down on your nipple, tugging at his teeth as you screamed his name.
You were shattering. You were floating, a simple atom floating with the stars as you came, toes curling from the sensations. You never wanted to stop.
You never wanted him to stop.
No one had ever made you feel this way, had made you orgasm so hard your eye rolled back to your brain…
“That’s a good girl. Such a good baby.” he praised, his gentle voice snapping you back to realty as he brushed his lips against your soft, warm skin.
“M’so good. So so good…” you trailed off, sleepy smile on your face as he slid his hand down to the wet patch on his pants, smearing your juices on his fingers.
“Open up darlin.” he hummed, winking as you stuck your tongue out, lapping up your cum from his fingers like a kitten drinking its milk.
“My good girl.” `
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letterstotheflre · 10 months ago
jealousy, jealousy
summary: harry’s friends have a thing for his mom. james can't help but turn a little green in the eye.
warnings: none
word count: 1.1k
a/n: i've had this one in my drafts for a while and i thought why not post it?
Tumblr media
you finish putting the nachos in a bowl just as loud shouts come in from the living room. you shake your head as you listen to harry and his friend’s curse loudly, praying to god they don’t throw a controller at the wall like the last time.
you look at james, who’s leaning against the mantle next to you and holding back a laugh at your exasperated expression. “you know it’s gonna be you the one to fix it if they break something, right?”
he shrugs and tries to steal a few chips only to have you swat his hand, although it doesn’t deter him. “let them have their fun,” he says through a mouthful. “they’ll be back at school in a few days and then you’ll start crying ‘cause you miss the noise.”
embarrassment floods your cheeks, but you roll your eyes as though unaffected. “i do not cry, james.”
now he laughs loudly, remembering the night four months ago when he woke up to your sobs as you looked through pictures of harry on your phone.
he places his hand on the small of your back and pulls you closer. “sure you don’t, baby.”
you soak up his embrace before trying to change the subject, not content with james slight teasing. “i have to go to the store, can you pick me up in thirty minutes?”
he hums, watching as you add the sugar to the pitcher of lemonade and leaning down to press soft and wet kisses on the column of your neck, mumbling about how pretty and what a good housewife you are.
now you are sure your cheeks resemble the heat of a fire. “james,” you whisper while trying to pull away from him. “you can’t do that, the kids are right there.”
he grumbles and pouts like a child. he can kiss you whenever he damn wants to, he thinks, it’s his house and his wife, for fucks sake!
he doesn’t relent his silent tantrum until you kiss him properly, your lips moulding against his as though they were made for each other. you bite his lower lip and he groans lowly. “later,” you promise, then turn around and take the tray and the jug in your hands.
james stares as you make your way to the living room, the little sundress you’re wearing fluttering around you like water. what a fucking tease, he groans in his mind. but he wouldn’t have it any other way.
“hi, boys!” you greet happily, your voice carrying back to the kitchen where james listens attentively. “i brought you some snacks in case you got hungry,” you lean down to place the items on the coffee table.
you don’t notice the way the weasley twins stare right at your ass, nor the glare that harry sends them.
“i have to go to the store, s’there anything you need, bubs?” you ask harry, smoothing down his hair even though you know it’s as uncontrollable as his father’s.
“no, mom. thank you,” he says with a smile.
you mumble an ‘okay’, then turn to make your way to the second floor to freshen up before going out into the heat.
seamus is about to open his mouth when you turn unexpectedly. six pairs of eyes stare at you as you put your hands on your hips. “please don’t break anything,” you beg lightly. “i don’t want to ask jamie to fix another hole in the wall.”
“can’t make any promises, mrs. potter,” jokes fred. he doesn’t know this, but your heart soars whenever someone addresses you as mrs. potter.
“don’t make me call your mother, fred,” you threaten without any fire. the boys know very well that you and james were never ones to snitch.
fred looks scandalised for a second before a smirk takes over his face. “how d’you know i’m fred? s’because i’m the handsome one, innit?”
james grits his teeth as he listens to the redhead flirt with his wife. you laugh, unknowingly making the hearts of all the males skip a beat. “whatever helps you sleep at night, fred," you say airily. "but according to hermione, it's george the heartthrob."
and then you’re gliding up the stairs, five boys staring hypnotised at the place where you stood.
“man,” whispers seamus. “your mom is so fucking hot, harry.”
“shut the fuck up, seamus,” grunts harry, angrily biting into a nacho.
george whistles lowly, then turns to his twin. “think she’ll give me a spanking if i break something?” the rest of the boys laugh, except for harry, who keeps eating angrily.
james is in a similar position, biting an apple with a little too much force. he hates that every time harry’s friends come over they always stare at you and even try to flirt. as if they couldn’t see the golden band around your finger or the way you always clung to james’s side.
he knows it’s stupid to be jealous of some horny teenagers, especially when he has you writhing under him almost every night, but he can’t help it. he keeps listening, torturing his mind as he makes a mental note of everything they say.
your footsteps make everyone quiet down, and you step into the kitchen to grab the grocery list. “remember, pick me up in half an hour,” you say to james, one finger pointing at him.
he nods and salutes you. “yes, ma’am.” you laugh and shake your head, blowing him a kiss as you make your way to the front door.
“bye harry, bye boys,” you call over your shoulder. a chorus of “bye, mrs. potter” is heard and you’re just about to turn the handle when james calls your name.
“y’forgot your phone, poppet,” he says as he hands it to you.
you curse under your breath and take it, “thank you, darling.” you kiss him lightly, only to have his fingers tangle themselves in your hair as he forces your mouth open with his tongue, letting it play with yours as he turns you into a little moaning mess.
you don’t realise that the kids have a perfect view of your display of affection, but james does, and to further make his point, his other hand goes to your ass and squeezes one cheek harshly.
seamus and dean avert their eyes back to the video game, harry distracting himself from hearing his parents… dote on each other by throwing food at ron. but fred and george keep watching, jaws clenched as they listen to how much you love your husband’s touch.
you pull away out of breath, eyes still closed as you kiss under his jaw. “mhm, love you, james.”
he stares straight at the twins, a smirk on his lips and gives them a little wink. “love you too, angel.”
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plainemmanem · 23 days ago
steve thought of the day:
the group watching you bicker. they hate it cause the sexual tension is palpable 🙄
“What the hell kind of a question is that?”
“A perfectly reasonable one-“
“‘Would you still like me if I were a worm?’” Your yell echoed around the small confines of the car. “How am I even supposed to respond to that?” you scoff, shaking your head in disbelief.
“With a yes or no?”
Dustin’s forehead thumped against the cool window, trying to tune out Steve’s yelling. It had been non-stop bickering ever since he got in the backseat, and he was a second away from unbuckling and jumping out of the car, concussion be damned.
“A worm? I mean, where is this coming from?”
“Oh, right. What I should’ve asked is ‘would you still like me if I were a hedgehog.’” He spit the last word like it was venom, tearing his eyes away from the road to shoot a death glare to the passenger seat.
“Jesus. You call someone a hedgehog one time-“
“How could you possibly think my spirit animal is some spiky, little, rodent, thing. It’s insulting.”
The spirit animal debate was weeks ago, but Steve was still clutching onto his bitterness, making sure to bring it up in nearly every conversation, no matter how disconnected.
“Alright, fine.” You sigh, gazing out the passenger seat window. “What do you think you are?”
“Hawk.” Steve insisted without hesitation.
“A hawk? Please.” You roll your eyes, pulling down the sun visor to catch your reflection in the mirror. You fuss with your hair a bit and rub your tongue against your top row of teeth, then lean in to pick at something between your gums.
“Yes! It’s, like, it’s got crazy good eyesight and this really cool caw, like ‘cahhhhhhh.’” he screeches, releasing the wheel and holding his hands up in faux talons.
You lean over quickly, correcting the wheel before you all swerve onto the sidewalk, making Dustin’s heart race.
“Can we please save the hawk impressions for when we’re finished driving?” Dustin shouts, expression frantic.
“Sorry, sorry, my bad.” Steve peaks back at him in the rear view with a sheepish, apologetic look, hand coming up defensively. Dustin let’s out a huff before turning to face out the window.
You can’t help but snort at the interaction, Steve shooting you another annoyed look.
“Aren’t you supposed to be the parent, here?” You mumble towards the seat next to you, finally satisfied with your reflection and flipping the visor back up before leaning back in your seat once again. A small cringe comes over your features and you reach a hand out to change the radio station, but Steve is quick to smack you away.
“I’m actually pretty maternal, thank you very much. Been thinking of getting a pet. A turtle or a lizard or something I don’t know, I haven’t decided…” His sentence trails off as he turns onto Dustin’s street.
You snort again, then give Steve a suspicious look.
“You wanna get a pet. You couldn’t even keep my houseplants alive last summer.”
“And I said I was sorry about that-“
Dustin sighed, tuning out the conversation once again to fiddle with the radio in his hands. He flipped a few switches and tweaked a few settings, preparing to connect with Suzie later on that night.
In all honesty, Dustin really liked you. You were like another babysitter, just way cooler than Steve in almost every plausible way. He’d easily picked up that you two had the hots for each other about a month after you met, though he still has no idea how Steve’s tricked you into liking him in the first place. The next few months had been near constant attempts to set you up - for almost a year and a half - to no avail. You could never agree on anything. It’s almost as if you craved the fighting; like you guys enjoyed the weird tension that formed during every petty back-and-forth.
Again, Dustin really did like you, just not when you were bickering with Steve, which seemed to be almost all the time recently. It’s only a matter of time before the dam breaks and the younger boy can only pray he’s able to take cover when you two start sucking face.
He still thinks you could do better.
“Ok, ok fine. But what about my Songs From The Big Chair tape?” His lips press into a thin line and his eyebrows nearly touch hairline, fingers taping on the wheel anxiously.
The song on the radio was slowly reaching its crescendo, forcing Steve to raise his voice a light louder, talk a little higher, to get his point across. Dustin reached for the window, hoping to find a reprieve in the cool afternoon air, only to be stopped by the child safety locks… Stupid Steve.
“Uh, guys? Could we possibly turn down the radi-“
“No!” You and Steve both shout in unison, twisting your heads to give him annoyed expressions before turning back around.
“Honestly, I still don’t feel any remorse over your soft, baby tape. I mean Tears For Fears? Seriously? If anything, I did you a favor.” You reach for the window, now flushed from your squabbling, also finding it locked. You heave a sigh and slowly start loosening your seatbelt to lean across the center console. Now hovering a centimeter over Steve’s lap, you reach to flip the window lock on the driver’s side door.
The blush on Steve’s face was so bright, it could be seen in the rear view mirror, and all Dustin could do was sigh, resting his head against his palm and praying that the ride would be over soon.
“Well- hey, watch it- Well, sorry I don’t listen to your satanic metal music-“
“Oh, come on. You don’t actually believe in all that stuff, do you?”
“No, no, of course not. It’s just-“
“The only reason you don’t like my ‘satanic metal music’ is because Eddie listens to it.”
“Please.” He scoffs, trying to seem nonchalant. “Like I care what that freak listens to-“
“Eddie is not a freak. He’s actually cool. Unlike you.”
He mumbles to himself, lips barely moving, “Oh yeah, why don’t you marry him then?”
“What was that?” You quirk your eyebrow, assuming Steve’s murmur was some sort of taunt.
“Nope, nothing. Love the guy.” His expression is flurried and distracted as he scans the street for Dustin’s house.
“Right. Well, if you’re so cool, name one cool person you hang out with.”
Steve opened his mouth a little too quickly.
“And you can’t say Dustin.”
His mouth snaps closed just as fast. A chuckle leaves you at his deflated look.
Steve’s mouth opens again, as if he was ready to say something, but couldn’t quite find the words.
“U- uh- Um. Ah! Brenda Still!” He nods sagely.
A laugh shakes the car, your body doubling over.
“Brenda Still? Brenda fucking Still? Steve, your mom would have been a better choice!” You wheeze, wiping a stray tear from your eye.
“What?” His hands and shoulders go up frantically, his voice defensive. “Brenda’s totally cool! You don’t think she’s cool?”
“Um. No, Steve, I definitely do not think Brenda Still is considered cool.”
“Why not?”
“Ummm, maybe because you suggested a high school basketball game as your first date, and she agreed.” You give him a look as if it were obvious.
“Ok, it was Lucas’s championship game. You thought I was gonna miss that?”
His sincerity makes you chuckle, and you look back out the window to hide it.
There was a beat of charged silence. Dustin could feel the tension in the air. Steve was quick to shatter it.
“Like your dates are any better…” He was mumbling again, but you could hear him loud and clear. Steve wanted to rile you up.
“And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“I mean, fast food and a late night showing of Porky’s, seriously?”
“Leo was actually very sweet-“
“Or what about- what was his name again? Oh- Bobbie the Bowling King? I mean, come on? What kind of a name is Bobbie, anyways? And he wouldn’t even let you win-”
“Hey, he was very competitive!”
“Oh, oh, right! Or my personal favorite: Johnny ‘Slick’ Tucker. One kiss and he nearly jizzed his pants, if I remember correctly-“
“Hey!” You smack his arm, making him shield himself with a chuckle and a cocky smirk. “I told you that in confidence!”
“Jeez, you sure do know how to pick ‘em. Where are you finding these guys, anyways?”
“What? Think you could do a better job?” You side eye him curiously, testing the waters.
Steve nods his head resolutely, closing in on Dustin’s house.
“Uhhhh, yeah. Definitely. There’s been at least ten girls this week that have been begging me to take them out-“
“Ten girls? Seems pretty steep.”
“Well, I’m a master at my craft.”
“Right. Lemme guess. Dinner and a scary movie. You do the arm over the shoulder trick and feel her up in the back row. Then a romantic drive to Lover’s Lake and a quick boink in the backseat.” Steve pulls into Dustin’s driveway, keeping the poor boy captive until the doors are unlocked.
“Ok, don’t say ‘boink,’ that’s disgustin-“ He puts it in park and turns his sole focus onto you, completely forgetting Dustin.
“Well, what would you like me to call it?” You lean in just a tad, daring him.
“I dunno… ‘Lovemaking?’” He copies your movements, eyes scanning from your eyes, raking down to your lips. He wets his own with a quick swipe of his tongue.
You chuckle.
“‘Lovemaking?’ You’ve gotta be kidding-“
The distance between you keeps shrinking and Dustin is not prepared to see what comes next.
“Guys, can we please stop talking about Steve’s sex life? Or at least wait til I’m out of the car?” His voice is fearful and frantic, popping the tense bubble you two had formed in the front.
You both mumbled simultaneous agreements.
“Sure, yeah-“
“Fine, fine. Whatever.”
There’s a heated glance shared between you two, annoyed with something a little flirty hidden just below the surface. It’s gone as soon as it came, and Steve’s quickly reaching for the button to unlock the doors, gaze never leaving yours.
Dustin hops out in a rush, offering a quick goodbye before slamming the door shut. There’s still the faint sound of bickering as he walks around the car and up the walkway.
“Steve, can we get ice cream?”
“Oh yeah! Sure! With what money? You’re practically eating me out of house and home with how much damn ice cream you beg me fo-“
“Jesus, Steve, you act like you’re not completely loaded-“
“Well, I was, before you started asking for ice cream every time the temperature goes above sixty degrees-“
“Oh, please. Don’t even act like you don’t enjoy my company.”
“Fine… You’re right.”
“Yeah. I’m always right, hon.”
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fanficsat12am · 27 days ago
telling the brothers they would look pretty with a ring I Lucifer & Mammon
Request: Hi, may i ask for a request where mc tells the demon brothers that they would look pretty with a ring?
AN: Here ya go guys!! My second request <3 Btw, the upload schedule might slow down from now onwards since I got some stuff on my hands, but don't worry!! I'll make sure to upload at least once a week! toodles ❤️❤️
Leviathan, Satan & Asmodeus
It was another all nighter. He had some last minute work given to him by the Demon Prince a few hours ago and being the prideful man he was, he decided to try to finish them all in one sitting. Now here you were, quietly sitting beside him as he methodically tried to finish all his workload.
As you watched his hands maneuver around the piles of work, you suddenly found yourself drifting along a thought you had. He noticed your dazed look and was curious about what was going on in that little human head of yours.
"Is there something wrong, My Love? If need be, you can go ahead and sleep. You don't have to wait up on me. It's already very late into the night and you look like you're dozing off"
“Oh! Sorry hehe. Just noticed how pretty you’d look with a ring on you"
Though the demon was taken aback by your statement, he found it to be quite endearing. This man loves it when his ego gets even a little bit stroked, so your words were very welcomed. He found himself smirking at your little comment all night long. Even as he laid his head on his pillow, your words still filled his head.
As soon as you woke up, you were deprived of the warmth of your boyfriend. Beside you was a small velvet box and on top was a letter sealed with red wax. Delicately opening the envelope, the note inside read “I think you look good with a ring too <3”.
Little did you know he stayed up a bit longer last night to go into Incognito Mode and search Akuzon for matching rings for both of you.
You carefully place the note aside and open the box. Inside was a rose gold band with a small diamond embedded into it. Lucifer feels that less is more and that simplicity is elegant. You soon discover that he has an identical one as well, the accessory never leaving his finger from there on out. He has it underneath his glove and subconsciously fidgets with it when he’s doing work.
Tumblr media
Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/CBXBKUkUVpVkixWcA
You were out with Mammon who had one goal in mind, "takin ya out and spendin every last grim on whatever ya want". You didn't plan on buying anything lavish, wanting him to save more due to him drowning in debt and knowing he still hasn't paid Levi back.
While walking around, you see something in the corner of your eye. It was the new jewelry store Asmo's been talking about, the assortment of trinkets giving the place a shimmering glow compared to the stores beside it.
He noticed your gaze set on the shop cause he’s a simp, almost as if mesmerized by it.
"Ya want anything in there? Some of ‘em rich douchebags at RAD go ‘ere and say it's pretty good"
"Oh no no! Just thinking about how good you'd look with a ring on"
At first, he just hears the words "good with a ring" and starts spouting off about how you're right. He would definitely look good with a ring on each finger! Those guys in the casino would see him as tough competition.
After a few seconds though, the demon finally realizes what you meant by that. He's a blushing mess, his previous attitude almost unrecognizable with how much he's stuttering over his words.
He refuses to leave the mall without buying you both matching rings. Now Mammon’s not a newbie when it comes to haggling, but we’re in a mall for crying out loud. Everyone knows the prices here are always set, but the seller got annoyed by his persistence and lowered the price down by a couple thousand grimms.
You leave with silver rings adorned with multiple jewels around it and the biggest gemstone you’ve ever laid your eyes on placed in the middle. He knows real jewels from fake ones, he’s not the Avatar of Greed for nothing after all.
Tumblr media
Source: https://images.app.goo.gl/EvoZuEZa6pyuDjP4A
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allthingsfangirl101 · a month ago
*Undercover–Steve Harrington
Tumblr media
Wattpad Request by kayla_cruz2019
Warnings: rough sex, protected sex, unprotected shower sex, language
I woke up and instantly looked over my shoulder. My heart clenched, guilt flooding me when I saw Steve asleep. I sat up, clutching the blanket to my chest. I leaned down and grabbed my bra from the floor. Still sitting on the edge of the bed, I put my bra on. I was about to stand up and finish getting dressed but I looked stopped and looked over my shoulder. The guilt got heavier.
I started to really care about Steve. I might even say I've started falling in love with him. Since that was true, the guilt behind my lie was only worse. As my feelings got deeper, so did the guilt.
I stood up and quietly got dressed, making sure I didn't wake Steve. I stopped in his doorway and watched him sleep. He was sleeping on his stomach. He always said he sleeps better that way.
Part of me wanted to crawl back in bed with him, but the other part knew that the deeper my feelings got for him, the harder it would be to lie. And I had to lie to him If he knew the truth. . . It would put him in danger.
And that is the last thing I wanted to do. I would not risk Steve's life like that.
I quickly left his house, not bothering to leave him a note. The entire drive back to my beaten-down house on the outskirts of town I had tears streaming down my face.
I came to Hawkins, Indiana a few months ago when rumors of the Gate reached me. Rumor was that a young girl, an experiment, closed it. What the people didn't know was that it was still connected to the physical world. I was sent here to keep an eye on things and intervene if anything happens.
So far, this summer, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Except for a big mall outside of town that is causing all the local shops to close. Half of the town loved the new mall. The other half hated it.
To continue being undercover, I work at the Waldenbooks on the second floor. Steve works at the ice cream shop on the first floor. That's how we met. And once we did, things went fast. We kissed the first day we met. We slept together for the first time the second day. Things only sped up after that. In the matter of a week, we'd spent every break together, ate lunch together every day, and went to his house every night.
Steve thought we were extremely close when in reality, he didn't know me. The real me. And the more time I spent with him, the more I wished the fake life I created here was real.
I unlocked the door, instantly locking it when I walked in. I tossed my bag to the side and walked upstairs. I turned on the shower and undressed. When I stepped in, I let the hot water relax my muscles. I closed my eyes and my mind couldn't help but slip back to last night.
Steve's parents were out of town–again–so we went to his place after work. We instantly went upstairs. I walked into Steve's room and turned around. I smiled innocently as he looked me up and down with a smirk on his face.
I looked down at the sundress I wore to work and sighed dramatically. Steve watched as I grabbed the straps to my dress. I slowly moved them off my shoulders, allowing my dress to fall around my ankles. Steve moaned as he instantly started undoing his pants.
I reached forward and grabbed his hands, stopping him. He chewed on his bottom lip as I pushed him back. I reached down and undid his pants. Without breaking eye contact with him, I knelt down, bringing his pants with me.
When they were off, Steve grabbed my hands and pulled me back up. I grabbed his shirt and pushed him down. He slowly sat down while I pulled his shirt above his head. He leaned back on his wrists and watched as I crawled onto his lap.
I gasped, laughing, as Steve put his hand on the small of my back. He pushed on my back, making me press against him. I moaned when his chin pressed perfectly between my breasts.
He laid down, pulling me with him. I giggled as I caught myself, my hands pressed to the mattress right by his head. He ran his hands up my back until they got to my bra. Neither one of us broke eye contact as he unhooked my bra.
As I sat up and took it off, Steve started removing my underwear. The second I was completely on display for him, he rolled us over so he was on top.
He loved being on top. And that's where I loved him.
Steve roughly leaned down and pressed his lips to mine. Our lips started moving hungrily in sync as I reached down. I played with the waistband of his boxers as his tongue danced with mine.
He bit my bottom lip, continuing to chew on my lip as he tore off his underwear. He broke the kiss long enough to grab a condom out of his bedside table. He slipped it on and instantly slipped into me. I arched my back as he roughly pushed into me.
"Oh, Steve!" I moaned as things started and started fast.
"Fuck," he moaned before kissing my neck.
I squeezed his shoulders as he rocked his hips against mine. I slid my hands down his back, smirking as I felt the goosebumps I was causing. That was always a secret competition we had: who could cause the most or leave the most marks.
Once we started, we either finished fast or got rough. Tonight, we got rough.
I was just about to reach my peak when I pushed him off of me. I was greeted by his pout.
"Baby," he moaned sadly.
I leaned up and pressed my lips to his pout. While I had him distracted, I rolled us over so I was on top.
His pout turned into a smirk. I sat on his stomach and he brought his knees up, knowing what was next. I gasped and giggled when Steve sat up, scooting back against the headboard. He grabbed my waist, tightening his grip.
He opened his mouth to say something, but I brought my hips down to his, cutting him off. He moaned, leaning his head back as I rode him. I grabbed his shoulders to help stabilize myself. I kept my movements slow. He liked it slow and he could never resist watching me.
I smirked when he lifted his head and chewed his bottom lip as he watched my chest go up and down. A little while longer, we were both biting our lips to hold back moans.
"I'm sorry," I gasped as I stopped. I slowly sat up, him falling out of me. "I need. . . I need to stop."
"That's okay," he said gently as he massaged my hips.
I rolled off him and laid down. Steve scooted down so he was laying next to me. He rolled over and reached up, moving some hair out of my face. I rolled toward him and tucked into his chest.
He let out a small chuckle as he wrapped his arms around me. He slowly dragged his fingers up and down my back. I closed my eyes, taking a shaky breath, as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of my head.
I looked up at him and pursed my lips. Steve laughed before leaning down and kissing me again. We instantly got lost in the kiss as Steve rolled us over.
This time, I didn't need to stop.
On my way to work, I nervously drummed my fingers on the steering wheel. It's getting to the point where it's harder to keep my secret from Steve. Every time we're together and he asks me if I'm okay, I find myself having to stop from blurting it out.
I spent my shift in my head. I imagined the different scenarios of what would happen if I told Steve the truth. He'd accept me, he'd be furious, he'd be freaked out. And of course, there are repercussions that don't involve him. If people back home found out I told my secret, they might force me to come home.
I was reshelving some books when I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. The person leaned down and started gently kissing the bruises that were left last night.
"Aren't you supposed to be scooping ice cream?" I chuckled as I placed my arms over his.
"It's our break," he whispered, tightening his arms around me.
I looked down at my watch and sighed. "I guess I let time get away from me," I mumbled.
Steve slowly turned me around and studied me. "You okay?" He asked, his voice soft. "I woke up this morning and you were gone."
"Yeah," I stuttered. "Sorry about that. I had the opening shift today and needed to. . ."
"Y/N," Steve sighed. "What's going on?"
"Nothing," I said a little too forcefully. I cleared my throat, trying to relax. "It's just some. . . It's nothing."
"Is everything okay at home?" He asked, catching me off guard.
"Everything's fine," I stuttered, wrapping my arms tightly around myself.
"Hey," he whispered as he put his hands on my arms. "You know you can trust me, right? With anything."
"I know," I said, my voice dropping.
Steve sighed before pulling me into his chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned in and gently pressed his lips to mine. I let out a small moan as I started kissing him back.
He broke the kiss, a smirk instantly on his face. "You ready to go on break?"
Over the next couple of days, things slowly went back to normal. I wasn't as jumpy and I went back to being flirty. I checked my watch and waited but Steve didn't show up for our break. With a few minutes left, I decided to go check. I left the store and headed down to Scoops Ahoy.
I walked in, but no one was behind the counter. I looked around, the place almost empty.
"Steve?" I called out. "Robin? Anyone here?"
When no one answered, I walked around to the back. I had seen this room hundreds of times. We've definitely almost gotten caught a couple of times back here. Something was different. There was a Russian-to-English book on the table and a translation scribbled on the small whiteboard.
My heart jumped into my throat. I grabbed the maps they had on the table and figured it out.
The Russians were trying to reopen the Gate.
                                * * * * *
I grabbed a couple of pieces of my gear and headed down. It was extremely easy to find them but I was still impressed Steve and Robin figured it out. I had training. They didn't.
I slipped on my cuffs and grabbed my dagger. These were the smallest of my pieces but also the easiest to hide. I ran down the hallway and easily tore the door open. A few Russians turned toward me, confusion clear on their faces. I smirked before attacking the nearest one.
It was easy to take him down. I turned just as a guard nearby raised his gun. The second he pulled the trigger, I lifted my arm. The bullet ricocheted off my cuffs and hit another guard. The gunman stared at me with wide eyes. I sent him a smirk before taking him down.
I stood up, rolling my shoulders. I stole a keycard off one of the guards and headed towards where they were keeping Steve and Robin.
"Idiots," I mumbled as I easily opened the door.
"Y/N!" Steve cheered.
"Hey!" Robin giggled. "It's Y/N!"
"What is wrong with you guys?" I laughed as I walked over and started undoing their ties. My heart clenched when I saw how beaten up Steve was.
"You okay?" I whispered as I knelt in front of Steve. I reached up and gently cupped his face in my hand.
"You're hot," he chuckled.
"And you're drugged," I smirked. I finished undoing his ties and helped him stand up. "Don't go anywhere. I gotta help Robin."
I was about to walk to Robin and untie her, but Steve grabbed me and pulled me into his chest. I gasped when he pressed his lips to mine and roughly started kissing me. I broke the kiss, basically tearing myself away from him.
"Y/N and I are having sex!" He yelled.
"I know!" Robin giggled. "Everyone knows, Steve. Just like how everyone knows you're in love with her!"
Steve looked at me with a cheesy smile.
"We'll talk about that later," I said, clearing my throat. "For now, let's get out of here."
                                * * * * *
One minute we were sneaking out of the underground Russian bunker. The next, a crazy creature was searching for Eleven. We were hiding behind a counter, everyone was scared. I looked over at Steve and made up my mind.
"Y/N!" Steve gasped when I stood up. "What are you doing?"
"Stay here," I whispered.
Before he could stop me, I ran towards the janitor's closet. When I started working here, I hid my gear in the janitor's closet. That includes my weapons and my body armor. I tucked inside and quickly changed.
I reached for the handle but froze. By doing this, it would reveal to Steve and the others that I was actually an Amazon woman from Themyscira. Steve would finally find out I was actually Princess Y/N of Themysicra.
I shook away any fears and regrets before ripping the door open. I saw the creature, snaking one of its tentacles through the Gap. I grabbed my sword and started running.
"Who the hell is that?"
"Wait. . ."
"Is that Y/N?"
"Y/N, what are you doing?!" I saw Steve stand up out of the corner of my eye. I forced myself to focus on the fight.
I dove under the creature, cutting off the tentacle that was threatening El. It screeched in pain. I cut off one of his legs as I ran around him. I smirked when he turned his attention to me.
All at once, he sent at least five tentacles toward me. I heard Steve yell my name but ignored it as I raised my sword. Thanks to my training, I easily dove over the tentacles.
Compared to the other things I've chased and foughten, this one was angry but stupid.
"The fireworks!" I yelled.
"What?" Steve yelled.
I slid under the creature, slicing my sword across its body. I stood up and ran towards Steve.
"The kids have fireworks," I quickly explained. "Keep him distracted."
Even though my back was turned, I could sense it. I turned around, instantly raising my sword and cutting it off. I looked over my shoulder to see Steve staring at me with wide eyes.
I ran back towards the creature, instantly diving under him. This time, it caught on to my plan. I gasped when a tentacle wrapped around my waist and threw me across the mall. I heard Steve yell my name again but the pain was almost too much.
I slowly sat up, my elbow giving out. I gasped when someone touched my face. My eyes fluttered open to see Steve leaning over me.
"Are you okay?" He whispered.
Before I could respond, there was an explosion. The kids started throwing fireworks at the creature. I looked over, my heart sinking when I saw Billy carrying Eleven towards the creature.
"No," I groaned. I stood up but Steve had to help me. "He's going to sacrifice her, Steve. We have to. . . The Gate. . ."
"We have someone closing it," Steve explained. "We just need to distract this thing long enough."
"Get me over there," I said through my pain as I shakily pointed toward Eleven and Billy.
"Y/N. . ." Steve stuttered.
"Please," I sighed. "I have to help them."
"He's going to die, Steve," I whispered. "They both are."
Steve glanced down at my armor and sighed. He wrapped his arm around my waist and helped me over to them. When Billy knelt next to Eleven, I ran toward them. Despite the pain in my body, I tackled Billy to the ground.
"Steve!" I yelled. "Get Eleven!"
I gasped when Billy punched me. He rolled us over so he was hovering over me. He instantly wrapped his hands around my neck.
"Billy," I choked. "Please don't make me do this."
"You're only getting in the way of progress," he sneered.
"Think about your sister," I barely got out. For a second, Billy's gaze and grip softened. "Think about Max. She needs you, Billy."
In a second, the soft gaze was gone and the murderous one was back. I tried the different techniques I was taught to get out of this hold but none of them worked.
I tried a technique that the Amazons didn't teach me. I kicked him as hard as I could. He groaned and swore in pain. I easily got the upper hand and rolled him off of me. I quickly stood up, grabbing my smaller dagger. Billy angrily grunted as he stood up. If looks could kill. . .
"Please, Billy," I sighed. "I don't want to hurt you."
Billy started to run towards me but he and the creature let out painful screams. Billy collapsed to the ground, covering his ears as he screamed in pain. I looked over my shoulder to see the creature collapsed. I cringed as he practically exploded.
I looked over to see Max running towards Billy. She knelt next to him as the rest of the kids ran to Eleven. I collapsed to my knees, the pain and exhaustion finally hitting me.
"Y/N!" Steve gasped as he ran to me. He wrapped his arms around me and I tucked into his chest.
"Who the hell are you?"
I looked up to see everyone staring at me. I looked over at Steve to see him staring at my uniform.
"I can explain," I said, my voice breaking. Steve looked back up at me and smiled. He reached up and gently cupped my face in his hand.
"As much as I'd love an explanation," Robin sighed, "we should probably get out of here. Or, I guess, Y/N should get out before the authorities get here. I doubt she wants to answer questions."
"She's right," I sighed.
"I'll take you home," Steve offered.
"It's okay," I said quickly. "You should answer questions too."
I started to walk away but he grabbed my wrist. "No," he said firmly. "I'm not leaving you."
"Okay," I whispered. "I need to get my clothes out of the janitor's closet first."
Steve wrapped his arm around my waist and started leading me to the janitor's closet. He grabbed my bag and led me out to his car. He unlocked it and helped me inside. He got in the car and put the keys in the ignition.
"I have no idea where you live," he mumbled, mostly to himself.
"Head north," I said under my breath. "It's a cabin just outside of town."
"A cabin?" Steve asked, turning toward me. The look in his eyes made my heart ache.
"You live in a cabin, in the middle of nowhere?" Steve asked for clarification. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because no one is supposed to know I'm here," I whispered. "We heard about the Gate, so our leaders sent me here. They wanted me to confirm the rumors."
"Who's we?" Steve stuttered.
"My people."
                                * * * * *
Steve and I were silent as he drove us away from the mall. He didn't ask for directions so I assumed he was driving to his house. He pulled in front of his house and put the car in park but didn't get out.
Without looking at me, he reached over and grabbed my hand. "Please tell me what's going on," he whispered.
"Can we go inside?" I asked, my voice breaking. "I'll change and then, I promise, I will explain everything."
He nodded and let go of my hand. He didn't look at me as we walked inside. I started walking to the bathroom but stopped when Steve grabbed my hand. He led me upstairs to his room. He finally let go of my hand and grabbed a towel out of the hallway closet.
"You can take a shower," he said, handing me the towel. He finally looked up at me, my heart jumping into my throat.
"I'll wait for you out here," he added.
I dropped my bag and the towel, quickly wrapping my arms around him. He instantly wrapped his arms around my waist.
"I'm sorry," I sobbed. "I'm so sorry, Steve."
"It's okay," he whispered.
"I hate that I've been lying to you," I stuttered. I leaned out of our hug and looked up at him with tears streaming down my face.
Steve reached up and caught a tear with his thumb. "It's okay," he repeated. "You had to keep your identity a secret. I understand."
"Steve. . ." I stuttered.
"Go shower," he said. "Then we'll talk."
I nodded before walking into his bathroom. I stopped and looked at my reflection in the mirror. I was covered in new bruises, blood, and the creature. I slowly and painfully took off my armor. I turned on Steve's shower and stepped in. I closed my eyes as the water ran down my body.
I heard the bathroom door slowly open. I smirked but didn't turn around as the shower door opened. Steve stepped in and wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned his chin on my shoulder, slowly rubbing my hip with his thumb.
"I know we agreed to talk after you showered," he whispered, "but I couldn't wait."
I turned around and wrapped my arms around his neck. Steve smirked as I pushed my bare body against his bare body.
"My full name is Princess Y/N of Themyscira," I started to explain.
"Princess?" He smirked.
"Yep," I chuckled. "You've been sleeping with a Princess of a nation that nobody knows about."
Goosebumps spread over my entire body as Steve pulled me closer to him and leaned us against the shower wall.
"Princess," he moaned.
"I wasn't always one," I explained. "When I was young, my parents were killed in a strange accident. No one really knows what happened. All I remember is some people broke into our house. My father started fighting but one of them had a gun. Then these women, these Amazons I later learned, came rushing in. They fought the men but not before the men killed both my parents."
"Y/N," Steve whispered. "I'm so sorry, baby."
"The Amazons told me that I was in danger," I continued, my voice shaky. "They said I was special and people were hunting me. They promised they would protect me so I went with them. They took me to an island and started training me. I worked my way up and soon got my ranking."
"Princess is a ranking?"
"Kinda like how captain and colonel are rankings," I explained.
"How high up is it?"
"Second from the top."
"Wow," he smirked. "Second from the top. That's impressive."
I gasped as Steve leaned down and started kissing my neck. I moaned and started grinding my body against his.
"Princess," he moaned again. Steve switched our positions, pushing me up against the tile as he pressed his lips to mine. Our lips moved roughly in sync. He reached down and grabbed my leg, wrapping it around his body.
Without breaking the kiss, Steve slipped himself into me. I broke the kiss and leaned my head back against the cold titles as he thrust into me.
"Steve," I moaned. I slid my hands down his back until I reached his ass. We both moaned loudly as I squeezed.
"Princess," he moaned through his teeth. "I have to know something."
"We're kinda just getting started," I chuckled. "But sure. What's on your mind, baby?"
He stopped thrusting into me and slowly pulled out. He looked down. I thought he was looking at my body, but he wasn't. He was looking at our feet.
"Do you have to go back?" He whispered.
"To your island," he clarified.
"No," I said. He looked up at me and smiled.
"Nope," I chuckled as I tightened my arms around his neck. "I was sent here permanently. Hawkins has a connection to the portal and my people want to keep a close eye on it just in case. . ."
Steve roughly cut me off by pressing his lips to mine. I couldn't hold in my moan as we went right back to what we were doing. Steve slowly broke the kiss, smiling at me. He looked into my eyes as he pressed his body closer to mine. I moaned as he pushed me up against the tile wall.
"I love you," I gasped, arching my back.
"I love you too, Princess."
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chouetteschaussettes · a month ago
around the dining table
Tumblr media
pairing : austin butler x reader request : my request was the reader and austin are dating and the austin hosts his family over for christmas at his house while he’s on break for filming elvis and ofc the reader is there and is playing with one of austin’s baby cousins a lot of the night and austin just watches and falls even more in love with her, maybe he even tells his sister how he wants to marry her soon. and kinda just like in the fic all of the interactions y/n has with austin’s family during the christmas party! thank you so much!!! by @smckinney word count : 2k warnings : swear words ? i think that's it
“So, I was thinking,” Austin spoke tentatively as he chopped a tomato for the salad you were going to have that evening. “Dangerous pastime,” you chuckled, setting down the cutlery on the wood dining table that stood proudly in the middle of your shared apartment. He playfully rolled his eyes. “Sorry, babe,” you chuckle, “go on. I’ll shut up, promise,” He let out a small chuckle as he shook his head. “I was thinking that we could maybe host Christmas here this year ? For my family, I mean,” he suggested. He had been thinking about it for a while now. Whenever he had his mum on the phone, she would always ask to see the apartment you two had bought. Naturally, after dating for more than a year, you had already met his family and they all absolutely loved you. He often joked that his mum was more excited when you came around than when he did.
You thought about it for a second. Your family lived in Europe, so you could never host Christmas for them. You were always invited, obviously, and had attended last year’s Christmas with Austin. So you wouldn't have to prepare a party for them. So why not host a dinner for Austin's family ? You unconsciously started making a mental list of what you would have to prepare, of how you would have to get your grandmother’s recipe for the turkey and your grandfather’s for the potatoes. And the desserts. It would take work, of course. But it would definitely be worth it. You loved Austin’s family just as much as they loved you and liked the idea of presenting them with a delicious meal as well as presents.
You came back to reality with the feeling of Austin’s hands softly rubbing your hips. “What’s going on in that head of yours ?” he asked, pressing a kiss to your cheek from behind you. You turned your head to the side and brushed your lips against his temple. “Just thinking of how we’re going to cook the turkey, darling,” you smiled at him. “That means yes ?!” “Of course it means yes, why would I ever say no ?” you chuckled as he turned you around and pulled you into a big hug, repeatedly kissing your lips. “I love you so much,” he beamed, slowly starting to let go of you. He cupped your cheeks and kissed you slowly. You smiled into the kiss and pulled him closer by his belt.
A few weeks later, you were just finishing up the decorations on the dining table before Austin's family came over when his phone rang. He started talking, most likely to his mum, judging by the soft tones of his voice. He turned back to you after a minute or so. “Okay, Ma said that they would be late ‘cause Dad forgot the pie so they had to turn back.” He rolled his eyes good-naturedly as he put his phone down. You chuckled, setting down the last decorations on the dining table. Fixing the angle of a napkin, you turned to him. “Don’t you look dapper,” you smiled, approaching him and smoothing down his shirt a bit. He grinned, looking down at you with those incredibly blue eyes. His hands came down to rest on your hips, pulling you closer. 
“We know my sister is going to be late by at least an hour, so I’d say we’ve got some time to ourselves, you know” he murmured, his eyes boring into your own as he pushed a strand of hair behind your ear. You knew that look in his eye as he backed up against the kitchen counter, and you weren’t usually one to refuse him when he got like this, but tonight was different. “No, no, baby...” You put your hand on his chest when he started kissing your neck. He pulled back with a confused look. “We can have sex after all this, I promise. I'm going to have a great time getting you out of this shirt and these pants that make your ass look incredibly good," you trailed off. He looked over his shoulder, trying to see what his ass looked like. "After all this," you motioned to the food in the kitchen, the presents underneath the Christmas tree and the beautifully set dining table, “We can spend, like, 56 hours in bed. But not right now, yeah ? And I don’t want to mess up my hair,” Austin’s eyes came up to look at your hair. “It does look beautiful,” he agreed. You smiled, your cheeks turning darker. “Thank you,” “All right,” Austin conceded, “but after this,” he made a circular motion with his finger, “you’re mine,” You chuckled, kissing his cheek. “I’m yours anyway, love,”
“Hello ! Come on in, it’s freezing outside,” you pulled the door open with a wide smile on your face as Austin's parents came inside the apartment. “Hey Ma,” Austin kissed his mother’s cheek and greeted his father, pulling him into a hug. You gave both his parents a hug, complimenting their elegant attires. “Hi honey,” his mother greeted, holding your shoulders and beaming up at you. “You look so beautiful,” she complimented. You smiled. “So do you, you’re glowing !” "I'm glowing ? Have you looked in the mirror tonight, hon ?" “Alright, d’you want us to leave you two ?” Austin’s dad, David, joked. Lori rolled her eyes good-naturedly. “If you’re expecting me to hold back on complimenting my future daughter-in-law, you’re wrong, David,” she retorted easily, pulling away from you to put the food they had brought in the kitchen. You froze and looked at Austin, who widened his eyes at you and shrugged. David chuckled and shook his head : “Wishful thinking,” He started placing their presents under the tree.
Austin went to help his father arrange all the presents when you were called into the kitchen by Lori. "Y/N, honey ! Will you come over here and help me with the cranberry sauce, please ?" You rushed into the kitchen and relieved her of the big pot of purple sauce, placing it on the marble counter. Lori put down the apple pie next to the sauce and looked inside the over. "Oh my, that turkey looks absolutely delicious !" she complimented. "Thank you," you beamed, "it's my granny's recipe. Austin helped me make it this morning," "Oh, isn't he just such a good boy ?" Lori cooed, looking around the kitchen. "This kitchen is beautiful, so modern," "That he is," you agreed with a smile. "Thank you. A nice kitchen was one of Austin's priorities when we were looking to buy," "Well, you certainly picked a nice one... Say, why don't you show me the rest of the apartment ?" she asked, looking at the corridor enviously. You chuckled. "Of course, follow me,"
"And, finally, this is our bedroom." You gestured to the room you and Austin slept in. "Wow... It's so spacious ! And well lit, too !" she marvelled, stepping inside and looking out the large windows. "Yeah, light is the main criteria I look for. I can't live in a dark place," you spoke. She touched your arm. "I'm exactly the same, honey. I just can't stand dark places," You smiled, settling in the comfortable silence that followed.
"I'm so glad he found you, you know," she said after a while, touching your arm. "He's very lucky to have found someone that's as good for him as you are," "I think I'm the lucky one here," you chuckle. "Well, you're both lucky to have found each other. I don't know your side of the story, but I know that you make him the happiest he's ever been," she looked into your eyes. You smiled, cheeks slightly pink and felt your heart flutter in your chest at her kind words. "Anyway, let's go see if Ashley is going to get here soon. I'm starving. I didn't eat any lunch so that I would be hungry tonight," she confessed. You laughed. "Let's go then, you can eat the appetizers, we don't want to keep you waiting," you grinned.
You stepped into the kitchen to find Austin getting something to drink for his father. His mother's words flashed through your mind and you felt your stomach erupt in butterflies. You arrived from behind and wrapped your arms around his middle, resting your head in between his shoulders. "Hey, darlin'," he spoke softly. "Hi, baby." You smiled up at him as he turned around in your grip to face you. You wrapped your arm around his neck and pulled him down to you, pressing your lips against his. He wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against him. His hand cupped your cheek as your lips moved against each other's. You hummed as he pulled back, eyes twinkling.
"What was that for ?" he whispered, staying only a hair's width away from your face. You thought back to what Lori had said, biting your bottom lip. "No reason," you smiled. He looked at you, squinting slightly. He didn't entirely believe you but before he could say anything, the doorbell rang.
"Hi !" Ashley beamed when Austin pulled the door open. Austin smiled broadly and pulled her into his arms, embracing her tightly. He shook her husband's hand and crouched down to face Henry, their firstborn. "Henry, my man !" he cried, opening his arms for him. Henry squealed and ran at full speed towards his uncle, screaming. "Au'tin !" he yelled, throwing himself in Austin's arms. Austin chuckled as he wrapped his arms the toddler. You smiled down at the both of them. Austin stood up with Henry in his arms. The little blond boy squealed when he saw you, making grabby hands in your direction. "Y/N," he screamed your name sweetly. You replied with the same enthusiasm : "Henry !"
Austin handed him over to you with a smile. "Hi Y/N," the toddler spoke clumsily, holding on to your sleeve. Your heart melted a little bit as he talked. "Hiya Henry," you grinned, "Merry Christmas !" "Mewy Chwismas Y/N !" he cried. He beamed, showing off his numerous missing teeth. You gave Ashley and her husband a side hug as they came in with big bags to care for their newborn, Sophie.
Soon enough, you had all finished eating. Sophie was asleep in her buggy, her dad gently rocking it back and forth. Austin and Ashley were in the kitchen finished up the last of the dishes. You were sitting on the ground, playing with Henry. "Where do you want to put this one ?" you asked in a hushed tone, handing him a block of wood. He clumsily picked it up and looked at the three towers of different colored wooden blocks, before deciding to put it on top of the middle one. It wobbled a bit, but stayed upright. "Good job," you cooed, gently clapping your hands. You picked up another cube and handed it to him. He placed it on top of another tower. The tower wobbled, and you held your breath, before it collapsed. Henry gasped and turned to look at you with wide eyes. "Oh no." He touched the wooden blocks on the ground. "It's okay, love," you smiled, "you can build it again," "Why it fall ?" he asked, looking pensive. "It was too high, I guess," you shrugged. "Oh," he looked down at the blocks. "Here, I'll help you start it off again," you smiled at him, picking up a few blocks and piling them up. Henry looked up at you with his big blue eyes and smiled. He started building the tower again.
You had no idea Austin had been watching the whole thing attentively from the kitchen, leaning against the door frame with a towel thrown over his shoulder. Ashley came up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder. "She's good with kids," she smiled. "Sure is," Austin agreed, not taking his eyes off you. Ashley chuckled and poked him in the head. "What's going on in the brain of yours ?" "Nothing," he smiled, rolling his eyes. "Oh, go on, tell me what you're thinking."
"I'm thinking that that woman is going to become my wife. Very soon."
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mackenzielovee · a month ago
sixth sense: part nine
Tumblr media
synopsis: "The ride home is quiet. You don’t mind. You’re sure you’d sit in silence for the remainder of the night if it just means he’ll stay with you."
warnings: swearing, SMUT (you see it coming both times), complicated family dynamics
wc: 5.3k
a/n: hello! please enjoy ! i've been excited for this one for a bit now, so leave me some love if you can and i hope you like it!!<3
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      Friday morning, you wake with the feeling of his bare skin on your own, pressed against you and on top of you. You’re laid flat on your back, and when you open your eyes, you smile at the top of his head. Somehow, he’d managed to maneuver half of his body on top of yours, arm wrapped loosely around you, and his head on your bare chest. You can feel his warm, even breaths hitting your skin. The streaks of light peeking through the blinds on your window only add to the moment, and even though you have no idea what time it is, this quickly becomes your favorite part of the day. 
Soon, Rafe’s hands start to wander as he shifts, each time finding himself more and more on top of you. The alarm he’d set on his phone last night, citing that the two of you have class today, starts to go off, but you grab his phone and shut it off out of fear that he really will make you get up. 
Just the noise causes him to stir, and when he cracks open those beautiful blue eyes, you’re sure you melt right into your pillow. His hair is a wreck and you can see what looks to be stubble forming on his chin and upper lip. You tuck your bottom lip in between your teeth, trying to calm yourself down just at the sight of him. 
“Am I too heavy?” he asks, and his morning voice has you clenching your thighs together before you even say a word.
“Of course not,” you reply, “Don’t move.”
He laughs, shifting his head to press a kiss just between your breasts, “How’d you sleep?”
“Good,” you answer, your hands tangling in his hair and tugging slightly just to get your frustration out. 
He’d been inside you until almost three in the morning. How could you want him again already?
His hands start to wander again, but this time, it’s intentional. He trails up and then down, grasping your left thigh in his right hand and pulling it up, bending it against your chest so he could make more room for himself in between your legs. It isn’t until he buries his head in the crook of your neck that you realize he wants you just as bad, and you can feel it. You gasp when he starts sucking on your skin, and with zero foreplay whatsoever, you’re already desperate for him. 
You shove your hips up, faintly mumbling out, “Please.”
He chuckles against your skin, continuing the pursuit his hands had started on. It’s as if he needs to feel every inch of you, to touch every bit of skin and claim it as his. 
“There’s a condom on the nightstand,” he whispers, “Can you—”
You’re already clawing for it before he can finish his sentence, and you let out a breath of relief when you feel the wrapper under your fingertips. You hand it to him and watch as he rips it open with his teeth, then leans down to kiss you as he rolls it on. 
“Did I say ‘good morning’?” he asks you with a smirk.
“No,” you grin, framing his face with your hands and stroking over his cheeks. 
You feel him just before he slips inside of you, letting him watch your expression change once he’s in. 
“Good morning, baby,” he whispers, pressing another kiss to your lips.
“Oh, good morning, Rafe.”
He laughs then, keeping his thrusts lazy and slow, wanting to feel you for as long as he can before the both of you will be officially late. 
“Could go harder,” he offers, “Make you walk into class all funny while you hold my hand. Everyone would know, then. Wouldn’t you like that?”
“Rafe,” you groan, your fingers making their way to his back, digging into his skin, “I’m meeting your family tonight. I have to be able to— fuck.”
“You’re right,” he answers, kissing up your arm, “But the second that dinner’s over—”
“Whatever you want,” you pant, “Just—please.”
“Whatever I want?” he repeats, “Oh, shit. You just gave me something to think about for the entire meal.”
He rocks his hips, hitting deeper than he had been and forcing a loud groan out of you. Apparently satisfied with this, he does it again and again, until your nails dig into his back with the desperation to release. 
“You gonna let go for me, baby?” he asks, brushing the hair from your face and smiling once he sees the look in your eyes, “What are you waiting on, huh? You’ve been squeezing me so fucking tight.”
You meet his eye and you watch it click in his brain — exactly what it is you’d been waiting on — and you swear you could feel him twitch inside of you. That perfectly submissive look in your eye, the one that had him dangerously close to releasing before you, which he refused to do, has him ready to lose his mind.
“Oh, shit,” he curses, “You want my permission? Is that why you’re holding it in like a good girl?”
“Mhm,” you nod, your eyes fluttering shut as all of your concentration goes into remaining good for him. 
“Oh, baby. You’re so fucking good. Just look at you,” he smirks, “Let go. You can do it, just let go for me.”
You do as he says, letting your vision blur and listening faintly as Rafe reaches his release. The room quickly turns into a mess of panting and small whines from you, wanting only more of him. He chuckles from his place in your neck, pressing small kisses there before he speaks. 
“Fuck,” he swears, “We just get better and better. You are unbelievably sexy, you know that?”
“I think you’ve told me once or twice,” you tease. 
He bites the skin on your neck softly in retaliation, making you laugh. 
“Come on,” he mumbles, “We gotta get going. I’m gonna pull out and then we’ll go shower, okay?”
You nod, “Okay.”
     If it weren’t for Rafe, you would’ve happily skipped class to stay home with him. He made you go, given that there’s an exam next week and this session will be used as review. He practically drags you into the building, forcing a giggle out of you as the two of you enter the silent classroom. You clamp your mouth shut, suddenly aware of the amount of noise you’re making, and listen to Rafe’s soft chuckle beside you. 
Lindsay’s already present, and when the two of you enter — giggling and holding hands — her eyes narrow to the extreme. You catch her eye and let your jaw clench, but when Rafe squeezes your hand, you exhale your desire to say something and let him lead you to the opposite side of the room. 
As handsy as Rafe can be, he remains focused in class. He takes extensive notes, remains hooked on every last word your professor says, and only twice during the entire class does he bring the back of your hand to his lips to kiss. As if he just needed it; needed to smell and taste your skin, get his fill, before he went back to taking notes. 
When class ends, it’s as if his normal behavior resumes. He stands first, letting his hands secure your hips firmly as you walk in front of him out the door. This small act, the dominance it exudes, makes your head fuzzy as he leads you back out into the sunshine. 
You walk hand in hand to the parking lot, neither of you rushing too much because you know what it means when Rafe drives you home. He has to go into work for a few hours, and he promises he’ll be back to get you for dinner. That means that you have approximately six hours to figure out what the hell you’re going to wear to this dinner. 
He kisses you four times before he drops you off, insisting on walking you all the way upstairs even after you tell him he doesn’t have to. 
     Bryn stays on FaceTime with you for the entirety of your breakdown, insisting that each outfit looks better than the last. Eventually, you settle on a nice and simple white dress — short, but not too short. Just short enough to satisfy Rafe’s needs while also remaining appropriate for meeting his family. When Bryn hangs up, and you’re left alone with your thoughts, you hurry into the bathroom. 
To keep off the anxiety, you shower, shave, pluck, and pace. When your legs are hairless and your eyebrows are perfect, you start on your makeup. You take your time, blending your eyeshadow to the nines just to keep yourself busy. When your alarm goes off, signaling it’s time to get dressed, you ignore your shaky hands and squeeze yourself into the dress. 
You’re still debating on shoes when Rafe’s familiar knock sounds. You hurry to the door with two pairs in hand, ready to ask his opinion. You’re still half-focused on the shoes when you pull open the door, but when your eyes meet him, every thought seems to exit your mind. 
He watches as your jaw falls slightly, and the space between you both remains quiet for a moment as you drink each other in.
“You—” Rafe stops, swallowing and shifting his jaw slightly, “You look so beautiful, baby.”
You purse your lips, eyes scanning over every inch of him. His dress pants, his baby blue long sleeve button-up, the tulips he holds in his right hand. He’d done his hair, and you’re too nervous to pout about it.
“Thank you,” you whisper, “You look pretty handsome yourself. Come in.”
He barely nods, still seemingly thrown off his game. You step back, watching as he steps inside and closes the door behind him. His eyes travel down your legs for a beat too long, jaw clenching tighter and tighter as he does so.
“These are for you,” he says, presenting the tulips to you, “As a thank you for coming with me.”
“You’re very sweet,” you step forward as you accept them, standing up on your tiptoes to give him a kiss on the cheek. 
He groans when his eyes flicker down the front of your dress, “We have a few minutes, right?”
You grin but shake your head, now juggling the two pairs of shoes and the flowers. You turn and hurry over to the kitchen, laying the flowers down on the counter before turning around and presenting the shoes to him. 
“I don’t know which ones to wear.”
He doesn’t even hesitate, “Whichever ones will get you on that couch with your dress pulled up so I can eat you out before we go.”
“Rafe!” you exclaim, ignoring the fire lighting in your stomach, “Seriously. I want to look nice for your family.”
He shifts in his stance, and you watch as he adjusts himself quickly. You smirk, but wipe that expression off your face when you see his. 
“The sandals,” he points, “Keep it casual.”
“Are you sure?” you hesitate, glancing between the two pairs. 
“I’m sure. My sister will probably be in jeans and a tee shirt, so there’s no need to worry about it.”
You nod, eventually giving in, and release the sandals. They fall onto the floor and you take your time sliding into them, then smooth out your dress and look up at Rafe again. 
“You’re perfect,” he practically whispers. 
“Thank you,” you smile, taking a step toward him, “Do we still have a few minutes?”
He glances down at his watch, “No. But we can be late.”
“No, we can’t,” you laugh, reaching for his hand. 
He holds out his right arm, and you can see how he buttoned it down on the sleeve so that his tattoos would be concealed. You frown at that, dragging your eyes up to his. 
“You covered them,” you pout. 
“Have to,” he says quietly, “You’ll understand when you meet him.”
“Are you nervous?”
He just stares at you for a moment, as if he’s debating on how to answer that question. Then, his jaw hardens and he slowly shakes his head.
“It’s just a dinner,” he says, more to himself than you, “Nothing to be nervous about.”
“Hey,” you whisper, reaching up to hold his chin in between your thumb and pointer finger, “It’s going to be fine.”
A small smile forms on the corner of his lips, “I think I’ll just focus on what I’ll be doing when I bring you back here.”
“If it gets you through dinner, that’s fine with me,” you smile. 
He leans down, pressing a gentle kiss to your lips before pulling back. You feel his kiss on the tip of your nose, but it’s light and gentle. 
“Thank you.”
You smile and grab ahold of his left arm, pulling it up so you can read his watch. When you see the time, you groan and break away from him, already hurrying for your bag on the other side of the room. 
“We’re officially late,” you mutter, “Come on.”
“I mean, if we’re already late, we might as well—”
“Nope,” you stop him, “Let’s go.”
He groans but follows your lead, and when he shuts the apartment door behind himself, he turns back to lock it without thinking twice. You don’t say a word and he doesn’t either, but something about the fact that he’d put your spare key on his keyring makes you smile.
     You spot him before Rafe points him out. The arrogance radiates off of him in a way that makes it glaringly obvious to you who he is. He’d gotten the best table in the place — and the biggest, for what reason, you don’t know — and when he sees the two of you, he stands and grins. He’s smug, like he’s already won some sort of silent battle.
Rafe squeezes your hand as the two of you take your final steps over, and you listen as he sucks in a very deep breath and plasters a smile on his face. 
You smile when you see her; the girl who you presume is Rafe’s sister, rounding the table for a hug. You release Rafe’s hand and watch as he laughs and pulls her into him. 
“Hey, Wheeze. Have you grown, like, a foot since I’ve seen you?”
You can feel Rafe’s father’s eyes on you. It has you tense, but you don’t look over. Not yet. Not without Rafe. 
“Ha ha,” she rolls her eyes, then looks over at you, “You must be Y/N.”
You smile, “I am. It’s so nice to meet you.”
“You, too,” she replies with a smile to match yours. 
“Rafe didn’t tell us he was bringing a friend.”
Rafe tenses at the sound of his father’s voice. His left arm comes up and around you, his palm settling flat on your back. You just smile politely, noticing how Wheezie immediately averts her gaze to the floor.
“Girlfriend,” Rafe corrects, “Yes, sir, I did.”
You glance up at Rafe, watching him as he and his father enter into some silent staring competition. His dad breaks first, clapping his hands together. 
“Well, must have slipped my mind,” he chuckles, and for the first time, you allow yourself to look at him head on, “What a pretty little thing she is, huh? You’ve done well.”
You resist the urge to slap him when Rafe scoffs, and you feel his fist clench against your back. 
“Yeah, she’s also got a name and a voice, so you can actually speak directly to her,” Rafe says, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 
You watch as his dad recoils, clearly not sure what to say in response. You take a deep breath, straighten your back, and smile. 
“I’m Y/N,” you introduce yourself, holding out your hand to his father, “It’s very nice to meet you, Mr. Cameron.”
“Y/N,” he repeats, his smirk growing, “It’s nice to meet you, too, sweetheart. You can call me Ward.”
The pet name makes you flinch. It’s what Campbell calls you, his favorite tactic to try and get you into bed with him, or sweeten you up to do whatever he’s asking. You shake it off quickly, giving him another tight smile before extracting your hand. 
“My stepmom, Rose,” Rafe says to you, nodding at the woman standing beside Ward. 
“Hi, Mrs. Cameron,” you greet. 
She’s timid, accepting your hand when you offer it and responding with a polite ‘hello’. 
“Let’s sit, shall we?” 
Rafe’s grip tightens on the back of your dress as his family moves to sit down, “Who knew you could be so polite?”
“One of us has to be,” you reply quietly. 
He smirks then, and it’s as if all of the tenseness in him floods away. Ward watches as Rafe pulls your chair out for you, remaining standing until you’re completely settled in. He tucks himself into the chair beside you after a moment, his hand immediately finding your thigh. 
“How’d the tour of campus go, Wheeze?” Rafe asks, breaking the silence. 
“It was good,” she says, looking cautiously between her dad and brother, “We went through the library, the bookstore, and I even got to see the Biological Sciences building.”
“Is that what you’re majoring in?” you ask her. 
“Yes,” she says proudly, “I want to work in environmental conservation. What about you—”
“She’s our little tree hugger,” Ward cuts in, wrapping an arm around the back of Wheezie’s chair, “How did the two of you meet?”
Rafe’s grip tightens around your thigh, his eyes never leaving his sister, “Y/N’s majoring in Sociology.”
He ignores Ward’s question, and you can tell by his tenseness that the interruption of his sister has annoyed him. Before you can help yourself, you reach over and rest your elbow on the back of his chair, combing your fingers through his hair. His jaw shifts from side to side, like he’s trying to relax himself under your movements. 
“And an Accounting major caught your eye?” Ward smirks, “How interesting.”
You open your mouth to speak, but when a waiter draws Ward’s attention away, you just exhale. You shift your gaze over to Rafe, who is already looking at you. 
“Relax,” you whisper. 
“Make me,” he mutters, then turns to the waiter to order drinks for the both of you.
The action of him ordering for you, while typical of him when you’re out together, makes you swoon. You smile, continuing your light stroking of his hair, while Ward stares lasers into the side of your head. 
“Funny,” Ward speaks up after the waiter leaves, “You’re so hellbent on your girlfriend having a voice, yet, you order for her.”
Your hand falls from Rafe’s hair and down, passing over his shoulder until you reach his bicep. You squeeze, silently telling him to be quiet when he sucks in a deep breath and opens his mouth to speak.
“I asked him to, Mr. Cameron,” you say, giving him a smile that may even look real, “He always orders the best stuff when we go out, so he takes care of me.”
Ward raises a brow, “And you, in turn, take care of him?”
Another squeeze to Rafe’s bicep when he leans forward in his chair. 
“Yes, sir,” you answer. 
“Hmm,” Ward hums, “I bet you do.”
Rafe’s sarcastic laugh sounds, and you know he’s ready to speak up then. Before he can, you turn to Wheezie and smile, letting your hand drop to Rafe’s thigh.
“Rafe told me that he can’t believe your favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip,” you say, watching her light up, “Personally, I think he’s the crazy one, but whatever. I know this great place that’s close to campus. Maybe we could go sometime.”
“I’d love that,” she grins.
“You’re always welcome at my apartment if you want to come up for a visit. I know staying in a frat house isn’t exactly ideal,” you laugh.
Wheezie chuckles, “Wow. Thank you so much.”
You beam and sit back in your chair, stroking your way up Rafe’s thigh. You glance at him quickly, registering how much you missed that smile on his face until you see it now. You look away before your smile can grow too big, which is the exact moment your drink is placed down in front of you. 
     The remainder of the meal goes exactly as the beginning did. Ward throwing subtle shots, you covering them with politeness that starts to wear thin, and Rafe’s hand traveling further and further up your thigh until it’s practically up your dress. You don’t complain, but you do start to squirm. When you turn to him, you shake your head at his smug expression. 
“I have to use the restroom,” you tell him, then turn to the table, “Excuse me.”
Although you really do, no part of you is surprised when Rafe shoves his way through the door of the women’s restroom as you’re washing your hands. He’d lasted all of four minutes out there before he decided to check up on you, making you smile and shake your head when you see him. 
“Does the offer still stand?” 
You raise a brow, “What offer?”
“Whatever I want,” he repeats, quoting you from this morning, “Did you mean it?”
“Of course I did,” you reply, stepping toward him and bringing a hand up to rest on his chest, “Are you okay?”
He doesn’t speak for a moment, and eventually opts not to respond to your question at all. Instead, he sets his hand on your waist and draws you closer, letting his eyes skim every inch of your face. 
“You’re amazing with her,” he practically whispers, “And you’re good with him, too. But, honestly, I hate that you know how to tame disrespectful men. That just means you’ve had too many of them in your life.”
You swallow when his other hand leads your own palm to his mouth, pressing a kiss to your skin the way he loves to do. You bite your lip to hide a smile, but lean into him all the same. 
“You more than make up for the shitty men in my life,” you promise him. 
“I want to take you home,” he says, drawing you even closer and letting his lips brush over your forehead. 
“Soon,” you promise, “You deserve time with your sister. Take it.”
He nods, “Thank you, baby.”
You shift, turning your head up and pecking his lips with your own. With a small smile when you pull away, Rafe smoothes your hair down and then reaches for your hand, leading you back out to the table. 
Ward eyes you as you sit down, Rafe tucking your chair in behind you. When he sits down beside you, you smile and guide his hand back to its rightful place on your thigh. 
“So, Wheeze—” Rafe starts, but Ward clears his throat loudly. 
“Everything okay, kids?” he asks, looking between the two of you. 
“Yes, sir,” you say with a smile, “Everything’s fine.”
You consider making some sort of excuse, but in the end, you decide it’s none of his business if you and Rafe needed a moment alone after his consistent grilling and ridiculing. Rafe squeezes your thigh, and you place your hand on top of his for comfort. 
“I’ve been there,” Ward says, his voice low and his smug smirk growing. 
Rafe glares, “Excuse me?”
Ward chuckles, sitting back in his seat and glancing at Rose, who sits quietly, as she has been for the entirety of the meal. Her eyes remain down on her plate, not looking up even when she senses Ward’s eye. 
“You know,” Ward laughs, “Not being able to contain yourself. If I had a girl who—-”
“I’ll stop you there, Dad,” Rafe says, leaning forward in his chair, “Because this is a nice place and I don’t think they’d appreciate me punching the shit out of you if you say one word—”
“Rafe—” you start, but Ward’s voice overpowers you. 
“You might want to watch your mouth, boy,” Ward warns. 
“You might want to watch your fucking mouth,” Rafe suggests, “I swear to—”
“Rafe,” you repeat, “Your sister.”
He tenses and looks over at Wheezie, who is keeping her head down. She gives you the impression that, although this is frequent, she hates it when it happens. You frown, wanting to comfort her, but don’t know how. 
“Sorry, Wheeze,” Rafe says quietly, then turns to you, “I think it’s best if we go.”
You just nod, letting him make the choices. Wheezie rises and rounds the table to give Rafe a hug while you give her an apologetic smile as she sits over his shoulder. Before they pull apart, you dare a glance at Ward, who remains seated. The fact that he’s not even going to stand and shake his son’s hand has you fuming, jaw clenched and fists tight. 
Rafe turns back to you, placing a gentle hand on your back. He looks to his father, and Ward looks back, but neither of them speak. You set your hand on Rafe’s chest and draw his eyes over, giving him a smile when he sees you. 
“Nice to meet you, Wheezie,” you say quietly, earning a smile from her. 
You let Rafe guide you, his hands never leaving you as you walk. He pulls you back when you’re within range of the front door, earning a puzzled look from you. 
“Hang on right here for me, okay?” he asks. 
You nod, “Okay.”
You watch as he crosses the restaurant and shakes hands with the waiter serving your table, then pulls his wallet out and passes him his credit card. The waiter steps away while Rafe waits, leaning against the host stand. When he returns, Rafe signs the receipts and then thanks him, then crosses back over to you. 
“Let’s go.”
You don’t know what to say, so you don’t say anything. You let Rafe put you in the truck, you let him climb into the driver’s seat with a clenched jaw, and you let him take a moment before he drives away to collect himself. 
You do reach over and grab his right arm, pulling it over to your side and letting his hand rest in your lap. You unbutton the buttons around his wrist, loosening the fabric around him and pulling it up just enough to expose those tattoos you love so much. He doesn’t speak, but he does smile when he looks over and watches your index finger trace over only the parts you can reach, which is enough for now. 
The ride home is quiet. You don’t mind. You’re sure you’d sit in silence for the remainder of the night if it just means he’ll stay with you. When he pulls into his usual parking space at your apartment complex, you don’t pressure him to talk about it. Instead, leaving his arm in your lap, you reach up and run your fingers through his hair. 
“Let’s go upstairs,” you murmur, “So you can relax.”
He nods, and even in his worked up state, he still remains the gentleman he’s shown you he is. He opens your door and helps you out, then holds your hand all the way upstairs. Again, without noticing, he unlocks your apartment door and holds it open for you to walk through first. You smile, loving the feeling of him being comfortable enough to do that. 
“I know how I want to relax,” he tells you as you turn on a lamp. 
You look over, “Okay. How?”
His mouth twitches as he tries to compress a smile. He crosses over to you in two strides, picking you up by your waist and carrying you over to your couch. He sets you down before he sits, standing above you and staring down at you like he’s holding in every bit of his desire. 
“You’ll need to lose the panties.”
You let out a small laugh, guiding his hands underneath your dress so he can do it himself. Swallowing, he slides them down, further and further, until they hit the floor. 
He picks you up again and sits down, settling you into his lap. He’d picked you right up out of your sandals, leaving you in only your dress covering your bare skin. His head makes its way into the crook of your neck, nose pressing into your skin and taking a deep breath. Your hands meet his hair again, combing through it and smiling against his cheek.
“We can talk if you want,” you offer, “Or we can not talk.”
“I don’t want to talk about him,” he says, his voice slightly muffled by your skin, “I’m so sorry I made you go tonight.”
“Hey,” you whisper, drawing him out of his hiding place and looking him in the eye, “I chose to be there. You didn’t force me. And I am so happy I got to meet your sister. She’s wonderful, Rafe.”
He smiles, “You were perfect at dinner. You’re perfect now.”
“Sap,” you roll your eyes, “What can I do?”
“I want—” his hands innocently slip under your dress, making homes on your ass, “I just wanna be inside you for a while. Have you lay on top of me and wrap around me like a good girl. You want that?”
“Mhm,” you hum, “Please.”
He grins and shoves his hips up, pulling a condom out of his back pocket. You raise an eyebrow at him, making him laugh. 
“Okay, yes, I brought this,” he confirms, “But, five more minutes in that bathroom, you would’ve been thankful for it.”
You laugh, “You’re probably right. But, Rafe, if you just want to be inside me—”
“I haven’t gotten tested yet,” he explains, “I’ve been slacking, and I’m sorry. I’m sure I’m fine, but I’m not taking any chances with you, all right? This will have to do for now.”
You nod, “Okay. I’ll get tested, too.”
He leans up and presses a gentle kiss to your mouth, grinning against your lips when you squirm and reach for his belt. His pants are down in a minute, and Rafe rolls the condom on while he continues to kiss you. 
You pull away and let him sit back while you ease yourself down, hissing slightly at the different position and how overwhelming it feels. Once your hips meet his, he lets out a groan, and you settle your head on his chest. 
“Shit,” he mutters, “That feels good. My dad was right, you know. You are a pretty little thing. My pretty little thing.”
Accidentally, you buck your hips in response to his words, listening to his attempt to keep himself together. His hands travel up to your waist, steadying you and keeping you still.
“Sorry,” you mumble. 
“Shh, baby, it’s okay,” he whispers, “I know I get you all riled up when I talk like that.”
You laugh into his chest, embarrassingly hiding your face there so he won’t see just how much he does affect you. 
“Rafe,” you say quietly, swallowing down your rising anxiety.
Maybe this is the moment. Maybe you should just tell him now. Wouldn’t he love that? For you to confess that you’re in love with him while he’s buried inside of you? You clench involuntarily at the thought, and he groans again.
“Fuck,” he grunts, “What’s got you going, now?”
You open your mouth to say it, even feeling encouraged when his lips meet your temple. He kisses you there, gaining a smile out of you. Just like last time, though, you chicken out. The risk of him pulling out of you — of leaving you —- seems far too great. 
“This is my new favorite seat,” you tell him, listening to him laugh above you. 
“Don’t worry, baby,” he replies, “It’s your only seat from now on.”
You smile and press a kiss to his neck, then let your eyes close. You’ll sleep like this, you’re sure of it. You’re so comfortable, so full, so happy. You fall asleep completely when you hear Rafe’s soft snore, which earns him a smile and another kiss to his neck before you’re out, too.
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3 Minutes // Stephen Strange
Request: Hey, can I ask you one shot where Stephen and his wife are expecting a baby (Stephen doesn't know yet) and his wife is afraid to tell him because she sees that Stephen is always trying to change the subject when the word "kids" is said. One day, Peter and Morgan spend the night at the sanctum, and they have an evening of games with the reader and stephen, the reader is not well and goes to the kitchen for a drink of water, and finally tells Peter the truth, Strange overhears it and is shocked. When the reader enters their bedroom, Stephen has a serious face and asks the reader if it's true (you can imagine the rest because honestly, I'm not creative)
Tumblr media
You retch and finish heaving into the toilet. You feel the magic drop that was holding your hair from you face. Powered by one last hack, your magic flushes the toilet.
Wong's sarcastic voice comes from the door, "Yeah, you're pregnant."
"Am not!" You finish washing your hands in the sink, shaking them to dry only causes a flare from your fingertips that sends all your scented body wash falling to the ground. You point to the mess, "I'll fix that." But when you try, the lavender scented body wash actually turns into lavender. "Oh," you kick a piece of sandalwood that formed from Stephen's body wash.
"Lack of control over your magic and morning sickness. You're pregnant." Wong turns and you follow him down the hall.
"It's not morning sickness," you check your watch, then grimace "it's. . . 7 AM."
"Uh huh," Wong reply causes you to begin bickering until Stephen appears drenched.
"This is why I never had kids."
You follow Stephen's wet stomps through the Sanctum, "Care to explain?"
He whips his cloak off with so much force it sends a slap back at him, offended. To the cloak, "Sorry." To you, "No."
You shake your head and sit down to watch him finish undressing, "I can't believe you just spoke to me with the same tone as your cloak."
He huffs and you continue, "Sore subject?" Stephen groans in frustration and disappears into your shared bathroom. Just then Stephen's phone rings and a picture of Captain America's shield fills his screen. You answer with a smile on your face, "Hello, my second favorite Steven."
"Hello, I was trying to reach Stephen."
"Of course you were. That's why you called his phone."
"Is that Strange's wife," Tony's voice comes from far away, overshadowed by excited children. "Tell her we're sorry about the lake incident."
"I have a name, you know." You say to Tony even though he can't hear you. "What lake incident?" You reach to take ibuprofen out of your bag, feeling a dull ache in your head.
"Well," Steve sighs," as you know today Stephen came to be the magician for Morgan's birthday party today."
"No, I didn't know. I guess I forgot." Pregnancy brain. You shake your head at the thought which only worsens the pain in your skull. You can't help but to chuckle at the idea of Stephen playing party magician. "What happened?"
"Um," Steven begins by clearing his throat but Tony finishes, "The kids pushed him into the lake."
"They said his tricks were 'lame'," Steve says abashedly.
"No, Peter said his tricks were lame which created the riot from the munchkins." Tony shouts over the chaos, "Collect your goody bags and go home!"
"As a way to apologize," Steve lets out an amused sigh when he watches Tony being chased with the piñata bat by his daughter, "the kids are going to visit Bleeker St. and bake cookies and allow Stephen to practice his tricks. Would that be okay?"
Stephen walks out of the bathroom, hair wet and falling over his head, still irritated.
"I'm sure that will be fine."
“Why did you invite the children to the Sanctum? What if they destroy something that is irreplaceable?” Stephen whines as you get prepared for your night of “fun game time.”
“Because they want to apologize for what happened at the party and we need a fill in for Wong. It would not be fun to play Monopoly with just you.” You hold up the box just as the doorbell rings.
“I’ll get it,” Stephen floats down the steps. You shake your head, amused by the fact that he is always wearing the cape. Out of fear that you will land in Cancun, again, you decide to not teleport to the living room. You walk down the stairs, a bowl of Cheetos in your hand that make you wretch.
“Hi, Mrs. Strange!” Peter kisses your cheek as Morgan rushes to hug you.
You smile at him fondly, “Call me, Y/N.”
“Can you do the magic tricks?” Morgan bounces on her toes. You shake your head, “No, sweetheart, Dr. Strange is supposed to the try again.” You hate to tell Morgan no but with the way your magic is behind recently your are sure you will pull a cobra out of a hat instead of a bunny.
Morgan pulls on your hand, “But he’s so boring!! You made candy flavored fireworks the last time!” You did. A colorful show of fireworks fell into children’s mouths as citrus and sugar flavored sparks. That was for Fourth of July but you simply had to refuse tonight. Bad things could happen.
“Jail! Again!” Stephen yelps. He shakes his head, failing back into the couch. You rub his thigh to console him but he just glares as Peter takes up the rest of the board.
“I won!” Peter throws up his hands in excitement but his Spidey sense does not register the danger of his fruit punch spilling on your ancient carpet.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, Y/N.”
“Mrs. Strange,” you say a little too sharply as you run to the kitchen to grab a wet towel. You begin to dap at the carpet. “Dab don’t rub. Dab don’t rub.” You repeat to yourself over and over again as sadness begins to overwhelm you. You facial features pinch together and tears free fall out of your eyes.
“Mrs. Strange,” Peter grasp your shoulders trying to help you up, “I’m sorry. I’ll get the stain out. Let’s get you some water.”
You sniffle, “I really liked that rug.” You didn’t really like that rug but you need an excuse for why you are sobbing. You allow Peter to lead you to the kitchen and pour you a glass of water.
“Are you okay, Mr. Strange?” Peter hands you the glass and you begin to take slow sips.
You wave your hand in a dismissive manner, “Call me, Y/N. I’m fine. It’s just…” you take a deep breath and whisper conspiratorially, “I think I’m pregnant.”
“Oh, congratulations!” Peter’s face lights up and he rushes to hug you. “I bet Stephen is so excited!”
“Excited about what?” Stephen interrupts, arms crossed in the kitchen door.
“Oh,” Peter catches the look Stephen is giving him and his hands fall back to his sides, “Nothing.” There is a long awkward pause. Peter lets out a dry chuckle, “Well, me and Morgan should probably head home. Dad wants us back before bedtime.”
“I’m fine with that.” Stephen opens a portal. Morgan! Time to go!” Morgan comes into the room and hugs Stephen’s legs before hugging you. "This was so much fun!" Morgan runs into the portal into her father’s awaiting arms.
“Thank you,” Peter says at the same time Tony does from the other side of the portal. He gives an awkward wave to Stephen and steps into the portal.
"Bye, bye." You wave as the portal snaps closed.
"We need to talk." Stephen says from behind you.
You sigh and turn around to face him, "Yeah. I guess we have to."
Stephen puts a hand on the small of your back and guides you to you bedroom. He sits you on the bed, "Speak." His words seem harsh but the gentle look in his eyes and the way he grasps your hand as he sits down allows you to confess immediately.
"I feel sick all the time, I'm getting headaches and I'm much more emotional. You know I have been acting differently." You shake your hands to emphasize your faulty magic.
He brushes a strand of hair behind you ear, "I just wanted to wait to you felt comfortable enough to tell me what is wrong."
You shake your head, "I--um." You let out a huff of air when words fail you. You stand, retrieve a box out of your bag. It reads Clear Blue: Pregnancy Test.
His lips form an, "Oh." A couple moments later you have peed on stick, Stephen pulls you into his lap. You heads touching each others, you whisper, "3 Minutes." You begin a timer. Stephen's hands cradle your face, "Tell me everything."
"I'm scared, Stephen. I'm scared of what the test will say of what it might not. How can we protect another human being from all the threats of the multiverse?"
"I've got you." Stephen's voice is steady and reassuring.
"But if the test was positive, would you be okay? I don't know how we got married when we never even talked about kids."
"We love each other. That is the only thing that matters."
Two Minutes.
"Do you have any questions, thoughts, concerns?"
"About 48 million. Questions I can't answer with a M.D or a Ph. d."
"Are you scared?"
"Terrified or maybe I am excited. Those emotions feel terribly similar."
The last minute is silent.
And when the timer goes off you both take a deep breath. You reach for the test but Stephen catches your hand, "No matter what the test says: We will be okay." You look into his sincere blue eyes and nod.
"We will."
I love that non-ending! Actually, I wanted to leave it open so the test could be positive or negative depending on what the reader wanted. I will edit this later! Thank you guys so much for the love on Christine's Wedding! 💜
I want to talk about the mini-series so bad but I don't even know what to tell you. Oh, well do the Tumblr things!
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Upside Down Feelings
Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street
Tumblr media
an episode-by-episode incorporation of the reader
summary: Dustin has all of the sudden started being secretive?? Y/N has a run in with the boy she lost her virginity to and gets a call from an old friend.
pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader (slow burn)
word count: 2525 (sorry it's short. new chapter will be up later tonight to make up for it)
tw: not editeddd what else is new, talk of v-cards
Go check out Chapter One if you haven't already ->
“Did you find anything last night?” You asked in a hushed tone Dustin before you took a bite of your cereal. His eyes widened as he coughed into the milk he was drinking, causing it to go everywhere. “Ew! What the fuck, dude?! That was disgusting..”
“Your face is disgusting!” He bit back without second thought.
“Oh? My face isn’t the one covered in spewed-out milk! But my cereal has your spit in it now. So thanks for that, asshole,” You huffed, grabbing your bowl angrily to take it to the sink.
“Y/N!” Your mother hissed as she entered the room. Of course that’s all she heard. “He is twelve year old! Watch-“
“Watch your language. I know!” You rolled your eyes. “I’m going to school.”
“Without your brother?! I think not!” She called. You ignored her before walking towards the front door. “Hey! You haven’t even finished your-“
The door slammed.
“-Breakfast..” She finished, looking over at Dustin.
“Teenagers, am I right?” He shook his head, making her laugh begrudgingly. She kissed the top of his head before going to fetch him another shirt.
“Hey, man! Watch where you’re-“ The all-too-familiar voice trailed off as soon as it’s owner’s eyes laid on you. Eddie Munson looked down at you and shot you one of his famous grins. “Oh, it’s you!”
“It’s me,” You smiled as you both bent down to grab the rogue books and papers. Your hands both reached for the same book, pausing for a moment before you both pulled away. Once you gathered your things, you both stood back up and smiled.
“Sorry about that,” He chuckled before shifting his weight and grabbing his left arm. “I haven’t seen you around for a while.”
“Yeah, Dustin’s been a bit preoccupied with the whole Will thing so he hasn’t asked me to watch any of your club’s campaigns,” You shrugged.
“Ah,” He nodded once, puckering his lips slightly as if to say ‘Of course. Why didn’t that occur to me before?’. “So how is he?”
“Honestly? I have no clue,” You shrugged. “He snuck out last night with his friends to go look for him in the woods. The bastard blackmailed me into covering for him. I let him borrow my pepper spray and gave him a few flashlights and pocket knives to..”
You trailed off, looking at Eddie’s amused smile. You blushed when you realized you were rambling.
“I don’t know why I’m telling you all of this,” You laughed, looking down at your feet for a moment to collect your pride.
“Oh, I don’t mind. I like hearing you ramble. It’s cute,” He smirked, making you laugh and roll your eyes. You noticed he had his backpack on and furrowed your brows.
“Where are you off to?”
“Outside,” He said simply.
“No shit,” You deadpanned. It was his turn to laugh.
“To my car, I mean,” He spoke as if that cleared up any curiosity you might have, but you didn’t miss the way his hand tightened around the strap of his bag.
“Ah. I hear it’s nice there at this time of year,” You nodded. He chuckled again, giving you a look of utter fascination. “Well, be careful. Wouldn’t wanna be caught anything you aren’t supposed to be doing.”
“Me?” His jaw dropped as he pressed his hand to his chest. “You offend me. I would never!”
“Get caught or do something you aren’t supposed to be doing?” You smiled. He shrugged.
“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” He smiled, twirling around but maintaining eyes contact. “Better go the class, Henderson. I’d hate to see you get caught skipping just to talk to little ol’ me.”
“See you later, weirdo,” You laughed, shaking your head as you turned around to walk off.
“I saw your little run in with Eddie,” Robin smirked as you closed your locker. You rolled your eyes playfully. She knew that you used to nurture a small crush on him back in the day. Even if Robin could ever get you to admit you had a type, she knew he would be the exception to it.
“You know it’s not like that,” You responded, zipping up your backpack. To say you had a crush on him is an overstatement. You were by no means in love with him, nor were you ever planning to be, but his way of being has always fascinated you.
You’d never exactly been his friend per se, but you always found a way to sneak out a deep talk every once and a while when you’d accompany Dustin and his friends to watch his club’s tournaments. You liked hearing his perspective on the world. You liked his music. You liked his kind soul. And most of all, you liked that he liked you in the same way.
The first time he ever tucked a piece of hair behind your ear, it felt more like a summer breeze, there but not really. The first time he’d ever touched you was when he gently guided you away from a puddle you were about to step in while he walked you out to your bike after a D&D game. The first time he kissed you, he barely touched his lips to yours, almost as if he were afraid to break you.
The last time he kissed you, it led to so much more. You weren’t expecting to lose your virginity to Eddie. You’d always assumed it’d be an act of romance- of love. It wasn’t. It was simply two teenagers who trusted each other to get it over with. The last thing you expected were the butterflies that had yet to leave your stomach at the thought of that night. You’d been avoiding him like the plague since it happened, not quite sure what to make of your odd feelings. You were both used to going a month without speaking though, so it really wasn’t anything out of the ordinary.
“Right,” She sighed as you walked toward the exit. “Just the guy who took your virginity. Your fuck buddy, if you will.”
“Can I call him a fuck buddy if I’ve only been with him once. That feels like a stretch,”
“Ha!” Robin smirked. “Stretch. It’s funny because-“
“I got it,” You laughed. “And I told you, it was just a casual thing. Just two hormonal teens that didn’t want their first time to be a bitter memory to look back on. It felt more like… like a business transaction.”
“Wow,” She spoke in a monotone. “That might be the most romantic story I’ve ever heard.”
“Fuck off.”
“Are you sure you aren’t just gay?” She asked casually, making you laugh. “Sounds like something a gay person would say.
“Why? Are you trying to make the same arrangement between us?” You teased. It was her turn to laugh and push you away. “Because I’m down.“
“Meh. You’re not my type,” She shrugged as you both unlocked your bikes. You chuckled as your hand routinely unlocked the lock before you, tossing it into a side pocket of your backpack. “And unlike some people, I’d like my first time to mean something. I wanna be in love.”
“Why?” You scrunched your nose as you both hopped on your respective bicycles but remained walking them towards the street. “You’d have to be reminded of your first heartbreak every single time you thought of your first time. Pass.”
She opened her mouth, ready to argue with your logic when Barb walked in front of the two of you. You both stopped and smiled.
“Barbara!” Robin grinned. “To what do we owe the pleasure?”
“Please tell me you’re coming tonight,” She didn’t even bother to hide her desperation. You shook your head no and she threw her head back and groaned. “Why?”
“Why do you think?” You chuckled. “I’m not trying to party with the same people that make it their life’s purpose to remind me how insignificant I am our societal hierarchy. It’s just not my scene. And it’s not exactly yours either, so I could be asking you the same question. Why are you going? If it’s because you feel obligated to say yes to Nancy, then just tell her to fuck off.”
“Don’t flip this back around on me!” She playfully placed her hand on her hip and pointed at you with the other in the same way a mother would. Robin found this entertaining. “Come with me or else!”
“It seems as though the sweetest, most harmless girl at the school is trying to threaten you,” Robin laughed.
“Be afraid,” Barb narrowed her eyes, continuing with her act. “Be very afraid.”
“Cute. You almost got me there with the whole intimidation factor but the answer is still no,” You smiled. “Come hang out with us tonight instead!”
“Yeah! I have snacks in my bag if you want to share!”
“I would but Nancy would throw a fit,” Barb sighed, finally giving up on her persuasion. “Rain check?”
“I don’t miss that,” You shook your head at your long time friend. “Be safe. Don’t drink and drive. And don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”
“So don’t do anything?” She raised a brow.
“You offend me,” Robin raised her hand to show her offense before hopping on her bike and rolling away. “Don’t expect me to share any snacks if you decide on coming over!”
“Call if you need anything,” You smiled before following after your best friend.
“My mom’s here,” Robin said as she peaked out the window and chaotically put on her shoes with what was left of her PB&J in her mouth. “Love ya, bye!”
“See ya,” You smiled. She opened the front door to reveal your little brother. She ruffled his hair before jogging out to her mom’s car. You narrowed your eyes skeptically at the boy. “You’re home late.”
“Campaign ran late. What can I say?” He shrugged, trying to walk past you to his room. You stepped in his way. “Y/N, can you not? I just had the most insane night of my life and I’m just trying to go to sleep.”
“Insane?” You questioned. He hesitantly nodded. “You’re hiding something, Dustin. I can see it in your eyes. Since when did you start keeping secrets from me? You know I won’t judge you, right?”
“My eyes? What- these things?” He chuckled nervously pointing at his eyes. “No! No, no, no. You must be getting confused. These are tired eyes. All these eyes are trying to tell you is that-“
“You’ve sure been spending a lot of time at Mike’s,” You ignored, pausing for a moment before noticing the faint blush on his cheeks. “Oh, my God. Is this about a girl?”
His eyes widened. “Nope. Not a girl. Can I go now?”
“Are you gay? Because you know I’d be totally cool with that if-“
“What?! No!” He squeaked before clearing his throat and laughing again. “Could you just fuck off? I want to go to sleep!”
“I know something’s up, little man,” You lowered yourself to his level, keeping your voice in a hushed tone. He gulped audibly. “And I’m gonna find out what it is. That is, unless you want to avoid the drama and just tell me..”
“I have nothing to tell you,” He stuck to his story.
“Have it your way,” You shrugged, stepping aside for him. “Goodnight.”
He glared at you for a moment before rolling his eyes and muttering all the way to his room, “You’re so fucking weird. Jesus, can a growing boy not get any privacy..”
You allowed yourself to giggle as soon as his door shut. Besides the natural curiosity that came from his behavior, you really couldn’t care less about what he was up to as long as he wasn’t in any sort of trouble. You looked around and realized you and Robin left a bit of a mess and got to cleaning up; putting up snacks, throwing away wrappers, reorganizing all of the notecards and paper you both used. You underestimated just how long it would take you.
The ringing phone caused you to jump before looking at the clock. It was late. It could only be one person.
“Hello?” You answered. The lines stayed silent for a moment but you could recognize that breathing from a mile away, considering you’d fallen asleep to it at countless sleepovers. “Nance?”
“I, uh..” She spoke softly, almost as if she was frightened.
“Is everything okay?” You stood up a little straighter, only relaxing when she let out a quiet laugh.
“I just lost my virginity to The Hair,” She confessed. You smiled. Though you didn’t approve, you thought it was sweet that she called to talk about it.
“Oh yeah?” You laughed. “How was it?”
“Painful,” She admitted before giggling. “Fun.”
“Where was Barb when that happened?” You leaned against the wall with a smile on your face. You both eased right into your old types of conversation for the next half hour before you both decided to call it a night. “Hey, Nance?”
“Hey, Y/N,” She responded, making you both laugh.
“Thanks for calling,” You sighed. “I’ve really missed you.”
“I’ve really, really missed you,” She spoke a little more seriously. “Look.. I know I can’t take back what I said to you a few weeks ago, and I know it’ll take us a while to go back to the way things were, but Y/N, I am.. so sorry. Truly. If I could go back in time and take back that whole night, I would. I just want my best friend back. I’d really appreciate the chance to try and redeem myself.”
“I’d like that,” You said after a moment. “Goodnight, Pants.”
She laughed at the old nickname you gave her in the second grade, recalling just how hard you both laughed when you thought your shared teacher called her Pants instead of Nance. The name stuck.
“Well, then if you’re Pants, then that must make me Shirt,” You shrugged, handing her half of your PB&J sandwich. “Because we go together so well!”
“No, no! That makes you Skirt!” Nancy giggled, handing you half of her ham and cheese sandwich. This was a daily ritual.
“Skirt? How does that make any sense?” You furrowed your brows.
“That way we’re the same type of clothing. I think it’s better this way since we’re so alike,” She spoke as if she made all the sense in the world. And at that moment, she did.
“You’re so silly,” You giggled, bumping your shoulder into hers. “I like it. Pants and Skirt. The same but not really!”
“The same but not really!” She tapped her sandwich to yours as if it were a toast being made with champagne. You leaned your head on her shoulder and smiled.
“You’re my favorite pair of Pants,” You admitted.
“You’re my favorite pair of Skirt.”
“That makes so sense.”
“That’s what makes it funny!” She said as you both erupted into a fit of giggles that made your tummies hurt.
“Goodnight, Skirt,” She smiled.
Chapter Three ->
A/N: hi everyone!! i’m so happy you liked the first chapter of my new series. i’d love it if you checked out my other work too :) please comment down below if you’d like to be part of the taglist! i’ll be posting a couple times a week if you wanna tune in!!
side note: fuck. okay so maybe y/n can make a small side quest before she dates steve bc I AM SIMPING FOR EDDIE NOW. oops. jkjk. probably. idk yet. fuck
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long way home 08 | jjk
Tumblr media
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 2k
rating: pg
genre: dilf!jungkook, friend to lovers, angst
warnings: jk helping oc to get changed, jk having some dirty thoughts🙄, he's kinda obsessed w her boobs
summary: the one where you're drunk and ask jungkook a question and he unknowingly crushes all your hopes with his answer.
a/n: the last update in 2021!!! 💫💫🌸💗
chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08| 09 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 |
masterlist | long way home masterlist
3 months ago
When Jungkook got texts from you at 4 am saying "hello" - "i hope ur still awake bcause" - "i called a cab and" - "here's the thing" - "i forgot my address" - "so i told him urs" - "sorry" - "u better be awake" "im tired and i wan cuddles" he knew that he was in for a long night.
It had been a long night already. His two month old baby refused to have a decent sleep this night. By now, Jungkook has figured out Nabi's weaknesses though - she loves hearing him softly sing a lullaby for her. And despite her falling asleep within seconds after he begins to softly hum a tune, she wakes up minutes later, crying and screaming. That cycle went on for hours and hours tonight.
Right now she's fast asleep again, Jungkook already counting the minutes till she will wake up again.
Although it's the middle of the night and Jungkook barely got any rest - he doesn't feel tired. His baby girl wailing in his arms for countless of times this night hasn't allowed drowsiness to swamp his body. His sleeping schedule is messed up anyways.
That's why Jungkook is slouching on his couch in the middle of the night, watching some movie on Netflix that he randomly selected from the action category.
He texts you that he is, indeed, awake and that you're welcome to spent the night at his.
Jungkook is actually glad that you're coming over. He's seen you a lot these past weeks because you try to help him with Nabi as often as possible, but he could never get enough of you being with him. Your presence is making him happier, a fact that would always stay the same.
Jungkook takes a sip from his beer that he just fished out from the fridge. He closes his eyes for a second. Maybe he's not tired but he feels the exhaustion lingering in his limbs.
He loves Nabi - he really does - but on nights like these he gets reminded of how hard it is to have a new born and to come accustomed to drastically changing your whole life and routine to have your baby's needs in the center. Especially if you didn't know that a new born would be thrown into your life without having any preparation for...anything.
It still gives Jungkook big fat headache whenever he thinks about his ex.
,,Sora," he mutters, spitefully - perhaps even in a disgusted manner.
But no, he wouldn't let his mind drift off to that cruel woman. Not tonight, at least.
"Jungkooook," you sing-song with a giggle following right after, softly knocking on his door.
Your voice instantly causes a smile to fall on Jungkook's mouth. Leaving his beer on the table he gets up and opens the door for you.
"Hiii, Kookie," you beam, almost collapsing into him with how much power you let yourself fall against his body. Your arms are around his back and your cheek is pressed against his chest. He wasn't even properly able to see your face before you snuggled against him.
Jungkook closes the door behind you before he rests his palms on the curve of your hip.
"Hey," he greets back, looking down at your face squished against his body. "You're not falling asleep right?"
"Noo, just, " - you rub your cheek against his muscular front, taking a deep breath through your nose - "missed you," you finish.
"We had a movie night yesterday, baby," Jungkook reminds you. His hands wander up your cold and bare arms. "Didn't you wear a jacket? Y/n, it's freezing outside." He scowls, rubbing your arms to warm you up.
"I..." you raise your head, staring at his chest with furrowed brows and deep in thoughts. "I had one on," you say. "Must have forgotten it somewhere."
Jungkook is already enough concerned about you catching a cold every time you wear these flimsy low-cut dresses to a nights out. Like, he can look right into your cleavage and god, your tits look amazing and he'd like to squeeze his head in between them for the rest of his life, but the temperature outside are fucking low and now you tell him that you forgot your jacket somewhere? Maybe you should catch a cold to learn your lesson. When he thinks about it, it actually sounds nice because then you could stay at his place and he could take care of you.
Jungkook blinks a few times. You're barely a minute here and already got him confused in the head - from being concerned to thinking about his face between your gorgeous tits to taking care of you when you're sick.
He sighs, shaking off all his thoughts. "Let's get you warmed up again."
Jungkook guides you to his bedroom by your hips. He sits you down on the edge of his bed, opening his closet to get a pullover from his and some sweatpants that you've left here a while ago.
Returning to you, he sets the clothes next to you on the bed. Jungkook kneels down, fiddling with the strap of your black heels before getting them off for you. He remembers you saying that these are the most comfortable high heels you've ever worn. He doesn't quite remember why he remembers such trivial things. With the knowledge he has about your heels he doesn't need to ask if you're feet are fine or if they hurt but he decides to ask anyway, just because he wants to make sure.
"Do your feet-" He gets cut off, well, not really cut off more like distracted by the fleeting view of the underside of your boobs before they vanish beneath the pullover that you pulled over your head. You had pulled your dress down to your tummy, fixing the pullover that now covered your upper half.
"Hm?" you ask, looking at him with those big gullible eyes because he didn't finish his sentence.
Jungkook gulps, mumbling a "nothing" under his breath.
You lift your hips, getting the dress off completely.
Jungkook doesn't mean to stare, he really doesn't, but - oh, are those new? He doesn't remember ever seeing you in some baby blue lace panties. They're cute though, look fancy and just absolutely radiate push them to the side and fuck you in nothing but these pretty panties on energy.
And then shove his face between your boobs and his night would be saved.
His thoughts are moving around dangerous territory right now and, what a surprise, he feels something moving and aching between his legs as well. He blames his 2 month long dry spell for this.
Nevertheless, Jungkook pushes those thoughts away and helps you get into the sweatpants.
"Where's my little baby?" you inquire, hands around Jungkook's biceps to help yourself up from the bed.
"Sleeping. And if you wake her up I'll never forgive you."
"Hmm, though night?" Your arms naturally loop around his neck.
Jungkook nods, your presence giving him much needed comfort. He draws you closer by pulling you by your waist.
"Let's sleep?" you suggest. "Want cuddles," you pout.
"I can tuck you into bed. I'm not tired yet."
"Watchu doing?"
"Just gonna finish watching that movie."
"Okay, I'll come with you."
Jungkook doesn't even care about the movie.
He cares more about paying attention to how perfectly you're body fits into his. You're cuddling him from the side, leg thrown over his lap, arm across his front.
He has a lazy arm thrown over your shoulder, thumb grazing over your clothed body.
"Jungkook?" you say, handing him the glass of water that he gave you to sober up a little. He leans forward to place it on the table.
"I just had a thought."
You ignore him his teasing. "What if parallel universes were a thing?"
"Would be pretty dope, I guess."
"With like the same people and stuff," you continue.
Jungkook hums, acknowledging that you've said something but not commenting on it.
You gasp a little. "What if there's a parallel universe where we're not friends but enemies?" Your eyes widen in shock.
Jungkook smiles at your cuteness. "That'd suck." His hand slips underneath your pullover, thumb rubbing over your warm skin on your hip bone.
"Or one in which we don't even know each other." There's a scowl on your face like that thought alone makes you sick.
"Then I'll take the enemies one. Can't live my life without you." It's sounds corny but it's the truth.
"You know what I also thought about?" you ask almost hesitantly, fingers brushing over his chest.
"Hm?" His hand on your hip pulls you closer to him.
"A parallel universe in which we both would be dating."
"You think that'd be a good idea?" he asks.
"Well, better than not knowing each other." You frown. "What do you think?"
"Not a good idea."
Your frown deepens, bottom lip jutting out in a pout. "Why?"
"There are too many reasons not to be with you."
You raise your head to look into his eyes. He can't decipher what's going though your mind right now. But you look a little startled, maybe he'd go that far to call it hurt. But that's...why would you feel hurt? Was he too harsh? It's not like - no, it's definitely not like you're hurt because you have feelings for him...right? That couldn't be.
But that look in your eyes stays for a little longer and Jungkook doesn't know what's the truth anymore.
When he thinks about it - why would you think about him and you being together? You're drunk, he tells himself. You don't know what you're saying. He shouldn't put a deep meaning into you drunkenly fantasising about things.
Aren't drunk words sober thoughts, tho?
But then, thankfully, his suspicion gets proved wrong when you look away with a roll of your eyes. "You're rude."
Jungkook heaves a little sigh of relief. "I'm just stating facts. We're better off as friends."
"That's true," you agree. "But you're still rude. And your facts are stupid."
"You're stupid."
"I hate you."
"I love you."
"Shut up."
"You started."
The banter continues till Jungkook feels your palm colliding with the back of his head.
"Hey...why are you still awake?" Jungkook wonders as he looks down at you.
After the movie Jungkook brought you to his bed. You're head rests atop his chest and for the past minutes you've been staring into the darkness, your head full of thoughts.
You shortly avert your eyes at him before continuing to stare up at the ceiling.
"You know, if you want to fall asleep you'd have to close your eyes," he tells you, fingers brushing trough your hair.
You don't have the energy to answer him. You just grumble something incoherently.
"Baby, what's the matter?" he inquires, his question only a whisper and you hate how much he cares.
Because you thought maybe, maybe after all this time he'd feel the same. Just a little bit.
He gave you an answer tonight. You didn't even notice where you were steering the conversation at. But then you had that thought in mind and you just went for it because...well, there was still hope in you left.
Now you know. And you realise you were foolish to have hope left.
When you're about to answer with a stupid excuse as to why you're not able to sleep, Nabi's cries resound through the apartment.
Without another word Jungkook pushes your thigh off his body and climbs out of the bed to get to Nabi.
As soon as you're left alone there are tears stinging your eyes.
You shut your eyes close, burying your face into the pillow and desperately try to fall asleep. To not feel the pain anymore.
When you wake up tomorrow every thing will be fine. You'll forget what he said to you.
But it's hard going to sleep when there's this annoying thought looping in your mind. It's unstoppable and insufferable.
When Jungkook comes back you pretend to be asleep. He doesn't notice. He simply gives you a peck on the forehead and pulls you into his arms. You hate how you're heart feels like when he does all of that.
So you lie there awake for the whole night, with you're heart aching and your hope only existing as broken pieces, and Jungkook's remark embedded in your head.
There are too many reasons not to be with you.
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bitesizedgremlin · 3 months ago
Arcane characters (cough cough ....silco ..... and .....viktor ...cough cough please) listening to someone talking bad about you, why are you wearing an outfit that looks nice on you but you don't have the default body for them, please if you feel comfortable writing.
Arcane Characters React to Someone Insulting You
Tumblr media
- When you walked into the lab to ask him to go for lunch wearing the outfit, he legit had to do a double take
- You’re just?? So gorgeous???
- You guys would be walking through the halls when he overhears a negative comment as you guys pass
- Stops him dead in his tracks
- He looks to you to see if you heard
- and when he sees the look on your face and how you’re curling in on yourself?
- Is
- Livid
- Looks at the person who spoke and goes off
- Roasts the shit out of them
- He uses adjectives you didn’t even know existed
- By the time he finishes, the person looks like their self esteem has been torn to absolute shreds
- Which, like, it kinda has-
- Once you two are a little ways away, he’ll stop to ask if you’re alright and apologize for losing his cool
Tumblr media
- You’re walking through the park and it’s hot outside
- So, naturally, you’re wearing something suited to the weather that’s also a little snazzier than usual
- And Jayce is absolutely loving it, of course
- Which is why he’s confused for a sec when he hears some asshole make some really outta pocket comment about your appearance
- But after a split second of processing, anger replaces the confusion
- Immediately confronts the person
- Uses his height and big buff stature to intimidate them into apologizing
- Asks if you’re okay and buys you your favourite food to cheer you up
Tumblr media
- God help the poor soul who’s ever caught shit talking you
- You’d be sitting in the last drop, Silco sitting across from you, and somebody just had to say something about the outfit you’re wearing
- They thought they were whispering quietly enough but your dear sweet Silco overhears
- And he is not pleased
- Stands from the table with a quick, “I’ll be right back, my dear.”
- You watch him drag them off to some abandoned back room himself and know that that person is not leaving without a broken bone
- And 20 minutes later, you’re proven right when Sevika drops a now very battered and bruised stranger onto the pavement outside the building
- Silco returns to the table looking a little frazzled but otherwise normal, acting as if nothing happened
- Asks you if you want to talk about what happened when you’re alone later that night
Tumblr media
- Y’all were out running some errands when some jerk off comments on your outfit
- Which she thinks is stunning, btw
- Immediately defensive
- You’re gonna have to hold her back and tell her to chill
- Otherwise, somebody’s gettin’ their ass beat
- Definitely cusses them out
- Once you’ve managed to pull her away, she’ll apologize for causing a scene and compliment you, telling you how stupid that person is
Tumblr media
- Good god
- If you thought Vi got violent, you’ve got another thing coming with Jinx
- You guys are just hanging out in The Last Drop when somebody insults you as they pass
- Gets up from her seat and immediately tackles the person to the ground
- People around you are like “wtf is happening??” And honestly, you’re just as confused as they are.
- Calls them all sorts of names and forces them to apologize right then and there
- Asks if you’re okay once she lets them go
- Once she’s sure you’re good, she takes you back to her room for cuddles
- Gets Silco to ban the person from The Last Drop as soon as she can
Tumblr media
- Y’all are at a fancy restaurant, enjoying a romantic night together when someone makes an offhanded comment about your outfit
- An outfit she picked out, might I add
- They aren’t even quiet about it either. It’s like they wanted you two to overhear
- She looks them up and down and picks out all of the flaws in their own fashion choices
- as well as the ones in their personality-
- Absolutely wrecks their shit
- Once she’s finished, she returns to her conversation with you and leaves the person in shock and with a severely wounded ego
- Quietly tells you to ignore them and that you’re the most stunning person she’s ever met
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henry-and-the-seven-lords · 8 months ago
I am not a genshin writer! yet...
But here are some
Things That I Think the Genshin Boys Do that Give Me Butterflies
Fluffy content ahead!
Genshin Masterlist
🍷Diluc -
Him brushing your hand to give you your drink!! And then acting like it was nothing while he is internally trying to plan how to do it again to feel your skin against his own.
Diluc saving you from an enemy as the dark knight and you hug him and thank him and he blushes and holds on for just a second too long...
Diluc offering you free drinks because he loves to know what you think about the new wines and mix drinks (he also loves the little blush that sits on your face when you're drunk)
"Try this one. I made it according to the specifications you mentioned last week."
👹 Xiao -
Xiao puffing out his chest, crossing his arm, turning his head, blush on his cheeks. When you insist to be with him, but he doesn't make you leave...
"You can stay if you wish."
You bringing him almond tofu everyday just to see his eyes light up (and they aren't lighting up because of the tofu *wink wonk*)
Him watching over you as you sleep to make sure you are safe. He also likes to gaze at your somber sleeping face, hoping one day he could lie next to you during cold Liyue nights.
🫕 Thoma -
Him insisting to help you with every chore, because it is the right thing to do. (He really just wants to be able to talk to you alone and walk next to you)
"No. No. It's fine! I am more than strong enough to carry everything back to the tea house. Besides I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself on the way back."
Eating hotpot and laughing at Thoma's misfortune, but he starts to blush and laugh with you because your laugh is so contagious and perfect.
You falling asleep on him while waiting for your meal and he doesn't want to wake you because he knows you need the rest and you look adorable. (He burned your food btw)
🐶 Gorou -
You walk into a meeting, his tail starts wagging. He tries to stop with a serious frown, but it won't as a blush creeps up his cheeks and kokomi giggles.
One of his ears following your sounds to make sure your okay and that you are always in running hearing distance.
Ok, but you brushing his tail and his ears, and he is so happy that he starts wagging his tail and it flies out of your hand and starts tickling your face causing you to laugh and him to be worried.
"I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! I won't do it again. I promise."
🌬 Venti -
Him writing songs about you and all your amazing features in such stunning detail that it makes others swoon at the thought of you.
Him picking you up on the wind so you can join him in sitting in the windrise tree.
"I can't let my windflower stay on the ground while I am having fun in the air. Did you enjoy the ride, though?"
Him practicing his songs and stories in front of you to perfect them and whenever you give him a compliment he stops before kissing you and continuing.
🖌 Albedo -
Him telling you to sit down to help him with an experiment and it ends up as him painting you for hours as you both talk about nothing and everything.
Gently braiding his hair away from his face as he finishes experiments. Only to have him notice hours later when he goes to push a strand away and nothing is there. (He was in the zone)
"Where did my hair go...? When did this happen? Did you have something to do with this?"
Taking lunch up the mountain so you two can have a picnic at the top and cuddle to stay warm.
I don't really like the emojis I picked, so if you have an recommendations to change them to, let me know!
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