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A Triple Shot At Love - Hitoshi Shinsou X Katsuki Bakugo X BlackFemReader
Synopsis| Love Triangle, three college roommates are into eachother's crushes.
Warning (18+ NSFW) Content| Minors Do Not Interact
Aged Up Characters/ College AU
Pining/ Unrequited ? Love
Foul Language
Slighty OOC
Heavy Kissing
Spit Swapping
Oral [F!Receiving]
Denki is a sneaky link, lol
I do not own MHA. MHA characters, or anything associated with the brand. I do not own the art. All images were obtained from google, if you know the artist please tag them. DO NOT STEAL MY SHIT
©pervysenpaix 2022
Tumblr media
Love is tricky, and exciting to watch.
The spark. The pursuit. The fall.
We love, love. BUT…
Love triangles are even more interesting.
Especially when those in question all live in the same house.
At first glance they look like your average trio of collegiate bestfriends/roommates. Don’t let that fool you. Underneath the guise of domestication, Hitoshi, Katsuki, and Y/N are all harboring a dirty little not so secret.
They’re all into each other.
Well, to clarify: Y/N has the hots for Hitoshi, who’s had his eyes on Katsuki, that’s smitten by Y/N.
It doesn’t help that they’re all so involved with each other. Actual best friends aside from the fire and desire between their legs. Spending all their free time engaging, laughing, touching, cuddling. Platonic of course.
Cause what’s more friendly than creeping into your roommate’s bedroom for late night cuddles or lingering forehead kisses during breakfast.
For the sake of peace, they’ve all tried to bury those feelings, but when you live in close quarters with your crush things are bound to happen.
Like that one time when your period was really bad, and you weren’t able to make it into classes that day. Hitoshi had gone to collect all of your missed notes, and then went to buy your favorite things.
A soft knock wakes you from your afternoon nap. Too tired to move, you hum as loud as possible and wait for whoever to open the door. “Hey Squirt” your ears perk up at the familiar voice. Mustering as much energy as possible you turn to see tired lavender eyes and a lopsided grin. “Hito” you whine, “It hurts”. His eyes soften. “I know, baby. I got you some stuff”. It always made your stomach flutter when he called you that, even though he also said it to Katsuki on occasion. Pain killers, snacks, drinks, and a heating pad. “I’m sorry you’re feeling bad” he murmured, “I hope this makes you feel better”. Strong arms wrapped around you, pulling you against his chest as he got comfy in your bed. Foolish warmth filled your chest at the considerate gesture. It shouldn’t mean anything. Your heart shouldn’t be doing the one-two step, but you couldn’t help it when you were running your hand over his lean figure and nuzzling against his neck to smell is cologne. A few moments of silence and then the front door slams open. “Oi dumbasses!” Sudden noises not mixing well with your migraine, you burrow closer against Hitoshi. “As pretty as that mouth is, can you please keep it shut for five fucking minutes. She has a headache”. Katsuki scoffs but makes no other outbursts as he crawls into the bed, pulling you from Hitoshi’s grasp. The loss of contact makes you whine, but that’s swiftly replace with sighs of contentment when the blond starts massaging your scalp. “Shoulda called me, Squirt. I woulda came sooner.” Soft lips press against your temple. “S’okay, Kats. Hito was taking care of me” you turn to smile at the other but he was staring at the blonde. Biting his lip as he unabashedly checks out Katsuki, who’s eyes never left your face. “s’that so, Princess? Bet he was real sweet, forehead kisses and shit. I want some special treatment” he jokes, making Hitoshi smirk in return. “If you want special treatment, just ask. I’d be happy to take care of you, Princess”. Laughter bubbles from your chest but you’re groaning internally. Why’d you have to fall for a gay guy?
Feelings are bound to happen when your brushing shoulders constantly. Remember those times when Katsuki was cooking, and you popped in to be his little helper.
Water bubbled, garlic sizzled, and glasses clinked. It would’ve been an ASMR masterpiece if you weren’t chattering aimlessly about your day. Some guys would’ve been annoyed or zoned out, but Katsuki listened intently. Hanging on to your every word. He loved your presence, especially when you were in the kitchen with him. Hovering nearby to dip your fingers in the sauce. Wrapping your arms around his waist to hug him from behind. Answering his phone and typing out texts when his hands were too messy. Doing all that cute coupley shit that he craved, but without the benefit of being able to kiss and fuck you stupid. “Y/N stop that right now”. He scolded halfheartedly, plucking the sausage from your hands. “Aww, Kats. Please- you whined, “Let me taste your meat”. Holy fuck. Why must you test his patience? He’d love to let you taste his meat, but he knew you were stuck on eyebags. As if on cue, he appeared. Sauntering towards the two of you, resting his chin on the blonde’s shoulder and sandwiching Y/N in the middle. “Rule of thumb, if someone this pretty is begging for your sausage then give it to them” A hand squeezes his waist, distracting him while Hitoshi grabs two pieces of meat with his free hand. Tasting one for himself and popping the other in your waiting mouth. “Good girl” he winks when you chew and swallow, then he squeezes Katsuki again before heading to his room. “Kaatsuukiiiiiiiiii- you whine into his back. When you’re sure the sleepy bastard is out of earshot you start whining about how much you want to choke on HIS sausage. Bakugo just grunts and rolls his eyes because what the hell is he supposed to do with that!
It never gets easier witnessing your crush pining over someone else, no matter how close you are to that person. It’s easy to get jealous in these moments. Like that one time Hitoshi was in the kitchen with Katsuki, bickering over condiments.
“What in the actual fuck!” Katsuki exclaim, slamming the almost empty ketchup bottle on the counter. Brow raised, Hitoshi glanced up at the angry blonde that was scowling at him. “Somethin’ wrong, Kats?” His eye twitched and he bared his sharp canines, while getting closer to Hitoshi’s face. “Who in the fuck put the ketchup in the refrigerator?” Lavender eyes met red in an intense stare-off that led to Hitoshi’s dick twitching in his shorts. Eyes, briefly, trailing down the blonde’s torso, lingering on his pierced nipples before going back up. “I did” a finger slipped under the hoop nipple ring and he tugged slightly making the blonde wince, “What you gonna do about it?” Before he could retort in walked you, wearing a tank top and panties. Ass just out for display and tits spilling from the sides. Looking pretty fucking breedable in both men’s opinions. “Looking kinda gay there, boys” you giggle, pointing between the two. “I like what I like” Hitoshi shrugged, absentmindedly toying with Katsuki’s nipples. The latter didn’t even notice. Too busy drooling over your half-naked body. Biting his lip as he stared at your curves. “I don’t care as long as whoever underneath me is pretty”. Oh. That’s new. Hitoshi was pretty sure that Katsuki was straight. Maybe he’d actually have a chance if he wasn’t obsessed with you. Not that he didn’t understand the appeal. You’re fucking hot, a fact that has not gone unnoticed to the sleepy man on many occasions. His own moment ruined by heterosexuality, he decided to get a rise out of the blonde before departed. Walking towards you, he rested a hand on your waist and bent down to kiss your cheek. Very close to your mouth. “Looking good, Squirt” he purred, grabbing a handful of your ass, and squeezing with a pleased grown. He didn’t expect to feel so good. So soft. Shit. Bisexual panic took over for a moment when you whimpered his name. Glancing over his shoulder he noticed Katsuki stealthily covering the tent in his pants. Mission accomplished.
It’s messy sometimes, but it works. Unrequited desire had no negative effects on the friendship. As stated, you all are weirdly close. So, it wasn’t weird when Katsuki strolled into your room one night wearing only boxer briefs. “You’re a fuckin’ pervert, Squirt” he smirked, gesturing towards the smutty fanfiction you were ready. “Fuck you, Kats” you giggle, eyes never leaving the screen. Low chuckles and barefeet sounded, then you were being pulled from your sitting position on the headboard.
“Katsuki!” you exclaimed as the blonde climbed on top of you and rested his head between your breasts. “Shut up” he murmured, warm breath permeating your thin shirt. You smelled so good, and he could feel the way you jumped when his hand “accidentally” brushed over your budding nipples or when he was “getting comfortable” and rolled against crotch feeling the dampness of your panties. Story must be pretty fucking good.
Sighing, you lifted your phone in the air to continue reading while your free hand played with his blonde strands. Warm hands slipped underneath your shirt, stopping just below your breast. “Someone’s comfortable” you tease, pulling slightly at his strands making him groan appreciatively. “Keep doing that and … shit I don’t know just keep doing that.” He huffed, feeling too blissful to be snarky.
At least until Hitoshi walked by.
Stopping on his way from the shower when he saw Katsuki laying facedown across the bed, head buried in your tits with his ass and tiny waist on display. What a pretty picture, he thought, knocking on the door to catch your attention.
“Having fun without me?” Gliding across the room to settle next to the two of you. He lifted Katsuki’s legs over his lap, resting one hand on the small of his back and the other in your hair. “How could we?” The blonde groaned, lifting his head to see the adoring look you were shooting towards the oblivious man. “How’d you get so sweet, huh?” The words were directed at you, but his eyes were locked on Katsuki’s ass, hands sliding lower and lower until they were resting on the swell of his cheeks.
“What the hell, eyebags?” Katsuki says, but no real effort was made to move his hand, so Hitoshi left it there.
They all sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, just strolling on their phones. A notification came up on Hitoshi’s screen and he groaned. “What’s wrong, Hito?” He shrugged, “Denks cancelled on me. Him and that redheaded guy made it official. That sucks”.
“Shitty Hair?” Bakugou lifted his head and Hitoshi nod, “About fucking time. I can’t blame him. Red’s fucking hot”.
“Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence” He deadpanned, “but its cool it just sucks that I have to use my hand tonight”.
“Don’t feel bad, Hito. I had to cancel on my sneaky link” Bakugo cheered internally but kept his face neutral. “Why?” he asked, pulling up on his elbow so that he was looking down at your face. “He was being annoying. Trying to make things more serious but I don’t want to be with him like that. I already like someone, but I can’t be with them”.
Katuski rolled his eyes, “Tch, I can definitely relate to that. I can’t be with the girl I want either”.
“Are you serious? Why Katsuki? What girl wouldn’t want to be with you? She’d have to be stupid. Your so pretty and sweet and funny” She rambles on while rubbing his cheek affectionately.
The irony.
“She’s too stuck on some gay guy” He glanced at Hitoshi who was eyeing you.
“She’s insane”.
The blonde pushed his head back down between your breast to hide his laughter.
“Why can’t you be with the person you want to be with, Squirt?” Hitoshi asks, softly running his fingers across your cheek. “He’s gay” you sighed, nuzzling closer to his touch.
Bakugo shakes his head, and the two men exchange glances. “You really are clueless. Aren’t ya love?”
“What do you mean?” you ask, confused by the sudden change in atmosphere. Katsuki sits up, placing both hands on the sides of your head while looking down at you. “I like you.” He snaps, “I’m right here. Been here this whole time but you were too blind to notice”.
“You like me?” Eyes widening and a look of horror crossing your face as the realization sinks in. “Oh my god, YOU LIKE ME?” you repeat, suddenly sitting up and bumping your foreheads together. “Ahh” Katsuki groaned, “What the hell, Y/N?”
“I’m so sorry! I was just shocked!” you blurted, “I didn’t know that you liked me, and it caught me off guard because I’ve been telling you about my crush on Hitoshi. And now I feel guilty because I didn’t-
“Wait…” Hitoshi interrupts, “You like me?”
Heat rises to your cheeks and butterflies flutter in your tummy. Of course, you’d out yourself during one of your awkward rambling spells.
“Well- yeah, but you like Katsuki.” Now it’s his turn to be shocked. “OI! YOU LIKE ME, EYEBAGS?”
“Unfortunately, it seems that way.” Hitoshi sighs, rubbing his hand over his face.
“Well, what the fuck are we supposed to do about this?”
It was silent for a moment. The three of you exchanging glances and processing this newfound information. Hitoshi was the first one to speak.
“Well, I’m not technically gay” He chuckled when he saw your shocked expressions, “Yeah, I’m attracted to women, but I can be a bit rough.” His hand reached out for yours and rubbed his thumb against your wrist. “See you’re just so soft and small compared to me, Squirt. Wouldn’t want to hurt you”. You swooned, but Katsuki scoffed, “Tch, the fuck? You got some Terminator dick or something? Hitoshi Shinsou, pussy destroyer. She’s designed to push out whole babies, she’ll be fine”.
“Also, I’m not like those little twinks you bring around here. I am not a bottom. You want some ass, you gotta give up some ass”.
The outburst led to a good laugh, easing any awkward or nervous feelings dissipated as they moved closer. Falling into a sense of normalcy.
“So, what now?” You ask, Hitoshi leans forward, pushing you back against the bed and caging you between his arms. “Now we kiss”.
Sparks fly the moment your lips touch. Deft fingers find their way into purple locs and big hands find purchase on your waist. Squeezing your waist, Hitoshi’s tongue swipes across your lips, licking into your mouth when you gasp. He groans at your flavor. Tilting your head to the side as he deepens the kiss. Practically licking the back of your throat.
“Let’s not get greedy, Eyebags”.
The kiss is stopped abruptly when Katsuki grabs a handful of Hitoshi’s hair and yanks his head back. Eyeing him for a moment with their noses touching before smashing their lips together. They’re rough with each other. Hands flying between their hair and neck. Licking and biting at each other’s jaw. Grunting and groan when they grip on firm muscles.
The sight of them has you moaning. It’s just so fucking hot. Desperate for relief your hand slithers between your legs, but Katsuki see’s you from the corner of his eye. Pulling away from Hitoshi, he catches your wrists and pin it above your head. “Whaddya think your doing, Squirt?” He leans forward to lick your neck, trailing his fingers along your inner thigh.
“Y’all just looked so good. Couldn’t help myself” You whined, rolling your hips to get his hands where you wanted them the most. He denied your request. Chuckling as his hands trailed up your sides, lifting your t shirt to expose your breasts.
“Nice tits, Squirt” he winks, popping a nipple in his mouth and rolling the other between his fingers. “Kats~” you mewl, rutting your hips forward.
“She’s making a mess down here” Hitoshi drawls, staring half-liddedly at the wet spot on your panties. “Give her a taste then” he responds, grazing his canines over your bud.
Hitoshi is a little nervous because he’s never done this before, but his eagerness outweighed any doubt. While pressing soft kisses on your abdomen, his fingers slide into the waistband of your panties, and he pulls the down slowly. Groaning when he pressed the damp fabric against his nose, then licking the damp seat.
“Hitoshi~” you whined, covering your eyes with your hands. Katsuki smirked, “I knew you’d be a nasty fucking bastard”.
“Wait until you see what I have planned for you” He winked at the blonde, then dipped his head to take an experimental lick. “Oh. My. God” he groaned, lavender eyes blowing out completely. “Y/N you taste fucking amazing”. Back down in an instant, licking into your heart, slurping up all your liquid delight. He pressed his whole face in your pussy. Opening his mouth wide to suck your lips inside then spreading the seam with his tongue to flick over your clit.
“I could eat this fucking pussy for hours. C’mere , Kats you gotta taste this” He yanked the blonde down by his arm and squeezed his jaws open. Pursing his lips he let the mixture of saliva and arousal fall into Katsuki’s throat. He held his mouth open until he swallowed and patted his cheek before diving back into your pussy.
“Fuck, baby. He wasn’t lying. Taste yourself” The blonde climbs back up your body and shoves his tongue into your mouth. One hand is wrapped around your neck while the other teases your nipple. His wet muscle explores your cavern, filling your mouth with your essence. It’s too much.
Moaning, you pull away to warn Hitoshi, “ s’good, gonna cum” you whine, squeezing your eyes shut when you release all over his tongue. The purple haired man almost came in his pants at the taste. Hips grinding against the bed as he licked you through your orgasm.
“Fuck, Toshi. Baby. So good. That was so good” your chest heaved, and your vision was blurry but you managed to pull him in for another “kiss”. It was really just you licking your arousal off his cheeks and him biting at your lips and jaw.
“Damn, let her breathe a bit, I thought I was the one you had a crush on” Hitoshi could hear the smirk in his voice. He was gonna love putting that brat in his place. Placing a final peck on your lips, he turned towards the blonde.
“Feeling needy, baby” Katsuki swore his voice dropped an octave. He bit his lip to surpress his whimpers when Hitoshi pulled him in by the waist and kissed him deeply. Fingers tugged at his nipple and Hitoshi’s knee pressed against his bulged. A garbled “fuck” was all he could manage when Hitoshi bit his neck harshly and pressed into his erection.
“Y/N, sweetheart.” He called, lips still touching the blonde’s , “Time to suck some dick”
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writteninkat · 5 months ago
Songs from Olivia Rodrigo's SOUR album you associate to MHA guys after you two break up
w/ Bakugou, Kaminari, Kirishima, Tenya, Todoroki, Dabi, Hawks
warning: angst
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
"All I did was speak normally, somehow I still struck a nerve"
"Never doubted myself fo much"
"I'm the love of your life until I make you mad"
"And I'd leave you but the roller coaster is all I ever had"
throughout most of the relationship, you were unable to understand/predict Katsuki's mood, leaving you on your toes and guarded most of the time
Tumblr media
"You'd talk to her, maybe did even worse"
"Ain't it funny how you ran to her the second we called it quits?"
"You'd talk to her when we were together"
"Guess you didn't cheat, but you're still a traitor"
"Remember I brought her up and you told me I was paranoid."
Denki is friendly with everyone, he has a pretty big social circle but what irks you is how he doesn't see to have any boundaries at all
you noticed that he treats you the same way he treats all his other close girl friends
Tumblr media
"I bet she's bragging to all her friends, saying you're so unique"
"So when you gon' tell her, that we did that too? She thinks it's special but it's all reused."
"Do you call her, almost say my name? Cause let's be honest we kinda do sound the same."
"I hate to think that I was just your type"
"Do you get deja vu?"
Shoto is a simple man; which means the girls he's ever been with, including you, have not only one but multiple things in common
he doesn't seem to be interested in changing his ways, and you once hoped to be the one to change him. nah, relax bob the builder. seven other girls who went before you thought that too
Tumblr media
"And you're probably with that one girl who always made me doubt."
"I know we weren't perfect but I've never felt this way for no one."
"I just can't imagine how you could be so okay now that I'm gone."
"All my friends are tired of hearing how much I miss you"
"Cause I still fuckin' love you"
"You said forever now I drive alone past your street"
this man. he. fucking. broke. you.
every time you looked at him while you two were together, you imagined a future with him, you imagined nothing in the world can tear you two apart
you would watch the whole world burn if it meant getting him to smile
when he told you he fell out of love, you felt everything about you disappear. you turned into a hollow shell of a human for weeks, to months, to years.
when i tell you this man affected you so much to the point that he ruined trust and love for you...
Tumblr media
"If I looked like the other prom queens I know that you loved before"
"Tried so hard to be everything that you liked, just for you to say you're not the compliment type"
"I read all of your self-help books so you'd think that I was smart"
"You found someone more exciting. the next second, you were gone"
"You left me there crying wondering what I did wrong"
"All I ever wanted was to be enough for you"
"I'd say you broke my heart but you broke much more than that. Now I don't want your sympathy I just want myself back."
"Don't you think I loved you too much to be used and discarded?"
relating this song after a break up with Iida says a lot about you during the relationship; self-destructive, maybe a little too obsessed? perhaps this feeling was new to you and you didn't want to lost this feeling.
the break up leaves you wondering if Iida really did love you for who you are or for who you tried to be and tried to show him during the relationship
Tumblr media
"Know that I love you so bad, I let you treat me like that, I was your willing accomplice, honey."
"Those things I did, just so I could call you mine."
"I hope I was your favorite crime."
"I defended you to all my friends."
"every time a siren sounds, I wonder if you're around. 'Cause you know that I'd do it all again."
"It's bittersweet to think about the damage that we do, cause you were going down but I was doing it with you."
"I say that I hate you with a smile on my face."
Dabi used your status as a pro hero to have access to information. And you should have known better, you should have planned three, seven, ten steps ahead. But somewhere in between, you fell in love
You thought him opening up about his past meant he trusted you. You thought when he saved you from a burning building meant he cared for you. But it was all a ruse; an attempt to have you think he was genuine.
Tumblr media
"You've moved on, found someone new."
"She's so sweet, she's so pretty. Does she mean you forgot about me?"
"I hope you're happy but not like how you were with me."
"An eternal love bullshit you know you'll never mean. Remember when I believed you meant it when you said it first to me?"
"Say you love her baby, just not like you loved me."
what you and Hawks had was something real, something genuine, something that's one out of a million
everyone truly thought you two were a match made in heaven. everyone thought you were his first love. nope. being a pro hero and saving civilians is his first love
having a woman in his arms, a woman to come home to, a woman to share moments with and make memories with was just a help to pass time
safe to say you became one toxic motherfucker after he left you for his bunny best friend
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rozu-minaki · 10 months ago
Hello🐹 I has a request- some of the MHA/BNHA boys that get hard when his fem!S/O puts on lip gloss? like- the shine that it gives her lips would look so good around his hard cock :)
other details- non-hero!UA and this is NOT to fetishize black people!!! (I'm black anyway)
only if you're comfortable and if requests are open 😊
remember to drink water and eat daily ☺
Omg my first request- okay okay so I’m gonna try my best because this is my first request and full blown drabble post so yea! I wasn’t sure which characters to pick so I just went with the ones I think would fit well with this! As always characters are aged up. Hope u enjoy! And yes requests are open! warnings: basically some smut and some small fluff
Iida: oohhh man this dude did not expect you to put on lip gloss, especially in that pretty pink glittery shade. You two were enjoying your day waltzing around town when you stopped to use a public restroom and while he was outside waiting you had an idea and decided to use an expensive gloss momo had bought you a while back. You slicked it on your lips and walked out innocently as if you didn’t know what you were doin. Iida hadn’t noticed until you started talking about getting some food when he saw those pretty lips and instantly felt his pants become uncomfy. Needless to say, he pulled you into a cafe and shoved you into the bathroom where well you got covered in some Other kinda white substance ;>
Bakugou: you two were expected at a party and as usual you had taken longer then him not our fault the man takes less time to get ready 🙄. Anywho, you had gotten all dolled up in a pretty red dress and black heels. You were just finishing up your makeup when you saw the gloss youve had but never used, so without thought you decided to put it on since the shade was a nice touch to your makeup and outfit. While bakugou was sitting on the couch on his phone he heard the bedroom door cream open and the clicks of your heels walking over. He finally looked up from his phone to ask if your dumbass was finally ready when he stopped mid sentence to see those pretty red lips. So he stood up, slung you over his shoulder and carried you back into the bedroom you came from, party long forgotten.
Izuku: Today was yours and Izukus date as a 1 year anniversary so you wanted to go all out. Pretty outfit pretty hair pretty everything. You used all your favorite makeup products including that signature glittery lip gloss you wore only on special occasions. You covered your lips and puckered them up and basically hyped your beautiful ass up cause girlboss obviously. Once you got ready you heard a knock at your door to which you went to anwser and saw izuku in his gorgeous suit and tie and flowers ready in hand. Of course the boy was shy and stumbled over his words to ask if you were ready. You nodded and began to follow him out to the car. You both had a wonderful date however when you two had gotten to his place was when the fun began. You two went inside and basically went at it like rabbits, clothes flying, hands gripping in every place, and that’s when he was ontop of you that he said he did not want that pretty gloss go to waste. Needless to say he woke up with kisses all over him especially in the lower region <3
Todoroki: Shoto being the sweet boy he was planned a little getaway to a flower field since he knew you both were interested in nature and such. He had gotten ready first and while waiting for you he took a small nap to rest up before the long drive there. You on the otherhand had different plans. You had prepared a cute cottage core like outfit with light makeup and some added on freckles, you were trying to go for a fairy/elf look. So obviously you wanted to look glowy and mysterious and what better shimmery thing to use then lip gloss. You put on your favorite shimmery pink tint one and was on your way to wake up sho. When you did though he just sat and stared for a moment before asking “Did I die or something why is there an angel in front of me???” You had giggled and thanked him for the compliment (though he actually thought you were) and got him up and you two were on your way to the flower field. Needless to say you got railed in a very pretty setting with lip gloss smudged all over shotos face and body.
Kirishima: Kirishima had been watching you do your makeup for a while now, just admiring your features before and after and enjoying every second of it. He had said his occasional yet meaningful compliment everytime you did a new part of the makeup but when he saw you grab the one weakness product he was done for. You hadn’t noticed for a while now but whenever you used that gloss it drove Kiri mad. The way he only pictured your pretty lips rapped around his red riot dick with your eyeliner smudged just made the man go insane with lust. He had been staring for a while now so when you asked if he was alright all he could say was “ please let me fuck you” to which you were surprised but happily agreed and let him do what he had been fantasizing about everytime you wore that dammed gloss.
Shinsou: It was a date set at a cat cafe obviously. You two had been snuggling cats and sipping coffee for a while now when you realized your gloss had lost its touch so you reapplied it and that’s when he saw it in all its glory, oh how he wished you had been under him whining about how it was to much and that all he could say was that you could take it like a good kitty. He was now in a daze when he felt you poke his cheek and he just smirked and began to whisper seductive words in your ear and you just had to play it cool since others were around, only allowing the occasional blush and whine here and there. When you two got home however was when the real fun began and his fantasy became a reality.
Ack! I’m so sorry this is so bad- it’s like 1am rn and this isn’t proofread so if theres any mistakes or anything you’d like changed or someone added please let me know as I’m open to (kind) criticism! I hope you enjoyed none the less though thanks for the request love <3
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shotorozu · a year ago
i feel like im annoying lol but here i am again 🥴
🥴 how do da boys react to a super bimbo mc like shes busty, sweet, innocent, helpful as much as she can be and doesnt really realize when people are hitting on her, she just thinks theyre being extra friendly. (Tamaki, izuku, shoto, denki, bakougo) or any of ur choice
Sorry if I’m being annoying ( •᷄ὤ•᷅)? and tysm
bimbo s/o
character(s) : bakugou katsuki, todoroki shouto, amajiki tamaki (bnha)
probably (?) part one // ?
legend : [Y/N = your name] female! s/o, quirk not specific
headcanon type : fluff, crack (x reader)
note(s) : sooo 🤩 it’s my birthday tomorrow, not excited about that?? not sure! but im definitely gonna post more tomorrow, just because
»»————- ♡ ————-««
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki
you didn’t seem like his type tbh. you’re kinda an airhead, and you’re sweet and helpful to everyone
and awfully innocent,,
so, you seemed like the person that bakugou would try and stay away from, but nope!
not in this case. i’m not sure what conspired in this explosive blond’s head, but he had a oddly specific attraction to you
he used to hate being around you, but it’s also quite entertaining being around you but why, you may ask?
not only are you super nice, and helpful, but you’re very likable too! which caused you to get secret admirers, and fanboys
but you also so happen to be clueless as fuck, so katsuki would always stick around— obviously very amused, only to tell you what their true intentions are
“what do they mean, go out? like,, outside?”
“no, dumbo. they wanna date you.”
“..like the calendar?”
“hah?? are you dumb?” he actually hated how oblivious you were at first, but he just got used to it
but this clueless airhead trait of yours is what he also hates, because when he developed feelings for you— he’d have to tell you
and,, he’s not the best with being direct with romantic stuff. so— you can see how that went.
he ended up confessing you in the most direct way he could’ve said it, but you still. didn’t. understand.
“fuck sake, i want to be your significant other. your fucking lover, the bitch that’ll be with you until this dumbass brain of yours stops working.”
okay, he was a little too direct, but at least you know his feelings!
when you both finally get together, everyone is shocked. like,, you, the sweetheart that likes helping people— dating thee bakugou katsuki??
everyone thought you were threatened to date him, because you didn’t understand other people’s advances— but in reality, katsuki just told you what he felt
straight from the heart.
also, since you’re also quite busty, katsuki loves sleeping on them— he literally won’t sleep, until he has his head resting on those milkers of yours
“maybe this is all you’re good for, huh? a fuckin’ head rest. there might not be anything up there, but at least it gives me some good fuckin’ sleep.”
he,, doesn’t mean that. you’re useful in so many other ways, but he loves pretending that he thinks that way, because of your replies
“ah, yes! i’m fine with being your head rest, katsuki. rest well, love!”
you’re not hurt, because he makes it a point to tell you multiple times a day that you mean lots to him.
but he gets super mad when people tell you that you’re stupid. because he can only tell you that!!
Tumblr media
todoroki shouto
you also didn’t seem like you’d be his type,, everyone thought he would’ve wanted someone that’s smart as momo, or something similar
but he’s very content with being with you, for reasons he can’t seem to figure out.
he has his habit of watching you help people from afar, and he couldn’t help but smile whenever he engages in conversations with you
yeah sure, you might be more of an airhead than most people— but you have a heart of gold! and that’s what gathered his attention
sometimes, he’s quite clueless to some social cues— but even he can connect the dots
which you can’t seem to do. but you’re in luck! shouto’s usually the one that tells you what they mean
it’s something he loves and hates, only because of how popular you are with people in general.
sometimes, shouto debates if he should even tell you what they mean— because well,, he likes you.
usually, shouto would interpret things to you like this
“,, they like you,, romantically.”
“shou, are you sure? they look like they wanna be my friend!” he lets you call him by his first name, just because of how content you look by calling him ‘shouto’
he ends up whispering something into your ear, and your eyes light up in realization. “oh! so how princess bubblegum likes marceline?”
“,, yeah.”
but being shouto todoroki has it’s advantages. he isn’t afraid of being as direct as he could possibly be.
“may i have the honor of being your lifelong partner?”
“oh, romantically. i’d love to be your lover, Y/N.”
“..oh! that’s what you meant.”
the way he sees you stumble with your words, as you pace back in forth— completely flustered by his words
makes him smile
and it all ends well when his friends see that his wallpaper is literally him laying down on your chest
which is something he always wanted to do
“shouto,, did you finally confess?!”
“yes. they said yes.”
they’re not really surprised that you understood, courtesy to shouto’s bluntness.
he is your protector against all of the people that make you seem useless. man literally lashed out when his father asked him to date someone with ‘more intelligence’
“Y/N may not be the definition of being book smart, but Y/N’s not useless!”
in short— he’s the bimbo protector! he’ll always be patient around you, and he would never dare to dumb you down.
Tumblr media
amajiki tamaki
oh lOrd, please help him
you’re so kind, sweet, and helpful. you’d help anyone— regardless of their personality. and that’s what made tamaki interested in you
but you’re also very popular. which he could see why— since you’re attractive in a unique and special way.
tamaki absolutely disliked the idea of your kindness being taken advantaged of. i mean,, the guts of some people!
but he also hated being the one to break the news to you good or bad
he’s not good with the blunt stuff either, and he might’ve been worried about being around you— because well,, you look like you wouldn’t even hurt a fly.
“tamaki, what do they mean by ‘coming home with them for a nice time’ do they.. want to play mario cart with me?”
he looks like he needs to pass out, but he ends up telling you anyway. he’s just lucky that you could hear him.
but he sighs in relief when you end up kindly declining
nejire and mirio are SO amused by this pairing. i mean, it’s an interesting dynamic! how could they not be invested?
yet, they refuse to even explain things to you, especially when tamaki’s around to do said explaining
because apparently, ‘it’ll help you socialize more, especially with Y/N!’
but remember when i said that tamaki wasn’t great with the blunt approach? yeah— he’d have a heart attack, just trying to explain his feelings
“i— uhm how do i say this,, would you like t-to go out for some dinner with m-me?”
“oh sure! i should go tell mirio and nejire” you’d say that with a smile, and it felt like he was going to pass away on the spot.
nejire and mirio were the ones the tell you that ‘no, tamaki doesn’t want to be friendly with you, because he wants to romantically date you.’
and it felt like forever when they were explaining how and why, while tamaki was sitting in the corner.
but thank GOD! because you like him too!
super hesitant on resting on your chest, i mean,, to him, it looked like the nicest pillow for the deepest sleep! but he wasn’t sure if that’d be okay
because no!! to!! taking!! advantage!! of!! Y/N’s!! kindness!!
speaking of that, despite the fact that he’s socially awkward— he will not hesitate on defending you from any haters!
like, when people say that “tamaki and Y/N are such an awkward couple. tamaki’s super awkward, it looks like there’s nothing in Y/N’s brain. maybe she’s brainless”
because how dare they. not everyone is book smart— but that doesn’t give people the right to call you stupid!
“Y/N’s not brainless! she’s kind, helpful, and the sweetest p-person i have ever met. i suggest you take that back!”
in short— it gives him heart palpitations just having to explain things to you, but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it, if he can be with you
»»————- ♡ ————-««
likes and reblogs are appreciated, thanks for reading!
i do not own bnha/mha and it’s characters. boku no hero academia/my hero academia belongs to horikoshi kohei, i only own the writing and i do not profit off of my hobby
do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, or use my works for audio readings without permission
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yandere-mha · a year ago
yandere dabi with an s/o who likes to be touched (i loved the last one so much, i just want more please) p.s. you’re an amazing writer. literally my favorite mha blog.
Tumblr media
So I’m gonna do a combination of these two for your Christmas gifts! You guys won second place in the vote so congrats and merry Christmas!! Thank you so much for your kind words!
Dabi never touched you anymore. When he’d first taken you away from the comfort of your family, he always seemed to invade every crevice on your being with a wicked and toothy grin plastered on across his scarred lips as his face fell apart at the seams, wiping his blood on you like finger paint. You screamed, cried, and begged him to stop, causing him to shriek as loud as his lungs would allow, so close to your face that you thought he may bite you.
“You scared? You fucking scared of me? Good! Tell me how horrible I am and cry harder!”
But now... he never smiled. Whenever he was in the same room as you, he’d stare at you with a tired, withdrawn expression yet he never said a word. He just sat there and looked at you as if he were waiting for something to happen. This put you on edge and made you feel very isolated. At the beginning, you would have given anything just to make him stop but now you wished he would just touch you again to give you some kind of human interaction other than a never ending staring contest. You hadn’t had a conversation with another soul in ages and you missed your friends. You wondered what must have changed to make him be so cold to you so abruptly. Was it something you did? Was he mad at you? Did he get bored with you?
Unexpected hurt bubbled up in your chest as you considered the latter explanation and your loneliness began to constrict around your throat. You turned a shy, panicked face towards the direction where Dabi was leaning his body against the counter, scoping you out from across the room with his arms folded over his chest. When your eyes met each other, he squinted his. You wondered if he was suspicious of you or if he was trying to focus in on you. Either way, the tension that always seemed to fill the room was unbearable. You decided to be courageous and break that tension “Uh..”
He quirked an eyebrow in interest and waited for you to continue. 
“Um... Can I hug you?” You inquired, your voice trembling as you swallowed the lump in your throat. 
You could sense him immediately start to scrutinize each and every one of your words as his otherwise static expression became more tense and his eyes seemed to bulge out of his head. He stayed motionless for a few seconds before his wide eyes narrowed and a frown pulled at his staples around his mouth. His voice croaked from lack of use “...You gone nuts or something?” His tone was harsh and it stung.
“No...” you almost whimpered. You cringed at your own tone that almost sounded akin to a whining child.
Dabi scoffed as he looked away from you for the first time in weeks, pointing his icy glare to the floor. He looked almost... bashful? How odd. 
The tension in the room resurfaced as neither of you moved but it was a different kind of tension from before: A kind of feeling you never thought you’d ever feel in emanating from him. You thought he hated you. 
Your face flushed from fear and your legs felt weak as you slowly picked yourself up from your seat and crossed the room to where Dabi was resting his hips against the kitchen countertop. His head snapped up in panic the second he saw you shifted your body. He looked like an angry and frightened animal. You wondered if this was a good idea as you planted yourself next to him to prop yourself against the bar.
“It’s okay if you don’t want to. I just miss you.” 
His saucer-shaped eyes twitched at this as he furrowed his brows “Don’t say shit like that if you don’t mean it, y/n.” His jaw clenched in fury and he seemed to bare his teeth at you. Every instinct told you to drop the subject but you couldn’t hold yourself back as tears escaped your eyeline.
Your words seemed to pour from your mouth before you could stop them. “I do mean it. I’m so lonely and I love you but you won’t even talk to me anymore and I don’t even know why you hate me. I don’t know what I did wrong!” you blubbered like a child. How pitiful.
Dabi’s breath caught in his throat and it looked as if he couldn’t breathe until he started to hyperventilate. You’d never seen him panic like this before.
“Don’t say that!” he shrieked. “I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I lo-”
He ceased breathing all together when your arms wrapped tightly around his chest. He stayed frozen in place as you gently pressed your lips to his face. 
Dabi clutched to the back of your shirt so tightly you feared it would tear as he gradually let his knees buckle to the ground to settle in a sitting position, making you stumble and landing directly in his lap.
For hours, the two of you held each other on the tiled floor with you in his lap, paying special attention to each and every inch of his beautiful discolored skin. He couldn’t let go of you as he gipped your body close to him and burrowed his face into your hair, breathing your scent in.
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anaiswriterr · a year ago
last christmas
Pairing: Todoroki x Reader
Rating: T
Last Christmas by Wham!
↷ SYNOPSIS: Five fucking years of a relationship down the drain when Shoto decided to call it quits, leaving you colder than the ice he produced. Last Christmas left you underneath the mistletoe with a bottle of eggnog staring off into space as others partied with their significant others for Christmas. But what happens when next Christmas you no longer are as cold as ice and is under the arm of another pro hero? Can Shoto get you back?
Tumblr media
- mha december special part three -
It’s the silence between the two of you that tells you, it’s truly over.
The relationship has finally crumbled into nothing but empty promises, and lost memories that’ll never be saved.
“So that’s it, five years and we’re done?” You mumble, biting back your bottom lip stopping it from quivering. His response is just a simple nod, his hands pressed hard into the back pockets of his jeans. You search his eyes, for something that tells you to fight back. But his mumbled, “I’m sorry.” Is all it takes for you to flush down the speech you have mentally prepared and wave the white flag in defeat. You shrug, looking back into the hallways where the agency holiday party took place. Could this really not wait at home?
“Is there anything I could do to change your mind, Sho?”
You blink back away the tears that desperately want to fall, refusing to cry in front of your coworkers, the corner the both of you were in grew hot. Your sweater feels tight around your neck, you watch as Shoto shrugs his shoulders. “This wasn’t supposed to happen.. but work is getting dangerous. We have different perspectives of life-“
“You think I didn’t know I was dating a hero?” You seethe taking small sips of your beverage, eyeing his apologetic figure, bullshit, his hands stuffed deep into his back pockets and his duo colored hair frame his face. You want to scream and shout out him, but arguing at a Christmas party was something you didn’t find much interest in right about now. It wouldn’t fix anything - it would only cause a scene. You shrug, “Fine, if that’s what you want. I’ll stay the night at Uraraka and Deku’s, I’ll be back for my stuff in the morning.” Taking in a heavy sip of alcohol from your red solo cup, watching Shoto nod.
“I’m really sorry-“
“Don’t.” You place your hand on his chest, stopping his movement from moving towards you. You didn’t want a hug or kiss goodbye, “I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of my night, you, can go home and pack my bags.” You pat his chest looking up from your teary eyelashes that clumped together. It just had to be this night, of all places, of all times.
Getting dumped the day before Christmas sure was a way to enter the New Year. Well, you shrug, downing the last of your alcoholic beverage in search for the brunette. “There’s a first for everything.”
And well... you guess this would be the story of how you got your heartbroken on Christmas Eve.
Last Christmas, you were left colder than ice. Your five year relationship frozen in time as you searched for apartments near the area. Close enough to work and far away from Shoto - he offered to stay at a hotel, even to leave himself. But you didn’t want anything from him, you wanted no lingering scents of the duel quirk user.
Who even breaks up with someone the night before Christmas!?
Irritated with life you settled down in a small cute apartment, washing your clothes to fade his warm scent of cinnamon mixed with the cool base of mint, mixing detergent and softener to mask his presence. Adopted a rescue dog to make the apartment seem more livelier - despite the scattered tissues and running mascara you were fine.
Just fine.
You look around your bedroom, snuggling beside your dog, Pebbles, sighing in irritation and wiping away the eye boogers that sat on the inner corners of your eyelids. Tapping your face awake and staring at the empty bottle of wine beside you resting on your nightstand. “I’m just... fine.”
Sadness. Completely normal emotions and feelings to stumble upon after a break up - considering the two of you have been together for quiet sometime it took you awhile to get used to sleeping alone. Although, Pebbles did accompany you into bed to spare warmth it still hurt reaching out to nothing but either fur or air. Repeating the same routine everyday for months, avoiding all hero news, and simply just grabbing your favorite cup of coffee and heading off to work.
A cycle that grew all too quite robotic quickly.
That is, until you met Samonri Kayeta.
A senior executive advisor for the technical company you worked for to help support heroes. You had bumped into him in the break room while your poured yourself another cup of coffee. His presence startling you and causing you to spill your Styrofoam cup onto your hand and all over the marble corner tops.
Apologizing profusely for the scare he handed you a paper towel immediately, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. “I-I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.” Kayeta apologized, pulling your hand forward dabbing away at the burn and gently ushering you to the sink. Running your palm under the cold water, he treats the burn. 
This moment was only the beginning of the romantic relationship the both of you jumped into after only two months of dating. His apologies still remained when you bring up the first time the both of you met one another. Laughing his worries away. 
Samonri wasn’t a hero.
In fact, he was actually born quirkless just like you. 
And you were thankful for that fact, the hero life was just no longer a thing you planned to engage in. Seeing as your prior hero relationship didn’t end so well. Samonri wasn’t ever in the face of danger, he had no reason to protect you. So therefore excuses of a plausible breakup if things got bad never worried you. Between the both of you - nothing ever truly went bad. Of course couples argue, but the two of you never truly thought about breaking up.
And suddenly your cold heart, once frozen in time, thawed out from the warmth you found in another man.
Next Christmas, came faster then any other. An invitation to celebrate the engagement of both Izuku and Ochako to one another was received. The velvet invitation in your hand felt smooth as you handed it to Samonri - a small smile pulls at the corner of his lips, he nods. “Yeah, let’s go.” He urged.
It was a night event, semi formal and semi casual.
You held hands dearly with Samonri as you entered the hall, when a pair of eyes trail your frame. You can feel his heat from all the way across the hall, his freezing temperatures dueling with his molting heat. Todoroki, the new number three hero is staring daggers into the brown haired mans back. Your eyes meet his duel colored ones, it’s been months since you’ve stared back into those eyes. 
“Are you okay, darling?” 
You turn to face Samonri, ignoring the eyes on your back. His grip on your hand tightens lovingly, “Y-Yeah, of course.” You say breathlessly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear, you haven’t spoken to Todoroki since the day you finally moved out - were the two of you even on first name basis? He stood in a corner besides Ilda and Momo, he looks different. Much more serious, a lot more bruises and scars. You weren’t there to treat his wounds no more, but you were thankful, you never had to go frantically search for the first aid kit every other night - not anymore at least. You walk over to Izuku, who is standing with Bakugou and Kirishima near the bar toasting to the engagement. 
You greet them normally, congratulating the two. 
Your shoulders ease when the boring eyes finally peel off your back sending cool goosebumps up your skin ending at the base of your neck. Samonri is already long gone, lounging with Denki and Sero at the bar sipping on a couple drinks with his dress coat resting behind him. Meanwhile you found yourself wandering towards to the group of girls who celebrated in delight. 
Uraraka’s smile growing larger with each passing second. 
Your feet hurt from all the walking and dancing, laughing as Samonri twirled you one last time. “You think we should head back home? It’s getting late,” He says running his fingers through his dark wavy hair, pulling at his roots. 
“Wanna wait in the car for a while, I’m just going to say good bye to everybody.” 
He nods, pressing a chaste kiss onto your forehead before digging into his jean pocket and pulling out his car keys; “I’ll wait for you.” His hand moves away from the small of your back as you watch him leave through the front door of the venue and into the hall where the elevator was. 
“I should probably leave, Samonri and I have work in the morning; I love you both! Congratulations!” You hug the happy couple, walking off to bid goodbye to the others. Leaving the venue and into the elevator, you press the down button. Awaiting for the elevator to arrive to your level you didn’t even realize the sound of the party room door opening and slamming shut. The small ding pulls you out of your thoughts, the sliding doors open and you step in, pressing the first floor button watching as the doors close. 
“Wait- Y/N!” 
The elevator door opens wide as Todoroki squeezes himself in, he leans down to catch his breath. With your hand over you hand from the startle you blink in surprise. You cross your arms over your chest, turning your head away. “What do you want, Todoroki.”
“Y-you... didn’t say... hello..”
“You ran all this way - because I didn’t say hello?”
The door closes shut, and the elevator begins to descend down the floors. Changing numbers from six to three, Shoto reaches out for the emergency stop button. Pressing hard against its flat red surface, a small buzz goes off. Ringing in your ears you nearly had enough, “Todoroki! What are you doing?”
Your back is slammed into the wall, two arms charge in your body like a flightless bird. His hair is disheveled and his eyes are teary, you’ve never seen him in such distress. Your body presses hard onto the cold flat surface behind you and his warm breath reddens your neck. He is mumbling to himself, quietly, you barley catch a glimpse of it. “Todoroki..” he says. Your heart is pounding, drumming away at your rib cage it’s been months since you’ve seen him up and close. “That’s not my name..” he sighs, you arch a brow questioning his out of character behavior. “What are you saying-“
“It’s not my name.. you call me Shoto.. Sho-“
“That was then.”
“So it just means nothing to you?”
“You left me.”
It goes silent. His eyes search into yours, reaching out to the woman he remembers. You grow irritated. Annoyed by the situation wishing the elevator door would’ve just closed a little quicker, he left you. Not the other way around, “Remember, Shoto, you left me the day before Christmas.. what do you want from me?” The words finally set in, he looks up at you. Confused and enraged you push him away, “Don’t you remember? And you ran all this way for a hello?! What kinda bullshit- how stupid do you think I am!?” You argue, walking towards the buttons.
“What do you want from me, mister pro hero.”
He sighs, blocking your way from the buttons, stopping you in your tracks. “Does he make you happy?”
You blow a raspberry at him, “Yes, of course he does- now if you’ll excuse me he’s waiting for me in the parking lot-“
“I’ve been meaning to talk to you.” He huffs, pushing your hand away from the buttons. You squint your eyes in annoyance, “Oh please you’ve had plenty of times to talk to me, a simple hello or how are you would’ve been nice.” You lean back to cross your arms over your chest ignoring his longing gaze.
“Please,” he whispers, staring down onto the ground.
You sigh once more in defeat know he wouldn’t move, he was like that. He was serious about this, and when he’s serious there was no way he’d back down from it. Tilting your head, you allow him to get in his last words. 
“I’m sorry, Y/N.” 
“Don’t you think that’s a little too late?” 
“Everything I did was always too late.. when I said I loved you, when I asked you out after two years of being friends - god I should’ve asked the moment I met you; or when I left you because I couldn’t handle the fact somebody, no, someone like you could ever love me the way you did. It was so much.” 
He pushes away from the buttons and walks towards you slowly, backing you up into the wall. Your chest grows heavy at his words peering into his eyes that were hooded by his bangs. 
“I don’t know why I’m here.. but I just couldn’t let you go without tell you, I’m sorry.. I love you.. and to please just come home.”
The apartment you and Shoto bought right after the two of you graduated High School; he was already interning to become a hero and you were just starting college. With only one flower pot to decorate, three picture frames and mattress. The two of you ate dinner on top of the kitchen counter laughing at the most idiotic things you could come up with. The one you spent five years in, cleaning his wounds, holding him after the hard days, settling him in warm baths to ease his tense muscles.
Home was the place the two of you discussed about a family. 
Until last Christmas.. when he left you.
He presses the button on last time, allowing the elevator to continue its transit to the first floor. Look up to face you, you can finally see him clearly. His eyes, his face you once stared into lovingly. 
You still loved him. 
The elevator dings, opening up its metal doors yet you stand still for a while. He’s whispering, begging for you to stay, to not leave. 
But the past can not effect your decision that Shoto Todoroki..
“I’m sorry, Todoroki. I wish you well.” You step out, clutching hard onto your purse. Refusing to look back at his defeated body, his expression would merely kill you. Leaving the venue in a hurry searching for Samonri. 
His car is parked just around the corner, his tall frame smiles at you with his arms crossed leaning on the trunk; he waves you over. You speed walk towards him, “Hey babe,” he places a small kiss onto your forehead tenderly, noticing your face of sadness he cups your cheeks, “What’s wrong?” 
was indeed your past.
You shake your head of the thoughts of the pro hero you once cleaned up in the dead of nights away; focusing on your now. His gentle features, his intentions clear as day. For so long you choked on smoke and ice.. smiling at him. 
Goodbye, Sho..
“Nothing.. lets go home.”
TAGLIST:  @meep-meep​ @hikaru-mikazuki​ @jabkie​ @simpingovereveryanimeguy​ @theycallmemrsbarnes​ @bittersweetbooke​​ @meri-soni-meri-tamanna​​ @myheroesaretired​ @fandomtrashbitch​ @chocbaleine​
Authors note: Who said this would be a cute fluff fic? I did, which obviously didn’t work out. Why? Because it just wasn’t realistic and wouldn’t make sense to just magically make the reader forgive him and leave someone who is perfectly capable of being with the reader seeing as he helped pick up the broken pieces left behind. Anyways. Honestly. I’m fucking tired, I’m sorry it took so long to get this out. Should of been out like a week ago, but so much has happened and I’ve been just all over the place, I have Winter blues and it’s hard to get through this. I just got a job too, it feels like I have no right to feel this way. People have it so much worse, but everyday I just really hate it here. I got all A’s, amazing friends and it’s like fuck people don’t even have what I have so it feels wrong for me to feel this way. But ig it is what it is. Sorry guys, updates soon.
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stylowantssonicnow · 9 months ago
Well, I'm back. Not forever, as I'm sure Tumblr will get super boring super fast, and I'm certainly not gonna use this account. I'm really only here to talk about a couple things, a couple things that I feel are important. I've thought about this for...months, I'd say, so here we go:
I just wanna say; I'm sorry. I wasn't very big on Tumblr and god I hope it stays that way forever, but in any case that I hurt anyone that I unfortunately do not remember, I'm so sorry. I lied about myself, more importantly, I lied about my age. I was never an adult, and I'm still not. I'm only 17 currently, but that doesn't really matter. I told my closer online friends from Tumblr the truth in private and now I'm gonna say it here.
Me lying about my age was a disgusting and disingenuous act. I didn't consider how it would've hurt my adult friends, followers, mutuals, etc. What I did could've gotten them in trouble, and I didn't care. I don't want to say it was a ""mistake"" because it wasn't. It was a conscious decision I made because I was selfish. I'm so sorry for that choice I made. I hope everyone is doing okay, currently.
I realized that I had ADHD and was autistic. I've been to a psych ward. I did a lot of thinking about myself and evaluation. I'm...well I don't wanna say completely different person, because I'm still me, but I matured vastly over the past year. Vastly.
I'm leaving this account again, and I'm moving onto a new one with my new interests and stuff. I don't think I'm gonna tag it, because I just honestly don't want this world to find me. Like, fucking ever.
I moved onto new (or even old) fandoms completely.
I'm 100% not in the IZ fandom anymore.
When I left this blog, I was into IZ for a couple more months. Then, I moved onto Sonic, then Fairytail, now I'm over in the MHA fandom. It's actually my special interest, and I've been into it for over a year.
So, my new account is going to be centered around that.
Just like last post: thanks to all my followers, mutuals, and friends. Y'all were fun when we talked and interacted. <3
And, I want to say it again, I'm sorry for any harm I caused. Thank you all so, so much. I wouldn't have made the journey I did without my audience here.
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mviixa · 2 months ago
remembering some of the interests in my life:
dinosaurs / aquatics :
this was when my nursery teacher first got me tested for autism bc i wouldn’t stfu to the teachers about fucking fish and trexes . all jokes aside , i knew information about my interests that all my teachers didn’t know and they were jealous so they called me autistic aparently they were right . also id like to add , when i said talkinf to teachers , no i wouldn’t talk to the other children, i only talked to adults
also these are the most autistic special interests i’ve ever heard in my life
insects :
,,,, i was insane yes ,, //looks at you with my autism eyes//
i had a pet spider that i’d kill flies and put it on his web to feed it to him,,, yeah,,,,,
i also had a pet ant called ant , yes i was creative , yes i believed the same ant came to see me every time i went outside, i also used to cry when people used to kill bugs , even though i used to kill flies for my spider . now i’m terrified of spiders
fnaf / batim :
i still like these but my cousin introduced me to it , my dumbass used to role play as bonnie every time and forced him to be freddy bc he always wanted to be bonnie but i wanted to and i was more powerful so fuck you . i meet him sometimes and we watch markiplier playthroughs and play it . i got myslef into batim and i still adore it , fun fact , i was corrupt alice angel for one halloween when i used to cosplay
also the amount of times i drew her during art block is crazy
also these games started my love for horror ever since the first fnaf came out
warrior cats :
yes i was one of those kids but what else do you expect from a mentally scarred child my age . luckily i was out of rp by then , luckily i wasn’t a furry but one downside is i became a librarian in my primary school to beat up the other librarian bc i didn’t like her , skip lunches + breaks [bc as we’ve already established, i was antisocial and hated everyone] and read warrior cats books for free
homestuck :
i fuckinf loved nepeta , i mean she’s me , leo , warrior cats kid , loved causing terror and violence upon people , sometimes serious and sometimes just playing , playful and fuckinf loved “:33<“ she was also autistic , not canon i just said so . i was a karkat stan too bc as you can see i was INFESTED with anger issues and secretly hated myslef but hid it with pride and is solitary and antisocial but really loud . but if you really stuck with me i’d be the nicest person . i’m still like this . karkat was also autistic bc i said so
so basically i kinned nepeta and karkat , my username was once “arseniccatnip” bc it was nepetas . when i cosplayed i also always used to ignore my other hs cosplays and OBEY my nepeta and karkat ones , updating them and making them more unique
warzone , i joined both the bsd and tr fandoms during the war between them , mha fans were crazy so i left them immediately , csm fans were icky , death note fans were all ‘god complex’ bitches and the only ones i fit in was nana , lain and jjk bc nana stans were lesbians with their strawberry glasses and vivienne westwood necklaces and sex pistols , lain fans were the most mentally i’ll people i’ve ever seen and jjk fans were HORNYYYYYY
jjk was like my fav anime [i realized halfway through writing that , writing ult anime will get me killed]
my current interests , along with stranger things but that was wayyy before now , i think i’ve gradually lost more mentality bc i went from “omg bug so cute” to “MAN CLEANING UP LEFTOVER FLESH OF A MAN DISCINTEGRATED BY ACID BC OF A FAILED DRUG DEAL” and “WOMAN GETS HER RIBS RIPPED OUT YAAAAAYYY” but skz is probably the only thing keeping me goinf rn
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aks3raao1 · 10 months ago
You know, there's a thing with characters that foil each other and serve as the "good" and "bad" respectively (Toga/Himiko, Tenko/Izuku, Nagito/Hajime, Ryoko/Hajime, Atsushi/Akutagawa) but that trope felt rather annoying to write, especially in the world I am trying to write about (ALTERNATIVE's world is basically MHA X BSD but like. 1000 times more fucked up and the Specialised are always prejudiced against. A terrible lot).
The title itself, ALTERNATIVE is to symbolise Romila's POV of "infinite choices and paths present for every being" and how she starts off the story with a decisive line of,
"Many people ask me if this could have been avoided. They beg for me to tell them that things could have been better. There are others too, who try to justify that this was the only way for things to have been. If you ask me, both are living in states of denial. One can't accept the stupidity of humanity for disregarding common sense for violence and prejudices. Another can't accept humanity's choice for having better circumstances if the one with the power chose to."
The thing is, the running theme is that the story is a bittersweet one, despite there not being many deaths of the main characters, but there was always a junction where you can see it could have been avoided, that there was an "alternative" for things to have gotten better, especially in the first book.
Another reason for the title is that it's basically an "ALTERNATIVE" to this world of ours, where super powers and stuff like those exist.
The subtitles of both the books (Myriad of Colours, Colour of Death) signifies Romila's power, "Aura Tracker" which lets her view people's aura as colours (Myriad of Colours is to signify the different kinds of people she meets, Colour of Death is about what affects her the most (death) and how she's constantly seeing that colour everywhere, especially now that it's war).
The thing about ALTERNATIVES is that Romila could have chosen to be a doormat (like Koldin tends to be at the beginning (his rp self is like THAT due to circumstances different to ALTERNATIVE's actual storyline. Also because Hack's a nicer person to be around than Romila is) in order to nOt hAvE cOnFliCt™) to not get into conflict and put up a super nice persona for people but she didn't. She decided to focus on hanging onto her reasons for doing what she does and using it to create a caustic personality to shield herself because she knows that she will regret being a doormat (Her Despair takes the form of Koldin Hopkins).
Now Koldin could have certainly put his hatred for society at the forefront and taken a caustic personality but instead chooses to be nice. Because he doesn't want to become as hurtful as the rest, that's how he wants to disentangle himself from society. However he, like Romila (who just took standing up for herself to extremes), takes this to the extremes causing him to gain the personality of a nice boy™.
However this also goes into why they made the choices they did (which is what Romila realises during the Mansion of Death arc), because for Romila, she didn't really have the psychology for actually becoming a doormat (because a) Her mom wouldn't have it b) She hated to be called weak c) She didn't have anyone to fall back to after the inevitable consequences of being a doormat d) She felt that if she were to live with monsters, then it's easier to blend in by being one (this comes useful to her when she infiltrates into the Government) e) She saw doormats getting suicidal which frightened her) or not becoming fully caustic (since her standing up for herself wasn't. Liked. By. Anyone. And seen as aggressive and she basically went, "Well if they see me as bad, I will show them BAD" which led to her breakdown causing the incidents at the Mansion Of Death (especially a twisted hatred against Koldin for extremely understandable reasons).
For Koldin, being meek and peaceful had let him get by in the streets and his skills to difuse fights had come in handy. Later when Dr. Hopkins took him in, he was well. A member of the Radicals who were known to be extremely merciless towards the Specialised (he had defected but Koldin had a REALLY good reason to be wary) so he figured if he stayed nice, he wouldn't be kicked out of the house and Dr. Hopkins being Dr. Hopkins just assumed that it was his normal and that behaviour carried into school. He figured that it was a horrifying thing to be aggressive and then saw how Romila got treated and decided that yep, he was right, that confirmed his world view alright and it was more reason to be super nice. While Romila saw Koldin as a person who everyone took advantage of (a thing she hated. To be exploited just like that) and went, yep that confirmed hers and it was more reason to be super angry.
However the thing is that, Romila was chided for being anything, which caused her to just give up to be peaceful (because what would she do? Anything she tried to do got her scolded) while Koldin (thankfully) found a support system. It really goes to show the difference a good friend can do.....
As it is, when I first began writing this, the most obvious choice presented itself to me. Koldin is the "hope" and Romila is the "despair" (on the protagonist, deutergonist side) but that seemed stupid and boring as it wouldn't make sense. Since I am trying to make a point of showing with how Romila's world view gradually changes from "there are wrong and right choices" to the fact that it doesn't have to be rigid and that *now* she wouldn't be hurt if she used what her vulnerable side wanted (a world free of prejudices and unnecessary cruelty) with the talents she had. That kindness mixed with her usual personality won't literally kill her.
And for Koldin, being a doormat means that he got taken advantage of a lot by different people and since he refused to actually stand up for himself ("Ah...aha......it seems that I can't..." "Can't what?" "Feel angry for myself......it's always anger that comes from the ones I love being hurt" "Then love yourself too, you will feel angry again" ~ Koldin's conversation with his inverted self in the Labyrinth) he got. Taken advantage of. By virtually everyone. However he decided that if being nice would keep him keep his self and his name self then it would be fine. He did not want to be the source of grief (his actual parents tossed him out because of his Specialisation). The Mansion Of Death actually causes him to snap for that reason, because Romila literally puts him in a torture dream "for the greater good" and then proceeds to kill his dear friend. One thing Koldin HATED. Killing friends. (Due to them being run over by a car, which led to his paralysed left arm)
Now on the other side, their respective friends:
Luja: Cynical and annoyed by people's stupidity but not to caustic extents and she wants to be a scientist and isn't haunted by the possibility of dying.
Kratanos: Full of anger and hatred against the world but not entirely blinded by it and is focused to using that anger for reformation of the world (she becomes a therapist later, to help people)
They both have her caustic parts but they also let themselves embrace another side which makes them her "balance".
Anand: Believes that there's no requirement for violence unless it's absolutely necessary.
Karishma: Figures it's a better idea to just listen to rules but doesn't hesitate to break them if she sees that they are bs
They both have his peacefulness, but don't hesitate to do what they think they should do, which makes them his "balance".
The point is that, the case of choosing alternatives isn't possible with a tunnel vision. Even so, there are choices that literally can't be made due to the individual and circumstances. Sometimes the choice is to choose more than one choice. Well, that's one dramatic storyline......
It reminds me of DDLC side stories since everyone has a bit of the other person's solutions and more of a opposite personality (don't take this the wrong way, there are many stories like that and it's honestly a favourite to think abt but it's just that DDLC does it well especially since it's only a school environment). Tbh, I like dramatic storylines that rlly dig deep into a character's perspective (reasons why I'm in love with Hack and Axel in particular). My whole thing is that I'd rather read a story with interesting and in depth characters than one where only the plot is good so I say you made the great call of the century with Koldin and Romila's characters.
What you thought before getting into it is rlly how every great character arc starts. You focus on one, somewhat forget the other one until you review every single character for inspiration and then BAM! PARALLELS! It's really admirable how, even in this messed up world of specializations, you didn't purely focus on the plot bc it honestly sounds interesting enough to just stick around for Romila's life and journey. You could have ended it all with just that, but no, you smacked Koldin in there and said "be my interesting on par character that can kick Romila's gut" and IT WORKED SPECTACULARLY!!!
I really love ur writing and hoping to one day read (and maybe print out) every story you've ever written bc GODDAMNIT I NEED THE FEELING OF THOSE WORDS ON WORN PAPER WITH AN ARTISTIC COVER AND AN AMAZINGLY HEAVY WEIGHT
Aka, paperback. Bc that's how I like to roll and that's how good I think it is. 1000% worthy of a bestseller
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muddy-t-wheels · 11 months ago
(Please ignore me) So I had this dream a few weeks ago, and it’s been stuck in my head since then...
Very quick summary: Our world combines with MHA Universe, I become an Art/English teacher at UA (more of an assistant teacher for Present Mic), and I was reminded of how stubborn people can be. Also soulmates exist in this world for some reason...
So in the dream, both worlds were collided, and faster than you can blink, anything MHA related was whipped from the face of the earth, and while it took a while- everyone silently agreed to not speak of the fandom/content for a very long time. Which of course was very sad, but it is what it is. One of the more common trends that happened was that anyone from our world was as “Qurikless as it gets”. It also came to the attention of everyone in both worlds that while soulmate marks don’t exist in our world, apparently they did in the MHA world.
A few years later, I had become an established teacher, specifically due to the fact that many students seemed to be drawn to me, even if I hadn’t taught them at all. One day, I had gotten an email from someone in Japan, asking if I would be interested in a teaching for the future heroes of Japan at “U.A. High school”. While I was surprised, and thought it was BS (for obvious reason), I decided to respond for the fuck of it, YOLO.
But low and fucking behold, the email turned out to be legit. Principal Nezu and I started exchanging emails back and forth until plans were formed. I had become fluent in Japanese, got a house to call home where I could move in with my mom and sister (we are all very close). Eventually it was agreed that I would assist Hizashi Yamada with teaching English (grammar wise) but I was also going to be the art teachers. I the day came up when I went and met with Nezu and I vividly remember the ending question of the meeting. 
Tumblr media
Incase you can see the image: (Nezu: Alright, so all the paperwork is filled out, I do need to ask this, since you’re quirkless and all... How will you defend your students?)
Tumblr media
(Me: Ah yes, I thought a good bit about this and I came up with some ideas!)
Tumblr media
(Me: I went ahead and got a permit to carry a specialized gun! The gun can shoot tranquilizer darts. The darts can stun most people for roughly one hour. Of course, I can understand if you or others dislike this idea so I also started taking Wing Chun class-)
Yes, I know conceal carry permits don’t really exist like they do in America but it was a dream ^^”
Tumblr media
(Nezu: Oh no, you’re fine, just make sure the students don’t see it!
Me: Wha- I mean, of course, but will the guardians of students be okay with this?
Nezu: Ignorance is bliss now have you thought about what your “quirk” should be? From what your references told me, I think “Mom” could be a good one!)
We had spoken about me faking a quirk to see how long it would take anyone (outside of the faculty of course) to notice that I was indeed quirkless.
Tumblr media
(Me: ...
Nezu: ... Do you not like “Mom”?)
This then led to us discussing what my “quirk” would be. We had agreed on calling it “Mom” and essentially allowed me to release a caring/nurturing aura that made most people feel drawn to me in the sense of seeing me as a “mother figure”. With it, the “quirk” it allowed me to be in tune with certain individuals that I grow close with and could vaguely sense if they were in great distress.
After this I was brought to the teacher’s lounge and introduced to all the other staff members. When the principal left, I sat and talked with the teachers of 1A, who eventually asked who came up with the fake “quirk” idea, and when I told them the reactions were defiantly mixed...
Tumblr media
(Aizawa: You... You’ve got to be kidding me!
Me: I wish I was... 
Me: That makes three of us-
Toshinori : ...
Me: Four of us... ow my ears)
Not too long afterwards, I became an official member of the U.A. staff. Nothing too major happened for a few years had passed, and one winter morning I was getting ready for work when my sister came into my room to do something (idk what) but then asked when I got a tattoo on my back. Confused, I questioned what she was talking about, she took a picture and showed me the image. Sure enough; there was a blue flame on my left shoulder, a purple heart in on my spine, and a red wing on my right shoulder... defiantly looked like a tattoo! 
Tumblr media
We did some quick research we learned that at the age of 16, people from the world of quirks would get their soulmate marks. However, all soulmates must reach the age of 16 before the other soulmates get their marks. Another thing we learned was that once the marks appeared, soulmates would be able to talk with each other via their minds. We also learned that it was becoming more and more common for people in our world to get soulmate marks!
With all this information, it started to get me worried. I was 22 (going based off the year), and if one of my soulmates just turned 16 then there was a bit of an age gap. Don’t get me wrong, it could’ve been bigger but it irked me a little. I also realized that the marks were sensitive to certain fabrics, so I had to quickly change the shirt I was wearing.
Soon enough I began to hear my soulmates’ voices, I had two, and they would “talk” often. Apparently they knew each other and already had an established relationship, so I kept quiet for a bit... until one of them made a bad joke that caused me to snort and respond to the terrible joke. Yeah, it freaked them out at first, but it got us talking, and we learned things about each other!
Eventually years flew by, I was an established teacher at UA and I had fallen into a routine. I knew who my soulmates were (Hawks and Dabi (incase it wasn’t painfully obvious)), they didn’t hide their identities very well, and I had somehow managed to keep my identity mostly under wraps (idk how (I’m very talkative) but they always asked questions about me). They would constantly pester me so that they could know more about me, and I would just... keep quiet.
At one point, I had stated that it would probably be better if the two forget about me, saying that I was shoe horned into their relationship because of the worlds colliding. If it hadn’t my mark wouldn’t be on their backs, so I got some medication that would help remove myself from their relationship. It started working, after roughly a year or so (at least going based on the calendars nearby) their marks and voices were starting to fade.
During the year of me teaching class 1A (and protecting my students from various villian attacks) I eventually met them in person (begrudgingly). Thankfully they didn’t seem to recognize my voice, however I did get the idea that could sense something was off cause I noticed they would be nearby. So I got in contact with a close friend of my and called in a favor. We went to school together and were constantly mistaken for couples because I was very affectionate while he would throw hands with someone if they got too close for his liking. So I asked if he would join me for a “date” so that some people would potentially get a hint and leave me alone.
He agreed and came to Japan and we went to the U.A.’s school festival together, we even went the extra mile and got matching fake tattoos so they would act as our “soulmate marks”. Surprisingly it worked- when the students asked who he was I stated he was my date (which wasn’t a lie). Eventually, I had stepped away to go get us something to drink, but when I had returned I saw he was being confronted by two people.
I sighed trying to think of what I could do before getting and idea. I had begun to shake the two soda cans before walking up to the two individuals and getting their attention, once they turned to me, I opened the cans and sprayed it in their faces. They stumbled back in response, obviously caught off guard, I stated that they need to cool down and began to walk away with my friend in tow. I got us something else to drink, and we continued on with the festival.
We enjoyed the rest of the festival and waited to see Eri and Aizawa off, before we left, we were approached by some of my students who wanted to know my relationship with my friends. We looked around, making sure that we were in the clear before confessing that we were just friends. That this was all just a ploy to get some people of my back and to hopefully stop pestering me. We even showed that the tattoos we were wearing were fake, everyone seemed to understand and agreed to keep it under wraps.
Thankfully things seemed to flow smoothly from there on, nothing to crazy happened. However, one day I was doing some training and decided to take a break. I was wearing a simple tanktop and sweats, which wasn’t too bad, since the soulmate mark was almost completely faded at this point, it would take a keen eye to see the remains of the “tattoo”. I was lost in my own world when two soda cans were dropped into my lap, two voice stated that I looked like I needed to cool down.
I had frozen up and slowly looked up to see that both Hawks and Dabi were standing behind me, I gave a weak smile with an equally nervously chuckle. I quickly got up to get away from them, but I was grabbed just as quickly, and thrown to the grown with them still standing over me. I sighed and chuckled once again and held my hands up by head.
The last thing I remember was me saying, “Alright, alright, you caught me, but the mark is almost gone so if you two just waited a little bit longer, you wouldn’t have me as a soulmate anymore. So why on Earth are you two still chasing me?”
Dabi smirked, “Probably cause we wanted you to be our soulmate! Fucking idiot- If you thought we were just going to leave you alone after you stated that we would be better off without you then we have some serious problems.”
Hawks chuckled, “Yeah, but don’t worry, we figured out a way to fix this, it just requires a lot of lovin from us! We gotta get that mark bright and vivid again!”
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gonuclear · 10 months ago
i have very little self-restraint so i'm doing three different special interests :)))
💕 i just got finished watching a couple episodes of mha and there was one (1) single frame of my baby mirio and i just......aaaaaaaa! honestly i wasn't sure what his deal was cause when he first showed up i was really behind, but when i started that first ep with him at the end of s3 i knew it was all over for me LMAO. like he is just So Good and is honestly so integral to the story beyond the shie hassaikai arc i wish he got more recognition. he's really one of the few characters left in mha who fully has the best intentions at heart and believes in what a hero should be/do instead of an idealized version of heroism. and plus, he's really cute 😌
💎 for this one i'll share a fun fact about haikyuu—so the ics logo they use for all the equipment/jackets/etc is kinda a pronunciation-based pun on how the brand asics (which is a really common brand used in irl volleyball) is pronounced in japanese. there's another part that relates to why the logo is a foot, but i'm tired and i can't quite remember what it is hldsjafldf
🎶 okay honestly i love all the black clover openings but i have such a MASSIVE beef with the actual score. like i pay way too much attention to anime scoring and some of the leitmotifs in black clover make me want to throw a chair. i will say nothing can be as bad as the db score, though naruto comes excruciatingly close. but! black clover!! god in heaven the ops are so fucking GOOD. not only do they sl a p music wise (hello, grandeur my beloved) but the actual animation that goes with them always has such incredible imagery and musicality it just makes the op 100 times better. and it utilizes one of my favorite things ever, which is ops changing as the narrative crosses certain points. like this and jojo definitely have some of the most well thought out ops i've ever seen
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bandanaboisstuff · 4 months ago
What are your overall thoughts on MHA?
It's pretty good imo. Like it's nothing groundbreaking to me but for what it is I enjoy it. Now I assume that there's an in series explanation for this or something but I do wish that more countries were shown in the world then just Japan.
Even if obviously it's purely about Japan's heroes. Cause even though All Might is No°1 in Japan I doubt he's the same worldwide. I just think seeing other places would be cool every now and then. But the variety of locations in Japan make it so you don't really think about the fact its all in one country.
The character designs are also good. Especially the ones that are actually meant to be inspired by existing comic book characters through homages or just flat out one to one representations.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The development of characters has always been odd to me though. Specifically the main Class of Students. (I just want to say here first I have not read the manga yet.) Out like Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki, Ururaka & Iida the other guys don't really get much to do, besides standing in as the obvious background stereotypical highschool friends.
A few of them will get a short story arc that lasts around 1 Volume or so before getting shafted again. But to their credit as students primarily they're perfect they may not do big stuff often but I don't really dislike them. I can understand if you think they're too childish or if you get bothered by them sometimes but they're literally kids. The way they act is pretty much accurate. Even if they don't all have a story.
Though again the fact it is pretty much a coming of age story. The time spent on them doesn't really make them feel that special at times. To me anyways. I know a lot of others do love them whether or not they are story driven and that's cool.
But I'd be lying to myself if I said the opposite but the villains are honestly the most interesting part about this story for me. Not only are the designs awesome. But their stories & developments are also so in depth and well thought out. If the show was primarily about them I honestly wouldn't mind.
The villains themselves are actually all surprisingly likeable as well. Well most them anyway. And yes it is perfectly fine to like an evil character without accepting their motivations for reasons such as just a fun personality, you like the impact they have on a story or you just think they are cool. Just because someone likes Stain or something does not mean they think his killing is justifiable.
I also wanna finish by talking about Deku himself then. I would firstly like to start off with my thoughts on his personality and what some people call 'Him being a pussy.' Now I never really understood that cause, while yeah he cries a lot, it didn't really happen out of fear for the most part he's just a really emotional guy. And timid. Being shy and being a coward are entirely different. Not every character has to be extremely confident 100% of the time, although I do think having a confident character get shot down serves for better development personally.
I'd also like to point out he grew up trying to attend a hero course as a Quirkless kid, like that alone sounds like anxiety enducing pressure, but he still tried it anyways. The only real moment he gave up was when his literal fucking role model & literal Number 1 Hero said "No you can't be a hero" to his face (Until that obviously ended up changing). If anything for all the reckless stuff he put himself through and does from beginning and so forth that would make him brave if anything.
But as for how he ends up becoming a hero, I feel like him getting One For All is a bit funny to me anyway it is. Back when I first started watching I honestly expected him to stay Quirkless all the way through. Thought he was gonna be this world's Batman or something. And the reason why I assumed that is because of the literal first chapter talking about the equality of the Quirkless & those without them and how the latter is seen as superior, with Midoriya going to be the stand out member.
But then he kinda just. Gets the strongest known Quirk in Japan from the literal Number 1 Hero. And that always rubbed me in an odd way. And sure he couldn't control it at first and fucking thrashed himself to dust. That part I could get behind. The part that took me out was the other abilities he gets. Later on. Why he's the only one who gets this out of 9 people I don't know but this was basically became the equivalent of handing a baby Ultra Instinct. So he gets the strongest Quirk. And then some more. But ah well I love him anyways.
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shotorozu · a year ago
staying behind
(tiktok trend)
Tumblr media
*♡∞:。.。 — 1.4k followers special —
character(s) : multiple characters
legend : [Y/N = your name, L/N = last name] gender neutral! quirk not mentioned here
note(s) : this was based off the tiktok trend where you stop walking to see if your friends or s/o notice. I THINK THIS WOULD BE SO FUNNY?? i’ll do this for the haikyuu characters too. also this is kinda short so im sorry—
· • —– ٠ ✤ ٠ —– • ·
immediately notices that you’re gone.
i mean, you’re usually the one that’s leading the conversation, he’s just listening to his s/o talk 🤠
you guys were walking to the hospital, to visit his mom :)) and you were just asking things about her— and if she would like some flowers
todoroki’s heart flutters, watching you talk about your concerns regarding his mother, and when he’s giving his reply to you, walking along the sidewalk as he spoke.
but then he noticed that he wasn’t holding your hand anymore, AND THAT YOU DISAPPEARED!!
he’s panicking, looking around— did you get kidnapped behind his back?? omg he’s in the process of beating himself up
and he just sees you standing steps away
so he just hurries back to you— panting as he takes you by your hand, and you’re just laughing at his reaction
“you scared me, love. i thought you got kidnapped.”
it’s such a stretch but he’s just so concerned
you chortle, and you just squeeze his hand “no shou, i was just messing with you. i’m sorry,”
he lets you off the hook, he’s just really glad that you’re not actually in danger.
looks behind his shoulder just to see if you’re still there from now on. he knows it’s a prank but he will NOT lose you
he’s just rambling about something interesting that happened that day while you guys were heading to a café. he’s doing the daily midoriya word dump.
and you were just listening to his rambling, just like any other day
and you suddenly get this cruel idea to just suddenly stop walking?? to see if he notices, of course.
he’s already a few feet away from the café, and he notices that you haven’t spoken in a long time
so he turns around
and you’re gone!!
immediately panics, and retracts his steps. it takes awhile because man was rambling too much but he finally finds you!
his heart is thumping wildly against his chest, and he holds you against him “Y/N! you worried me back there, why did you stop?”
and you’re just losing it over his reaction (because he took so long to realize you’re gone LMAO)
and he’s just 😀❓❓ what
“sorry izuku, i was just trying to see if you’ll notice i’m gone.”
izuku laughs in relief, and holds you close to him like you’re his teddy bear
he’ll try to check on you more often. but don’t do this again! it’ll give him a heart attack i mean it, don’t do that again.
he’ll notice right away
he was currently bringing you to his parents house on a weekend (because his mom wouldn’t stop NAGGING him about it)
and you just suddenly got this big idea to just stop walking. just to see if katsuki would notice that you stopped walking
when you stop walking in place, he’ll notice seconds later— and he’ll just walk back to you like 🚶‍♂️
and katsuki will just stare at you like 🤨 why did you stop walking?? did you forget something??
you’re just like “i wanted to see if you’ll notice if i’m gone,” all sheepishly bc the prank didn’t work
and he’ll just scoff, slinging his arms around you as he kisses your temple “of course i’d notice. you’re dumb.”
okay but there’ll be that one time he doesn’t notice you’re not with him, and he’ll just freak the fuck out lol
he’ll notice that you’re gone after a good minute
you guys will be walking to the amusement park, and kiri’s just so excited!
“i can’t wait, today’s going to be so good! i’ll make sure to take a lot of good pictures of you— wait.”
you’re not with him??
he’ll just swing his head around for you like a confused puppy, like “where did Y/N go??”
and he’ll notice you’re just standing there, and kiri will just BOLT towards you
“waah i’m sorry! did i leave you behind?” he asks concerned, linking your arms with his as you guys continue to walk
you laugh, patting his face with your hand “i’m sorry eijirou, i was just trying to see if you’ll notice.”
man is beating himself up at this point for not noticing
“i’ll make sure to notice from now on,” kirishima promises, and for the rest of the day— he’s just glancing back and forth to check if you’re still there.
silent panic
acts like he’s fine when he realizes you’re gone, but on the inside.. it’s chaos
you were walking with him to class, briefly after you helped him practice with his capture rope
and he’s just talking about his capture rope and how it almost got damaged because he washed it the wrong way once.
then he notices that he hasn’t heard your footsteps in a while, nor has he heard you reply to him
and he looks behind him, and you’re gone??
and on the outside, he’s pretty chill, like “oh. they’re gone.” and hitoshi’s calm enough to assess the situation properly
but on the inside he’s like “HITOSHI!! YOU LOST YOUR S/O WTF.”
and when he sees you cackling from a far, he’s just :/ but he’s just so glad you’re not actually missing.
“well played, kitten.” he chuckles in amusement, “but don’t do that again.” he says sternly— enlacing your hands with his
he notices a little too late lol
you were walking with denki, mina and kirishima to get lunch one day
and you just suddenly thought of this weird idea to prank him (courtesy to mina)
and you just see if he’ll notice you’re not with him. for no particular reason though
denki, mina and kirishima were lined up to get food, and denki was just like “hm.. i wonder what Y/N wants to eat today!”
and kirishima looks behind to ask you what you want to eat (for kaminari) and he notices that you’re literally not there
like.. gone. absent
kirishima’s now violently tapping on mina’s shoulder like “uh.. L/N’s gone. they’re missing.”
and mina’s like “OH NO.” which kinda caused some panic between the both of them. eventually, denki notices the tense expression that’s on both of their faces.
“what’s wrong??” he asks, absolutely clueless.
“L/N’s not here!”
realization hits him pretty hard
and denki immediately bolts out of the line, running around to find wherever you are.
fastforward to a few minutes later, he found you in an empty hallway, and he just starts apologizing.
“i’m sorry Y/N!” he whines, hugging you close to him, and you’re just like 🧍‍♀️
you can’t really be mad, bc you did this to yourself lol.
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do not plagiarize, reupload, translate, and use my work for audio readings without my permission :))
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Tumblr media
All I need is to simply call out your name And look I can’t help but loving you the same “What’s that face?” As we sit in this empty room You turned to me with that playful smile you do Today as well, I have fallen here for you
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