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Often I am upset
That I cannot fall in love but I guess
That avoids the stress of falling out of it

For all my lovely aros: a wholesome moodboard about solitude. I know this isn’t a qpr moodboard but, between Robin [the singer of this song] being aroace and the fact that aros have unintentionally been the main people educating me about aspec culture, I felt like they deserve a moodboard of their own. Plus, I am arospec so, kinda makes sense I’d get inspiration for aro moodboards lol Also fun fact: the two sunset photos were taken by yours truly on my phone. Crazy, right? Phone cameras are so high quality nowadays
Free to use with credit

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circling around the kitchen, why has nothing changed?

feed cucumber sandwhich to a pigeon

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and it’s easy, you see, yeah it’s nothing to me

and it’s cold, but you’re warm

can we hug till you freeze tonight…?

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You know the song Fool by Cavetown? The lyrics “I am just a fool to keep on chasing after nothing great
You are just a fool to keep pretending that you’re loving me
I don’t know where I’m supposed to go” remind me of my parents and it sucks. I think they love me they got me a therapist and I see my dad at least trying but, I hurt so much so much of the time and they are upset they lost a daughter or think I’m confused so they won’t even let me socially transition it sucks. I would give anything for them to acknowledge me as their son but it doesn’t seem like they ecspecially my mom are willing too and I don’t have the ability to escape from constant misgendering right now. Anyway sorry this is so negative but I don’t wanna big my friends so y'all have to hear me rant.

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It may still be Yuki day but I’m ready to cry about Iroha because I’m listening to Cavetown and some of his songs (Sweet Tooth, This is Home, Home, Juliet) all remind me of Iroha and I’m crying for some reason

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hey i just got discord and i want to make some friends lol. does anyone have any recs for servers about:   ?

  • writing
  • books (specifically YA)
  • ninjago
  • total drama
  • gravity falls
  • theatre / musicals
  • music (like Mother Mother, Cavetown, Peach Pit, Marina)

if so, lmk in the comments or whatever :-)

*im a minor so please nothing with nsfw stuff lmao

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