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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I’m doing a little change on the art, in the lights and shadows to be specific.

But anyways, they are coming soon, i will do some random art too just for fun :)

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New stuff from Nov 11th to 17th *Old*

Mouthpreset N23
Custom thumbnail
Non default
You can find it by clicking on the mouth of your Sim in full CAS

If the Mouthpreset doesn’t show the custom thumbnail, try deleting the localthumbcache file in your Sims 4 folder.

Download here

Mouthpreset N24
Custom thumbnail
Non default
You can find it by clicking on the mouth of your Sim in full CAS

If the Mouthpreset doesn’t show the custom thumbnail, try deleting the localthumbcache file in your Sims 4 folder.

Download here

Plum Earrings
8 Swatches
Custom thumbnail

Download here

Plum Earrings CHILD
8 Swatches
Custom thumbnail

Download here

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If the events in CHoG went a little different against the Mandikhor! Lucie Herondale. ⚠️Almost drowning⚠️

She took a step forward, her boot coming down in the shallow dark water. She shivered as the icy liquid seeped through the leather. That was it Lucie thought, just like Cordelia had saved her all those years ago Lucie would save her. She plunged into the thick water, kicking restlessly her arms surging forward over and over again. A flash of red and gold and Lucie knew, that was Daisy. She kicked even harder than she had before, her arms working faster than before. And in record time considering she was wearing leather gear and had her weapons still strapped onto her she grabbed Cordelia and Cortana. But maybe she hadn’t thought about the fact that bringing cordelia back to shore would be harder than she originally guessed. Water filled lucie’s mouth for the nth time. She spit it out only for more to fill her mouth. She wasn’t getting enough air into her lungs when struggling to keep Cordelia above water. She looked frantically around the water, until she saw a Barge in the distance. “Help!” She screamed. It did nothing though, because the cold liquid was merciless and unrelenting as her screams became gurgles and her lungs burned. Her muscles were beginning to tighten and her body started to sink. With one last attempt Lucie screamed at the top of her lungs. And then her head submerged underneath the water. Cordelia’s hair floated around them like a fire was surrounding them. Bubbles burst out of Cordelia’s mouth, then they weren’t. Because cordelia wasn’t even there anymore. Lucie saw, miraculously, through the dark water just enough to see someone gripping cordelia right above the water. They were flying her back to the beach. Good, Good, Lucie thought. Now I can just rest a second before I swim back. And with that last thought, Lucie’s vision was abolished.

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Welcome back to NNN, and this version is for Black Veil Brides. Take this lightly, these are just my opinions. Unless you support Ashley Purdy, in which case this post is not for you.

1. Re-Stitch These Wounds is better than We Stitch These Wounds in almost every way.

2. The only exception to this is The Mortician’s Daughter, in which case I adore both versions.

3. Carolyn is the best song on this album, which holds a LOT of competition.

4. I desperately need to hear Lonny playing the intro to The Legacy.

5. Savior is the best song on the album, no ifs ands or buts about it. Just everything about it is pure perfection.

6. Die for You and Youth and Whisky are way too underrated.

7. Every. Single. Song. on Wretched and Divine: The Story of the Wild Ones is pure perfection.

8. Black Veil Brides IV is their most underrated album.

9. Stolen Omen is Black Veil Brides most underrated song in general.

10. Vale has a lot to be discussed for sure.

11. Throw the First Stone is more badass than anything else they’ve put out combined.

12. I could go on all day about how disgusting I think Ashley Purdy is, so I will just summarize that by saying he needs to be in prison.

13. Hearing the guitar and violin solos in their songs is an experience that can only be described as godly.

14. For the guitar solos, I mean specifically on Carolyn, New Religion, Nobody’s Hero, Lost it All, Goodbye Agony, and Vale (This is How it Ends). For violin solos, I mean everything, including the overtures. All three.

15. (This one is kind of stupid) Jinxx is the most attractive member of the band.

16. There is no denying whatsoever at this point that Lonny saved Black Veil Brides.

17. CC would be hailed as one of the greatest drummers of all time if it weren’t for the fact that people hate Black Veil Brides so viciously. 

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so idk how many of you attended decaid but a couple of things were disappointing to me.

not only did we not get as much bts/never seen before content, he didnt talk about klaine or blaine or even glee as much as he said he would in the never been kissed IG live!! like how can you sing somewhere only we know, what’s considered to be one of the most iconic klaine songs, without even mentioning so much as the significance of it??? but instead he proceeds to talk about the pitch?? and the key it was in?? like what?? darren???? okay i get it, you went a little overboard praising chris to the heavens in the never been kissed live, hence the huge ass mia shoutout but seriously?? he said “kurt hummel” ONCE throughout the whole show.

on a side note: comparing miarren to klaine broke me so much. i dont hate mia. i respect their marriage. but really, darren? @darrencriss

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so darren kept saying im the meet and greets that his favourite klaine scene and favourite klaine duet at the moment was ‘let it snow’ and here we are thinking, there were so many christmas duets. why did he pick that one??

lets see…. baby its cold outside was too early on in the series, so maybe he and chris were just friends, white christmas was after the klaine breakup (and cc breakup bc chris was already sorta dating will then) and let it snow had so many cute moments, LOTS of choreography which means he probably spent hours with chris.

when you think about it, that shit hits hard. he wasnt just giving a politically correct answer.

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CC, she was sure, would never be making the mistake of considering another person as ‘kind’ ever again. One was enough. Maybe there was only one person like that in the world, or had been, and there wasn’t any longer. It didn’t matter– any kindness she’d seen in Shion was gone, probably had never existed. Broken just like the chips he was talking about.

CC would probably go to her grave with her trust in others withered at this rate, but at least she’d be happy, and secure in knowing that she had been right all along to keep everyone at arm’s length. Maybe this game had been good for one thing. 

Furious, she leans over, speaking through hissed teeth at the revelation. 

“Great news, dipshits– your stupid game worked to prove that over and over, people will do fucked-up shit just 'cause they’re morons who think they know best for everyone. Gee, I wonder what’s gonna stop murder… but more murder? Yeah, that’s exactly the line of thought I’d believe from some bitch stuck angstin’ about her own past and a fuckin’ TI-84 calculator.”

Her smile twists, and her mind races. There had to be a way. Mingzhu had said as much. CC didn’t believe in the existence of kind people, but she believed in good ones– it was what she was trying to be. She had only come here to ruin this game, and if it was the last thing she did, she’d wipe that smug tone out of Shion’s voice.

“If anyone ever needed an argument against sentient AI, this is it, huh? You’re right that unchecked emotions can make people do wild things. All you’ve fuckin’ done is made an entire room of people angry, after forcin’ 'em to relive their goddamn past trauma, so, gee! I wonder what our unchecked emotions’ll do, huh?”

Her arm spreads wide again, and then slams against her own chest. 

“I’ll tell you what mine’ll do. I already went through one fuckin’ game like this where I couldn’t save the people I wanted to. So if you think I’m gonna stand here and take shit from a roomba with a god complex, you’re out of your goddamn mind. I hate most of the people that ever stood in this room, but I ain’t stupid enough to say they deserve to die. I only joined this game to cause whoever was behind it problems. I ain’t even had a wish or anythin’ as a goddamn prize. But I’ll tell you what– those unchecked emotions you stirred up from forcin’ me through a second one of these helped me think of one! My biggest wish is to prove your delusional ass wrong. Take that for fuckin’ data and shove it up your ass.”

She had only come here to ruin this game– but really, what was her biggest wish? To be a hero. CC cackles, fueled by her own massive ego that had, as long as she remembered, given her the choice ability to ignore things said by people she viewed as lesser to her– and now, even if she was the delusional one, she’d ignore what Shion was saying.

“Hey, ain’t it great? You proved your own damn point. I wonder, then–”

Two fingers are held up, and then point at Shion and Seiko in turn. 

“Both of you died, ain’t that right? And now you came back, and boy, looks like you got a lot of problems and issues! It’d be for the best if both of you got wiped out of existence too, wouldn’t it? It’s only fair.”

Speaking of– to her side, she hears Tsurugi speaking and her smile grows. Her hand slips into her pocket, and comes out gripping something. 

“Heeeeey, y'know! I ain’t forgiven you for accusin’ me, but you can make up for it by causin’ some problems, ain’t that right? Catch~!”

A small knife, folded up, is tossed across the room at Tsurugi. Thank goodness CC’d spent so much time bored with nothing to do but practice darts. She cackles, wiggling her fingers in a wave, before her attention turns to Seiko. Shion was a lost cause at this point, in her mind, but maybe…

“Soooooo-rry, I’m gonna keep pokin’ around! Everyone’s bodies are alive, and frankly, there’s no data that’s unrecoverable. The fact that it’s corrupted means it still exists, anyway, so you’ve already boned that one. I’d say go ahead and punish me, but it seems like this game’s way out of your hands now, huh, Seeeeeeiko? What with the two of you not really bein’ in charge, and then your sweet little robot son goin’ rogue. So I’ll just do what I want, y'know?”

She reaches into her pocket again, still sneering, and pulls out a phone.

“But, hey. Maybe you could redeem yourself here. Your son’s off the shits, but are you? Did you want all those people to die? It doesn’t matter to me either way, since I’m sure I'm far fuckin’ smarter than a dumb bitch who thought a killin’ game was the route to stop all killin’ games, but hey– I’ll give you a chance! What do you know about ways to uncorrupt that data? If you want to make things at least a tiny bit right from your freak-ass son, tell us what we can do.

CC never expected the best in people, and she certainly didn’t now– that’s why she gestures at Tsurugi again, cackling.

“…Otherwise, I say just kill her. I’ll make sure her data gets wiped out, bwahahaha!”

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