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ranboo: do you believe in soulmates

tubbo: you better not be hitting on me right now

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what did i open this stream up to. why are they talking abt pregnancy. someone help whAt

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mild acosf spoilers

i’m sorry it’s just hilarious to me that lanthys was this super powerful and scary villain but when nesta stabbed him he materalized as just a very surprised and naked blonde dude

he was rlly in the middle of taunting them with death and torture and then just:

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Tell me what poses you would like to see, or what poses the community is lacking.

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Hair base

here are three “hair base” baby hair for you to make edits or use the “hair base” for other hair

“hair base” is in easy painting



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textures made 100% by me

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i came on here and searched the acosf tag so i could scroll thru y’all finally accepting nesta and realizing that even tho nesta’s recovery was longer and messier than feyre’s, she still deserved the same love and patience……….

………and instead i found a shit ton of elain/elriel/gwynriel posts

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1991 SUZUKI JIMNY CC JA11C - 2017 - USS Niigata

More like this SUZUKI JIMNY CC JA11C

Date: 2013-11-06 00:00:00
Manufacturer: SUZUKI
Model Year: 1991
Color: blue
Mileage: 97000 KM
Equipment: AC
Auction Grade: 3
Auction House: USS Niigata
Start Price: 50000 JPY
Finish Price: 0 JPY
Selling Status:

Images + Auction Sheet

External image
External image
External image
External image

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Happiness is remembering that somewhere Da/rren has this smile from Ch/ris on his phone.

Just look how he looks at him.


That smile,

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TheSenseMedieval - The Witcher 3 Blood And Wine | Beauclair Rich Bed A



This is my first witcher 3 conversion post and I’m so glad of it !

Toussaint Beauclair Rich Bed [A]

Features :

  • Functional bed
  • Only one swatch
  • Find it in the beds or search “thesense4” / “tw3” or “Beauclair” to find it as well !

That’s all folks, you can hit the download button


Don’t forget to tag me if you use my cc on your tumblr! :)


C'est mon premier poste de conversion de Witcher 3 et j'en suis ravi !

Caractérisriques :

  • Lit fonctionnel
  • Une seule couleur disponible
  • Vous pouvez le trouver dans la section “lit” ou alors chercher “thesense4 / “tw3” ou encore “Beauclair”

C'est tout, vous pouvez cliquer sur le bouton de téléchargement


N'oubliez pas de me tagues si vous tulisez mes cc sur votre tumblr ! :)

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