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#cedric diggory
anastasiakrizek · 2 days ago
Harry: Question: Moldy, why didn’t you just turn random objects into Horcruxes?
Voldemort: Please don’t call me that just because of my greenish tint! And because the Horcruxes would be so much more powerful if the objects were of significance.
Harry: Okay, but still. Lots of objects have significance without being so easily found. Like the coin I have from Disneyland with Mickey’s face on it.
Hermione: My first Barbie would be such a powerful Horcrux. It was Doctor Barbie.
Ginny: I’m pretty sure nothing can kill Errol.
Dumbledore: My first pair of cat eye sunglasses. I’ll never forget them. There’s also about 1.7 million of them in the world.
Ron: I think mine wins: The water bottle I held in my hand the first time I met Harry and Hermione. Crushed and ugly, with about 3 gazillion copies that look exactly like it. Just dump it in the ocean! There’s so much plastic there, no one would find it (which is tragic).
Harry: Dude, your mind >>>.
Fred: I would make a Horcrux of the shell George threw at my head when we visited the beach.
George: *sheds a tear* Good times.
Harry: Are they? Or are you just embarrassed that you didn’t think of it and chose the most obvious objects ever?
Harry: I don’t think so. Did you just pick them because they’re shiny?
Voldemort: NEXT QUESTION!!!
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cupids-crystals · 18 hours ago
hiii love! can i request some headcanons on folding origami w cedric? or any other artsy activities really! i think as a libra, ced prob has fine taste in stuff like this 😌 thanks a lot btw <33
-I think Cedric would be really artistic on the down low! It’s not something that he shares with everyone, but he’s a really creative person!
- he’d be a great teacher if you’ve never tried origami before! He’d make sure to go slow and explain every fold and shape he was making
- he’d make something super creative and he’d charm it to move (like Draco with the bird) and he’d give it to you to remember your day together
- honestly, he would’ve enjoyed any reason to spend time with you, but he’s glad that he got to show you another side of him!
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jannieka394 · a year ago
Imagine a buzzfeed unsolved and harry potter cross over where Shane is the chosen one and does not believe in magic.
"Hey there death eaters, it's me, ya boy"
"I'm dancing in your forest. It's my forest now! If you want me out you're gonna have to kill me"
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hpimaginesandblurbs · 7 months ago
* = smut, 18+ only 
neville longbottom 
neville dating a slytherin headcannon*
jealous!neville smut*
overstimulation w. neville*
neville using sex toys on the reader*
losing your virginity to neville*
dom!neville punishes the reader*
cockwarming w. neville*
neville shows the reader just how not vanilla he is*
the morning after your wedding w. neville
dom!neville w. an aphrodisiac* 
dom!reader using a sex toy on sub!neville*
remus lupin 
young!remus, pre-full moon smut* 
remus confesses his feelings for reader (pt. 1) (pt. 2*)
thigh riding w. remus*
young!remus soft post-full moon smut*
sirius black 
sirius w. a breeding kink*
sirius w. a size kink*
cockwarming w. sirius*
young!sirius w. a mommy kink*
tom riddle 
young!tom w. jealous reader*
tom w. dom!reader*
knife play w. tom*
mirror sex w. daddy kink!tom*
tom fucks ravenclaw!reader in the slytherin common room*
cedric diggory
cedric x reader mutual masturbation*
cedric nsfw headcannons*
thigh riding in the prefect’s bathroom w. cedric*
angry!cedric smut*
cedric overstimulating fem!reader*
cedric w. an innocence kink*
cedric w. a breeding kink + cockwarming*
cedric wakes the reader up with oral*
cedric punishes the reader w. bondage + overstimulation*
first time w. cedric during christmas holiday*
draco malfoy 
malfoy manor library smut* (pt. 2 w. breeding kink*)
draco forgets your anniversary and makes it up to you w. sex*
mirror sex w. draco x innocent reader*
plus sized! reader facesitting w. draco*
cockwarming w. draco*
draco waking the reader up w. oral*
dom!draco w. a breeding kink*
overstimulation w. draco*
period sex w. draco*
draco fucks the brat right out of the reader*
sub!draco with a mommy kink*
sub!draco learns how to eat pussy*
reader cheats on draco while in an arranged marriage* (pt. 2*) (pt. 3*)
draco making the reader cum from just dirty talk*
mean dom!draco punishes the reader*
blaise zabini 
blaise w. a degradation kink*
jealous rough dom!blaise w. a breeding kink*
dom!blaise w. an innocence kink*
office sex w. blaise x breeding and degradation*
pegging sub!blaise w. a mommy kink*
hard dom!blaise on your wedding night*
harry potter
harry w. an edging kink*
harry sexting headcannon*
harry comforting the reader when she thinks she’s a bad mom (pt. 2)
harry w. a mommy kink*
harry x reader get together after the war
dad!harry watching you breastfeed james
sub!harry gets punished by dom!reader*
dom!harry edges the reader w. a vibrator*
edging and overstimulation w. dom!harry*
thigh riding harry in the mirror*
sub!harry w. a mommy kink*
cockwarming sub!harry*
james potter
young!james being a tease in class*
sub!james w. a mommy kink*
george weasley 
thigh riding george w. a praise kink*
sex w. george at www*
george w. an innocence kink*
playful george w. a bratty sub
fred weasley 
fred’s reaction to the reader flirting w. a slytherin boy
mean dom!fred*
fred waking the reader up w. head and a smutty shower*
fred comforting insecure reader
daddy!fred takes your virginity*
ron weasley
cuddling w. soft!ron
ron. w a degradation and choking kink*
sex w. ron at the burrow*
regulus black 
thigh riding w. regulus*
regulus catches girlfriend!reader masturbating*
multiple pairings
james x sirius x remus x reader foursome w. degradation*
ron x lee jordan x reader threesome w. dom!ron*
ron x fred x george x reader foursome*
using your safeword w. sirius x remus
overstimulation and subspace w. sirius x remus*
fred and george take turns w. reader*
dom!reader x dom!hermione x sub!harry*
dom!fred x sub!reader x dom!george*
reader x cedric x sub!harry*
dom!ginny x dom!reader x sub!draco*
doms!fred and george ruin the reader*
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champagnxproblxms · a year ago
stream life by the sea
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frodo-sam · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In light of recent events the bonds of friendship we made this year will be more important than ever. Remember that and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain, you remember that. And we'll celebrate a boy who was kind and honest and brave and true right to the very end.
HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE (2005) directed by Mike Newell.
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anastasiakrizek · 20 hours ago
5 Most Powerful Slytherins
1. Tom Riddle
Fuck Voldemort, we’ll call him Tom. He needs no introduction, from being born from a Love Potion to crossing all boundaries of Magic, he has done it all.
2. Salazar Slytherin
From breeding Basilisks to being an expert in the Dark Arts to charming the Sorting Hat, he was a master of all trades. He just missed out on the first spot to You-Already-Know-Who.
3. Merlin
Not much is known about him, but he was considered the most powerful and skilled wizard of his time. Some even considered him the best ever.
4. Severus Snape
We may have been introduced to him being a Potions master, but he surely was much more than that. Skilled in areas like the Dark Arts, D.A.D.A., Charms, Dueling, Legilimens, etc., he would have been higher up on the list if he lived longer.
5. Bellatrix Lestrange
One of the most cruel and destructive characters in the series. Also known as Voldemort’s most loyal servant and even trained by him. She was undoubtedly powerful.
Other Mentions:
• Avery and Mulciber
• Regulus Black
• Leta Lestrange
• Rudolphus Lestrange
• Draco Malfoy
• Horace Slughorn
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cloudybarnes · a month ago
cherry blossom
Pairing: fred weasley x gryffindor!reader
Summary: fred and bestfriend!reader finally figure out their feelings for one another, and someone decides it’s time to act on them
Word Count: 2.8k +
Warnings: maybe some cursing
Tumblr media
✰  ✰  ✰
Fred was most definitely a flirt. You knew that, George knew that, hell, your entire year knew that. Still, that knowledge didn’t take away from the fact that you got butterflies every time it happened.
You had been friends with the Weasley twins ever since your first year at Hogwarts. It was actually George and you who became fast friends, then you warmed up to Fred and his more outgoing nature. 
In that time, it’s safe to say you harbored a bit of a crush on the older twin. Sometimes with all the flirting you two do, you even consider that he may feel the same way back towards you. Most times you brush it off for a more realistic idea that he’s just a natural flirt, which he is.
“Y/n!” George shouted from across the great hall. He and Fred excitedly waved you over to them. 
You chuckled, and brought your dinner over to where they sat. Fred moved over a seat, and patted the spot between him and his brother. 
“You know I would have made my way over here eventually, right?” You teased as you sat down. “You can never get rid of me.” You lightly bumped shoulders with the twins as they chuckled. 
“Thank Godric for that,” Fred sighed, “who else would do my potions homework for me.” He smirked at you and shoveled a piece of toast into his mouth.
You scoffed, “At least George likes me for who I am and not just my potions answers. Right, Georgie?” You sweetly smiled at your best friend who just nervously laughed.
“Uh-huh, yup, so right, Y/n.”
Fred cackled as you rolled your eyes and shoved George away from you. He burst out laughing and tried to pull you close to him. “Y/n, I’m just teasing!” He tried to wrap his arms around your shoulder, but you playfully pried him off. “Don’t be like this, doll.”
“Hey, back off, George.” Fred joked as he pulled you by your shoulders so your back rested against his chest. “Only I can call her doll. Right, dollface?”
Your nose wrinkled, “Doll, yes. Dollface? I don’t know if I’m into that one, Freddie.”
You sat up from his chest, even though you quite liked being close to him. 
Fred liked when you were close to him too. Just having some type of physical contact with you made him happy.
As you ate your breakfast, Fred grabbed hold of your hand and gave it a playful squeeze. You chuckled, “having fun?”
“Oh yeah, having a blast over here.” He smirked. 
“What are you two lovebirds doing now?” George asked with a playful smirk. 
George knew about your crush on Fred, just like he knew about Fred’s crush on you. He wasn’t really one to meddle, especially with how hard you begged him not to say anything, but he often could get away with sly comments such as that. 
“Nothing you wouldn’t be proud of, Georgie.” Fred smirked, “Just holding my girl’s hand is all.”
You and Fred weren’t together by any means, but the line between friends and something more was almost always blurred. 
“Oh, so I’m your girl now, huh?”
Fred’s grin just widened as you wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you close. “You’ve always been my girl, you just didn’t know it.” 
You looked from Fred’s grinning face to his brother’s smug one. You gave George a deadpan look. 
“Don’t look at me like that Y/n/n, you’re supposed to be nice to your best mate.” George chuckled as he ruffled your hair.
You groaned as you leaned in closer to Fred. Unbeknownst to you, that small movement made his heart do a double take. You smelled of vanilla, as always, and Fred couldn’t help but to soak it up. 
“Sorry Georgie,” you smirked, “you know I can’t help my facial expressions.”
George snorts, “I’ll say. Remember when you caught Fred and Angelina snogging in your room?”
Fred stiffened under you at the mention of his ex-girlfriend. He was angry with George for bringing that up again.
“Oh god,” you groaned, “I was mortified.”
“I’m sorry about that, doll,” Fred awkwardly chuckled. “To be fair, it was her room as well.”
“Still!” You squealed, cheeks starting to heat as you recalled the boy you liked with another girl. “I didn’t really care to see you like that with her,” you softly confessed, still leaning against Fred’s chest. 
He ran his hand over your hair in comfort. “Yeah, sorry about that, sweetheart. I mean it, I hated how uncomfortable you looked, and I felt terrible.”
He wasn’t lying. During the time he dated Angelina, he was beginning to develop a crush on you. He had thought that if he was with someone else, his feelings for his best friend would go away.
How wrong he was. 
When you opened the door to your dorm room, Fred’s heart fell out of his chest. He was so upset with himself that he had let you see him with her. For some reason, he didn’t want you to see him with any other girl. Now he knows it was because he wanted you to see him as someone you could be with. 
“It’s okay,” you smiled, “I’ve gotten over the scarring images a long time ago.”
George chuckled at that, and Fred breathed out a laugh. “Well that’s good,” Fred said.
“Oh, Freddie,” George called, “Oliver asked if you wanted to come with him and I to the field and get a game going with some of the boys.”
You looked from George to Fred to see what he would say. 
Fred noticed you looking up at him, and stared at you. “No, I actually planned something for Y/n and I to do if you don’t mind.”
“Oh,” George smirked as he looked between the two of you. “I see. Well then, I guess I’ll be off.” He stood from the table, and grabbed your hand to pull you away from Fred and up standing with him.
“Hey!” Fred whined.
“She’s my best friend,” George scolded, “I’m just giving her a proper goodbye.” George wrapped his arms around you as you giggled. You pressed your face into his chest and smiled, hugging your best friend tightly. “Give me all the details, won’t you?” He whispered in your ear.
 You grinned and nodded, “I’ll see you later, Weasley.”
He smirked, and nodded goodbye to his brother before leaving. 
Fred stood up and grabbed your hand in his. 
You smiled at him. “I don’t remember us having any plans, Weasley.” You teased.
He chuckled, “We didn’t. I just prefer to spend time with you than anyone else.”
Your heart skipped a beat. “More than all your other friends?”
He smirked, “You’re my best friend, no matter how many times George says you’re his. I’d spend time with you over everyone. Well, you and George, but still you.”
You laughed at that and pulled on his hand. “Come on, playboy, take me where you wanted to go.”
Fred grinned and dragged you all the way out to one of the courtyards. It was the furthest from where you ate dinner in the great hall, so it was a bit of a walk. 
“Okay, I’ll bite.” You joked when Fred stopped walking. “Why this specific court yard and why bring me right here?”
He softly smiled at you and interlaced your fingers. “Come on,” he softly spoke, “I want to show you something.”
His voice was soft and tender, something you’d never really heard from him before. The gentle tone of his voice made your stomach flip and your cheeks warm. 
Fred and you walked a little further until a beautiful cherry blossom tree was visible. He took you all the way until you stood under the tree. 
“Fred,” you trailed as you took in each petal of the beautiful tree. 
He chuckled and sat down, gently encouraging you down with him. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
You smiled in awe and leaned into his side. Fred wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you impossibly closer. 
“Almost as beautiful as you,” you teased, turning to face him. His lips parted in surprise, and his ears began to gain color. 
“And people call me a flirt!”
You giggled and leaned your head against his chest. Fred, with one arm wrapped around your shoulders, used his unoccupied hand to run his fingers through your hair. 
You sighed in comfort, “that feels nice, Freddie.”
His heart swelled each time you called him ‘Freddie’. Sure, George called him that, but it just felt so much more special when it came from your lips. 
“I like when you call me Freddie,” he blurted, not even intending to say that outloud. His eyes widened as he realized what he confessed, but you just grinned.
“I like calling you Freddie. A cute name for a cute boy.”
If his face was red before, he didn’t even want to imagine what it looked like now.
“You are so flirty right now.” Fred all but exclaimed. “Who are you, and what have you done to my Y/n?”
You chuckled, “you just make me really happy, Freddie. I feel like I can do anything with you by my side.”
Fred didn’t think his crush on you could grow any bigger than it had just then.
“To be honest,” you mumbled as you leaned closer into him, your head resting on his shoulder, “I’ve got a bit of a crush on you.”
Your heart felt like it would burst right out of your chest. Fred sat in disbelief, which only made you more nervous.
He slowly pulled you away from him to look at you properly. His eyes were wide and his lips parted in surprise. 
“No way you confessed before I had the chance to.” He pouted.
“Wait,” you grinned, “is that why you brought me here?”
He rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, no. I brought you here because it’s pretty and I wanted to spend time with you. I was going to tell you about my feelings for you when I worked up the courage to, but you’ve beaten me to it!”
You giggled, “so you have feelings for me, huh?”
“Well how could I not, darling?” He flirted. Fred leaned his back against the tree and spread his arms. “Come sit with me.”
You moved to sit with your back against his chest. Fred wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned his chin on your head.
“So what now?” You asked as you got comfortable with him.
“I want to be with you,” he confessed with a slight chuckle. “I want to spend all my time with you, and be able to tell people that I have a girlfriend and she’s you.”
You sighed happily, “I’m glad we’re on the same page, because I want all of those things too, Freddie.”
You turned around so you were facing him. “So, Fred Weasley,” you giggled, “will you be my boyfriend?”
He playfully rolled his eyes, “great, another thing you’ve gotten to before I could. Yes, I want to be your boyfriend so long as you’ll be my girlfriend.”
You grinned, and placed your hand on the side of Fred’s neck. His breathing halted as he watched you with shining eyes. He looked at you like you were the only thing worth looking at.
With your hand on his neck, you gently guided him down to kiss him. 
Fred sighed as he kissed you back, his hands going to the small of your back to pull you in closer. You smiled a bit, ecstatic to be kissing the boy you’ve pined after. 
Soon, you pulled back from him. Eyes still closed, Fred blissfully smiled at you. 
“It’s getting late,” you whispered, your face mere inches from his. 
Fred just hummed and pulled you to lay on his chest. “Let’s just stay here for a few more minutes. I don’t want to leave this moment quite yet.”
✰  ✰  ✰
By the time you two got back to the Gryffindor common room, it was empty. Everyone had gone to bed as curfew had hit. 
“You’re not going up to your room are you?” Fred teased as you let go on his hand. 
He took a few steps to get closer to you, and intertwined your fingers. “I don’t want to sleep yet,” he confessed. “I want to stay in the common room and be with you.” 
It made your heart flutter. Just the simple fact that he didn’t want to part from you made you feel giddy. 
“Okay,” you softly agreed. 
Fred grinned and laid on the couch, pulling you on top of him. “Is this okay?”
“It’s perfect.” You cuddled in closer to him. 
Fred contently sighed, “why have we never done this before?”
You giggled, “we weren’t dating before, silly.”
Fred chuckled, “I know, I just can’t believe I’ve known you for so many years and missed out on doing things like this with you.” 
“Well, we’ve got all the time in the world to be together, now,” you comforted. You placed a gentle kiss on his cheek which made him smile. 
“We just started dating and you’re already talking about spending forever with me?” He teased as he rubbed your back. 
You felt your cheeks warm. “It’s really just a figure of speech, Freddie. Honestly, you should pay more atten-”
“I’m thinking about spending my forever with you, too.”
Your rambling stopped, and you picked your head up from Fred’s chest to see the sincerity on his face. 
His smile was soft and genuine. Your heart fluttered as it always did around him. 
“Cat got your tongue, darling?” He smirked. Fred lightly traced his fingers along your jawline before using his index to tilt your head up and kiss you. 
You gasped as he kissed you, still not entirely used to being able to do this whenever you wanted. 
He pulled away shortly, only intending to give you a gentle kiss. 
Fred rested his head on the back of the couch and closed his eyes. 
“You falling asleep on me, Freddie?” 
He smiled with his eyes still shut. “I wouldn’t mind falling asleep with you.”
Your smile matched his as you got yourself comfortable on his chest and closed your eyes. 
✰  ✰  ✰
“Well look who it is!”
The sun was bright the next morning. You groaned and buried your face into your boyfriend’s chest, trying to hide from the sun.
“Don’t hide from me. Wake up! You’ve got quite a bit of explaining to do after you guys ditched me yesterday!”
Your eyes widened when you finally realized who that voice belonged to. 
You quickly sat up from his brother's chest and faced your smirking best friend. 
“Morning,” George smirked. 
You narrowed your eyes at him. “Hi, George. What can I help you with?”
He chuckled and ruffled your hair. 
“Did my baby brother finally ask you out?” He teased. 
“Firstly, I’m older than you.” Fred mumbled from underneath you. He yawned as he opened his eyes and pulled you back down to him. 
“So you’re not denying asking her out?”
“He should deny it,” you smirked, “cause I’m the one that asked him.”
George burst out laughing as Fred scowled. 
“Y/n!” Your boyfriend whined as he hid his face in your neck. 
“Don’t worry, Freddie,” George smirked, “I won’t tell anyone.”
That was a blatant lie, and Fred knew it. 
“No, go for it,” Fred grinned, “cause at the end of the day, she’s my girlfriend and I want everyone to know it.”
“Oh great,” George rolled his eyes, “now I’ve got to deal with you guys being all gross and couple-y.”
You giggled, “fret not, George, we will be especially couple-y just for you.”
“Oh, splendid,” he sarcastically cheered. “No, but honestly, I’m happy you got together. You wouldn’t believe the amount of times Fred would keep me up talking about you. It was insane.”
“Oi!” Fred shouted, suddenly leaning up to glare at his brother. “That was confidential; I don’t want to sound like a creep.”
“Well Y/n would talk my ear off about you, too, so it looks like you’re both creepy as hell.”
You chuckled and leaned over to plant a soft kiss on your boyfriend’s forehead. “I’m alright with you being a creep as long as you’re my creep.” 
Fred grinned and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you tight to him. “I wouldn’t want to be anyone else’s.”
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destourtereaux · a month ago
treat you better - cedric diggory/harry potter x fem!reader (part one)
summary: after a month of hints, you and hermione have given up on trying to get ron and harry to ask you two to the yule ball. but nothing sparks action like a little competition... from none other than hogwarts golden boy, cedric diggory.
requested? yes, by an anon; see the request here
word count: 1.5k
join my taglist here :)
warnings: literally nothing, super fluffy, some jealousy
Tumblr media
a/n: hi everyone! this series will likely be in two parts, and it'll follow the love triangle of cedric, y/n, and harry. it's also my first time writing ced, so hope you enjoy and pls reblog to support! (dannie this is for u @ur-local-reality-shifter ced would love ya)
“Boys!” Hermione exclaims, throwing her hand up, and you can’t help but agree. “They’re just so -- so --”
“Daft? Infuriating? Excrutiatingly unobservant?” you offered.
Hermione smiles a little at this, “all three.”
The two of you had been dropping hints left and right about the Yule Ball to Harry and Ron for the past month, trying to get them to ask you and Hermione to go. But it was all in vain, you should’ve known those two dimwits wouldn’t realize…
“Remind me again why we like them?” Hermione prompts, a sigh escaping her parted lips.
Your expression matches hers, full of disappointment, “I wish I could tell you, Mione, I really wish I could.”
“Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, do you think we should ask them ourselves??” the brunette asks.
You immediately freeze, “Oh Godric, no, I’m so bad at that. But you’re right, they’re never going to realize…” you groan, “say, we give them another week? And if they still haven’t asked us, we’ll take matters into our own hands.”
Hermione nods in agreement, and after a quick goodnight, you adjourn the emergency meeting and crawl into bed.
Little did you know, the universe had other plans.
It had been a fun Herbology lesson, although rather peculiar; Professor Sprout had brought the class to Greenhouse 2 and showed them how to extract bubotuber pus. As a result, you were covered with dirt but satisfied with your work.
As you headed out the door and turned onto the stone corridor that encircled Hogwarts, chatting happily with Hermione, you heard footsteps approach from behind. Turning around, you see Cedric running up to you, his scarf blowing in the wind, a grin on his face.
“Y/N! Wait up! Can I ask you something?” he queries, catching up to you.
Hermione looks at you, and you tilt your head, perplexed. “Well, I’ll see you later, Mione.” She nods, waves at Cedric, and heads off to her next class.
“Hey Ced, what’s up?” you greet him with a smile. Cedric was definitely one of your favourite seventh years by far. You’d met on the first day of school when you had gotten lost and he helped lead you back to the common room. He was like that, always lending a helping hand to anyone who needed it, without the slightest ulter motive. And ever since then, you’d become good friends, occasionally hanging out in your respective common rooms and laughing while catching up. He’d never approached you right after a class though, so you were rather confused as to why he’d chosen to do so today.
“How are you, Y/N/N?” Ced asks when he’s caught his breath.
“I’m alright! Herbology was good today, but I might still need your help later; new essay,” you grin, knowing the Hufflepuff excelled at the subject.
Cedric nods, “Sure! You know I’m happy to help; but that’s not why I’m here. I actually wanted to know if you’d like to go to the Yule Ball with me?”
Your jaw drops as you struggle to recollect yourself. Of all the things he could have said, this was not what you had expected. As you start to come to your senses, you realize, would this be so bad? It was really hard to dislike Cedric, and you doubted anyone but the Slytherins did. He was so kind and smart, not to mention easy on the eyes too. It’s just that you’d never really thought about this.
Cedric misinterprets the silence, hastily adding, “Of course, it’s completely up to you, I don’t want to pressure you into anything, but I’d obviously love it if you said yes…”
“No, no! I’m so honoured that you’ve asked me, and you’re such a sweet person, but I need some time to decide, if that’s okay?” you answer warmly.
The boy looks relieved, lending you one of his charming smiles, “Yes, for sure, you can let me know whenever you’re ready. And Y/N, this isn’t a joke or anything, I’m honestly asking you, I think it’d be nice to go.”
You can’t help it as a blush blooms on your cheeks as you nod, unable to form another sentence.
“Right, so see you in the library this afternoon? I need some help with Arithmancy, and we can get cracking on the Herbology essay too,” Cedric finishes.
“Yep! I’ll see you there,” you smile, and wave goodbye to the tall boy. Then you shyly turn away from him and head on after Hermione.
The moment you’re sure you’re out of his sight, your brain goes into overdrive, and your strides become faster and faster until you’re almost running. Spotting familiar brown curls, you rush over to your best friend and everything spills out. “Hermioneithinkcedjusaskedmetotheballnisaididthinkaboutitbuticantreallythinkrightnow”
Hermione’s eyes widen and she pats you on the back. “Woah, calm down Y/N/N… what happened? Slowly, and in English please.”
You glare at her, and she laughs. “Cedric happened. He just asked me to the Yule Ball. In the corridor; after you left!! And I didn’t know what to say so I said I’d think about it but I still don’t know what to say after thinking about it. HELP!”
You watch as your best friend processes the information, brows lifting and mouth opening to form a perfect “o”.
“Y/N… Cedric just asked you to the Yule Ball?! And you said you’d think about it?!!!” She shouts, and you immediately muffle the sound by covering her mouth. “Right, sorry. I’ll be quiet but, WHAT?”
You shrug, as flabbergasted as she is.
“I think you should go for it. I mean, this is Cedric Diggory we’re talking about. Quidditch star, good student, overall great person, and one of your closest friends. Why wouldn’t you say yes?”
“Because, er, I mean when you put it that way…” you struggle feebly. And she was right, Ced was no doubt one of the most popular Hogwarts students, professors and students alike loved him, and he’d never failed to make you laugh or comfort you after a bad grade. “But… What about Harry?” you protested.
Hermione lends you a sympathetic look. “Y/N/N, Harry hasn’t picked up on our hints for a month now… if you keep on waiting for him, you won’t have a date. I know you like him, but maybe Cedric is the change that you need! If you won’t give him a chance, do it for me, we’re in the same boat here.”
You wince, thinking about Ron’s lack of observational skills. “Okay, Mione, we’ll see where this goes,” you agree, and your friend beams.
At 5pm, you headed down to the library for your study session with the Hufflepuff boy, your heart was hammering away in your chest, and you prayed it wasn’t showing on the outside.
As you spotted a familiar figure making its way towards your table, you immediately stood up, and sat back down again, not sure what to do.
“Hi Y/N, nice to see you again,” he smiles warmly, and that cements the choice you’ve made.
“Hey Ced, same here! I just wanted to say that I’ve thought about what you said, and my answer is yes, I’d love to go to the Yule Ball with you. Thank you for waiting,” you blurt out, and immediately turn a bright shade of red.
A huge grin lights up the boy's face and he quickly replies, "Oh my god, we’ll have so much fun together! You have no idea how long I've waited to hear you say that, Y/N; much, much longer than a day."
And before you can even begin to take in what he had just said, you two got back into the groove of studying, and it felt as if nothing had changed as you giggled at his little jokes and he high-fived you every time you got a question correct… almost.
The next morning, you went about your day as usual, eating breakfast at the Great Hall before heading down to the quidditch pitch for practice. It was a beautiful day out, and your team was performing incredibly well; it boosted all your moods when practice ended and your captain complimented everyone.
As you leave the pitch, you see Cedric approaching you again, and your heart speeds up.
“Y/N! I was wondering, if you’re free this afternoon, would you like to go to Hogsmeade with me? There’s a new restaurant there and we could get lunch.”
How could you resist that grin and those wavy golden locks of his? “I mean, I might be a little busy, y’know, hanging out with some other friends of mine,” you tease.
He picks up on the joke and joins in with a wink, “Mhm… as long as they aren’t boys, can’t have you stolen away before I get to properly date you.” As if on cue, he picks a flower from the grass and tucks it behind your ear, brushing aside a strand that had gotten onto your face.
You can’t help but smile. “Alright, maybe I’ll go with you,” you concede, and Cedric gives you a celebratory peck on the cheek. As he pulls back to look at you, an involuntary grin tugs the corners of his lips up; he'd never get tired of making you happy.
Unbeknownst to either of you, Hermione and two very familiar boys had caught the whole scene from the other side of the bleachers. Your best friend was absolutely delighted, seeing how kind and romantic Cedric was… but unlike Hermione, Harry was far from happy.
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evitoxytrash · a year ago
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Crack
Cedric: What did you want to tell me, Harry?
Harry: Have my babies
Cedric: ...
Harry: I mean, the first task is dragons
McGonagall: Potter, who is your partner for the Yule Ball?
Ron: *kicks down the door while in a stunning blue dress and four-inch heels*
Ron: It's me, bitches.
Ron: My dad sent you this to help with the second task
Ron: *opens up box to reveal a bunch of rubber duckies*
Harry: Can you give me advice on how to talk to girls?
Sirius: *stares at Harry blankly while the Mii theme plays*
*Quidditch world cup*
Arthur: Hey, where's Percy?
Harry: I'll go check
*five minutes later*
Harry, traumatized: He's fucking my old Quidditch captain
Draco: *sees Harry and Ron dancing at the Yule Ball*
Draco, writing a letter: Dear Father, I have never been so heart broken or betrayed
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
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