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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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This is for twitter. I know 15 followers seem not much but for someone that never had that many it’s a lot x3 this is my celebration picture.

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This is only a one minute clip of the 12 minute firework show that Disneyland put on every night - takes your breath away!! Can not gush enough about how wonderful they make the whole Disney experience there - from dawn ‘til dusk. “Hats off to your vision, Walt !! ” 🌃😄💘 #sleepingbeautycastle #disneyland #fireworks #waltdisney #celebration #lailoveyou (at Disneyland)

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Message Of Love

“Jesus went …always pressing on toward Jerusalem.” Luke 13:22NLT

I awakened to the Lord saying, “This is life and death.” Later He said, “everyone is infected. They’re all dying. No one can live in that condition.”

“For the wages of sin is death.” Roman 6:23 NLT. Holy Spirit was right. No one can truly live in sin’s condition. But that wasn’t the entire verse. Oh glory to God, He didn’t leave us there with the sin-virus bringing death. “but the FREE gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Jesus pressed on to Jerusalem. He knew He was going to be tortured and murdered. People, I wouldn’t have pressed on, would you? I was thinking about all my special people, there’s twenty-four before adding spouses. You better believe I love them viciously, protecting them in their rottenness. There’s a great possibility, I’d take a bullet for them. But knowingly be tortured to death, I’m not sure.

Kim Walker sings a song, ‘How He Loves Us So.’ Yes, I’ve got to say, He loved us SO immensely, to press on to Jerusalem knowing the torture which was coming. Not saying, many believers haven’t taken torture and murder for Christ. Thousands yearly are murdered and some tortured for not denouncing the name of Jesus. But even those believers, nor any others went purposefully on their way to those torturing murderers. At least 99.9% were captured, not looking for death. Paul, being the odd man out, Acts 21:11-13, knowingly went looking for what he knew eventually  would kill him. He too pressed on to Jerusalem, because he wanted to deliver the message of grace to the Jews there.

Did you know the world still doesn’t want to know the message of love, mercy and grace? They would rather kill everyone, than allow the message of love to be spread about. Just like we’re now discovering the Coronavirus was made in a laboratory; given to the population with only the goal to make people suffer and die; all people are hated by satan and his servants.

Our Savior pressed on to Jerusalem for us. He took the sin-virus, with which every man is infected from birth, upon Himself. Jesus was tortured to give us a vaccine— His blood.

We’re coming into holy week, the celebration of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection. Have you asked Jesus to come live inside of your core being? Did you give Him the right to be your Lord, your Master. If you haven’t asked Him to cure you of the sin-plague, do so now. Use your own words, acknowledging Jesus is God’s only Son; ask for His needed forgiveness for all which the sin-plague has done through you; then invite Him to live in your heart, and to be you God-Lord-Master.  He’ll show up and He’ll move in.

Also, I hope you will get a cracker, and some juice, right there in your home. Share the cracker and juice with those in your family, who have asked Jesus into their hearts. Look on line, or open your Bible to read aloud Luke 22-24, followed by reading 1Corinthians 11:23-32; eat the cracker realizing it has just become Christ’s flesh. Drink the juice realizing it has just become the blood of Jesus. Then sing, shout, dance, praise and glorify Jesus for “pressing on to Jerusalem” to set you free from the sin-plague. Choose God. Choose Christ. Choose life. Choose God’s free gift. It’s your choice. You choose.

PRAYER: Heavenly Father thank You for sending Jesus to die for our sin-plague. Thank You Jesus for being willing to come and die in our place. We praise You. Help up please to carry Your gospel of peace and salvation so others may choose You, in Jesus’ name I pray.

by Debbie Veilleux
Copyright 2020 You have my permission to reblog this devotional for others. Please keep my name with this devotional as author. Thank you.

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Hey guys! I hit 0.5 yesterday which is something that I never thought would happen. I can’t express how much I am grateful for everything that you guys have done for me, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting that happen!! To celebrate I decided, with the help of the sweet @missmericana, to do a celebration to celebrate it (duh)!

rules to join:

  • must be following me 
  • reblog this post
  • be patient


(send me an ask with one of these below and wait patiently for me to respond to you)

  • ✿ for a blograte
  • ♫ for a custom header (please make sure to let me know how you’d like it)
  • ★ three things I associate with you blog
  • ♥ for a positive quote 

blograte formart:

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there’s been a lot of good stuff happening recently for me and i wanna spread that out into the world especially at such difficult times. this blog hit 6.1k, @sjlwrites hit 3.8k and i finished my book!!! so we’re having a week long sleepover and i really want you guys to get involved because I’m going to do everything I can to make you feel better. here’s what’s happening:

  • send me a ✨ + your current mood for a blograte
  • send me a 💌 + the names of your favourite blogs for compliments
  • send me a ♥️ + your favourite film for a compliment for you
  • send me a 🖋 + an emotion/word/situation/object/etc and I’ll write you a poem on @sjlwrites !
  • send me a ☕ + a topic and I’ll give you my opinion
  • send me a 🎶 + an aesthetic for a playlist
  • ask top 5 anything or give me 5 things to rank
  • ask for advice or recommendations
  • ask for quotes for my wip
  • ask me about my wip
  • ask me about anything
  • vent to me
  • get to know me!!
  • cast mutuals
  • anything!!

I hope I can bring a little more positivity into quarantine I guess. tagging some people I love with all my heart: @delmars @natasharxmanov @ahsokia @galaxy-parker @peterparkerdd @tonystarkstan @thejeditexts @underoosstark @fnnpoe @fordharrison

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We’re 1 person away from the 100 followers*-* Thank you for being here!❤

My art Twitter is around the same number. As a little celebration, if you’d like to, please name any characters in the comments - I’ll choose 3 from Twitter and 3 from here^^

(Sorry if your suggestion won’t be taken:/)

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Day 6 (04/04): cake - mother - justice


(Please click for better quality on mobile!)


Well I just had to do something to celebrate the best boy’s special day, now didn’t I? The LOV (read: Kurogiro) made the cake. Oh and he’s not crying. It’s just allergies. Promise.

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@thatweirdfrenchcanadian asked:  🧡 for Tai Kamiya, Digimon!

Fandom: Digimon

Characters: Tai Kamiya

Prompt: 🧡(orange heart): (Unrequited) Crush

A/N: From now on I’m open for regular requests.


Originally posted by moonlight-cutie

You were a side character in a love triangle. A side who was hopelessly and ardently in love with one man who could only see another. An another who at her own turn did not return his affections, instead turning to his best friend.

The circle would have been complete if the best friend had loved you, but that didn’t seem the case. Not when Tai encouraged the blonde to confess and found the affections returned. With Matt and Sora together only you and Tai were left in a complicated web of emotions and pining.

No fairy with a special flower who could right this pain.

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