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degreeinsimping · 3 minutes ago
Congrats V! 65 with Echo?
Staring Problem (Echo x Reader)
A/N: This was so sweet to write 🥺 Echo deserves love and that’s final. Thank you for requesting! Hope you enjoy! <3
Prompt: “Remember when we first met?” “When I walked face first into the wall because I was staring at you?”
Summary: You and Echo talk about your first time meeting and The Bad Batch tease him.
Word Count: 483
Tumblr media
Sometimes hyperspace could be incredibly boring. It was always the same routine, you’d enter hyperspace and the boys of The Bad Batch and yourself would sit in the cockpit and either discuss plans or bicker back and forth about random topics.
But, it wasn’t so bad. You fortunately had a very nice view of your lover, Echo. As always, your eyes fixated on him as he helped Tech pilot the ship, chatting absentmindedly to the nerdy clone. Of course you realized it may be a bit rude to stare, but you couldn’t help it, he was beyond handsome in your eyes. It’s a bit ironic, really; after the incident on Skako Minor, Echo was worried you wouldn’t love him as much as you did before, or that you’d find him less attractive. Both were very stupid things to worry about, and you told him as much, because your love and attraction to Echo grew with every second you spent with him.
Hunter, who was sat in the seat next to you, chuckled at your lovesick expression. The sound caused Echo to look back and he smiled when he spotted you. “You’re staring, cyare.”
You nodded, “I’m well aware.”
“Mhm, you wanna tell me why you’re staring?”
“Because I love you, maybe?” You laughed and Echo shook his head playfully.
“I love you too, but it’s a little distracting,” he spoke before thinking and upon seeing your smirk, he realized his mistake.
“Oh,” you stood and walked up to lean against the wall next to his seat, “Did you just say me staring at you is distracting? Need I remind you, love—”
“I know, you don’t have to—”
“Do you remember when we first met?” Upon you saying that, the others turned their attention towards you. Neither you nor Echo ever really spoke of how you met, so this was intriguing.
It was even more intriguing when Echo visibly cringed. He sighed, “When I walked face first into the wall because I was staring at you?”
Wrecker, who was sat off to the side with Omega, laughed, “Wait, wait- you walked into a wall?!”
Crosshair snickered, leaning up to shove Echo’s shoulder, “Why am I not surprised?”
Echo swatted his hands away and huffed, “Give me a break, I saw a pretty girl and got distracted!”
“You must’ve truly been focused on her for you to lose track of where you were walking,” Tech spoke matter-of-factly as always, smirking at his brothers embarrassment.
When Echo groaned you couldn’t help but to laugh. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and placed a gentle kiss to his lips, “Although it certainly wasn’t the smoothest way to catch my attention, it definitely did the trick. And now look at us.”
Echo grinned and wrapped his human hand around your waist, squeezing your hip in a comforting gesture. He sighed, “Yea, I guess you’ve got a point.”
Tag List (If your name is marked out it means Tumblr wouldn’t let me tag you): @questforgalas @greenysnarl @imabeautifulbutterfly @bleghbreakdown @foodandbooksplease @shytastemakerthing @erinoirsprize @wille-zarr @sirkekselord @sweetsunflowerkisses @perpetual-fangirl900 @echos-newlegs @m-o-o-n-s-g-o-o-n-s
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celebsbeinghot · 4 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Victoria Justice
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tall-tale-sims · 5 minutes ago
100 Baby Challenge: Ayala finally has a bday! LOL
Tumblr media
Since all she been doing is popping out babies, Ayala hasn't been able to actually celebrate a birthday but now she finally ages up to an adult! Happy Bday!! XD
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elevatorsdoor · 13 minutes ago
🎯 you know me so,,, random fact: i played volleyball with a tenis ball once go
zaddy blaise and not only bc you’re in love w him but he would answer your weird ass jokes with even funnier shit🤝
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mwoncolors · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ꗃ.  쁘⠀ꜥ 萊斯 ⦂ Ꮮเκє 𝚘𝚛 гєɓ𝗅𝗈𝗀 杜基 ꒷꒦ ▦。𝖈𝖗𝖊𝐝𝐢𝘁𝘀 𝙼𝙴 [ 벌써 ] !!  愛ˇ    % ,,    💬   ★¿  
 ᪡  𓂃 🎨  ꜝꜞ  ᳝ ࣪  psd: @i4miau 𒄬  
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toms-diary · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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elevatorsdoor · 20 minutes ago
🦕- mommy kink
james potter, draco, harry, george 🧍🏻‍♀️
Tumblr media
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elevatorsdoor · 25 minutes ago
🦕 - would overstim you with just fingers and toys
DRACO 🤌🤌🤌🤌🤌
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elevatorsdoor · 28 minutes ago
🦕- will get you off with pure clit play
omg probably fred and sirius 🤰🏻
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elevatorsdoor · 32 minutes ago
🥖 a with pansy?
A = Aftercare (what they’re like after sex)
pansy can be a hard dom most of the times so aftercare is like big w her. like she’ll prepare you a bath and have a tray of fruit to get those nutrients back into your body.
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