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barneyfife27030 · 16 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Ciara Rodgers Yellow
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welcometoaether · 17 minutes ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“At the end of the day, people are simply trying to connect with other individuals.”
May 2021 issue of The Aether:
Theme: Human Connection in The Digital Age
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juletheghoul · 18 minutes ago
AHHHHHH 500 ✨ congratulations again on your milestone baby—you blow me away every damn day, and I feel so blessed to call you my friend! You’re one talented bitch and I absolutely ADORE YOU, girl, ADORE YOU.
So naturally, suburban murder daddy (because it’s me and my slutty whore love for that man), with “pulling the other one towards them” please baby ❤️
Love you forever! ❤️ foli xo
Thanks so much babe - I never would have started this blog without you, thanks for letting me scream into our chat and for letting me send you all my filth and because anything with Dave York = filth, here's your domestic drabble!
27. pulling the other one towards them
Pairing: Dave York x F!reader
Warnings: brief fingering, general sexiness lol 18+ no minors (let me know if I missed anything)
“Dave, stop-” He was crowding you. Wrapping his body around yours as you tried to prep for dinner. You could see the girls running around in the backyard.
It was the golden hour and the whole kitchen was bathed in warm glow as he rubbed at your belly, pressing himself against you. You could feel the proof of his hunger for you pressing into the curve of your ass through your leggings and you had to laugh.
“David - are you serious right now?” It started out amused but it ended in a whimper when his hands grabbed at your breasts roughly. Pinching your nipples the way he knew you liked through the soft fabric of your shirt.
“I’ll be quick baby, I promise.” His voice was low at your ear and you felt him lick his fingers before snaking his hand into the front of your leggings, into your panties and parting your folds. He honed in on your clit, rubbing those perfect little circles he knew drove you crazy. When you moaned for real he laughed, got you it said. He stopped before you could cum, making you turn to face him.
He kissed you then, and there was nothing soft about it. He was licking into your mouth, your nipples pebbled, your core clenched. Even after being married for so long he could still make you burn for him and he knew it.
He pulled away slightly and you looked up at him, eyes glazed over with lust. Your vegetables forgotten, the arousal pooling in your belly was all that mattered. He was backing away with a mischievous little smile on his face and you pulled him back by the belt. He was going to finish what he started.
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celeb-seeker · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Anna Kendrick
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acelebrityfamerp · 22 minutes ago
Watching the new Conjuring movie and I am online and around to accept any apps or answer any questions that come through so don’t be shy, come and join us! I promise you won’t regret it!
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mumblo-number-five · 23 minutes ago
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Elizabeth Berkley
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boldlyvoid · 30 minutes ago
CONGRATS ON 400 BABES!!! How long do we have to submit the moodboard? I’m packed with homework right now and my quarter ends Wednesday
till the end of the week!! i'll pick my 5 favorites on Saturday june 19th!!
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boldlyvoid · 44 minutes ago
400 Follower fic celebration!
Tumblr media
hey guys! i am so proud of hitting 400 followers i wanted to thank you all! I'm asking for you to submit mood boards of your own design for me to create a story for! i'm going to pick 5 so send in as many as you want !!
they will be age-appropriate for the Sender of the mood board
between 700 and 2k words each
please let me know your triggers so I can avoid putting them in the fic
what I will write:
- spencer, Derek, emily, Penelope, luke, tara
- Moreid, Reidaway, Garvez
- female, male, and non-binary reader in Narrative perspective
- OC's if you provide names, pronouns and descriptions
What I won't write:
- all other cm pairings and characters
- I'm not comfortable with unsub spencer or writing the actions of crimes taking place. so no unsub reader or falling in love with criminals
- blood, graphic gone, ddlg, heavy degradation, rape, incest, or physical depictions of abuse
I can't wait to see what you create!!
taglist of friends : @shemarmooresfedora @spencers-dria @spookyspence @reidsfish @manuosorioh @mochionly @samuel-de-champagne-problems @jswessie187 @k-k0129 @calm-and-doctor @ssavanessa22
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samorascorner · 45 minutes ago
Paris Jackson says paparazzi caused her long-term trauma
Paris Jackson says paparazzi caused her long-term trauma
    NEW YORK — Paris Jackson, stopping by “Red Table Talk” for a frank discussion about living under the media glare, reveals she suffers long-term anxiety and trauma from enduring countless camera clicks by paparazzi since she was a child. “I experience auditory hallucinations sometimes with camera clicks and severe paranoia and have been going to therapy for a lot of things but that…
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