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#celebrity crushes

Tag your top 5 celebrity crushes from music/tv/movies! Thank you to @kissthesun for tagging me!!

  1. Cynthia Erivo - actress, singer, songwriter

Originally posted by jazminesullivan

2. Dev Patel - actor


Originally posted by michelle-krusiec

3. Lily James - actress and singer


Originally posted by queenoftherebels

4. Josh Groban - actor, singer, songwriter, record producer


Originally posted by stardustschild

5. Amber Gray - actress and singer


Originally posted by where-our-stories-start

Now to tag people!

@imperfect-postures @petewentzdiscourse @2sunchild2 and whoever else wants to do it!!!

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5 Celebrity Crushes 

Aw, thanks for the tag, @an-oranophobic-maniac​! :D 

I am not a serious crush-er (wut?), but here they are. Let’s hope I actually do have five. ;p This is one of my lighter, more jocular tags, so…here you go, in no particular order: 

  1. Henry Cavill - He’s a nerd and he is handsome and he’s funny, okay? I don’t want to know whatever he does in his personal life. His business, not mine. Also, he’s the perfect Geralt of Rivia, a great Supes (unpopular opinion, I guess), and he’s also hot good as Napoleon Solo, Charles Brandon and August Walker (only saw his parts in this last one *grins unashamedly*). 
  2. Bhallaladeva Rana Daggubati - Enough said. I don’t care if he’s taken now. Not like I am trying to steal anyone from anyone.
  3. Tom Ellis - Strictly because of Lucifer…yeah, I love me some defiance mixed with bouts of brooding and outbursts and narcissistic snark.  
  4. (…I dunno? Can I say Krishna? Is he a celebrity?) Nitish Bharadwaj - BRC Mahabharata has many some flaws and even though I am a “this” generation kid and am “supposed to prefer Star Plus” (wut?), Bharadwaj’s Krishna is the best-played Krishna ever in TV and cinema, in my impregnable humble opinion. (It seems like it can’t get better than that. Sigh.)
  5. …I am sucked dry. Guess I am too obsessed by Mahabharata et al to have real-life crushes… But still, to compensate, a few female celebrities I really love - Natalie Dormer (love her portrayals of Anne Boleyn and Margaery Tyrell), Gal Gadot (I was a DC kid and my childhood has forbidden me to actually enjoy Marvel because it doesn’t…cut it for me? I have been imprinted upon by DC, and Gadot’s just awesome) and Audrey Hepburn (again, enough said). 

Tagging if you would like to do this: @ruminationsofaraven @incurablescribbler @carminavulcana @bleedinknight @avani008 @allegoriesinmediasres @shaonharryandpannisim 

P.S. - It’s not a choice for you, Shaon Di. I wanna hear. :p 

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As I’m sure many many people do, I often daydream about meeting some of my favorite celebrities, but I have two different lists:

  1. I could reasonably hold a conversation with this person, probably more as a giggly idiot than my actual self, but a conversation could be held
  2. This person is gonna make me PANic and therefore probably doesn’t actually have an actual daydream because I can’t even hold that conversation in my head
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I was tagged by @sapphic-shipper for the celebrity crush game. Thanks for the tag!

Rules: Name 5 celebrity crushes from 5 different movies/bands/series etc.


1) Katie McGrath - Morgana Pendragon (Merlin), Lena Luthor (Supergirl), Saskia de Merindol (Secret Bridemaids’ Business)


Also 1) Melissa Benoist - Kara Zor-El/Danvers (Supergirl)


3) Katherine Barrell - Nicole Haught (Wynonna Earp)


4) Anna Silk - Bo Dennis (Lost Girl)


5) Elise Bauman -  Laura Hollis (Carmilla)


Anyone who sees this post that hasn’t done it yet and wants to do it, I’m tagging you!

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I have been tagged by @gideongrace​  for this game, which severely tests my love for celebrity crushes, because i can only name a select few

rules: name 5 celebrity crushes from different movies/series/bands and tag 10 people

In no particular order….

-Emma Watson


-Lily James


-Bradley James


-Blake Lively


-Sebastian Stan


Also, just for the heck of it, I’m adding one, and you’re lucky it’s only one, cuz i have about a dozen more. The entire list is VEEERY long 



-Scott Eastwood


 tagging:  @peterman-spideyparker​ , @xdawnofthestarsx​ , @sheridans-dynamos​ , @callmelilyshameless​ , @flippyspoon​ , @youngsamberg​ , @olive-h​ , @daughter-of-infinity​ , @my-glasses-are-dirty​ , and @toast-ranger-to-a-stranger​ 

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tagged by the sweetest @bskarsgardlove92

5 celebrity crushes

disclaimer: i do not own any of these photos, credit goes to the amazing people who own these photos.

1. it’s a dead giveaway but clap your hands together for my all-year favorite, the hand on the steering wheel of my soul and perhaps the sole reason why i was given a heart and a pair of eyes, bill skarsgård


2. alexander skarsgård (yes the swedish grip is too strong. i watch his interviews when i’m sad, makes you laugh and u get lost in his eyes halfway through. good experience. 10/10 would recommend)


3. john mulaney (i am slowly memorizing ‘the comeback kid’ and 'kid gorgeous’ by heart at this rate)


4. paul jason klein (he sounds and looks as good live as he does on tv, on the phone, fucking everywhere. stan LANY)


5. bright vachirawit (another real intellectual & thai-american king of my heart)


tagging anyone who wants to do this 🍑 stay safe and hydrated. i love you all 🥰

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