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It’s guaranteed to work. How many times do entertainment shows, magazines, websites, and even celebrity gossipers talk about the newest couple or romance? The annoying part is that they’re still doing the infamous staged pap walks during a PANDEMIC when people shouldn’t be walking around in crowded places like the beaches of Talum to get attention. It’s ridiculous over all.

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In the midst of all this Johnny Depp debacle, I have the feeling that his life and career went to shit when he broke up with Vanessa Paradis.

When I was a teen they were like a given, the sort of celebrity couple who were actually normal people, who lived their life, who loved each other and who were good to each other.

And Johnny Depp was on the top of the world.

And then all went downhill approx at the same period of their breakup…

I don’t even know what I mean to say with this, but I just saw another Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard article pop up and I thought of this…

He really used to have it all and it’s quite a shame :-/

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I mean I get it. It’s social media, as far as the guys all you need is a cute face and abs and you’re almost guaranteed some views and follows cause we subconsciously gravitate towards that. Talking from my own opinion, it’s a mixture of charm, looks, & confidence, I mean look at Noah Beck, he’s got a cute face, nice teeth, & does the same dance moves over & over but he’s one of the biggest Tik Tok accs. And to be fair, I think Charlie D is a dancer (don’t know if that’s true) & Dixie got a song out with Liam Payne. So 🤷🏾‍♂️

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