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#celestial realm
intuitive-angel · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Earth dragon 🌿🐉 Dragons are real. These beautiful beings are here to help us through the ascension process into the golden age.
Contact me for a Dragon Reading to see which dragons could be working with you ✨
~ Intuitive Angel
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obeymekookie · 21 days ago
Relationship headcanon - Michael
If he's with you he's very committed to the relationship. He'll want a future with you. Michael is Always loyal, always there for you, you receive all of his love, affection, support, everything. He'll make sure you're happy with him and your relationship. Sure, he's busy most of the time but he'll always give you a kiss on the cheek once he's done with all of his work. He'll even bring you small gifts, He's just doing his best for you because he loves you, maybe sometimes he does do way too much... Anyways, Good Morning kisses and Good night kisses are a thing. And so is taking walks and going out on picnic dates. He'll take you to all the beautiful spots that he knows in the celestial realm.
You two could even try baking together though he's not that good at it. He'll just hug you from behind and he'll with whatever he can while both of you are following a recipe from a cooking book. You two could do absolutely nothing and just lay in bed together if you're too lazy to get yourself a cup of water he'll bring you one and if you haven't gone outside he'll take you so you can get fresh air, You'll also be eating a lot of healthy food because he wants to make sure you're healthy, even a small exercise has become a thing between you two, though after that you may end up eating some sweets or junk food which you've ordered. Of course, Michael will make sure that your mental and physical health are both well. he'll hold your hand, hug you, overall, rant to you, he'll joke with you and annoy you at times, overall your time with him is always good ♡
Tumblr media
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gracedcoup · 2 months ago
Today on “It’s Probably Not That Deep But I Still Wanna Talk About It”: how do angels view each other in the Obey Me! universe?
All evidence thus far suggests that angels are directly created, not born from a parent. As such, angels are not biologically related in the way human siblings would be, though they both have and will utilize concepts of familial relation when regarding each other.
The Demon Bros refer to themselves as a family, something that appears to have carried over from their time in the Celestial Realm. Beelzebub and Belphegor go so far as to regard each other as their “twin,” differentiating the two of them from their other siblings. Altogether, they view each other as brothers in a “family by choice” sort of way, and don’t appear to hold sexual or romantic interest in each other. Asmodeus’ repeated flirtations do go against this, though these occurrences seem to be played exclusively for laughs rather than as serious suggestions. (All non-Asmo-related implications of non-platonic relations between the brothers also seem to be played exclusively for laughs, but Asmo is the most prolific example of this behavior.)
As a note: though the Demon Bros eventually begin regarding MC as part of their family, it’s unclear whether this is due to MC’s connection to Lilith (familial sentiment) or because MC has become dear to the brothers in their own right. By the latter, I mean like saying that a close friend is “like family” to you; you are acknowledging the close bond, but also acknowledging that the relationship is by choice rather than by birth.
Lucifer and Simeon’s private chat with each other is titled “Brothers No More,” implying that they used to see each other as brothers. The insistence on not seeing each other as brothers anymore could come from Lucifer’s end, as he canonically dislikes thinking about his time in the Celestial Realm, and also has a tendency to distance himself from potential reminders of trauma. As a result, Lucifer is relatively terse towards Simeon during some interactions, though it’s shown he still feels friendship towards the angel (though he tries to deny or evade the topic when it’s brought up). Regardless, Simeon still regards Lucifer very warmly, and may not refer to him specifically as ‘brother’ out of respect for Lucifer’s feelings. UNFORTUNATELY, seeing as Lucifer and Simeon were close friends before the Celestial War, this is not necessarily a good standpoint to judge how angels view each other in general. (In fact, it can be used to argue that the sibling titles are meant only in the “you, a close friend, are like family to me” way.)
As far as I’m aware, no one specifically refers to Luke as a little brother, not even Simeon. In fact, the closest anyone gets to referring to Luke using familial terms seems to be while implicating Simeon as a parental figure to Luke (Solomon: “What a good boy you’re raising, Simeon!”). Though Simeon has used terms of endearment when regarding Luke (“little lamb”), I don’t think he’s ever explicitly regarded himself as family to Luke. Luke also does not appear to ever regard Simeon with familial terms, though the two are definitely good friends. It could be that explicitly regarding another angel as a parent (as opposed to a sibling) is taboo, in the vein that there is only one true “Father” in the Celestial Realm.
While we’re talking about the lil man: Luke’s appearance as a 12-ish-year-old child (despite being centuries old) could be seen as evidence that angels begin as infants/etc, then grow to (visual) adulthood over the course of a few millennia. The process of ‘growing up together’ might tie into angels’ usage of familial relation when regarding each other, aka angels in similar age groups (like the Demon Bros) are more likely to refer to each other as siblings.
tl;dr I just want more angel lore, dude. What is Michael even up to these days
(Disclaimer: I’m not up-to-date on the main lessons and I haven’t read the angel stories, so feel free to add on if something from them conflicts with this analysis! This is also based solely on the English translation of the game, since I don’t know Japanese lmao)
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fathersonholygore · 3 months ago
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—Chapter Thirty-Three: "Deus Ex Machina"
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—Chapter Thirty-Three: “Deus Ex Machina”
Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Chapter Thirty-Three: “Deus Ex Machina” Directed by Amanda Tapping Written by Eleanor Jean * For a recap & review of Chapter Thirty-Two: “The Imp of the Perverse,” click here. * For a recap & review of Chapter Thirty-Four: “The Returned,” click here. The Celestial Realm is watching what’s happening in the various spheres. Yes, that’s Pollyanna McIntosh as…
Tumblr media
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harunayuuka2060 · 9 months ago
What if...
MC accidentally time-traveled back to the past where Lilith and the others were still in the Celestial Realm...
But this time, it was not Lilith who fell in love with a human but Belphie falling in love with MC?
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minami--chan · 9 months ago
Just like in The Good Place, you can't curse in the Celestial Realm.
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harunayuuka2060 · 9 months ago
Everyone’s talking about how our MC’s can go to the Celestial Realm...
Me being a devil half of my life: Do I deserve it? 
Also Me: Who cares. I’m definitely going!!
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daucson · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Little background on how my Dem!MC got sent to the devildom 😅
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distanceenergywork · 2 years ago
Energy Healing and the Subtle Realms of Existence Webinar - Session Two
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fisheepathy-blog · 9 years ago
Day 21: Something you wish didn’t happen
I wish that the gang didnt go to the celestial world and waste away 3 months LOL
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lucinferno · a day ago
lucifer - stay, mïrändä
baby, if you leave me now / there's no telling what i'll do: lucifer found a lover in the human- they represented everything righteous in lucifer's mistakes, everything justifiable in his fall from grace- the human was a descendant of lilith, his fallen sister, as well as a beacon of hope to bridge the disparities between humans, demons, and angels alike. lucifer had come to rely on the human to such a high degree- even he himself is surprised with himself that he, the prince of pride, is so dependent on a human. the idea of the human leaving him- he couldn't even bear to imagine it.
'cause i have a heart / despite what you may think / and i wouldn't have it any other way: the journey to loving the human was not painless- the two had hurt each other over and over. but it's in lucifer's nature to be proud, arrogant, willfully headstrong. naturally, his hubris can come off as off-putting, as if he didn't have any feelings in his heart, his soul. but, slowly, as the human gets closer and closer, they realize what really beats wildly in his chest when their lips find each other...
and we know it isn't love / ... / but it just has to be enough: whatever the human may feel, lucifer clearly has his trauma and past mistakes haunting him wherever he goes. he must suffer gravely for the loss of his sister, his friends he betrayed during the great celestial war [see: simeon], his freedom. while this doesn't prevent him from every finding a lover in the human, he clearly cannot give himself wholly, as so much ties him down. but perhaps, somehow, the human can take his sins, his mistakes, and make him whole again- something he wishes for so ardently.
you know i hate to feel this way / oh, i'm begging you to stay: god among demons, a fallen morning star, a broken angel, a fettered demon, the prince of pride, the eldest demon brother, lucifer- poison to the soul, pomegranate seeds to the tongue, he is not someone to beg, but tonight- he asks you to stay.
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artsystudiofinds · 4 days ago
Tumblr media via @etsy 
A sterling silver handmade ring infused with cosmic moldavite energy. We recently added few rare collection in our etsy store, visit:
Thank you!
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michapie · 6 days ago
The Seventh Realm (Discord)
Hello beautiful jelly beans. I recently created a Discord server where we can talk about life, our existence and share things that are important to us. It's a safe space, the server is really special so we actually have a google doc where we ask a few questions to get to know you better. But pretty much if you're over 18 and respectful you can join.
Here's the link, hope to see you there. Peace and Love.
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magaprima · 20 days ago
Remember how Caliban and the Plague Kings said in thee Part 3 premiere episode that Lilith wasn’t fit to rule and the cosmos itself rejected her? But also remember how, despite these claims, she’d been running that place for weeks (or months? I’m not sure of the time jump between part 2 and part 3 with the only argument against her claim being the Plague Kings and their Boys Club? And how no one in the actual cosmos was complaining? And nothing was falling apart?
And remember how in the reality where Caliban trapped the House of Morningstar and took the throne, he was not only defeated by the Pagans on the third day of his rule and then ON THE SEVENTH DAY OF HIS RULE, the archangel Michael and a bunch of celestials came to Hell and destroyed them all, emptying Hell entirely. 
Michael didn’t seem to have a problem with Lilith ruling did he? The Heavens didn’t swarm down in battle at Lilith being Queen, did they? They didn’t see a weak spot in Hell with her on the throne, did they? Nope. But within SEVEN DAYS they not only came down to challenge Caliban’s right to the throne,  but he and the Plague Kings failed to defend Hell and were utterly destroyed by Heaven.
So, who’s not worthy of the throne now, hmm?
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equizona · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Forbid me to Fall
Fandom: Obey Me!
Character: Simeon
Extra: Drabble
Warning(s): Angst, mentions of death, mentions of war? Hinted toxicity(?)
Summary: Simeon knows, he knows better than anyone that falling is nothing but suffering, but they make it hard not to.
Note: So, this is just a short thing I wrote after realizing that Simeon can't actually be with MC, since we all know what happened to Lilith.
Tumblr media
Simeon knew. God, he knew. Better than anyone else even. He had been there. He had watched Lilith get thrown out of the Celestial realm for the very sin he feared he was close to committing.
He'd watched his dear friend get thrown out for siding with her. He'd watched so many of the people he considered his family get thrown out, damned to either fall victim to death, or give into the sin they were raised to hate, simply because one angel had fallen in love with a human.
That was what they were meant to do though, wasn't it? They were meant to protect, and cherish all life, including humans.
So why was it so bad to love one?
And why, why did he have to be the one who would be next to fall?
He wanted to deny it. An angel, falling for a human. It was against the ground law of the Celestial realm, and he knew, he knew so much better than the rest.
Because now he had fallen. Fallen for the grace and kindness of one of them.
He cursed the exchange student program for making him have to suffer this fate. If he'd never been sent down here, he would have never met them.
Did he truly want that?
Their presence, their kindness, just everything about them made him feel so much better. He felt more at home with them then he had ever done in the Celestial realm.
He could gaze into their eyes for the rest of eternity, and he would, if given the chance.
But, he would never be given that chance. After all, humans were mortal. Unlike demons, or angels, they did not last forever. They came and went, and maybe that was the beautiful thing about their kind.
But, he knew better than anyone, that he had committed a horrible crime by falling for their charm. It was against everything he was meant to be, everything he was created to be.
So, lest he fall any further, he would hide those feelings away. He'd hide them in the deepest corner of his being, praying that none of his brothers or sisters found out.
Praying that his father never found out.
Praying that they never found out.
Because if even by the small chance they'd return his feelings, he would not be able to stop himself from giving in. Giving into both them, and sin.
And he truly doubted he would survive the other option of them finding out. After all, he could feel a part of him die simply imagining it.
Yes, hiding it would be better. After all, falling was a sin, in either ways, and they were mortal, so it could never be anyway.
Maybe, no matter how small he knew the chance was, if they ever got incarnated as an angel, he'd do his best to win their affections.
He could only pray and hope, keeping faith as he hid those feelings as far away as he could.
He couldn't afford to fall, neither from grace or for them. No matter how much he craved to do so when he met their gaze.
Tumblr media
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