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I fucking hate “you can’t take a pill for everything!!!!” Ass people……. I sure as fuck can, and I sure as fuck will. That’s why they make them!!! There’s over 100 symptoms just for fibromyalgia alone and if there’s a pill that will either illiminate just one of those side effects or keep them at bay for just a few hours then sure I’ll fucking take them.

Yes I got my zofran script back so if I’m nauseous or vomiting because because the pain is so bad I’ll take zofran.

If my GERD is flaring up I’ll take a Prilosec!!! I’m supposed to take 2 a day anyway!!

If for some reason I’m getting little baby burps that won’t go away I’ll take some semethicon!!! Yes burping pills are a real thing.

If my hands, feet, and armpits are drenched in sweat because it’s over 50 degrees I’ll take some clonidine to dry my self up! (Bonus with that, is it lowers my blood presssure,) I have stage one hypertension so that mixed with my propranolol which lowers blood pressure and helps with my tremor caused by long term Abilify and vraylar use in the past.

I was off abilify for a couple years now I’m back on 2 mg once a day for a mood boost.

Vybriid for manic depression.

Tramadol for pain.

Tizanidine for muscle stiffness/soreness

Seroquel to sleep 😴 or two tizanidines

Laxatives for if it’s been 11 days without shitting

Imodium for if I’m going through tramadol withdrawals because I finished it before I see the doctor for a refill

Docusate pills 💊 supposed to be daily but I’ve been laying off

Imitrex for horrific migraines

Estradiol because I can’t take bc with estrogen because i almost had 3 strokes and the estradiol puts the estrogen into my already menapausal body and keeps me wet n slippery. So it’s like shooting medicated lube into my pussy every other day.

Zyrtec for when my eyes burn or itch

Calcium because my bones are degenerated.

Do you guys get it or should I keep going.

If you see someone taking one of their prescriptions don’t make an ignorant comment about them taking a pill for everything just because they’re not 80 years old or in a wheel chair. Invisible Illnesses are 100% real.

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Person: What are your disabilities?!?1?

Me, with bad brain fog and the memory ability of a rock: Even if I wanted to tell you I probably couldn’t *sees something that sparks a muddled thought in my brain and wanders off*

Person: D: ????

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Check in. I’m so tired today so no selfie. I redownloaded some game like apps to track movement and water. My water intake is ridiculously horrible, yesterday I drank about 24 ounces of water that was flavored by blackberries. That is honestly the most water I’ve drank in a long time.

Yesterday I noticed that there is a massive difference between a junior size zero pant and a women’s size zero pant. I need to gain weight, but I feel like celiac makes that impossible. I’m hoping to start meal and snack prepping soon… For now, I’m just eating whatever until I can get my water intake up.

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Extremely informative video about gluten free diets by How To Cook That!

Seriously, please watch this is you’re considering a gluten free diet (without having celiac or gluten sensitivity), want to know more about celiac, wondering what gluten even is, etc. It’s put together really well and is, as I said, extremely informative. 

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I think it should be more common knowledge that gluten affects multiple autoimmune diseases, not just celiac disease.

I have Hashimoto’s and my endocrinologist and gastroenterologist both recommended I go gluten-free or low gluten because it affects inflammation in the body and increases levels of antibodies for us.

and despite it becoming a diet fad there’s still a huge stigma towards people who are gluten-free, even for legitimate health reasons. 

It becoming a fad is a catch 22 because while it’s becoming slowly more accessible, a lot of the replacements for gluten are just as bad, or even worse for you nutritionally.

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I’m on a gluten free diet to try and figure out if I have celiac disease and it’s so hard to find good gluten free recipes because most people that are gluten free do it to be healthier (or trendier, unfortunately) so most GF recipes will also be vegan and dairy free and paleo and sugar free and all this other jazz. Like I’m not here to be healthy I’m here to figure out if gluten is the reason I feel like dying PLEASE give me sugar

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