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Day 28 Centiskorch

At first I wasn’t really sure about what colors to use but after coming up with the color scheme I’m really happy with this ✨

As a bonus there’s a pic when I pulled the saturation to the max when trying to get the photo to match the colors on the paper more and I actually liked the end result 😂

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Now begins the darkest day arc on pokémon journeys. If you play the game on pokémon sword or shield you already know the plot. Ash try his hardest trying to stop a Gigantamax Centiskorch but it was difficult. Leon was able to show up in the nick of time. Meanwhile Goh is with Sonia trying to find the cause of the power spot all over Galar. Zacian and Zamazenta make their debut.

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Pokemon Journeys Episode 42. Let’s Review:

1. Hello again, Rose. Nice to see you’re just as creepy and eff’ed up as you are in the games. Oh, and Oleana’s here too! Like Rose, you’re just like yourself in the games; beautiful and scary. That’s why we like you two.

2. Yay! Dynamaxing is becoming relevant again! After, ummm, how many episodes has it’s been since Pikachu first Gigantamaxed?

3. Ash, why did you get started by a simple Bunnelby? It was one of the three main mons a past companion had! (coughclemontcough)

4. The whole sequence in the Slumbering Weald was very well done and a nice touch to the games. Also, I am REALLY relieved that Ash will be stanning Zacian and Goh, Zamazenta. This is because in a recent magazine scan, it, for some reason, had our two bois stanning the opposite doggo, which was beyond confusing because, well, Ash is the stronger and (technically speaking) older of the two, so of course he should get the doggo that represents those two categories. So yeah, nice save, anime writers.

5. Raboot, you were hardly competition for Kiawe’s Turtonator back in Alola. What makes you think you can hold a candle to a mon that’s most blatantly a Legendary?

6. YAY, Sonia’s back!! Augh, why are you always so pure?!

7. Oh, look! A Centiskorch! And not only were we able to see its Gigantamax form, but the animators made it SO FREAKING ADORABLE!! So adorable, that I wanna hug one myself in real life! (which would probs kill cause I don’t have anime armor, but still, worth it)

8. “Stop! Don’t be so reckless!”??? My dude, this is the same kid who got Tapu Koko interested in him IN HIS FIRST DAY AT ALOLA. Also, get a better haircut.

9. Ash faces a Gigantamaxed Centiskorch and the first mon he uses to partner with Pikachu against it is Riolu. Ash, I love you, so please, do not make me call child protective services on you! (I mean, yes, there was the time your baby Noibat flew off towards a Zapdos and you didn’t even try to stop it, but still!)

10. Dragonite?!?! YES!!! After SO long, Ash is FINALLY using a mon on his team that isn’t Pikachu or Riolu! (their three-way attack against Centiskorch was also beautiful too)

11. I don’t why, but seeing a Charizard use a rock-type move like Rock Tomb just seems funny to me in an ironic sense. (considering rock moves are basically a Charizard’s kryptonite coughstealthrockspammerscough)

12. Hi, Leon!! Yes, yes do take Ash with you. Please, or else I will give you a 10-hour tangent over the whole Ultra Guardians shindig from the last adventure.

13. Ash, Pikachu, and Riolu riding on Dragonite together. I love this. I stan this. I adore this. GIMME more pure and wholesomely awesome frames!

14. Ash will be going with Leon to fight Dynamaxed/Gigantamaxed mons and Go will stick with Sonia for some research. THAT is fitting.

Overall, a pretty solid start to the Darkest Day arc! We got some good stakes set up from Rose and Oleana of course, Ash and Goh’s different perspectives and character traits were perfectly symbolized through both the legendary doggos and Leon and Sonia, and we got a some nifty looking battling scenes here and there.

I would rate this episode a good 8/10. Great start to a hopefully great arc!

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Katla’s Centiskorch (sometimes called Centi so not to mix her up with Kabu’s Centiskorch) is pretty chill normally, and whilst is very physically affectionate, she’s usually perceptive enough to give people their space if they’re uncomfortable with her (she is a giant bug who can set fire to things, after all).

She’s also very loving and protective of Kat, which can get her into trouble as Centi gets pretty hostile in her defence of her trainer.

This led to some amusing misunderstandings when it came to Kat and Nanu flirting, especially since Kat will sometimes deliberate tease or wind Nanu up make him threaten to ‘punish’ her - in very amorous ways. However, since Kat sometimes reacts with ‘fear’ when he corners her, Centi initially misinterpreted this when they forgot she was in the same room as them.

Thus leading to Nanu coming eye-to-eye with an angry Centiskorch.

Nanu stared back, completely nonplussed by the fact her fiery antenna were so close he could feel the heat from them. They stayed like that for a couple of seconds, before a: ‘Perrrowl~’ sounded out and Nanu asked, in his normal deadpan tone: “Remind me, Kat - how weak are Centiskorch to Rock type moves?”

“Uh, very.” The younger trainer glanced over, and saw Perla’s forehead gem was glowing.

“…Might wanna call off your noodle before she gets squashed, then.”

Centi quickly backed off at this, and Perla rapidly bapped her on the head for threatening her kahuna. They make sure to keep her somewhere else when doing amorous activities such as that in the future.

(That said, Centi learns quickly that Nanu and Kat are only playing, and later starts staring at Nanu when he’s ‘busy’ to try and distract him. She also starts playing this game with Kabu, much to his chagrin. Especially when *his* Centiskorch decides to copy his mate, so now there’s two Centiskorch staring, trying to throw them off their game.)

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Kabu would try to warn them ahead of time, but he can’t swap out his ace. He promises the trainer that Centiskorch won’t get any closer than he needs to, and since he’s a fire type, he doesn’t actually need to get that close.

If they can’t handle it still, then that’s really a shame, but there’s nothing he can do, really. If they can, great. Kabu tries to make sure Centiskorch keeps some distance.

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Centiskorch thinks he’s a human. He thinks that when he chitters, people understand him. He rubs his whiskers on people he likes, and when there’s a new person, he introduces himself.

I never have a lot to say about Centiskorch because the ideas I have for him don’t really fit into words if you know what I mean. But I love him so much. He’s one of my favorite aces because he’s just so GOOFY lookin’. Like


Funky lil bug man. Who designed you? He needs a raise.

But he’s not as funny as


LIKE ^^^^^^^^^ LITTLE MUSTACHE BUG MAN!!! I love this evolution line with all of my heart. My fav bug types by FAR, dude. I cannot use words to express what these creatures make me feel.

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