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you’ve got the job | au!assitant shawn mendes x ceo!reader

disclaimer: i wrote this very late at night lmfaoo im so so sorry if there are any spelling mistakes and if this doesnt make any sense whatsoever. n e waysss i couldnt sleep so i wrote this shitty oneshot thing. again, im sorry if there are ANY mistakes!! i also dont know if i used the “au” term correctly but by all means feel free to tell i didnt lol dont make me look stupud yall!! i love you <3 and be safe!!!! :)

“hi, i’m shawn mendes. i’m here for an interview.” i heard as i was walking down the halls of my building. “ah. yes, shawn! i’m interviewing you for the position as the ceo’s assistant, is that correct?” i asked. the young man nodded as he followed me back down to my office.

of course, i didn’t say anything about me being the ceo. “i haven’t gotten a chance to meet the ceo, actually. is she nice? the only information i got about her was that she’s a women, obviously, she’s 23, and that she is in desperate need of an assistant.”

i smile at shawn as i open the file he gave to me. “so have you worked as an assistant before?” i ask looking over his file. “no, this would be my first time but i assume it won’t be that hard.” i nod at his words, my eyes scanning at whatever pops out.

shawn mendes. 23 year old male. born august 8, 1996. 6′2. finishing college. majoring in business administration and management.. and so on.

“tell me, mr. mendes.. would you try and become friends with her or would you just simply be her assistant and nothing more?” this question was sort of important to me. everyone else i’ve interviewed just said that they would keep it professional and not try and become my friend. not that any of them knew i was the ceo but that doesn’t really change anything. right?

“i can only assume that trying to become her friend wouldn’t do any harm.” shawn fiddles with his hands as he answers my question. he’s nervous.. not that i blame him. after all he is trying to become my assistant after all, but he doesn’t know that. at least not yet anyway.

“good, good.” i close his file and push it aside, no longer needing it. “she has a frenchie. a puppy, to be more specific. is that alright with you? i read that you’re allergic to dogs.”

“that won’t be a problem. i have some medication to help me with my allergies. i’ll make sure her pup is well taken care of as well as her.”

now those words stick out to me. shawn seems like the type of person to make sure everyone is safe and feels comfortable before he is. he’s selfless. that would be very handy but i also don’t want him to devote his whole life to me. i mean, unless he decides to quit.

“you seem very selfless and kind mr. mendes. you quite frankly seem like an overall good person.” i pause for a moment wondering if i should just tell him that he’s been talking to the ceo of this company the whole time or if i should just let him figure it out. i decide against my second choice.

“you’ve got the job..” a huge smile breaks out onto shawn’s face as those words leave my mouth. “you start tomorrow meet me in here at six am sharp. i have a meeting to get to at seven and i need you to take bella to her appointment.”

his features are covered in confusion as i start to stand up from my chair. “y-you’re the ceo?” i nod. “you’ve been talking to your new boss for the past twenty minutes, mr. mendes.”

“wow. um.. okay.” shawn stands up and i reach out to shake his hand. “i really hope you meant what you said about taking care of my pup because she needs a lot of attention.”

“oh, i did. and i also meant about be coming friends with you and making sure you’re also taken care of.” i send a soft smile at the man in front of me and lead him to the main lobby.

“i’m looking forward to working with you, shawn. i just know you’ll be fun to have as an assistant. now go home and get some rest, you’ve got a big day ahead of you as of tomorrow.”

“yes, ma’am. have a good rest of your day.” i nod and start to walk away before i turn around abruptly and yell out to shawn before he steps out of my building. “oh and shawn!” he stops in his tracks and turns around at my voice. “don’t call me “ma’am.” please, call me y/n.” he nods and sends me a thumbs up before actually leaving the building this time.

having shawn as my assistant was sure going to be fun.

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Hey babes! I just wanted to ask you guys if you’d read a new series I’m thinking of starting and naming it God is a woman or is that too much? It’s an AU of CEO!Reader & Assistant!Tom, I want to write it but Idk if you guys would be interested so please let me know! If any other writers want to get on board with this feel free to message me on here or on my main @loserhollandask

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