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doyou-remember · a month ago
The story that Tom has posted on IG... I actually feel sad about the leak.
This is a huge project and we all know it. They're so excited and I've always thought that the reason behind the (now kind of) unreleased trailer is because they have so much faith on it and know that when the film is finally out, we're gonna enjoy it so much. It seems to have a great plot and obviously, has great actors.
I'm gonna be honest, I watched the first 5 seconds, but then paused it bc it felt wrong.
It's just my opinion, guys.
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yailea · 5 months ago
Y’know how Wilbur said he was gonna tell Ghostbur that Friend is safe when chat told him that they are? Well, what if that was a canon thing? Like, what if Aliven’tbur had some form of communication with Ghostbur from the afterlife?
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criedhavoc · 3 months ago
so knowing william said he was extremely attracted to mark the whole time he knew him and struggled with accepting that he was gay for most of his younger years, then think about how long william & mark have been friends.. it's never specified but I certainly get the feeling at least since early teens...
theoretically speaking... mark could plausibly be william's first love
Tumblr media
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tragedy-for-sale · 2 months ago
Who do you think were Cody's batchmates? I need ideas for.... Reasons.
I think I thought them as Fox and Colt and Bly? For one. I can't remember so what do you think?
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therainbowwillow · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
My bone shelf had these two sticks. They look like incense or something, right? Thing is, they’re actually New Years sparklers that I didn’t have another place for. I’m looking forwards to the day that someone tries to light one of them and it starts sparking everywhere. This is the kind of chaos I seek to sow.
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yourbuerokrat · 22 days ago
@garbage-smell @luciousdoesart
Sorry, it’s a bit late,
First of, for any one who will want to watch it without spoiler:
Warning: Flashy lights in the beginning followed by sort of creepy images, the movie discusses topics like abortion/wanting an abortion,and other heavy subjects etc. although the focus is on something entirely else. 
Short summary: The story revolves around a nurse and an actress who refuses to talk. The actresses landed in a sort of mental institution, where the nurse is tasked with taking care of her. The (female) doctor gives the actress access to her bungalow somwhere near the sea, where the nurse and the actress spend a lot of time together. At first the nurse tries her best to help the actress, but things take a dramatic turn when the nurse opens up one night about her ‘past sins’ and ends up crying. 
I believe you can interpret romance and sexuality between them, and it’s sort of implied? It’s difficult to pinpoint, but after reading an interview from the director it is meant to have a lot of room for interpretation from the audience. 
Just a heads up, it isn’t dark lie psychological thrillers are made these days, but there is still something there. Don’t go into it and expect sunshine and rainbows. 
Now the spoilers:
Honestly, I am a sucker for fucked up power dynamics, where you always ask yourself who has more power over whom. Though at the end of the movie I still couldn’t tell. My guess is the nurse, because at the end of the day, she seemed very confident in going back to her job as a nurse, tidying up the bangalow and taking a bus (back home?), while the look in the actresses face as she was once again on stage seemed a bit melancholic/softer/hard to describe. 
As this was a recmmodation with a perspective on Q and Picards dynamic, I will straight to the point. 
You could see certain things in the movie as effects of what could happen, fi these two were  to spend a prolonged amount of time together. 
It’s no secret, that Q manages to bring out some of the colder of Picards such as when he refused to help mortal!Q, telling him he regrets trying to save his life, etc. and Q seems to enjoy driving Picard to a point, where he becomes outright antagonistic. 
And Q actually goes more and more soft (for a lack of a better word) on him as the episodes go on. 
The Q we see in Farpoint, especially the literally cold way he treats Picards crew, is different than the one we see in All Good Things or even in Qpid. Somewhere along the lines he actually grew to care.
So you have an idealist, who is together with someonw who just loves to drive them up the wall or could do it even without intending to do so. 
And a chaotic being, that isn’t really all that empathetic and usually sympathetic towards other, but still begins to care for this person. 
What struck me was, that perhaps over time Picard could begin to trust Q and provided a bit of alcohol even open up to him, althugh Q would already know anything about his life anyway. 
But still, if Picard ever thought Q broke that trust and Q just took advantage of him opening up as a sort of spectacle to watch, that would get ugly pretty fast. 
‘You are just going to throw me away’
As I said in a previous post, I always thought that one of the reasons on Picards inner list of ‘Why getting involved with Q is a bad idea’ is the fear that as soon as Q has had his fun with him or found ‘a new shinier toy’ he would throw him away. 
And if after that they would still be forced to life together I can see Picard getting a bit more cruel and colder. 
Strangely enough Q would at least try to get ‘warmer’ because he doesn’t really want to hurt Picard. 
And the thought of this escalating to a point of Picard portraying similar mimic to Q in Farpoint once he found a weak point in Qs armor just as the nurse did when she confronted the actress about her realtionship with her son, is interesting.
Followed by the denial, ob ‘I am not you. I am me.’ just like the nurse had. 
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literateleah · 3 months ago
Tim burton said black people don’t fit the aesthetic of his films…
i’m fully aware that’s why the bar is on the floor for another alice adaptation
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dailyfresh-za · 11 days ago
Shock Art is Certainly Shocking; But is it Art?
Shock Art is Certainly Shocking; But is it Art?
Artists have always used their imagination to try to shake people out of the safe confines of their lives, views and assumptions. From composer John Cage of the avant-garde school (he produced the famous 4’33”, a piece in which a full symphony orchestra assembles for 4 minutes and 33 seconds and sits in silence) to Marcel Duchamp of the Dada art movement (he produced The fountain, which was…
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kusnilive · a year ago
P enny O scar R en N ora 
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squares-self-blog · 9 months ago
:O? whatcha watchin honey?
Ahajjaakskmxvm uhm 👉👈👉👈👉👈 a very mature and grown up show that only sophisticated people would watch
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mattymurdox · 9 months ago
Anyone else realized you’ve reverted back your old coping mechanisms from your middle/high school years? I know I have. Mine is spending copious amounts of time reading fiction as quickly as possible.
What’s yours?
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marionettefthjm · 10 months ago
Every day i wake up to a new type dystopian future
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x-rainflame-x · a year ago
Enemy RAINFLAME used SLSB UPDATE! It’s super effective! (i adore your writing immensely but you manage to hit all of my weaknesses every time 😭)
Aww, THANK YOU ❤️ I appreciate that so much!
Sorry about your feels, though c’: Hopefully they recover soon :’)
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