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jbreenr · a day ago
Pairing: Bodyguard!Chris Evans × Famous!Reader
Summary: Red carpets are usually fun and secure. Why was this one non of the above? (Second part of Trust)
Word count: 4.7k
Warning: Poorly written smut (+18 only, please), unprotected sex (don't do that, kids. be responsible), some of dirty talk, mentions of masturbation (m), harassment from a stalker (but nothing too serious), this is a RPF AU so, don’t read if you’re not comfortable with that. And I think that's it.
A/N: God! It's been months since I have been trying to finish this but writers block (and other things) stepped in the way. But it's finally here so yay me. As always, lack of vocabulary and grammatical mistakes abound. *apologizes in español* Feedback is appreciated
Tumblr media
ᴹʸ ᵍⁱᶠ
“No, no, no, no, no.” One word, two letters, repeating like a mantra in Chris' lips as you walked out of the bathroom. 
“What you mean 'no'? Ain't it cute?” You asked as you spun around to model the dress you picked to wear to the premiere of your new movie.
It had been almost nine months of Chis working for you and he was still so difficult to read. Of course, after that little slip time ago he seemed to be more relaxed, less prone to start a fight with whoever that came near you, but that didn't mean he had abandoned neither his impeccable method of work nor the resting face that characterized him.
The one that right now was directed to you.
“Cute? You're not wearing that thing. There's a rag in the car that is larger than that.” 
“This thing is a Gucci, and I'm wearing it whether you like it or not.”
He seemed to be about to say something, but just stopped himself and huffed in exasperation. Why did you have to turn his job into such a difficult task?
Chris felt like he was in a video game, everytime he thought he finally won a mission, you found a way to unlock a new level with more traps and new strategies to drive him crazy.
“You know what? Wear whatever you want, but I don't want to listen to you complaining when you can't sit without showing everything.” He opened the door for you. 
“I won't.”
He didn't have a chance to respond since you walked to the elevator as fast as your heels allowed you.
Six in the afternoon, that was the time you arrived. There was still plenty of natural light for the setup of the red carpet to be appreciated. The carpet was of a dark red and had black smoke-like lines, the billboards behind the fans had the movie title printed in patterns and cardboard branches with thorns created an arch in front of the door of the cinema, almost giving the illusion of being in the word of the movie. It was more realistic than the blue screen you shoot most of the movie in front of.
Paparazzi and their cameras with flash turned to you the second the audience behind the protection bars exploded in excitement when you got out of the car with Chris' help. You wouldn't admit it to him, but it took all your concentration to get out without letting everyone know what kind of underwear you were wearing.
You posed for a few minutes, smiling at the camera, fixing your hair and putting on a serious face only to laugh right after. 
It was exciting, answering interviewers' questions about your role in the movie, how you prepared for it, the challenges it implied and all the fun you had while filming.
Once you were done with the press, you went straight to the security bars to greet the fans. Every two steps you stopped to take photos with them –some cosplaying their favorite characters from the big screen adaptation of the book they liked, some others just enjoying the fact that you were there.
Signing pieces of paper, t-shirts and cellphones was also something that kept you occupied for a while. Mostly because you would hang short conversations with everyone who was willing to talk until Chris dragged you away to pay attention to another bunch of fans. No wonder everyone loved you.
“I love your crown!” You told the girl whose poster you were signing.
“You do? I did it myself.” Her excitement was evident as she grazed it with her fingers.
“That's so cool!” You gave the poster back. “I wish the one I wore looked as good without special effects.” The pride shown in the girl's eyes made your smile grow bigger.
She said something back, but you couldn't listen. In a second the world was in slow motion; voices and the clicking sound of cameras taking photos, muffled as if you were inside of a bottle filled with water; the carpet stretching miles and miles until you felt dizzy; and a pair of green eyes framed in freckles made you freeze in the spot.
Bern. His big smile and skinny complexion approached quickly, pushing people and excusing himself without looking at whoever he accidentally punched.
Chris was scanning the other side of the carpet, calmly moving his head from side to side, alert but aware of the fact that there were more people hired exclusively for the security of the event. There was no need to overreact at the smallest thing… or so he thought.
“Y/N,” He heard a girl from the crowd say. “Are you okay?” And it was as if the girl had pressed a button with big, red letters reading: DANGER, DANGER.
But when he turned to you, it was a little too late. 
A pale and lanky boy was already jumping through the protection bars, kicking a guy in the shoulder, making him lose balance, and going straight to you. 
If it wasn't because your breathing accelerated and your hands were shaking, Chris could have mistaken you for a statue. Your face didn't turn when he called your name, your feet didn't move when he told you to stand back and your reaction was not as fast as he would've liked it to be when the redhead threw himself at you with open arms, like someone seeing their best friend after many, many years.
You knew you should have done something; run in the opposite direction, tell him to stop right where he was, cry for help, anything. But you were frozen. It felt as if your heels were welded to the floor and the light, breathable dress you wore was suddenly a million pounds heavy and made out of concrete instead of silk.
“Hi! Do you remember me?” His voice was exactly as you remembered it, except this time it sounded far, far away and a little distorted, as if he was screaming from inside a cave and the only thing you could hear was the echo.
Something cold came in contact with your exposed back. A pair of hands cold as ice hugged you close to Bern and after that, everything happened too fast.
The whole place went silent the second you felt a whip-like pull. A collective gasp filled the air and then a thud, muffled by the carpet's material, was heard.
You gave two steps back to stabilize yourself and then you snapped back to reality, realizing what just happened.
Chris was on top of Bern, who laid on his stomach with both hands held on his back in an uncomfortable position, Chris' knee was pressed against the back of Bern's legs, stopping him from escaping, and his other hand kept the boy's head down. He was completely immobilized.
You left out a blasphemy, feeling your heart rate coming back to normal and you heard yourself saying Chris' name. 
He looked up at you. His eyes, that showed determination and some sort of anger, softened when he saw your expression.
None of you had the chance to say anything. Two security guys were already running to help Chris and a third one was telling you to get inside so you could calm down before the event started.
Sitting on a tall chair, you half expected someone to hand you a heavy, grey blanket to put over your shoulders and a doctor to check if you were injured, but the only things you received were a bottle of water and Mark's concerned look when he finally found you.
“Are you alright?” He asked, taking a seat beside you. “Christopher told me what happened.” 
“I'm sure he did.”
Your fingers played with the bottle, creating a soft creaking sound wherever you touched it.
“Was he the…” 
He didn't finish the sentence before you interrupted him, knowing what his question was. “Yes.” 
Your manager sighed, fingers pressed between his eyes. After a few minutes of silence he spoke again.
“You should get a restriction order.”
Turning to fully face him, you thought you'd find him smiling, assuring you that he was just joking to distract you from the shock, but the seriousness and worry reflected on his features told you that he meant it.
“I can't do that.” And even though he was not sure of the reason, which he asked, he knew you meant it. “It's not necessary. If he didn't get the message of keeping his distance before, the broken rib will remind him to.”
“Did Christopher break one of his ribs?” His voice was nothing but a surprise.
“Most likely.”
Mark huffed. How could you still not take the situation seriously? It was your well being you were talking about. Hell, it was the reason Christopher was hired in the first place.
“Look, I'll take care of it.” His hand was on yours, squeezing it affectionately. “You'll only have to testify, identify him as the aggressor and…” 
“I'm not doing that Mark.”
“Why not?”
You let go of his hand, brushing back the loose strands of hair that fell back the second your fingers pressed against your temple.
“Because I don't want people to think I'm a bitch.” You finally looked at him. “I don't want my fans to think they can't get close to me, they're a big part of my life and I don't want to lose that!”
“That's the most ridiculous excuse I've ever heard.” You knew it somehow was, but you couldn't help the growing guilt forming in your stomach like a balloon filled with water. That guy, Bern, needed help, not a restriction order.
“Then, do whatever you want. You already decided.”
And just like that, you stood up and walked inside the screen room where the first screening of the movie was taking place.
Despite the altercation, the rest of the evening went perfectly… well, kind of. Chris hadn't had the opportunity to ask how you were doing, and you didn't really feel like talking to him, so every time he'd get close enough you would find any other thing or person at the after-party suddenly extremely interesting and worth your attention, bringing a pinching sensation in your chest each time.
It was not until you felt like you had talked to every soul in the room that you decided it was time to leave. You said your goodbyes to very specific people and then headed to the parking lot, with a –quieter than usual– Chris not far behind.
“Please, consider doing what we talked about.” Mark leaned over the car's door. “Just think about it.” He said and walked away before you could protest.
If you weren't too preoccupied about the half hour long ride to the hotel with Chris, your mind would have most likely started to ramble about it all.
“Are you going to tell me, what did I do now?” Chris asked as soon as the door of your hotel room was closed.
“Why do you think you did something?” 
You walked to the small bathroom, attempting to take a hot, long shower and avoid Chris in the process.
As usual, he was faster than you and blocked the white wooden door with his full body.
“Because the last time I tackled someone you did the exact same thing you're doing now. You ignored me the whole way back to your apartment.” 
You rolled your eyes. Of course that was it. Not only had you asked Chris to be less aggressive, but also you had made it very clear that you didn't like some of his methods.
“If you already knew that, I don't understand why you're asking me. You have it all figured.” You knew your voice was dry, as well as you knew he was only doing his job, but the memory of Bern being dragged out of the event by two big guys followed by an immutable Chris didn't leave your mind.
“Just wanted to make sure.” Was his only response before he elegantly walked past you in direction to the door. His graceful movements never stopped surprising you, especially since they didn't look strange in a man as big as he was.
“Is that it? Is that everything you're going to say?” 
“I don't know what else I could say.” He answered, hand in the doorknob, not turning around to look at you. 
“An apology would be nice.” You spat even before you could process your words.
“And what would I apologize for?” This time, he did turn. “I did nothing wrong.”
“You could have been more gentle.”
And that was it. His self-control snapped like a tense rubber band. Three long steps and he was face to face with you again.
“If I’d been gentle, he would have sent you to the hospital… again!” 
You could feel his body warmth radiating from his pores, his minty breath hitting you in the face and the memories of that afternoon building images that shouldn't be appearing in your brain at that moment.
Pushing the picture of Chris ripping your dress in useless shreds, you said, “You don't know that!”
You saw him sharply inhale, and you imagined that he was counting to ten to keep his composure. “I know that much.” Glancing into his eyes, you noted a hint of something behind the anger that had overtaken his pupils.
“But that wouldn't happen.” You heard yourself saying. 
“How d'you know that?” The tiredness of his voice made it very clear that he wasn't having any of that I-know-more-than-you-know thing.
You looked down, wishing you hadn't as soon as you saw his lips; pink, plump and so inviting…
It took you a few seconds to answer, but when you finally did, you said in a louder tone than you intended, “Because you wouldn't have let that happen either!”
You were ready to listen to his protest, to have a heated discussion about how crazy you were and how none of the things you just said made any damn sense, but it didn't happen.
Instead, his hands found their way to your face, keeping you in place as he leaned down to kiss you.
To say that he took you by surprise was an understatement. You couldn't move, paralyzed by the change of direction the conversation had led you to.
Since you didn't reciprocate the kiss, Chris separated from you, eyes closed and an almost undetectable trace of disappointment written across his face.
“I better go.” He let his hands fall to the sides as he turned in his heels to the door one more time.
The gears in your head worked a mile a minute, you felt the urge to move but your feet didn't follow the instruction. Only when he was about to open the door to leave for good was when you were able to react. 
“No, wait.” There must have been something in the way you said that, because Chris stopped in his tracks, hand in the air and an expectant stillness.
Slowly, you made your way towards him and with extreme delicacy, you placed your hands on his bicep, asking him to turn to you, which he did without resistance of any kind.
You wanted to say you were sorry, to ask him to understand why you acted the way you did, to thank him for saving your stubborn ass back there. You wanted to say too many things at a time that you felt overwhelmed by them all.
Not finding the words to express everything in a sole sentence, you sighed as you gripped the neck of his shirt and brought him down so his lips made contact with your welcoming ones. 
Unlike you, it took him half a second to follow the kiss. His hands flew to your lower back, where he secured them, as if to make sure you would not regret it. Only when he was sure you wouldn't, his right palm traveled up your body, sending shivers down your spine as his fingertips dug in the back of your neck to deepen the kiss. 
It was all passion and eagerness, the way his lips moved against yours was addictive. Every second that passed you only wanted more and more.
And he would have given it to you, if it wasn't for the evident need of oxygen your lungs so selfishly asked for. 
Agitated and against your wishes, you ended the kiss, keeping your forehead pressed to Chris'.
Opening your eyes, you saw him already looking at you. All the anger you perceived before seemed to be put aside and replaced with desire. Desire for you. And you couldn't help but to moan at the sight. 
Without warning, Chris locked his hands in the back of your thighs, easily carrying you, making you hug his neck so you didn't fall backwards, and before you had the time to process what he was doing, you were laying in the middle of the bed with his fingers skillfully taking off your dress. 
You helped him by supporting your weight with your elbows as he dragged the piece of fabric off along with your heels.
 If he was surprised by your lack of bra, he didn't show, but his smirk was enough for you to know he liked your underwear –that had remained untouched until then. 
“Fuck.” You heard him say under his breath. “What d'you do to me?” It was not a complaint, nor a lament, it was also not meant for you to hear, but you did, and you couldn't stop that feeling of pride as you saw his expression while he contemplated you.
You answered his rhetorical question by letting your legs fall to the sides, giving him a perfect view of your clothed center. 
Seemingly, the wet patch called for him, because as soon as he saw it, his face was practically on it, nose drawing a long stripe as he inhaled your scent. “As much as I'd like to taste this little pussy, it'll have to be another time.” His lips left a soft kiss on your clit over the thin fabric before his hands gripped each side of your panties. “But now…” He separated from you, not quite taking the warmth with him, and ripped your remaining piece of cloth in half. You didn't miss the way your heart skipped a beat at the next time.
The sound of the fabric tearing had you clenching around nothing, anticipation building in your stomach as you saw him desperately undress until he was just as bare as you.
He was quick to climb on the bed, pressing his body to yours, making you tremble at the contact. Your eyes were locked on his, begging him to do something, anything to dissipate the fire consuming you from the inside.
Chris held his weight with one hand while the other explored your curves all the way down unhurriedly. He deliberately skipped your throbbing clit and caressed the inside of your thigh before his hand left you and started stroking himself.
Looking at him like that was mesmerizing, a view you'd do anything to see forever: long lashes framing his now darker blue eyes, the beard he trimmed specially for the occasion, a frown on his eyebrows formed because he was holding himself back, his tongue wetting his dry lips in the most sensual way…
You were so immersed in watching him that you paid no attention to the additional weight on top of you when he accommodated.
You mirrored his shaky breaths when he finally brushed his tip against your aching pussy. The contact was not enough, not what you really needed, but it was better than nothing.
He coated his shaft in your arousal, enjoying the little sounds of desperation you let out.
“Just do it, Chris.” You hadn't forgotten the effect of saying his name like that had on him. 
And neither had Chis.
The broken groan you let out when he bottomed out said everything he needed to hear to know how much you were enjoying being with him again. God, how much had he missed being on top of you, fucking the life out of you, ripping those delicious sounds from your lips.
He tried to forget it happened. Of course he did! He tried to suppress the memories of your body responding to his touch, the sound of your moans being music to his ears.
He had to admit that he panicked when you didn't kiss him back, thinking he'd screw everything up with the possibility of being fired and never see you again, but all his worries disappeared when he realized you wanted him just as much as he wanted you. If only physically, he could settle for that.
And he'd make the most out of it.
His hips snapped back and forth at a nice pace. He wasted no time, making sure you felt his every inch with each thrust.
And lord, if you did. The way he stretched you out, the way he moved to a delicious rhythm, and the way his lips devoured yours with such passion had you wishing to stay under him for the rest of your life. And if that meant giving all of you to him, you would gladly accept.
Your reverie was interrupted by Chris' lips leaving yours to go low to your throat where he sucked, forming a hickey. You clenched at the feeling, making Chris grunt in the middle of another mark.
“So fucking responsive.” His tongue traveled down to your collarbone, where he left a path of wet kisses until reaching your shoulder. “Knew you missed this too.”
It took a lot from you to ask, “What makes you say that?”
And you regretted asking the second he smirked.
In other circumstances, that smirk would have melted you, made you weak in the knees and drenched your panties in a record time –not that the last part was far from reality.
“There's just something that doesn't add up.” He said thoughtfully. “And I need you to help me break it down.” His hand gripped your jaw, not hurting you but with enough force to keep your eyes on him. “You wanted me to be more gentle. Do you want that now?” He asked as he slowed down his movements to practically nothing. 
The little shit. You thought. He knew what he was doing, teasing you, keeping you full but not fucked, touched but not caressed.
You wanted to yell at him, to tell him to fuck you properly, but the words wouldn't come out, so the only thing you said was, “N-no.”
And that was enough for him.
”That’s what I thought.” Leaving your jaw and taking your hands in his, Chris pinned them on each side of your head, intertwining your fingers so strong you thought he wanted to melt your palms together.
He resumed his thrusting with more intensity if possible, taking the air out of your lungs and the rest of the world out of your mind.
“I know you like it rough.” Your legs were hugging him close as your talons tried to bring him even closer, deeper. “Don't you think I have forgotten.” His voice was raspy. If for the effort he was committed to or the thoughts of that time, you couldn't bring yourself to care. Not when you were living it again.
“Neither have I.” You barely let out in between moans.
You felt him twitching inside of you. He closed his eyes, throwing his head back.
Your nails dug in the back of his hands, but he didn't seem to notice, too busy pounding into you like it was the last thing he'd ever do.
“Fuck, love, I've dreamed of this.” The confession caught you off guard and you thought you had misunderstood what he said, too lost in the sounds your bodies created. “You have no idea how many times I've jerked off thinking of you.” One of his hands let go of yours to find a space between your bodies and rub your bud with delicacy, contrasting his mind blowing thrusts. “Imagining it's your tight pussy I'm fucking until you can't take it anymore.”
The mere idea of Chris going off on the thought of you had you whining. Finding out he had fantasized about being with you not only made you wetter, but also filled your chest with something you couldn't quite describe. That, combined with all the pleasure accumulating in your lower belly was driving you crazy.
“Well,” The word left your lips in the form of a moan. “This is better than any of my dreams.” 
As soon as his brain comprehended what you admitted, Chris went feral. His pounding never flattered as his fingers worked harshly against your swollen clit, making you scream at the sudden change.
Your back arched as much as it could, having Chris' body pressed against yours and your walls tightened around him.
“Chris…” You said his name, though it sounded more like a plea than anything else. You were close and he knew it. He remembered how it felt when you clenched down, squeezing him so deliciously when you finally came.
And he was dying to feel it again.
His hand left your clit to help your leg up, giving him just the change of angle he needed to hit that spongy spot with his tip repeatedly. 
You were a whining mess, your free hand fisting the bed sheets while the other tightened its grip on Chris'.
“That's it, love,” He said with difficulty. It was the second time that night he called you that, and you took a second to question if he meant the use of the nickname or if it was just something spontaneous, something out of the situation. “Cum for me. Make a mess on my cock.” His breath hit your earlobe, his words doing the job as you felt your orgasm approaching.
A few more thrusts and you were seeing stars appearing in the ceiling with vibrant colors. Or was it Chris' eyes looking at you in a way he'd never done before? You were not sure since your body was already vibrating underneath him.
Your parted lips received Chris' gladly, whines of ecstasy muffled by a breathtaking kiss and his own panting as he shot thick ropes of his seed inside of you.
He drew out, leaving you with a feeling of emptiness, and he rolled to the side to compose himself.
Neither of you said anything for a moment, only your heavy breathings were audible. Until your bust of laughter filled the space, rumbling in the four walls. 
Chris peeked at you from the corner of his eye. “What's so funny?”
You shook your head, indicating that nothing was funny.
“'Love''?” You asked once you were able to speak again. Not out of mockery, but genuine curiosity.
Apparently, Chris knew that, because he didn't look offended or embarrassed as he shifted his position in the bed to fully face you.
“Though it was obvious by now.” His tone was serious, but not crossing the stone cold line of dryness he was usually in.
His eyes were expectant on you, waiting for you to change the topic, to go to the bathroom as you originally planned, to laugh again, at him this time, but you didn't.
“After this, it's very clear.” Your fingers played with his. He didn't notice his hand had remained locked to yours that whole time. “From both sides, hopefully.” 
The room went silent again, weighing on your and his words and everything they meant. 
It was his time to chuckle. Letting go of your hand, he maneuvered to hug you close to him.
Not sure of what else he could add to that at the moment –and internally hoping it would lead to a round two, he said, “You’re doing what your manager told you to do.”
You huffed, not really wanting to start another discussion but aware of the result it would most likely have.
“We’ll see.”
“No doubt I made the right decision by signing that long term contract.”
Chris felt your laughter against his ribs. The skin on skin contact was comforting and somehow way too familiar.
“Don't tell Mark, but I'm happy you did.”
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mavrellover91 · a day ago
The Fight
Tumblr media
Pairing: Chris Evans X Female Reader
Warnings: 18+ only. Angst, Fighting, Crying, Fluff , little bit of Smut at the end,  Dirty talk,  Unprotected sex. 
A/N: I give no permission for my work to be copied, translated and or posted anywhere else online
As I crumble to the floor by our bed, pulling my knees up to my chest, I finally let the tears roll down my cheeks. This wasn’t the first fight that Chris and I have had. It sure was the biggest. Everything came to a head when I got off the phone with my mum—telling me that my dad had Covid. I immediately wanted to head back to my hometown to help her out, as I was worried about my mum having to care for my dad and catching Covid while her immune system was still down after her battle with cancer.
Of course, Chris understood my concerns about my parents and their well-being but wanted me to stay home due to being four months pregnant and not wanting anything to happen to us. He offered to pay for a nurse to come and look after them. Which I took to mean that he didn’t care about my family, and they weren’t as important as his, just because they lived on the other side of the country and not 20 minutes away from us.
When he  tells me to calm down, that I was emotional and that I needed to think about what caring for my parents would mean to our well-being and our jobs. I lose it, yelling at him how I hated his stupid job, how it always comes first in our marriage, and all our life decisions have to revolve around his work schedule. I screamed that he loved his job more than he loved me. Which I knew would hurt him, and I knew as soon as the words left my mouth, they were a mistake. I wanted to take them back when I saw the look of pain in his eyes, but instead, I stormed off to our bedroom, slamming the door behind me.
After 20 minutes of sitting on the floor crying  about my parents and, more importantly, about what I said to Chris and how I didn’t mean I word of it. I heard the door slowly open. “Y/n, baby, can I come in?” I slowly bring my head up to look at him. His eyes are red and puffy like I am sure mine are from crying. Instead of verbally answering him, I pat the spot next to me while nodding. He slowly makes his way over and sits down next to me. We both sit in silence for a couple of seconds before he breaks the silence.
“Y/n, nothing in this world in this more important to me than you. I love you so much.” I open my mouth to tell him that I know this and that I am sorry for what I said, but before I can, he continues. “I would give up acting tomorrow if that is what you want; I would give up everything I own to make you happy”. 
“Chris, I love you too. God, I wish I have never said that your job is more important than me because I know it is not true,” I rushed out before he could say anything else. “I am so sorry, Chris, for what I said. I didn’t mean any of it”.
He looks at me for a second. “Y/n, I know that you are sorry, so am I. But there must be a small part of you that feels that way for you to say those things about my job and family”. I’m taken back for a second but as I  think about things I understand what he is saying. 
“Chris, maybe there is a tiny piece of me that feels like your family is a bit more important than mine, but that is not because I don't love them because I do. I really do. I think it is because we get to spend so much time with them. Mean they are literally on the other side of town”. I give Chris a watery smile. “While mine are on the other side of the country and I haven’t seen them in person in over two years. I know this is not just due to your job but also mine, and then the covid pandemic happen. I just so hard not being able to hug my mum and have her be here for my pregnancy I like I always throught I would. It is not your fault and it is not mine its just life but I wouldn’t change it for a second. I love you and our life together”.
“Y/n, baby, I need you to tell me when you are feeling this way so that we can work through it together. I hate to think you feel like you can’t tell me about how you are feeling and that you miss your parents. Baby, I would move to earth for you if I could. I want to do everything in my power to make you happy. I hate it when you cry”. Chris says as he pulls me into his lap, holds me close and kisses the top of my head. “So, what are we going to do about your parents?” he asks tentatively, not wanting to start another fight. 
I bring my head up to look him in the eyes. “you were right; I can't go to them.” I sigh “I’m four months pregnant, you know” I add with a cheeky smile, which he returns. “I would appreciate it if we could organise a nurse to help them out”. “Of course, baby, I will call Will right now to see if he can use his magic to get a private nurse to your parent's place as soon as possible.” Chris tells me as he pulls out his phone to call his assistant.
As he talks away, explaining things to Will. I bury my nose into the side of his neck, breathing him in, that scent I love so much. Soap, sweat, and pure Chris. Just the smell of him  turns me on and I start rubbing my centre against him, feeling him begin to harden beneath me. “Y/n”, he quietly warns as he finishes his conversation with Will. Instead of listening to him, I continue to rub myself against his growing cock and start pressing wet kisses against his neck, being careful not to leave a mark. “Thank you, Will. We appreciate your help,” Chris tells Will before hanging up the phone.
“Y/n, baby”, he moans as he grabs hold of my hips bring me over his cock harder and faster. “Hmmm, baby, are you getting wet for me?” he asks, but before I can answer, he moves his right hand down my thigh, before he brings it back up with my dress so that he can see my black lace panties. “What Y/n, no answer for me? I guess I will have to found out for myself then,” he states a sexy smirk as he runs his fingers r along the seams of my pussy lips through my panties. “Baby, you are soaking wet. I can’t wait to bury my cock deep inside your hot, wet cunt “ he whispers into my ear, knowing how much I love it when he talks dirty to me.
“Take it off”, Chris orders as he pulls my dress up over my head as I reach around my back, undoing my bra. I let it fall off my chest and land between us as I grab to bottom of his t-shirt, pulling it off his chiselled chest before bringing my hands to his cheeks and pulling his mouth to mine. As our lips and tongues move together in a heated kiss, I move my hands down his chest, stopping to rub and pull at his nipples, which I know he loves before I continue down to his jeans. Before I can undo the button of jeans he grabs my hands, stopping me “Baby stand up “, he orders. I quickly get to my feet and watch as he does the same. Grabbing my hips, he turns me around and pushes me gently onto the bed before removing my panties and kissing his way up my legs. Stopping just before he reaches my weeping pussy and looks up at me. “I love you, Y/n”, he exclaims before diving into my pussy with his tongue, lapping up my juices. My back arches as he sucks my pulsating clit into his mouth. I feel my orgasm start to build as he slides two of his thick fingers deep inside my wet hole. He pumps them in and out faster, harder and deeper as his suck on my clit harder. I scream his name, as I topple over the edge of my high. Chris continues to pump his finger slowly as I come down from my orgasm.
He quickly stands and removes his jeans and boxers in one fluid motion before settling back between my open legs until he is hovering over me. I reach up and grab Chris’s face looking deep into his ocean eyes. “I love you too, Chris”, I tell him before bringing his lips to mine, tasting myself on his lips and tongue. I reach down, grabbing his cock, stroking it a couple of times before moving it to my wet opening. We both moan as he thrusts deep into my pussy “god Y/n you are so warm and wet. Baby, you feel so good around my cock” Chris moans into my ear. After a couple of minutes of hard, slow deep thrusts, I start to feel my orgasm build deep in my belly. My moaning gets louder as I dig my fingers into Chris’s sides “faster, Chris, please fuck me faster”, I sob out. Chris starts thrusting harder and faster, sending me flying over the edge of a powerful orgasm, mouth open in a silent scream. Two more thrusts, and Chris follows me over the edge, groaning as he paints my pussy walls with his cum. After a couple of seconds, he rolls over on to his back, bringing me with him. The movement causes his soft cock to slip out of me; we both moan at the loss. He wraps his arms around me, pulling me closer to him. I lay my head on his shoulder as I run my fingers over his chest. “I hate fighting with you, Mrs Evans, but sure do love it when we make up”, he laughs, running his hands down my back. “Makeup sex is the best, Mr Evans”, I agree before yawning. I snuggle further into Chris’s chest as he tells me to close my eyes and sleep. As I drift off to sleep, all I can think about is how I am the luckiest woman in the world to have this man next to me.
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rogersevans · 8 hours ago
Touch Starved
Summary: Chris had never experienced being touch starved before, until his wife became pregnant with twins. a part of the Evans’ series. 
Warnings: smut, sex whilst pregnant, swearing
Pairings: Chris Evans x Y/n Evans
Tumblr media
Chris knew having a family would be different, knew there would be less time alone with his wife, less time for date nights or days on the couch watching rubbish horror films. But one thing he didn’t take into account was fewer intimate moments with her. Since Alba had been born their sex life had dwindled significantly, even more so when Y/n became pregnant with the twins.  
He was never one to push himself on her, yes, he was needy and craving her, but whenever she denied him, he never pushed it.  
It wasn’t that Y/n didn’t want to be intimate with Chris, it was actually the opposite, but after each day of motherhood and keeping the house in check whilst carrying twins exhausted her. Not to mention her ever changing body.  
Chris found himself becoming touch starved when it came to his wife, any little touch and he would find himself craving more or his body would tense up slightly which was slowly followed by an erection. 
He felt like a horny teenage boy who got excited at the thought of groping his girlfriend over her shirt. It was getting ridiculous. 
Today was no different, Chris was sat at his desk and answering some emails when Y/n walked in to check on him. He would often lock himself in his office, using ASP as the perfect distraction. He hadn’t noticed her until she was by his side and her fingers tracing up and down his back, making him flinch.
“Are you alright? You’ve been jumpy recently.” She asked, her brows furrowing as her hand slipped under the fabric of his white shirt.
“Yeah.” His eyes never leaving the screen in front of him, his eyes fluttering closed at the feeling of his wife's skin connecting with his, trying not to let his needs get the better of him. But the tightening in jeans had other ideas. “Fuck,” he muttered to himself.
“Chris?” She softly called, moving closer to him, her perfumed scent clouding his senses. “What’s wrong?” She could hear his breathing become shaky, feel his body tense up at her touch and it was starting to worry her.  
The feeling of her touch recoiling made him snap out of his horny teenager mindset and turn to her, a worried look on her face made him stand and take her face his hands. “Nothing, it’s just been a while.” He huffed out a chuckle, the pads of his thumbs stroking her cheeks.  
“Oh,” she nodded, her cheeks reddening as the realisation hit her. 
It wasn’t her or anything she had done and just like that her head calculated how long it had actually been... 2 months.  
2 months without so much as a quick dry hump.  
2 months of quick kisses and innocent cuddles on the couch.  
Y/n hadn’t realised how neglectful she had been towards Chris until now and it pained her to see how fast he would recoil from her touch. In the past they had been separated for longer periods of time without sex, but that was always due to one them being away for work.
“I’m sorry, I hadn’t-”
“Don’t do that. Don’t apologise, we’ve both been busy with work and Alba and you’re carrying twins.” His hands coming rest on her swollen belly.  
“You know,” she trailed off and running her hands up his chest and around his neck. “Scott took Alba out, won’t be back for a few more hours.” Her lips finding his jaw, reaching up onto her toes to lightly ghost them over his lips.
His eyes fluttered closed as his hands dipped down to her hips, pulling her body closer to him. The need and desperation bouncing off one another as their lips connected, teeth crashing together and hands exploring each other in fervour. Y/n gasped at the feeling of Chris lifting her with ease onto his desk and stepping between her legs to separate them more.  
“I’ve missed you,” rubbing his hardened crotch against her core, the friction of his jeans rubbing against her legging covered core made her whimper in his ear, only spurring him on.  
“Missed you to.” She mumbled, lifting her own shirt off and throwing it to the ground before making quick work of his, the chain resting around his neck moving with their rushed actions. Leaning forward she pressed wet, slow kisses to her husband's tattoos that were scattered over his chest.  
His fingers found the waistband of her leggings, gently tugging them down, “up sweetheart.” He whispered against her lips, tugging them off her legs when she did, along with her panties.  
They both knew it was going to be rushed, not wanting to take their time, the need to feel one another too much.
In a rush both of them rid each other of their clothes until they were in a heap next to his desk, as Chris moved closer, holding the base of his dick and dragging the tip through the slick folds of her entrance, making her moan and buck her hips upwards.  
“Fuck,” his now sweaty forehead pressed against hers as he pushed himself into her both releasing a loud moan, Y/n throwing her head back as he bottomed himself out, their bodies now flush against one another. “So tight.”  
“Chris,” she moaned out his name as he whispered his filth against the shell of her ear, his teeth biting down on the lobe of her ear. “Move, please.” Her nails digging into his forearms, making him hiss in pleasure.
It didn’t take much convincing for Chris to start moving, which started off slow to let her adjust but the feeling of her nails dragging down his back, her moans becoming louder and her legs locking around his waist made him increase his speed.  
The sound of his hips snapping against hers now filling the small office.  
“That’s it sweetheart, taking me so well,” he huffed out as lips found her nipple and his free hand massaging the other one. “I love you.”  
“I love you,” she rasped out in between moans.  
The coil in her stomach beginning to tighten, the pressure becoming too much as she watched Chris dip his hand between their bodies, his thumb rubbing against her throbbing nub. “Let go for me sweetheart,” his speed increasing, signalling that he was close.  
“Chris-” the wave of her orgasm stopped her, moans taking over as she rode out her high, her head falling back and leaving it open for Chris to pepper kisses along it, his teeth grazing over her pulse spot, leaving his bruised marks over her neck.
Seconds later he was chasing his own high after crying out her name and biting down on her shoulder. Y/n felt Chris’s seed fill her up as his hips stilled, not giving her much time to think before his hands lopped around the back of her thighs, lifting her.  
“I’m not done with you yet sweetheart.” Was all he said with a smirk, his dick still buried deep inside of her as he moved around the house and up the stairs. Feeling the warmth of her arousal spread through her body again making her rut her hips into him, “if you carry on I’m not gonna make it to the bedroom.” He warned, his lips finding hers.  
“Never stopped you before,” she smirked against his lips.  
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andysbubba · a day ago
sub ari
request | spare some thoughts for sub ari with like some mommy kink?
warnings | mommy kink, praising+degradation kink, mentions of: cock slapping, restraints, pussywarming (or cockwarming idk) but aftercare <3
Tumblr media
he's big and strong and responsible and just y'know– stubborn. (all characteristics of steve and ransom but subtract the responsible out– so maybe i have a type LOL)
but ari doesn't back down from a fight and the only reason why he actually commits to being so fucking stubborn is cause he knows it riles you up. he knows he's a big, buff guy but sometimes he just needs the attention, y'know– like just let you take over every once in awhile. (or alot)
and sure, he fucking loves it when you slap him around and call him desperate and pathetic just to put him back in his place.
but he loves it just a little more when you card your fingers through his hair and scratch his scalp and praise him
so he actually tries his best to be good.
yes, ari levinson has a praising and a degradation kink.
when he's been stubborn– his punishment is either edging or overstimulation (in addition to not getting to touch you)
or when you're feeling just a little more mean, he'll *accidentally* get a slap or two to his balls and/or his dick when you're supposed to be spanking his ass
it turns him into a whimpering mess.
and you could feel him getting hard against your thigh– that's where all his kinks come in.
"can feel you gettin' hard for me, baby. it's kinda pathetic how you're getting turned on with just your ass spanked, huh?"
and he fucking whines, fisting the sheets in his big hands. "mommy."
you hum and gently soothe your hand over the red marks on his ass. "it's okay. i know you're just a horny little boy who needs mommy's attention. shouldn't have acted out, ari. but looks like i just have to teach my pretty whore how to be good, right? get you to understand that you're just mommy's toy, okay?"
his sharp intake of breath was alarming enough so you had to stop and check up on him, fingers reaching out to turn his head.
"too much?"
ari fucking loves it. he's touched that you're worried about him but holy fuck– you really know all of his soft spots.
he shakes his head. "no, green. keep goin', please."
you let his face go so he wouldn't see the grin forming on your lips.
"such a fucking waste of time trying to put you back in your place, huh? a dumb slut like you will just end up fuckin' up and get all naughty just to get mommy's hands on you again, right?"
when ari's been nice and just a huge, giant sweetheart– he gets rewards 😳
he gets tied down to the bed but ari knows that it's just so that he can't wiggle around too much while you're trying to make him feel good
"you're so pretty, baby. you've been so good for me, huh?"
one of his rewards? having you use him.
you're riding his thigh and he couldn't do anything but watch while you use grind your pussy on his thigh.
but one of his favourites? you riding his face. and it turns ari on when you rest almost all of your weight on him and your thighs are suffocating him.
it cuts off his airways but ari doesn't mind if he dies just drowning in your juices
he likes when you pull on his hair and scratch your nails down his chest.
but he's got one other weakness- his nipples.
it's sensitive and when you really want to, you could make him cum with just your tongue and your hands on his chest.
but nothing will ever compare to seeing you riding his cock, slow and dragging it out just to watch him suffer a little even though it's supposed to be his reward.
"mommy mommy mommy please shit. c'mon, fuck me please."
and you just hum while running your hands down his sides, and back up. you're just sitting on his cock and not moving- like ari's only there to warm your pussy.
"relax, baby. you've been such a good boy, ari. you know mommy's gonna take care of you, right, honey?"
the praise makes his cock throb and he doesn't know how you keep yourself in control because he could've gotten a heart attack from not jerking his hips up to fuck into your heat
whether he's been good or bad, aftercare's a must.
he didn't understand the whole point of it at first- but once he got a taste of being babied and taken care of after a rough scene, ari couldn't get enough.
you let him just fall into your chest even though he's fucking huge and probably crushed you.
you run your hand through his hair and you scratch his scalp
and your boy fucking purrs.
he leans into you further and he's heavy but it's kinda nice instead of suffocating.
"you were so good, baby." and you press kisses into his hair and somehow it makes ari even softer. "fuckin' love taking care of you, ya know that?"
he just nuzzles into your chest and wrap his arms around you tighter.
LOL I went out of control and THIS GOT SO LONG. thanks for the ask nonnie <33 but mr ari levinson phewsshxhdhsheh
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softpeanutea · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love this outfit on him
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chrisevansluv · a day ago
⌨ Chris via Twitter
Tumblr media
Shipper attittude right here!! Totally understandable
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i adore your work! if it’s not too much, please could i request a female teen!reader (maybe 13/14) x marvel cast (mostly evans) and she’s known for cuddling with them a lot and falling asleep on them? maybe they post photos of it and talk about her being adorable! hope that makes sense <3
Mcu Cast X Fem!Teen!Reader, Chris Evans X Teen!Reader
Summary: You like cuddling with your co-stars.
Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluff, fluff, and more fluff
Reader's Age: 13 at the beginning but then you turn 14.
A/n: thank you for the request!!! This is pure fluff
Tumblr media
You joined the cast a couple years ago, Steve Roger's daughter in the movies. You immediately grew close with Chris Evans, seeing as you were in the most scenes with him. Your a hugger, the cast and crew realized that the day they met you. You greeted Evans with a hug, then the others too. In between scenes you'd sometimes fall asleep cuddling with one of them.
Today you were doing an interview with, Sebastian, Evans, Anthony, and Hemsworth. You were sat in between the two Chris's.
"Okay so I've heard that Y/n likes to cuddle with you and the rest of the cast. Is this true?" The interviewer asked, already well into the interview. You cheeks heated at his question.
"Oh it's so true! We have proof!" Anthony said excitedly pulling his phone out. "She always ends up falling asleep on us. So we have some photos."
"Usually on me." Evans smiled.
"This conversation is embarrassing." You muttered hiding your face in your hands. Hemsworth laughed wrapping an around your shoulder. You glared up at him.
"No we actually counted to see who we caught her sleeping on the most. She falls asleep on Evans the most." Anthony chuckled. You hid your face in Evans' shoulder, he just laughed using his opposite hand to pat your head.
"Can we change the topic now?" You mumbled into his shirt.
"What we can't understand you." Sebastian teased.
"Can we change the topic?" You asked once again this time with your face far enough that your words were mumbled.
"Yeah, I have more questions anyway." The interviewer assured.
The topic of you falling asleep on your costars didn't come up again until your birthday. Chris Evans was the first to make a post about your birthday... He posted a thread of 4 photos, it started out sweet. A selfie of the two of you, then a photo of you and dodger, the next one was you laying your head on his shoulder, you were clearly asleep mouth hung open, the last photo was both of you on the couch in his trailer you had dodger draped across your lap and head laying on Sebastian's shoulder. The caption was really sweet it said; "I can't believe you were only 11 when you joined the Marvel cast, now your 14. They grow up so fast😢. Happy birthday, Cuddle bug." Ah, the forbidden nickname you gained from your cast mates.
The fans went wild, mostly good but some bad. After he made his post soon came Holland posting something on his story. A photo of you in his trailer half asleep on his shoulder using Harry as a footrest. He kept it simple saying; "Happy Birthday Kiddo!" Fans swooned again.
You reposted all of their posts on your story and said thank you and stuff. You loved the cast but were a little upset they post those photos of you. Though you got over it quickly since you understood they were just teasing you.
Evans did have a lot of photos of you and Dodger sleeping on or next him together. He thought it was the cutest shit ever. So did a majority of the fans. Some hated on you but the cast would take to twitter and call them out and defend you. Which you and your family were grateful for.
Tumblr media
Marvel Cast TagList: @the-girl-in-the-chair @gengen64 @piggyjeans @roseeditsss @depressed-barnes
Chris Evans Taglist: @high-on-darren-criss @astrixoxo @cevansrogerss @hamiltonstann @mcushvft @spidyyparker
A/n: It's short I know but I hope you like it!
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honeydulcewrites · 2 days ago
You think chris would be up for some couples costumes? He gives me vibes that he probably thinks that’s lame gsksvaj
Dhsjsjs he would probably be like that’s cheesy cause he’s older but he also seems like the kind of guy you could easily talk into doing something because it’ll make you happy lol
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siponmytea · a day ago
Tumblr media
Man he is something 😋🥰
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rogersevans · a day ago
Forbidden - part two
Summary: Andy’s your boss, and very, very married, but that doesn’t stop you both from becoming infatuated with one another. One late night in the office changes everything.
Pairings: Andy Barber x Reader
Warnings: accusations of cheating, swearing, angst, marriage break-up and mentions of divorce.
Tumblr media
He was avoiding you, working from home and only contacting you by email and during office hours. You had tried not letting yourself think too much into it, but as Monday rolled around again and Andy still wasn’t in in his usual spot behind his desk it was becoming more evident that he was avoiding you.
The kiss was a mistake.  
You knew that.
So did Andy, you hoped anyway.
You had spent time with him and he had been vulnerable with you, briefing discussing his failing marriage and the struggles his son was going through. It was normal that you gravitated towards one another, people often did during times of need.  
That was it.
You tried to ignore the butterflies that erupted in your stomach every time you thought about the kiss, the memory of his beard burning your skin as his hand ran up your thigh-
“Mr. Barber,” the sound of his name being called pulled you back quicker than you can blink. There he stood, fresh off the elevator and dressed in his usual grey suit, navy tie and white dress shirt underneath. A tight-lipped smile started to form and that normally was his unspoken signal for you to come and rescue him from useless small talk, one of Andy’s biggest pet peeves.  
As you pushed yourself up from your desk you stopped, not sure if you could, would he even want you to? Why was he in? He hadn’t told you he was coming back to the office today. Was he firing you? Were you about to lose your job?
The memories of your body pressed up against his as he placed your hand over his hard and covered erection, becoming uncomfortable in his slacks as he whispered ‘see what you do to me’ against the shell of your ear, his beard prickling at your cheek, were enough to get fired.  
Andy gave the woman a quick nod before dismissing her and heading towards you, his hard expression softening a little when he saw you. “Meeting. My office. Now.” Was all he said before placing a Starbucks cup on your desk and heading into his office, leaving the door open for you.  
A genuine smile, the first one you’ve had in two weeks, slowly spreads as you reached for the white cup and taking a large sip.  
Closing the door to Andy’s office as you stepped in you found your back being pressed up against it with a soft thud, Andy caging you against it as he held onto your hips tightly.  
“You’re all I’ve been able to think about since that night, not been able to get you out of my head.” His hands explored your body, investigating every curve you had, like he was familiarising himself with you and trying to remember what you felt like.
“Andy, we need to talk.” You tried.
“Not right now, I need you-”
“Andy!” You hissed loud enough for your tone to register with him but still low enough that anyone outside wouldn’t hear. “Listen, the other night was-”
“A mistake.”
You both said at the same time, his words making your heart flutter but your words making his face fall. It pained you to see it, you hated that you were the cause of it.  
It was a mistake.
You think.
“You’re married. I shouldn’t have kissed you it was wrong.” When he realised you were serious, he moved away from you, your body instantly craving the feeling of his touch again. “Andy-”
“Can you hold any calls that come in today, I have a lot of work to get through.” Dismissing you and turning away from you as he walked to his desk, a small sigh escaping when he heard his door open and close softly.  
The past two weeks had been incredibly hard for Andy.  
After your kiss he had never been more certain of what he wanted, you.  
When he got home, he told Laurie about you and what had happened, it was hard for him to see her so upset but it encouraged them to talk to each other, something they hadn’t done in three years.  
Then he had to sit his son down and tell him that his parents were going to separate. The one thing he didn’t want to inflict on Jacob, not wanting him to choose between him and Laurie or to feel like he has to. Thankfully, Jacob had been understanding already expecting the divorce, it didn’t take a genius to see they were racing to breaking point, him kissing you was just the final nail in the coffin.
Jacob couldn’t be angry at his dad, no matter how hard he tried to be, because he understood that he wasn’t happy, he saw it everyday. But he also saw how happy you made him, without even realising, whenever he would visit his dad he would see how easily he would relax around you or how his smile lingered a little longer when looking at you. It’s why he stopped going, the thought of someone else, other than his mom, making his dad that happy made him sad. 
Laurie seemed to have taken it well, as well as you could the news of your husband kissing his assistant and not wanting to be with you anymore. Sure, there had been things thrown in Andy’s general direction, harsh words spat at him as well as his belongings as she was kicking him out. But five days later she was willing to sit and discuss things calmly. It would’ve been worrying if he wasn’t so surprised at her maturity. 
Tumblr media
“You manipulative, whoring, little bitch!” Laurie’s shrill voice echoed throughout the office, making heads turn in your direction as she stomped over to your desk, you noticed she was clutching a pack of papers in her hand.  
“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” She sneered, looking you up and down with disgust. “He’s a married man with a family, our son!”  
The sight of her stepping out of the elevator made you panic. Laurie had never liked you always going out of her way to be unkind towards you. Only difference now, she had a reason to. Had Andy told her? Why would he do that? He knew she hated you!
“I-I I’m sorry-”
She slammed the pack of papers on your desk, her stare was a mixture of fury and heartbreak, and her lip twitched when you went to turn to notify Andy. “You talk him into it? Convince him it was the right thing to do? Wanted him all to yourself?!”  
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Laurie!” You defended, now standing.  
“This!!” She screamed and shoving the thick pack of papers into you leaving you scrambling to catch them.
Divorce papers.
“Look, what goes on in your marriage has nothing to do with me-”
“When you’re sleeping with my husband, it has everything to do with you.” The entire office now had gathered to watch but you didn’t care, too preoccupied with the irrational and heartbroken woman in front of you.  
“I’m not sleeping with Andy-”
“Laurie!!” Andy’s booming voice called out, his office door swinging back and slamming against the wall. The look on his face was terrifying, his eyes dark and jaw clenched as he eyed his wife who was stood intimidatingly close to you, squaring up to you. “What the fuck are you doing?!”  
“Maybe we should take this somewhere more private.” You directed towards Andy, nodding towards the small group of people that had gathered behind him.  
Letting you both into his office he turned to face everyone with a hard stare, “the next person I see not working because they’re too interested in my personal life will be clearing their desk out by noon.” Was all he said to have everyone scrambling back to their desks as he slammed the door, making your flinch. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He sneered at Laurie as he moved around you both, not standing in front of you both.  
His heart ached to see how scared you were, he hadn’t had chance to tell you that he was planning on leaving his wife for you, you looked like a deer that had been caught in the headlights.  
“I received your passive aggressive way of ending our marriage.”  
“I told you-”
“How long?” Looking between you both, but you just looked back at her confused and Andy looked down at his feet “How long have you been fucking my husband?!”  
“I’m not fucking him!” You were starting to become annoyed at her accusations. “Yes, we kissed, but that’s all that happened, I had stayed late to help Andy with some work and when he dropped me off, we kissed. So, easy with the whore shaming, yeah?”  
Laurie took a moment before looking over at her soon to be ex-husband, her tone of voice now calm, sad even. “How long have you been in love with her? And don’t lie to me, you owe me that much.”  
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chrisevansluv · 2 days ago
📸 Chris IG stories
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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