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✨ dreams do come true ✨
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STEVE ROGERS captain america: the winter soldier (2014)
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The dutiful Wife
Tumblr media
Part 1
Summary: You navigate your new life as married to the new boss who has an incredible breeding kink 
Pairing: Mob!Lloyd Hansen x Fem!Reader
Warnings: DARK, misogynistic behaviour, mob bussiness, age gap (Lloyd’s late thirties, reader is mid-twenties), dub-con, unprotected rough sex, (don’t be silly wrap your willy), little fingering, degradation, mocking, cursing, pet names, breeding kink, marriage kink, slight cumplay and eating, might miss some warnings. 
Wordcount: 3.2 k
Notes: Here I am, not being able to do one shot no more AJAJAJA and I did really want to write more about this mannnn. Inspired by the amazing @lifeissomethingelse
“Are you pregnant yet?” “Did you drain my cock today?” “Let's both stick to what we are good at right, Angel?”.
Tumblr media
You fixed the collar of your dressing shirt as you walked down the stairs, you missed the feeling of the suit against your skin. You got to the first floor of the manor, ready to ask your personal driver to bring your car around. You walked by the home office, knowing Lloyd was there but trying to pass by unnoticed
It didn’t work
“What do you think you’re doing?” you stopped in your tracks to look back at your “husband”, bag and cellphone in hand, stilettos in your feet and dressed in a tailored chanel suit 
“It’s my first day back at work” you explain simply, walking back to him, entering the study. He was accompanied by Ari, August and Bucky, and they all seemed like they just entered an action movie with a bag of popcorn. Lloyd also looked entertained by you, like you were amusing
“You didn’t ask my permission, wife” he growled, his eyes shiny and his face serious for one second to the next. You snickered like he had said the most amusing thing in the world 
“Why would I?” you asked then, raising an eyebrow as you saw his twitch in annoyance 
“You aren’t going back to work” he said firmly
“I don’t have to do anything you tell me to” You said defiantly. He walked towards you, but you stood your ground. “I am the youngest female CEO in the industry and I will go back to my office, I will go back to work” you said firmly. You didn’t back down when he walked towards you until you felt his warm breath in your face. With what you’d only describe as a “shit eating grin” he leaned in until his mustache tickles your ear
“The only work you’re gonna be doing is working your hips up and down my fat cock” he whispered in your ear making you feel goosebumps 
“You are disgusting,” you said back, feeling flustered and embarrassed. Taking steps back to get away from him
“You are my wife now, and you’ll do as I say” he demanded, “Or you want me to fuck you in front of my men again?” he asked, and that’s when you saw red
You grabbed the first thing you can get your hands on, a crystal base and you threw it against the wall right besides Lloyd’s head 
“That was a half a million dollar base” he growled
“That’s what I made in two months, it means nothing to me” you mumbled, and then you walked away from him. He didn’t chase you but somewhat that made you even more nervous. You somehow knew you were going to pay for this.
It was a long drive to the company from your home that was in the outskirts of the city, and while you drove there, you couldn't even imagine what Lloyd was doing
As soon as you walked into one of the biggest buildings in the city, you were received with the news that the board itself had reunited, and was summoning you. Could it be? 
You took the elevator to the very last floor, to the main conference room, and there they were, the board of the company. All old men.
After unpleasant greeting, you stood in front of all of them like you were on trial, and you were
“We have decided to fire you as a CEO of Marvel Co.” said Ross
“On what grounds?” you asked then, your knee shaking under you.
“We fear that you don’t have the best interest of the company at heart, and the majority of the shareholders had decided towards your termination” the mayor shareholder had been your father, which means….
“I'm also a mayor shareholder” you fighted
“This was a unanimous decision” they sentenced
You walked into your office to find Lloyd seated on your desk
“What are you doing here?” you whined, cleaning the tears that threatened to fall 
“I told you” he said dangerously, standing, looking straight at you, “You weren’t going to work anymore”
“So you used your shares to have me fired?” you asked, a single tear finally fell down your cheek, he pouted at you, mockingly
“Don’t cry wifey” he said condescently, “I told you you have enough work at home”
“Fuck you” you snapped, walking towards him and your desk, to grab your things. Today had been the most humiliating day you’d ever had in your life, you tried to concentrate on grabbing your pencils and knick knacks, until you felt him at your back, grabbing your hips. You drop everything when he turned you around to face him, you couldn’t even look him in the eye
“You'll do as I say” he demanded, searching for your gaze but you avoided him. And you felt trapped, not only physically but if you backed down now, he was going to end up controlling every aspect of your life, and you didn’t want that to happen, but also, you didn’t quite know how to stop him 
“What if I don’t want to?” you whispered
“It pretty much ends up like this” he said, pleased with the situation and himself, “what is it with you and desks, uh?” 
“Lloyd wait” you pleaded but he didn’t hear you as he grabbed your ass and made you sit on the edge of the desk, he spread your thighs opening you up for him. The skirt of your suit hunching up around your waist 
“No more waiting” he rasped against your ear as he opened up his fly. He growled when he felt your panties, “What the fuck did I said?” he demanded, looking at you with a look that made you squirm
“No underwear” you muttered, but you couldn’t do it, it was improper, what if somebody saw? you squealed when he ripped your panties in one harsh movement, burning the insides of your thighs
“Bad wife” he was so indignant he almost spat in your mouth, grabbing your jaw making you look into his eyes while he split you open with his fat cock. You whimpered because you weren’t quite prepared, but the pleasure outran the pain making you moan and squirm, unconsciously trying to get out of his hold, but he only grabbed your hip and push you back towards him, impaling you further, making you whimper
“I told you” he threatened, “I’m going to keep you bred all the fucking time” he started pounding into you roghly but slowly, made you feel every inch of his cock. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head as you moaned loudly. You thanked the heavens that the walls of your office were soundproof. “You have enough work at home” he chuckled against your ear
“I don’t want that” you managed to moan, “please”
“Your only work now is to please me, and what please me is to ruin you” he grabbed you by the neck and pushed you down until you were totally against your glass desk, and he over you, looking down at you and drilling into you roughly, moving the desk and everything on it. Pounding into you roughly your skin slapping against his. You felt your orgasm quickly building
“We have to make this quick” he mocked, “Somebody could walk in any second now” you squealed in surprise when you felt his finger finding your clit and rubbing it furiously. YOu whimpered and twisted under him, feeling so overwhelmed by the amazing pleasure, feeling a tension building in your lower belly, and then, you just let go…
You squirted, you had never done that before and you were terrified, open your eyes to look at Lloyd, who, contrary to your believe, was looking like he won the lottery
“Who knew you had this in you wifey” he mocked, he kept pounding into you until he cum, staying deep inside you, cumming deep in your belly.
You had to walk out of your office under the gaze of everyone in there, they all clearly knew what was happening there and you couldn’t help but look down as Lloyd pushed you down the hall with a sad box of your office belongings and his cum dripping down your thighs. 
You get into the black SUV alongside Lloyd, you tried to avoid at all costs, curlining yourself up against the door on the other side
“Are you mad wifey?” he mocked, you only whimpered, wanting to cry, “You’ll see that you’ll find your new job more pleasant and fulfilling” 
“Ok” you just mumbled, not wanting to engage with him leaning into the glass of the car’s door. You felt watched but not only by Lloyd, you looked forward and you saw the stormy look of Ari looking back at you through the rearview mirror. So you cleaned the tears as they left your eyes and tried to look away, feeling embarrassed and watched.
Tumblr media
He threw you gently over the bed, you bounced on the mattress, your eyes not leaving his looming form.
“I see that you are having trouble adjusting to your new reality,” he said, taking off his shirt over his head, revealing his toned chest and arms. You looked at him and couldn’t hide the hunger in your eyes. It would be lying if you say you didn’t desired him
“I want to go to work” your protested, at this point you thought you did it only to provoke him further 
“You want to work? I’ll give you work, I’m going to give you my baby to keep you busy” He grabbed your skirt and pull it off of you, he already kidnapped your panties so suddenly you were naked for the waist down, and then he ripped your silk dressing shirt off of you, and then your bra, leaving you naked under him 
“I’m going to stuff you silly” he threatened, “until the only thing in your brain is me and my cum” you moaned spreading your legs for him under his wide smile 
“Lloyd” you called, and that was enough for him to dive into you, he didn't even take his pants off but he did open his fly fast and desperate to have you, to possess you. You brought him towards you kissing him roughly, the anger and hate you felt towards him morphing into lust and desire, and nothing was better than a good hate fuck. 
He entered his digits in your weeping pussy, testing how wet you were and he smiled wickedly at you
“Do you get turn on by your baby daddy degrading you? uh?” you nodded, grinding your hips on his hand, begging for more friction, “You dumb cumslut” his filthy wods made you even more needy and wet
“Yes” you begged, “Only for you daddy” you moaned wantonly, grinding even harder, he fingered you roughly, while his thumb caressed your clit making you shriek in pleasure. “Please”
“Please what?” he mocked
“Please daddy give me your babies” you whined. Almost reaching your climax, he stopped, making you whimper
“You are cumming around my cock” he said, pleased, and waiting no longer he retrieved his fingers to be quickly replaced by his thick cock. He split you open in one long thrust and you wondered if you were ever going to get accustomed to his thick shaft, it was always a stretch, “You are going to drain me?”
“Yes” you moaned when the tip of him reached your cervix. Your eyes turned to the back of your head when he retreaded and thrusted into you again, making you whimper 
“I’m going to fuck my cum deep into your belly” 
“Do it” you invited him, grabbing him by the back of his neck and drawing him back to kiss him. His mustache tickled you and you moaned when you remembered how good it felt when he rubbed you raw with it while he ate your pussy. 
He fucked into you so roughly the bed moved back and forth, the bedframe hitting the wall so hard you thought he wa going to break, and maybe it did, but you wouldn’t know becaue you were so lost in the pelsure of havin hit your g spot over and over again you lost your mind.
“My pretty little cumdump” he growled against your mouth, “are you going to make me a daddy?”
“You sure?” 
“Yes please Lloyd” your legs wrapped around his waist trapping him against you
“Fuck!” he screamed, just as you reached your climax he did his, his seed painting your inner walls and warming your womb. He stood still looking down at you. With little lighting his looming figure was scary and intimidating, you felt small trapped under him and between his arms, he was still inside you, and it made you whimper. After a short minutes he retrieved himself from you, the empty and stickiness he left behind mde you whine
“Silly little wife, look at this mess” he cooed, you tried to shrink under his heated gaze, looking at his cum dripping down your weeping hole. “You have to keep it inside you dumb whore” you whined in potest as he pushed back inside you all his seed with his fingers and afterwards he close your legs tightly as a way to keep it inside you 
“It’s too much” you protested, he only smiled wickedly as he could even see a swell in your lower belly, he leaned in, stuffing his dirty fingers in your mouth, you moaned as you sucked on his fingers leaving them clean. He then slapped your fuck out face.
“Look at you” he mocked, pleased with himself, “your brain melted by all that cum” 
“Lloyd” you called, feeling the need for an aftercare, wanted to be held by him, but he only dressed himself, fixing his pants and putting his shirt back on
“I don't want you wearing more suits around the house” he said, mocking, “only skirts and dresses, no underwear” he grabbed you by the jaw and made you look at him, “Is that clear?”
“Yes husband” you muttered, and he was pleased, releasing you
“I have work to do” he threw at you, “I’ll be back and I expect dinner at 8 and set the table for 6” and just like that he left you alone. 
With a lonely whimper you stood up, having trouble walking towards the bathroom but you did. You cleaned yourself up taking a long shower
Tumblr media
You looked down at the set table looking for any imperfections. In the manor you had many maids and cooks who did it all for you, but still you made sure everything was perfect. 
Just in time Lloyd entered the dining room, followed by Andy, August, Nick and Steve Rogers
He grabbed you softly by the neck and kissed you as a greeting.
“Hello wife, everything looks great” he purred against your lips
“Thank you” you whispered, smiling softly. You looked at your guests and greeted them as well, just Andy came close to you to give you a short kiss on your cheek
“Marriage looks good on you” he winked and then turned to take his place on the table. Lloyd of course sat at the head, and you on his right side, and the rest sat all around you. 
They started talking about businesses and shipping, you knew that meant drugs and other darker things so you tried not to pay attention, that was until he started talking about overseas cargo
“I don’t know how he did it” Lloyd admitted, and you chuckled because you did knew how your father did it before him, it was a simple but infalible shipping technique. But they all kept quiet and you felt their gaze on you, you looked up at Lloyd scared, and he seemed so angry it made you shiver
“I know how he did it” you explained, and he only raise an eyebrow, “He hid the cargo on barrels of car oil” you whispered, “But now that the DEA knows his hideouts, I would just send it hidden in dust chemicals…” but gasped in surprise when Lloyd grabbed you by the neck 
“You wanna work now sweetheart?” he squeezed lightly, clearly upset that you undermined him in front of his men, “Wanna warm my cock for our friends to see?” he asked then, but you shook your head rapidly, looking down at the table
“No husband, m’sorry” you mumbled, and he made a pleased sound looking at the others like he showed them a trick his pet just executed perfectly. 
“Silly little wife, are you even pregnant yet?” he asked then, kept teasing you, “She drained my cock twice today already” he told the rest, “Let's both stick to what we are good at, right Angel?”
“Yes, sorry” you muttered, and he released you. You felt the heated gaze of the rest of the men on the table, but chose to ignore it. You knew he was going to be more angry if you just walked out in the middle of dinner, so you just lowered your gaze and played with your food in silence, playing deaf to his snickers and filthy comments on you.
After finishing dessert, Lloyd invited them to the library, where it was custom to drink whiskey and smoke cigars, and you weren’t invited. They all smiled wickedly at you and left you, Lloyd didn’t move, he leaned into you tickling his mustache on your cheek
“Com’ere” he purred. You looked at him scared of him, sitting back at his chair, and patting his thighs, he wanted you to sit on your lap. But before you could, he opened his fly and took out his hard cock, pumping himself lazyly, waiting for you
“Your friends are waiting” you whispered, but he only smiled
“Now, wifey” In a second he made you sat on his lap, with your skirt hunched around your waist and pleased discovering you weren’t wearing any underwear just like he told you to
“Lloyd” you cried, not being able to see him, giving your back to him made it even more enticing as you felt the tip of his fat cock searching your entrance, rubbing itself between your folds. 
He placed it on your entrance and then grabbed your hips, making you impale yourself on him, whimpering as you did. You couldn’t hide your moan, and frankly, you didn’t care who might hear it
“I know this turns you on” he growled in your ear, enticing you to move your hips faster, “admit it turns you on to be my housewife” he pushed his hips forwards impaling you, and grabbing your hips making you stay like that, with him deep inside you. You just moaned, wanting to keep riding him. “Say it”
“I like it” you admitted, with all the sorrow of your independent heart, “I do like it” you leaned back until your back was all against his chest and your head against his shoulder you drop a lazy kiss on his cheek due to the angle and he only chuckled
“That’s my wifey” he said, pleased, moving your hips again on top of him. You placed your feet on the ground to have leverage and he moved his hand to place it in your lower belly. He pushed gently, feeling himself deep inside your belly
“Do you feel that?” he asked against your ear. You just managed to moan as you searched for your climax, fucking yourself in him, riding him roughly. Wet sounds filled the room as you grew desperte feeling the climax built inside you 
“I’m going to fuck you dumb into my perfect little wife and mommy” 
Tumblr media
@phildunphyisadilff @lifeissomethingelse @black-repunzel99 @momobaby227 @siriusjohnpotter
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CHRIS EVANS at the Jimmy Kimmel show, 2016.
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Chris Evans Beard Appreciation 1/?
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#Chris Evans ignoring every question for 8 minutes straight 
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Chris Evans Plays With Puppies
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Free Guy (2021) dir. Shawn Levy
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CHRIS EVANS BuzzFeed Puppy Interview
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i lost ALL of my brain cells making this. all of them.
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this from the man who's playing with dogs as part of his job Chris Evans Plays With Puppies
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Chris Evans & Ana de Armas on the set of Ghosted
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CHRIS EVANS at the Lightyear premiere red carpet interview with Variety - June 8, 2022.
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CHRIS EVANS  Lightyear World Premiere
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