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Originally posted by evansensations

Chris Evans x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Language
Summary: You’re an actress and you tend to forget your lines. Your co-star who is too nice, he helps you to not forget them.

Author’s Note: Stolen this from my old work in Wattpad, it’s very old so it will sound horrible.


I was starting to shoot a movie and got lucky enough to work with a popular actor, Chris Evans. I’ve seen his movies, I even saw him on the red carpet but we never really spoken to each other. Today, I now have to be sociable. I’m playing Jane Morris, a 29 year old woman, who is a hard worker and travels a lot on her job. She has an ex-husband named Jason Hendricks who is portrayed by Chris Evans.

I was clumsy and sometimes I’d forget some lines but eventually I made about 10 movies without complaints but of course, Chris could remember because he’s made more movies than me.

I gotten to the stage in Hollywood and was taken to the back. They’ve given me a script from a few months ago to learn the lines and parts. I had to read every day like a novel. Day to night. But I can’t seem to remember some parts.

I was looking at the outfits that were for me on set. Some said the sets were in the city as well so we had to travel through the city to get some shots for this film.

“You must be Y/N L/N.” I heard someone say behind me. I turned around and saw Chris stand there tall and gentle. “And you must be Chris. It’s nice to finally meet you. I’ve seen most of your movies.”

Chris smiles, “I’ve seen yours as well. The horror film was pretty crazy. Sad to see your character die in it.”

“I know. I was bummed about that too. The blood wasn’t very tasty, though.” Chris laughs. “I want to warn you before we start this whole… filming but I do tend to forget my lines,” He throws his hands up. “Oh no, it’s okay. If you need anything with remembering, I can do that. That’s why we film before we start the trailer.” I nod and heard the director speak up.

“All right! You guys ready for the first shots?” He asks, I look at Chris who looks at me for approval. “I guess we are,” I said, the director claps his hands. “All right, let’s get you guys dressed.”

—Few Weeks Later—

“Get out of my house! I don’t need you to lecture about how I should live my life!” I shout at Chris, he squints at me and confusion. “I’m not lecturing you! I’m telling you that what’s going on now isn’t helping you. You’re stuck in this hellhole, drowning in your own sorrows!”

I turned towards him and stomped up to him, “Drowning in my sorr-…” I paused. Damn it, I choked and shook my head. “Sorry, guys… I,” I wave my hand, the director shouts cut. “It’s okay, Y/N. Take a break. Give a 10 minute break!” The bell rings and I walk off set. Chris follows behind, seeing me frustrated as heck.

“God… Why do I keep forgetting my lines?” I snatched the script from my seat and read it all over.

“It’s okay, Y/N. You did good,” Chris says, I shake my head. “I just think that some people are thinking that I suck at acting and–”

“Don’t mind them. This is your shot. All they do is control cameras, boom mics and sets, costumes, other stuff but you do what you need to do. Practice. Think of your lines as pictures. Read each sentence and repeat it in your head. Then put emotion into it.”

I read my script closely and glanced off the paper and sighed. “Okay…”

“Okay?” He asks.

I nod, “Let’s try it again.”

Chris smiles and the director calls the team in again.

He said to resume to where we left off so I think of the line and thought of the emotion.


I dramatically turned around, “Drowning? In my own sorrows?” I asked, I walked up to him, “You’re the one that shattered my whole damn life and you think I could walk away like nothing happened?”

“I didn’t shatter it. I wanted to know what was best.”

“What was best then?!”

“I don’t know!!” Chris shouts, I stood there incredulously. Chris huffed out, “I don’t know.” His voice cracked. Tears were forming in his eyes. My face softened at his broken form as he runs his hand through his hair as my eyes trailed somewhere else. My eyes started to tear up as well, a tear streamed down my cheek. “Get out of my house… Mike…” He looks up to me.

“Please…” I said. His chest was heaving up and down. It looked like he wanted to hug me or at least give me a kiss. A kiss to Jane Morris. The acting felt so real. He takes his keys and walks out the door. Slamming it in the process, I choked a sob and plopped onto the couch and sobbed my eyes out.

“And… cut! Good job! That was amazing!” My makeup artist comes up and began to wipe those fake but real tears off my cheeks. Chris comes around and claps his hands. I see his wide smile, “That was great! I loved it. Felt so real.” His eyes were already fixed by his artist.

“I never knew you could cry. I’ve never seen you cry.” He laughs lightly, “Neither have I. But it sure as hell looked real.”

—Last Day of Shooting—

After a few months of shooting the film, I had practiced more on my lines and remembered most of it. Sometimes we had to cut it for me to reread my script before going back. The last shooting was gonna be rough. But it wouldn’t now, because Chris and I had been hanging out more and we basically became friends. But I began to grow a liking to him. He would come to my trailer and help me practice. And most of the movie had fights and small dates between Jane and Mike and he was there to help.

The one thing we didn’t practice on was the main attraction to what the goal was in the movie.

In the movie it had been a year. Jane had returned from a long journey from her job and returned to Mike who offered to driver her home. But instead…

He took her to the beach. Which we actually went to.

The director says action.

Chris and I walked in the sand as the waves pound against the rocks. The sand sticking to the bottom of my feet. “Why did you take me here?”

“Thought you could get some air,” He says.

“Why would I want to get salty air?” I joked. He smiles at me. “Okay… well. I thought you’d want to see the sun before I take you home.” Him and I stop and watched the sun change the colors in the sky.

My hair blowing in the wind as Chris was staring at me. I turned to look at him, “What are you looking at?”

He smiles, “I’m looking at you.” I turn to him.

Shit… I forgot my line.

I wasn’t sure what to say. Before I could say cut, Chris grabs the back of my neck, his arm going around my waist as he pulls me into a kiss. Shockingly, I closed my eyes and went with it. He knows more than I do. Who knows if this was in the script, I don’t know shit now. His lips are soft, warm and nice.

He pulls away as our eyes are still closed.

My mind comes back and the script in my head pops up now. “I-uh… What was… that?” I asked. He laughs lightly, “That was a kiss.” I hum as in a ‘no shit, sherlock’ as he digs in his pocket. “I know I’ve- We had a rough start…” He opens his palm to show a ring. A similar ring to Jane to be exact. One that Mike had proposed to her.

“I’ll start all over from the beginning…” Chris gets down on one knee in front of me.

“Jane… Will you… remarry me?” He chuckles at the end. I smiled and knelt down as well. “If we’re starting all over then I have to say yes.”

“You don’t have to-”

“I’m just kidding,” I laugh as I pulled him into a kiss. He wraps his arms around my waist and stands up with me. Our chests were together as he slips the ring on my finger and kisses me again.

Then the director shouts cut. Everyone is clapping and wrapping up the equipment. I pulled away from Chris as we’re both smiling. We did it.

“This will be a good movie.”

“It will,” I say.

He turns to me, “I hate to ask this now but…” I turn to him as he smiles.

“Would you like to go out on a date tomorrow?”


I’m sure there will be no part 2



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“Our conscious minds are very spread out. We worry about the past. We worry about the future. We label. And all of that stuff just makes us very separate. What I’m trying to do is just quiet it down. Put that brain down from time to time and hope those periods of quiet and stillness get longer. When you do that, what rises from the mist is a kind of surrendering. You’re more connected as opposed to being separate. A lot of the questions about destiny or fate or purpose or any of that stuff—it’s not like you get answers. You just realize you didn’t need the questions.” — Chris Evans for Esquire, 2017

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