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I'm still crying
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Tuchel on lap of honour:
"It was nice, it's a tradition here in England, it's the first season we finish in front of fans for me. It's a very nice tradition, I'm not used to it from Germany and France, so enjoyed it, was nice."
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we fucking missed you 💙😭
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Hate - Mason Mount
Requests Are Open
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yourinstagram nights in with lover
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y/nfan10 MY PARENTS
y/nfan don't know whether i'm jealous of her or mason
masonmount love u so much
masonfan12 its the fact its not fair that she's w/ mason like she's not talented and her beauty is pretty mediocre, i dont get it 🤷‍♀️
↪️ masonfan1 honestly i have a huge crush on mason too but im not going around shitting on his y/n. that's something that would make mason hate you. honestly just stop, its just toxic.
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voguemagazine Y/n L/n just shared with us how all the hate she's been receiving online since going public with boyfriend Mason Mount doesn't affect her. Also how being brought up in the public helped. Tap the link in our bio to see what she had to say.
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y/nfan07 honestly step on me.
y/nfan10 FUCK LOOK AT HER!!!
masonfan09 u heard it here guys she doesn't care about the hate so lets just fill her dm's with as much hate as we can
↪️ masonfan15 honestly just grown up, she's dating ur fav footballer get over it
↪️ masonfan09 funny how she's with him cos we had sex last night
↪️ randomuser OMG!!! me and him had sex yesterday.
↪️ masonfan09 he's having sex with everybody but her, that's make me so happy.
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masonmount the only person that gets to ride me is her.
yourinstagram damn right i am.
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footballupdates premier league footballer mason mount had enough of his fans attacking gf Y/n L/n and it clearly shows it was the last straw for him when they started commenting about their sex life. mount posted the above photos to his instagram and didn't let anyone comment but Y/n.
what are your thoughts on the matter???
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masonfan12 i hate that he had to go this far to shut them fans up.
y/nfan3 they can both step on me. anytime.
randomuser do they need a 3rd i'll join in whenever.
masonfan14 she's such a whore like really??? she probably forced mason to post this??? attention seeker.
↪️ y/n&masonfan 1st off all how is she a whore exactly??? That's her boyfriend she has sex with him, get over it. secondly, y/n has never once posted pics like this so she didn't force mason to do it. mason did it because he was sick of u guys and wanted to prove that she's the only person allowed near his dick. Goodbye.
↪️ masonfan1 Period.
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Lipstick stains
Sorry for the lack of fics lately, but hopefully this can make up for some of it. This is my second smut, so the same rule goes as for the first one: if it’s bad don’t look at it and pretend you never saw it.
A fic about reader wearing a new dress and red lipstick and Mason being a horny mess. 18+!
Mason Mount x fem!reader (5.4k) 
My masterlist :)
The late afternoon sun was inching its way through the big windows of the bedroom, the sky outside painted in different hues of orange and pink.
The bedroom was relatively silent, the only sound disrupting the comforting quiet was the gentle hum of music coming from your phone from where it was charging on your bedside table and the muffled sounds of Mason mulling around downstairs waiting ever so patiently for you to finish up.
You were temporarily distracted by the beauty of the sky that was glowing above the garden and leaving the bedroom in a beautiful golden hue. Your fingers were fiddling with your styled hair as your eyes were focused on the sinking sun when you heard Mason’s voice call to you from down the staircase.
“You almost ready love?” he called up to you, effectively breaking you out of your reveries. 
“Yeah, give me two minutes,” you yelled back and focused back to your vanity in front of you and caught your own eyes in the reflection of the mirror.
Mason had invited you to tag along to a big dinner that the Chelsea team was holding in order to celebrate a successful season before they all got some well deserved time off to relax a tiny bit.
Mason had been quick to extend the invitation to you and you had happily accepted, never wanting to turn down the opportunity to see the love of your life enjoy himself with his coworkers and friends all the while he was semi dressed up. 
You smiled softly to yourself in the mirror before leaning forward to get a closer look at yourself, making sure that everything was in place and there weren't any accidental smudges anywhere. When you were satisfied you grabbed your favourite red lipstick and started to carefully paint it over your lips. 
You popped your lips softly together when you were done and brought your finger up to remove any that may have ventured outside of your lips. When everything was as good as it could be you stood up and moved over to the full body length mirror in the walk-in wardrobe. 
You turned from side to side as you expected the dark green dress you were wearing, the back, or rather lack thereof, exposing almost the entirety of your bare back and you smiled a little to yourself as you could already feel the phantom of Mason’s hand being permanently stuck there the entire evening. 
You grabbed a pair of heels and slipped them on before giving yourself a last final look in the mirror. You smiled to yourself as you tugged on the short hem, causing more of your cleavage to expose itself.
You let out a deep breath before you grabbed your purse and collected your phone from the bedside table and snagged your lipstick and dropped it in your purse and started to make your way down the stairs in the high heel without tripping.
As you made your way down you saw Mason leaning against one of the walls in the living room, his upper body covered in a crisp white button-up along with a black blazer. He was wearing a pair of similar black trousers and a pair of black trainers, causing you to roll your eyes at his refusal to wear a pair of dress shoes.
“Why is it that you can’t wear the pair of oxfords that I got you?” you asked as you finally descended all the way down the stairway, the soundtrack of your voice and the clicking of your heels against the wooden floors pulling his attention away from whatever he was doing on his phone.
You came to a standstill a couple of feet away from him and did a little pose and a small twirl when you saw his eyes scanning your body and the dress you were wearing. He straightened up from his position against the wall and tucked his phone back into his trouser pocket and took a couple of steps towards you.
“You know they hurt my toes,” he mumbled softly as his eyes continued to look you over. He took a hold of your hand before taking a step back, insinuating for you to make a slow twirl while holding his hand above your head. You did as he requested and smiled sweetly at him when he pulled you into his chest - his cologne and your perfume mixing together in the air around you
“You look fucking insane,” he said as his hands came to rest on your waist, his thumbs rubbing gently over the material of your dress.
“You don’t look too bad yourself,” you grinned up at him as you smoothed the blazer out around his shoulder and quickly fixed the collar of his shirt.
“Why have I never seen this dress before?” he asked and you slapped your hand against his shoulder when you saw how his eyes were trailing down your face and throat, down the were the dress was highlighting your boobs.
“Because it’s new,” you teased and tried to take a couple of steps back but Mason’s grip on your waist kept you firmly in place in front of him.
He simply hummed in understandment as he began to trail a string of delicate kisses over the expanse of your throat, his beard tickling your skin causing you to lean further into him and to giggle slightly.
“I think it’s my new favourite,” he mumbled against your jaw as he started to pepper kisses along there as well. 
“What about the red one,” you whispered in his ear, causing him to groan softly against you. The red dress that hung in your closet had always been a favourite of his; the deep shade of cherry along with the low neck and the sneaky slit on the thigh was always enough to drive him borderline insane anytime you wore it.
“I think this is a close second,” he said and let one of his hands travel to the miles of bare skin of your back and groaned when his hand made contact with your warm and soft skin. “A very close second in fact.”
He trailed his lips back down your neck but you were quick to pull away from him, your heels clicking on the floor. “We have to leave,” you giggled and mockingly matched the pout that was forming on his face, “I don’t wanna be late.”
You started to make your way to the front door with Mason trailing after you like a lost poppy, his feet dragging across the floor. “We can be a bit late,” he argued when you stepped out on the front steps, leaving him to lock the door behind him.
“And have your teammates tease us all night?” you called back to him without looking over your shoulder, “yeah, no thanks.”
You opened the door to the passenger side of his car and hopped in as he made his way over to the car as well. He sat down in the driver’s seat and started the car before carefully pulling out of the driveway.
“I think they’ll understand when they see you like that,” he said with a low voice and you couldn’t help but roll your eyes.
“I actually prefer your friends not having knowledge about our sexlife,” you huffed and leaned your head back against the headrest.
“Might be a bit too late for that,” Mason winced slightly as he spoke and laughed loudly when he saw your eyes widen in his peripheral vision.
“Mason!” you exclaimed and used your purse to smack his shoulder, a red flush crawling up your skin at the thought of his friends and coworkers knowing what goes on in your bedroom.
“I’m kidding, I’m kidding,” he laughed wheesily while trying to counter your attacks with your purse with the hand that wasn’t firmly gripping the steering wheel.
“I hate you,” you mumbled and turned your head to look out of the window and see the streets of London pass you by, the golden honey from the sun coating the roofs of the towering buildings and the civilian passerbys. 
“I hate you too,” Mason mumbled but a small smile was ever present on his lips, like it was a sticker permanently stuck to his face any time you were within a mile of him.
The rest of the car ride passed in silence, only broken occasionally by a swear or two leaving Mason’s lips at the buzzing London traffic in the late afternoon. You tilted your head that was still resting on the headrest behind you and chanced a glance over at your boyfriend.
The golden light made his dark eyes glimmer and you were sure that if you got close enough, that you would be able to see the small flecks of gold that were buried in your favourite shade of brown. The sun made his lashes cast shadows over the top of his cheekbones where freckles were speckled, just begging for you to press soft kisses to them. 
You couldn’t help the hand that raised and pulled his face to yours as you sat waiting at a red light, his mere existence being the strongest magnet you had ever met and one you were too weak to ever attempt to resist. You pressed a soft kiss to his cheekbone while he kept his eyes on the road. Your lips left him slowly, the red stain on his skin mimicking that of a work of art.
“What was that for,” he whispered softly and let his free hand fall onto your thigh and gave it a loving squeeze.
“You just look very pretty,” you mumbled back and rubbed a hand down the back of his head and smoothed down some of his hair. You were slow in pulling your hand away from him, but before you could remove it completely he grabbed it and pressed the gentlest of kisses to the soft skin of your knuckles.
The car was doused in the love filled atmosphere as Mason pulled up to the venue where the event was held. He was quick in finding an available parking space and before you had the chance to free yourself from the seatbelt he had already dashed out of the car and made his way over to your side to open the door for you.
“Thank you,” you said and grabbed his hand as he helped you step out of the car. He closed the door behind you and grabbed your hand again and was ready to make his way to the entrance where he could see people already entering.
“Wait!” you said suddenly, making him jolt and turn to look at you with furrowed eyebrows.
“What?” he asked and scratched his jaw as he watched on as you searched through your bag, His frown only deepened when he saw you pull out a kleenex. You raised it to his cheekbone and started to rub softly over his soft skin as you tried to remove the lipstick stain you had left behind.
You stood for a little while and did your best to get rid of any evidence that your lips had been near him while he simply stood and complained that he felt like he was seven again, with his mother using tissues to rub dirt off of him.
“All better,” you smiled at him and put the tissue back in your purse.
He smiled and pressed an undetected kiss to your cheek before starting to lead you to the entrance.
The room where the dinner was held was already buzzing. Players, trainers, people from the medical team and everyone in between were mingling around, bright eyes and happy smiles adorning every face you spotted. 
You both turned when you heard Mason’s name being called and saw Kai make his way over with Sophia in tow. 
You smiled brightly at the pair and were quick to engulf them both in a hug as they came up to you. Mason and Kai were quick to get lost in their own little world as they had a tendency to do and left you Sophia to talk softly with each other. She was one of the first of Mason’s friend’s girlfriends that you had met when you had started dating and she had happily greeted you and had quickly become a dear friend with her kind smile and sweet voice.
Your conversation came to a halt when you felt Mason’s finger dance over the exposed skin of your arm and tilted his head slightly. He looked across the room and you followed his gaze to where Ben was standing across the room with his girlfriend on his arm.
You gave both Kai and Sophia a quick hug and agreed to catch up later before following behind Mason as he led you through the masses of people. 
You spent the time before the dinner was served to mingle around with Mason attached to your hip, his hand either firmly locked in yours or his arm wrapped around your shoulders.
As the sun started to make its departure for the day it was announced that dinner would be served and the pair of you found your way over to your designated seats and you sighed in relief when you saw that you would be sitting at a table with some of Mason’s closest friends and their partners.
The dinner was spent with bright eyes and happy smiles as the moon started its path over the ink black sky and Mason’s hand firmly nestled on your exposed thigh.
Every time there seemed to be a lull in the conversation his lips found your shoulder and pressed a series of kisses against it.
You turned your head when he did it and nuzzled your nose softly against his when he raised his head.
“Have I told you how amazing you look in that dress?” he whispered to you and tugged some of your hair behind your ear.
“Once or twice,” you giggled and blushed slightly when he pressed a kiss to the apple of your cheek.
“Also a new thing to add to the list of favourites,” he said before leaning in and whispering in your ear, “that lipstick would look amazing around my cock don’t you think?”
“Mason!” you chastised lowly, eyes carefully scanning the table to see if anyone had picked up the crude remark coming from your boyfriend.
He just laughed softly before sitting back in his own seat, his thighs spread ever so slightly and even in the dim lighting of the room you could see the outline of his bulge through his trousers.
You shook your head and turned back to the table and happily started to engage in a conversation with Sophia who was sitting not far from you.
The rest of the evening passed without a hitch, there were speeches being held and toasts being made and you could feel all the love that was evaporating from the Chelsea team.
You had gone to the bathroom near the end of the night and had pulled the bullet out from your purse and started to apply a fresh layer of lipstick that had faded over the course of the dinner.
When you were happy you exited the bathroom and started your way down the long hallway toward the ballroom. 
A shriek escaped your lips when you felt a hand grab your wrist and pull you around a corner. You sighed loudly when you saw Mason with a mischievous grin on his face and used your purse to slap his suit covered chest.
“You suck,” you huffed and crossed your arms as you stood in front of him. He just shrugged before gripping the sides of your neck with his hands and pulled you in so you could give him a kiss.
You relaxed against him and took a small step towards him and rested your hands on his shoulders while the toes of your heels bumped his.
One of his hands migrated to the back of your neck to hold you against him as his tongue prodded your lower lip to grant him access.
You sighed against his lips when you felt his tongue starting to dance with yours and you dripped tightly on the lapels of his blazer.
“I told the others we are heading home,” he mumbled when your lips parted and he wrapped an arm around your waist.
“Oh?” you tilted your head and furrowed your brows slightly.
He nodded before kissing you again, making you notice the red stain on and around his lips.
“I don’t think I can wait anymore,” he said as he watched you pull out the kleenex from earlier so you could get the makeup off of him.
“Wait for what, exactly?” you teased as you wiped around his mouth before dragging it softly around the outline of your own to ensure that you didn’t leave any evidence of your secret rendezvous.
“To fuck you silly,” he whispered in your ear when you were done and you didn’t really get the chance to say anything else before he started to drag you through the hallway and to the exit of the venue.
On your way out you managed to wave goodbye to a few familiar faces with Mason’s hand firmly locked with yours.
He led you to the car across the parking lot that was bathed in light from the moon and streetlights.
“I hope you’re ready to explain to everybody we had to leave so abruptly,” you said as he opened your door for you. He closed it softly when you were sitting comfortably and jogged over to the other side.
“I’ll just tell them that you were feeling unwell,” he shrugged like it was nothing and started to pull his way out of the parking spot.
“Great,” you giggled and shook your head at his antics, “just pin all the blame on me.”
“I think that you’d find that it is actually your fault we’re leaving.”
“Oh really?” you asked incredulously and turned your head to look at him as he pulled out on the road, “please enlighten me.”
“If you didn’t look that hot we wouldn’t have to leave,” he explained like it was infallible logic.
You rolled your eyes and turned your head to watch the streets pass you by as the remainder of the drive was covered in a layer of silence. 
When the car pulled up to the house you sat in your seats for a while before you opened the doors and Mason locked the car. He offered you his elbow and you accepted it gladly and leaned your head against his shoulder as he led you up to the front door.
He opened the door and allowed you to walk into the empty house before closing it again and locked it once again for the night and started to fiddle with the security system. You placed your bag on the table in the hall and started your trek up the stairs and smiled when you heard Mason call out impatiently, “wait up!”
You heard his shoes against the carpet on the stairs before you felt his arms wrap around your waist to hold you in place. 
He buried his head in your shoulder and started to press kisses to the exposed skin before turning around so he could press a small kiss to your puckered lips.
He walked you backwards slightly until your back hit the wall before kissing you again, this time a little bit deeper with his hand cradling the back of your head. 
You couldn’t help the giggle that passed your lips as Mason had you pressed against the wall in the hallway. His lips left yours and followed an invisible path down your neck, sucking and biting softly wherever he found fit. The strands of his beard tickled your delicate skin as he continued his mission, but the tickling feeling mixed with the feeling of his tongue running over your pulse was enough for you to close your eyes and let your head fall back against the wall in pure delight.
You hand was holding the back of his head and you scratched and pulled when he found the spot he knew would make you weak in the knees.
“I've been waiting for this since the moment you stepped down those stairs,” he mumbled into your skin before he pulled back ever so slightly to look at you, his pupils blown from the love and wine he had consumed that evening.
“Yeah?” you whimpered softly when he started to press kisses to your cheek before finally pressing his lips against yours.
One of his arms came to wrap around your waist and pulled you flush against him.
“Yeah,” he mumbled against you and started to lead you to the bedroom with his lips still dancing with your own, “you need to wear red lipstick more often.”
He kicked the door to the bedroom open and waddled you over and pushed you gently so that you laid down on the soft bedding. He pulled himself on top of you and even in the dim light of the silver moon you could see the smears of red on his lips.
Before he had the chance to kiss you again you lifted your thumb to try to remove some of the makeup but he just shook his head and mumbled a sofl ‘don’t’ before kissing you with everything he had once again. 
You clumsily kicked off your heels and smiled against his lips when you felt and heard him doing the same in the quiet room. The only sound that could be heard was the sound of breathless panting and lips continuously interlocking with each other. 
You felt his hand grip your thigh and manoeuvred to part them slightly more so he could fit himself between them. You raised your hands to gently push on his shoulders so that he tumbled to the side on his back, giving you the opportunity to climb on top of him.
You smiled down at him before kissing him, allowing your hair to fall as a curtain around you, shielding you from anything that dared interrupt. You pressed fast kisses to his lips before you slowly started to trail them across his jaw and neck. You smiled to yourself when you heard his breathless whimpers and groans as you sicked and licked at his skin as you continued your path down to where he had unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirts.
You trailed your hands under the blazer he had yet to take off and pushed it down slightly, humming when he took the hint and raised himself slightly from the bed and removed it from his shoulders and tossed it across the room. 
You gave him a small reward kiss before continuing your trek down his neck and let your nimble fingers start to unbutton his shirt and let your lips stick to the skin that slowly became exposed. You let your lips, tongue and teeth drag over his chest and abdomen, basking in the way his breath faltered and hitched, the pants and groans that passed his red painted lips.
You dragged your tongue over the trail of hair that ran from his bellybutton to down under his trousers. You started to unbuckle his belt as he threw his head back against the fluffy pillow under him while his hands dragged over his face and through his hair.
“I think it’s time to see how good this lipstick looks on your cock,” you said teasingly, mimicking the phrase he had told you at dinner, as you got comfortable between his legs. 
He let out a loud groan at you words and pinched the bridge of his nose before casting his eyes down on you.
You dragged his trousers down his legs, his cock already straining against his black boxers. You lowered yourself down and let your breath fan over the bulge and grinned when he whined your name in desperation. You pressed kisses to his cock through the material and started to peel the underwear off of his hips.
When the boxers joined his trousers bunched up around his thighs you didn’t hesitate to start pressing kisses up and down his length. You tilted your head when you felt him move around and saw him turn to the bedside table so that he could turn on one of the bedside lamps so that he could see you with more help than just the silver moon.
You smiled up at him, the redness of your lips matching the removable tattoos that were painted over his own mouth and chest, and now his dick as well.
He threw his head back with a groan when you took the head of him into your mouth, slowly letting your lips sink further down on him before pulling off. You hummed at the red ring you had left behind before dragging your tongue down the side of him before popping him back in your mouth again.
You continued to take him in your mouth, alternating between sinking your lips down on him and pressing kisses to his cock while your hand helped to take what of him that your mouth couldn’t.
“Y/N,” he groaned and started to slowly buck his hips up to meet your mouth. You relaxed your jaw and opened your mouth a little wider and let him fuck your mouth slowly while his hands gripped tightly on your hair.
You could feel tears slowly starting to form in your eyes at the feeling of him continuously hitting the back of your throat.
You felt him twitch in your mouth and you took it as your queue and you slowly pulled off of him and let him take in your smudged makeup and crazed hair.
You slowly crawled off the bed while maintaining eye contact with him until you finally stood at the end of the bed.
You smiled innocently at him as he laid in the middle of the fluffy white bed; hair a mess as a product of his own hands, red lipstick stained skin with his dress shirt lying open over his shoulders along with trousers bunched around his thighs with his cock lying on his stomach.
A sight you desperately wanted to take a photo off and store away for the next time he left for a longer period of time.
“You gonna take that dress off, baby?” he asked, his voice rough and strained.
“Just for you,” you said softly and slowly started to loosen the ties that kept the dress together and let the dress pool down around your feet on the floor.
You felt his eyes drag over your figure from your bare boobs to the black lace thong that you knew he loved.
“Can you give me a twirl?” he asked and moved to sit on the edge of the bed, eyes wide as you slowly turned around, letting his eyes follow your every move.
When you faced him again he brought his hands up to grip your hips and pulled you towards him and started to kiss over your stomach and hips, his beard scratching the skin while his nose nudged against you. He dragged his kisses over the front of your underwear while looking up at you from under his lashes.
You moaned softly as he pressed a kiss to your covered clit and raised a hand to run through his dark hair.
He started to slowly take the thong off his lips pressing to the new skin. He spread your legs slightly so he could wedge his hand between your thigh and ran his finger over your slick folds before stopping to rub slow circles over your clit.
“Mason,” you whined at the feeling and tightened your grip on the back of his head.
“You’re soaked,” he grumbled before pushing a finger into you and started to pump it in and out of you slowly. 
He bit at the skin on your stomach and pressed his face further into the skin as he added another finger and started to go faster.
Your moans started to pick up in volume and your upper body leaned slightly over his as he continued to spread you open with his skilled fingers.
“Baby,” you moaned and straightened up when you felt his thumb start to rub over your clit again while his fingers started going at a mind numbing pace.
“You like that?” he asked, but his voice was low and muffled into your skin so you weren’t sure if you were even meant to hear it in your blissful state.
You moaned loudly when you felt his fingers hit the spot inside of you that you knew only he could reach and almost tumbled over him as you felt the knot in your tummy tighten. He continued with his fingers and before you knew it your mind went numb and the overwhelming pleasure rushed over you as tidalwaves.
A loud moan of his name escaped your lips as he pulled his fingers out of you and looked at how soaked they were before slowly lifting them up to your mouth.
You happily took them into your mouth and closed your eyes as you sucked on them, using your tongue to make sure you had gotten every last drop of your juices. He groaned and leaned his forehead against your stomach before moving swiftly and wrapped his arms around you and pulled you down on top of him as he laid down on the bed.
You felt him use his hand to guide the head of his cock to your entrance before slowly pushing into you.
You buried your head in his shoulder, not paying attention to how the last bits of your lipstick were transferring to the collar of his otherwise clean white shirt.
He turned his head as his hips thrusted up into you slowly, his lips seeking out yours. The kiss was a mess of tongues and breathless moans.
You slowly sat up and rested your hands on his chest as you started bouncing up and down on him slowly before starting to pick up the pace.
Your nails scratched over his chest at the feeling of him and you threw your head back in a loud moan when you felt him deliver a quick slap to your ass to encourage you to keep going. 
You continued to bounce up and down with your hands on his chest as his hands tried to seek purchase somewhere, but they never seemed to be satisfied. They travelled from your ass to your hips and up to your boobs before making the same road back.
You leaned down so you pressed your chest against his and started grinding against him while kissing his exposed neck while paying special attention to the spot just under his ear.
He groaned your name loudly as he gripped your hips tightly and used them to help you grind down on him. He buried his head in your hair as he started to thrust up into you again with a forceful rhythm making you jerk against him with every thrust and whimpers and whines spilling out of you.
He moved to sit up and kept a fierce grip around your waist and helped you meet his thrusts as you on his lap with his legs hanging over the end of the bed.
He dug his blunt nails into the skin on your hips and moaned loudly when he felt you clench around his length. 
The familiar knot in your stomach was back and the feeling of overwhelming pleasure licked its way over your spine. The feeling exploded when Mason gave a particular hard thrust, your head dropped to bury itself in the crook of his neck as he continued to sloppily thrust into you as you came around him.
His own orgasm came close after, your name a religious pantra falling from his lips as he got absorbed in the sinful delight that spread over his entire being.
You felt his cum coat your walls as he gave the final few thrust before he fell back against the bed. You remained sitting on his lap with your hands resting on his chest to keep you up.
“Holy fuck,” he mumbled with his arm over his eyes as his chest rose up and down.
You just giggled at the sight of him before leaning down to press a small kiss to his open mouth before quickly dashing to the bathroom to remove the smudged lipstick stains.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ben Chilwell & Mason Mount 🔥
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Just because it happened once doesn't mean you're bad at it (Mason Mount)
Hiii, so today has been an emotional rollercoaster and I just needed to settle my heart in thinking about Mason having some comfort (also got some inspo from a tweet I saw this week and maybe you too need to read it 🤍) (also, it's maybe early to do this, and it's sudden so it's probably not good but hey oh)
For all I know I might regret posting this tomorrow and it will be your word against mine wether I did or did not post something today
Have a nice night and rest of a nice weekend everyone 🤍
Note: english is not my first language and I am in the final month of this semester and my brain is mostly mush atp
Tw: curse words
Feedback by ❤, rebbloging and messages (anons are open now!) are very much appreciated!
As the referee whistled to signal the beginning of penalties your heart sank even more. You had been restless in your seat wether it was your leg bouncing or getting up when you didn't agree with some decisions, you felt as exasperated as your boyfriend who had been running for two hours straight trying to bring closure to the game that wasn't placed in pure luck. But it all came to it, and having always thought penalties was such a crappy way to decide winners, you just grunted into the air when your frustration got the best of you, not bothering to think what people around of you thought of it.
Rearranging yourself and finding a comfortable position to watch the rest of the game, your Chelsea scarf slid away from your neck and fell on the lap of the kid who was sitting next to you, "Sorry, I was trying to fix myself and it fell", you said as you went to grab it off of his hands, "thank you", you smiled warmly at him.
"Who's in your shirt?", he suddenly asked you, looking at you as who you assumed was his father also looked at who his son's voice was directed at. "I have Mason's number on it", you turned on your back slightly so he could see the "Mount 19" white lettering in the back of your shirt, "Who do you have?", your eyes flickered between him and his dad, assuring that he was okay with you talking to him. "I have Azpilicueta's, I'm also the captain in my football team in school and I think he is the best!", he said excitedly and, as he looked at the pitch to find both team's captains deciding the order, he quickly grew nervous, "do you think we'll win?", he asked his dad, you was quick to tell him "I think we have a good shot at it, we're a very good team", he said brushing. "I think so too", you replied, "the boys have been training a lot", just as you say the teams getting in place so they could begin the penalty shoot out.
As always, every time the ball was put in place you got proven that if you were to find yourself in many of these, you're either gonna have cardiac issues when you're forty or are gonna have such a strong cardiac muscles doctors will want to study them.
As you passed the five attempts for each team, the little boy, whose name was Robert you learned, grabbed your and his father's hands, squeezing as he started to feel even more nervous, and when Mason came up front to shoot his penalty, even you squeezed his hand back in a way that made him think that he wasn't alone in his anxious state. As the ball didn't fall into the back of the net, your body got up before you even registered what you were doing and looked to see where Mason was and if you could catch his face and reaction. Knowing your boyfriend was already criticising himself in his head, you prepared yourself for the worst, and as the opponent team scored it dawned on you. Chelsea had lost another domestic final. Mason's consecutive times losing in Wembley.
"Did we loose daddy?", Robert asked and his father nodded, confirming his fear. His bottom lip started quivering as he looked at you with glassy eyes matching yours, "It's alright, maybe next time we'll be more lucky, right?", he said, giving you a hug as he sensed your sadness too. It wouldn't of been the first time that you ended up bringing a little fan you had met while watching the game in the stands to meet Mason and the boys at the end of the game, but you figured today wasn't the day to do that and when Robert and his dad left the stadium, you waved as you started planning how you were going to proceed.
Sending Mason a text saying you were going back home and asking if he wanted you to pick him up when he arrived in Cobham, followed by a small message stating how proud you were of him, you were greeted with his reply saying that he was driving back home from Cobham in his car, thanking you for your offer and finishing with a heart emoji. Arriving back home, you gathered the essentials from the pantry and started making one of your and Mason's favourite meal from your repertoire of recipes, snacking on some things along the way as you realised you hadn't eaten since the late lunch you had before going to Wembley.
As you were turning the stove on low you heard the gravel signaling Mason's arrival and waited for him in the kitchen, continuing your process of tidying the place.
You heard Mason getting in, dropping his things in the laundry room, all while he was talking to who you assumed were his parents by the nature of the conversation. You could faintly hear their expressions of pride for their youngest son, telling him to go rest as tomorrow would be a new day with new opportunities, and your boyfriend's short replies indicated the mood he was in, not snappy, but not much of a talker either.
Hanging up the phone, he entered the kitchen, passing by you and heading to the garden, only letting his hand graze slightly on yours as he walked outside.
You saw him walk about the garden, kicking and dribbling one of the many footballs he had lying around and your heart sunk. Knowing him he was already thinking of ways to improve his play, or replaying the moment in his head for the millionth time, obviously doing more damage than good; you wanted to go there and express how proud you were, but refrained from doing so, knowing that if he chose to go outside for a bit was because that's what he wanted, and not taking it to heart that he hadn't called for you.
Maybe fifteen minutes passed when he called for you, asking if you needed help with dinner, receiving the answer on your end that the meal was ready to be eaten. "Can you grab the plates and bring them to the sofa please? I don't feel like seating at the table tonight", to which you nodded, "thanks love. I'll get the sofa ready", he said grabbing the foldable trays you bought for occasions like this. As you plated the food and brought it to the living room, you placed them in each of the trays and sat next to Mason, both close and distant enough from him since you didn't know if he wanted to be near you or not.
As you sat down with your legs crossed, Mason shuffled his position closer to your, your thighs touching his muscular ones and you smiled at the inviting touch, shuffling a little closer to him without being overbearing.
Opting to leave the TV in the random sitcom it was playing, you ate in a semi comfortable silence, Mason getting up to bring everything back to the kitchen one you had finished.
Sitting back down, you finally looked at him and grabbed his hand in your own, "Do you wanna talk about it?", you said as your fingers ran over his knuckles. He let out a sigh, "Maybe? I don't know, I just feel like shit. We struggled in the first few minutes but after that we played well, the goals just weren't going in, no matter which way we tried. And then, I had one job...! One job to score a bloody penalty and I couldn't do it, no wonder why people think I don't belong here, I'm just a fraud, I wanted to prove them all wrong, show them that we could and then...", he finished his almost monologue, the tears in his eyes welling up again as he thought about all the comments he heard and saw in the last few hours alone. People were brutal when talking about players, forgetting that they too are people with feelings and whose worth isn't measured by wether they can kick a ball into the net. As you let him let go of all his emotions, his tears staining your top as he moved to lay his head on your shoulder, you couldn't help yourself as you too got emotional, "I know you wanted this so much handsome, and you and the boys deserved this so much, but things don't go our way sometimes. You all worked so well and maybe next time you'll be lucky enough to get the win. But I want you to know that I am truly so proud of you and what you have achieved", you said running your fingers through his arm you managed to reach as he snuggled into you. "You're sure? Wouldn't you prefer to be celebrating right now instead of being here feeling mopey with me?", he asked almost bitterly and you felt how he immediately flinched as the words left his mouth, "sorry, didn't mean it like that. It's just... you've seen me lose more finals than winning them. It's really becoming a habit".
You shuffled to get comfortable enough to hold him in your arms, pressing your cheek to his head, " Well, I've seen at least three finals you've won in the last twelve months", referring to the champions league, supercup and club World Cup finals, all where Mason had been a key player in getting the win, "if you ask me that's already counterparting in your statistics, my love", you said.
"Maybe I need to up my practicing, although I guess penalties can be done here in the garden, I can still be with you and practice them", he rambled, "Maybe tomorrow? I don't have time to lose now, seeing as things are already..", and you were quick to stop him. "Nah nah", you said clicking your tongue and wiggling your finger from side to side in his back, "tomorrow you and me are gonna stay in bed because I haven't been able to spend time with you, and I miss you," you voiced each of your intentions as you pressed a kiss to each part of his face, "and I want to cuddle you until you're physically repulsed by my presence and decide you want me to leave, okay?", to which he snuggled further into you mumbling "like I could ever get repulsed by having you with me. I'm just saying I could go outside in the garden for a bit, maybe check how I did it and-". You stopped him right there, not wanting this conversation to go back to something that he couldn't change, "if you say one more time that you want to go kick a ball I'll personally kick your ass, and I quite like it, so do make me hurt you and ruin something I like", you tried to reason him and look as intimidating as possible, failing miserably as he showed you the tiniest hint of a smile.
Getting up from your spot on the couch, Mason grabbed your hand in his and led you to the bedroom where you both got ready to get in bed, finishing your routine in the bathroom and grabbing one of his t-shirts to sleep in. Pulling the covers you settled yourself in your spot, shuffling towards Mason as he laid in his spot with his arms wide open ready to engulf you in his embrace, "I want to do something I'm good at, and I think cuddling you and thanking you for everything in a form of a big spoon is a thing I'm good at", he said helping you nestle into him and pressing a kiss on your head.
"For how many years have you been eating?", you asked looking up at him, a confused expression in his tired face, but he answered anyway, "since forever, like, 23 years? I don't know, I'm sure I can ask mum tomorrow", he settled looking back at you, "And sometimes you still bite your tongue when you eat right? Just because it happened it doesn't mean you're bad at it. I'm so proud of you baby, you're so amazing and I hope I am here for every game for the rest of your life, no matter how it ends", you said placing a final kiss in his lips.
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now we cry in silence staring at this season content
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yvessainteng · 3 months ago
Your recent Mason Instagram fic is so cute. I wouldn’t mind a part two x
Part two to THIS 🥰
Tumblr media
yourusername and others liked this posts
masonmount my little princess
yourusername: oh stop 🥺🥺
laurenfryer: there she is 🥺❤️
benchilwell: she’s so much cuter than mason
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yourusername merry christmas everyone x
masonmount: 😍 my little girl
laurenfryer: could she be any cuter 🥺🥰
jazbenham: hurry up I want cuddles
↪️ itsamelewigi: you’ll have to fight me for her
↪️ masonmount: I’ll fight you both she’s mine
Tumblr media
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masonmount the best gift ever
yourusername: we’re so lucky
jazbenham: her little onesie 🥺
benchilwell: she looks like a candy cane
↪️ yourusername: the best candy cane shut up
masonmountfan99: we still need her name!!
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yourusername he’s wrapped around her little finger
masonmount: what about it? she’s my little angel
↪️ yourusername: the little angel still needs a name
jazbenham: still can’t believe you’ve not named her
kaihavertz29: poor little one needs a name you guys
↪️ masonmount: we’re working on it simmer down
yourusername and masonmount
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yourusername and masonmount audrey rose mount
jazbenham: oh it’s perfect 🥺
benchilwell: finally ❤️
laurenfryer: pretty name for the prettiest girl 🥺❤️
↪️ yourusername: we’re so in love with it
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masonmount i could stay like this all day
yourusername: my ovaries exploded
↪️ masonmount: aw shame no more babies then
↪️ yourusername: fixed them I want 18393 more if you’re gonna post stuff like this
itsamelewigi: she’s so cute I want to babysit soon
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yourusername family day out
masonmount: my little baby 🐻
↪️ yourusername: so fluffy
jazbenham: little squish
laurenfryer: cutest family ever
declanrice: family man
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masonmount six months old already and supporting the chels home and away 💙
yourusername: daddy’s number one fan 🥺💙
chelseafc: you love to see it 💙🤝
declanrice: she supports uncle dec as well ⚒
↪️ yourusername: only when you win
benchilwell: my favourite chels fan
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yourusername smiler
masonmount: my girls 🥰 oh wow you’re both mine? Luckiest man alive 😍
↪️ yourusername: all yours baby we love you ❤️
laurenfryer: that’s my best friend and her mini me 🥰🥺
benchilwell: my goddaughter is getting so big 🥺
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masonmount the rolls 😍 we have a crawler 😅
yourusername: she’s keeping us on our toes
jazbenham: look at her little legs and feet 🥺😍
itsamelewigi: could just eat her
↪️ yourusername: pls don’t eat my daughter
↪️ masonmount: wait till you see how chubby her cheeks have got
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Mason & Declan at the boxing match- requested by anon.
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2022 Club World Cup Winners, Chelsea Football Club.
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arrrizabalaga · 4 months ago
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cuddling hours with KEPA ARRIZABALAGA and HAKIM ZIYECH (21.11.2021)
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Don't let go (Mason Mount)
Note: english is not my first language, and i'm just posting as i have time and ideas, again i'm just a master's student finding a way to cope with uni (in the last 4 nights I slept a grand total of 20 hours)
Also, I thought we were getting uncle Mason content over Easter and since we didn't get it, I making my own
The season hadn't exactly been going in Chelsea's way. The injuries made you believe that they was an evil eye somewhere keeping them coming one after the other. The club was still navigating their way through all of the owner problems and the team's work had been inconsistent and lacking at times, and everyone saw how much it affected Mason.
After your weekly phone call with his mum, who shared the same concerns with you, you both decided to have lunch over the weekend, planning that they would come to the game and head on home to spend some family time together.
Quickly running the idea through Mason and his siblings, the plans had been made set in stone and you now found yourself looking for your car keys as you locked the house up and met Mason's family outside.
"Auntie Y/N/N!", you had yet to turn your back around from locking the door when you heard Summer calling for you, running towards your a fast as her little legs would allow her and crashed over your shins.
"Hi princess. Look at how big you've gotten", you finally picked her up and she pressed a wet kiss to your cheek, "wow, you look so pretty, I bet uncle Masey is gonna be so happy to see you!" and only then did she notice her missing best friend. "Where's Masey?", she looked around for him but only found her grandparents who had just parked their car.
"He's not here, he's at the stadium. And we're gonna see him play football, yeah?", you answered her, which she nodded in agreement and started playing with your coats lapel and unraveled a bit of the Chelsea's shirt you were wearing. "We're matching, y/n/n", she said happily.
"Shall we head to the Bridge? If we're lucky we might be able to avoid the rush hour", Tony said bringing while checking his watch.
"I'm riding with you", said Lewis
I wanna go with you, quickly setting the Isofix and seat to the back seats of your car, Summer jumped straight in to get buckled up and ready to go.
"That's was actually easy. And no one's head is hurting! Yay Summer!", you congratulated yourself as the little girl giggled excitedly.
"To this day I think I still have the bump on my head", Sam said as you all laughed, remembering the loud thud that came from Mason's car when Summer wanted to ride with you and, as he placed his daughter's seat in his brother-in-law's car, he banged his head in the car's low ceilings in the back.
"We're fine in this one, no one's head is gonna knock anywhere, this is a car that's made for actual people", you lightly teased your boyfriend's choices for cars although you couldn't actually care less about it.
"For tiny people that is", Lewis teased you, making you toll your eyes at the common attack. You we're very grateful that you had such a great relationship with his family, especially his siblings. His parents also accepted you the moment they saw how happy his son was when he was with you, how well you fit together and how you genuinely cared for him, but also didn't let him get carried on and weren't afraid to voice your feelings about things that you didn't enjoy. "I should make you walk there yourself after that one, but I'm too nice of a person.", you replied, "Y/N, don't lie to yourself, I'm your favourite brother-in-law, you'd never do that to me", he replied as he placed his arm around your shoulder and squeezed it.
"Let's not tell Mason that she went straight for you and only realised he wasn't here when his name was mentioned", Jaz teased as she got in her car, "see you there then!".
All three cars drove off of the driveway of the house you shared with Mason, leaving Cobham and heading to the busy Stamford Bridge, parking inside the stadium and heading to the box.
As all of you settled in, you quickly snapped a picture of you and Summer and sent it to Mason wishing him good luck.
In the dressing room, his phone vibrated and he opened the photo of you and Summer in your matching tops which read We love you Uncle Masey! and couldn't help the smile that overcame his face. You fit perfectly with his family and it warmed his heart up to see how happy you were when they cme to visit.
"What's that smile for Mount?", Timo asked and Mason felt like a child who had been caught taking another cookie out of the jar.
"Y/N sent me a pic of her and Summer, my family came to watch the game today too", he replied showing his friend the picture.
"How cute, she looks like a mini Y/N, look!", he said as he nudged Kai who was quick to retort "You say that like Y/N isn't tiny to begin with", and Mason could only smile bigger, appreciating his friends' easiness about you and the playful banter they had with you. No matter what, he would always have the people around him supporting eachother and that alone made his heart all warm again.
The game was well disputed, and Chelsea got a home win that helped lift everyone's mood.
You were walking down the box to go and meet Mason, a chatty Summer in your arms telling you about all the things you were going to do that afternoon, "and then we can play dollies, Nanna got me a new one, it has brown hair and- Uncle Masey! Here, here!", she started kicking her legs, "down, please", and as you placed her on the floor she ran to Mason in a similar way she had done with you just that morning. "Hi princess, look at you so gorgeous in uncle Masey's shirt!", he said as he placed multiple kisses in her cheeks.
"Good game Mase!", Debbie congratulated her son as she rubbed his arm that was cradling his niece.
"They were pressing loads but we managed to control it", he replied as he said hello to everyone else.
"Let's head home then? I'm starving!", said Lewis as he grabbed Summer to buckle her into safety back in her carseat.
"Hi", he mumbled into your forehead as he cuddled you into his arms, "hmmm, hi baby, you played really well", you hummed at his affections and at being back in the comfort of his arms, "the only good thing about games this early is that we get to spend the rest of the day together, because I woke up to an empty bed today", you said and you squeezed his waist once more before detaching yourself from him, aware that everyone in the parking lot could be watching you.
"Yeah, I wanna cuddle you all afternoon, and play dollies with Summer. I don't playing hairdresser is gonna be a hit for now", he said referring to his shorter hair and the time, a few weeks prior, where Summer spent the afternoon attempting to style his longer hair, which had you giggling at the amount of hair accessories she managed to put in his head,I know you're just jealous Y/N, you wish you could have a sparkly butterfly clip on your hair.
"First you wanted to make me me walk here now you're making me starve? I have no ideia how anyone can describe you as lovely", said Lewis as he watched your exchange of affections. "Hop in the back Lew", Mason said as he placed his bag in the boot and you drove home.
As you and Debbie finished the last minute lunch preparations, everyone started gathering in the dining table and started serving themselves.
"Any news in work, Y/N?", asked Debbie, "All the same really, we're trying to get this project in but they're making it really hard for us". "I'm sure they'll come around," Sam responded, "you can just snap it up and eventually they'll cave in".
You fell into comfortable silence while eating, occasionally discussing the changes that happened since the last time you were all together.
Debbie, Jaz, Mason and you tidied the kitchen and dining room and joined everyone else in the Iiving room.
"Y/N, do you have a blanket for Summer? I only brought one and she has managed to get it all dirty", Jaz asked you. "Yeah, let me just pop to her room real quick", you said making your way through the house and going to the room that Mason had turned into a playroom where you kept things for Summer if she was spending the day and the occasional sleepover, grabbing the blanket from the cot and going back downstairs.
As you arrived in the living room, Tony turned the TV on and it was left in a sports channel, probably from the night before, and you faintly heard the commentator talking about Chelsea, focusing on their last bad appearances even though that today's game had been a really good comeback.
Tony was quick to change the channels but out the corner of your eye you say Mason's body stiffen slightly. You gave his sister the blanket and went to grab your boyfriend by his waist, snuggling into him and pressing kisses in his clothed chest, "You know I'm always proud of you baby. Not to brag but I think me and Summer were the loudest ones in the stands today", you looked up at him as he looked down at you, taking the opportunity to give you a few pecks on your lips.
"I love you Y/N, so much. Thank you for always supporting me", he said truthfully. "I love you too Mase, always and forever".
Finishing with a last kiss on his lips, you joined his family in the sofa, sitting in the L-shaped furniture so Mason could lay on his side on top of you.
Summer was quick to grab her blanket, saying something to her mother about a sleepy cuddle with her uncle and ended up lying on the other side of your body, cuddling both you and Mason.
"You alright with those two?", she asked, "it's fine, before you know it all three of us will be asleep", you replied brushing Summer's hair as she fell into the slumber of a much needed nap.
Mason snuggled himself closer to the two of you and grabbed your hand that wasn't on the little girl's hair, letting himself close his eyes for a bit too.
Before you know it, soft snores are coming from the two people lying on top of you and you let yourself too rest for a bit.
You wake up a little later, the weight of Summer and Mason very much still on you and you take in your surroundings. Mason's dad is outside in the garden with Jaz, Sam and Lewis and Debbie is reading a book on the other side of the couch.
"Had a nice rest, sweetheart?", your boyfriend's mother asked you, to which you nodded while you stiffled a final yawn. "I've been sleeping funny the past few days... We've been both actually, I'm afraid...", you said running your fingertips through Mason's arm, "it's been tough on him with everything that's going on".
You hated seeing Mason suffer, he was a walking part of your heart outside of your body, and seeing him upset and anxious made you be like that too, always trying to find ways to help him cope with everything.
"I've noticed too... The other day I was talking to him on the phone and he just sounded so tired and it was only the beginning of the afternoon...! But I've got to say, knowing you're here to look after him, make sure he doesn't overrun himself and scold him when he does... it helps my mother heart to know that my boy has someone who cares about him that much", Debbie said with teary eyes, observing the way her son, granddaughter and who she hoped would become her daughter-in-law all cuddle up in the sofa under some blankets.
"We're in this together until the end, I believe. Step by step things will get better", you said remembering the moments where you had seen a big smile on Mason's face that got you feeling hopeful about the future.
Summer started moving and Debbie got up so she could grab her put of your embrace so she wouldn't wake Mason, "Uncle Masey sleepy? I wanted to play dollies", she said pouting. "He's resting a bit, you saw how long he ran when he was playing football right? He needs to rest", you tried explaining to her, "Antie Y/N/N can't play dollies?", she asked referring to your inability to change position, "I'm sorry darling, maybe when uncle masey wakes up?". "It's okay," she saix, seeming satisfied with the answer, and she climbed onto your leg so she could press a smooch on Mason forehead, whispering "sweet dreams" softly and left the room looking for someone to play with her.
Around forty five minutes later, Mason woke up, nestling closer to your neck as you ran your fingers from the nape of his neck to the bottom of his back, "Had a nice sleep bubba?", you asked as you pressed a kiss on his pouty pink lips. He hummed in response and moved his hands under your (his) sweater you had changed into when you got home, resting his hands on the warm skin of your tummy.
"Lovebirds, you're a success", said Jaz as she walks in, "My friends all think you're the cutest things ever!", and it was all nice until you actually clocked how they would've seen the both of you. Opening Instagram, you saw your boyfriend's sister's stories on the app and there it was, a pick of the both of you and Summer sleeping on the sofa. You moved a little bit to help your posture and Mason grabbed at you for what you felt like was more of a reflex, "I don't want you to go, don't leave", he pleaded. "I'm here Mason, I'll be here forever and always".
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