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My first Untamed watercolor process gif, featuring WangXian!  I’ll post the final painting once I get it scanned later this week.  Will probably be doing more of these since they’re just fun and relaxing for me and I can’t seem to stop :)

Watercolor and gouache on watercolor paper.  For scale, the figures are about 3cm tall, which is three times the height of the figures in my other Untamed watercolor landscapes (Lan Wangji at Cloud Recess, Jiang Cheng at Lotus Pier, WangXian meeting again on the hill).

Descriptions of the frames are below the cut.

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Process gif of the watercolor that I did of the “claymore” scene from Leverage’s The Rundown Job, featuring the OT3.  First frame is the stick-figure doodle I started with in my notepad when I was asked for an “upside-down Parker” drawing.  Link to the original post here; step descriptions below the cut.

Many many thanks to @ober-affen-geil for asking for an upside-down Parker and walking me through how to turn my wip cellphone pics into a gif!  I’ll try to take my wip pictures more intentionally from now on.

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Work in Progress gif of the Jiang Cheng character study.  I always find it funny that what I sketch first, I usually ink last…  Layers include watercolor, metallic gouache, and black ink on watercolor paper.  You can see the finished work here.

Thank you so so much to the amazing and talented @ober-affen-geil​ for turning my wip cell phone pics into a gif!!  This would have been impossible without you!

Sequence description after the cut.

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Character study of Jiang Cheng.  Tried to include a few symbols important to him: the shape of the lotus throne, a landscape from Lotus Pier, Zidian, Sandu and a golden core.  And, of course, the color purple.

Watercolor, gouache, and ink on 7x10″ watercolor paper (took a two page spread for this one–you can see the stitches in the center of the lotus).

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Not the usual type of art that I post, but a project nonetheless.  But it is finally, finally complete.  I started this quilt back in February, and I got to put it on my bed today.

For anyone who is curious (and likes numbers), the quilt has:
15 large pinwheels
60 small pinwheels
35 different fabrics
780 squares

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Posting this a month late, but I drew an “Easter themed” version of one of Parker’s cards from The Office Job this year (note it is a bunny instead of a lion cub).  I know that Parker wouldn’t have wanted to write “Happy” anything on one of her cards, but… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ twas the season.  And yes, I did send it to a fellow Leverage fan. 

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