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edandstede · a month ago
sometimes i can’t get over ed trying to work himself up to kill stede by giving himself a little pep talk like “you’re a fuckin killer bro!” blackbeard literally calls himself bro whilst psyching himself up with a quick round of the knife game and it’s so fucking funny. it truly is objectively hilarious because mate in about 5 minutes you’re gonna be crying under your boy best friend’s robe. who are you kidding. you daydream about holding his hand i know you fucking do don’t LIE. just pack it up bro you’re one step away from plucking flower petals like “stede loves me, he loves me not” put the knife down clown shoes and kiss him
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edandstede · 2 months ago
Do you have any songs that remind you of Ed?
oh boy do i, i have a playlist but here are some of the ones that stick out!! <3
narwhal - xylaroo
something in my eye - matt berry
when doves cry - prince
hold me - fleetwood mac
why does my mind - hot chip
strange strings - alexis taylor
the night - frankie valli & tfs
dancing in the dark - bruce springsteen
welcome home, son - radical face
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edandstede · 3 months ago
i also think a big part of ed falling in love with stede is how he treats his crew. paying them a wage, his people-positive attitude, nurturing and encouraging, open communication and kindness, generosity. if ed had been treated like that by his captain, by the fellow hardened pirates he’s met along his life, perhaps he never would have had to become blackbeard, the blood-hungry pirate of the legends and the tales. maybe his illustrations in books would look more accurate to how his heart actually is. he sees stede, the way he treats those around him, and he knows that stede’s crew - especially the younger of them - will never have to hide under the guise of a monster, will never suffer cruelty at his hands. they can just be themselves. there is no wonder he is so very reluctant to leave, and when he returns after stede goes home, he tries hard to keep up stede’s way of running things. it’s something he’s deeply appreciative of and responsive to.
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edandstede · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Now there’s an idea. I haven’t done that yet.
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edandstede · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ed and stede playlists on spotify
curated by me! listen: ed’s playlist / stede’s playlist
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edandstede · 4 months ago
ed: trying and failing to make tea the way stede used to make it for him and then sending his teacup hurtling against the wall before starting to cry with his head in his hands
lucius watching his breakdown in real time: 👁👄👁
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