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#ch: illyana rasputin

[ unmask ] for the SENDER’S MUSE to break code by taking their mask off. || @ofmagikandlimbo

“There you are!” Donna saw Illyana hiding out near the edge of the party and her face lit up. Donna had gotten swept away by the crowds of people, many asking for their pictures to be taken or to talk about whatever tech they were most excited about. The room was abuzz with so much life and activity that New York hadn’t seen in a long time. Illyana’s mask was intricate and of course she was stunning in the dress she chose.

Donna smiled and rolled her eyes when it appeared that Illyana was going to remove her mask. “C’mon, the whole point of a masquerade is the mask,” she teased, reaching out to gently push it back onto the woman’s face… except the mask wasn’t being removed, it was disappearing.


Donna’s fingers didn’t brush a mask, instead they lightly threaded into Illyana’s hair for a moment. “Oh,” she whispered and looked away, a light pink flushing her cheeks as she pulled her hand away. “Sorry. I – that’s a new one.”

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A/N: Hey guys! Here’s an extract from the IllyanaxRoberto story I promised a while back! It’s about the school’s Halloween Ball, and Roberto being kind of confused about his and Illyana’s relationship status. If you’re interested, the link to the whole story will be at the end of the post.

Roberto reached the door leading down to the club room on autopilot. He only pulled out of his thoughts when it came time to walk down the stairs. The club room was ajar, and he heard laughing from inside. When he walked in, he found Illyana seating behind the computer, as usual, working on editing their movie. Sam, Dani, and Rahne were seating around one of their tiny sets, talking. They were almost done shooting their short film, but the last few sets needed to be finished before they could continue.

“Hey, where were you?” Rahne asked as Roberto walked into the room and closed the door behind him.

“Finishing my lunch,” he said with a frown as if there could be another answer.

Illyana stretched her arms and stood up, picking up her bag.

“Take over, I have to go to class.”

She walked past him and gave him a look. That look. It was like an intense kiss in the rain. It hurt Roberto’s heart so much, but in a good, lightening sort of way. Every time it made him want to pull her back to him and kiss her fiercely. Every time she was already gone before he could snap out her spell. Roberto swallowed thickly and went to sit by the computer. He was still holding the tickets in his hand. He went through his bag, looking for his wallet, to store the tickets safely away.

“What’s that?” Rahne asked because nothing ever evaded her.

“Nothing,” Roberto replied quickly.

Sam and Dani looked his way, and Sam said:

“Tickets for the ball?”

“Well, yeah, you have to have a ticket to get in, don’t you?”

“Yeah, but two tickets…” Sam trailed off.

There was a moment of silence and Roberto tried to focus on his work, hoping the others would let it go. Dani didn’t.

“Are you gonna ask Illyana to go to the dance with you?”

“Why? Are you gonna make fun of me?”

“No, I just think it’s romantic.”

Full story here:

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