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Midnight Meet-Up

Prompt: Goya no Machiawase by Hello Sleepwalkers (Noragami OP)

Pairing: Dazai Osamu x Nakahara Chuuya

Warnings: ANGST (you know what, from now on, whenever I cry while writing something, I’ll slap an angst warning on it)

A/N: I’m a really big fan of Haikyuu, and also of Bungou Stray Dogs. When I started watching Noragami and heard this song, I immediately thought of a scene for Soukoku, my favourite ship from BSD. And I decided to write a songfic about it!! Most of you might not be in the fandom, but I’d really appreciate it if you read it!! (*^▽^*) @markkny

Screw you, Dazai.

Chuuya’s head swam as he pressed against the wound at his side, trying to staunch the bleeding. The room he was in was freezing, and Chuuya’s hand was shaking, from the pain or the cold, he didn’t know. The suffocating silence was only broken by the ticking of an unseen clock somewhere in the dark room.

If you were here, this wouldn’t have happened.

Chuuya and a group of his subordinates were infiltrating an enemy organisation’s base on the orders of Mori Ougai, the Port Mafia’s boss. At least, that’s what they’d been doing until the enemy’s gifted slaughtered all of his men.

Chuuya remembered the boiling rage inside him when he’d laid eyes on his group’s dead bodies strewn across the floor. As much as he’d wanted to, he couldn’t use Corruption. Not without Dazai there.

Dazai should have been there. But no, he had to laze around today of all days, and declined with a simple “I don’t want to” when Mori-san informed the duo of their task. And Mori-san had let him ignore his duties as a Port Mafia executive.

This isn’t working. Chuuya removed his shaking hand from the bullet hole, dark red liquid covering his hand like a glove.

If Dazai had been here, he would’ve been able to use Corruption, and they would’ve been out of there in minutes. None of his subordinates would’ve sacrificed their lives.

The enemy was infuriatingly well prepared. They’d called together three ability users with similar gifts, designed to hold Chuuya down. Even with his powerful ability, not even Chuuya could fight off three people’s abilities at once.

That was when the leader of the organisation had shot two bullets into his side, successfully preventing him from moving and using his ability before throwing him into a cold room.

Chuuya’s body slid sideways and his head hit the floor. He could feel his life slowly seeping out of him in the form of scarlet fluid.

Tick tock, went the clock, ticking away the seconds of his life.

Chuuya was suddenly struck by the fact of how useless he was. Without Dazai, he couldn’t treat his own wound. Without Dazai, he couldn’t take down enemy organisations. Without Dazai, his subordinates were massacred as they tried to protect him.

He was gravely injured with no backup. His cellphone didn’t work in this room. Would anyone, by some miracle, come and save him? Would Dazai suddenly kick down the door and tell him, like he always did, that he was safe? That the fight was over and everything was okay now?

Cold. Everything was so, so cold. The room, the tears on his face and his heart.


Chuuya wrenched his head up, but no one was there. The door was still firmly shut, his partner nowhere to be seen.

But the Dazai in his imagination was right, Chuuya realised as he struggled to sit upright. He was an idiot. A Port Mafia executive, waiting for someone to come save him? What a joke.

His legs wobbled dangerously as he stood up, a hand against the wall for support.

He was Nakahara Chuuya, the would-be youngest executive in Port Mafia history if Dazai hadn’t come and screwed it all up. His ability was feared by all, his mere existence was his enemies’ nightmare. Who was this weakling crying alone in the dark? It wasn’t him.

He stumbled toward the door, leaving a bloody handprint behind. No one was going to come save him. So what?

His body glowed red as he fired up his ability, wincing as a stronger stab of pain whipped through his body. One kick and the door flew open. The guard on the other side aimed a shaking rifle at him. Chuuya touched the man and he was immediately flung into a wall, his rifle dropping onto the floor.

He was Nakahara Chuuya, the would-be youngest executive in Port Mafia history if Dazai hadn’t come and screwed it all up. His ability was feared by all, his mere existence was his enemies’ nightmare. He picked up the loaded rifle.

I have nothing to fear.


Chuuya’s grey eyes blinked open, staring into a white ceiling. He slowly rose, wincing at the pain in his side.

“Slowly,” Kouyou, his mentor, chided, reaching out an arm to help him from beside his bed. Mori-san was seated next to her, sipping a cup of tea.

“D-Dazai,” Chuuya choked out, his voice rough and dehydrated. Kouyou handed him a cup of water, which he downed in seconds.

“Dazai,” he repeated more steadily, wiping the drops around his mouth. “Where’s that bastard? I’m going to give him a piece of my mind! If he’d been there, my division wouldn’t have been annihilated! If that lazy ass had done his work properly, everything would be fine! Where is he?!”

Kouyou looked away. Something about her wavering gaze bothered him.

“What is it, ane-san?” He prodded, unsettled. When she didn’t answer, Chuuya turned to Mori-san.


Mori-san set down his teacup. “Guess we can’t hide it from him now that he’s brought it up himself, Kouyou.”

Kouyou breathed a deep sigh, then lifted her head to look into Chuuya’s confused eyes.

“I - I’m sorry, Chuuya-kun, but Dazai - ” she stopped, seemingly afraid of Chuuya’s reaction.

“Dazai left us. He betrayed us and joined the Armed Detective Agency.”


Chuuya didn’t remember what happened after that. His mind suddenly went blank, and when he came to, he was lying on his bed again, the furniture in the room in pieces.


Screw you, Dazai.

Kouyou and Mori-san stood outside Chuuya’s room, the sound of glass breaking clear as day.

“S-Should we intervene, Boss?” Kouyou asked, concerned. “He just got back from a mission with a serious wound, he shouldn’t be straining himself like this.”

Mori-san shook his head. “Don’t. Give him some time to let his anger out.”


Kouyou knocked on Chuuya’s door, a tray of food balanced on her other hand. When no response came, she gently pushed the door open.

Chuuya was seated on his bed with a gun in his hand, shards of glass strewn on the floor, the light of sunset shining through the broken windows. Kouyou set the tray on Chuuya’s bedside table, then took a seat on his bed.

“What am I going to do now, ane-san?”

Kouyou was taken aback by the helplessness in his voice. Chuuya had always been confident, even arrogant, what with his strong ability and his position in the mafia. She’d never seen him look so vulnerable.

Chuuya raised his head slowly, grey eyes scarily empty. Kouyou couldn’t say anything, her mouth frozen in the face of her broken disciple.

“W-What do you mean, Chuuya-kun?” She finally got out.

Chuuya shifted his gaze to look at the glowing orb of fire outside his window, the sky a canvas of purple and orange.

“My ability is at it’s best when I use Corruption. I use it, even though I might die from it. And you know why?”

“Because Dazai is with me. I trust that he’ll stop me when the fight’s over. I trust that he’ll bring my wrecked body back to base safely. I trust that he’ll always be there for me.”

“Apparently not.”

The tears that he’d been trying so hard to suppress trailed down his cheeks.

“Mori-san said…that a diamond can polish a diamond…”

“Who’s going to polish me now?”

For The Tainted Sorrow…that was the name of his ability.

Sorrow, indeed.

Chuuya jumped when he felt Kouyou’s hand rest on his shoulder.

“Chuuya-kun. Look at me.”

Grey eyes met cherry red ones.

“A diamond can polish a diamond. That’s true. But you know what else that phrase means?”

“It means that you yourself are a diamond. And you can shine on your own.”

Chuuya stared blankly into Kouyou’s determined gaze.

“Become stronger, Chuuya. And when you meet Dazai again, give that bastard a good solid punch in the face. You have nothing to fear. I promise.”

You have nothing to fear.

Kouyou was right. What was he sad for? He was himself, and Dazai was Dazai. He was the Port Mafia’s strongest martial artist. He was perfectly capable of fighting by himself.

He was going to train harder, become stronger. He wasn’t going to let any of his subordinates die for him again.

Chuuya stood up as if in a trance and walked to the full length mirror propped up against the wall opposite his bed. Reflected in it was a small, helpless boy, with no partner and the crushing weight of guilt on his shoulders.

He lifted his arm and fired three shots. The body of the person he was yesterday lay at his feet.

Let’s meet again tomorrow night.

I’m still working on the requests, don’t worry (´∀`) Send in some more!! (from the tea prompts or your own request is fine!!)

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Hello guys! Sorry for the long absence! I am busy with work (we’re working from home which I am quite thankful), and fear not, I am well and ohkay!

Here’s the six fanarts challenge:


Anyway I asked my fb friends any handsome 2D guys they wanted me to draw, although not for this template specifically, I asked before this became a thing, but I just went along with it because, heck, why not? 🙈

Took me a while to finish this. Not especially good, but I am glad I got something done.

Anyways, please take care of yourselves and maintain safe distance yeah! We can do this together! Separately! But seriously tho,I miss the outside. 😐

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Chūya x gender neutral! ADA! reader

WARNING: Swearing

Summary: See request


You were just finishing some paperwork when Dazai’s sing-song voice rang, “Y/n,” you looked up from your computer to see Dazai rolling towards you on his office chair, “Can you do this case?” he asked, having already dropped a case file into your desk.

You picked up the file he’d just dropped on your desk and gave it a once-over, “Um, sure, but-”

“Great!” Dazai immediately kicked off of your desk, spinning towards his desk, he called back to you, “Try to get that done by the end of the day for me, thanks!”

What an ass.’

You began to pack up, then take pictures of the case file, something you often did, as it allowed you to have the information you needed on you without risking drawing the unwanted attention that walking around while reading a strange packet was want to bring.

Dazai must’ve forgotten to give me this when I clocked in’, you thought, considering that it was sunset when Dazai handed the file to you at sunset, despite this clearly being an all-day assignment.

‘I guess I’m spending the rest of my day at the casino,’ it wasn’t too bad, the casinos were always more active at night, which made the Mafia more confident in being able to sort out its affairs without being noticed by anyone, too many people and noises around to focus on anything for too long, let alone some guys that just looked to be talking. But if anyone could do it, you’d be out of a job.

Flipping to the last page of your case file, you were met with a picture of a red-headed mafioso, the words “Nakahara, Chūya”, typed clearly above his photograph, along with a note that he was the man carrying out the Mafia’s dirty work that day, and thus the person you’d be looking out for all night. His was somewhat of a familiar face, though you’d only ever seen him or heard his voice while collecting information from or about him; you saw a lot of the Port Mafia executives.

Oh well,’ you thought, ‘better safe than sorry,’ and snapped the last photo.

You arrived at the casino by public transport—as the ADA’s vans were far too conspicuous for your liking, and you prided yourself on being good enough at your job that you never got caught and needed the immediate escape that a company van could provide— then instantly immersed yourself in the atmosphere (which was fairly difficult, as you weren’t allowed to participate in “any illicit activity” while on the job, as Kunikida made very clear after “the first time”), though you made sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for any signs of Chūya.

Chūya stopped walking when he saw an older man, casually holding his hand out and discreetly taking the money the man held, “We haven’t got the rest today- but we’re getting it soon, I swear!” the man promised, struggling to keep his voice calm.

You turned you back to the men, pretending to be intrigued by a group of women playing poker at a nearby table.

“Well, you’ll get it to me by tonight, if you want to keep your business.”

“We can’t get it tonight- but give us one week and we’ll have your money.”

“In one week you’ll be fucking dead,” rather or not his threat held any sincerity, it was effective, as the man suddenly remembered that he “might actually have some more money on him”.

When you could tell Chūya was about to walk away from the man, you pulled away from the poker table, feigning a loss of interest in the game.

Then, for no apparent reason, Dazai decided to call your phone, which would’ve been fine, had it not resulted in you, startled by the sudden buzzing in your hand, dropping your phone directly onto Chūya’s foot. You were about to be so pissed off at Dazai if this is how you get caught.

On pure instincts, you gasped an “I’m sorry!” before reaching for your phone.

But he beat you to it, “It’s alri-oh, I think someone is calling you,” he handed it back to you.

You took your phone, “Thanks, I have to take this,” you said, before speed walking away and answering the call the moment you were out of Chūya’s earshot.

“Dazai, what the fuck is your problem?” you whisper-yelled into the phone, “You almost just blew my cover!”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Y/n,” Dazai was lax as ever, “I just wanted to know if you needed someone to come pick you up from the casino.”

You sighed, begrudgingly accepting his offer, “Sure, head over and pick me up.”

“Great, I’ll make sure Kunikida knows we’re picking you up!” he said, before hanging up.

Of course, why would he ever do anything himself?’

You tried to get more work done while you waited to get picked up, but it proved nearly impossible. Every time you tried blending into the background so you could focus on Chūya, you would see him eyeing you in the corners of your vision.

After over 15 minutes of this, Chūya approached you, “This may sound strange, but I swear I’ve seen you everywhere I go in this casino all night,” you could hear the suspicion behind his voice.

“Oh,” you tried to act as though you had no idea who he was, like you didn’t have a picture with his first and last name, date of birth, blood type, and ability on your phone, “I’ve just been wandering around since I got here, it’s my first time here.”

His voice lowered, “Really?,” he took a step closer to you, cocking his head slightly to one side, “Because I haven’t seen you actually do anything all night.”

This would be a really good time to come get me, Dazai!

“Well, I don’t gamble.”

“Then why are you here?” he said it as more of a statement, “No one comes to a casino for the food, and trust me, the wine’s overpriced as all hell. So why are you here?”


He began walking towards the lobby, clearly expecting you to follow, “‘You know someone who works here? Are you trying to find someone? A father who’s gamboling away his retirement fund? A sister who lost her savings betting on some dice? A boyfriend that-”

“Actually, I’m single.” You blurted out. You had to find some way to change the subject, but the way it came out made it sound like you were trying to make sure he knew you were single.

He froze, slightly flushed, then gave a cheeky grin, “Well, then how about some overpriced wine?” You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not, but, before you could respond, Dazai burst three the casino doors, and walked towards you, his arms raised.

“Y/nnnnn!” he wined, draping an arm over your shoulder, “We’ve been waiting for, like, five whole minutes! When were you planning on ditching the Hat Rack and coming back with us?”

Chūya immediately reacted to the nickname, “Dazai, you bastard, I-!”

“Look, I’m sorry to interrupt your little date-,”

“I-! date?!-” this time Chūya’s face flushed completely, though his embarrassment did nothing to deter his shouting, “We are not on a date, you useless idiot!”

Dazai waved Chūya off, “Don’t worry; I’m kidding. I know you could never get Y/n to actually go on a date with you.”

“That’s ridiculius!” Chūya immediately turned to you and, red in the face, but still yelling, asked, “Y/n! Would you go on a date with me?!”

You paused looking from Dazai’s smug smile to Chūya’s huffing and puffing face. ‘I mean, we just met’ you thought. But, on the other hand, you had always thought that Chūya was kind of cute, and you’d get to stick it to Dazai if you said yes, so, all in all, it sounded like a jackpot.

You smiled at Chūya, and got to see Dazai’s face fall instantly, “Sure!”

Feel free to leave some constructive criticism in the comments! ♡

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aide-mémoire: Dazai and Chuuya’s reaction to their sister revealing to them she’s dating their former partner. You can find the Astushi and Akutagawa version of this post here, where ‘partner’ is switched for rival.


Originally posted by peiipain

Two words: whiny and dramatic. Chuuya Nakahara? With his sister? Of all the men in Yokohama you could have ended up with? Please, someone say it isn’t so. Dazai is going to act as though you just relayed to him something utterly horrific, like proof existence is a social construct and therefore suicide isn’t physically possible. 

  • Considering its Dazai, he already knew, or at least suspected there was something between you and his former partner. Even if he did figure it out beforehand, that’s not going to stop him from acting devastated and pondering aloud how you could wound him so by waiting to tell him of this tragedy (at this point, the appropriate response is to clunk him on the head and tell him to cut the theatrics.)

  • Expect to hear a barrage of unflattering commentary about Chuuya, proceeded by a list of reasons why he’s the last person in the world you should be dating. 

  • Some of them might make sense (you wouldn’t want to increase your proximity to the mafia, would you?), but the majority will just be plain petty and mean-spirited (“Couldn’t you have at least picked someone tall enough to see over the kitchen counter?” “Osamu, that isn’t an actual reason.”). Chuuya’s not good enough for his sister. He probably groans and tell you to dump him, please. He wants you to be happy, yes, but God, he can’t stand the thought of his sister dating Chuuya.

  • Isn’t going to keep you two apart if you insist on dating him, but can get real annoying. Often manages to show up wherever you two are. Doesn’t matter how secret you’ve kept your plans. Dazai will find out and he will be there, nonchalant no matter how much you eye him with suspicion. 

  • “…Don’t you have to be at work?” “Oh, Kunikida gave me the day off.” (This is a lie, for he did not—just stop by the ADA after your date with Chuuya to confirm it with a very livid Kunikida.)

  • Tends to pop up in your place of residence uninvited, when you just so happen to inviting Chuuya over. Or calls you at inopportune moments for the silliest of reasons. Do not be surprised if while Chuuya is leaning in for a kiss your phone rings for the fifth time that night, just so Dazai can ask if you know where the sock he left on his nightstand is.

  • You know the trope of two people having dinner together and an unwanted third person comes and pulls up a chair? That’s Dazai. Only he’s going to act as though Chuuya isn’t even there and only talk to you, which, surprisingly, seems to make Chuuya angrier than if he had actually acknowledged him. 

  • Or, halfway through Chuuya’s threats for him to screw off, gasp in fake surprise as though he just now noticed him, insisting he hadn’t seen Chuuya there, with him being so small and all. Dazai does not let Chuuya forget the fact he’s dating his sister: it provides Dazai with more reasons to tease him. 

  • “My sister happens to be an absolute beauty. At least you don’t have bad taste in everything, Chuuya~” “Why you—!”

Despite his antics, Dazai knows his ex-partner well and doesn’t doubt Chuuya has pure intentions. Seeing how you blossom, and how satisfied you are with the relationship, he’ll eventually lighten up on being a bother on your end of it. Chuuya, however, will remain fair game.


Originally posted by chuuyanyakahara

No. Just no. Please tell him you’ve got a questionable sense of humor and it was just a poor taste joke, because Chuuya is absolutely vexed. While his anger is undoubtedly directed at Dazai, who he recognizes as having a strong manipulative streak, he’s also going to be a little annoyed with you because what the actual fuck are you thinking? Did you hit your head on something? Surely you can’t possibly like Dazai… can you?

  • Chuuya doesn’t rule out the likelihood Dazai sought you out as a way to get under his skin. He doesn’t have the fullest trust in Dazai to not screw with your feelings or put you in uncomfortable situations.

  • In short: Chuuya’s not happy, and twice as bothered if you actually seem genuinely into Dazai. He’s not as worried about you being in physical danger as he is about you getting your heart broken. Dazai’s got a history, and Chuuya of all people knows this. Nor does he trust Dazai’s ends justify the means tendencies. 

  • He’ll be a little exasperated, telling you, “If you were that desperate I could have gotten someone to take you out every once in a while. Anyone is a better option than that guy.”  

  • While he definitely wants to limit your involvement with the Mafia—if he had to choose, he’d much rather rope a subordinate of his into taking you out when you desire, seeing as they would be someone he could better keep tabs on and bully.

  • Chuuya doesn’t mind you being mad at him if it’s for your own good, but he’s quick to realize barring you from seeing Dazai won’t stop you from doing it. You’re mature enough to make your own decisions, and if you’re firm on seeing him, the most he can do is seethe (and… threaten Dazai’s life.

  • And besides, what is he supposed to do? Lock you in your room? If you’re passionate about your decision, there’s not much more he can do about it but, at the very least, use his influence in the Mafia to make sure you’re at least physically safe at all times.

  • Due to the fact Dazai isn’t above rubbing the fact he’s dating you in Chuuya’s face, for your brother’s sake, avoid situations where they might encounter each other. It’ll be unavoidable at times, with Dazai inviting you to places he knows Chuuya will be—and Dazai not being forthcoming to you with his reasoning for choosing those places—because he enjoys the ticked off, bothered expression Chuuya has when he sees the both of you out together, holding hands or being affectionate. 

  • Knowing Chuuya is less inclined to respond to confrontation with you around—clearly figuring the sight of him attempting to beat the crap out of your significant other would upset you—Dazai will be more smug than usual. 

  • For you, Chuuya will bear encounters with gritted teeth and obvious irritation, making sure to pull Dazai to the side before the both of you depart, muttering, “Just you wait. If you mess this up, I will get you." 

If you still insist on seeing Dazai in spite of his warnings, best believe he regularly tells you he’s willing to kick Dazai’s ass any day of the week if you request, and keeps an eye out for how things develop. If Dazai makes it clear he’s serious about you, with time, Chuuya will gradually relent on his opposition, though not without a cursory threat of "Break her heart and I break every bone in your body, asshole.” And he’s more than willing to make good on that.

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Did you know,

Chuuya used Corruption because he trust Dazai— not because he wants to save Yokohama, or finish Mori’s orders, or something else..

So what if, something happen and put Yokohama in danger.

Chuuya could save the city and all peoples live there with his Corruption,, but he didn't—

He didn’t because that time he wasn’t trust Dazai anymore.

Dry your tears guys 🙃

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