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#ch: dinah lance

Do you know what a harlequin is? […] A harlequin’s role is to serve. An audience, a master. You know, a harlequin’s nothing without a master. And no one gives two fucks who we are beyond that. Yeah, I don’t know who you think I am, lady, but I’m not her.

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Title: hoping to find (what i can’t figure out yet); chapter 1
Author: Sydney Redfield
Fandom: Birds of Prey
Pairing: Dinah Lance/Helena Bertinelli
Disclaimer: This isn’t real. I own nothing.
Summary: “I realized after I got to my class, I never got your name.”
“Oh, um- Helena.” She stands, hand outstretched awkwardly for a handshake. “Helena Rosa.”
“Dinah Lance,” she says, laughing as she shakes Helena’s hand. Her hands are cold from the bottles of beer, but Helena’s hands are warm - so warm - and Dinah doesn’t want to let go.
OR; The college AU where they become friends and fall a little bit (a lot) in love.
A/N: Thanks to @konako and the anon who put this in my head and now it’s become a monster that won’t leave me alone. Also thanks to stoveek for making sure I understand the English language and how to use commas.

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Harley: Is very chaotic. She can swing between being super bored and being super engaged in something. Cuts up all her clothes to make new ones. Does really weird craft projects.

Dinah: Is worrying about money. “Club singer” isn’t a particularly high-paying job, and she doesn’t like taking money from Helena’s fortune, but she’s very responsible with her money. She takes the time to practice her hobbies and learn to cook better.

Helena: Is very disciplined. She has a schedule and she sticks to it. She misses going to work out, but she goes on lots of runs and has a grueling inside calisthenics routine. She takes an opportunity to try out sleeping in and being lazy (lots of things she missed out on when she was training to get her revenge)

Cass: Goes very stir crazy, but she’s living with Harley, who’s both entreating and pretty good at coming up with stories and projects and weird shit to do that can be done inside. Gets very excited for trips to the grocery store. 

Renee: Pulls all-nighters obsessively researching whatever person/event she thinks might be suspicious. Makes like four bulletin boards of pictures connected with red string, because she thinks they suit her vibe. She winds up keeping them as decor.

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