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The Wedding Pact 4

Sorry this is a little on the short side, but I need to keep the next section together. Hope you enjoy! Reblog and comment please. Let me know what you think!

Summary: He made a promise, she didn’t expect him to keep it.

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“Baby wait,” Chadwick’s voice echoed down the hall. “May, why would you do that?” Your father’s eyes clouded. “Because I will not condone this marriage! It is obviously a cover up for something. Those two never showed any interest in each other, now they wanna get married? Is it so hard to believe that she’s pregnant?” Your mother fired back.

“Is it so hard to believe that someone would want our daughter if she’s not pregnant!”

“Nobody wanted me!”

“Damnit May! This isn’t about you!”

“Baby let me in,” sun filtered in slants into the back hallway. Empty rooms lined the halls. The empty rooms staring Chadwick in the face. His hand ran over his face. The faint click of the door calmed the actor. “Baby, his hands pressed the withered wood open. His eyes zeroing in on your form. “Hey,” he shut the door behind himself.


“Why don’t you come tell big daddy what’s wrong?”Chadwick balanced himself on the edge of the tub. “Shut up,” You sniffled.

“Come on. Tell me what’s wrong babygirl.”

“ I knew she would be upset, but after your parents, I started to hope she would take it as well as they did.” You sighed, allowing him to wrap your hands in his. “If it makes you feel better, I don’t know why the took it that well,” his thumbs ran circles on the backs of your hands. “But they still took it well. I’m just tired of every major milestone coming with a lecture.”

“She’s just trying to protect you baby,” he soothed, running his hands over your shoulders. “From what!” You threw his hands off of you. “You’re a good man. I’ve lived my whole life for her, now I try to do one thing and she won’t condone it.”

“Well I guess you need to ask what is more important, your happiness. Or your mother’s expectations.”

“May, He is a good man!” Your father argued. “So was James,” she glared. “Stop covering for him May! He left you.”

“I do not want to have this conversation here!” Your mom hissed.

“We have waited too long to have this conversation May!”

“And I will not have it in someone else’s home!”

“We are not running may! Ever since James left you have been running!”

“How dare you!”

“What is wrong with you May! What are you so afraid of!”

“I will not have Chadwick leaving my daughter!”

Chadwick’s mother shot up, “now with all due respect May, you will not tear down my son in our own home! We raised Chadwick better than that. Just as you raised your daughter!”

“I think you should take her home,” Chadwick’s father advised yours. “Your babygirl doesn’t need to hear this conversation.”

Your father nodded in response, “let’s go May.” He turned back to the elder Mr. Boseman. “Tell my babygirl I’ll be back. I’ll leave her stuff here.” The other man nodded. “Well take care of her.”

“I’ve always wanted everyone’s approval,” you began.

“If you do that, then you sacrifice part of your own happiness.” Chadwick fingers traced the side of your face. “I know,” you mumbled.

“But trying does not make you a bad person. If your mother’s approval is a deal breaker then we can end the engagement,” the actor sighed. You quickly jumped off of your seat on the toilet and straddled his lap. “Hey, no,” you reassured him. “I want to be with you. My mom can’t change that.” You grinned, pulling his face gently between your hands. “No one can change that. ” You gently pushed his eyes up to yours.

He nodded, a small smile gracing his lips. His forehead came to rest against yours. Your head tilted slightly before your lips met. This kiss just as magical as the first. Your hands found their way to the nape of his neck. Fingers tangled in his coils, he pulled you closer. His hands gripping your waist as he pulled you down, grinding into you. His tongue tracing the seam of your lips. With a sigh, you granted him access to your mouth. Your hips grinding onto his.

The opening of the bathroom door startled you both apart. “Y’all young kids really don’t care where you are do you?” Chadwick’s father grinned down at you. You buried your face in Chadwick’s neck, his hands slowly venturing from under the back of your shirt. His laugh tracing the edge of your ear. “Thanks for knocking pop.” His hands running circles on your back. “No problem. Now. As much as I would love to let you “love birds” finish what you started, this old man needs to use the restroom.”

“Understood Mr. Boseman.” You smiled, Chadwick helping you off of his lap. You walked out of the bathroom hand in hand. The creaking of the wooden floor the only sound as you ventured down the hall.

“You know I always hated this hallway when I was little.” the actor admitted. “Why?” your laugh drifted down the hall fingers tumbling with Chadwick’s. “It’s so long, in the winter there’s no light in this hall. The trees used to cast shadows and I always thought they were big hands reaching out to grab me.” Chadwick pulled your hand into his. His thumb tracing circles all along your knuckles. “So the great Chadwick Boseman is afraid of stuff that goes bump in the night.” You teased, stopping and pulling him into you. Your fingers toyed with the buttons on the front of his shirt. He reached a hand out to caress your face. His fingers lightly tracing the the outline of your face. His full lips leaned into your ear, his breath brushing the side of your neck. “Shhhh. It’s our little secret.”

His breath traced the edges of your ear. A shiver ran down your spine, giggles tumbling out of your mouth. You bit your lip, nodding your head in agreement. “Ok,” his laugh filled the back hall as you tucked yourself back into his side.

“Ok.” you laughed, both of you heading back to the front living room of the house.

The white wooden arches of the house’s living room welcomed you as you rounded the corner. Tucked under Chadwick’s arm you floated into the living room. “If it isn’t the couple of the hour.” Chadwick’s mom smiled from the kitchen. The wooden floor creaked softly under your feet as you padded into the kitchen with Chadwick. He pulled himself away to help his mother grab a pot.

You smiled softly at the scene before glancing out the window. Your finger gently nudged the curtains apart, noting the absence of your parents car. Chadwick’s hand on your waist shocked you. “Hey, you ok?” He frowned. “Yeah, Yeah,” you shook your head, trying to clear the fog.

“Mrs. Boseman, do you know where my parents went?” You turned back to the window, Chadwick’s hand covered yours glancing out as well. Her hand stilled over the stove, one immediately reaching for the kitchen towel stowed on the handle. “Well,” her dry hands began running through the towel incessantly. “Your father said he’d be back soon,” his mom offered.

You nodded in reply, fighting back the tears.“ Well, do you need any help in the kitchen?” You squeezed Chadwick’s hand in reassurance. “No baby I’m good, but you all should get started on wedding planning. While you’re away from prying eyes. It’d be a good way for you both to bond.”

“Well. Honestly I don’t even know where to start.” You admitted, settling into a chair at the kitchen table. “Google it,” his mom offered.”I mean y’all google everything else.

“She’s gotta a point,” Chadwick teased. “She’s got a point,” you mocked, settling down into the kitchen chair. “Shut up big head,” he smiled back.

“I love you,” he smiled. “Love you too,” you smiled back goofily. “Wedding planning. Remember?” His mother reminded. “Right.” You turned away from his gaze.

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The Wedding Pact 3

Summary: He made a promise. She didn’t expect him to keep it.

A/N: I’m gonna tag this story #weddingpactfics. Every chapter will have this tag. Because of the new tumblr rule, this is the most effective way I’ve seen to give you guys a Masterlist of sorts. It’s the best I can do right now. All of my fics will be tagged #apbpfics so that’ll serve as a Masterlist I guess. All Chadwick fics will be under #Chadapfics. All you will have to do is search for these tags on my page, maybe if these are unique enough you’ll just have to search tumblr. 🤷🏾‍♀️

P.S. Y’all like the new graphic?


“Come on Champ! Let’s go!” Chadwick called up the stairs. He lugged both of the suitcases out to the waiting car. His sat his shades precariously on the bridge of his nose and waited for you to make your way out the house. “I’m coming Boseman,” you called. Pulling on a pair of his shades. Your heels clicked down the stairs, you shut off all the lights in the house, quickly set the alarm, and walked out to meet your fiancé. “Ah, so we are wearing each other’s things already hmm?” Chadwick teased. You bit your lower lip, and walked into his open arms. “What’s mine is ours. What’s yours is mine. You see it’s a partnership baby. Give and take,” you teased.

“Oh, we’re going by baby now,” his grin wrapped around his face; his arms around your waist. His back lay against the Lexus.

“Yes, I figured it’s time I gave you a nickname.”

He smiled, “ I love it.” He kissed your nose before gently pushing you both up and off the car. “Well, if we stay here any longer. We won’t make our flight,” he sighed, opening the door for you. Your smile instantly dropping into a frown. Would that really be a bad thing,” you sighed, settling into the leather interior.

“We do need to tell our parents that, you know, we are getting married.” Chadwick frowned. “I know but I’m really not in the mood for another lecture,” you sighed. “I mean, look at it this way. We survived David,” he offered, pulling off from his spacious home. “Survived is a very optimistic term.” You scoffed, “I think it’s safe to say David doesn’t like me.”

“No he likes you, he’s just not a fan of us getting married. You know, I’m, per his words, ‘ruining his most eligible bachelor’ angle he’s been working. He’ll come around,” Chadwick squeezed your hand gently. He raised to his lips, placing a butterfly kiss in the brown skin.. “What if our parents don’t come around though,” you rolled your bottom lip between your teeth. “We’ll worry about that if we have to,” he calmed placing a hand on your thigh. Squeezing lightly he continued the drive out to LAX.

“I swear, reporters follow you everywhere,” you fluff your twist out with one hand, allowing Chadwick to take your bag from you with the other. Smiling as you finally reunited with your fiancé outside of the terminal. “I know champ. I’m sorry babygirl.” He apologized pulling you close to his side. In order to contain your engagement you had agreed to check in separately, along with boarding and picking up luggage separately. Though you did manage to settle into your first class seats together. With limited interruptions you’d made it to the airport exactly on time. Grabbing your luggage, you both headed to curbside before noticing two families, and two signs. Chad’s parents stood next to yours smiling, a large piece of poster board decorated with Aaron in large letters sat in their hands. Your sign reading simply “daughter”.

“You told my parents we were coming?” You whispered, plastering on a fake smile. “No, I told my mom, and I guess she told your parents.” He shrugged, the apology laced in his voice. “Chadwick, you know word spreads like wildfire in this town,” you fussed, nerves taking over. You weren’t prepared to face your mother just yet. “Maybe this is good. We can kill two birds with one stone,” he offered.

“I don’t know about that Boseman.” You replied. “Who’s house we going to?” You asked. “We’ll let them choose.” He replied, moving to your left side, he gripped your hand in his. “What are you doing?” You hissed, your parents getting closer with each step. “Trust me, we don’t want them seeing the ring first thing. Just follow me.” He smiled.

“Mama!” He smile, pulling her in for a hug. You hugged his mom as well. Before turning to your own. “Mama,” you wrapped your arms around. Breathing in her summer perfume. Her hair smelling of sweet potato pie. “Hey baby. I wish you had told me you were coming. We would’ve prepared your room.” She fussed as you walked over to your dad. “That’s ok ma.” You smiled weakly . Pulling your suitcase closer. “Here let me get that baby girl,” your dad offered, reaching for the suitcase, currently hiding your ring. “No, Chadwick’s got it daddy,” you smiled, quickly pulling it out of reach. The actor quickly walked over wrapping his hand over yours. “Yeah, it’s no problem at all. Really.” Chadwick smiled.

“You two sure your ok? Y’all been acting pretty weird.” Mrs Boseman asked. “Yeah. It’s not like you at all to not tell us you’re coming home baby girl.” your father commented. “Well,” Chadwick cleared his throat. “We actually came home. Because we have something to tell y’all,” you started. “Somebody pregnant!” Your mama yelled, turning to look directly at you. Her glare stringing fear into your heart. “No mama, no!” You assured her. “Not yet at least Chadwick murmured under his breath. You elbowed him in the stomach. “Can we please head to someone’s house,” you asked, rather anxiously.

“Sure, we can head to our house. I just finished making some cookies.” Chadwick’s mom offered. “Great,” Chadwick added with pseudo enthusiasm. “ Come on baby girl I’ll give you a ride,” your dad waved you over, looking for your bag. “Umm. I’m gonna ride with the Boseman’s. You informed them.” You’re mother’s face fell slightly. “Oh. Okay. We’ll see y’all at the house then.” She frowned.

“why’d you do that?” Chadwick questioned minutes later as he swung your bag into the trunk. “It takes two to hide this ring.” You teased. Chadwick raised an eyebrow. You gulped knowing he’d seen right through the lie. “You ready for this?” He ran a hand over his curls. His shoulders dropped slowly with an exhale. He reached out, running his hands over your shoulders. “No, but if we don’t do it now, they won’t hear from us.” You sighed. “Come on you two! We’re holding up traffic!” Mr Boseman yelled from the front seat.

“We got this,” Chadwick pressed a kiss to your fore head. He shut the trunk before helping you into the car. The ride home was painfully awkward. Chadwick’s and your eyes stayed trained on the rear view mirror, quickly moving your hand out of sight whenever his father’s eyes fell on you all. “Y/N sweetie, how was the move to LA? Your mom mentioned you got a writing job?”Chadwick’s mom turned, waking you out of your daydream. “It was great actually. Chadwick was a big help. Meeting some new people and finding some good housing,” you smiled. “That’s great. Let me guess, he found you a place not far from him?” She teased.

“You could say that. It feels like I’m right next door,” You laughed awkwardly. “That’s good baby.” She smiled. “And how is my baby boy doin’?” She turned to Chadwick. “I’m doing great mama. I gotta little piece of home with me out in LA now. I don’t plan on letting her go.”The actor smiled. “So what y’all felt was important enough to fly home to tell us?” His father cleared his throat. “Dad, you know we gotta wait for both parents to be here,” Chadwick grinned. “Y’all know I hate surprises,” his dad argued. “And he has about as much patience as a kid in a candy store,” Chadwick’s mom joked. “ Y/N, You know, you’ve always been like a daughter to me,” Chadwick’s dad began. “Thank you Mr. Boseman,” you interrupted, “but, I am afraid, you’re not getting anything out of me. My mother would have my head.” you laughed. He frowned before pulling into the yard of the boseman household. Your parents turned in shortly after following the truck up the drive. Everyone piled out of the car, you were careful to make sure you kept your hands tucked into your pockets. Chadwick helped you out of the car. Smiling at you once more, he waved you towards the house, your feet crunched lightly on the gravel. You walked slowly,your mother and chadwick’s mother gossiped about all of the town events. You followed them in the house, leaving the door open for chadwick in his father. The large living room hadn’t changed much. The faded rug sat on the floor under the couch, the hand sewn curtains still lined the large paned windows, sunlight filtering in slowly. Baby pictures of Chadwick and his siblings line the fireplace and the walls.

The crunch of footsteps loudly approaching the door, startled you as chadwick and his father stomped up the stairs to the wooden porch. “Champ, we didn’t know where your parents keys were,” he explained as his dad laid your suitcase next to his. You leaned into him slightly, “I had assumed we were going to stay together,” you frowned, “At least tonight.” He smiled, “We’ll see what my parents say. I had too, but I actually hadn’t thought about their reaction, and it’s only for a few days.” he squeezed your hand. Once the front door was shut, Chadwick’s father fell onto the couch groaning, “Y’all youngins ready?” he asked, your father falling onto the couch next to him. “Y’all want some lemonade?” Chadwick’s mom yelled from the kitchen. “We’d love some ma-” Chadwick started. “Naw, everyone is gonna come in this living room so y’all can tell us what’s going on!” His dad cut everyone off. Shaking her head, Mrs. Boseman walked into the living room lightly slapping the back of her husband’s head. As she settled onto the couch, your mom took to the arm of the chair your father was reclining on.

All eyes landed expectantly on you and Chadwick. Standing in front of the fireplace, you glanced at each other. Chadwick took a deep breath. And your fingers took to spinning the engagement ring around your finger, a nervous habit you’d acquired over the past few weeks. Mrs.Boseman caught sight of the ring, her mouth falling open. She didn’t breathe a word before turning back to her son. “Well since everyone is here now. Y/N and I have some news to share with you all,” Chadwick began turning the floor over to you. “We’ve been living together,” You blurted, throwing Chadwick in to damage control mode.

“Yes! Wai- what? No. Well I mean yes we have been. What she was supposed to say is that we are engaged.” Your father’s face was easy to read. A lazy grin spread over his face, a twinkle lit behind his eye. Your mother was a different story. She sat frozen in her spot. Her mouth, a slack line. Eyes glazed over as she alternated staring between you and your fiancé. Chadwick’s mother’s face mirrored your own. A mixture of happiness and worry etched into the muscles controlling your smile.

“Well, let’s see how well my boy did,” Chadwick’s father was the first to stand. He pulled you into a tight hug before studying the ring on your finger. He let out a low whistle before smiling, “ must’ve cost you a pretty penny,” he smiled at Chadwick. “Nothing too pricey. Just wanted something nice for her,” he replied. Your smile said more than you ever could. “So you’re living together engaged?” Chadwick’s mom finally replied. You nodded your head, Chadwick gently pulling you into his side. “Well, if this is what you two want, I’m happy for you.” She stood in front of both of you. “Marriage is not easy. I hope you two have really put some thought into this. You’ve never dated, as far we know, and now you are engaged.” She explained her hesitance. “We know mama. But we want to try this. We aren’t rushing anything. We will get married when we are ready and if it doesn’t work, we will break the engagement.” He replied. “Well,” your father stood, “like I told Chadwick when he asked me,” he continued, “I don’t know what you’re thinking. But I know what it’s like to be young dumb and in love. If this is what you want then go for it. If my babygirl said yes, then you both have my blessing.” He pulled you in for a long hug. “Is this what you want?”he asked you, pulling away slightly. “It is daddy,” you assured him. He nodded pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Then I am here for you. So is your mother, though she may not act like it at first. We just want for you to be happy.” He smiled. “Well mama?” You asked, your father returning to his seat. “I have no words for you,” your mother frowned. “What do you mean?” Your heart cracking in several different places.

“I just simply don’t know what had gotten into either of you!” She exclaimed. “You’ve been living together behind all of our backs, like I didn’t raise you to know that was a sin. Now you to waltz up here and tell me you’re engaged? Like that’s supposed to make it any less of a sin!” She exploded. That’s when your heart shattered into a million pieces. You refused to let her see the tears flow from your eyes. “Fine. Is that how you feel mama?” You asked. Your jaws clenched tightly, heart racing in your chest. “ Yes it is,” she replied. “I don’t approve.”

“Good thing I don’t need your approval to get married.” You shot back. You spun on your heel and rushed to the nearest bathroom. Once inside, you slammed the door close and bent over the sink heaving.

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