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#chadwick boseman

Lol I mean, I expect white celebs to post black squares but Chadwick Boseman… where he at? If he saying something I missed it. He ain’t even post a square lol sorry not sorry. But then again you did go to the Oscars during the black boycott too🤔

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Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama.


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Black people deserve to be accepted.

Black people deserve to live in peace.

Black people deserve to live happily.

Black people deserve to be happy with themselves.

Black children deserve to run for fun, not from a gun.

Black mothers deserve to be at peace while her children are out.

Black fathers deserve to be at peace and respected.

I know of the chaos out in the States and I cry with those who mourn their loved one’s deaths. I mourn for the unnecessary deaths of innocent black people.

Black Lives Matter shouldn’t be a statement used for protests or riots, Black Lives Matter should be a statement for everyday.

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Possible New Story Covers…


(Cover And Title not final) This is just a visual of how I want the story to go…not telling the plot. Starring Lakeith Stanfield


May or may not start on this…Stars Skai Jackson (as twins) and Chadwick Boseman


Now this one I will tell you about. It focuses on Anna and Aaron before the events of Honey Love and Honey Love 2

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