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#chadwick boseman fanfic

Chadwick Boseman x Black! Reader


It was a typical Saturday with Chadwick home. You waking up to him staring at you with that crooked smile that gave you butterflies.

“Good morning baby” he spoke as he reached over to pull at your bonnet letting it slap back against your forehead.

“Good morning old man"You spoke back, sleep still evident in your voice as you put your feet on his legs making him suck his teeth.

"How the hell are your feet this cold if you had me turn the heat on hell last night?” he said quickly moving his legs off the bed.

“I got hot and turned it off” you said laughing at him as he shook his head.

“Whatever Minnie. Come on and get up I wanna get some food before I take you to get your nails done”

You laid there for a minute tired and not really wanting to get out of bed. You were going to suggest a lazy Saturday but he insisted that you two get out and do something, stating he had some sort of surprise for you.

Your man stood there clad in just his boxers with his long fingers on his waist, waiting for you to stand up. After a three minute staring contest you got up out of bed making your way to the bathroom.

By the time you had gotten dressed and ready to go, Chadwick who was finished getting ready twenty minutes before you had conducted some business over the phone that he hoped you would enjoy.

“You ready Minnie?” he asked you standing up with a grunt.

“Yup. Mickey are you going to help me pick out a color?” You asked as you two made your way to the front door.

“Uhhhh, champagne color?” he suggested with a shrug.

“That might be cute"you responded pulling out your phone. Once you logged into Pinterest and found a design you liked you showed it to him.

Barely glancing up from the college basketball game he nodded and murmured "Cute”

You rolled your eyes and told him you were ready. He quickly jumped up grabbing his keys and jacket before heading for the door. He opened the front door allowing you to leave first but not before giving your ass a smack.

Once in the car, Chadwick started the car and began to drive while you played with the radio connecting your phone to the bluetooth. Hitting shuffle you started to feel the music. Tamia blasted through the radio as you sung along to your man.

“I think you’re truly something special” you started but stopped once you realized he was eating Cheez Its. You laughed causing him to take his gaze off of the road for a second to see what had you laughing.

“What’s so funny baby” he asked still taking glances at you and eating.

“The fact that you pulled those Cheez Its out of nowhere. Where did your fat ass get them anyway” you asked as he sucked his teeth.

“I keep a box on the side of the door. Nosey ass, you know I keep them snacks on me” he said grabbing more. He yanked the box away when you reached for some before pulling over.

“Yippy Kiyay muthafucka. We made it” he spoke before hoping out of the car to open your door.

“Allow me to help you out Miss Daisy?"He spoke reaching out his right hand to grab your left. You laughed grabbing his hand as he kissed you.

"Are you staying here with me?”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to” He spoke kissing your cheek.

Together you walked into the shop to sign in. He pulled his hoodie onto his head and sat down by the entrance.

He sat there trying to contain his feelings. He was definitely nervous about what would be happening in about and hour.

He needed to keep himself busy he stood and walked into the back to talk to you.

“Hey baby” you smiled as you got your feet scrubbed.

“Hey, look is going across the street to get something to drink. What do you want?” He asked as her attention jumped from the lady painting her toenails and back to him.

“I don’t want anything babes, thanks for asking” she smiled making him roll his eyes.

Whatever he brought back she would definitely finish for him leaving him with nothing.

“Yeah whatever. Gimme some love” he mumbled puckering his lips as he leaned done to kiss the woman he loved. They pulled away to heard the lady fussing.

“Look at this! You wiggled your toes and messed up the nail.”

Chadwick laughed backing up.
“sorry ma'am. I’ll leave you to it” he smiled before turning to walk over to the nail technician that would be working on your nails.

“Excuse me” he said as he sat in front of her grabbing her attention.
“The woman that went back there. She wanted the champagne colored nails. You know who I’m talking about?” He asked

“Oh yes. She’s a regular client”

“Yeah well I need you to do me a favor please”

“What is it?”

“When you finish her nails and put that clear moisturizer on her hands…I need you to slide this on her left ring finger for me” he stated sliding her the box and a two hundred dollar bills.

“Ohhhh will do. What do you want me to say when I put it on her finger?”

“Tell her it’s from that handsome man she came in with” he smirked before standing up.

“I’m counting on you mama. Don’t lose that ok?” He spoke as she nodded putting it in a side drawer and winking at him.

He gave her a smile before walking out of the building into the fresh air.

He took a deep breath, thankful that he didn’t have to breathe in those chemicals for the time being.

Now he had to kill time before he officially gave his all to you.

You looked at your surroundings to try and see where Chadwick was but sighed when you saw that he wasn’t in the salon.

How long did it take to get some snacks from the store across the street?

You sighed realizing he might’ve been spotted by some fans and that he was with them taking pictures and signing autographs.

You looked down at your nails and smiled at the work.

“You like the stones?” The nail lady asked.

“You know I do girl!! This is cute”

After having her nails under the lights to dry for a fourth time she was finally done.


She watched as the nail tech rubbed the oil on her skin and massaged her hands.

Just as you were about to get up she patted your hands.

“One more thing sweetie” she said digging into a drawer and putting a ring on your left ring finger.

“Miss this isn’t mine” you said confused

“It is now. That handsome man you came in here with left it for you.” She said and got up from her seat.

Smiling down at the ring on your fresh manicure you turn as you hear the door open and the gasps of other customers.

There stood the man you loved with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you’ve seen. He walked toward you smiling ear to ear.

“These are for you” he said and you gladly accepted them with a giggle.

“Why thank you” you said as he grabbed your free hand to make you stand up.

“ I know you’re wondering about the ring I had them put on your finger.” he spoke as he got down on one knee.

“With everything I’ve done wrong in my life this here is the one thing I pray everyday I get right. I want to wake up with you every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms at night. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about us. It’s like Picasso painted your aura, it’s like Beethoven composed your vocal tones, a Rodin inspired hand sculpted you the desire of man, Michelangelo grieves inside you. When I look in your eyes I see the seeds of my wildest dreams. I’m rambling but you just make me that nervous. My knee is starting to hurt so I’ll rap it up.  Baby, will you do the honors of becoming my wife?”

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I had an anonymous request for smut involving a younger Reader (like mid-20 something)/Chadwick. I think this will be a short smut series.

Word Count: 1535 

Summary: Makeupartist!Reader x Chadwick are filming in Thailand and hanging out, when reader’s past sexual inexperience becomes a topic of conversation.

Warnings: none for this chapter except language. the smut will come soon! 

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Chadwick x Son (ft. Black!Reader)•part 3  


The next morning, the father woke up early enough to cook breakfast and make lunch for his son. Once that task was complete he went to get himself showered and dressed.  Fighting to not stay in too long lost in thought he hopped out and started getting his undergarments on. He walked into his son’s room and flicked on the light. 

“Come on baby boy, it’s Friday” he said jumping into the small bed shaking the boy’s frame. The younger Boseman smiled while keeping his eyes closed. 

“I made your favorite for Breakfast Deuce, come on before you’re late and I have to beat that ass” he said as he started getting out his uniform, the child groaned before jumping out of bed and walking into the bathroom.

Once they were sitting at the kitchen island the boy began to ask questions.

“Daddy, where is Si? She usually helps me get ready”

“She isn’t going to be around anymore. It’s just you and me for now man, like it used to be" 

"I don’t remember that” he said furrowing his eyebrows.

“You’re too young to remember those times. After your mommy passed I took you everywhere I went" 

To people who knew nothing about Chadwick outside of his newly successful career it seemed that he had everything a man could want. A beautiful wife who he was madly in love with, success in his field, and his first child would be born within a few weeks.

He would also agree. He had it all until he didn’t. One by one the things most important to him, the things that made people think he had it all were slipping from his grasp. He hated how what should be saved wasn’t up to him. He’d choose his family over his career any day, but that’s not what God planned.

Here he was, a first time father, a widow, and the new star of a movie about one of the greatest men in show business.

He spent months preparing for that role while also trying his best to play the role of a father and husband. This curveball was something he wasn’t prepared for.

He had just wrapped his first day of shooting and was quickly packing up to get back to the small home he had rented for he and his son’s stay.

"Great work today Chadwick, the cast is going out to get drinks if you’d like to join us” one of his cast members spoke up within a group.

“I’d love to but I gotta get back to my baby” he said with a closed mouth smile.

“Aw that’s so sweet! Ok well give her our love” the same person spoke making his stomach hurt. 

He has yet to tell anyone outside of the directors and producers what had occurred recently. Not because he didn’t want to but because there was a pending case on the death of his wife.

“Will do” he mumbled before running off.

Once he was in the driveway he let out a sigh of relief. Both of your parents had offered to stay with him to take care of the newborn since Chadwick worked long days and nights.

“I’m home family” he spoke as he saw them all sprawled out on the living room furniture. He was about to turn off the television until he heard the coo’s of his baby boy from the bassinet.

“I see you’re wide awake huh man?” He spoke rubbing his hands with hand sanitizer before picking him up.

Grabbing his baby pillow and the baby bag he walked towards the room he occupied setting everything up on the opposite side of the bed, the side you should be laying on.

“You gonna let daddy study this film tonight” he asked the infant earning a yawn in response.

Together they laid in bed for a few hours watching interviews and videos of James Brown. With breaks in between for bottles and diaper changes.

“Alright Chad, it’s 3 am. We gonna get funky for a minute and then, we gonna get sleepy.” He spoke softly in his James voice before hopping up with the baby and gliding around the room slowly.

The newborn opened his eyes wide as they moved around the room moving his mouth as the song continued.

“Ya got soul Mr. Boseman?” The father asked.

After dancing to one more song the father laid them both down so he could get some type of rest before heading to set.

And that’s how the remainder of the filming went. The baby only coming to set a handful of times, but never staying for long.

The new father wasn’t happy that he left his child home for press junkets but it was best for him to be in a stable, consistent environment.

“Did we have fun?” The boy asked as he continued eating.

“The best” the father said before standing up grabbing both of their dishes and sitting them in the sink.

“Go get your book bag and jacket. It’s time to leave for school”

After a full day of reaching out to family to see who was willing to come watch Deuce for a few weeks while he did a press junket and informing them of the sudden change in the household he went to pick up the child.

“Ok Chad, you had a good week at school so what do you want to do tonight?” The father asked his eyes focused in on the traffic in front of them.

“I wanna go home and play with you” he said from the backseat making the dad smile.

“I’d be honored son, pretty soon you’ll think I’m too lame to hang out with.”

“How could I?!! You’re the BLACK PANTHER daddy, you’ll always be cool” he replied.

“It’s times to get funky” the father spoke in his James Brown voice as the music played throughout the house.

“So let’s get down” Deuce said laughing as he started dancing.

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@wonderwoman292 @jokerslittlemunster

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Street Life

Chadwick Boseman Fanfic

Warning!- Mentions of murder & drug use

Credits to the group chat for the tb pic!


“It’s amazing how your life can change”

Born in 1977 to a nurse and street hustler things weren’t that bad. The Boseman’s, a small family of three didn’t have much, but they had enough.

They were happy, the young couple in love and caring for their child the best they knew how. But by the time Chadwick was 3 years old things changed drastically.

The 1980 crack epidemic shook the once strong household thus taking away the joys the toddler remembered. No more laughing and joking. Bedtime stories and family outings to the park, became a thing of the past.

He was young but he remembered, most events. What child would forget watching their father shoot and kill a man over money? Or their mother smoking crack, shooting up, and trying to sell her body for drugs?

He still had memories of his father forcing him out of the house for hours at a time so he could cook. In the streets he saw a lot of things that made him sick and would scar any child. Dead bodies, addicts performing sexual acts for drugs, and people roaming the streets.

He grew up in that environment until he was about 7. Since his mother wasn’t around he spent a lot of time with his father in the streets. Watching him hustle so the two of them could have the things they wanted and needed.

His father was the only parent he had left since his mother was somewhere strung out. He’d held his father’s guns and handled his fair share of drugs before that dreadful day approached.

The day the feds broke down the door and marched into their home to take his father away. All alone, he sat in a police station waiting for someone to get him. Scared and alone but not allowing it to show on his face.

“Don’t let these cats see you sweat son. That’s a sign of weakness. They don’t need to see you cry” his father once told him after he saw a man lose his life.

It seemed like forever before he heard his grandmother, Eloise call his name. He stood up and walked towards her as she ran to her oldest grandchild.

After she talked with the officer who was left in charge of the young boy, they left. She had me move back home with her. Which took a while but Chadwick has gotten used to living with his grandmother. He’d always loved spending time with her during the summers, he knew he could be a kid at her home. Something he hadn’t been able to do for a while.

It wasn’t the best of starts. He was in a lot of fights at first, he would claim that the children were disrespecting him but anyone could tell that he was angry. He was angry that he had neither parent, that he had to move and start his life over, that he couldn’t fully understand

Once he was officially settled in life was fine. The young child grew up with his grandmother, the same way other kids in the neighborhood had. He was excelling in school and had made a name for himself around the neighborhood as “Stretch” since he was the tallest in his grade. Accentuated by the choices of clothing his grandmother brought for him displaying his long limbs.

Soon enough his cousins ended up moving into their grandmother’s home meaning more mouths for her to feed, and that lead to her getting a second job. As well as less quality time spent with his grandmother.

Still, he was excited that he had 2 other boys to play with inside of the home. Being the oldest of them he felt a responsibility for them. Any problem they had he would be the one to fix it whether it was a fight or their homework. He was to them what he wished he had, a caring sibling.

Over time, they grew closer and became like brothers to one another. Nothing would damage the bond that they shared.

The hardworking grandmother had always told the 3 boys to worry about school and that she would handle the rest. Which she did until there was an accident at work that injured her hip.

With her in constant pain she was out of work and disability checks became their sole income. Bills started pilling up and the family of 4 began to struggle a little. Some days going without electricity, some winters with no heat, but they hardly went to hungry only once in a while.

Chadwick watched for years as his grandmother struggle to care for the growing boys. Until the day he decided he wasn’t going to let her struggle anymore. Taking matters into his own hands he did what he had known best, following in his father’s footsteps.

And that’s what went on for years. He worked to help his grandmother support the house while also hoping to keep her in the dark about his job not wanting to upset her.

“So stretch are you in or are you gonna bitch out on me” the man sitting behind the desk asked staring him in the eye.

The young man took a deep breath before answering in a strong voice.

“I’m in man. Tell me what to do”

Once they shook hands, Chadwick felt a pain in his stomach. Realizing what he had just done.

It’s not 12 yet so here’s my birthday contribution to our King’s birthday! I’m posting more pics this weekend to celebrate.🥰

@nyneebey @lady-love-and-glitter-roses @autumn242 @royallyprincesslilly @lalapalooza718 @wakandawinning @brianabreeze @noontownstudio @airis-paris14 @dramaqueenamby @kumkaniudaku

@wonderwoman292 @jokerslittlemunster

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The Wedding Pact 2

Summary: He made a promise, she didn’t expect him to keep it.

“Get up, we’re going to a party.” Chadwick stood, raising his arms above his head in a long stretch. Effectively pushing your head off of his lap. “Chadwick!” You fussed, rushing to keep yourself from slamming to the hard wooden floors. “Who’s party?” You called out grabbing your shoes from their place at the foot of the couch. “Rihanna is throwing a small party tonight. Just a few people,” Chadwick explained, padding his way to his bedroom. “I don’t have anything fancy to wear to a party Chadwick,” You whined. Pushing open the door to the room next to his. “Grabbing your suitcase you lugged it onto the bed. Pushing the top open, you began to dig through some of your closet from back home.

“It’s just casual, nothing fancy. It’s a dinner.” He explained, quietly settling against the door frame. “So what your saying is. We are only going cause you don’t want to buy me food,” you smirked. “Partly, I also want you to meet my friends, colleagues. And I want to get you out of the house.” He pushed himself off the door frame. Heading back across the hall, he yelled over his shoulder, “and you expensive to feed girl.” You whirled around, “Oh really Mr. ‘No thanks. I’m good’ then eat all of your food and order some more head ass.”

“Whatever girl, you got an hour. Then I’m leaving you here,” he threatened. You pulled together a nice outfit before hopping in the shower. Once out, you quickly put on some light makeup. Glancing once more over your makeup. You slipped into your outfit. Grabbing your phone,wallet and keys, you settled onto the couch and waited for Chadwick. Little did you know. The actor was dressed. Battling his own existential crisis. The man stood over his dresser. Turning the red Cartier box over and over. His heart debating with his head over whether or not this was a smart idea. Charles’s words playing over and over in his head. “You haven’t seen this girl in years. Now you want to propose to her out of the blue?”

His friend made a good point. But Chadwick had gotten to where he was by making seemingly dumb decisions. Everyone said going into acting was a dumb decision, now look where it had gotten him. He was tired of not making decisions because everyone else was scared. He gripped the box in his hand, turning it one more, before placing it in his pocket. A knock echoed in the room before you pushed open the door. “Are you decent?” You called out jokingly, our hand over our eyes. “You act like you haven’t seen me naked before,” the actor teased. “Chad we were 3. I highly doubt either of us look the same.” You laughed, pulling your hand off of your eyes. “You ready?” You questioned. He turned to face you. Clearly forcing a smile he nodded. “Yeah let’s go.”

Chadwick’s mind was going haywire. The relatively short drive was not enough to calm his fears. What if she says no? He thought. Glancing at you staring out of the window in awe, a slow smile spread over his face. “You like the houses?” He asked. You startled yourself out of your daydreaming. Settling back into the seat, you smiled. “Yeah, they are gorgeous.”

He grinned signaling a left turn. “You wanna buy one?” He asked, turning onto another residential street. “With what money?”you joke. “You know I’ll buy it for you,” he offered.

“You know I can’t afford the taxes, and bills. Let alone clean the house Aaron,” You replied. “I’ll just daydream for now.” “What if we buy it together?” He offered again. “Chadwick you have a house that’s big enough for both of us right now. You don’t need to spend money unnecessarily. Buy a new house when you get married.” You answered.

“I plan to,” he smiled. “Good then why are you trying to buy me a house,” you began. “I want to marry you.” He interrupted. “Chadwick,” you breathed. His hands gripped the steering wheel tighter. A stunned silence seeped into the car, Chadwick expertly guided the car into a large driveway. He pushed the car into park before clearing his throat. “This isn’t how I wanted to do it,” he chuckled, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. “I was gonna surprise you. Maybe later tonight. When we were alone.”

“Aaron I,” You stumbled again. Your mouth having a hard time forming words. “I know it’s crazy, but I’ve got my whole life because of crazy choices. I don’t want to lose you.” He rationed. “But Aaron, we’ve never dated. Kissed, slept together, really lived together.” You bumbled, trying to understand where he was coming from. “I don’t need to all of that to know I love you Champ. I told you I was gonna do this when we were kids,” he reassured. “I know, but I didn’t expect you to keep the promise.” You answered. “Well there was your first mistake,” he jokes lightly, “look, I’m terrified too champ. But I can’t help feeling this is the right decision. We can date while engaged. The wedding can be a year or two off. And if you decide you don’t want this anymore, we can break the engagement.

You fought with your heart. You couldn’t help that his words made some form of sense. What was holding you back? You’d moved to L.A. You had a job. And you’d known each other since you were kids. He was willing to take it slow, and you couldn’t deny you’d always wondered what if. Who were you to deny yourself the chance to answer that question? “I’ll do it,” your mouth blurted faster than you could process. “Really?” His face lit up. Glowing from the inside out he pulled your face close to his. His lips met yours, moving in sync easily. Your eyes closed and you lost yourself in the kiss.

The moment was cut short by someone knocking on the window. Chadwick jumped. Pulling away from your lips, he smiled, before turning to the window. “Y’all plan on coming in anytime soon?” Rihanna stood there smirking. “We’re coming now,” Chadwick replied. Gently gripping your hand in his. “Umhmm. You got ten minutes before we eat without you,” she walked off into the house. “I guess we should go,” you laughed, unbuckling your seat belt. Chadwick rushed out of his seat to open the door for you. “Wait,” he urged fumbling around in his pocket.

He knelt in front of you, pulling out the leather Cartier box. He cleared his throat before grabbing your hand gently. “Champ. Will you marry me?” His face betrayed his nerves, his heart hoping you wouldn’t change your answer. “Yes,” You sniffled. Nodding your head. You took a deep breath as he pulled the ring from the box. The gorgeous solitaire diamond glittered beautifully as he pushed it gently onto your finger. “It’s beautiful,” you whispered. He stood up. Pulling you gently in for a hug, his arms wrapping securely around your waist. “Thank you,” he whispered pressing a kiss to your forehead. “For what?” You nestled into his shoulder. “For giving me a chance.”

You wrapped your hand in his as he lead you up to the front steps. “You ready?” He asked, knocking on the front door. “Ready as I’ll ever be,” You shrugged off the nerves. “Hey!” You turned to face the direction of the new voice. Janelle Monae stood in the doorway. “Long time no see,” she smiled. She pulled Chadwick in for a short hug. “You must be his plus one,” she smiled. Not a trace of sarcasm or malice lined her voice. “Yeah. Y/N,” you smiled accepting her hug. “You’re Y/N,” she exclaimed. “You didn’t say you were bringing Y/N!” She fussed at Chadwick. She rushed back into the house. You followed closely behind Chadwick. “They know who I am?” You asked. Chadwick just pulled you through the halls faster as Janelle moved to the kitchen. “Rih! He brought Y/N!” She yelled. As you turned the door with Chadwick by your side, a room full of people turned to face you. Angela Basset was the first to rise out of her seat. Rihanna rushed into the room from the kitchen.

“Hey,” You waved awkwardly, Chadwick still standing nervously beside you. “You aren’t going to introduce us?” Letitia questioned, everyone, nodding in agreement. “Of course. Y/N, this is, Ryan, Michael, John, Janelle, Letitia, Angela, Tiffany, Issa, Ava, Kendrick, and Robyn. Everyone this is Y/N.” He cleared his throat, “My fiancée.”

Several shades of surprise erupted around the room at the news. “Congratulations!” Ava was the first to respond. The sentiment was soon echoed around the room. Angela Bassett pulled you into the couch next to her separating you and Chadwick. “So when did this happen?” She asked. “Just now in the driveway,” Chadwick answered.

“Is that why you two were in my driveway for 20 minutes?”Rihanna commented walking back around the counter to the stove. “Maybe,” Chadwick smirked from across the room. “We gotta see the ring,” Tiffany commented leaning off the couch. Everyone leaned over as you extended your left hand. “Sis, you just stole Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor,” Tiffany breathed. The rock shone in the living room light. “He did something right,” Letitia teased as she admired the ring.

“Thanks, sis,” he teased. “Now Y/N, I have to ask the question Chadwick refuses to answer.” Janelle started. “What was the Great Chadwick Boseman like as a teenager?” “I already told Y'all I was the same as I am now,” the actor insisted. “Nah. Excuse me, I think we asked y/n,” Issa interrupted. “Now I’m afraid my Aaron was the same,” you started, Chadwick adopting a proud smirk,” except less debonaire, fit, charming, mature, responsible,” you fired off. “Alright alright, they get the point,” Chadwick huffed as the others broke into laughter.

“You still loved me though,” he smirked, reclining into the couch. “Hmm. If I recall, I had a boyfriend for all of Highschool and college.” You sassed. “Yeah, But I kept my promise. I’ve got you now,” he smiled. “Promise?” Someone asked. “Yeah. When we were younger I told y/n I’d marry her someday. I’d missed my chance in Highschool, but never again.” Chadwick explained. “This fool dragged me out of bed at 3 in the morning to tell me this.” You laughed. “It was worth every moment.” He grinned.

“How long have you two been together?” Angela inquired rationally. “Well that’s the funny thing,” you began, trailing off, glancing at Chadwick. “We actually have never “dated”,” he clarified. “What are the air quotes for?” Kendrick asked. “We’ve known each other for years. We believe we can make it work without having to go through that phase.” Chadwick explained. “But you two want to get married?” Janelle questioned. “We know it’s crazy. But we already know each other.” He argued. “And we agreed to take it slow, the wedding is a year or two off.” You added in. “And if we want, we can break the engagement.”

“It sounds like the two of you have thought this out,” Ava started off cautiously. “We tried. If any problems come up we’ll address them as they come up.”The actor clarified. Everyone in the room sat in a hazy silence. “Well, we are happy for both of you. Just be careful around the media. They could go absolutely crazy with this story.” Rihanna responded from her place against the wall. You nodded as Chadwick frowned. “Well. I’m honored all of you are here, especially the newly engaged couple,” she smiled in your direction. “Let’s eat!”

After a relaxing dinner among new found friends, and rounds of numbers being exchanged, you and Chadwick told everyone goodnight. The ride home was rather uneventful, the car sailing smoothly over the California roads. Your eyes sat fixated on the sparkling diamond on your hand. Noticing your silence, Chadwick glanced over at you. “You don’t like it?” He worried. “You broke from your daydream, “No it’s great. It’s beautiful, it’s perfect! It’s just surreal you know?” You replied. “Yeah, I still can’t believe you said yes.” He chuckled. “Should I have said no,” you asked cautiously. “No! No. I just mean.. I..well I’m glad you said yes. I thought you were gonna say I was crazy and leave.” He explained

“Well if you’re crazy, I’m insane for agreeing,” you smiled. “But I’m happy. I’m also excited for what’s to come.” He smiled sadly, “ I hope you still feel that way after everything we have to do. We’ve still gotta tell my agent, and publicist. And you know, like the whole world,” he rattled off. “And you know like our families,” you interrupted, laughing at his forgetfulness. “Oh yeah. What do you think your parents will say?” He asked. “I don’t know, But mama is not either of our biggest fans right now.” You sighed. “What’d I do?” He asked. “We are “shacking up together” or “playing house” and she’s not too happy about it.” You flashed back to the morning at the airport, “and I may or may not have walked out in the middle of her lecture about it.”

Chadwick’s laughter filled the car. “Shouldn’t she be glad we’re getting married?” You shrugged in response, “That’s to be decided. I don’t know how dad will feel, he’ll probably be more preoccupied with how mom takes it. Anyway, what about your parents?” You asked. “Mom will probably be excited. She’s always talking about grandkids, and she always loved you,” he smiled pulling into the driveway. “Dad always loved you too.”

“So you want kids?” You mentioned awkwardly as you stepped into the house. “Do you not?” He asked. “No I do, but I don’t know if I’m ready to take that step anytime soon.” You admitted. “That’s perfectly reasonable. We don’t have to even think about kids anytime soon. Let’s just focus on us. We are what’s most important.” He reassured.

“Chadwick, how are you so sure of everything?” You asked quietly, accepting his warm hug. “I’m not. But as long as we got each other, we’re good. That’s what we have to focus on. You and me.” He murmured softly.

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I’m finally put my master list together of completed, work in process, and future projects all in one post so I can update everyone from here:

“The Cure”:


Chadwick Boseman X Galen Brooks (Black Reader)


“Be Careful What You Wish For”:


2018 Halloween Special

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II X Khalil Howard (Black Reader)


-Updated October 12, 2018

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Author Notes: I got the inspiration for this story from a song by Lady Gaga called “The Cure” and from my personal experience from dealing with anxiety.  I hope you enjoy

Word Count: 3,000 +

Warning: None (a little bit of cussing)

Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(6)


“If I can’t find the cure, 
I’ll fix you with my love
No matter what you know, 
I’ll fix you with my love”

How has everything been going?” Dr. Ramirez inquired as she was referring to her previous notes at her desk.

Dr. Moira Ramirez is my therapist supporting me with my with anxiety and all my new life dilemmas. I loved her because outside my sister and Chadwick; she was the only person I could be open to with no judgment.

Okay”, I responded while sitting on her couch twirling my thumbs.

Just okay?” She countered as she perceived it would be more.

I spoke about how my life has been going this past month. I pointed out that work has been continuous and with a possibility of me entering some of my art prints for a local art exhibit at the beginning of next year. I further explained how I was working on a sleeping routine she recommended and taking natural supplements to work as a sleep aid.

I’m also visiting my family for Christmas so I am looking forward to seeing my mom and sister,” I conclude choosing to talk her ears off.

Nodding her head as she was writing in her notes, she asked while grinning, “How is your love life? Last time we met, you were on cloud nine…

Her smile vanishes when she catches my facial expression of sadness.

We broke up.

Oh…I’m presuming it was mutual or….

I broke up with him,” I replied while cutting off her question.

Have you spoken to him since the breakup?


How have you been coping with your anxiety? Are you still having panic attacks?” She examined and switching topics.

It has been a rollercoaster with my emotions and anxiety since the breakup. Knowing that I made the wrong decision about my relationship with Chadwick, I’ve been struggling with how to compensate for my mistake. Each time I think I come up with a solution, I let my nerves take over and succumb to them.

Giving my truthful response to Dr. Ramirez, she walked over from her desk to have a seat next to me.

When you get home today, call him and tell him everything you told me”, she states while holding my hands.

What?” I demanded even though I understood everything she suggested.

Dr. Ramirez grins and responds, “Just practice some of your relaxation techniques before you call and communicate clear so he can understand what you are expressing,”

Easier said than done,” I said anxiously.

When he answers, reveal to him how you feel, why you carried out your decision, and see where you all can progress from there…

And what if he wishes nothing to do with me? Or what if he has moved on with someone else?” I proposed almost in tears.

It’s okay because you can move on from this because you are stronger than what you believe you are. If he has moved on, at least you will surrender all you have been holding on to and feel better once everything is out in the open.

After collecting a few breaths and pondering over everything she suggested, I agreed that I would call him. At least for me, I desire to communicate to him how I feel and that I didn’t want to hurt him.

When our session was over, I set up my next appointment, we hugged and thanked her as always for working on my issues.

Arriving home around lunchtime, I nibbled on a salad while gawking at my phone seeking to foresee the forthcoming of our conversation. Nervous as hell fearing if he blocked my number or would he hang up in my face once he recognized it was me. The worst-case scenario would be that another female would answer his phone. I couldn’t even finish my meal due to the butterflies in my stomach and because I need to get this over with.

I got up and paced around my living room wondering what to say and how he would react. Following the calming skills, so I could loosen up, I laid on the couch and called him. Hearing the phone dial, my legs shook due to being eager to hear his voice. After 5 rings, it went to voicemail but didn’t leave a message. I felt crushed since he didn’t respond but instead of beating myself up; I went out to free myself from boredom.



Being out with friends is what I needed…. the stories, the laughs, and the bonding… I missed them. I didn’t have a lot of friends, but two of my dearest friends, Trina and Charlene, was consistently there for me. Honestly, I wasn’t as open to them with many details that were going on with my life but they would always listen to my joys and my pains. As we laughed thru drinks, I finally told them about my relationship with Chadwick and how it ended. They both looked at me with appalling faces and I got a ton of questions fired at me at once… “Why didn’t you tell us you had a boyfriend? And you were in a relationship with Chadwick Boseman?” How long were you all dating?“ with it questions ending with ”That’s bullshit up you didn’t tell us.

After my confessions, Trina requested if I had my phone and to call him right now.

Hell no… I called him earlier, and he didn’t pick up… and will not call him in front of Y'all.“

In front of Y'all“, Trina repeated rolling her eyes and glancing over at Charlene’s direction.

Girl, we are your backbone and we will help you talk to him so you won’t say the wrong thing,“ Charlene hollered as she took another shot.

No“, I answered firmly shooting a serious stare between the both.

Damn it, just call him… we will be quiet. We will simply jump in if it sounds like you don’t know what to say,“ Trina shot back.

We promise“, Charlene said backing up Trina and holding up her pinky for a pinky promise.

Ugh… okay“ I acknowledged searching through my purse for my phone.

When I pulled it out, I stared at it as my nerves were getting the best of me.

1st step, dial his number,“ Trina encouraged.

Shut up,“ I replied giggling as scrolled down to Chadwick info under my "Recent” tab on my phone and called him.

As like before, it rang a few times and went to voicemail.

Well, that sucks,” Charlene voices as she sticks out her bottom lip and makes a sad face.

Maybe he is ignoring me,” I declare trying not to let it bother me.

Or he is busy… he is an actor and didn’t you mention he was shooting a film?” Trina suggested trying to be positive.

He is… I will try again later,

That’s my girl… now, let’s order more drinks and focus on the fine men at the bar now,” Charlene voice as she lifts her glass for a toast.

We all laugh and revel in each other company for the rest of the night.


It was after midnight when I strolled through the front door of my apartment and crashed on the couch. I kicked off my heels from my aching feet and texted Charlene and Trina that I made it home okay and suggested we will have to do this again pretty soon. Going through my pictures with my girls on my phone had me smirking at the great time we had.  I continued swiping through my pictures until I halted at a selfie that Chadwick and I took at Ajani’s. We were so happy… and in love. I exited out of my photos and called Chadwick one last time. Maybe the liquor granted me generous assurance tonight because I was ready to spill my heart out for him. It rang twice, and he picked up sounding sleepy, “Hello?”.

My confidence flew out the window when I heard his voice.

Hello,” he reiterated sounding a little annoyed.

Hey, it’s me,”

Who is me?


Galen,” he repeated while it sounded like he was sitting up from his bed.  Hearing him say my name made my core tighten and I let out a sigh.

Yeah… it’s me… how have you been?”

I’m okay but tired,

I can call you back if you are sleepy…,

No… I’m good,” he responds. “I didn’t recognize the number since I took you out of my contacts.”

I felt a small sting of pain from knowing he removed me from his contacts but what do I expect, I have had no contact with him for almost a month.

I’m sorry for calling you late but it’s something I need to talk to you about.

What’s up?” He inquired.

Taking a few deep breaths and giving myself one last pep talk in my mind, I opened myself up to him.

Do you remember the last text message you sent me?


Well… I just… I didn’t realize how… Fuck it, I love you too. I love you, Chadwick. I struggled to tell you before you left but I was terrified and didn’t know how you would react. Later you expressed it during our messages and I was ecstatic you felt the same way but again, I let my fear get in the way.”

I paused to examine if I was talking too fast and if he would respond but it was only silence from his end. So I proceeded…

As Dr. Ramirez suggested, I laid out everything. I apologized to him for the way I ended things, how I missed him in my life and our relationship, what we could manage to work this out, and how I loved him, again. Letting him know I was ready to fight for this and he could sense my sympathy through the phone.

Again, I paused searching for a reply but he was silent.

Why are you not saying anything?  This feels like a one-sided conversation” I blurted out but already came to a conclusion before I gave him a chance to answer.

Shit, are you with someone else?… I’m sorry that I called” I ended the call as my body shook. “Stupid,” I told to myself as I peered up at the ceiling seeking to uncover answers. My phone rang and noticed Chadwick was calling me back. Before I could even say anything, he spoke.

What are you doing for the rest of this week?

Huh?” I answered taken back from his question.

Do you have any important plans coming up this week?

Hold on, let me check…,” I looked on my calendar to determine if I had any work projects or any other arrangements coming up this week.

I have a phone consultation on Friday with an organization to discuss their website design but other than that I’m free.

Do you have to be there for the phone conference?

Why are you asking me about my plans?

Yes, or No, Galen”, he states which I can practically overhear him smirking from his end.


Great, pack up clothes for about a week and be ready at 8 am because that is when your Uber driver will be there to pick you up.”

Wait… what… pick me up? What’s going on?

Your boarding pass will be ready at the airport and your flight leaves at 10 am so make sure you be there on time.

Airport… Chadwick… I’m lost,” I challenge with now my heart pounding because of the unknown.

Do you trust me?” he pleaded.


Then don’t be afraid… I will let you go so you can get some sleep so you won’t be tired in the morning. Talk to you tomorrow, Gal…

I love you,” I add before he could even finish saying my name. He let out a sharp sigh, and he was quiet again. I wasn’t seeking for him to express it back,  I desired to convey it because I didn’t wish to suppress my emotions anymore. Grinning, I said, “Goodnight baby” and just as I was about to end the call, I heard him yell out my name.


I’m still here,

I love you too… Goodnight,”


My alarm went off at 7 am but I’m already awake because of the excitement. I didn’t even know where I was going but here I am taking out my suitcase to pack. Opening my closet door hit me with a few concerns I didn’t address. “Should’ve asked where I’m traveling to because I don’t know what to pack,” I confessed to myself. Since it’s December, maybe sweaters, jeans, boots, and any winter clothing. When I finished packing, I showered, got dressed, and later received a message on my phone that my driver was here to pick me up. I headed down to greet him, and we were off to the airport.

Once we arrived, I grabbed my phone to open the app to tip my driver but he waved his hands and shakes his head.

You’re good, it’s already taken care of. Enjoy your trip, Ms. Brooks.”

Thank you,” I acknowledged smiling and headed inside for check-in.  

I had about an hour before departure so I snagged a seat next to a massive window facing out over the runway to draw in my sketchbook. I needed a distraction from my anxiousness and a break from my mind continually overthinking things.


When it was time to board the plane, I prayed to relax on my spirits and to not have a panic attack. Since I was a child, I despised flying and especially flying by myself. As I entered the plane, the flight attendant accompanied me to my seat in first class.


Oh my god”, I revealed shockingly.

Is everything okay, ma'am”, the attendant inquired.

Yes… I’m sorry… I never traveled in first class before.

It’s a first for everything and I promise you will enjoy it… my name is Melissa if you require anything,” she expressed after aiding me to my seat.

After settling in and getting cozy, it was time for take-off which I closed my eyes because this part and landing were the scariest for me. Once we were in the sky, I opened them with a few heavy breaths to restore control over myself. Flipping through the menu on the screen, I picked out a movie but didn’t pay attention due to wondering what I am hoping for from this trip and will it solve everything. So deep into my expectations, I didn’t realize I dozed off until we landed.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Los Angeles International Airport. Local time is 10:07 am and the temperature is 68 degrees,“ The pilot reported through the overhead speakers.

I grabbed my belongings and departed the airplane.

Thank you for joining us on this trip and we are looking forward to seeing you on board again soon. Have a nice day!“ Melissa said while I waved goodbye to her.

Once inside LAX, I turned on my phone and received a message from Chadwick saying he was at the airport and to let him know when I have landed.

I shivered knowing I was about to see him again. I text him announcing I was here, but I needed to pick up my luggage first. He replied saying where to meet him and directions how to get there. Once I had my things, I headed his way with many emotions.  I departed the terminal and watched him drive his car to the curb. He stepped out to assist me with my suitcase with me observing him… his stride, his body, his smile… my body just froze adoring him with yearning. While savoring the moment, bursts of bright lights blinded me which forced me to snap out of it and rub my eyes. Chadwick immediately snatched my hand and my suitcase and ushered me into his car. I hopped in and closed the door while he placed my things in the trunk of the car. Some men yelled out questions I didn’t understand while flashing their cameras at him and some at me. We left as soon as he got back in his car and traveled in silence for a minute.

Sorry about that… I failed to inform you about the paparazzi because they can get a little crazy and they don’t have any boundaries,“ he said breaking the awkwardness.

It’s cool

How was the flight?

Amazing… I never have flown in first class before and it was a great experience even though I fell asleep through most of it,“ I say laughing.

He grinned and continued driving as I enjoyed the sightseeing. I have never been to California before so I was absorbing this all in and taking pictures with my phone when we came to some stops. We both were back quiet with casual glimpses at each other.  It was like we both were afraid to talk… afraid to say the wrong thing.  I also noticed he hasn’t hugged or kissed me since my arrival which has me concerned but dropped it because I just wrote it off to nerves.

We arrived at his home and I was mind blown. He had such a charming place, and the interior was beautifully decorated. I stood in his living area just in awe as he placed his keys and wallet on the counter.

I’m guessing Ms. Brooks likes it?

Um yes… this section alone is bigger than my whole apartment.

Stop,“ he asserts chuckling, ”Let me give you a quick tour,“ as he took my luggage.


Did you decorate all of this yourself?

Nooooo, thank God the interior decorator I selected has incredible taste,“ he looked around feeling pretty proud of his home.

It’s lovely“ I point out as we walked into a bedroom.  

This is one of my guestrooms… you can settle here if you please or I can get you a room at a hotel if you prefer.

Where is your room?“ I blurt out before realizing how that may have come off. ”I mean, this is fine… I don’t need a room.”

He smirked, “Just down the hallway is my room if you need me… I will let you unpack and get accommodated,” then he leaves the room.

Once settled, I saw his bedroom down the hallway with the door cracked open. I wanted to be intrusive and take a peek inside but my scary ass didn’t want to get caught. “I will be in there soon… one way or another,” I dreamed with my mind heading straight to the gutter which made my body crave for him. “Stop Galen,” I snickered and hitting myself on the hand. Heading back towards the living area, Chadwick was resting at the counter in the kitchen drinking water. I ran up to him on the other side so we were facing each other. My playful mood abruptly sank when I caught his frown. His once relaxed and chill self-turned serious…. he was pissed.

We need to talk Galen… let us start with how you fucked up this relationship.

I’ll fix you with my love

To be continued……….

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Pencil drawing by Lynne Chapman

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Just to say…

right now i’m just being super lazy and I have an assignment due at midnight today, but I am in the process of writing two prompts that were requested by two lovely anons.

Peter Parker - smut no.8 ‘i’ll fuck the attitude out of you.’

the rest of you that requested - don’t worry as those prompts that were requested earlier on in the month already have their plots fleshed out.

for the Anon that made the Erik Killmonger request yesterday, someone already made a similar request so if you have any other request you can make it but preferably of something from the prompt list.

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Author Notes: I got the inspiration for this story from a song by Lady Gaga called “The Cure” and from my personal experience from dealing with anxiety.  I hope you enjoy (Short Chapter)

Word Count: 1,600 +

Warning: Angst and a little bit of cussing

Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(5)(6)


“Hush now baby, don’t you cry

Anything you want could not be wrong”

These past few weeks have been nothing but amazing. From our lunch dates to our strolls at the park, from our daily meetings at Ajani’s to just chatting on the phone all night, I felt myself falling for Chadwick each day. I opened myself to him and prayed to God that this was his blessing for me. Strange enough, my anxiety has been at a minimal but I guess there is no stress when you are having a wonderful time. Even my work projects have been a breeze and have been seeing more opportunities pouring in.  I also began seeing a therapist to help me with my panic attacks at the suggestion from Chadwick.  My life was moving in a positive direction and I was happy and content.  


Chadwick meet up at my place this afternoon to walk with me over to Ajani’s. He was like Jade with “I’m not comfortable with you walking alone” so as an arrangement, he would meet to walk with me. When I opened my door to welcome him in, I noticed he seemed like he was in a bad mood and offered me a swift “Hey baby” then wandered past me. He moved over to my couch to have a seat while glancing down at his hands while avoiding eye contact with me. I sat next to him and gripped his chin to turn it towards my face. I gave him a peck on his lips and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nothing… you ready to leave,” he responded with a slight attitude.

I suppose… let me grab my sweater”, kind of taken back with his answer.

There was no conversation during our walk to Ajani’s which caused me to start having negative thoughts.  I got nervous which I haven’t felt in a while and didn’t miss it.  As we reached the front of the coffee shop, Chadwick paused and stared at me like he was studying my worries based on my facial expression.  "Relax“, he says with a grin and opened the door for me to come in. We chatted with Rod for a few minutes and took a seat at our table.  We sat quietly while he kissed my hand and averting eye contact again. After a while, he finally looked into my eyes and broke the silence.

I’m leaving tomorrow.

What?“, I replied not recognizing how obnoxious I was

Shh… Calm down… I said I am leaving tomorrow.

I heard but do you mean briefly or for good?“ I demanded by whispering.

For good, we wrap up shooting here and filming the rest in LA.“

And just like that, tears begin the fill my eyes

Baby don’t cry… I don’t want to see you upset,“ he says as he wipes my tears.

How long did you know you were leaving?

A few days ago… that’s why I am stressing because I didn’t want to break your heart.

That’s short notice… I guess thanks for the warning“, showing him the okay signal with my hands while sarcastically smiling.

Don’t,“ he asserts while studying me for any reaction.

So are you breaking up with me? Well hell, are we even official or was I just a fling?“ I asked while rolling my eyes.

He looked pissed off by my response and slid over by me so we were face to face.

First, this is not just a fling and if you didn’t realize it by now… you are mine and mine only.  And second, why do you think I am breaking up with you?

Because“, I reply as the tears fall, "You are taking off… we won’t see each other and how are we expected to make this work.”

I won’t lie, it will be tough but if we both fight for this, it will be worth it at the end. We can talk or face time each day, fly out and visit each other when we are open, email, smoke signals… shit anything,” he states snickering while wiping my eyes again. “But I need you in my world and I will fight for you besides… there are a million people that are in a long distance relationship”.

I was still silent, blazing into his eyes.

Galen, to be honest, you had to know this was coming, right?” he inquired.

I knew it… I realize he couldn’t be here forever, but I drove it out of my mind and lived out my fairytale. I didn’t allow the understanding of when it was time for him to go and if I could deal with not having him with me. He was correct… there were millions of individuals in a long distance relationship but that is not what I wished for me. Selfish… maybe, but I didn’t see the long-term goal of a relationship like that.  Also, there was something else I wanted him to know… how I felt but didn’t know how to tell him without feeling like I am going to pass out.

Talk… let me know how you are feeling… please don’t hold back baby,” he pleaded.

I hesitated and then he caressed the side of my face as a way of pleading with me.

Chadwick, I think I need to go home… this is a lot to process.”

He was about to say something but closed his mouth and nodded but I could see it hurt him. It killed me to watch the grief in his eyes.

As we were leaving, he spoke his final goodbyes to Rod and wished him well but Rod could see something was up by our facial expression. Rod kept it short to let us go about our day and offered many blessings to Chadwick. As we came upon my residence, Chadwick drew me into his arms and held me. I was about to break down again realizing I would not feel this again and I separated from him.

Galen, can I see you tomorrow before I go?

What time is your flight?

10 in the morning but I will head to the airport at 9 for check-in. Do you want to catch breakfast before I go?

Ah… I… don’t think…

Just say yes… please baby,” he appeals.

I smile to mask the suffering as I grab for the door.

Remember what I said, fight for us. I believe in what both of us are feeling is no doubt building on love. I don’t want to lose you, Galen,” he declared as he stepped up and we kissed.

He kissed me along my bottom lip and then felt his tongue in my mouth as our kiss deepened. I had one last taste of him before I pulled away and beamed into his eyes. We remained like this for a few moments before I turned and opened the door. I took one last glimpse before I closed the door.

Goodbye Chadwick”, I responded with tears in my eyes.

See you later Galen, this is not a goodbye”,

I closed the door and raced over to the couch to sit down. As I remained there staring into space, I felt the tears drop from my eyes and I broke down. Looking back over everything, I felt foolish and disappointed with myself.

You knew he was leaving,” “Why did you allow yourself to fall for him?”, “We should have just continued it as friends,” “Why didn’t you tell him how you felt?”, “Why am I getting this emotional?”… thinking to myself and searching for different answers.

Deep inside, I realized the answer but was reluctant to express it due to my pride and my worry of getting hurt.

I got up from the couch and when into my bedroom to sleep the rest of my misery away.


The vibration of my phone woke me up and placed me back in my hurt. My body was tense and it was almost uncomfortable to move. I got out of the bed to take a hot bath to help ease my body tension and free my mind. Enjoying the hot water with eucalyptus oil and vanilla bath soak helped with my frame of mind as well with my body. Once done, I came back into my bedroom to hop back in my bed and grab my phone to check my missed messages… one was from Chadwick.  As the hopelessness grew in my mind, I concluded to put an end to my agony even though my heart was calling on me not to do this:


I love you too”, I sobbed knowing he couldn’t hear me but didn’t have the willpower to type it.

That was my ultimate answer to all the challenges and uncertainties I was experiencing within myself. I loved him and couldn’t tolerate that I did. How can I fall in love with him so soon? Maybe it was his laugh, his goofy jokes, or how he would be there to comfort me with my panic experiences. Maybe it was him telling me I was beautiful every chance he had, the way he looked into my eyes without speaking a word or encouraging me on when I felt like my artwork looked like trash. It was many things but fear held me back by not revealing that to him.

I turned off my phone and peeked out the window at the rain as it fell while the sun was setting with questioning myself if I made the right decision…

Did I?


“I’ll fix you with my love”

To be continued……….

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Promise ↬ Chadwick Boseman

Synopsis 》Yn and Chadwick have a scuffle about his acting career


“Babe come here! Look at this one!”, Chadwick calls out. I roll my eyes and roll out of the bed for the fifth time now, making my way to him. “What is it this time?”, I answer, unenthusiastically. He ignores my tone of annoyance and grins widely. “Look babe”, he points to the laptop screen, “This is the venue that the cast and I are going to conduct the Black Panther press conference for the South Asian premiere.” I glance at the large venue on the screen then back at him. “It’s nice”, I say dryly. He views of the rest of the conference room then goes to the next tab that showed a theater. “Now this is the theater where the Black Panther film premiere is going to take place. This long walkway is where the red carpet is going to be, well black carpet.” He flips back and forth between tabs, admiring the two buildings as I smugly stare at the screen. “This is going to be amazing”, he comments lowly. Officially upset, I walk away from the laptop and take a seat in the living room, turning on the television.

I flip through the channels when Chadwick walks in, grinning like a kid in a candy store. I ignore him and continue to search for an interesting game show or reality episode. “Yn you have to see this theatre room.” Chadwick turns the laptop towards me and I turn away. He sits next to me and shoves it into my lap. “Chad, I don’t want it”, I said pushing the laptop off my lap. “Baby just look…”, he said pushing it back into my lap. “I said no Chadwick”, I said harshly, closing the laptop and pushing it back on him. “What’s your problem?”, he asks, turning to face me. “You and this entire Seoul, South Korea premier are my problem. Ever since Marvel announced the starting of the BP tour you can’t stop talking about it. I know you’re excited. I’m excited for you, but you’ve been talking non-stop about this tour, brushing me off to "handle business” that is already handled. You’re not even taking advantage of the time you have with me before you leave.“

"What are you talking about? We went out for lunch yesterday with Addison and his daughter.”

“Wow, Chad. We actually have some time to spend together and all you can offer your wife is a pity lunch date with YOUR friend that I wasn’t even invited to. You just let me tag along because I was already with you.”

“Now you and I both know that Addison is family and that the both of us are always welcome. I don’t know what’s up with you today, but this is supposed to be a happy time and you’re trying to pick fights.”

“I’m not trying to fight with you Chad. I just want to spend some quality alone time with my husband before he leaves the country and has me fend for myself in busy ass L.A.”

“Babe are you serious right now. You come from Houston. One of the busiest, traffic-filled cities in the U.S. No different from L.A.”

“That’s not the point! The point is that I want to spend time with you and not your Black Panther premier blueprints.”

“C'mere Yn”, he said patting the spot next to him. I slide over and he wraps his arms around my shoulder as I lay my head on his chest. “I know I’ve been a little occupied with all of the Black Panther events and I’m sorry. I’m just trying to make sure everything is set so when I get my vacation time, I can focus all my attention on my family and friends, and us.” I began to feel bad. Chadwick has been striving for this dream since college and now that’s it’s here, I’m starting to feel a little left behind, whether it’s intentional or not. I don’t mean to come off unappreciative, whiney, and selfish, but I crave attention and affection from him and he seems to be occupied with other things that shouldn’t be his concern. “You know I love you and I’m extremely proud of you, but you’re turning into a workaholic. I just want you to take advantage of the free time you are given. That’s all.”

He takes a moment to think; comprehending your point of view. “I know I can be a little invested in other areas of work and I apologize that my habit is pushing you away. I didn’t mean for you to feel neglected. I always cherish my alone times with you. I promise I will do better”, Chad says as he stands up and hovers over me, putting his forehead on mine. “Promise?”, I ask, tilting my head up a bit while tucking my bottom lip into my mouth. “Promise.”, he confirms. I pop my wet bottom lip out and peck his lips several times before moving back and getting off of the couch. “Well since we’re here we can start on dinner. I know you’re hungry.”, I say as I skip to the kitchen. I open up the deep freezer and sort through the different fish and meats.

“Pork or chicken?”, I ask pulling them both out, while continuing to look around. “You”, Chadwick says casually as he walks into the kitchen, latching his hands onto my hips. “Stop, I’m serious.” I move his hands with my elbows and randomly choose the chicken breast. I put the pork back and put the chicken into the sink so it can thaw out. I open the pantry and survey the different canned goods, trying to decide our sides. Chadwick follows me and places his hands back onto my hips, pushing me back onto him. “Babe stop…”, I whine, but giggle, moving forward. “You asked for this attention. Now you don’t want it”, he states pushing up on me. “Not when I’m trying to prepare dinner. You wanna eat, don’t you?”, I respond, pushing him away with my back. “If you meet me in the bedroom, I’m sure I can find something to satisfy my appetite”, Chadwick whispers seductively in my ear, pushing me back on him once more. I force back a small moan as I try to keep a poker face, but it was difficult to hold back the smirk that wanted to be on my face. I tried to think of a quick comeback, but it was already a little too late, so I just grabbed the can of yams and collard greens and slid out of his hold.

Afraid to bend down (because of Mr. Touchy Feely), I squat and grab me three pots: two small, one medium and place them on the counters. As I turn around to head back to the pantry, I see Chadwick slightly leaning back, staring at my ass, naughtily. I smack my lips. “Go get the rice.”, I say, pushing him towards the pantry by his bicep. I open up the cans of vegetables and pour them into the pots, then put them on the hot stove. Chadwick places the rice on the counter and I immediately open it and pour it into the medium-sized pot. I walk to the sink and filled the pot with water and place it on the stove as well. I walk back to the sink and unwrapped and wash the thawed out chicken. I place them in a glass pan and began to season them. I look over at Chadwick to see him filling the yam pot with more sugar. “Chad I already put sugar in there.” Chadwick smiles, putting the sugar away. “Since someone won’t let me eat that pussy until they pass out, I have to compensate it for more sugar. At least I’ll get to eat something sweet today”, Chad smirks, smacking my ass. You laugh hysterically at his little joke as he walks out of the kitchen with the goofiest grin on his face.

I continue seasoning the chicken, them slip them into the oven. While I waited for the chicken to bake, I finished preparing the sides. Once everything was done, I set the table and prepared our plates. I peeked into Chadwick & I’s room to see him lying in bed, typing into his laptop. “Dinner is ready”, I said from the doorway. “Okay”, he nodded, “but come here.” I walk into the room and stand next to Chadwick, but he moves his laptop and pats the open space between his legs. I sigh as I climb into bed, lying in-between Chadwick’s legs, leaning back on his chest. Chadwick moves the laptop onto my lap, showing me online airline tickets. “Babe, what it this?” He doesn’t say anything, he just allows me to read what’s on screen. “Delta Airline… terminal 6… gate 13B… Club Mobay Airport Lounge… May 31… flight departure 9 AM… LAX to… Jamaica-”

“We return June 8, so you need to set a week’s vacation time. Make sure you talk with your boss, so there won’t be any mishaps”, he grins. I was stuck for a moment, trying to understand what was going on. “Baby are we going to Jamaica?”, you ask softly. “I do see purchased airline tickets on the screen so I believe so.” “OH MY GOD!” I move his laptop off my lap and straddle him, kissing all over his neck and face. I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica ever since my parents went for their anniversary and I’ve been begging for vacation for the past two weeks, but with his busy schedule and my job obligations, we had a difficult time scheduling our off days. I guess now is a perfect opportunity. “Thank. You. Baby.”, I said in-between kisses. “You deserve a vacation and I damn sure need one, so what’s a better place than to take my lady to Jamaica. Montego Bay to be exact.” You gush and squeal out of excitement, kissing him once more. “Thank you baby. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

“You don’t have to thank me. I’ll do anything for you”, he says while lightly stroking your chin, “Now let’s eat.”

Chadwick tries to move from under me, but I kept him pinned down to the bed. “Yn what are you-” I cut Chadwick off with a big kiss, slowly sliding my tongue into his mouth. I wrap my arms around his neck as he rests his hands on my ass. I slowly come up from the kiss, biting his lower lip. “Chad, the food can wait. I have something better you can eat anyways”, I say seductively while rubbing up and down on his chest. “Oh now you wanna have sex? Right after I told you we’re going to Jamaica?” “Yes. Now c'mon”, say while taking the bottom hem of his shirt and raising it up to showcase his toned abs and happy trail. “Damn woman. You see the way you do me”, he states, lifting his arms up so I could completely take his shirt off. “You know you like it… and for being such a great husband, I’ll allow you to do whatever you want to me in Jamaica”, I whisper in his ear, kissing his temple afterward then looking him in the eye.“Promise?”, he asks while sticking out his pinky. “Promise”, I say, locking my finger with his. He gave me a small peck on my lips, then picked me up and threw me off of him, climbing on top of me. I giggle and wrap my legs around his torso as his lips attacked my neck. We made love until the day turned into night and don’t worry; we ate dinner afterwards.

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As You Wish (Part III)

it’s been well over a month since I promised this fic would be done, and I am so sorry y’all. I’ve written and rewritten it so many times trying to get it perfect. It’s not perfect, but I’m proud of it!! sorry if the tone is different in certain parts, I would leave and come back to the fic in a different mindset. aaallllsoooooo i’m not super happy with the ending, but I think I’m gonna use it to tie into my next piece which will be a sub!chadwick fic! anyways thank y’all for waiting!! p.s.I’m moving the tags to the end! sorry for any typos i just wanted to get this up!!

Part I & Part II

Plot: porn lmaoooo this is just porn

Warnings: language, smut

Kinks: restraints, temperature play, spanking, slight pain kink, choking, overstimulation, domination, multiple orgasms

Word Count: 3.8+k


Originally posted by charlsrose

You felt his fingers trail down your neck. They rested on your throat for just a moment. He gave a gentle squeeze, causing you to gasp. Chadwick smiled to himself as he let his hands slide down to caress your arms. He let his hands hold yours before he completely let go and stepped away. You heard him moving around the room, and you couldn’t help but wonder what tricks your lover had up his sleeve.

“Now that I’ve warmed you up, I think it’s time to cool down,” he growled out. You only had a split second to try and decipher what he meant by that before you felt a wet, cold sensation on your nipples. You shrieked and tugged at your restraints. The sensation moved down to just under your breasts.

“Sorry that was mean,” Chadwick said, his breath caressing the taut peak of your right nipple. His warm tongue laved and carressed the pebbled flesh. You let out a sigh of relief when he paid the other nipple the same attention. Suddenly, the cold sensation was back, but it was intermingled with the heat of Chadwick’s mouth. ‘ICE’ you realized. The feeling of Chadwick’s chilled tongue flicking between your nipples was driving you insane. He held an ice cube on one while he focused his ministrations on the other by swirling his tongue, and writing alphabets. He took your left bud between his teeth and tugged. Your back arched off the bed. Your hips were jutting up to get him to touch you where you needed it most. He switched sides, and began to move with more urgency. He sucked hard at your tit. The hot and cold sensations in his mouth battled for dominance as he caressed your nipple with his tongue. All succeeding in driving you wild.

“Fuck yes baby,” you groaned out.

“What was that,” Chadwick questioned as he pulled off your tit with a pop. Your brain was so clouded by pleasure that you had completely forgotten about the rules. The haze of euphoria began to clear, and you’d realized that you’d said more than you were supposed to. “Baby, I’m gonna have to punish you, and you’re going to take it like a good girl right?” he asked.

“Right,” you trembled out. He slapped one of your tits, and you screamed then whimpered.

“Try again,” he gritted out.

“…yes…daddy..” you whimpered.

“Good girl,” he said. You felt more ice at your navel, and your stomach tensed. The ice went lower and lower and lower until it was mere millimeters away from your clit. “What a shame. I was gonna let you orgasm like that. Too bad,” he sounded genuinely disappointed in your slip up. Chadwick sild the ice down so it was making direct contact with your bud, making you shriek. He applied a little pressure as he slid his hand lower and pressed the ice into your opening. You couldn’t help the scream that escaped your lips. Unbenounced to you, a smirk formed on your lover’s lips, as a devious thought came to mind. The ice that was inside of you began melting rapidly, and you felt the ice that was freezing your sensitive clit leave.

“I’m sorry!” you squeaked out as ice returned to your nipples. A hard, open-handed slap landed on your pussy. Air rushed out of your lungs at the force of it. A second, harder slap followed mere seconds later.

“You,” slap. “still,” slap. “haven’t,” slap. “learned,” slap. “your,” slap. “lesson,” slap. Chadwick’s large hand was delivering punishing blows to your inner thighs, outer labia, and clit. You were a blubbering mess, tugging desperately at your unforgiving restraints.

“PLEASE DADDY,” you screamed, trying to prove you could be good. A dark chuckle rumbled from Chadwick’s chest.

“Now we’re getting somewhere,” he murmured against your ear. The ice returned to your poor, abused pussy. “Let’s see how prettily I can make you beg.”

“Please, please, please, pleASE,” you paused to moan. Chadwick’s chilled fingers were gently exploring your sensitive lower lips. “aAAAHAH OHHHH mmmmMMM,” you moaned trying to avoid saying words you shouldn’t. Despite the shock of your punishment, your pussy was dripping wet. The combination of the blindfold and the temperature of your lover’s fingers made his familiar touch feel foreign. At that thought, a shiver of excitement flowed through your body. Chadwick felt you clench around the two of his fingers that were exploring your insides.

“As much fun as it is to watch you squirm when I have to punish you,” he said, his breath ghosting along your inner thighs. “I’d rather get to the part where I’m giving you unfathomable and unending pleasure. What do ya say?”

“yes,” you whispered. Chadwick gave another forceful tap to your clit, making your hips jump.

“Yes who, baby?” he growled.

“Yes daddy,” you moaned out with reverence.

“That’s more like it,” Chadwick’s growl turned into a groan. He enveloped your clit in his mouth. He made loud slurping noises as he sucked up the ice that was melting on and in your pussy. Your moans staccatoed as his tongue played with your folds. He traced dirty, wet lines along your outer labia, followed by flicking your clit ever so gently. Your slow groans let him know his teasing was working. He let his tongue find its way back to your entrance. His strong arms slipped under your thighs, and he held your lower body against his face. He was giving you little kitten licks. You squirmed your hips, trying to get him to give you a good tongue fucking.

“I know what you want, Beg for it,” he moaned into your wet cunt.

“Daddy,” you moaned, your voice tinged with desperation.

“Yes?” He let his teeth graze your labia as he spoke.

“Daddy, pleaaassse,” you begged pitifully.

“I guess that’ll do for your first orgasm,” he mused. Using his thumbs to spread your pussy, he thrusted his tongue in and out of you at a dizzying pace. He slipped in one finger causing you to sigh out a pleased moan. Chadwick chuckled and added a second. While his tongue was thrusting, his fingers were searching out your g-spot.

OH YES DADDY,” you howled out when he found it. He did a ‘come hither’ motion with the fingers buried in your snatch, sending sparks flying in your mind. You felt the tell-tell heat rising in your stomach. Chadwick kept upping the ante with his tongue and finger combo–he could feel you were close. You began clenching hard as you anticipated your orgasm.

“Oooooo, mmmm, mhm, mhm, YES YES!” you were panting out.

“Cum,” Chadwick demanded. You hips shook against his face. Your pussy was clenching hard around his tongue and fingers.

“Yes daddy,” you sobbed out. “Yees, oh, uhf, yes, yes, yes.” You came so hard your vision blacked out for a moment. Your eyes were rolling underneath your blindfold, and you couldn’t help but tug at all of your restraints. You were breathing heavily as you came down from your high. Chadwick’s face was no longer between your thighs, but his fingers were still stretching your pussy.

“Please,” you whimpered, “please daddy.”

“Sh, shhhhh you’re doing so good baby girl, and we’re just getting started,” Chadwick cooed in your ear. He began planting kisses on the shell of your ear, before making his way down your neck. He slipped his fingers out, and you moaned at the loss. Again, you felt his weight shift off the bed, and you wondered what he had in store. However, you didn’t have to wonder for long. A faint buzzing noise made you clench in anticipation.

“Daddy?” you tried to question. Chadwick could feel your nervousness.

“Hush kitten, it’s just on the first setting,” he comforted, knowing how sensitive you are after you cum. He was again at your side, resuming kissing your neck. He slid the vibrator up and down your torso from your sternum to your belly button. He moved lower to place kisses  on your breasts, never reaching your areolas, and he dragged the vibrator up and down the inside of your thighs. He felt drugged by the soft moans that escaped your lips, and you felt him take a breath to recompose himself. He was breathing right over your left nipple, and the vibrator was slowly inching towards your outer lips. You waited, and waited, and waited. The moment your body relaxed, Chadwick pounced. He sucked the waiting nipple into his mouth, and he held the vibrator directly to your clit.

‘OH FUCK’ you thought, but after your earlier punishment, you wouldn’t dare say that out loud. Instead you let out a scream. Your hips tried to swivel away from the immense pleasure, but Chadwick followed you. “AH, AHHHHH, PLEASE. PLEASE DADDY,” you yelled. Your lover was busy suckling, nibbling, and teasing your nipples. Your body felt like a live wire, and everything Chadwick did was had your neurons firing like crazy. He hit a button on the device between your legs, making the vibrations strengthen just slightly. It was too much, especially on the heels of the life-shattering orgasm you’d just experienced. Your hands clenched the air for purchase, your toes pointed, and your hips jutted every which way.

“CHADWICK FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK,” you yelled. Tears rolled from beneath your blindfold as pleasure overtook your every sense. “OH SHIT, OHSHITSHITSHIT,” you couldn’t control your screams. Your clit was throbbing. One of your nipples was aching between Chadwick’s teeth while the other was being pinched between his thumb and forefinger. Wetness ran down your thighs. You felt like you were flying into another dimension. “FUCK DADDY, YES,” was the last thing you uttered before you blacked out for a few moments.

When you came to, you felt Chadwick’s thumbs brushing away the stray tears on your face. “What’s your color baby?” he asked with fear coloring his voice.

“….g-green,” you whispered.

“Really?  Because I thought I’d lost you for a second,” he chuckled.

“Yes, daddy,” you said obediently.

“Oh, NOW you remember the rules,” he asked. You didn’t really know what left your mouth during your last climax, but by the sound of Chadwick’s tone, it sounded like you broke the rules again.

“Considering how hard you cum, it was unfair of me to leave out curse words,” he started, “so from now on you can say shit and fuck too. Mostly because I love the way they sound coming from your pretty mouth. But you did break the rules sooo…”

“Daddy?” you questioned when he got silent.

“It seems like the last punishment didn’t work, so I wonder what would happen if I torture you with pleasure instead of pain.” The vibrator returned to your poor, overly sensitive clit–this time at full strength. Your body cringed away, and you let out throaty scream. Chadwick kept the intense vibration focused on your abused bud. He watched as your legs tensed and your hands curled into fists. Your orgasm was approaching hard and fast. When your pussy started quivering, he ripped the vibrator away. You groaned in relief until the vibrator buzzed to life on one of your nipples.

“fUCk dADDY,” you yelled. His long fingers entered you, and his already erect dick hardened further when he felt the ocean of wetness between your thighs. A needy whimper left his mouth before he could compose himself. It reassured you to know that he was struggling with his control too, even if it was just a small crack in the facade. You were thrown back into fits of ecstasy when Chadwick started thrusting his fingers in and out of your dripping slit. His thumb was making tight circles around your swollen clitoris. He watched as your hips rolled, and your chest rose and fell rapidly. You couldn’t decide if you wanted to seek the pleasure he was giving you, or cringe away from it.

“oooooplease,” you slurred in a haze of euphoria. Chadwick brought his lips to yours, and the two of you began making out in a frenzy. He sped up his fingers, making you pant and whine.

“Would my angel like to cum?” he murmured against your lips.

“Yes, daddy,” you breathed out. He moved the vibrator to the other nipple, and he took the freed one back into his mouth. The beginnings of a powerful orgasm stirred in your gut. Chadwick felt the strong clenches sucking his fingers deeper into your cunt. You squeaked out a high pitched keen, feeling your release draw near.

“Well that’s too damn bad,” Chadwick said in a mocking tone. He removed his fingers, turned off the vibrator, and got off the bed.

“SHIT,” was all you could say. Your body was still trembling, and your pussy was still clenching. Your breathing was still shaky too. Coming down was so intense that you began to fear what would happen when Chadwick finally let you come. Chadwick took this time to recompose himself. Sweat dripped down his temples, and he took several deep breaths. He wanted to keep teasing you, but your reactions, your moans, your wetness was making it hard–or rather, making him hard. It took everything in his power not to untie you and fuck you into oblivion. ‘One more time,’ he thought, ‘Imma edge her one more time, and then I’m gettin’ in there.’

Mere minutes had passed as the two of you calmed down, but it felt like hours. You were still trying to collect yourself when you felt Chadwick’s presence nearing again. You held your breath to try to steel yourself for whatever was coming next. What you didn’t expect were hands that gently massaged your calves. The slow touch made you tense up in surprise.

“Shhhh, shh, sh. Calm down baby,” Chadwick spoke reverently against the soft skin behind your knee. “Be good, and this’ll be your last punishment. You can be good for me, right baby?”

“Yes, daddy,” you murmured. Chadwick bit the inside of your thigh.

“I didn’t believe that one bit,” he growled. You gasped when you realized how close he was getting to your core. He was going back and forth inching up your inner thighs, leaving kisses and licks in his wake. Your breath hitched when he left gentle kisses on your outer lips. He kissed his way up one side and repeated the action on the other lip. He pulled back to admire the rivers of slick that were pouring out of your pussy. Chadwick debated on if he should give into his urges and ravenously dive in or if he should tease you with more delicate kitten licks. All you could feel was his breath ghosting over your neglected mound. You made a needy keen and ever so slightly wiggled your hips. That did it. Chadwick dove in and began sucking at your clit like his life depended on it.

“f-FUCK,” you stammered. Your lover was driving you mad. He pulled back the hood of your clit to expose your most sensitive bundle of nerves. His tongue and lips made a vacuum seal around your bud, and stars exploded behind your closed lids. He ate you out like a starving man. Wet suckling and lapping noises filled the room, turning you on more. “ooohhhff, ahHHHH….ssssshiiiiit,” you moaned. Chadwick began flicking your clit with his tongue between sucks. He licked his way down to your opening and back up again. Your tell-tell tremble started, and he pulled back just a little, letting only his soft lips meet your labia in adorning kisses. “P-p-p-pleeEaaAAase dAdDy,” your voice was hiccuping and your breathing was hitching. Chadwick massaged your lips with his thumbs while he went back to bathing your clit with his tongue. He snuck two fingers inside of you, causing you to let out a deep moan.

“God, you’re soaked. Are you ready to come for me, love,” Chadwick inquired between licks. You tried to squeak out a ‘yes, daddy’, but all that came out was a series of whimpers, keens, and moans. Taking that as a yes, Chadwick curled his fingers so they met your g-spot and began thrusting with urgency. His sucking didn’t relent and the pace of his fingers was punishing. You could hear the thud of your heartbeat in your ears. You tried to clutch your restraints for purchase, and your legs were wildly and uncontrollable shaking.

SHITFUCKOOOOOHHFUUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK DA-FU-OOOOOHHHHHSHIIIIIT,” you babble-yelled. Your back arched sharply off the bed as every muscle in your body tensed. You let out a chesty scream and started flew into the orgasm of the century. Your walls clenched and the released rhythmically. You couldn’t hear anything but wet squelching noises and your blood pumping. Chadwick watched in awe as every muscle in your body spasmed. He noticed you felt wetter than normal, so he peaked at where his fingers were spreading you. The sight he was met with made his jaw drop and his eyes bulge. Your pussy was squirting like a fountain. His arm was soaked to the elbow, and the bed beneath you was dark with your release. Every plan he had to tease you with his dick or edge you again was immediately vetoed.

He didn’t even wait for you to finish cumming. He took his fingers out of you and hastily started undoing the ties around your ankles. You were too spaced out to try and comprehend what was happening. Chadwick threw your legs over his shoulders and sunk into your waiting cunt. Your body was still overly sensitive, so you screamed with pleasure when you felt his length enter you.

“Fuck, baby…” Chadwick said through labored breaths. He bottomed out and held your hips to his.

A pitiful, whined “uuooooaahh please daddy,” is all that you could muster, but it was enough. Chadwick started fucking you within an inch of your life. He pulled your hips up to meet his every thrust while he dropped down into you. The feeling of fullness and the perfect stretch you’d been waiting for made you scream and yell every time he slid back in. He moved the hand that wasn’t holding your hips to your neck.  He knew this was your ultimate kink, and he wanted to see if he could make you squirt again.When he added a slight swivel to his thrust, you were done for. Your screams were becoming less hearty as he added more pressure around your throat. The lack of air mixed with his expert strokes set you off. Your body squeezed around his hard dick, and you shivered and shook. You were wiggling like a wild cat beneath him, trying to get away from the immense euphoria. Your eyes rolled and your fingers grabbed at nothing in particular. Your pussy shot out more slick, wetting Chadwick’s lower half. Chadwick was the one letting out groans and almost screaming moans this time.

“BABY OOOUUUUAOOOAOAH FUCK,” his voice pitched higher with each word. “You f-f-feeel soOOOOOooo gOOD. SHIT.” He paused for a moment, as if to collect himself. Suddenly, your blindfold was ripped off. Light flooded your eyes, and your blinked furiously for a few moments. When you could finally see again, your eyes meet with Chadwick’s. His pupils were huge and sweat was dripping down his forehead and temples. You could tell your lover was straining to let go. One of his hands was resting on your throat while the other was busy freeing your hands. Once you were free, your hands immediately went to your lover’s body. Chadwick started a slow grind into your and watched your eyes flutter shut. One of your hands was entangled with his and the other was clenching his bicep.

“You can say anything now baby,” he murmured, his lips almost meeting yours.

“I know you wanna cum. Use me baby. Give me that cum daddy,” you said while making intense eye contact. You felt his dick twitch inside of you as he made an awestruck face, and you smirked. However, your feeling of victory was short lived. Chadwick pulled you up so that you were sitting in his lap, and the new position made you moan into his neck. He made sure your legs were secure on his shoulders, and he grabbed your hips. He started lifting you up and down on his lap. The display of strength in combination with the feeling of being positively used sent tingles down your spine. He basked in the warmth and slick of your cunt. His eyes closed in pleasure and he moved you up and down faster.

“Give it to me yes daddy YES,” you moaned. Chadwick opened his eyes and threw you back on the bed. He pounded into you even harder until you felt his hips stutter.

“OHOHOHH FUCKINBABYGIRL,” he screamed. Chadwick collapsed into you. His hips trying to force his dick as deep as he could get it. His arms clenched, pulling you closer to him, and his eyes rolled back. You felt him shoot huge ropes of cum into your dripping cunt. You brought his face to yours, and the two of you began making out in a frenzy. He held your face in his hands, and your wrapped your arms around his neck. His breathing came out in trembling huffs, and his hips continued to jerk up. Feeling overstimulated, he tried to wiggle out of your cunt, but you locked him into place with your legs. “p-please, let me go baby,” he said in a small, whiny voice. That sent a surprising tingle through you, causing your pussy to clench. “F-F-FUCCCCK, BABY,” he moaned louder. You didn’t think either one of you could go for another round, so you released him. Chadwick sighed in relief, and flopped on his back next to you. You were both silent for a moment until your gazes met. The two of you fell into a fit of giggles.

“Chadwick, that was….amazing,” you stated.

“Are you sure it wasn’t too much,” he asked. His face was scrunching up with concern.

“No!! It was everything I wanted it to be and more,” you exclaimed. A slow, lopsided smile overtook your lover’s face. He pulled you closer, and you snuggled into his side. He placed loving kisses all around you face. You giggled when he started play-biting your neck. He chuckled and backed off.

“I’m glad baby. I love you,” his sleepy voice was taking over. He kissed the top of your head before his breathing started to level out. You could tell he was falling asleep, and you happily laid your head on his chest.

“It’s your turn next time,” you said kissing his chest.

“Mmmhmmm,” he groaned. He shuffled and stretched. “WAIT WHAT,” he said with realization

“Oh nothing baby, go to bed,” you said with a smirk. You dozed off feeling absolutely worn out, but oh so satisfied.

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*Part 1*

Chadwick Boseman x Reader

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: Smut y’all

Plot: It’s his day to give his speech for the class of 2018, and he is doing everything to make sure it is perfect.  If only you could be there to keep his spirits up; but you find a way anyhow.



Luckily he was wearing a robe to cover any post-evidence.  The crowd ate up his speech and the ceremony went on to naming the class and getting their degrees.  The usual warnings of holding applause until the end are read out, which will be ignored.  You peek out and see a cameraman somewhat beside the podium, crouched in front of you.  The alumni and administration had their eyes trained on the graduates so you took this as your chance to get out.  You step out, looking around a little before tapping the man to let you get by him.  Crouching, you jump down the side of the stage where graduates are lining up and look back once more.  You see Chadwick with his hand in front of him, clasping one of his wrists looking right at you.  He mouths, “I got you,” and you look forward to what that might entail as you make your way back stage.

You take a Lyft back to the condo and as you redo your makeup you can’t help but smile to yourself thinking about your little stunt you pulled back there.  What got into you?  Y’all get into heavy PDA sometimes but Chadwick still tries to keep it low key still so the tabloids don’t get a good story the next morning.  

Your driver looks back at you in the rearview.  “You just coming from the graduation?”

Looking around your compact, you say, “Yeah, I am.  It was a beautiful ceremony.”

“Oh yeah, you can’t help but get emotional about those kinds of things.  Seeing those young people getting their piece of paper to signify a job well done.  You don’t look old enough to have a child there, was it a niece/nephew or something?”

“Oh no, I was a guest of one of the speakers there.”

“Ahh, so did you get to see Chadwick’s speech?  It came right on time too, with Black Panther, and it being the 150th at his alma mater, it was nuts.  I’m sure those kids were inspired at him being there.”

“Yeah, he had me speechless.  Couldn’t help almost choking up for a couple times.”

Back at the crib, you get comfortable, deciding to take a shower to refresh yourself after the graduation.  Not only did you need to rinse your mouth but all that wasted wetness from being turned on by the oral transaction might as well get cleaned off of you too.  Chadwick wouldn’t be home for at least a couple more hours, while he is taking pictures, shaking hands, and receiving gifts and such.

After your shower, you put on a robe and make your way to the bed and switch on the TV to check what was on.  You decide to catch up on some Grace and Frankie; those old white women can be so damn relatable.  You barely get through one episode though before drifting off to sleep.

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I didn’t want to keep you guys waiting so I broke this up into three parts. This is leading up to the good stuff. it’s still kinda fluffy with a liiiittle bit of smut if you blink. i promise i’m working on the last part. i just want it to be absolutely filthy, and it’s not there yet. i promise it’ll be worth the wait. sorry for any typos!

Plot: Chadwick is getting you warmed up for a long night.

Warnings: Language, smut mentions, light smut

Kinks: Restraints, light domination

Word count: 1.1kish

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Have Your Cake, and Eat It Too

what up, what up y’all? i’ve been working on this fic for awhile, and i was gonna leave it just as cute food fight fluff, buuuuut that didn’t happen lmao. i LIVE for playful chadwick so this fic is full of it. sorry for any typos and/or ruined panties

Plot: cute Sunday afternoon food fight turns into a fun time in the shower

Word count:2.5k plus

Kinks: oral sex (male and female), overstimulation, EXTREME DADDY KINK LIKE BEWARE LMAO,  Dom!Chadwick

Warnings: swearing, smut (obvi), unsafe sex (raw and it’s in the shower so we’re living life on the edge ksdlfjaoerijapwie)


Originally posted by eerythingisshaka

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Luther Vandross’s melodic voice was crooning from the speakers you had in your kitchen. You were dressed in some shorts and one of Chadwick’s old shirts. Today, you’d decided to try and surprise your lover by making a treat he’d kept asking you for. Chadwick was on the couch jotting down some ideas for a script. At least, he was the last time you’d looked up. You were vigorously stirring the vegan cheesecake batter when Chadwick snuck up behind you. His hands slid around your waist, and you let out a startled yelp. You could feel his shit-eating grin on the side of your neck. You decided to get him back by flicking some of the batter from the drenched whisk on to him.

“HEY,” he exclaimed. “I’m sorry baby. I couldn’t help myself. You’re just soooo…delectable,” he said. His voice was getting dangerously lower with every sentence. Chadwick left a wet line of kisses up your neck and along your jaw, causing you to gasp. You put the bowl and the whisk down and spun around in his grasp.

“Now listen here,” you demanded–pointing your finger into his chest for emphasis. “You have BEGGED for me to try this recipe all week! And noooooow when I have the time you wanna distract me! Nigga, which cake do you want?”

Chadwick giggled at your sass. “Why can’t I have both?” he asked while trying to pull you in for a kiss. You playfully wiggled out of his embrace.

“Because…” you mused. You turned your attention back to the batter to begin beating it again. It was almost time to pour it in the mold, but you just needed a little more air in the mixture in order to assure the fluffiness of the treat. All the while, you were paying Chadwick no mind. You began to dance and twirl around the kitchen as if you were in a disney movie, he was a disney king after all. A devious glint developed in Chadwick’s eyes. He pulled himself up on the counter of the island separating you two and slid across it. Suddenly, your lips were mere inches apart again.

“Because why,” he asked playfully.

“Because I said so,” you sang-song. Chadwick sucked his teeth and gave you this look:


Originally posted by laere

“Maaaiiine that aint a reason,” Chadwick said with a pout. You giggled at his childish antics. He leaned in, and you dipped the your finger in the cheesecake mix and swiped some across his nose. His eyes got comically wide, and you couldn’t help but  paint his face with more batter, hoping to elicit the same reaction from him. Chadwick retaliated by throwing flour at you. You shrieked with laughter. It was war. You dashed across the kitchen to grab at the lemon juice. You squeezed it at his shirt. He was arming himself with fistfuls of cornstarch.

“Oh you done did it now,” he said through is grin. He launched the cornstarch at you, and it went everywhere. The two of you went back a forth throwing any food item that you could reach. The food was not only all over your and Chadwick’s hair, face, clothes, but also all over the cabinets, stove, floor–everywhere! While you were taking in the view of the mess the two of you made, Chadwick came over and scooped you up. He held you bridal style and spun you around. It was your turn to giggle. He was smiling warmly down at you, and your heart swelled.

“Let’s go get cleaned up,” Chadwick said already making strides towards your master bathroom. You struggled like a cat in his arms, but he held you tight.

“We made a mess! I was trying to make your cheesecake!! ChaDWICK,” you wheezed between fits of laughter as he was tickling you now. He was watching you with both adoration and amusement.

“Thank you so so so much, but right now I just want you. We’ll worry about everything else later,” he said fondly. “Shower or bath,” he mused.

“Shower. I don’t want all this gunk in a bath…ew!” you scoffed. He chuckled yet again as he gently placed you on the floor. You began de-robing, eager to rid yourself of your soiled clothing.

“Is that MY shirt,” Chadwick asked.

“Oops,” you replied with a shrug. He rolled his eyes, and went to turn on the shower. You’d slipped the rest of your clothing off before you snuck up behind Chadwick and tugged his loose sweatpants down. A scandalized look swept across his face, and you burst out laughing. He turned on one of the many shower heads and aimed the freezing spray of water at you. You screamed and jerked away. Chadwick’s bodacious laugh filled your large bathroom, and you pouted.

“I’m cold AND disgusting,” you whimpered, trying to sound as frail as possible. You weren’t really mad, but you liked making him feel bad every once and awhile. This time, however, Chadwick didn’t fall for your antics. He was busy pulling his shirt over his head and kicking his sweatpants away from his feet. You decided to adjust the knobs while holding your pout.

“You’re fine, and you’re about to be better. You know why,” he inquired. You rolled your eyes while stepping under the now warm drizzle of the rain shower.

“Why,” you sighed. Your sigh turned into a gasp as you felt Chadwick’s firm chest against your back. His hands ran up your sides caressing your hips, waist, stomach, and finally landing on your breasts. His lips met your neck and he began leaving wet, nibbling kisses on it. His fingers took turns plucking and rolling the nipples on either breast. Between the attention he was paying to your tits and the attention he was paying to your neck, you were in heaven.

“Because….” he teased, mimicking your tone from earlier. He pulled away to grab the soap, and you let out a long disappointed whine.

“No, no, no, no, no. You don’t get to do that,” you sassed.

“You tryna distract me? Nigga, which cake do YOU want,” he kept mocking you, even if it didn’t make sense. You decided to catch him off-guard.

“Well, I don’t cake, but I am craving a certain kinda pie,” you mused as you pressed your wet body against his. His jaw dropped.

DAYUM-,” he started, but you took his long, beautiful dick in your hand and gave a few firm strokes. He got too lost in the sensations to finish whatever he was going to say. You smirked when he let out a deep, wanton groan as he grew harder in your hand.

“Fuck baby…” he said just above a whisper through hooded eyes. You looked up with the most innocent face you could muster. A slow smile spread across his face, and you couldn’t help but get on your tiptoes to kiss him. Your lips met his in a chaste kiss, and you stole the soap from his hand while he was distracted. You began lathering it and cleaning your man. He returned the favor, sliding his strong hands down your spine. When he reached your ass, he gave powerful squeezes before giving you two hard slaps on each cheek. You couldn’t help the small “ah..ah!” that you let out.

You pulled away from the embrace, just enough to run your hand up and down his perfectly sculpted torso. His muscles rippled under your smoothing touch. He grabbed both of your hands in his much larger one just before you reached your prize. Your eyes flicked up to meet his lustful gaze.The tension between the two of you was palatable, as you both waited for the other to make a move. You dropped on to your knees and took the head of Chadwick’s dick into your mouth. Your boldness surprised him, and he let out a high pitched moan. He let go of your hands, so he could grip on to your head.

You gently raked your nails down is abdomen, to his hips, finally landing on his ass. You pulled him forward, forcing his dick further down your throat. He let out an aborted grunt, and one of his hands flew to the wall to stabilize him. It was nearly impossible to take his entire length into your mouth, so you used one of your hands to aid your mouth. One of your hands rested at the base of his dick, while you used the other one to lightly roll his balls. Something about Chad’s playful mood today inspired you to make this a messy blowjob.

You started slurping nosily. Your hand was twisting in the opposite direction of your head, and you would occasionally go further down to gag yourself a little. He was whimpering and biting the knuckle that wasn’t on the wall. You pulled off with a nasty pop. You let your tongue hang out, connecting it with his weeping slit. You alternated between little kitten licks and broad, confident strokes.

Ooooohmy gawd,” Chadwick slurred. You tightened the hand that was on his shaft, and you sucked him back in with hollowed cheeks and wicked tongue movements. As you did, you looked up. His knees buckled, and his balls started drawing up in your hand the moment your eyes met. He pulled you off as he gasped, “shit baby, I almost came.” A smirk formed on your face. Chad let out a breathless chuckle and gently pulled your to your feet.

“Do you trust me,” he whispered once you were standing again.

“Of course,” you whispered back. Suddenly, your feet were off the ground. Your back was against the wall, your legs on his shoulders, and your pussy just millimeters away from his plump lips. You gushed when you realized how easily he picked you up, and Chadwick let out a deep, satisfied chuckle.

“Somebody liked that,” he murmured. Air grazed your wet folds with his every word. His hands on the small of your back pulled you in closer, and his tongue connected with your glistening slit. He ran his tongue up and down from your asshole to your clit over and over again, driving you mad. When started doing figure-eights around your clit with his tongue, you hissed while pulling on his curls.

“Ride my face baby,” he moaned into your cunt. You didn’t need to be told twice. You put both hands on his head and rolled your hips up to met his hungry licks. His arms were flexing as he held you up. His beard was burning the inside of your thighs, adding the perfect bite of pain to accompany your pleasure. He was gasping and moaning just as loudly as you were. Your joint moans bounced off the shower walls like a chorus praising your passion. Chadwick growled and forced your hips to his face. He sucked in your clit, and you threw your head back and screamed. You legs started shaking, and your hips were moving on their own accord.

“Ergh, oh, cha-AHHHHH,” you babbled. He could tell you were close, and he pulled off completely.

CHADWICK WHAT THE FUUU-,” you screamed as he let go, and you slid you down the wall. He caught you when your hips were level with his abdomen. You had just seen your life flash before your eyes, and Chadwick was just standing there chuckling. Your face went on a journey from terrified, to astounded, to confused, to pissed. He watched all of your emotions unfold before him, and he kissed you when he could tell you were about to go off on him. Most of your anger faded away as soon as your lips molded together in an impassioned kiss, but your heart was still racing.

“Are you tryna give me a heart attack oooooor?” you whispered between the nips and bites you were leaving on is soft lips.

“Neva, neva….I’m just tryna keep you on your toes,” he slurred, “or should I say, off of ‘em.” He squeezed your legs that were now secured around his slim, toned waist. Your body was still orgasm deprived, so you started rubbing yourself against his slippery abs. He moaned when he realised what you were doing.

“If ya ask nicely, I might fuck you,” he said as he sucked dark marks on to your neck. His voice was growing low and gravely, and it struck you straight to your core. ‘Okay I’ll play your game Mr. Boseman,’ you thought slyly. You let out the filthiest moans your could conjure and put on your sex kitten voice.

“Please baby, fuck me,” you moaned right into his ear. He slid your hips down so that the very tip of his dick was teasing your entrance.

“I’m not convinced you want it,” he growled.

“Ahhh Daddy, please, pleeeeease I’ll be so good for you. I promise, please daddy,” you gasped in a played up breathy moan–licking and sucking on his ears in between each plea.

Fuck.” he breathed out. He slid you onto his dick as he gave a forceful thrust up.

OoooooOoOooOoo fuuuck, it’s that, uhf, easy h-huh?” you tried to quip, but Chadwick was already fucking the living daylights out of you.

“You know it gets me when you call me daddy, fuck,” he groaned. He rolled his hips back and snapped them forward, making his dick hit your sweet spot perfectly on each thrust. His powerful thrust had you scratching at his back for purchase. Your thighs were definitely going to bruise from the force of his grip. Everything felt to visceral and unhinged. Although you loved how Chadwick made love to you, you lived for the moments when he lost control. Your bodies were making lewd slapping noises every time your hips connected with his. His dick was pounding into you relentlessly, and you could feel your orgasm rising again. You clamped your legs around his waist and tried to met his animalistic thrusts as best you could.

“Uh, ah, fuck fuck,” you whimpered.

“You like that,” he moaned into your neck.

“Yes, yes, baby, yes”

“Who’s pussy is this?”

“Your’s! It’s your pussy daddy!” you said and you felt his dick throb. “Fuck your pussy daddy. OoOooh my god.” Your cunt was clenching around him, rearing up for the orgasm of the century. Chadwick’s hips were moving at a rabbit’s pace–you could tell your lover was close too. He was too lost in the warm, wet feeling of your pussy caressing his dick to speak. You slipped a hand down to your clit, and started rubbing to match his pace. As soon as you did, your insides clenched HARD, once, twice, three times before you felt yourself teetering at the top of your release.

“Look at me while you cum in me daddy,” you demanded. His eyes shot open to meet yours, and you shook from head to toe. You both crashed down into the most glorious orgasms of your lives. Your pussy was throbbing, your clit was twitching beneath your fingers.Chadwick’s mouth dropped open and he let out cropped “shit, fuck, AHHHH, FU- FU.” You felt his dick enlarge and shoot inside you. Your eyes rolled back as you yelled out your release. He thrust in you hard while your were still trembling out your high. You started whimpering and pushing against his chest–it was too much. He kept going, and you yelled “FUCK DADDY IM CUMMING AGAIN!” One orgasm bled into the next, and you found yourself speaking in tongues.

He finally held himself against you. He put your legs down, and you leaned on the wall for support. The two of you were breathing heavy, and shaking. He blew out a shaky breath and said, “damn baby what was that.” Even though you were exhausted, you still had a trick or two up your sleeve. You gentle scooted him back, and you dropped down to your knees once again. Once you were eye level with his spent dick, you took it down to the base, and you bobbed up and down. Chadwick let out high pitch moans that almost sounded like screams.

babybabybabybaybaplease please pleeeease, you gotta stop you gotta i CAN’T,” he was completely incoherent and at your mercy. You didn’t stop until he shot whatever was left from his beautiful dick into your mouth. When he was totally spent, you pulled off and sleepily said, “who’s beggin’ now?”

He pulled you up, and held you close. “I love you so much. You know that?”

“I sure do,” you said with a smile. Chadwick grabbed the shampoo and washed your hair and his since you were near passing out. He finished washing the both of you down before he turned off the shower. You were nearly limp in his arms as he towled you off and lotioned you. You couldn’t help but think ‘wow this man is perfect. I’m so lucky.’ He slipped your bonnet on, and placed you gently on the bed. You were falling into the beginning stages of sleep when you remembered, THE KITCHEN! Chadwick was putting on his durag when he saw you shoot up.

“Chadwick! The mess!!” you tried to articulate in your sleepy state.

“The mess will be there when we wake up. Now we rest.” he said getting into bed and wrapping you up in his arms.


“Yes, baby?”

“I love you, even if you’re a little shit sometimes.”

“I know it.” he said with a smile on his face. You could still distantly hear Luther Vandross playing across the house as you fell asleep cuddled up next to the love of your life.

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Like you were a demanding little shit last night almost trying to suffocate him as you held his head just where you wanted it as you damn near choked him with your thighs. And he allowed it, kissing and sucking, and trying to suck up every drop of your sweetness as you rode his face. You were blissed out cause this nigga knew his way around your pussy and you came twice from him eating you out. And then he put the dick down too? Yeah you was one happy bitch. Til you woke up the next morning.

Your thighs were on fire. You showered with cool water and covered yourself in lotion but that shit wasn’t doing nothing. You finally had to call up mama, “You got any aloe Ma? I burned myself real bad…”

What would his reaction be though?? 

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Synopsis: Kimberly Janae is a 20 year old former singer who was tricked out of a contract and left with nothing. She starts working at a Walmart while stripping on the side. She meets Chadwick Boseman, an up and coming actor from South Carolina. They start a relationship and things get crazy as they get more involved. Get ready for a decade’s worth of tears, lies, love and drama.


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