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#chadwick boseman imagine
Please? Could you make an imagine thats about how work gets Chadwick? Like, as a full time actor, he must be exhausted having to be reading all the time, interviews, projects... and a full time father as well. So, that being said... what if Chadwick lashed out at Micah? I know that’ll never really happen... but what if he did? What if he lashed out at his firstborn and made her not cry... SOB?

A soft huff escaped from Chadwick’s nostrils as he tossed his cell phone on the desk in front of him. The pressures of work were attacking him from all angles and he was finally at his wit’s end. If the email he received from his writing partner didn’t;t set him off, the text message with the unfortunate news that he’d have to return to Atlanta for a third round of reshoots was the nail in his proverbial coffin.

While he angrily tapped at the keys on his computer in an attempt to write away his frustrations, Micah’s giggling in the hallway drew closer. Soon, she was peddling her way into the downstairs office on her hot pink tricycle.

“Daddy, look! I’m riding a bike.”

“Mhmm,” he grunted, not bothering to look up from his iMac screen.

Sensing that his attention was elsewhere, Micah used her legs to scoot closer to the desk and peer over the edge.

“Whatcha’ doin’?”


“What kinda work? The dress-up kind or the boring kind?”

“The kind that means that you need to go find your mama until I’m done. Bye.”

“But I wanna be with you.”

When Chadwick heard the slight quiver in his daughter’s voice, he looked up to find her round eyes staring back at him. Though much of her face was hidden below the edge of the desk’s surface, he could tell Micah was frowning by the slight furrow in her brown.

Sighing, he rolled away from his desk and motioned her over. “Alright. Come on over here and sit down.”

Micah squealed her excitement before running around the desk to jump into her father’s lap. As always, having her in the room made him smile through his tough moment as he kissed her forehead.

“I need you to stay still and quiet while I work, okay?”

“Okay! I promise I’ll be the best helper ever.”

For much of their time together, Micah was the perfect companion. While she busied herself with “office helper work”, Chadwick continued to cross items off of his to-do list. But, instead of feeling the relief of accomplishment, he grew more frustrated. Every email conversation or new set of information opened the door for anger to settle into his body.

“Micah, stay still,” he requested when he felt his daughter wiggle to the point of shaking his body. Her movements stalled for a moment, but ramped up a second time, adding to the mountain of things bothering Chadwick. “Noelle, stop it!”

When he glanced over to see what had Micah so riled up, he couldn’t contain the anger boiling inside of him. Every paper scattered across his desk was now bound together with copious amounts of clear tape. Further exacerbating the situation, the papers she’d unleashed her crafting abilities on were drafts of a script that he was manually revising. There was no option to request the PDF version of the document. He’d have to wait another week for a new copy to arrive in the mail if the current version couldn’t be saved.

Before he could process what was happening, he shot up from the chair and planted Micah on her feet.

“Micah, get out! Why did you do that!”

The corners of her mouth began to droop, “I was trying to put them back together for you and help.”

“You didn’t! Go in there with your mama and don’t come back!”

The volume of his tirade grabbed Tasha’s attention, leading her to round the corner into the office the second Micah’s breakdown started.

Both parents stood frozen as Micah’s whimpers turned into a full-on sob. She stood frozen in place, making her hurt known to anyone within earshot.

“Are you serious right now,” Tasha questioned as she took long strides toward Micah. “What is your problem?”

“Tasha, I didn’t mean to-”

“Nuh uh.” Chadwick’s attempts to explain fell on deaf ears once CoCo made the decision to ignore him and transition into “mommy mode”.

While she worked to calm the distraught child, he stood there experiencing the moment outside of himself. He didn’t understand how he had allowed stress to make him lash out at one of the most precious people in his life. And, though he knew the issue wasn’t beyond repair, he couldn’t imagine the kind of lasting impression he’d left in Micah’s impressionable mind.

He stewed in guilt well into the night, choosing to remain in the office to avoid the wrath of his wife. Tasha paid a visit as midnight approached to drop off a stack of papers with more attitude than he’d seen in a long while.

“Here. The tape came right off because she’s a child and can’t do that much damage.” The thick files hit the desk with a loud smack followed by a death glare from Tasha.

“Just say what you’re gonna say, baby,” Chadwick sighed as he ran his hands down his face. “I’m sorry.”

“No, you don’t get to apologize to me and make it all better. That’s not how this works.”

“I know. You’re right.”

“Stop trying to make me be quiet! I’m not stupid!” Chadwick knew that his intentions were to show that he understood where he went wrong, not to undermine CoCo. But, he also knew that any further attempts to speak while she was upset would only incense her. So, he quietly sat back in his chair to prepare for the verbal storm.

“Look, I know that work has you stressed. I never want to overlook the amount of effort it takes to do what you do. But, I will not allow you to take that anger and spew it toward our child. Send that shit to them, not her! She is four. So what she taped some papers together? Was that worth the way you made her feel by shouting in her face like she’s some random on the street?”

Chadwick watched his wife rant for several minutes while he silently thanked God he had a partner that was hellbent on advocating for their child, even if he was the offending party.

Midway through her speech, he stood and attempted to grab her hand.

“Absolutely not,” she responded as she drew back and created space between them. “You may not touch me or sleep in our room until you apologize to the person whose feelings you hurt. Her bedtime has passed so you’ll have to figure something out for here and now. There is a spare bedroom and blankets in the linen closet in case you decide to devote more time to work. Ya know, since it has you acting a damn fool. Good luck.”

Knowing that the backlash would be severe still didn’t prepare Chadwick for a total shut out. Long after hearing CoCo dramatically shut the door, he quietly transitioned to the upstairs guest bedroom to contemplate his next move before bed. To apologize for such uncharacteristic and unwarranted behavior, he would need to think completely outside of the box.

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I got a funny one! What if the kids heard Chadwick having some....... alone time?馃ぃ馃槱馃き馃槶

“Mommy, Daddy’s making sounds like his tummy hurts.”

“Mhmm. That’s good, baby.”

Tasha’s absent minded respond made Noah frown and shake his head.

“You’re not listening to me! You’re supposed to listen. That’s good manners!”

CoCo smiles and looked up from her book to give her youngest the undivided attention he was requesting. Though she regretted teaching him that he could speak up when he wasn’t being heard, she couldn’t be upset that he was following directions.

“You’re right, Bubba. Say it to me again. I’m listening this time.”

“Thank you. I said Daddy is making noises like his tummy hurts! Me and Mikey were listening playing hide and seek in and-and I hid under the bed in your room. I could hear him in the bathroom!”

Tasha perked up. The last time she’d seen her husband, he was upstairs taking a nap after spending the better part of the morning hand washing and detailing all of the cars. When he got in and declared he was going to shower, she didn’t suspect that he didn’t feel well. But it explained why she found him sprawled across the bed before he could make it to the master bathroom.

Leaning forward, she reached out to bring Noah close enough to kiss his forehead.

“Thanks for telling me, sweetheart. Stay here while I go check on Daddy, okay?”

Noah complied with promised to keep the living room safe while CoCo was gone. One her way to their shared bedroom, she ran into Micah who was still pressing her ear to the door.

“He sounds bad. It’s all like ‘ooh, ah’ and weird noises.”

The information was starting to get confusing. The description of his anguish didn’t sound like a stomach ache at all. It sounded like…

“Um, Micah, can’t you go check on your brother? Make sure he hasn’t changed the channel to Spider-Man again.”

She watched Micah until she was out of sight and earshot before pushing her way into the bedroom. The only noise in the room was the soft pitter patter of the shower ending and the glass door opening.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

“I’m flying a rocket ship to Cuba,” he answered in that smart aleck tone that always made Tasha roll her eyes. “I’m getting dressed, Co. What’s wrong?”

“Unlock the door.”

She listened to him release a deep sigh before completing her request. Quickly, Tasha stepped in and locked the door.

“Is everything alright?”

“Did you…have some fun just now?”

Chadwick’s eyebrows began to knit together, “I mean it was a good shower. But I feel like that’s not what you’re asking. Did I do something?”

“The kids heard you making noises and said you sounded like your stomach hurts. But we both know you’re just fine. So, were you…?”

The couple had a brief stare off until Chadwick finally caught on.

“Oh my God. Really? They heard that?”

“I knew it,” Tasha laughed. “Babe!”

“Look, I woke up feeling…well you know. You weren’t around and the kids were around so I handled it myself.”

Tasha could contain her laugh, even if it was at her husband’s expense. Soon, Chadwick joined as he took a seat on the counter and shook his head.

“How you gon’ explain this one?”

“ME,” Tasha exclaimed. “Oh no, baby, this one is yours. I explained pregnancy two weeks ago.”

Chadwick slid his shirt over his head and paused, “Maybe they won’t ask.”


While he finished dressing, they exchanged jokes and flirty compliments until it was time to venture into the war zone.

“It’s quiet. That’s a good sign, right?”

Having spent a little more time with their two angels, Tasha smiled, shook her head and stepped into the hallway.

“Mommy, is Daddy okay? Does he feel better?”

“You know, you should go in the bedroom and see.”


Before she could respond, the children rushed into the room to bombard him with questions. CoCo laughed until she reached the couch and flopped in her earlier spot and opened her book.

“Now, where were we. Chapter 3….”

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What if Chad pranked Tasha with toothpaste Oreos?


A long night of mothering and wife-ing usually came with a glass of wine in the bathroom while chaos erupted on the other side of the door. This night, however, called for something special.

“I’m hungry, baby. You want some cookies,” Chadwick asked as he tore his eyes away from the TV screen to look at Tasha.

“Oooh, yes! Bring the good stuff.”

When she went back to contorting her body in a quest to paint her pinky toenail, Chadwick mentally rubbed his hands together. His plan was now in motion. After Tasha successfully pranked him in front of hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers, he knew he had to come back with something that would put his wife to shame.

A quick trip to the kitchen produced two bottles and a tray of picture perfect Oreos. He watched his unsuspecting wife wiggle in the chaise beside their bed as he sat the porcelain plate on the bedside table.

“Shoot, I left my phone downstairs. I’ll be back. Don’t eat without me.”


Tasha’s quick response came with a broad smile that was identical to their daughter’s. That smile meant that while she promised not to touch the sweet treat before he returned, she would take a bite as soon as he was out of range.

Tasha watched Chadwick until he was completely out of the room before carefully removing a cookie from the tray and placing the entire treat into her mouth. One bite introduced her tastebuds to an explosion of mint flavor atypical of what was expected from the fluffy cream she was expecting.

“What the fuck,” she grumbled through the bits of cookie stuffed into her mouth. A frantic search for a napkin to hide the evidence of actions was futile and the heavy footsteps nearing her location didn’t provide enough time to sprint to the master bathroom. So, she chose to fight through the terrible concoction one agonizing swallow at a time.

Chadwick could barely make it into the room without smiling once he took a look at CoCo’s poor attempt at concealing her discomfort.

“Why you sittin’ over there looking like that?”

“Hmm,” Tasha answer in a high pitched grunt.

“I said why you sittin’ over there like that. You look like somebody took your tongue.”

Tasha forced out a closed mouth laugh before taking a painful swallow and wincing. Never passing up an opportunity to take his acting up a notch, he quickly changed directions and sauntered over to his wife.

“You look so beautiful over here obeying Daddy’s rules. I should kiss you in that cute mouth of yours.”

“Mm-mm,” she responded, turning her head from side to side to stop his attempt to cup her cheeks in his hand.

“So you’re playing hard to get? Gimme a kiss, girl. Stop playing.”

Another attempt to refuse made Tasha panic, send a glob of toothpaste flying to the back of her throat. Quick reflexes sent her flying from the chair to the bathroom to scrub her mouth clean of the horrors it was experiencing.

Chadwick took a moment to laugh silently before feigning concern and confusion.

“What’s wrong, dear,” he asked on with his head leaning against the door.

“Shut the hell up! You know what you did!”

“I’m lost, honey. What has happened to my beautiful wife? Is it from the Oreos I asked you not to eat?”

“Go away!”

“Can you say, “Wow, Big Daddy, you’re the best pranker this family has ever seen!””


“Aw, c’mon. Say it for me and I’ll leave you alone,” he snickered while he pulled his phone out to capture the moment.

A bear of silence preceded the audible gargle of mouth wash and the sink be turned on and off. Suddenly, Tasha flung open the door with her eyebrows drawn together in anger.

“I’ll knock you out, Chadwick.”

Her hand extended to push him out of the way, making sure to ruffle his camera angle.

Laughing, Chadwick flipped to front camera mode, “Close enough!”

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Paring: Chadwick Boseman x Reader

Song: Always See Your Face by Love

Mood: It’s the summer of 1969, you’d just wrapped up doing a film that you were doing for the last four and a half months ,you’re riding around Los Angeles in your brand new Mustang that was a gift from your fiancé, director Chadwick Boseman who had directed you on in your first feature film four years ago, he’s chilling in the passenger seat with dark sunglasses on occasionally glancing on at you, you catch him for a second before looking back on the road, smirking from catching him watching you.

“Slow down Speed Racer, I wanna get there but I wanna get there alive”

You giggle and give him the finger

“Like I’d crash this sweet ride”

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Chadwick Boseman x Black! Reader


It was a typical Saturday with Chadwick home. You waking up to him staring at you with that crooked smile that gave you butterflies.

“Good morning baby” he spoke as he reached over to pull at your bonnet letting it slap back against your forehead.

“Good morning old man"You spoke back, sleep still evident in your voice as you put your feet on his legs making him suck his teeth.

"How the hell are your feet this cold if you had me turn the heat on hell last night?” he said quickly moving his legs off the bed.

“I got hot and turned it off” you said laughing at him as he shook his head.

“Whatever Minnie. Come on and get up I wanna get some food before I take you to get your nails done”

You laid there for a minute tired and not really wanting to get out of bed. You were going to suggest a lazy Saturday but he insisted that you two get out and do something, stating he had some sort of surprise for you.

Your man stood there clad in just his boxers with his long fingers on his waist, waiting for you to stand up. After a three minute staring contest you got up out of bed making your way to the bathroom.

By the time you had gotten dressed and ready to go, Chadwick who was finished getting ready twenty minutes before you had conducted some business over the phone that he hoped you would enjoy.

“You ready Minnie?” he asked you standing up with a grunt.

“Yup. Mickey are you going to help me pick out a color?” You asked as you two made your way to the front door.

“Uhhhh, champagne color?” he suggested with a shrug.

“That might be cute"you responded pulling out your phone. Once you logged into Pinterest and found a design you liked you showed it to him.

Barely glancing up from the college basketball game he nodded and murmured "Cute”

You rolled your eyes and told him you were ready. He quickly jumped up grabbing his keys and jacket before heading for the door. He opened the front door allowing you to leave first but not before giving your ass a smack.

Once in the car, Chadwick started the car and began to drive while you played with the radio connecting your phone to the bluetooth. Hitting shuffle you started to feel the music. Tamia blasted through the radio as you sung along to your man.

“I think you’re truly something special” you started but stopped once you realized he was eating Cheez Its. You laughed causing him to take his gaze off of the road for a second to see what had you laughing.

“What’s so funny baby” he asked still taking glances at you and eating.

“The fact that you pulled those Cheez Its out of nowhere. Where did your fat ass get them anyway” you asked as he sucked his teeth.

“I keep a box on the side of the door. Nosey ass, you know I keep them snacks on me” he said grabbing more. He yanked the box away when you reached for some before pulling over.

“Yippy Kiyay muthafucka. We made it” he spoke before hoping out of the car to open your door.

“Allow me to help you out Miss Daisy?"He spoke reaching out his right hand to grab your left. You laughed grabbing his hand as he kissed you.

"Are you staying here with me?”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to” He spoke kissing your cheek.

Together you walked into the shop to sign in. He pulled his hoodie onto his head and sat down by the entrance.

He sat there trying to contain his feelings. He was definitely nervous about what would be happening in about and hour.

He needed to keep himself busy he stood and walked into the back to talk to you.

“Hey baby” you smiled as you got your feet scrubbed.

“Hey, look is going across the street to get something to drink. What do you want?” He asked as her attention jumped from the lady painting her toenails and back to him.

“I don’t want anything babes, thanks for asking” she smiled making him roll his eyes.

Whatever he brought back she would definitely finish for him leaving him with nothing.

“Yeah whatever. Gimme some love” he mumbled puckering his lips as he leaned done to kiss the woman he loved. They pulled away to heard the lady fussing.

“Look at this! You wiggled your toes and messed up the nail.”

Chadwick laughed backing up.
“sorry ma'am. I’ll leave you to it” he smiled before turning to walk over to the nail technician that would be working on your nails.

“Excuse me” he said as he sat in front of her grabbing her attention.
“The woman that went back there. She wanted the champagne colored nails. You know who I’m talking about?” He asked

“Oh yes. She’s a regular client”

“Yeah well I need you to do me a favor please”

“What is it?”

“When you finish her nails and put that clear moisturizer on her hands…I need you to slide this on her left ring finger for me” he stated sliding her the box and a two hundred dollar bills.

“Ohhhh will do. What do you want me to say when I put it on her finger?”

“Tell her it’s from that handsome man she came in with” he smirked before standing up.

“I’m counting on you mama. Don’t lose that ok?” He spoke as she nodded putting it in a side drawer and winking at him.

He gave her a smile before walking out of the building into the fresh air.

He took a deep breath, thankful that he didn’t have to breathe in those chemicals for the time being.

Now he had to kill time before he officially gave his all to you.

You looked at your surroundings to try and see where Chadwick was but sighed when you saw that he wasn’t in the salon.

How long did it take to get some snacks from the store across the street?

You sighed realizing he might’ve been spotted by some fans and that he was with them taking pictures and signing autographs.

You looked down at your nails and smiled at the work.

“You like the stones?” The nail lady asked.

“You know I do girl!! This is cute”

After having her nails under the lights to dry for a fourth time she was finally done.


She watched as the nail tech rubbed the oil on her skin and massaged her hands.

Just as you were about to get up she patted your hands.

“One more thing sweetie” she said digging into a drawer and putting a ring on your left ring finger.

“Miss this isn’t mine” you said confused

“It is now. That handsome man you came in here with left it for you.” She said and got up from her seat.

Smiling down at the ring on your fresh manicure you turn as you hear the door open and the gasps of other customers.

There stood the man you loved with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you’ve seen. He walked toward you smiling ear to ear.

“These are for you” he said and you gladly accepted them with a giggle.

“Why thank you” you said as he grabbed your free hand to make you stand up.

“ I know you’re wondering about the ring I had them put on your finger.” he spoke as he got down on one knee.

“With everything I’ve done wrong in my life this here is the one thing I pray everyday I get right. I want to wake up with you every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms at night. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about us. It’s like Picasso painted your aura, it’s like Beethoven composed your vocal tones, a Rodin inspired hand sculpted you the desire of man, Michelangelo grieves inside you. When I look in your eyes I see the seeds of my wildest dreams. I’m rambling but you just make me that nervous. My knee is starting to hurt so I’ll rap it up.  Baby, will you do the honors of becoming my wife?”

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Lie Detector Test

Chadwick Boseman x Black Reader (platonic)


Originally posted by killmongerthiskoochie

In under twenty four hours yours and Chadwick’s ‘Lie Detector Test’ episode had gotten forty four million views, it being filmed and uploaded during the hype of your newly released and popular film, and after of the news dropped of Chadwick doing voice over work for an upcoming animated film, so you both milked as much promo as you needed to for your current successes.

“Miss YN YLN”

“Mr Chadwick Boseman”

“You swear to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?”

“Eh, we’ll see”

“Good enough for me, now first question, did you enjoy kissing Trevante Rhodes? I saw the movie and you looked like you enjoyed that a little too much”

You playfully glared at him before taking a sip of water

“Wow, so this is how we’re starting it off? Okay, yep I sure did”


He looks over at the polygraph examiner to see that the man gives a thumbs up

“I told you”

“You enjoyed it?”

“It’s Trevante Rhodes, Chadwick of course I did”

“Anyway, moving on, is it true that Diana Ross used to babysit you?

“Yes, twice”

“How cool is that?”

“Not trying to brag but that was lit, she rich as hell, so then game rooms were paradise”

“Okay, is Pam Grier your godmother?”


“Oh my… man, come on now”

“I know right”

You look at the camera and do a little dance while sticking out your tongue

“That’s right, be maaad be maaad”

“Man whatever… so anyway, on to the next one, would you ever went on a date with me if I asked?”

You rolled your eyes and took another sip of water

“That Fiji Water ain’t gonna make the question go away girl, hurry up and quench your thirst and answer the question”

You nearly choke on the water from laughing and cough a little, it’s been an ongoing meme around social media about his thirst over you and you friendzoning him, he’s been semi joking and all the way serious, you just couldn’t see yourself in a serious relationship with him no matter how attractive you he was to you or how solid your friendship was, it was two completely different lanes and it was one that you didn’t want to crossover into, not ever opposite sex friendship has to turn into a relationship, but he didn’t seem to want to except it.

“Chaaad, made me spit up on my dress”

“It’ll dry, answer the question”

“You already know the answer to that question”

“And she curves me again”

“Boy bye”

The rest of the video goes by without a hitch, with you turning to ask him questions, and there ends up being one that was not written by you, obviously already knowing who it’s by.

“Chad- I ain’t asking you this”

He busts out laughing and ultimately making you giggle

You hear the producer ask “What does it say?”

“Will you marry me?”

Rolling your eyes you toss the cards on the table before looking at the camera again “Alright, well this has been lie detector, bye, Chad, your thirsty ass can take an Uber back home”

He continues to laugh then goes after you

“Hold on, YN wait…”

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“You have a whopping six hundred and fifty million net worth right?” Mr. Tate didn’t know where he was going with this, money surely was irrelevant to what he was being questioned on, still Chadwick didn’t backpedal and felt that his question was indeed important to the matter at hand. “Um…detective where is this going?” his superior asked him with a warning looking, “I’m just saying, with that amount of money I expect you to be living like a millionaire, but yet you still live on Northwest Way, not saying it’s the worst place to live, but you have more than enough money to live on a house on a hill, behind a gate with butlers and maids, why not that? Why a simple little two story apartment?” as he awaited his answer, Mr. Tate picked at one of his cufflinks as if he was adjusting them, afterwards he sat up straighter before continuing to speak “The apartment building I live in was the first decent place my grandparents lived in when they made enough money to, Northwest Way used to be a very expensive place to live once upon a time…I’m not a flashy person detective, never was, just because I have a healthy amount of money doesn’t mean I should squander it”. There was a moment of silence in the room, it wasn’t an answer neither of them were expecting but what else could they do but except it, it wasn’t a crime for a rich person to live a simple life so what else could he say.

Mr. Tate looked down at his watch and let out a sigh “Gentlemen, if I’m not in any sort trouble, I must head back to my office”, Captain Holland nodded his head “Right, you’re free to go sir”. As soon as he leaves, Holland nearly explodes, the last thing he needed was for this case to be jeopardized because of a few silly conspiracy theories “Boseman, what the hell was that?” “I was just asking a question captain” “That was too personal of a question, one had nothing to do with the other ones I told you to ask”, Chadwick paced the small room before coming to a stop, facing Holland “Yeah, your questions, why couldn’t I ask some of my own, I’ve been working in law enforcement ever since I was twenty five, would it be too much to ask not to be treated like I’m still a rookie?” Holland stepped closer to him, now with a much harder glare “Look I don’t know how things are done in the good ol’ south, but up here we don’t improvise, there are rules Boseman, and yeah, you have to listen to them, especially if your superior enforces them, disobey me like that again, and you can go back to your sweet potato pie and collard green life, believe me I won’t miss you”, he bumps his shoulder as he leaves and his words hang into the air “Damn Boseman, this is your first week at the CPD and you’re already pissing off the bossman”, he rolls his eyes and leaves the room as well, ignoring the words of janitor slash comedic relief of the office, though he knew there were some truth to it, he wasn’t a rookie in the field but he was as a new coworker so treading lightly was something he would have to get used to doing around here.
The sound of the key opening the door to the apartment scared the housekeeper awake from her nap, she quickly stood up out of the comfortable plush couch and smoothed down her uniform before going to great her boss, the older man smiled at his longtime housekeeper and handed her his coat and scarf “Margaret please make me some tea, Earl Grey” she bowed her head and went to put his belongings away “Yes Mr. Tate….oh should I make some lunch for you as well?” he shook his head “No thank you, but do make the usual for my little love, she skipped breakfast again” “Yes sir”, she hurries off to do her duties while leaving Mr. Tate in the foyer with his thoughts….detective Boseman being the first one.


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A/N: In honor of my husband’s birthday today, I’m finally releasing this Chadwick one-shot that I’ve been working on for weeks. :/

It’s one of two. Don’t ask when two will be up. lmao.

Words: 3K

Warnings: Language, Angst (kinda), and slight Smut 


Do You

It was an underground gathering, a regular spot for all artists to share their creative endeavors with an equally artistic crowd. Specifically, an ethnic crowd.

As a creative writing major, London was a regular at The Dot, not necessarily to share a few of her stories, though she did that from time to time. However, she mostly attended just for the vibe the club emanated and to support her best friend and roommate, Ciara.

Ciara was one of the poets for that night, reciting her latest poem titled “That Girl.” And, as always, the junior absolutely killed it, a definite crowd favorite.

“If I could write poetry like you,” London started, taking a sip of her Sprite Zero. “Sis-“

“Oh, please.” Ciara rolled her eyes as she sat on the bar stool. “You literally create entire stories just from hearing a song. Iconic.”

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Promise ↬ Chadwick Boseman

Synopsis 》Yn and Chadwick have a scuffle about his acting career


“Babe come here! Look at this one!”, Chadwick calls out. I roll my eyes and roll out of the bed for the fifth time now, making my way to him. “What is it this time?”, I answer, unenthusiastically. He ignores my tone of annoyance and grins widely. “Look babe”, he points to the laptop screen, “This is the venue that the cast and I are going to conduct the Black Panther press conference for the South Asian premiere.” I glance at the large venue on the screen then back at him. “It’s nice”, I say dryly. He views of the rest of the conference room then goes to the next tab that showed a theater. “Now this is the theater where the Black Panther film premiere is going to take place. This long walkway is where the red carpet is going to be, well black carpet.” He flips back and forth between tabs, admiring the two buildings as I smugly stare at the screen. “This is going to be amazing”, he comments lowly. Officially upset, I walk away from the laptop and take a seat in the living room, turning on the television.

I flip through the channels when Chadwick walks in, grinning like a kid in a candy store. I ignore him and continue to search for an interesting game show or reality episode. “Yn you have to see this theatre room.” Chadwick turns the laptop towards me and I turn away. He sits next to me and shoves it into my lap. “Chad, I don’t want it”, I said pushing the laptop off my lap. “Baby just look…”, he said pushing it back into my lap. “I said no Chadwick”, I said harshly, closing the laptop and pushing it back on him. “What’s your problem?”, he asks, turning to face me. “You and this entire Seoul, South Korea premier are my problem. Ever since Marvel announced the starting of the BP tour you can’t stop talking about it. I know you’re excited. I’m excited for you, but you’ve been talking non-stop about this tour, brushing me off to "handle business” that is already handled. You’re not even taking advantage of the time you have with me before you leave.“

"What are you talking about? We went out for lunch yesterday with Addison and his daughter.”

“Wow, Chad. We actually have some time to spend together and all you can offer your wife is a pity lunch date with YOUR friend that I wasn’t even invited to. You just let me tag along because I was already with you.”

“Now you and I both know that Addison is family and that the both of us are always welcome. I don’t know what’s up with you today, but this is supposed to be a happy time and you’re trying to pick fights.”

“I’m not trying to fight with you Chad. I just want to spend some quality alone time with my husband before he leaves the country and has me fend for myself in busy ass L.A.”

“Babe are you serious right now. You come from Houston. One of the busiest, traffic-filled cities in the U.S. No different from L.A.”

“That’s not the point! The point is that I want to spend time with you and not your Black Panther premier blueprints.”

“C'mere Yn”, he said patting the spot next to him. I slide over and he wraps his arms around my shoulder as I lay my head on his chest. “I know I’ve been a little occupied with all of the Black Panther events and I’m sorry. I’m just trying to make sure everything is set so when I get my vacation time, I can focus all my attention on my family and friends, and us.” I began to feel bad. Chadwick has been striving for this dream since college and now that’s it’s here, I’m starting to feel a little left behind, whether it’s intentional or not. I don’t mean to come off unappreciative, whiney, and selfish, but I crave attention and affection from him and he seems to be occupied with other things that shouldn’t be his concern. “You know I love you and I’m extremely proud of you, but you’re turning into a workaholic. I just want you to take advantage of the free time you are given. That’s all.”

He takes a moment to think; comprehending your point of view. “I know I can be a little invested in other areas of work and I apologize that my habit is pushing you away. I didn’t mean for you to feel neglected. I always cherish my alone times with you. I promise I will do better”, Chad says as he stands up and hovers over me, putting his forehead on mine. “Promise?”, I ask, tilting my head up a bit while tucking my bottom lip into my mouth. “Promise.”, he confirms. I pop my wet bottom lip out and peck his lips several times before moving back and getting off of the couch. “Well since we’re here we can start on dinner. I know you’re hungry.”, I say as I skip to the kitchen. I open up the deep freezer and sort through the different fish and meats.

“Pork or chicken?”, I ask pulling them both out, while continuing to look around. “You”, Chadwick says casually as he walks into the kitchen, latching his hands onto my hips. “Stop, I’m serious.” I move his hands with my elbows and randomly choose the chicken breast. I put the pork back and put the chicken into the sink so it can thaw out. I open the pantry and survey the different canned goods, trying to decide our sides. Chadwick follows me and places his hands back onto my hips, pushing me back onto him. “Babe stop…”, I whine, but giggle, moving forward. “You asked for this attention. Now you don’t want it”, he states pushing up on me. “Not when I’m trying to prepare dinner. You wanna eat, don’t you?”, I respond, pushing him away with my back. “If you meet me in the bedroom, I’m sure I can find something to satisfy my appetite”, Chadwick whispers seductively in my ear, pushing me back on him once more. I force back a small moan as I try to keep a poker face, but it was difficult to hold back the smirk that wanted to be on my face. I tried to think of a quick comeback, but it was already a little too late, so I just grabbed the can of yams and collard greens and slid out of his hold.

Afraid to bend down (because of Mr. Touchy Feely), I squat and grab me three pots: two small, one medium and place them on the counters. As I turn around to head back to the pantry, I see Chadwick slightly leaning back, staring at my ass, naughtily. I smack my lips. “Go get the rice.”, I say, pushing him towards the pantry by his bicep. I open up the cans of vegetables and pour them into the pots, then put them on the hot stove. Chadwick places the rice on the counter and I immediately open it and pour it into the medium-sized pot. I walk to the sink and filled the pot with water and place it on the stove as well. I walk back to the sink and unwrapped and wash the thawed out chicken. I place them in a glass pan and began to season them. I look over at Chadwick to see him filling the yam pot with more sugar. “Chad I already put sugar in there.” Chadwick smiles, putting the sugar away. “Since someone won’t let me eat that pussy until they pass out, I have to compensate it for more sugar. At least I’ll get to eat something sweet today”, Chad smirks, smacking my ass. You laugh hysterically at his little joke as he walks out of the kitchen with the goofiest grin on his face.

I continue seasoning the chicken, them slip them into the oven. While I waited for the chicken to bake, I finished preparing the sides. Once everything was done, I set the table and prepared our plates. I peeked into Chadwick & I’s room to see him lying in bed, typing into his laptop. “Dinner is ready”, I said from the doorway. “Okay”, he nodded, “but come here.” I walk into the room and stand next to Chadwick, but he moves his laptop and pats the open space between his legs. I sigh as I climb into bed, lying in-between Chadwick’s legs, leaning back on his chest. Chadwick moves the laptop onto my lap, showing me online airline tickets. “Babe, what it this?” He doesn’t say anything, he just allows me to read what’s on screen. “Delta Airline… terminal 6… gate 13B… Club Mobay Airport Lounge… May 31… flight departure 9 AM… LAX to… Jamaica-”

“We return June 8, so you need to set a week’s vacation time. Make sure you talk with your boss, so there won’t be any mishaps”, he grins. I was stuck for a moment, trying to understand what was going on. “Baby are we going to Jamaica?”, you ask softly. “I do see purchased airline tickets on the screen so I believe so.” “OH MY GOD!” I move his laptop off my lap and straddle him, kissing all over his neck and face. I’ve always wanted to go to Jamaica ever since my parents went for their anniversary and I’ve been begging for vacation for the past two weeks, but with his busy schedule and my job obligations, we had a difficult time scheduling our off days. I guess now is a perfect opportunity. “Thank. You. Baby.”, I said in-between kisses. “You deserve a vacation and I damn sure need one, so what’s a better place than to take my lady to Jamaica. Montego Bay to be exact.” You gush and squeal out of excitement, kissing him once more. “Thank you baby. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!”

“You don’t have to thank me. I’ll do anything for you”, he says while lightly stroking your chin, “Now let’s eat.”

Chadwick tries to move from under me, but I kept him pinned down to the bed. “Yn what are you-” I cut Chadwick off with a big kiss, slowly sliding my tongue into his mouth. I wrap my arms around his neck as he rests his hands on my ass. I slowly come up from the kiss, biting his lower lip. “Chad, the food can wait. I have something better you can eat anyways”, I say seductively while rubbing up and down on his chest. “Oh now you wanna have sex? Right after I told you we’re going to Jamaica?” “Yes. Now c'mon”, say while taking the bottom hem of his shirt and raising it up to showcase his toned abs and happy trail. “Damn woman. You see the way you do me”, he states, lifting his arms up so I could completely take his shirt off. “You know you like it… and for being such a great husband, I’ll allow you to do whatever you want to me in Jamaica”, I whisper in his ear, kissing his temple afterward then looking him in the eye.“Promise?”, he asks while sticking out his pinky. “Promise”, I say, locking my finger with his. He gave me a small peck on my lips, then picked me up and threw me off of him, climbing on top of me. I giggle and wrap my legs around his torso as his lips attacked my neck. We made love until the day turned into night and don’t worry; we ate dinner afterwards.

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I always feel like my expositions are really long, so I decided to break this fic up into two parts. Part two should be up either later tonight or tomorrow!

Plot: This is literally just setting up for part 2 lmao basically you want to get kinker and Chadwick is so down. Just fluff and some smut mentions

Kinks: none yet

Word count: 1k

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*Tuesday Evening*

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Not Good Enough? (Chadwick Boseman) (Request)

The Imagine below was requested by @iliketowrite1996 and I’m low key mad that I didn’t think of this idea myself lol 😂I hope you enjoy it 😁

Summary: Could I request a Chadwick one where he’s keeping the relationship secret to protect you from the media but it’s making you insecure?

You sat on the couch in the hotel room that you and Chadwick were sharing, watching everyone bustling around trying to get Chad ready.

Today was the day of the 2018 Met Gala, and after the massive success of Black Panther, Chadwick’s attendance was almost mandatory. As for you, on the other hand, you were sat in a pair of cut off jean shorts, an old jersey of Chad’s and flip flops with your hair in a messy ponytail.

You’ve had many of these nights before. Watching him get ready, kissing him for good luck before he leaves, watching the livestreams of the red carpet since you weren’t there, and stalking his hashtag on Instagram and Twitter.

However, it never bothered you as much as it is today. And you knew why but you refused to acknowledge the idea. If you acknowledged it, that would mean it’s actually true.

“Hey,” you heard a voice whisper and you looked to your right to see Chad, squatting next to the couch and looking over your face. “You ok?” You glanced around the room and saw that everyone else had left, leaving you two alone.

“Yeah,” you nodded slowly and he cocked his eyebrow.

“No, I know you. You had your thinking face on,” he chuckles. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I just,” you start to say but instead trail off, sighing heavily. You take a deep breath before trying again. “I’m tired of always watching you get ready for these glamorous events and I can never go.”

Chadwick closed his eyes because he knew that’s what had been bothering you but he also didn’t feel like having this conversation again. You two never fought much but this topic had been a source of tension for a couple weeks now.

“Babe, you know why that’s not a good idea. We agreed that we would keep our relationship between us and our loved ones so that we could continue to be us, without the outside bullshit.”

“I know that’s what we agreed on, but I didn’t think it would bother me this much.”

He sighed and stood up straight. He walked over to the large mirror in the room and started to straighten out his suit. “Well, I know it’s hard but we have to do this.”

The way he so flippantly brushed you, and your feelings, aside pissed you off so you stood up and stomped over to him.

“What’s the real reason that you don’t want anyone to know about us? Don’t want your other girls to find out?” You accused.

If looks could kill, you’d be dead right now girl. He closes his eyes and takes several deep breaths before slowly opening his eyes again.

“Don’t you ever say something as dumb as that to me ever again,” he stated in a low voice that made you quiver. However, you were still pissed so you were going to let him know.

“I mean, there has to be something to this that you aren’t telling me. Is it me? Am I not good enough to be around your famous friends?” You rambled.

“Baby, baby,” he turned to you and put his hands on your shoulders, making you freeze. “How could you even think something like that? You’re an amazing woman. How could I ever be ashamed of you?”

“You just, you never want to take me out in public and if you do, it’s like a CIA classified secret. I just don’t know,” you shrug your shoulders and wipe away the tears that you hadn’t even realized were falling.

“I’m doing this to protect you. The media, especially paparazzi, are generally not good people so I want to keep you safe. Baby, they will say things about me, you, and our relationship just to make a quick buck. Not to mention these fans.” He rubs your cheek and looks into your eyes.

“I’m so sorry babe. I had no idea that this was making you insecure,” he said as he pulled you into a hug. You wanted to protest against him calling you insecure but you knew it was true. “I guess me trying to protect you, turned into me actually being the one who hurt you.”

“Chad, you were coming from a good place. The execution just sucked,” you chuckled and he joined you. You pulled away from the hug to look at him.

“You know that I love you right? I’m never going to leave you for anyone else because there is no one else out there for me. You’re it.”

You smiled widely and crashed your lips onto his. He wrapped his arms around you, pulling your body closer to his. His hands trailed down to your ass, squeezing tightly. This made you moan and you hitched one of your legs up on his hip.

The sudden knock on the door scared the both of you and your lips disconnected. Chad sighed heavily and rested his forehead against yours.

“I have to go baby,” he told you and you shook your head like a little kid. He chuckled at your eagerness. “I don’t want to, trust me, but I have to.”

“Mm, alright,” you relented, taking your leg from his hip. You released the grip you had on him and helped him straighten out his suit again. Once you finished, he walked over to the door but turned back to you once his hand was on the handle.

“Hey,” he said, making you look up at him. “You know how I have the commencement address to give at Howard?”

“Yeah. What about it?”

“Be my date?” He asked, biting his lip and you giggled while nodding your head.


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I hope you enjoyed this love! And for anyone else, my requests are open! 💗

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Could you PLEASE make a lil’ “imagine”? Of like, Chadwick, whenever Tasha leaves for work and he gets...... in da mood?馃槇 how would Mr. Boseman handle it?

“Babe, have you’ve seen my keys?”

“Yeah, downstairs on the table by the door. I put them there last night.”

Tasha shuffled around the room in search of the items she needed to successfully leave for work on time. Adjusting to life in the suburbs as the new Mrs. Boseman had been relatively easy, but learning when to leave the house to beat bumper to bumper traffic had come with its own set of challenges. In 6 months she still hadn’t caught the hang of it.

“You are a superhero in real life, baby.”

Chadwick smiled as she leaned down to briefly kiss his cheek.

Like her shadow, Chadwick was right behind Tasha, following her every move to the front door. To an outsider he probably looked like a lovesick teenager, but they both knew the real reason he was hot on her heels. It was his unspoken job to pick up all the things she absentmindedly put down but would certainly need before she walked out of the front door.

“Okay, last call. Keys?”



“Got it and the files I need.”




“Yeah it’s my pocket.” To prove it, she went to grab the device but came back empty handed.

Chadwick watched her pat her entire body for a few seconds before clearing his throat for her attention.

“You left it beside the fridge.”

She sighed in relief, “I owe you when I get home. Whatever you want is yours.”

“Good, tonight is your night to wash the dishes then. I’ll dry.”

After assuring his wife that he was serious about his refusal to wash dishes and sending Tasha on her way, Chadwick found himself confronted with a silent house and nothing to do. 

Normally he’d be writing or taking meetings or completely immersed into preparation for a role. This week, however, was rest week. His body was in serious need of recharging and he needed to honor its demands. 

Time crept by while he searched for activities to occupy his mind. Watching Snowfall made him eager to work on a project he’d shelved, so he was forced to leave the living room. There weren’t enough pushups in the world to keep him occupied for more than an hour, and reading quickly became boring. 

When the fourth text in a string of messages to his wife went unanswered, he went on a mission to declutter the files in his phone. Folder by folder he rid himself of accidental photos and screenshots that were no longer needed. 

“When the hell did I take this,” he asked as he tapped to delete a blurred picture of his foot. 

When the photo disappeared, he was met with a nude photo of CoCo that he couldn’t remember taking, but didn’t mind seeing. Several right swipes revealed a second photo and a wealth of explicit videos. Each eyeful of what looked to be a great night in Vegas made being in the house alone difficult in a completely  different way than before. 

He tried to ignore the familiar feeling. He even hid the phone from himself and retreated to the patio to clear his head. But the more free time he had to sit and stew in his thoughts, the more memories he had buried began to resurface. 

“Five minutes, that’s it. Do it, finish, and go be productive. Okay?” 

Chadwick spent the walk to his bedroom repeating the words to himself in hopes that they would sink into his brain and stick. Once he was positioned against the headboard and bare from the waist down, he quickly retrieved his phone. He was experiencing a sensory overload as he went further into the filthy rabbit hole on his device. Every stroke of his palm against hot flesh sent him into a feverish overdrive. He couldn’t experience this moment alone.

In a split second decision, Chadwick switched to video mode from the gallery and pressed record. The thought of being watched made him tingle with excitement while he focused on long, deliberate strokes to build tension. He felt free to verbalize his pleasure in the empty room because he knew it would add to the performance. This was for Tasha as much as it was for him. 

Cumming wasn’t an issue. In fact, he had so much fun that he went for the adrenaline rush a second and third time, capturing each one in separate clips. He sent each one in invisible ink before setting off on a journey to clean up and recalibrate. 

15 minutes later he was knee deep in Pacific Rim when the chime of the alarm system alerted him to another presence in the home. Heels clicked against the floor in rapid succession until a presence appeared in flash. 

“Co, wha-” 

“Shut up.” CoCo’s lips rushed to press into Chadwick’s as her hand flew to the back of the couch to her body stable. When Chadwick opened his mouth to speak, Tasha interrupted. “Shut. Up. Are you gonna listen to me?” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

“Good. You have 15 minutes to fuck the shit out of me before I have to leave. Carry me upstairs like Dwayne did Whitley and destroy me. Blink once if you understand.” 

A slow smile crept across Chadwick’s face and he made a show of blinking once to signal his compliance. One burst of energy helped him shoot up from his position with Tasha in his arm before taking off in an all out sprint to the bedroom. 

Fifteen minutes, that’s it. Do it, finish, and go be productive. Okay?

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