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#chadwick x reader

Chadwick Boseman x Black! Reader


It was a typical Saturday with Chadwick home. You waking up to him staring at you with that crooked smile that gave you butterflies.

“Good morning baby” he spoke as he reached over to pull at your bonnet letting it slap back against your forehead.

“Good morning old man"You spoke back, sleep still evident in your voice as you put your feet on his legs making him suck his teeth.

"How the hell are your feet this cold if you had me turn the heat on hell last night?” he said quickly moving his legs off the bed.

“I got hot and turned it off” you said laughing at him as he shook his head.

“Whatever Minnie. Come on and get up I wanna get some food before I take you to get your nails done”

You laid there for a minute tired and not really wanting to get out of bed. You were going to suggest a lazy Saturday but he insisted that you two get out and do something, stating he had some sort of surprise for you.

Your man stood there clad in just his boxers with his long fingers on his waist, waiting for you to stand up. After a three minute staring contest you got up out of bed making your way to the bathroom.

By the time you had gotten dressed and ready to go, Chadwick who was finished getting ready twenty minutes before you had conducted some business over the phone that he hoped you would enjoy.

“You ready Minnie?” he asked you standing up with a grunt.

“Yup. Mickey are you going to help me pick out a color?” You asked as you two made your way to the front door.

“Uhhhh, champagne color?” he suggested with a shrug.

“That might be cute"you responded pulling out your phone. Once you logged into Pinterest and found a design you liked you showed it to him.

Barely glancing up from the college basketball game he nodded and murmured "Cute”

You rolled your eyes and told him you were ready. He quickly jumped up grabbing his keys and jacket before heading for the door. He opened the front door allowing you to leave first but not before giving your ass a smack.

Once in the car, Chadwick started the car and began to drive while you played with the radio connecting your phone to the bluetooth. Hitting shuffle you started to feel the music. Tamia blasted through the radio as you sung along to your man.

“I think you’re truly something special” you started but stopped once you realized he was eating Cheez Its. You laughed causing him to take his gaze off of the road for a second to see what had you laughing.

“What’s so funny baby” he asked still taking glances at you and eating.

“The fact that you pulled those Cheez Its out of nowhere. Where did your fat ass get them anyway” you asked as he sucked his teeth.

“I keep a box on the side of the door. Nosey ass, you know I keep them snacks on me” he said grabbing more. He yanked the box away when you reached for some before pulling over.

“Yippy Kiyay muthafucka. We made it” he spoke before hoping out of the car to open your door.

“Allow me to help you out Miss Daisy?"He spoke reaching out his right hand to grab your left. You laughed grabbing his hand as he kissed you.

"Are you staying here with me?”

“I’ll do whatever you want me to” He spoke kissing your cheek.

Together you walked into the shop to sign in. He pulled his hoodie onto his head and sat down by the entrance.

He sat there trying to contain his feelings. He was definitely nervous about what would be happening in about and hour.

He needed to keep himself busy he stood and walked into the back to talk to you.

“Hey baby” you smiled as you got your feet scrubbed.

“Hey, look is going across the street to get something to drink. What do you want?” He asked as her attention jumped from the lady painting her toenails and back to him.

“I don’t want anything babes, thanks for asking” she smiled making him roll his eyes.

Whatever he brought back she would definitely finish for him leaving him with nothing.

“Yeah whatever. Gimme some love” he mumbled puckering his lips as he leaned done to kiss the woman he loved. They pulled away to heard the lady fussing.

“Look at this! You wiggled your toes and messed up the nail.”

Chadwick laughed backing up.
“sorry ma'am. I’ll leave you to it” he smiled before turning to walk over to the nail technician that would be working on your nails.

“Excuse me” he said as he sat in front of her grabbing her attention.
“The woman that went back there. She wanted the champagne colored nails. You know who I’m talking about?” He asked

“Oh yes. She’s a regular client”

“Yeah well I need you to do me a favor please”

“What is it?”

“When you finish her nails and put that clear moisturizer on her hands…I need you to slide this on her left ring finger for me” he stated sliding her the box and a two hundred dollar bills.

“Ohhhh will do. What do you want me to say when I put it on her finger?”

“Tell her it’s from that handsome man she came in with” he smirked before standing up.

“I’m counting on you mama. Don’t lose that ok?” He spoke as she nodded putting it in a side drawer and winking at him.

He gave her a smile before walking out of the building into the fresh air.

He took a deep breath, thankful that he didn’t have to breathe in those chemicals for the time being.

Now he had to kill time before he officially gave his all to you.

You looked at your surroundings to try and see where Chadwick was but sighed when you saw that he wasn’t in the salon.

How long did it take to get some snacks from the store across the street?

You sighed realizing he might’ve been spotted by some fans and that he was with them taking pictures and signing autographs.

You looked down at your nails and smiled at the work.

“You like the stones?” The nail lady asked.

“You know I do girl!! This is cute”

After having her nails under the lights to dry for a fourth time she was finally done.


She watched as the nail tech rubbed the oil on her skin and massaged her hands.

Just as you were about to get up she patted your hands.

“One more thing sweetie” she said digging into a drawer and putting a ring on your left ring finger.

“Miss this isn’t mine” you said confused

“It is now. That handsome man you came in here with left it for you.” She said and got up from her seat.

Smiling down at the ring on your fresh manicure you turn as you hear the door open and the gasps of other customers.

There stood the man you loved with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you’ve seen. He walked toward you smiling ear to ear.

“These are for you” he said and you gladly accepted them with a giggle.

“Why thank you” you said as he grabbed your free hand to make you stand up.

“ I know you’re wondering about the ring I had them put on your finger.” he spoke as he got down on one knee.

“With everything I’ve done wrong in my life this here is the one thing I pray everyday I get right. I want to wake up with you every morning and fall asleep with you in my arms at night. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about us. It’s like Picasso painted your aura, it’s like Beethoven composed your vocal tones, a Rodin inspired hand sculpted you the desire of man, Michelangelo grieves inside you. When I look in your eyes I see the seeds of my wildest dreams. I’m rambling but you just make me that nervous. My knee is starting to hurt so I’ll rap it up.  Baby, will you do the honors of becoming my wife?”

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Would You Still Trust Me?

Chadwick Boseman & Black!Reader

I really hope BP/chadwick/etc fics aren’t dead bc I have plenty others. 


“Don‘t touch me, y/n.” Chadwick barks, backing away from your shaking body. He hadn’t touched you in weeks, hell, he hadn’t looked at you in weeks. He’d been distant, quiet, and turned off by everything you do since the day you admitted to cheating. It was once, but once was enough. That day had been on his mind for the longest. It was supposed to be special, beautiful, and it was, until it wasn’t. 

You’d walked into your house, like you normally did at five in the evening after a long day of teaching wild seventh graders and grading their above and below average work. Chadwick had only been back a day, maybe longer, you were too guilt driven to even talk to him much, blaming it on work. When you walked in and turned on the lights, there he was. Smiling, excited, anxious, beautiful. 

“Hey.“ You breath out, wondering what had gotten into him. “Whats up?” 

He stood to his feet, that smile never falling or even twitching. He grabbed your hands, kissing the both of them. 

“How was work, my love?” He asks, tilting his head as he pulled you closer to him. “Tiring, I bet.” 

“Yeah, it was okay. What’s gotten into–” 

“I love you so much, y/n. I do. You don’t know how excited I get when I come home and watch you walk through those doors in old outfits that you style so well, they look new. You’re beautiful. Your humble. You didn’t let my dreams get in the way of yours. You knew what you wanted and you went after it, all while helping me with mine. God, I love you, I do.” Your eyes were wide, and your body was shaking with anxiety. You were praying that he was just feeling like giving a speech today. “I just, I should’ve married you the day I met you, but,” He dropped down on his knee and you snatched away from him, sobbing. “Y/n?” 

“No, Chadwick, please don’t do this.” You cry, pulling away from him. “I can’t.” 

“What-” He stands to his feet, and you only back away. “Y/n?” 

“I cheated, Chadwick. I cheated and I should’ve told you but I didn’t. I couldn’t. I’m so sorry.” He stares at you for a second, gripping the box in his hand. You stare back, but he doesn’t even seem like himself. His smile was far gone and his hand shook a little. 

”You did what?”

“Chadwick, i’m so sorry. It was a mistake and I would take it back if I could.” You started reciting the clichés and he only starred. “Chaddy–” He shakes his head, grabbing your arm gently. He pulls you toward the back, and opens the back door to the backyard. And your heart shatters. The millions of roses, and your family, his family, even some of your students stand there, socializing. “You wanna tell them all to go home? Tell them you’re marrying the side piece.” Chadwick humorlessly chuckles, moving away from you and leaving the room all together. You watch him leave, then turn back to the crowd of people. No ones paying attention, but you eyes connect with your brother and before he could rush over, you shake your head. Seeing the tears on your face and clouding your eyes, he nods. Using his hands to motion you back into the house. 

Since that day, Chadwick hadn’t even bothered to talk to you. Today was an exception. He’d been gone for interviews and such, since his movie just released, there was no time to talk with him. Today, he noticed you coming in the house. You were so tired, and hungry, and stressed, you just broke down at the door. He rushed over, grabbing you before you collapsed. 

“What did you eat today?” 

“Can we talk, Chaddy?” 

“I could make Alfredo or something. You need to eat.” 

“I’m not eating until you tell me how you’re feeling and we talk about it.” He scoffed, shaking his head. 

“I guess you’ll be starving today then, huh?” He didn’t mean it, but he’s pissed. He rushed upstairs and you follow, leading you to where you are know. He’s sitting at the end of the bed and you stand in front of him. You reach and place a hand on his thigh, he moves away as soon as your finger touched the fabric of his slacks. 

“Don’t touch me, y/n.” 

“Okay.” You nod, sitting down where you stood. You stare at each other for a while. “I still love you, Chadwick. I was lonely and drunk. I put myself in the position of being able to get drunk purposefully. I needed some attention and I couldn’t cheat if I was sober. My guilt would eat me alive. So I got drunk, I had drunken sex with the bartender, I went home the next day, and I got tested. I have nothing. I still have the papers if you want proof. Chadwick, I have no excuse for cheating. I’m so fucking selfish for doing that to you and I’ve asked for forgiveness but if its too much, i’ll leave. We can take a break, or, if–” you sob, shaking your head. You don’t get to cry. “If its too much, we can take an even longer break. I didn’t mean to hurt you—“ he slid off the bed onto his knees in front of you. he grabs your face, wiping the tears off your cheeks. His touch sent your body through something. You missed him and his soft hands and the feel of his touch.

“There is no way out of this, y/n. If you think i’m leaving you just because of a night of infidelity, you’re crazy. I’m so pissed. I’ve cried since the day you told me, but i knew before you told me, or atleast i assumed you did before you told me. You couldn’t even look at your phone when we facetimed, you couldn’t even look at me when i came home for the first time in months. I knew something had happened, y/n. I still wanted to marry you, without knowing. You’re my first love. The person i want to be with till i can’t walk, but if i’m not enough—“ 

“No, no, Chaddy, you are more than enough.” he smiled a little, leaning his forehead on yours. 

“It’s so hard to just look at you and not assume the worst. I love you. I just need time.” Though it had been three weeks since the incident, you still nodded. You would give him a year if that’s what he needed. 

“okay, chaddy.” he nods, kissing your forehead. He grabs his shoes, and runs a hand down his face. 

“i’ll pick you up something while i’m out. you’re eating before you go to sleep.” you don’t argue, and he turns away, but stops in his tracks to turn back to you. “Think of it like this: Would you still trust me if while I was filming, I was cheating on you? If you was out there making a living, and I come home to tell you that I was sleeping with someone else? Hell no. I just need space, y/n.”

It goes on like this for more weeks. On and off talking when the two of you were checking each other. He did more interviews, he left for days at a time. You continued doing what you always did. Your families called, your students questioned, and your brother was the only one bothered enough to stop by and check on the two of you. you brother didn’t believe the act the two of you put on, but he decided to mind his business until the two of you worked things out. 

today was different. you made it home before chadwick and decided to take a nap. you tried to sleep in the guest room, where you’d been sleeping, but this time, chadwick was no where in the house. there was comfort in having him around, even if it wasn’t in the same room. after making sure he wasn’t home, you walk into the master bedroom. the room smelled like him and his cologne and your body instantly relaxed. you fall onto the be, cuddling a pillow close to you and wrapping your body in the thick, fluffy comforter. 

chadwick walks into the house almost ten minutes later. he was tired as well so he didn’t notice your bag on the couch. he made his way to the master bedroom, kicking off his shoes once he made it through the door. he falls onto the bed, landing on your legs. he quickly shot back up. you didn’t even squirm. he sighs, pulling the cover slightly off of you and sliding under it. you unconsciously moved closer, and he cuddled your body to his. as he lie there, he couldn’t help but get teary-eyed. he missed this. he missed touching you. he missed holding you. he missed you. but he couldn’t bring himself to talk to you. too much pride. too many doubts in his head. the thought of you with anyone but him, repulsed him. 

once you felt the added heat pressed against your chest and head, your eyes fluttered open. 

“I forgive you.” he whispers, running his hand soothingly up and down your back. “i forgive you because i know what we have is real and i want to trust you, y/n.” you sit up, staring down at him. “i still want to marry you. i want a bigger house and little kid running around. i want it with you.”

“i never meant to hurt you, chaddy. i’ll never do it again. the first time was just— i— i don’t know what that was and i have no excuse but i want a family with you too. i want the same things you do and i really want us back. but chadwick, if you need more time, please take it.” your voice cracks at the end as the tears rushed up and the heat collected in your face. you didn’t want him to just say he forgives you. the relationship you used to have wouldn’t be there. “if you can’t come back from this, please let me know.”

chadwick sits up, a plain look on his face. he didn’t look upset nor happy. he just wore a stern expression.

“i forgive you.” he repeats, staring deeply into your cloudy eyes. he places a hand on your cheek and you lean into it. “marry me.”

“i-what?” you sit up straight. “chaddy—“

“you can’t say no twice.” he chuckles. “please, marry me.” you don’t hesitate to nod your head. you climb into his lab as you hug his neck. he holds you close to him, as he reaches behind him to grab the ring. it sat on the nightstand every night, waiting. he taps your arm and you pull away, holding out your hand. the rock wasn’t big and it was there. you always told him you hated big diamonds and it took that into consideration whilst buying this ring. it was a little lose on your finger but it stayed on perfectly like it was meant for you. you wrap your arms around him once again, kissing all over his face.

the wedding was over faster than you wanted it to be. the reception was beautiful, your husband exceptional—everything was perfect. you walk into the large hotel room, looking around as your husband closed the bedroom door. you notice the bath and the roses and the candles.

“this is beautiful.” you feel yourself tear up again, but you had been crying all day so you held it back.

“you’re beautiful, y/n.” he unzips your dress as he stands behind you, sliding it off of your shoulders. he kisses your back and then your neck. you step out of your dress and Chadwick lays it on the couch behind you. he sits on the bed and you climb into his lap. you kiss his forehead, cheek, and lips.

“so what’s next?” you whisper after pulling away from his face. he stares into your eyes as he flips you over, hovering over you, his lips barely touching yours. you smiled up at him, wrapping your arms around his neck. “babies?” he chuckles with a nod.

“many babies.”

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Chapter 4 (Better Left Unsaid)


I cant believe I was face to face with the man that walked out on me years ago. My heart started racing and I didnt know what to say. He looked at me with sorrow like he was telling me “sorry” without saying it. 

“I-I gotta go”

I rushed past him back onto the dance floor. I ran up to Chante and I seen she was talking to Michael, an old friend from college. He put his drink down and reached for a hug. I put my hand up. 

“What are you doing here?”

“Oh I was in town and Chante told me yall would be here”

“You brought him with you, I know you did”


“Michael please don’t play stupid with me”

He sighed and looked at Chante

“Yea I brought him but only because he wanted to talk to you, that’s it”

I folded my arms and looked at Chante

“So you had part in this too huh?”

She gave a half smile and shrugged her shoulders. 

“I dont know what the fuck you two had planned but forget it and Chante I honestly can’t believe you, you’re supposed to be my best friend and you haven’t supported me not once in this relationship, Im marrying Austin and if you dont like it oh well, you just don’t attend my wedding”

She started to say something but I walked away. Michael called out to me but I ignored him. My mind is set, why cant they understand that?


Originally posted by fromthemotionpicture

Me and Michael looked at each other and sighed. I sipped my drink and smacked my lips. 

“Sooo what the fuck do we do now? You fucked up the plan”

“Me? No you did, you didn’t tell her we were coming”

“Well I thought she would be excited and hop on his lil sausage and they would fall back in love and she wouldn’t marry that damn buzzkill”

He laughed and shook his head at me.

“Crazy ass tae, always thinking unrealistically”

“Typical Michael, always plottin something”

We both smiled and he held his arms out.

“Give me a hug, we didnt get a chance to do it earlier”

I smiled as we pulled in. He smelled so nice. I dont know why I never gave michael a chance, I guess cause he was little fuckboy back then. He pulled away from me and I blushed. Chadwick came up behind me before Michael noticed.

“Chante Moore, its been a minute”

I turned around and smiled as I hugged him.

“Mr. Chadwick, still ducking and dodging I see”

He laughed as he held my hands

“Yea, I haven’t seen your crazy ass since, you know”

I nodded my head and put my hand on his shoulder. 

“We’re not gonna talk about”

He laughed and nodded his head. He looked around the room with a concerned look on his face. He started to speak before Michael said something. 

“She aint here man”

“How do you know, Im looking for somebody?”

I stood in between them and sighed. 

“We know you two seen each other, she ran outta here pretty pissed at us”

He looked down and rubbed his face. 

“Maybe I should’ve stayed home”

“No you needed to be here, she misses you, she just..I don’t know, needed a man to cope I guess. Why did you leave her in the first place?”

He looked at me as he threw back the rest of my drink. 

“Its complicated.”

I looked at my glass and up at him

“Nigga did you just drink my shit”

Before he could say anything Mia and Miyu walked up to us. Mia smiled as she put her hand on her chest

“I must be dreaming cause there is no way that Michael and Chadwick are standing in front of us”

They both smiled as she reached in for a hug. Michael smiled as she turned to embrace him

“Yea its us baby, back in the city for a couple of days”

Miyu smiled and stepped up

“Hi, Im Miyu since my rude ass friends didn’t introduce me properly”

They laughed and shook her hand. Mia got a looked on her face and gasped. 

“Oh my God, they should come to hawaii with us, to bianca’s wedding”

I shook my head “no” as she laughed and wrapped her arms into mine. Chadwick laughed as he shook his head. 

“Nah I don't think that's appropriate considering we used to be in love”

“Oh come on, yall both have moved on, its not like you’re trying to stop it or something, you’re a guest we invited”

Me and Michael looked at eachother then back at Chadwick. He mouth to us “Do I go?” I sighed and nodded my head. Fuck it, no one in the circle has shit to lose as of right now. Everyone looked at each other then at me. 

“Fuck it lets go to Hawaii”

They all smiled and cheered. I pulled Michael and Chadwick in by their arms. 

“If I lose my best friend over you two fuckers, I will kick yo ass and never speak to you again, agreed?”

They nodded their heads as I let go of their shirts. I threw back one more shot and sighed. Oh God I hope this shit works. 


I threw my purse on my shoulder and moved my hair out of the way. 

“No no, my daughter is allergic to salmon you idiots”

I rolled my eyes at the caterers as they brought out my dishes. The head chief came over to me. 

“Sorry Mrs. Porter its almost closing time, we can continue this tomorrow…with the bride herself”

I rolled my eyes and sighed. 

“Fine, I was leaving anyway”

He smiled at me and bowed quickly

“Have a good night”


I got up as I gathered my phone and wallet. I called Bianca 3 times and the phone rung out. How dare she not answer my calls. I had my driver take me to her home and I called up to her apartment number. She sounded like she had been crying. 


“Bianca Porter, you know to answer the damn phone when I call now let me in”

“Yes mother”

She sighed and buzzed me up. I took the elevator to her apartment and stepped off. I knocked on her door and she looked out of a crack. 

Girl you know its me, let me in

She opened the door up and wiped her face. She had on that skimpy little dress I told her repeatedly not to wear.

“Hello mother”

“Dont hello me, you ignored my call 3 times and what have I told you about that dress”

She looked down and sighed. 

“Sorry I forgot”

“Yea right and where did you wear it to?”

She sighed and looked down 

“I went out with my friends”

“Ugh you still hang with those whores, you need new friends honey bee”

 I put my hands on my hips as I scanned the room. She had her photo album out along with a bottle of wine and she was watching “Runaway Bride”. I rolled my eyes as I sat my purse down on the table and picked up the album. It was pictures of her country friends and that boy I despised most: Chadwick. I hated him with a passion. He had Bianca sneaking out, lying, and doing God knows what in that dorm room. I was so glad when he finally dumped her. I was going to make sure that they didn’t get married or have any kids. I want what’s best for my honey bee and he wasn’t it. No money, comes from the dirt poor south and he only attended the same school because he was a sponsor child. I closed the book as Bianca started back weeping. I rolled my eyes and stood in front of her. She looked up at me looking really sad. I sighed and sat down. I didn’t raise her to be weak but I still needed to know why she was bawling her eyes out late at night in a dress that made her look like a tramp. 

“What is it Bianca?”

“Nothin mother, I…Im kinda having second t-thoughts”

I looked at her and before I knew it I slapped my damn child across her face. 


She started back crying as she held her face. I fixed my hair and straightened my jacket. I loved my child but sometimes she’s just dumb as hell.

“Im sorry I had to slap you but you’re not thinking straight right now. That man loves you and he’s gonna be a great husband and hopefully a great dad”

She looked down as she rubbed her face. I looked over and noticed she was staring at another picture of that Chadwick boy and her kissing in the snow. I picked it up and crumbled it. She jumped up and tried to snatch it from me. 

“What are you doing mother!”

I pushed her away as I threw the picture in the trash. I put my finger in her face as I grabbed her arm. 

“Dont you fuckin dare try to contact him to mess up what you have. That boy doesn’t care about you! He had you acting a fool and then he deflowered you and left you, that’s not a man, that’s a coward”

She yanked her arm and shook her head. 

“We loved each other and for your information, we never had sex… I think you need to go mother”

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. 

“Fine Ill leave but you wont and will not leave Austin”

She sat down on the couch and took another gulp from her wine bottle. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Maybe Im too hard on her but she needs to learn to let some things go. I put my purse on my shoulder and fixed my jacket. 

“I just want whats best for you Honey Bee”

I kissed her on the forehead and walked out the door. If she does try to contact him, it wont matter. The deal is off and she doesnt love him. If he does come around, I will personally make sure he will step foot in New York City again.

*Im back on writing this story cause it doesnt get enough attention from me so enjoy and if youre lost its on my master list on my blog


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Chadwick x Son (ft. Black!Reader)•part 3  


The next morning, the father woke up early enough to cook breakfast and make lunch for his son. Once that task was complete he went to get himself showered and dressed.  Fighting to not stay in too long lost in thought he hopped out and started getting his undergarments on. He walked into his son’s room and flicked on the light. 

“Come on baby boy, it’s Friday” he said jumping into the small bed shaking the boy’s frame. The younger Boseman smiled while keeping his eyes closed. 

“I made your favorite for Breakfast Deuce, come on before you’re late and I have to beat that ass” he said as he started getting out his uniform, the child groaned before jumping out of bed and walking into the bathroom.

Once they were sitting at the kitchen island the boy began to ask questions.

“Daddy, where is Si? She usually helps me get ready”

“She isn’t going to be around anymore. It’s just you and me for now man, like it used to be" 

"I don’t remember that” he said furrowing his eyebrows.

“You’re too young to remember those times. After your mommy passed I took you everywhere I went" 

To people who knew nothing about Chadwick outside of his newly successful career it seemed that he had everything a man could want. A beautiful wife who he was madly in love with, success in his field, and his first child would be born within a few weeks.

He would also agree. He had it all until he didn’t. One by one the things most important to him, the things that made people think he had it all were slipping from his grasp. He hated how what should be saved wasn’t up to him. He’d choose his family over his career any day, but that’s not what God planned.

Here he was, a first time father, a widow, and the new star of a movie about one of the greatest men in show business.

He spent months preparing for that role while also trying his best to play the role of a father and husband. This curveball was something he wasn’t prepared for.

He had just wrapped his first day of shooting and was quickly packing up to get back to the small home he had rented for he and his son’s stay.

"Great work today Chadwick, the cast is going out to get drinks if you’d like to join us” one of his cast members spoke up within a group.

“I’d love to but I gotta get back to my baby” he said with a closed mouth smile.

“Aw that’s so sweet! Ok well give her our love” the same person spoke making his stomach hurt. 

He has yet to tell anyone outside of the directors and producers what had occurred recently. Not because he didn’t want to but because there was a pending case on the death of his wife.

“Will do” he mumbled before running off.

Once he was in the driveway he let out a sigh of relief. Both of your parents had offered to stay with him to take care of the newborn since Chadwick worked long days and nights.

“I’m home family” he spoke as he saw them all sprawled out on the living room furniture. He was about to turn off the television until he heard the coo’s of his baby boy from the bassinet.

“I see you’re wide awake huh man?” He spoke rubbing his hands with hand sanitizer before picking him up.

Grabbing his baby pillow and the baby bag he walked towards the room he occupied setting everything up on the opposite side of the bed, the side you should be laying on.

“You gonna let daddy study this film tonight” he asked the infant earning a yawn in response.

Together they laid in bed for a few hours watching interviews and videos of James Brown. With breaks in between for bottles and diaper changes.

“Alright Chad, it’s 3 am. We gonna get funky for a minute and then, we gonna get sleepy.” He spoke softly in his James voice before hopping up with the baby and gliding around the room slowly.

The newborn opened his eyes wide as they moved around the room moving his mouth as the song continued.

“Ya got soul Mr. Boseman?” The father asked.

After dancing to one more song the father laid them both down so he could get some type of rest before heading to set.

And that’s how the remainder of the filming went. The baby only coming to set a handful of times, but never staying for long.

The new father wasn’t happy that he left his child home for press junkets but it was best for him to be in a stable, consistent environment.

“Did we have fun?” The boy asked as he continued eating.

“The best” the father said before standing up grabbing both of their dishes and sitting them in the sink.

“Go get your book bag and jacket. It’s time to leave for school”

After a full day of reaching out to family to see who was willing to come watch Deuce for a few weeks while he did a press junket and informing them of the sudden change in the household he went to pick up the child.

“Ok Chad, you had a good week at school so what do you want to do tonight?” The father asked his eyes focused in on the traffic in front of them.

“I wanna go home and play with you” he said from the backseat making the dad smile.

“I’d be honored son, pretty soon you’ll think I’m too lame to hang out with.”

“How could I?!! You’re the BLACK PANTHER daddy, you’ll always be cool” he replied.

“It’s times to get funky” the father spoke in his James Brown voice as the music played throughout the house.

“So let’s get down” Deuce said laughing as he started dancing.

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Street Life

Chadwick Boseman Fanfic

Warning!- Mentions of murder & drug use

Credits to the group chat for the tb pic!


“It’s amazing how your life can change”

Born in 1977 to a nurse and street hustler things weren’t that bad. The Boseman’s, a small family of three didn’t have much, but they had enough.

They were happy, the young couple in love and caring for their child the best they knew how. But by the time Chadwick was 3 years old things changed drastically.

The 1980 crack epidemic shook the once strong household thus taking away the joys the toddler remembered. No more laughing and joking. Bedtime stories and family outings to the park, became a thing of the past.

He was young but he remembered, most events. What child would forget watching their father shoot and kill a man over money? Or their mother smoking crack, shooting up, and trying to sell her body for drugs?

He still had memories of his father forcing him out of the house for hours at a time so he could cook. In the streets he saw a lot of things that made him sick and would scar any child. Dead bodies, addicts performing sexual acts for drugs, and people roaming the streets.

He grew up in that environment until he was about 7. Since his mother wasn’t around he spent a lot of time with his father in the streets. Watching him hustle so the two of them could have the things they wanted and needed.

His father was the only parent he had left since his mother was somewhere strung out. He’d held his father’s guns and handled his fair share of drugs before that dreadful day approached.

The day the feds broke down the door and marched into their home to take his father away. All alone, he sat in a police station waiting for someone to get him. Scared and alone but not allowing it to show on his face.

“Don’t let these cats see you sweat son. That’s a sign of weakness. They don’t need to see you cry” his father once told him after he saw a man lose his life.

It seemed like forever before he heard his grandmother, Eloise call his name. He stood up and walked towards her as she ran to her oldest grandchild.

After she talked with the officer who was left in charge of the young boy, they left. She had me move back home with her. Which took a while but Chadwick has gotten used to living with his grandmother. He’d always loved spending time with her during the summers, he knew he could be a kid at her home. Something he hadn’t been able to do for a while.

It wasn’t the best of starts. He was in a lot of fights at first, he would claim that the children were disrespecting him but anyone could tell that he was angry. He was angry that he had neither parent, that he had to move and start his life over, that he couldn’t fully understand

Once he was officially settled in life was fine. The young child grew up with his grandmother, the same way other kids in the neighborhood had. He was excelling in school and had made a name for himself around the neighborhood as “Stretch” since he was the tallest in his grade. Accentuated by the choices of clothing his grandmother brought for him displaying his long limbs.

Soon enough his cousins ended up moving into their grandmother’s home meaning more mouths for her to feed, and that lead to her getting a second job. As well as less quality time spent with his grandmother.

Still, he was excited that he had 2 other boys to play with inside of the home. Being the oldest of them he felt a responsibility for them. Any problem they had he would be the one to fix it whether it was a fight or their homework. He was to them what he wished he had, a caring sibling.

Over time, they grew closer and became like brothers to one another. Nothing would damage the bond that they shared.

The hardworking grandmother had always told the 3 boys to worry about school and that she would handle the rest. Which she did until there was an accident at work that injured her hip.

With her in constant pain she was out of work and disability checks became their sole income. Bills started pilling up and the family of 4 began to struggle a little. Some days going without electricity, some winters with no heat, but they hardly went to hungry only once in a while.

Chadwick watched for years as his grandmother struggle to care for the growing boys. Until the day he decided he wasn’t going to let her struggle anymore. Taking matters into his own hands he did what he had known best, following in his father’s footsteps.

And that’s what went on for years. He worked to help his grandmother support the house while also hoping to keep her in the dark about his job not wanting to upset her.

“So stretch are you in or are you gonna bitch out on me” the man sitting behind the desk asked staring him in the eye.

The young man took a deep breath before answering in a strong voice.

“I’m in man. Tell me what to do”

Once they shook hands, Chadwick felt a pain in his stomach. Realizing what he had just done.

It’s not 12 yet so here’s my birthday contribution to our King’s birthday! I’m posting more pics this weekend to celebrate.🥰

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Word Count: 2,213

Warnings: Cursing


“Okay ladies our plane leaves tomorrow morning so I hope y'all are ready”

Mia, Chante, and Miyu sat on the couch excitedly as I broke down what we were going to do once we got to Hawaii. Mia jumped up excitedly and ran over to me. 

“Ooouu girl I’m so excited, we get to put our toes in the sand and watch you get married”

I smiled and nodded my head. Mia pranced over to the kitchen and poured herself a drink while Miyu and Chante talked among themselves. I walked in behind her and sat at the bar stool. She handed me a glass as I looked at the ring on my finger. It glistened under the light as I moved my finger back and forth. Mia stood beside me and smiled. 

“Its beautiful Bianca”

I cracked a half smiled and looked at her. 


She stood there for a minute and put her glass down.

“You alright?”

“In all honesty Mia, I don’t know. What if I get in this marriage and Im not happy.”

She sighed and sat down next to me. 

“Is this about Chadwick?”

I looked up from my fingers and sighed. 

“Why does everything have to be about Chadwick? Maybe I’m just having second thoughts on my own”

She shook her head and gave me a face

“Girl we all been friends since we were little, I’m not stupid”

I sighed and gave a little smile

“I’m not gonna lie, I have been thinking a lot about him lately”

She smiled and propped her head up on her hand

“If its meant to be then it will. Maybe he’ll pop up when you least expect it”

I smiled as she pulled me in for a hug. We heard the doorbell ring and Chante answered it and called me from inside of the kitchen.

“Bianca yo boy toy is here”

I smiled and ran into the living room. Austin was standing there smiling at me. I gave him a hug and a kiss. Chante looked at Mia and Miyu. She motioned for them to follow her. 

“Well we going out for brunch. See y'all later”

We both said goodbye as they left. I walked over to the couch and he sat beside me. I scooted closer to him and he grabbed my butt. I giggled and he kissed me on the lips. He lightly pushed me off of him and fixed his jacket. 

“We really don’t need to be intimate right now, you know how your mother is”

I folded my arms and sat up.

“Kissing and hugging isn’t that serious”

He scoffed and went into the kitchen. He poured himself some chardonnay and leaned against the counter. I followed him and sat on a stool. 

“Oh and another thing, when you move in with me please exclude your friends. They can come over every other day but not all the damn time, they annoy me”

“You never had a problem with my friends”

“That’s because we were dating, now we're about to get married. You need friends on your level anyway they are trash”

I scoffed and shook my head. 

“You’re acting like an asshole”

“No I’m just being truthful”

He drunk the rest of the glass and sat it down on the counter. He looked at his phone and put it in his pocket. 

“Welp babe, I gotta go but I’ll call you later”

He kissed my forehead and walked out the door. When we first started dating, he was not like this. He was sweet and very charming. It's like as soon as he put that ring on my finger, he changed. I’m hoping by the time we’re married that I make him a better person. I sighed and put his glass in the sink. I’m really starting to doubt this engagement, if he’s gonna be like this then maybe I don’t wanna spend the rest of my life with him. I cleaned up the kitchen and got ready for bed. At around 8:30 I felt someone shaking me. I looked up to see Miyu crazy ass standing over me. I jumped and she laughed. I rose up, rubbing my eyes. 

“What the hell Mi?”

“Girl get up cause we are going out. Chante is in her room getting ready and Mia is waiting on you guys in the car so lets goo!”

I rolled my eyes and yanked the covers back over my head. She rolled me off the bed and attempted to drag me. I finally got up and stood on my feet. 

Jesus Miyu I’m up”

She smiled and folded her arms. 

“Good now put on your best outfit so we can leave before ladies free hours are over”

I sighed and rubbed my hair.

“I really don’t feel like it”

She made a face at me and called Chante in the room. Chante walked in putting on her earrings and she looked at me. 

“Why aren’t you ready?”

“Cause she doesn’t wanna go Tay”

“Oh no you’re going. This might be our last night as single best friends besides the bachelorette party and you know professor killjoy is gonna ruin that so put on a damn dress and lets go. We leaving in 30″

They both walked out of the room and I sat down on the bed. Maybe I do need a damn night out. I smiled and walked over to my closet. I pulled out my favorite metallic dress and did my makeup. I actually looked pretty fucking cute. I never got a chance to wear this dress because mother thought it was “inappropriate” for an engaged woman to wear something with cleavage.  I curled my hair and put on my black heels. I smiled in satisfaction as I looked in the mirror one last time and walked out the door. 


Chante and Miyu looked at me and cheered. 

“Yes bitch fuck it up one time!”

“You look like a whole meal B”

I laughed as we all walked outside to Mia’s car. She was standing outside of it on her phone. She looked up at me and smiled. 

Oh shit look at you Ms. Thang”

I smiled as she hugged me and we all climbed in the car.  We sang the lyrics to “Wild Thoughts” from the top of our lungs as we pulled into the parking lot of a local club called Levels. The line wrapped around all the way to the side of the building. We all looked at eachother and Mia shook her head.

“Don’t fret ladies I know a guy”

She motioned for us to follow her and she lead is to an exit. A guy with brown skin and a short haircut was standing by the door smoking. When we got closer that’s when I noticed it was my old friend Ryan from college. He used to hang around Chadwick and Michael a lot. He looked over at us and smiled. 


“Bianca and Chante is that yall crazy asses”

Me and Chante smiled as he reached in for a hug. I pulled away and smiled at him. 

“Yea its us. I haven’t seen you in so long. How have you been?”

“Shit just working. Owning 3 nightclubs aint no joke. I heard you was getting married by the way congratulations.”

I smiled and looked down


“You welcome. Yall come on in, its on me”

We all thanked him as he opened the door for us. We all piled in behind Mia while “Big Bank” played throughout the building. We all shouted and got into the crows and started dancing to the music. We all danced with each other as we sang along to the lyrics of the song.  I was in a good mood and I was feeling myself. I turned to Chante and told her I was gonna go get something to drink. She nodded and followed behind me. 


We got off the dancefloor and headed towards the bar. I ordered us a couple of shots and he sat them down in front of us. We picked up one and clinked our glasses together. 

“To us remaining friends for a long ass time”

I smiled as we brought our glasses together and took a sip. I looked down at my finger and twisted the ring. Chante sighed and sat her glass down.

“You know its never too late to ch-”

“Im marrying him Chante, end of story”

She threw her hands up in protest and mouth “Ok”. She turned around to the bar and pulled her phone out. I sighed and got up from the bar. 

“Im going to the bathroom.”

She nodded her head while still looking at the phone. I didnt mean to snap on her but I was tired of her trying to change my mind. I love Austin now, nothing or no one was gonna change that. 


Our plane had landed hours ago and we were just riding around New York finding something to get into for the time being. I was nervous and excited. I really wanted to see Bianca but what if she doesnt wanna see me? And what if she really does love this dude. So many questions swarming around in my head while Michael blasted the lyrics to “Freaky Friday” by Chris Brown. I looked over and laughed as I shook my head. His phone lit up and he looked down. Im glad I was driving because he had a full blown convo with whomever he was texting. I nudged him and he closed his phone. 


I smiled as he looked at me. 

“You found you a girlfriend in the NYC already?”

He chuckled and shook his head. 

“Nah, she just a good friend”

I nodded my head and looked back at the road. 

“Aye man lets go to one of Ryan’s club”

I chuckled and rubbed my hand on my beard. I haven't seen Ryan in so long. I guess we could swoop through and speak. 

“Alright…which one?”

Michael got excited and turned to me in his seat.

“Let’s head over to Levels, my boy says thats where he’s at”

I nodded my head and headed towards the south of the city. We made it to the club and a line was wrapped around the whole building. I shook my head in frustration. 

“Im not sittin here just to wait man, lets go, I’ll speak another day”

Michael shook his head and jumped up.


I jumped and he chuckled

“Sorry man…I know somebody that can get us in quick”

I nodded my head and we found a parking spot. I followed Michael as he led us to the backdoor of the club. He pulled his phone out and we waited. A few minutes later, someone opened and I looked to see it was Chante, Bianca’s best friend. I swallowed my spit hard and grabbed the bottom half of my face. Chanted held the door as she smiled at us. 

“Hey you guys!”

“Hey Tae”

I sat quiet for a minute until I had the courage to speak. What if Bianca is in there?

“What’s up Chante?”

“Long time no see Chadwick”

“I agree”

We smiled at each other as she opened the door wider. 

“Yall come on in, hurry!”

We quickly ran inside and she closed the door. Lights and music blasted throughout the whole building. It looked fun but it felt weird being here. I guess since Ive become a teacher, the club scene hasnt really been my thing anymore, school has. I looked around as Michael walked away with Chante.

“Aye man, Im going to the bar.”

I nodded my head as they walked away. I went the opposite way and headed towards the bathroom. I seen I had a couple of messages from Natasha’s crazy ass. 


I rolled my eyes and locked my phone. I dont why I still have her number saved. I walked through the hallway to get to the bathroom and I seen this girl in a metallic dress with a beautiful body standing in line in front of me. I looked her up and down. I kinda chuckled a little bit. I really should bed one of these girls for the night, shit I really dont have anything to lose. I smiled and tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and both of our faces frowned. It was Bianca. I sat there froze for a moment and so did she. So this is it? The love of my life is in my face, what the fuck do I say to her now?

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The Wedding Pact

A/N: So I wrote something. I love this story. I’m not gonna rush it. I’ll update with inspiration. Just kind of following their story. Hope you enjoy.

Black!Reader x Chadwick Boseman.

Warnings: fluff! Slight angst. Old fashioned mother, father’s threatning bodily harm

Summary: He made a promise. She didn’t expect him to keep it.

“Chadwick Aaron Boseman, why the hell are you at my house at three in the morning.” You hissed. Your best friend of three years sat in the backyard. Less than a foot below you. The two-story cottage style home you lived in was completely silent. Except for you and the teen currently standing on the flowerbed.

“Let’s go for a ride champ,” he shook the keys to his car. ”at 3 in the morning?” You frowned. “No better time than the present.” He Shrugged. “Chadwick, my mother would skin yo black behind for standing in her flowers. My father would roast ya black behind for taking his daughter, at 3 in the morning, out for a joyride.” You chastised. “Y’all got any good barbecue sauce?” He smirked. “Aaron, I don’t understand what that has to do with anything…” you started. “If I’m gonna die. I wanna be the best damn barbecue you ever had champ. ‘Cause you gettin’ in the car.”

“Chadwick,” You whined. “Girl I’m not playing with you. Let’s go. You got ten seconds for I come to grab you out that window. Ten..” he counted. “Damn, let me grab a jacket and my keys.” You waved him off as you shut your window. Even years after moving into the house, you don’t know how you’d convinced your parents to give you the only bedroom on the bottom floor. But the easy access window had become a quick favorite of Chadwick’s. You quickly slipped on house shoes and a light jacket before letting yourself out the front door. Making sure to lock the doors. You jogged over to Chadwick’s car.

“Now where the hell are we going Boseman?” You fussed slipping into the passenger seat. Chadwick just laughed. Shutting the passenger door behind you he walked to the driver’s side and pulled off. “I don’t know. Where you wanna go champ.” He shrugged. “First. I don’ told you ‘bout calling me that white ass nickname Aaron.”

“You my champ. My biggest fan, girl. I ain’t never letting you go.” He grinned. “Anyway. You mean to tell me you dragged me out of bed for a joyride. At 3 in the morning. Without a plan?” You frowned. “What else is there to do in this town?” He replied.

“I don’t know. Sleep?” You retorted. “Aww come on champ. Sleep is for the dead. We ain’t dead yet.” He grinned. “Exactly. Yet. Dead is what we will be when you drop me off at my house.”

“Anyway, I’m glad you came champ,” he smiled. The vehicle pulled off onto a side road. Rolling to a stop beside the lake. “Come on,” he grinned. He walked over to help you out of the car. The old door creaking as he pulled it open. Y'all walked over to a partially obscured area of lakeshore. Wrapping his arm around your waist, Chadwick pulled you carefully onto his lap. “Boseman stop it. You know I’m dating Eddie.” You sighed. Trying to push off of his lap. “Yeah yeah. Eddie. Now that’s a white name. You think Chadwick’s white.” He vented.

“Chadwick don’t start,” you sighed. His hold tightening around your waist. “I’m not starting nothing,” he defended, “I’m just stating the facts. We got forever. Ain’t no need to rush. I missed my chance the first time around. Best believe I’m not missing my second.” He vowed. “Whatever boy,” You grinned. “You don’t believe me?” He scoffed. “Fine,” he grinned. He sat up on the table pulling you closer. “Let’s make a deal,” he offered.

“Oh lord. Didn’t we decide your gameshow days were over?” You teased. “Shut up and listen,please. Look. In thirteen years. If we aren’t married or dating. We’ll marry each other.”

Your laugh filled the night air, before you caught a glance at Chadwick’s face. “You’re joking right?” You paused. “No. I’m dead serious.” He frowned. “Chad, you really want to do this?”

“I wouldn’t have offered if I didn’t.” He replied. “But what happens when your career takes off?” You frowned. “What do you mean?” He asked. “When you become famous, we aren’t going to be just a normal couple. You’ve got to think about your image.” You replied. “I can’t think of anything better for my image than marrying the woman I love.”

“How do you know you love me Chad?” You whispered. Fireflies floating around you. “Just trust me. I’ve loved you from the moment I met you. I don’t plan on going anywhere soon.”

[13 years later]

“Now are you sure you have everything?” Your mom fretted. “Yes mama. I’m a grown woman.” You smiled pulling her in for a final hug. “I know but you’ll always be my baby,” she sniffed, “Now what hotel are you staying in again? And how are you getting there?”she questioned. Fussing with the tags on your luggage.

“Chadwick is picking me up from the airport,”you started. “The Black Panther?” She teased. “Mama,” you groaned. “I didn’t even know y’all still talked,” she began. “We don’t really, But I took a chance. I called his old number when I got the job.” You explained. “So he’s for sure gonna meet you at the airport?” She asked again. “I don’t want you standing in that Los Angeles airport by yourself.”

“Yes mama,” you sighed. I’ll call him right before boarding to make sure he knows I’m on my way.”

“Fine. Now, what hotel are you staying at again.” Your mother repeated. “I’m not staying at a hotel mama,” you began nervously. “You not staying in one of those air bed and breakfast things are you? You know those things are dangerous in the big city. You know Mildred tried it, couldn’t get any money from it…”

“I’m not staying in an air bnb mama,” you took a deep breath. “I’m staying with Chadwick…”

“Oh no,oh no no no,” she began to fuss. “it’s just until I get my own place mama. Chadwick offered to help me look and save some money.” You tried to reason. While mentally preparing yourself for her lecture. “No no! What did I tell you about keeping house with a man unmarried? I don’t want you shacking up with anyone! It is a sin. I did not raise you to believe shacking up was ok! Now, you know your father and I will send you money to help with…”

“Mama, I got to go. They’re callin’ my flight,” you pretended, grabbing your carry on from the bench behind you. “Girl ain’t nobody calling no flights.” She fussed after you.

“Bye mama,” You waved handing your boarding pass to the TSA officer. “We haven’t finished this conversation young lady.” She warned as you wondered further into the checkpoint.


“Are you sure you want to do this man?” Charles asked his friend. Chadwick stood hunched over a glass case. “I never been more sure, and unsure about anything in my life.” Chadwick answered truthfully. “I mean,what? You haven’t seen this girl in years. Now you want to propose to her out of the blue?” He scoffed,leaning against the counter as Chadwick pointed out two engagement rings. “I mean does she even know to expect this? “ Charles added.

“She should.” Chadwick replied, intensely scrutinizing the two rings. “Can you do a display of four to choose from?” Chadwick asked the jeweler. “Should?” Charles snapped him back to reality. “Yes. I hope she does.” Chadwick sighed.

“Is this even the right move for you Chadwick? I mean what about your agent? Have to informed him?” Charles interrogated. “No I haven’t mentioned it to David. But quite frankly it is none of David’s business who I marry.” Chad replied. “Boseman. Come on. We both know that when you get married in this business. Your agent needs to know. He needs to market both of you now. Make sure you both appear together more often. Sell the interviews and stories. Engagements and weddings are big business. Especially if you haven’t been seen out with a girlfriend. And she’s not in the business.”

“I brought you here to help me pick out a ring. Are you just gonna lecture me the whole time?” The actor deadpanned. Charles raised his hands in surrender. “I’m just trying to be a voice of reason.”Charles insisted. “Well trust me. It’ll work out. One way or another.” Chadwick sighed. His phone ringing his pocket. He gestured for the jeweler to speak to Charles as he stepped away. “Hello?”

“Hey Aaron. Just making sure you’re still picking me up from the airport.” Your voice floated through the phone. “Definitely,” Chadwick smiled your words warming him up inside. “We’re on the plane now, should be there in about 3 hours. It’s a non stop to LAX.” You explained. “Perfect. Call me when you land. I’ll meet you at baggage claim ok.” He smiled into the phone. “Great. I can’t wait to see you.” You beamed, your voice showering light through the phone. “He champ,” he called. Trying to catch you before you hang up. “Yeah?”

“You still want one of those simple and elegant weddings?” He asked. “Yeah, why?” You replied. “Nothing just wanting to know if I’m getting my same old champ back. I’ll see you soon.” He smiled. “See you soon.” You replied. Ending the call.

“Change of plans.” Chadwick announced. I want a simple, three stone gold ring. Can I see a solitaire cut, an emerald cut, cushion cut, and a princess cut. Maybe a one stone large halo ring as well if you have one.” The actor requested. The jeweler began searching through his catalogue to pull the various rings for Chadwick. “The phone call provided some inspiration?” Charles teased. “Yeah. Just enough to buy the perfect ring.”

“You’re a crazy man Boseman.” Charles laughed as Chadwick peered over the selection of rings. “That one,” he grinned. The jeweler gently lifted the chosen ring. He handed it to the actor. Waiting patiently. The ring was a beautiful Cartier platinum halo ring. A large square cut diamond sat nestled in the center. A ring of smaller diamonds surrounded the edge and lined the outside of the band.

“So you going all the way in huh?” Charles whistled. Staring at the large diamond in his friend’s hand. “I only plan on having to ask one woman to marry me.” Chadwick reminded. “I’ll take it,” he addressed the jeweler. The man nodded, walking to the back room to size and box the ring.

“So we are really doing this?” Charles sighed. “Yes. I AM really doing this. You didn’t do anything.” Chadwick laughed. “I was here for support.” Charles insisted. “The only thing you were supporting, was me not getting married.”

“Not true. I was also supporting telling David.” Charles reminded. “Why so he could chew me out instead of you?” Chadwick teased. “I mean that’s one benefit. But also because. I just really want you to think this through. But if it will make you happy,” Charles sighed, “then I hope she says yes.”

“Thanks man,” Chadwick grinned. The jeweler interrupted briefly handing Chadwick a Cartier bag and his card. “No problem. Now, have we thought about the proposal?” Charles started. Chadwick laughed, as they pulled off headed for Charles’s house.

(Your POV)

“Hey Aaron. We just landed.” You pulled yourself up out of the cramped seat. Excusing your way over your seatmates you grabbed your luggage from over head. “Great. I’ll see you soon then.” He hung up the phone. “No Aaron, where do you want to meet?” You rushed out, after the line went dead. “It’s nice to know one of us haven’t changed,” you groaned. Waving at the flight attendants, you took your first steps into L.A.

Following the signs, you quickly found your way to the baggage claim. Once your bag slithered it’s way around the conveyor belt, you bent over to grab the bag when a hand lugged it off the belt. Another found it’s way around your waist, pulling you back gently to set the bags in your place. “Aaron!” You grinned turning to jump into his arms.

He pulled you up in the air squeezing you. “My champ finally found her way to the city of Angels.” He teased, setting you gently down on the ground. “I missed you so much,” he admitted. “That’s funny cause you never called Aaron.” You frowned slightly. Chadwick gripped your hand in his. Pulling your large suitcase behind him, and your duffel bag over his shoulder, he lead you out of the busy airport. “I know champ. That’s my fault, and I’m not letting it happen again.” He apologized. “It’ll be hard to ignore me here,” you offered in an attempt to lighten the mood. “For now at least.”

Chadwick grinned. “I’m never letting you go,”he replied, his thoughts flashing to the large diamond ring sitting in his room. “Me neither,” you smiled. . As you reached Chadwick’s car, you noticed paparazzi jump out of their vans and cars. “Aaron,” you whispered slightly unnerved. “Get in the car and lock the door.” He ordered. People with cameras began crowding the car. He quickly ushered you in the car. He shut the door swiftly behind you.

“Chadwick who is this?” One reporter yelled out. “An african American female,” replied. He popped the trunk slinging both of your bags inside. “Is she your girlfriend?” “Did you get secretly engaged?” “Chadwick are you married?”

“Is she pregnant?” Questions flew from every direction as Chadwick climbed into the car. The engine purred to life, and you both pulled away from the madness. You both sat in silence for the first part of the drive. “I’m sorry about that champ,” he apologized. Squeezing your hand on your thigh. “Is it always like that?”you asked.

“Sometimes. Usually they just sit and take pictures from their cars. Today though, everyone had questions.” He explained.

“I’m sorry Aaron,” you admitted, his car pulling off into a nice neighborhood “no one should have to deal with that.” He smiled, “if it’s any consolation, you were a natural.”

“Thank you. I can get used to it. As long as I keep my same old Aaron, You smiled. Running your finger through his coils. “I’m glad to hear that,” he smiled, pulling the car into his driveway.

You broke out into an awestruck grin, staring at the beautiful home before you. “Boseman this is yours?” You exclaimed. “It’s yours now too. Mi casa es su casa.”

“Oh look at Mr. international man of the year. Using his three years of mandatory Spanish.” You teased. Grabbing your duffel bag out of Chadwick’s hand. He shook his head. Shutting the car trunk behind him, he began rolling your suitcase up to the front steps. “Come on let me show you around the house.” You grinned following him inside

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Singing Lessons

Baba ‘Challa (T'Challa) x Black PlusSized Reader

Another #supersizedfic super short. Excuse typos. Enjoy!


The volume of the tv was high, Michael Jackson’s voice rang out as a brainless scarecrow as the unphased crows danced around him on televison. Two voices sang out with him as he sung how ’you can’t win’, one voice high and one low. Their voices flowed down the hall towards you, seeping into the bedroom.

Finishing your last few flat twist, you wrapped your hair with a silk scarf. It’s fabric was purple with hints of gold. Your favorite headscarf gifted by T'Challa. Giggling as the tune had changed to the lion being mean and old, you tied your robe tighter. Your slippers were quiet against the marble tiles of the hallway, the train of your robe flowing behind you. You felt as elegant and beautiful as Queen Mother.

Entering into the theater room, you laughed at the your daughter dancing with her handsome father. T'Challa sang to the little girl, picking her up as he swayed with her. She giggled, hugging his neck with her small arms. “You’re so silly, Baba!”

You couldn’t help but laugh at that. The royal was certainly a goofball behind closed doors. “Mommy!!!” Your baby girl wiggled from her father’s arms to run to you. She reaches for you, her beads clacking as she excitedly awaited you to pick her up. “I helped Baba pick a movie. The Wiz! See?!”

“I see. And I heard your pretty voice singing as well..” You kissed her cheek. She grinned her baby toothed smile, but cheeks puffing. That small gap was from her father’s genes.

“Thank you, mommy. Baba says I get it from from him..” She beamed, making you raise your arched eyebrows in surprise. T'Challa snorted a laugh until you shot him a playful glare. He cleared his throat, giving you a smile to match your daughter’s previous grin.

“From him, huh?” You placed her down as the citizens of Emerald city started their song about having to be seen green. You’d let him have that because he could sing his ass off. “That may be so baby. But you got your looks from mama.. Now how about you show me how to sing and dance to these songs, baby.”

She clapped her hands, running to the large television. T'Challa stepped to you, a smirk teased his lips. His eyes stayed your frame, hugged by the robe you wore. His arms wrapped around you as he pressed his lips against you. “You hiding a present for me beneath here, usana? I wouldn’t mind sneaking off for a quick taste. Okoye is not too far to watch our princess..” He licked his lips as his finger attempted to pull the fabric from your breasts for a small peek, his other hand massaging one cheek of your ass.

You swatted at his hand, laughing as you shook your head. “No, no, no King T'Challa..” Turning to rub your ass against him, you winked as you headed towards your daughter. “I need to go take a couple singing lessons from my beautiful daughter since she learned from the best…”

He caught you by your elbow, laughing at your pettiness. Tilting your chin up so he could capture your lips, he hummed from their sweet taste. “I have a few ways to make you hit those high notes..” You let out a cackle as you playfully pushed him from you, going to sing with your princess mumbling that the council wouldn’t approve of his naughty thinking.


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I have something I’ve been writing the past few days and am in two minds about whether to post it.

It’s by far the darkest, angstiest thing I’ve ever written and would need to get posted with some trigger warnings. Let’s just say I’ve been writing this to work through some major female rage thanks to the news lately, and Chadwick, well, as always, is my healing balm. I really just needed to write him kicking some ass.

There is no sex/smut in it at all. Topic wise, it’s very different from my usual writing.  I probably will leave out the usual taglist for this.

I think I’m going to post it, but I am hesitant about it. This one feels really…. personal. 

Anyway… I’m still finishing it, so it will be up a bit later.


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Author Notes: I got the inspiration for this story from a song by Lady Gaga called “The Cure” and from my personal experience from dealing with anxiety.  Also, this is my first time writing smut so it may suck so… yeah… I hope you enjoy

Word Count: 2,800 +

Warnings: Angst, Smut (NSFW) and Curse words

Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)


“I’ll undress you, ‘cause you’re tired

Cover you as you desire

When you fall asleep inside my arms

May not have the fancy things

But I’ll give you everything

You could ever want, it’s in my arms”

California? What are you doing in Cali?

I smiled to myself hearing Jade turn into our mom with her asking a million and one questions. Her phone call woke me up and made me comprehend how late it was. Chadwick took off early to go to a meeting but promised lunch when he came back dropping a kiss on my forehead before he left.

Visiting”, I snickered answering her purposely with a short response as I sat up in the bed. I hissed a little not grasping how sore my body was from the slight movement I made.

What’s wrong?” Jade asked sounding concerned.

I’m okay, so how are you doing today, sis?” I asked deciding to change the topic.

Nope, you don’t get to do that… you can’t drop on me you are in Cali and try to switch it up. Now you can either tell me or I can fly out there and discover the reason myself.”

I groan and answer “I’m out here with Chadwick,“


He flew me out here to visit him,

Confused, Jade pried, “But I thought you all were not together? You told me…”,

I know but we are working it out and examining how things will progress,

Oh… well did Y’all talk? You need to catch me up with everything. I’m presuming everything went okay since you don’t sound stressed and all. What did you guys do yesterday? Did he take you around the city? Did you go to Disneyland? Does he have any sexy, single friends? I can still travel out there on that answer alone.

I busted out laughing instructing her not to bring her ratchet behavior to LA.

Girl, they need this Texas Bama there, okay… anyway, for real, what have you two been getting into in LA?

I hesitated at first by telling her but thought of an idea to explain to her so she would get the notion without me saying it.

You remember the lesson you offered me when you advised me what to do if the opportunity presented itself?


(1 day earlier)

How I fucked up?” Stunned by his tone and change of attitude.

Yes, how you fucked this up… if I can refresh your memory, I was the one begging for this relationship to last, I was the one telling you to fight for this, I was the one telling you I loved you…

I told you I loved you,” I cut in raising my voice.

Damn it, Galen, really… I haven’t heard from you for almost a month… no contact and you think you can just call and say “I Love You” and it will fix everything. You cut me out of your life… how do you think made me feel?

He paused for a second to catch his breath and I could see he was becoming more pissed the further he confessed. He searched everywhere but in my direction to settle himself down.

Okay Chadwick, I get it… I treated you like shit when you took off and I fucked up but everything I confided to you on the phone was the truth. It’s hard for me to be open but I am working on it. You expect me to just dump all of my feelings onto you but that is not how I am.”

He glares back at me with annoyance and I instantly regret saying my last remark. He chuckles and responds, “But you love me, huh? Riddle me this, how can you love someone you can’t be open with? That makes none fucking sense, Galen.”

I know… it’s insane, right?” I ask sarcastically. “And hold up, you were the one that dropped that news on me at the last minute. You thought you could tell me the day before you left, that you were leaving and I was expected to be like, “Okay, love, I will be here waiting for you”… Fuck that shit, nigga, that was a bitch move,” I yelled now becoming heated.

He remained there staring at me as it disturbed him that came out of my mouth. It shocked me it came out as well but if he demands me to be open, then I am about to get very open.

His nose flares and counters, “Oh, is that the process to get you to talk and express how you feel? Piss you off and then magically, you open up? Mmmh, to think I was doing it wrong all this time…,

Chadwick gets up from his stool and walks over to my side on the counter but stops a few steps in front of me. “I’m not claiming what I did was right, but you were acting like it was over as soon as I told you. And like I mentioned before, you knew I would not be there forever so that’s why it confused me with how you were acting.

I rolled my eyes and turned my back to him, “Did I waste my time coming here?

He snatched my waist to shift me back in his direction and was standing right in my presence. He is so close I could feel his chest rise and fall with each breath he drew while his hands were still on my waist. Even with being pissed, I enjoyed him being this close. He closed his eyes and took a few breaths before speaking further.

I tried… that’s all I’m saying… I tried” and then let go of me before taking a few strides back.

Struggling to retain my composure, I questioned him, “Chadwick, why did you bring me here? It sounds like you don’t want me here…,

I don’t know… I assumed… maybe this was a mistake” he acknowledges seeming more sad than upset.

Not speaking another word, he wandered over by the vast window by the patio and ignored me… absorbed in his thoughts.  

I love you… even after everything, I still do…,” I announced… it was all I could say.

I walked over and rested on the couch trying not to hyperventilate. Reflecting on everything over these last couple of months, I realized I could have dealt with the situation better than I did but I wish I could convey to him in words how I felt. Playing Dr. Ramirez message over and over in my mind, “It’s okay because you can move on from this because you are stronger than what you believe you are”, but I knew I didn’t want this to be over. I’m trying to stay strong but I am falling apart.

As the tears were running down my face, Chadwick appeared and sat behind me. He called out my name, but I didn’t have the courage to look at him. We remained there in silence trying to discover the words to communicate our emotions. What seemed like forever, he reached over to grab my waist again and pull me back towards the end of the couch, in between his legs with his face leaning on the back of my neck. He draped his arms around my abdomen and held me in his embrace as I placed my arms on top of his.

I love you and I needed you here with me… that’s why I brought you here” he whispers as he kissed the back on my neck. I gripped his arms tighter when he felt his kisses fall to the side of my neck and progressing towards my ear.

Chadwick” I whimpered struggling to suppress my moan as he bit down on my earlobe and working his tongue as I sense the shift in the atmosphere pass from resentment to sexual hunger.

Chadwick unbuttoned my flannel blouse as I was sinking my nails into his thighs and pressing my hips back on his hardness. He removed my blouse and slipped the bra straps from my shoulders with my bra coming down exposing my breast. As his lips were traveling down my shoulder blade, my body quivered as he reached to explore my breast. “Oh, Shi… Shit”, I stuttered as he played with my nipples while I dropped my hands behind my back to rake my palms against his dick underneath his pants. “Damn”, was all he could muster in between his movements and moans. I moved my hands back up to cover his grip over my breast as I twisted my face to him to run my tongue over his lips.

With getting all of this satisfaction and pressure developing in my core, I almost lost it when he ceases and nudged me so he could stand up off the couch with his erection on full glory.

What the fu….”,

He cut me off by kissing and biting my lips. I felt his massive hands spread against my waistline, down to underneath my thighs, and raise me up in the air where he wrapped his palms on my ass. He rubbed me against him so I can enjoy him on my clit which drove me to beg for more. He paused again, and I became frustrated.

“Chadwick…” I squirmed until I focused on his eyes. The look of lust was nothing unique coming from him but this was a pleading look… almost as he was seeking permission.

I nodded my head awarding him the okay and he let out a huge sigh with a grin. He drew me closer to his face to kiss me again as he carried me to his bedroom.


Chadwick… baby… I’m coming, baby, I’m com…” I shouted as I was coming for the second time.

Between his fingers and his mouth, he drove me to feel like my soul was being set free. No pain, no anger, no stress… the release I needed as I trembled as I was dissolving in pleasure.

When I came back down from my high, I opened my eyes to look at him and I jumped up when I saw his face drenched. He was glancing back at me with my essence dripping off his beard with a smirk on his face. I frantically wiped his face with my hands which baffled him but had me apologizing.  I freaked out when I noticed the big ass wet spot I left on his bed.

I’m sorry… I have never done that… I don’t know… I’m sorry,

Dropping back down on the bed, I crossed my arms over my face feeling embarrassed. He laughed when he ascended back up over my body and laid to the side of me as he grabs my arms to withdraw them from my face. He gently turned my head, so we are eye to eye with him caressing my cheek. While I was in his trance, he reached down my body and penetrated his fingers into me, stroking in and out a few times, before pulling them out completely. Still maintaining eye contact, he put his fingers in his mouth and sucked them with a moan of satisfaction.

You taste so fucking good… I never want you to be sorry of that. Besides, you look beautiful when you come,” he confides as he licks his fingertips.

I grinned when he moved and mounted on top of me, leaning his body in between my legs. He left kisses along my jawline as he reached up to capture one of my breasts and using his thumb to twirl my nipple. This fired a flutter throughout my body causing me to arch my back slightly. He pressed his upper body up to reach down in between us to grab his dick and rub it against my clit. I chose this moment to worship his sculpted body from his shoulders, to his chest, to his abs… he was impeccable. Once I looked down at his dick, that is when my nerves set in. He was so damn huge that I didn’t know if I could handle all of him. Chadwick must have picked up on my reception due to him asking, “Are you okay?”

Yeah” I acknowledge now peeping up at the ceiling

Look at me” he requested now coming to a complete pause of movements.

I will take it slow and will follow your lead. If you need me to slow down or stop, just tell me… okay?

I nodded, but he shouted, “Galen”, waiting for me to say it.

Okay… I promise,

He leaned down pressing his lips onto mine as he arranged his tip at my entrance.

Are you sure?” he asked between kisses as I reached up to hold his face while looking into his eyes, “Yes, I’m yours.”

He slowly entered me with both of us using a concoction of cuss words ranging from “Shit” to “Fuck”. He would sink in little by little with him waiting for me to get accustomed to length and setting the pace. Once he had all of him inside me, I gripped his arms and was overwhelmed.


Baby, baby, wait… wait a minute,” I suggested breathing uncontrollably.

Do you need me to pull out?” he responded

No, please don’t… I’m just not used to this fullness. Go slow, baby.

Okay,” he replied as he moved his hips again. I hauled him closer so I could enjoy his passion while he ravaged my neck with kisses, biting, licking, and sucking. Each time he would thrust into my pussy, his body would brush against my clit and nipples making another orgasm inevitable. I craved for more as I was becoming intoxicated from his yearning.

Chad… Chadwick, fuck me… faster baby.”

I must have woke something up from inside him because he turned his gaze at me to examine if I was for sure but not wishing for me to change my mind.

Fuck me… please, baby,

He pulled out of me to sit up and pull me closer to him. He placed both of my legs on top of his shoulders and pressed down with his upper body to push my knees to my chest. “Oh shit”, I thought to myself praying I won’t regret this decision later. He slams back into me and pounds my pussy as his life revolved around on it.

Ohhhhh… ahhhhh… ah, ahh…shiiiiiitttt,” I screamed as his dick kept hitting my g-spot over and over again with my eyes rolling to the back of my head. He moved faster and it had me grabbing for everything… him, the bedsheets, the pillow, air… hell everything at this position.

Fuck” he howled as his moans were becoming louder. He drops my legs from his shoulders but kept them stretched wide as he gripped underneath thighs to draw me into his thrust. “Damn, baby… your pus… shit,” he couldn’t finish once I clenched around him because I wasn’t capable of holding on any longer.

I can’t… I ca… I can’t… you will make me come again.”

Stop holding it, let it go, baby “he grumbles as he continues to slam into me but catching him losing his rhythm a little. He lets go of one of my thighs and rubs my clit that fires me over the edge.

My body jerks as another orgasm burst through my body and I see my vision fading to black as I chant his name. He slams into me a few more times before he pulls out and comes over my abdomen. He collapses to the side of me as we both are breathing heavy struggling to recuperate from the experience we had. After he is back to himself, he gets out of the bed and goes into the bathroom. I didn’t open my eyes but I can hear the water running from the sink. As he returned to the bed, he sits between my legs as I felt the heat from the warm towel.  He cleaned me up and began him snickering.    

Are you okay? Are you still with me or did I lose you?

I trying to answer that myself, “I answer laughing and opening my eyes.

You not ready for round 2?

Boy bye,” I declare shifting to my side as sleep was calling my name.

He lays behind me and holds me as he plants kisses near my ear.

I love you, Galen,

I love you too, Chadwick,

And I’m getting my round 2 in a few hours so rest up,” he states as we both giggle as we drift off to sleep and fulfilling his wish hours later.

"I’ll Fix You With My Love”

To be continued……….

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Don’t forget, y’all can send in questions for Couple’s Therapy if you want.

You don’t have to. It can be a one off. I’m thinking of adding one or two more topics to it between some other ideas that I have. Sex and exes are what I’m considering. Possibly fame. I don’t know.

But, if there are things you’d like to see, hit the ask. They won’t be answered with a blurb, but I’ll acknowledge that I saw them and then tag you when or if it gets done.

Enjoy your day. 😊

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Author Notes: I got the inspiration for this story from a song by Lady Gaga called “The Cure” and from my personal experience from dealing with anxiety.  I hope you enjoy (Short Chapter)

Word Count: 1,600 +

Warning: Angst and a little bit of cussing

Chapters: (1)(2)(3)(5)(6)


“Hush now baby, don’t you cry

Anything you want could not be wrong”

These past few weeks have been nothing but amazing. From our lunch dates to our strolls at the park, from our daily meetings at Ajani’s to just chatting on the phone all night, I felt myself falling for Chadwick each day. I opened myself to him and prayed to God that this was his blessing for me. Strange enough, my anxiety has been at a minimal but I guess there is no stress when you are having a wonderful time. Even my work projects have been a breeze and have been seeing more opportunities pouring in.  I also began seeing a therapist to help me with my panic attacks at the suggestion from Chadwick.  My life was moving in a positive direction and I was happy and content.  


Chadwick meet up at my place this afternoon to walk with me over to Ajani’s. He was like Jade with “I’m not comfortable with you walking alone” so as an arrangement, he would meet to walk with me. When I opened my door to welcome him in, I noticed he seemed like he was in a bad mood and offered me a swift “Hey baby” then wandered past me. He moved over to my couch to have a seat while glancing down at his hands while avoiding eye contact with me. I sat next to him and gripped his chin to turn it towards my face. I gave him a peck on his lips and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nothing… you ready to leave,” he responded with a slight attitude.

I suppose… let me grab my sweater”, kind of taken back with his answer.

There was no conversation during our walk to Ajani’s which caused me to start having negative thoughts.  I got nervous which I haven’t felt in a while and didn’t miss it.  As we reached the front of the coffee shop, Chadwick paused and stared at me like he was studying my worries based on my facial expression.  "Relax“, he says with a grin and opened the door for me to come in. We chatted with Rod for a few minutes and took a seat at our table.  We sat quietly while he kissed my hand and averting eye contact again. After a while, he finally looked into my eyes and broke the silence.

I’m leaving tomorrow.

What?“, I replied not recognizing how obnoxious I was

Shh… Calm down… I said I am leaving tomorrow.

I heard but do you mean briefly or for good?“ I demanded by whispering.

For good, we wrap up shooting here and filming the rest in LA.“

And just like that, tears begin the fill my eyes

Baby don’t cry… I don’t want to see you upset,“ he says as he wipes my tears.

How long did you know you were leaving?

A few days ago… that’s why I am stressing because I didn’t want to break your heart.

That’s short notice… I guess thanks for the warning“, showing him the okay signal with my hands while sarcastically smiling.

Don’t,“ he asserts while studying me for any reaction.

So are you breaking up with me? Well hell, are we even official or was I just a fling?“ I asked while rolling my eyes.

He looked pissed off by my response and slid over by me so we were face to face.

First, this is not just a fling and if you didn’t realize it by now… you are mine and mine only.  And second, why do you think I am breaking up with you?

Because“, I reply as the tears fall, "You are taking off… we won’t see each other and how are we expected to make this work.”

I won’t lie, it will be tough but if we both fight for this, it will be worth it at the end. We can talk or face time each day, fly out and visit each other when we are open, email, smoke signals… shit anything,” he states snickering while wiping my eyes again. “But I need you in my world and I will fight for you besides… there are a million people that are in a long distance relationship”.

I was still silent, blazing into his eyes.

Galen, to be honest, you had to know this was coming, right?” he inquired.

I knew it… I realize he couldn’t be here forever, but I drove it out of my mind and lived out my fairytale. I didn’t allow the understanding of when it was time for him to go and if I could deal with not having him with me. He was correct… there were millions of individuals in a long distance relationship but that is not what I wished for me. Selfish… maybe, but I didn’t see the long-term goal of a relationship like that.  Also, there was something else I wanted him to know… how I felt but didn’t know how to tell him without feeling like I am going to pass out.

Talk… let me know how you are feeling… please don’t hold back baby,” he pleaded.

I hesitated and then he caressed the side of my face as a way of pleading with me.

Chadwick, I think I need to go home… this is a lot to process.”

He was about to say something but closed his mouth and nodded but I could see it hurt him. It killed me to watch the grief in his eyes.

As we were leaving, he spoke his final goodbyes to Rod and wished him well but Rod could see something was up by our facial expression. Rod kept it short to let us go about our day and offered many blessings to Chadwick. As we came upon my residence, Chadwick drew me into his arms and held me. I was about to break down again realizing I would not feel this again and I separated from him.

Galen, can I see you tomorrow before I go?

What time is your flight?

10 in the morning but I will head to the airport at 9 for check-in. Do you want to catch breakfast before I go?

Ah… I… don’t think…

Just say yes… please baby,” he appeals.

I smile to mask the suffering as I grab for the door.

Remember what I said, fight for us. I believe in what both of us are feeling is no doubt building on love. I don’t want to lose you, Galen,” he declared as he stepped up and we kissed.

He kissed me along my bottom lip and then felt his tongue in my mouth as our kiss deepened. I had one last taste of him before I pulled away and beamed into his eyes. We remained like this for a few moments before I turned and opened the door. I took one last glimpse before I closed the door.

Goodbye Chadwick”, I responded with tears in my eyes.

See you later Galen, this is not a goodbye”,

I closed the door and raced over to the couch to sit down. As I remained there staring into space, I felt the tears drop from my eyes and I broke down. Looking back over everything, I felt foolish and disappointed with myself.

You knew he was leaving,” “Why did you allow yourself to fall for him?”, “We should have just continued it as friends,” “Why didn’t you tell him how you felt?”, “Why am I getting this emotional?”… thinking to myself and searching for different answers.

Deep inside, I realized the answer but was reluctant to express it due to my pride and my worry of getting hurt.

I got up from the couch and when into my bedroom to sleep the rest of my misery away.


The vibration of my phone woke me up and placed me back in my hurt. My body was tense and it was almost uncomfortable to move. I got out of the bed to take a hot bath to help ease my body tension and free my mind. Enjoying the hot water with eucalyptus oil and vanilla bath soak helped with my frame of mind as well with my body. Once done, I came back into my bedroom to hop back in my bed and grab my phone to check my missed messages… one was from Chadwick.  As the hopelessness grew in my mind, I concluded to put an end to my agony even though my heart was calling on me not to do this:


I love you too”, I sobbed knowing he couldn’t hear me but didn’t have the willpower to type it.

That was my ultimate answer to all the challenges and uncertainties I was experiencing within myself. I loved him and couldn’t tolerate that I did. How can I fall in love with him so soon? Maybe it was his laugh, his goofy jokes, or how he would be there to comfort me with my panic experiences. Maybe it was him telling me I was beautiful every chance he had, the way he looked into my eyes without speaking a word or encouraging me on when I felt like my artwork looked like trash. It was many things but fear held me back by not revealing that to him.

I turned off my phone and peeked out the window at the rain as it fell while the sun was setting with questioning myself if I made the right decision…

Did I?


“I’ll fix you with my love”

To be continued……….

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Ooh may I suggest #16 and #17. It could be separate or together Idc.

Vine Requests #16 and 17″ “fUcK yOu ThAt’s wHy” and ““I’m filled with regret from things I didn’t do rather from things I did”

“Get the fuck out, Taj!” 

Your voice booming throughout the hallway was the first thing to greet Chadwick as he approached your unit. This wasn’t the first time a simple conversation had switched gears into a screaming match, but it was was the first time that an argument crossed the threshold of your unit and spilled into the public view. 

Chadwick listened to you struggle against your boyfriend’s chest, straining and grunting to push him out of your home and out of your life. His feet couldn’t move fast enough to stop what was coming. 

“Get out! I don’t ever want to see your tired ass come around here again. GET. OUT!” 

Making a grave mistake, Taj wrapped your wrists in one hand to pull you out of the apartment and force you against the wall. The fear swirling in your thoughts manifested into a wide-eyed expression as he peered down at you. 

“Why the fuck are you doing this, Tasha?” 

“Fuck you! That’s why! You can’t keep cheating on me and expect me not to give a fuck!” 

“fUcK yOu ThAt’s wHy,” he taunted, mocking your tone. “You knew what this was when we started. You want me to be that nigga Chad and I’m not! When you gon’ see he don’t want your ass.” 

A pain shot through Chadwick’s chest. He did want you. He wanted you more than anything. And, had he been upfront with his feelings years ago, you wouldn’t be in a stagnant and verbally abusive relationship. 

“Get your fuckin’ hands off her,” Chadwick yelled, making his presence known. 

His broad shoulders tensed with aggression came barrelling down the hallway like a bull released in a fighting arena. His eyes were dark with rage as he gripped Taj by the collar of his shirt and pushed him into the other wall. 

“Watch where the fuck you puttin’ your hands.” 

“Or what, nigga? What you gon’ do,” Taj asked, ready to meet Chadwick’s level of intensity. 

Chadwick took a moment to compose himself and weigh the options. The situation was at its tipping point. Any rash decision from either participating party could escalate the confrontation to unprecedented heights. 

“Leave. Don’t come back. You don’t wanna come up missing.” 

Taj looked between Chadwick and your slightly shaking frame for a moment before shoving Chadwick away to gain some distance. 

“Man fuck both of y’all. Send me all the shit I brought you or I’m calling the police.” 

Both of you watched your now permanent ex-boyfriend stomp down the hallway and around the corner to return no more. When his body was no longer in sight, your sigh of relief released an ear-splitting sob. All of the pain and anguish of the last four months came spilling from your lips in a cry from the pit of your stomach. 

Your body slid down the wall until you were cradling your knees against your chest. 

“I’m so fucking stupid! How did I let this happen!” 

Chadwick’s tough exterior softened as he watched you cry. For a split second, he couldn’t move. He couldn’t speak and he couldn’t think. Though the feelings weren’t foreign when it came to you, these circumstances were. He couldn’t help but feel partially responsible. 

Regaining his composure, he gently tugged you to your feet and led you inside the apartment. Sitting on the couch, he motioned for you to join his side. Your head instantly found a home on his shoulder as you allowed your tears to flow uninhibited. 

“You ever regret the things you let happen to you? The people you let in your life,”you asked breaking the thick silence in the room. 

Chadwick’s shoulders rose and fell with a heavy sigh before answering. “I’m filled with regret from things I didn’t do rather than from things I did. Sometimes I blame myself for not doing things sooner, you know? I could’ve stopped a lot of heartache.” 

“Maybe it’s not too late.” 

Chadwick turned his head to look at you and smile. You didn’t understand the deeper meaning behind his words, but your optimism gave him hope. 

“Maybe it isn’t.” 

@mufasthatniggatho - I hope you enjoyed this! It wasn’t supposed to be this heavy when I started lol. 

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Loud and confusing music beat against the doors of the Reagan Room at the Hilton Santa Barbara as you stepped into the hallway to take a break. When Yvonne told you that she needed your help for an “upscale” wedding, you expected a quiet time with fine cuisine. Instead, you were met with the bridal party from Hell. What started as a beautiful ceremony shifted into an all out rager complete with a near brawl during cocktail hour, a groomsman being escorted out of the venue and the most annoying EDM music known to man.

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Author Notes: I got the inspiration for this story from a song by Lady Gaga called “The Cure” and from my personal experience from dealing with anxiety.  I hope you enjoy ❤️ 

Word Count: 1,900+

Warning: None (tiny amount of cussing)

Chapters: (1)(3)(4)(5)(6)


“So baby tell me yes
And I will give you everything,
I will be right by your side”

The sunlight burned my eyes, and I heard the hustle of the city from my window. I struggled to open them and rolled over on my bed to grab my phone to find out the time… 12: 47 pm. My bed felt so wonderful I didn’t wish to get out of my special heaven but I realized I could not dream the day away. I got out of my bed and changed into my workout clothes. I grabbed my yoga mat and moved into the living room to begin my Yoga session. Downward Dog, Crescent, Warrior 1, Plank, Chair… I was becoming solid with these poses. I did Yoga a year ago to help with my anxiety with the benefit of growing into being more flexible. After my session, I rested in the middle of my Yoga mat and meditated. I choose this moment to manifest factors to calm my mind and for prayer. It was complicated to focus since I enjoyed reflecting of last night…

His smile, his laugh, his body, his lips, our small conversation…..“I hope to see you again beautiful"… I could not get him out of my mind.  I will agree that I was a little in star-struck since he was a prominent actor, but with the limited chance I spent with him; he seemed so down to earth.  I groan to myself because I want to be more confident with my attitude to him with leaving behind an everlasting remembrance of me but since I realized I wasn’t ever going to see him again.  I rejected the idea altogether.

I’m not getting anywhere with this mediation today“, I reflected on myself, so I stood up and made lunch.

After devouring my meal, I took a shower and later work on some of my design projects at my counter.  One was for a well-known Youtuber that needed me to design a logo for their brand along with preparing a complete rebuilding of their YouTube channel design with artworks for their videos and a design for their channel header.  The other was for an up-and-coming cosmetics brand that required me to set up their website since they will go live soon.  I could work most of the day without interruptions until I felt fatigued.  I peeked at my phone and saw it was 9:35 pm.  I skipped dinner and grabbed a quick snack before retiring to bed and catching up on some sleep.  As I laid on my bed, I thought about how my clients would appreciate my designs:

Will they like it?  Will they despise it? Maybe I need to modify the design. What will develop if they spot something wrong?  Maybe I neglected to include something.“

Becoming worked up, I drew deep breaths and reading positive affirmation quotes from a publication my sister offered me.  When I relaxed and loosen up, I could eventually fall asleep.

*****************************************************************************************************”Damn“, I told to myself as I laid in my bed wide-awake at 1:02 am.  ”I need to get it together“.

Just like the previous night, I got up, changed clothes, texted my sister, and headed out to Ajani’s to clear my mind and to wrap up my task.

As I came in the coffee shop, Rod was busy shit talking to Willis.  Willis was an older gentleman that would show up some nights just for his black coffee and read his newspaper.  He was very nice and he and Rod would regularly discuss sports that would constantly shift into a debate.  It was like watching ESPN when they would go on and on about a subject.

LeBron is the greatest of all time Night Train Willis,“ Rod exclaimed.  Rod nicknamed Willis "Night Train” for some reason I did not know nor wanted to inquire.

Boy, you have lost your goddamn mind…Michael Jordan was the greatest of all time and you not going to change my mind, not today, never… you better stop mixing that liquor with that coffee boy because it’s making you say some dumb shit”, Willis said as Rod and I bust out howling.

The LeBron versus MJ debate….I’m staying out of this one,”, I added as I headed to my favorite spot.

Maybe you need to jump in so you can teach knucklehead some sense,”, Willis speaks as he sips his coffee.

Night Train, just wait until the season start so you can witness greatness,”, “The usual Galen?” Rod suggested.

Yes, please” as I was setting up my laptop and sat with my back towards them so I would not get overly distracted.

I was in full focus mode once I got set up with my projects and only broke my concentration when Rod put my drink on the table.  Just a brief “Thank you” and again I was back at it.“I guess you are too busy tonight,” Rod says laughing as he went back messing with Willis.


After a while, something blew my mind, and I needed to take a rest.  I yanked out my stretch book and drew to take my mind off the projects for a minute.  I heard Rod excitedly shout when someone came in the shop but did not pay attention to what he was expressing with merely understanding bits and pieces… “This is my lucky week”, “I told you, you are good here”, “Let me introduce you to” and later, I barred it all out.  I was so into my sketch I didn’t even notice when someone came by me and was standing next to my table.

Do you mind if I sit with you?”

I glanced up and my mouth fell open because I could not believe it… it was him.  

Chadwick” was the only thing I could answer

Yes,” he responded while grinning.

I kept staring at him like I was thinking if this was real but as I was thinking this was a dream, I heard Rod howl, “Galen, wake your ass up….he asked you a question”.

I shot Rod a death stare and then told Chadwick he could have a seat.

I could not understand this was transpiring, that he was here, that he was here sitting with me. I observed him as he took off his coat and lay his phone on the table.  As he rested, I captured whatever fragrance he was wearing and he smelled wonderful.  Everything from his luscious coils, his long eyelashes, his twisted smile, and the slight gap in his teeth was naturally stunning.  As quickly as I was satisfied marveling at this man, fear set in.

Don’t say something foolish”, “Stay Calm,”, “Do nothing dumb”, “Chill”, “I hope I look okay,”, “Relax,”, “Why did he choose to sit with me?”, “Deep breaths,”, as all the uneasy anxieties were flowing in at once.

I took a sip of my latte and he asked, “Can I look?

Look at what?

What you are drawing? You were focused on it when I strolled up to you.”

I grinned and nervously moved my sketchbook over to him so he can look at what I was working on:


He seized the moment to look at my sketch and he appreciated for what it was worth.

Do you have any more sketches in your book?


Can I see at them too?


He flipped through studying at each one of my sketches taking a minute to engage with each one.

“You are talented,” he declares as he hands me back my book.

I’m alright” kind of dismissing his compliment.

Alright… No… For now on, I need you to say you are talented and believe you are,”, he replies flashing that smirk again.

Okay… I will” I smiled back at him, which was of a satisfaction for me.

So, is this what you do for a living?

I’m a graphic designer but soon, I wish to present my artistry in some showcases and maybe… my ultimate goal, in a museum.”

With what I saw, I can see it,“

Thank you“, I responded blushing.

So what brings you here?“ I reply seeking to be intrusive.

To Ajani’s or the city?


Well, I am here shooting scenes for my upcoming movie,“ he states as he savors his coffee. He told me about the story of the movie, his character, and filming.  He claims he cannot express too much of the movie because of his contract, but from what he expressed, it sounds fascinating.

I can’t wait to see it… I’m thrilled,“

I hope you enjoy it,“

Is that why you come to Ajani’s late at night?  Because of shooting?  I can imagine since you shoot all day till night“.

It’s one reason….“ By now, he is glancing right at me like he had a hidden agenda and I warded off his stare because he made me nervous.

What’s the other reason?“ I inquire as I take another sip of my latte.

You,“ he suggests grinning.

I practically choke when Rod drops by our table.

What’s wrong with you? Do you need me to do the Heimlich maneuver?  Girl, do you need CPR?” Rod suggested.

I shake my head no; as I am coughing while both Rod and Chadwick chuckling.

I came over to see if you all need anything and if all is good,“
Chadwick answers he’s great, and I answered ”Great“ sarcastically.

As Rod goes off snickering, I glance over at Chadwick and reply, ”Hilarious… I practically choked to death“.

He giggles, ”I’m sorry, I didn’t wish for you to choke but…. I meant what I said.

About what?“ me asking a dumb question

About meeting you… I thought about you since I greeted you last night,“.

I felt butterflies in my gut and my palms sweat. ”Why?

I don’t know… maybe because I assume you’re funny, seem chill to hang out with, and that you are gorgeous.“

I did not know how to answer or what to do. My heart was overjoyed but my mind and body did not know how to acknowledge.  I remained there staring at him as he was looking back at me.

I have to be up early in the morning so I am about to head out but do you mind joining me for lunch tomorrow?  I have a break around 1:30 pm so we can meet up if that works for you…

I shook my head, yes.

Okay,“, he smiles again, ”Can I have your number so I can call you so we can set everything in stone?“

I shook my head, yes, again and just stared at him for a minute.

Chadwick was grinning but making a straight confused face while holding his phone waiting.

I recognized that I must look ridiculous in front of him right now and blurted, ”214-388-5338…. sorry… it’s just I don't…. umm… meet you tomorrow.

He grabbed my hand, kissed it, and answered ”See you tomorrow“ and sat up from the table…”And you don’t have to be nervous around me, you will soon discover“.  He strode over to the counter and dropped a tip.  He told Willis it was nice meeting him and waved goodbye to Rod.  When he left, my heart was thumping away in my chest with me speaking to myself, ”What the hell did I agree to?

"I’ll fix you with my love”

To Be Continued……….

Artwork: Pamonh Sisouk, IG: black_fenrir

Model: DJ Niara Sterling

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