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#chai tea
xcrystalzero · a month ago
Chai Tea for Zhongli sounds awesome (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) //maybe also green tea because I'm a hardcore comfort fan WHEEZE
chai tea: how do they spice up their relationship?
Zhongli man... Zhongli... Whenever he feels like the days are getting just a bit too monotonous, this wonderful gentleman decides that he wants to try something knew.
"We're at a ... test of courage?" you inquire as Zhongli leads you up the slope where you can see a few other couples gathered.
The man nods. "There was a young man taking about it at the wharf today and it seemed interesting. I do not know much about spirits." Ah, so there was something Zhongli didn't know everything about. How you were going to tell him that there probably weren't actually any spirits here though, you knew not.
"Well, it's certainly interesting!" you offer. "I'm looking forward to this!"
It turns out that Zhongli... scares easily? From the moment you enter the area, you marvel at just how nice the whole setup was and how long it must have taken the staff, but Zhongli is stiff beside you. As you two begin to explore, he's far from the put together gentleman you're used to and you find that he's constantly fidgeting and glancing over his shoulder. At one point, a scare actor runs by and he accidentally activates his vision, causing a nearby pile of boulders to tumble over completely.
When you figure out what's going on, you can barely keep the smile off your face. You're tempted to stay there just to see more of this side of him but you're just a little too nice for that. You suggest that the two of you head back to the harbor since it's about time for dinner and you've never seen the man happier.
Sure, the date was a bit of a strange one, but honestly, kind of the most fun thing you've done all year?
green tea: how do they comfort their s/o?
Let's be real, Zhongli is a little bit of an awkward bean at times. That being said, he's been around a while and has picked up on some skills while he was at it.
The first thing he does when he senses that you are distressed is to get you home as quickly as possible. He wants to make sure that you're comfortable and also wants to able to care for you in a more private, personal setting. He sits you down on the comfiest chair he can find before immediately excusing himself to the kitchen to brew a pot of relaxing tea (maybe some... green tea?).
After offering it to you in nothing but the finest china, he will just sit there with you in what he hopes is comfortable silence for a bit, allowing you to have some peace and quiet to think for a while. If you start talking to him about whatever was bothering you first, that's great. Otherwise, he'll try to gently introduce the topic.
His first instinct is to propose some plans of action to help you take care of whatever the issue is, though if he senses that you're more in the mood to just vent, he'll gladly listen to you and offer nothing but supportive words.
Overall, 10/10 listener and great to have around when life is just not doing it for you.
request a tea prompt!
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abrighterspark · 3 months ago
one hundred and ten languages in the world call it chai; eighty four use the word tea. which one would you use, as a description for me?
do i strike you as someone of land, of earth, of dark green forest and red soiled dirt? do i rot like roots buried in mud; do i bruise like leaves under rain? do i smell like shadows and hot bitumen? do i taste like overripe fruit?
or am i the ocean, the traveller's breeze; the swift storms of summer, the tides rolling free? am i born of sea foam and freshness and fear, of conquered cries and salted spears? whalesong and wonder and embittered pride? am i a vessel of torn flesh and flags?
am i chai or tea? do i chase or take? isn't it tricky to choose? take your pick, my love; and may the language you choose be my muse.
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espressohhh · 2 years ago
types of people - fall drinks
tag yourself!
pumpkin spice latte - mysteriously always on trend, dreams of going to Paris, secretive whispering, chronically stressed, fancy headphones, watching the rain with a friend, seems innocent but isn’t, binge watching halloween movies
chai tea - cobblestone streets, rainfalls at night, buys fresh flowers, long gazes, practices their handwriting, heavy perfume, reads literature classics, old architecture, plays old vinyl records, the feel of flannel against skin
apple cider - crafty, actually works out, unique music taste, feels like they have too much to do, goes to indie festivals, wears patterned socks, changing hair colors, infectious laughter, can’t let their happy facade down, cookies and milk
cappuccino - kind of overworked, the feel of cold fingers around a hot mug, oversized shirts, talkative, exhilarating adrenaline rushes, befriending the barista, foggy mornings, desperately tries to be organized, tears at 2 am
hot chocolate - a hugger, not taking any bullshit, fiercely loyal, singing in the shower, oversized sweaters, rich colors, difficult to read, wants a Vespa, bonfire nights, polaroids, soft spoken, has a thousand nicknames, introverted
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xcrystalzero · 2 months ago
chai tea with diluc pleaaaaase
chai tea: how do they spice up their relationship?
Not me drinking chai while I answer this.
Diluc's a pretty traditional guy. You know, flowers and dinner dates and holding the umbrella for you, that kind of thing. He's well-versed in Mondstat tradition and customs, so you guys are the perfect guests anywhere you go. So, Diluc decides that it's time for a change of pace. You guys change things up by travelling.
Packing a few bags, you guys just kind of take off, going wherever you want to. Liyue or Fontaine or Sumeru, just not Snezhnaya because technically Diluc is not allowed there... Wherever you end up, you both take some time to learn about the culture there and live it for yourselves, taking a break from the lives you lived so monotonously out in Mondstat. You get to eat new food and explore new places, free of the duties you were burdened with back home and it's an experience like no other.
Even when you've just returned to Mondstat, the two of you are already daydreaming about the next place you'll get to go.
Also, he lets you dom him once and he's never the same again.
request a team prompt here!
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illya-studies · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
October 5th, 2020
I just realized that when I returned the library books I had out during lockdown I also accidentally returned a textbook that I bought at the bookstore for last semester. At least I don't need it anymore right?
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annsthetically · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I haven’t written creatively since I was in high school, but quarantine has given me a lot more time to pick up hobbies again!
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study-languages · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Halfway through A Torch Against the Night and I’m loving it 💫
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esmevibes · 2 years ago
PSA About Reading Tea Leaves And Symbolism
Tumblr media
Feel free to disagree- but here's the most important thing I've learned by dabbling in divination. For today's soap box, I'm talking tasseography, or tea leaf reading.
Trust your intuition, and make the practice your own in whatever ways you can.
First off, the process of reading and rituals leading up to it- make sure to make it your own, and personal. It's great to get ideas online and learn from other people- that's where you start. But! Take some time and personalize your process. Do things that help you feel connected and "in the zone", if you will. That will help you later when you get to the interpreting part. For example, I spend a lot of time meditating while brewing and drinking the tea, and I have a very specific process in which I make my tea. It has become it's own ritual. It puts me in a head space that feels more open to what the universe has to say about whatever I'm asking.
Tumblr media
Secondly, do not solely rely on what the internet tells you an image means. You should first evaluate how the image makes you feel. Is it negative or positive? Am I overwhelmed by this picture? Scared or excited? You will most likely get some kind of vibes off of what you're seeing. This will help you decide what it means in terms of your question. Then, think about what the image usually symbolizes for you. Many cultures associate horseshoes with being lucky, but if you were hit in the head in some freak accident years ago by a horseshoe, you may not find them so lucky. You may instead see them as a bad omen, or a sign that you need to be aware of your surroundings! Divination is a way for the universe/spirits/a deity to communicate with the person who is divining, so your personal interpretation is the most important.
Tumblr media
Finally, if you see something in the leaves that literally means absolutely nothing to you- which can and will happen sometimes- feel free to look it up. Just know that what you read on the internet is not always set in stone or a universal rule. But! There's lots of resources for symbolism meanings; even with websites specifically about tea leaf symbols. If you're having trouble finding exactly what you saw: break it down. For example, once I saw a crown of flowers. I knew I had a positive feeling, but had no personal association or meaning for a flower crown. When I scoured the internet, I couldn't find that specific symbol so instead I looked up "crown" meanings and then looked up "flower" meanings. From that information, I combined it into my own interpretation of how their symbolism related to my question and the situation.
So long story short- go with the flow and don't stress yourself out over what things are "supposed" to mean.
Also- have fun with it!
Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
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chaiteasim · a year ago
Tumblr media
I was playing around with creating paintings and i’m really happy with how these turned out. Hope your sims enjoy it as well!
Plateau Paintings Set
☓ Two contemporary framed paintings (sold as one)
☓ §595
☓ Categorized under ‘Clutter’
☞ Download Here
@simblrcollective @maxismatchccworld @mmoutfitters
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