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#chain of iron
elettralightwood · a day ago
Take a look at the tmi and tec ones <333
Open the pics to see the details better ♡
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Tagging some people who i think might want to see these <333 @gayforcarstairsgirls @queenlilith43 @totalbookmaniac @onetimetwotimesthreetimess @lantsovs-emerald @ty-blackthorn-herondale-stan @tis-the-boards-season @braveprincesslucinda @raziyekroos @kiwichaeng
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lekawi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“At night, my beloved counted dead sparrows and living monsters”
Tag list: @anarmorofwords @rinadragomir @iloveallmyocs @lysakirova @cant-think-of-anything @jxmesfarrow@khaleesiofalicante @drunkonimagination @life-through-the-eyes-of @our-insentient-touches @summergrace-art @thomaslightwood @ahanahahaha @ddepressedbookworm @axoloteca (tell me if you want to be added or removed)
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spacehero-23 · a day ago
I made the last hours characters in the AI app
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fair-childd · 2 days ago
Concept: Grace blackthorn healing and separating herself from her mother, regardless of whether James chooses to forgive her or not
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I’m sure someone has said this more eloquently than I’m about to, but…there’s really something to be said about how the real tragedy of both Will’s curse (everyone who loves him will die) and James’ curse (gracelet) is a loss of time.
James loses most of his childhood to a spell, moving through his own life like a sleepwalker and never knowing. Will runs away from home, loses both his sisters and parents, and spends the next what, 8 years? believing no one in his new family loves him only to find out the curse wasn’t real and they were never in any danger. And he’s (seemingly) lost his chance with Tessa.
Their curses don’t ever tangibly hurt anyone, but they steal from them, and that’s what both Will and James struggle to reconcile with.
And like, what am I supposed to do with that? Thanks, Cassie, for another heartbreaking inter-generational traumatic parallel that makes me want to rip my hair out. Can’t wait to be blown to smithereens by the next one.
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axoloteca · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Lucie’s eyes rounded. “Is it that you don’t care for him? Well, you can’t be expected to, yet. I mean you’ve known him all your life, so I imagine he isn’t that impressive, but I am quite sure you could get used to his face. He doesn’t snore or make rude jokes. Really, he isn’t bad at all,” she added judiciously.
Lucie is the captain of the Jordelia ship, no one can say otherwise. Characters belong to @cassandraclare [Tag list on the notes, tell me if you want to be added/removed]
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lightwoodmiau · a day ago
Things I want, but won’t get in Chain of Thorns:
A scene between Gideon and Gabriel - after Thomas came out.
Gideon being desperate - because he loves his son more than anything, no matter what. But after Tom being sick all the time, being constantly afraid of him dying, losing his daughter - he won’t be able to protect him. No matter what he does, the world is going to be cruel to his son and there going to be people who want to hurt him, just because he loves someone.
And Gabriel trying to comfort him but not really being able to, because he feels the same with his daughter. Coming to the realisation that they can love their kids no matter what and that’s going to make things better - but that still will never be enough. The world won’t change just because they do desperately want it to.
(Yes I want this to be angsty and not really have an happy ending. Because we know Alec Lightwood did end up doing it. Changing the world:))
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thepictureofsdr · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
“sobh can’t spoil tlh”
tessa doesn’t know yet in tlh which MEANS we can have information that’s thought to be obvious
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rosiedabbless · a day ago
Thomastair Bakery Shop AU : Sweet Things
Chapter 4 : Blackberry Muffins
Cordelia nearly hopped over to them as soon as Alastair and James entered the house.
"Dadash!!!! Guess who's coming!!!"
"Your stupid gossipy 'friends'?"
"Ugh! No- who's gonna invite them? I don't even talk to them anymore. Neither does Jamie."
James nodded in agreement before setting the cake down on the table and accepting a kiss on the cheek from Cordelia. "I had news for you too but go ahead I guess."
Cordelia widened her eyes in mock surprise. "Did you, my bff since kindergarten, really tell me to go ahead instead of fighting me to speak first- who are you and what have you done to my bestie and boyfriend?"
James chuckled. "Well it's your birthday."
Alastair rolled his eyes. "I'm still here so stop flirting and tell me."
"Lucie is in town!!!!!"
"I was gonna give you the exact same piece of information!"
"Well your sister called me and said she was coming and bringing some of her friends with her too. I am so excited!!!"
"There goes my position of your bff."
"Aww, you're still my boyfriend though. Unless I change my mind."
"Don't you dare-"
Alastair had to interrupt again. "I am still here so please refrain from the flirting for now. I'm gonna go help Risa, Maman and Farhad with whatever they need help with."
As Alastair left, he heard Cordelia and James talking excitedly about Lucie and speculating which of her friends she'd bring. He smiled to himself.
His sister was in good hands.
Sona and Farhad were busy decorating the hall– once upon a time used as the ballroom– with Risa. As Alastair entered, Farhad ran to him. "Dadash! Look I did that!" He pointed at a corner decorated with balloons.
Alastair picked him up and ruffled his hair. "You did a great job."
Farhad beamed.
Sona smiled at them. "Lucie called while you were gone."
"Yeah Layla told me. Turns out James was about to provide us with the same information."
"I heard Lucie has some very handsome friends. And since they're friends with her, they must be very nice too. Why don't you settle down too now, Esfandiyār? Look how Layla has."
"Maman, we are not having this conversation again."
"She is not wrong, you know." Risa chimed in.
"No. Not this conversation again. Definitely not now."
As Alastair carried his little brother to the corner they were assigned to decorate.
"What does it mean to 'settle down'? Is it like how Layla has Jamie?" Asked Farhad as he handed Alastair the colourful ribbons.
"You will know when you grow up, Farhad."
"Everyone says that whenever I ask something." Farhad pouted.
Alastair ruffled his hair. "You're too young, joon. But yeah, it is kind of like Layla and James."
Farhad oohed. "Then I also think you should settle down. Jamie is so cool. If you get a cool boyfriend it will be so fun!"
Alastair chuckled. "Let's talk about that later. Now are you excited for Layla's birthday?"
Farhad nodded excitedly. "Lucie is also coming right? It will be so cool!!"
"It will. Now hand me that balloon right there-"
The two brothers worked together as time passed by.
***Key : Farhad means "feeling of great happiness". It is the name of a character from Shahnameh, the Persian epic Alastair and Cordelia's middle names were taken from.
Taglist : @shadowrunner2000 @shadowhunting-hooligans @revvs-trash @life-through-the-eyes-of @herondalesunsetcurve @livingformyself @merry-thieves @totalbookmaniac @ddepressedbookworm @proofthatshithappend @melanielocke @obsessive-sapphic @have-a-holly-jolly-angstmas @thomaslightwood @carstairrs @the-enchanted-dreamer @haline-of-troy @thewraitth-deactivated20211103 @jesperisamfbicon @fortheloveofthecarstairs @emablckthrn @corvid-idiot @thisismyusernamedealwithit @isla-kady-blackwood @just-gm @fuckthepatriarchytv @thestarkster1465 @azure301 @myangelbach (ask me to be added or removed) (I combined my snippets and fic taglist here, i hope that's okay)
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belle-keys · 6 hours ago
“I always figured there must be ghosts at Cirenworth—Kit has informed me that there is a ghost dog that he plays with sometimes, a retriever I think —but I can’t imagine any of them as malicious or hurtful.”
I hope she’s not talking about… Oscar Wilde 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
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dreamofmysoul-tsc · 4 hours ago
“I am very much hoping that Kit is not having a tempestuous affair with a ghost, as I’m not sure I could go through that again.”
I’m gonna scream omg
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Alastair cries when he's angry and I very much relate
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ainhoa-herram · 5 hours ago
sobh theory time!
The retriever, in Cirenworth. Cordelia's family house on the countryside. Is the dog Oscar? Does that mean that Matthew and Oscar had lived in Cirenworth.
Does this mean Fairstairs is endgame?
My Herondsisy heart cannot handle this.
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axoloteca · 5 hours ago
i have been tormenting @lucie-blackthorns with the theory that the golden retriever kit plays with is probably oscar and turned ghost because he has unfinished business with matthew bc maybe he never came back from paris and is looking for his owner like hachi
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lightwoodmiau · a day ago
„Thomas had never kissed anyone before, really, just a few furtive moments in a shadowy corner of the Devil Tavern“
Thomas, I have questions about this line😂
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