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Denji doesn’t know what ducks are btw

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Denji Nendoroid i can see him in my dreams

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I do like that in the context of a genderbend Denji still wants to touch titties. That’s how you know the artist reads meta

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Genderbend Denji lowkey gives me gender envy

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Obsessed with this genderbend

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Warmup - Santa Claus.

Hey public voting is open for February’s theme! Go vote!

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Denji and aki from chainsaw man
#chainsawman #chainsawmanedit
#manga #denji #akihayakawa #makima #tokyo (en Read Chainsaw Man)

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Pairings : Denji X gn!Reader

Warnings : None


Your black boot heels clicked as you entered the shop. Blood tainted your black coat and some sprayed at your face. Your gaze landed on Makima.

Masking your uneasiness, you took a seat beside her, ordering some food.  Glancing at her , you can’t help but to feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s not like you dislike her, but she has this weird aura surrounding her that you can’t describe, and thinking smartly, you decided to keep quiet. 

“ Where are you from?”

The sudden question from Makima makes you flinch.

“ Ah, I’m just back from killing a devil in the woods. Quite troublesome, ” you said simply.

“ In the woods?”

“ Yup, a man said that his daughter got dragged into the woods by a devil so I just checked it out,” you shrugged, too lazy to elaborate.

“ I see. Good job then,”

You simply smile, muttering thanks as your meal was placed in front of you.  

“ Uhm, who’s that?” your attention shifted to the male. His yellowish-brown eyes staring at you curiously.  Your eyebrow quirked. 

‘Never seen him before.’ you mused to yourself. 

“ Another Devil Hunter,  (L/n)(Y/n). (Y/n), this is Denji. Denji, this is (Y/n).”

You nodded as a greeting. Drinking in his appearance, you can say he’s quite interesting. Wiping your mouth, you stood up. 

“I better get going.”

Makima nodded.

Placing your money on the table, you smile at Denji. “ See you, Denji.”


Your laugh as you watched the scene unfolded in front of you. You not lying, the fight amused you. You just strolled at the park when you became bored, so here you are in Tokyo, back to the headquarters.

But now, to  see  your best friend  getting kicked at the balls by some newbies? Such gold.  Wiping your tears, you walked toward the two boys. Clapping your hand while stifling  your laugh that’s threatening to come out upon seeing Aki’s face, their eyes met with your face. 

“ Now, now. Enough with your bonding session. I’m sure Makima-

Your words were stopped as Denji took the chance to send another kick to Aki’s balls, making him faint. You winced slightly.

Meeting Denji’s eyes, you gave him a you-made-it-yourself-so-you-lift-him look. He sighed, muttering curses under his breath.


He let out a heavy sigh. Running his hands in his blond hair in frustration, his mind wandered. Why did he always think of you? Why can’t he throw your image in his mind? Why are you so nice? Why does your presence calm him?

He doesn’t know and he’s determined to find out why, starting with a question to his housemate.

“ What is love?”

And he’s met with wide eyes and a hanging mouth from Aki. 

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finally found out how to make these

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Extra denji for today

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one lil pochita doodle because why not >:3

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Himeno de Chainsaw Man

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