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truffeart · a day ago
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► Linktober Day 26 - Pirate.◄
I couldn’t help myself, I had to reimagine this moment, ehehe !
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I challenge you to use one, some, or all of these words in your next piece of writing:
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girlwithacrown · 2 days ago
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@kidovna and I (@wolfstars_) are back with #blissember2021 prompts to put the BLISS in December ❤️ Hosting on instagram, but you can also post here or on A03 (Collection BLISSEMBER_2021).
Open to all kinds of contents: art, writing, edits etc.
Don't feel obliged I do all or be on time - it's just for fun and games!
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porcelainbabe077 · 2 days ago
Have you ever try this diet?
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korstudying · 20 hours ago
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The last week of this challenge! This challenge is just verbs. This challenge is beginner friendly so you have no excuses. Good luck and don’t forget to revise! 
Day 1
보장하다 - To guarantee
가정하다 - To suppose
지지하다 - To support
참가하다 - To participate
연결하다 - To connect
Day 2
줄이다 - To reduce
향상시키다 - To improve
끝내다 - To finish
공유하다 - To share
방문하다 - To visit
Day 3
먹이다 - To feed
궁금하다 - To wonder
흐르다 - To flow
숨쉬다 - To breathe
만족시키다 - To satisfy
Day 4
맞추다 - To match
후회하다 - To regret
꺼내다 - To take out
숨기다 - To hide
틀다 - To turn on (television)
Day 5
켜다 - To turn on (light)
끄다 - To turn off
칭찬하다 - To compliment
웃다 - To smile
굽다 - To bake
Day 6
이루다 - To accomplish
진행하다 - To progress
발생하다 - To occur
알리다 - To inform
파악하다 - To identify
Day 7
대하다 - To treat
처리하다 - To process
아끼다 - To save
환불하다 - To refund
회복하다 - To recover
Find the Quizlet here
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camishii · a day ago
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Day 89 of drawing every Touhou character - Satono!
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ambersonic96 · 12 hours ago
Inktober 2021: Villain Edition
Day 27; Titan - Megamind
#inktober2021 #titan #megamind #dreamworks #day27 #drawingoftheday #ink #villains #challenge #october
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svndvn · 5 months ago
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Tumblr media
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having fun with the mermay challenge 
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moki-the-lettuce · 19 days ago
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AUctober 2021
Day 8: Sixbones
Oops, didn’t mean to traumatize a generation of children.  Sixbones by @zarla-s
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l-oveyou · 11 months ago
✔ Baseado em fatos reais ✔ Tema natalino  ✔ Que tenha adaptação Cinematográfica ✔ Com ilustrações ✔ Que você abandonou ano passado     ✔ Título ou Autor com seu nome ✔ Que todos odeiam ✔ Com número no título ✔ Gênero que nunca leu  ✔ Um policial/ suspense  ✔ Com menos de 200 páginas  ✔ Inicie uma duologia, trilogia ou série ✔ De conto ou crônica ✔ Livro infantil Ilustrado  ✔Com neve na capa  ✔ Um de comédia ✔ Uma releitura  ✔ História horripilante ✔ Com qualquer tipo de arma na capa  ✔ Que tenha um elemento da natureza no título  ✔ Lançado no mês do seu níver  ✔ Com sangue na capa ✔ Uma estação do ano no título ✔ Com tema sick-lit  ✔Com tema chick-lit  ✔ Que se passe no Antigo Egito ✔ Sobre amizade  ✔ Leitura gótica  ✔ Uma distopia 
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onebadnoodle · a month ago
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Tumblr media
beach bowling dino & candy alien gamer
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camishii · 2 days ago
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Day 88 of drawing every Touhou character - Narumi! That bullet golem spell she had was absolute pain...other than that... WELCOME TO THE RICEFIELDS MADAPAKAAAAAAAAA
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ambersonic96 · a day ago
Inktober 2021: Villain Edition
Day 26; Tai Lung, Lord Shen and Kai
#inktober2021 #tailung #lordshen #kai #kungfupanda #dreamworks #day26 #drawingoftheday #ink #villains #challenge #october
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immortalink · 9 months ago
you’re afraid. . .
sun square moon - ...that you won't receive comfort and nurturing from others if you are truly myself, that you need to go out of your comfort zone too much if you want to do what you really want and become the person you wanna be
sun square ascendant - ...that you will never grow into your full potential, that the road ahead is too confusing and full of contradictions, that people can never see who you really are
sun square mars - ...that you will become like your father, that what you want to do isn't noble or good, that you won't prove you're the best
sun square saturn - ...of being weird and socially unacceptable, of remaining under the authority of a father figure, of someone imposing their authority on you
sun square jupiter - ...of wasting away your life, that you won't be seen as exceptional, that your life has no purpose
sun square uranus - ...of being independent, of staying in one place for too long, that your ideal will never be met, to conform
sun square neptune - ...that you will never have a real connection, that everything is the result of your idealization and your whole life is a lie
sun square pluto - ... that you will be manipulated or brainwashed into being someone different and changing, of revealing too much about yourself without knowing enough about the other person, that someone can read your mind
moon square ascendant - that people can't take care of you in your most vulnerable state, that you're showing vulnerability way too soon
moon square mercury - ...of saying how you feel, of making a solid decision, that you can't explain yourself to others and they always get you wrong, that you don't have the "right" words
moon square venus - ...that you or your partner may get too smothering or won't settle down, that you'll never find a relationship that fully satisfies you, that you ruin your relations
moon square mars - ...that expressing your anger or sexual desires will really hurt and push away the people around you, that you are going to have to defend yourself in arguments if you don't agree with people, that if you go after what you want you will exit your comfort zone
moon square jupiter - ...of getting carried away by your feelings, that you give people the wrong idea about how you feel because you tend to hyperbolize your emotions, that you will never stop feeling this way
moon square saturn - ...that you're unlovable, that no one will ever be there for you when you need them the most, that your mom will abandon you, that you'll always be rejected when you ask for comfort
moon square uranus - ...that things will always change just when they're finally good and peaceful, that they will have to settle down and follow a routine
moon square neptune - ...of everything being too unstable and shifting and having no solid ground under your feet no matter how hard you try, of getting addicted to something, that nothing will ever be as good as it is in your head
moon square pluto - ...of abandonment by a parent, most often the mom, or by any significant person in your life, that life is not safe, that everyone is out to get you and no one has your back
mercury square ascendant - ...of being misunderstood, that people only pretend to hear you and are not actually listening at all, that you won’t be able to comprehend mentally and to explain with words something that is heavily obstructing your way ahead
mercury square mars - ...of coming on too strong, of saying things too impulsively or harshly, of acting without thinking first
mercury square jupiter - ...of saying too much and oversharing, of not explaining yourself well enough, that people won't hear your voice and see it as something they can learn from
mercury square saturn - ...of being judged for your words, of having your intelligence compared to that of others, of your words being taken lightly
mercury square uranus - ...that you'll get lost in your own mind's erratic impulses, that you'll get stuck in one way of thinking, that you'll never figure it out
mercury square neptune - ...that you'll have to organize your thoughts or will be forced to express them matter-of-factly, that you won't be able to explain something fundamental but difficult to grasp
mercury square pluto - ...that someone will control your mind or manipulate you, that you won't be able to get inside someone's head and figure them out and predict their behavior, that your thoughts might attract bad things in your life
venus square ascendant - ...of attracting the wrong people, of appearing argumentative and breaking the harmony, that you don't look good and your body is somehow wrong
venus square mars - ...of breaking gender roles, of being too volatile and ruining everything, that your partner will find someone better and you have to prove yourself constantly
venus square jupiter - ...that you're being too much for anyone to handle, of your partner wanting to cage you in the relationship, of giving more than you receive
venus square saturn - ...that you'll never be good enough, that you do everything wrong, of being ugly and insignificant, that things will never get better
venus square uranus - ... that if you really love someone intimately this will ultimately steal your freedom away, of becoming dependent or of having someone depend on you, of needing someone, of obsessive people
venus square neptune - ...of being in any type of human relationship because it can never come close to the fantasy, that people will take advantage of you, of being cut off from the "source"
venus square pluto - ...of never being emotionally satisfied in a relationship, that you're going to be replaced, of giving your all even that's what you actually crave, of lack of intensity
mars square ascendant - ...of being seen as sexual/sexually attractive, of not being as sexual/sexually attractive, of showing more tender and vulnerable feelings, that you scare people away cuz you're coming off too strong
mars square jupiter - ...that you will never manage to focus your actions and your energy will go to waste, that no matter how hard you try it's not going to happen, that you haven't realistically calculated how much you can handle
mars square saturn - ...of someone controlling you, of not being able to do as you please, that something will always get in the way of your goals and try to screw you over
mars square uranus - ...of being stuck in an ordinary life, of not being able to try new things, that you won't get what you want
mars square neptune - ...that you'll disappoint your sexual partners and not live up to the fantasy, that you don't know what you really want, that your charm is working against you
mars square pluto - ...that you'll hurt someone in your anger, that you won't survive, that someone will physically attack you, that you're scaring people away with your intensity, of your own sexual fantasies
jupiter square ascendant - ...that you’re incapable of doing anything, that your insecurities will forever set you back, that if you relax and just trust the world you’re going to fail miserably 
jupiter square saturn - ...that you'll never get what you want, that you always have to work extra hard for everything, that you have bad luck and no matter what you do you can't change that
jupiter square uranus - ...of sudden changes, that you can never feel secure in your happiness, of unforeseen turns of fate that are never in your favor
jupiter square neptune - ...of setting boundaries, of dreaming too big, that you can never get what you really want in this world
jupiter square pluto - ...that if you change, you're going to lose what makes you happy, that good times are never meant to last, that you're meant to go through many extremes to achieve excellence
saturn square ascendant - ...that nothing ever ends well for you, that life is just hardship after hardship, that you’ll never have enough of what you want, that you can’t build a solid foundation for your life
saturn square uranus - ...that you can never have a solid structure, of being shaken to the core right when you think you've settled, of building your life wrong and getting stuck in it
saturn square neptune - ...that you're never achieving your goals, that they're meaningless and there's no higher meaning in them, that the world is hollow and there's no place for you here, that all your goals are unrealistic, of never finding out what you need to work on in order to be happy
saturn square pluto - ...that you can never trust anybody and no one deserves your trust, that social norms are restricting you to be yourself, that you're a burden to society, that people want to impose their will on you, that you're fundamentally wrong somehow
uranus square ascendant - ...that people always expect you to settle in a certain role in their life and stay still in it, that people depending on you may set you back, that your direction in life is too erratic
uranus square neptune - ...that you have no sense of direction, that you don't know who to rebel against and what needs to be overthrown, of following in the footsteps of older generations (the last one lasted from 1951 to 1956)
uranus square pluto - ...of sudden eruptions of destructive urges, of standing up to authorities even though you see they're abusing their power, that change may bring destruction (the last one happened around 1931)
neptune square ascendant - ...of people projecting on you, that you'll believe people's ideas of you and forget who you really are, that you'll never find the way to embody your potential, that you can't find the way
neptune square pluto - (i think they're no ppl alive atm with this square and some will be born around 2055 lol)
pluto square ascendant - ...of being too intense and creeping people out, that you're going to assert your desires in the wrong way at the wrong time, that you always create a wrong impression, that you're always seen as the antagonist, as an enemy, that people are projecting their shadow side on you
/some astrologers say that the square aspect resembles Saturn in its nature and that it points towards our biggest fears, something that we’re scared to face so we keep trying to run away from it but it keeps creating friction until it becomes impossible for us to hide. these are some of the greatest challenges we have to face in our lifetime. it’s important to remember that while squares definitely promise a lot of obstacles and turmoil, integrating them and channeling their energy is life changing and incomparable to anything else. we are here to deal with those fears./
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pixigirl · a year ago
Change a single letter and change the word game
I decided this would be fun. So reblog with a new word and see how long we can make it.
The starting word is...
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sunnyybabiee · a month ago
feeling way too needy lately
maybe i should start an edging challenge controlled by my followers, so u all decide when and if i cum again?
so every like is 1 edge
every comment is 3 edges
and every reblog is 5 edges
and there’s no limit to how many times a single person can comment or reblog this post
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lovelybluepanda · 27 days ago
How to challenge yourself in a healthy way
Know your priorities
In case you don't know your priorities, here they are: drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, eating your meals and not skipping them for the sake of productivity.
If it's a basic human need, it matters.
In regards to other sort of tasks, do them by how urgent they are.
Exceptions: do not sacrifice people who matter to you. If you see your dad once a week or your friend is free to see you on Sunday only, go and meet them. It's important to go out of the comfort zone but it's also important to show to those around you that they matter to you.
Baby steps
As tempting as it is to say "I'll do 3 workouts tomorrow" or "I'll learn German in 14 days", these might be difficult if you aren't used to high intensity tasks.
Get out of your comfort zone slowly. Try learning 1-2 extra chapters or add 20-30 extra seconds to a plank.
You'll get to a point where you can do more, but don't burnout right from the start.
Have a plan
You can wing it, of course, but it's better to make some sort of draft so you have an idea what target you try to reach daily.
If you have anxiety induced by the unknown, this will bring some comfort.
Keep a journal
Pay attention to how you feel and write down how much you've done.
The writing down part is for motivation. When you see how much you do, you become excited and proud.
Paying attention to how you feel is important so you don't burnout but at the same time, to adapt and change things around if needed.
You can also have a part where you write how proud you are of yourself of how you see yourself achieving that goal.
If whatever plan/approach doesn't make you happy, stop it. Analyze it again (the entire situation) and try something else or look for motivation in the task. Your enjoyment is what makes the task pleasant.
I can't run a marathon, but 2 of my friends are always excited to run one. Their excitement is what makes them run for 5-10km.
Motivation day
Plan 1 day when you motivate yourself. If you like drawings, maybe watch YouTube channels with people who draw.
If you like languages, maybe see or read about people who speak many languages.
If you want to workout, perhaps find a fictional character or a new YouTuber?
Motivation doesn't come on it's own sometimes and you have to look for it.
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