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A habit must be established before it can be improved. This has to become a standard in your life before you should start worrying about optimizing or expanding on it. 

If you’re not the type of person who sits down and writes one sentence a day, or steps one foot inside a gym, you’re never going to be the person who finishes a novel, or looks good naked. 

We’re so focused on finding and implementing the perfect plan that we forget to give ourselves permission to not be perfect at first. Instead, we need to shift our focus on showing up everyday in a small way. 

Whether it’s one push-up or one word on a blank page, do something so that you can master the art of showing up. Make that your new normal. And then once you become the person who shows up, then you can expand on the habit you’ve built.

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Hello there, welcome to my Tumblr. This is my first time trying this app. I want to try a 90 day challenge whereby I try to be as productive as possible for the next three months. I will attempt to complete my school work on time and creating a healthy study habit. I got the idea from

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Day Nine: Character You See Yourself In


Originally posted by jesse-spencer

I’m going to say I’m the most like Kim. Both of us are always underestimated, but we end up proving that we’re capable in some way. Also, we’re more emotionally strong instead of physically strong. Then there’s the fact that we may appear all innocent, but when it comes down to it, we can be tough if we need to. So yeah, I’m definitely the most like Kim. What about you guys? Who are you most like?

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When it rains, it hoards… The savings challenge with a difference!

When it rains, it hoards… The savings challenge with a difference!

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A savings challenge is a fun, creative and painless way to set money aside. Because you’re saving little amounts at a time, it doesn’t feel like a burden on your finances. But you’re still developing healthy financial habits.
There are savings challenges available for those who can only save pennies at a time, including a 52-week challenge for those…


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There is a tremendous challenge 🌴going on in our academy…🍃we are giving rise to a 30days🍀 easy evolution planting 🌱 challenge ..hope we would bring about this pandemic considerable annals. 🌳

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This is Sissy’s sister and replacement Sandy Wilicraftwood 

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January study challenge!

21. can you play any instruments? how long have you been playing?

I used to play the guitar and the flute, but I hadn’t play it since I was 14. I played the flute for 7 years and the guitar for 3 years.

I think i still can play on both, but I would need lots of practice to get back to my old level.

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