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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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Day 1: Opening Number

Best opening number, prove me wrong.

(Actually don’t. I will cry.)

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ALRIGHT! okay so it’s a day late but here’s my entry to @sherrybaby14​ prompt challenge :) congrats love! 

My prompt: Smut with Steve Rogers, where the reader just want sex all the time to the point that he is exhausted and she’s still insatiable and asking for more to the point where they almost doesn’t leave the bedroom anymore and everyone in the tower makes fun of them. maybe with some fluff at the end where Steve explains to her that he needs a break.

Word count: 6.8k (yikes it got out of hand)

Warnings: SMUT, fluff, pregnancy.

I hope you guys enjoy and please let me know what you think!


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Concept Art
Character Design Challenge: Final Fantasy- Jenova

I couldn’t resist an opportunity like this, and it came at such a lucky time too!
An artist friend of mine had just recently taught me the basics of digital painting- something I have been trying to get my head around for years.
She taught me to section segments off and colour, tone, then add light in steps. 
My issue over the years has been the fact that I wanted to shade and add light before the base colour phase was even complete!

I really pushed myself with this design, as you can see from the sketchbook page, I couldn’t really fit the full design, so the first thing I wanted to do was spread her features out significantly more. After that I kept flipping the image in the line art phase to ensure my drawing wasn’t skewed, finally after all of that came the most time consuming segment- the toning.

I really think my patience has paid off though!
I have now captured one of my favourite childhood villains in my own way.

Please do check out Amy Eve’s Art on Instagram: queen.ofnowhere
her work is truly phenomenal, I hope mine will be as good as hers one day! :)

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Las parejas son:

Nick x P, Tinmar x Mindworldkk y Digent x Sin


No todos los personajes me pertenecen, a continuación diré quienes son y a quienes les pertenecen:

Nick (El peli-negro) - @noelianoe1

Tinmar (El de la capa mega-fluffy) - @psycholau 

(Pd: Antes de que llaméis al FBI, Mindworld es legal :v)

Los demás me pertenecen UwU

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Ay la fiebre del TikTok 😄..✨
@maurymakeup @shirleydrag

#shirleystonyrock #transformationtuesday #tiktok #challenge #makeupchallenge #selfie #retrato #maquillaje #transformation #filtrosinstagram #video #shooting #dragqueen #queen #filtrosinstagram #glamour #transformista #photography #makeup #instamakeup #supportlocaldrag #dragworld #portrait #filters
#dragqueensofinstagram #trougbackthursday #deescandalo (en Madrid, Spain)

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