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#champion leon

Cassandra meets Leon’s mom. Mom gets revenge for sons antics after 20 years.  
Okay but no it’s another dumbass comic I thought up and then had no chill and did way more than I needed to and so it took way longer than it should have and I can’t stop making comics 10 pages long but here it is  Cas was sadly not fully aware of how bad Leon’s ability to get lost was… Nor knew how his mother handled it way back in the day.
But hey at least she didn’t show his baby pictures
Just kidding.
She totally did :’D

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One of those guys: ugh why people ship Leon Raihan they don't even interact!!11!
The actual game: my first scene is literally them having a exhibition match and exchanging friendly banter.
The game later on, multiple times: DID YOU KNOW THESE TWO ARE "RIVALS"
The expansion: Leon and Raihan are DOUBLE BATTLE PARTNERS
PokeAni: Leon and Raihan can't keep their fucking hands to themselves around the other
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@littleirishdruid following of your ask ! 🥰

Leon’s HC 👑🌺

With a sick SO

  • Now that he’s no champion anymore, Leon is unable to leave your side.
  • … and you are unable to complain ! You had so much troubles seeing each other while he was the Galarian Champion, you won’t leave his side either.
  • Thanks to that, Leon defended you in first hand, prevented you more injuries from this Toxtricity. He can’t forgive himself for not being able to protect you more effectively.
  • He raise you from the ground and tries his best to carry you until you can be cured. He never had been so worried, and that’s how he discovers how madly in love he is with you.
  • Even if the clerics only leave him at the door, he runs over and over like a lion in a cage. The guilt is so strong he could barely breathe.
  • Needless to say, the second he knows you’ll be alright, he runs to you and covers all your face with kisses.
  • “Forgive me, forgive me my love…” he says like a mantra, in the verge of crying. But you’re not mad at him, not even a minute. You are greatful to him.
  • The next day, and all days after that, he will follow you very close. Like a knight in armor, he will run into every fight if necessary.
  • Every moment he would be angry at someone, the simple squeezing of your warm hand would calm him down.
  • He loves you more than anything… and so do you.
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So now that we know we can actually partner up with characters and face other NPCs in double battles, I am definitely partnering with Hop to face Leon and Raihan.

I want to see Raihan and Leon interact, and I really want to see Leon say he’s proud of Hop when Hop and I defeat him. Plus Hop needs to be able to defeat his brother at least once

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Piers, talking to Raihan: you know, I really want to take things one step forward with Leon, but he is so pure and I don’t want to destroy our relationship.


Leon, talking to Sonja: so anyway I am really horny, but that songbird of mine is taking things waaay to slow.

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