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incorrectskzquotes · a day ago
Chan: I think we're missing something.
Seungmin: Cohesion?
Changbin: Teamwork?
Hyunjin: A general sense of what we're doing?
Chan: Well, yes. But also Felix.
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stray-kids-react · a day ago
S/O falls asleep on them
Hi, I just want to briefly thank @that-crazy-five-foot-two-chick. Thank you for leaving those sweet comments, it really encourages me to keep writing. You're so sweet ❤️❤️❤️
Bang Chan
Tumblr media
° Is usually the one sleeping on you since he rarely gets any rest, but ever since you started your new job... Oh how the tables have turned. He can't recall a time a dinner where you don't look absolutely exhausted, it kind of breaks his heart a bit.
° Let's out a long content sigh when he's comfortable, smiling softly as you snore quietly into his shoulder. He'll usually either continue to work on songs or go on his phone as you take a nap on him. But very rarely will he sleep with you, worried you'd both lose the day.
° The least awkward member when you do this randomly, even if you two aren't dating by that point. He'll just chill and let you sleep on him, sneaking a few glances since your cheek is all smushed against his shoulder. But he won't take photos... Even if he is dying to.
° Will wake you up after about two hours, either having to use the washroom or getting worried that you're sleep schedule will become a mess if he doesn't wake you up any sooner. You always point out that he's so worried about your sleep, yet pays no attention to his own.
It was 3am and you couldn't sleep, it was too cold no matter how many blankets you put on yourself. You needed Chan in bed, but he probably wasn't going to join you until 5am. You needed to get some rest, so you resorted to the most desperate option. Sleeping on him.
"Hey, what are you-" Bang Chan greeted, soon being engulfed by your body and blankets as you laid on him.
"Continue, I'm just going to sleep here." You explained, making him laugh by how casual you acted.
Chan continued his work, but it was much harder to focus on when your adorable sleeping expression was right in front of him. All he wanted to do you hold you close and secretly squish your cute cheeks, but he let you rest. Knowing you had an early morning.
Lee Know
Tumblr media
° Depends on the situation for him, there are three reactions he'll do. He'll wake you up and whine a bit because you fell asleep, will join you and rest his head on yours, or will simply let you relax on him and just watch a show or something. But it all depends on the situation.
° When you tell him that he does the same thing to you, he'll get playfully defensive only to fall asleep on your shoulder an hour later. You both will also take photos of each other and draw on those photos. His go to for you is cat ears while your go to is a rainbow mustache.
° You two fell asleep in the dance practice room by accident, you both only wanted to sit down for a bit and watch a video on your phone. Hyunjin walked in, and couldn't miss the opportunity for photos. He cropped you out because of respect, then posted them all.
° Minho woke up to his phone buzzing, only to find out that it was from all of the likes and comments on multiple photos of him sleeping. You woke up only seconds after, hearing Hyunjin scream/laugh down the hallway as Minho chased after him.
You were beginning to wake up from your small nap, watching as your boyfriend gently adjusted his posture after a couple of hours of staying in one spot. He didn't shift too much however, one of his cats in a deep slumber on his lap. You giggled softly as you stretched, finding it cute.
"Don't give me that look Minho, you always sleep on me." You teased, feeling your boyfriend's playful glare.
"I never sleep on you, the only time I do is when it's time for bed and your passed out asleep before me." Minho defended, scrunching his nose when you placed a small kiss to it.
An hour passed, and during your favorite part in Beauty and the Beast you felt a head thump into your shoulder. Minho proved your point, falling asleep on you much more often than you fall asleep on him. He always looked so cute squished against your shoulder, so you didn't complain.
Tumblr media
° You liked going to the gym with your boyfriend, whether you were there only to support him or to work out with him. You enjoyed how quiet the JYP gym was, only other members stopping in every so often. One morning Changbin decided, let's start at weren't a fan of that.
° You and Changbin usually went to the gym at night, knowing not a lot of people would show up and it worked since he was busy in the daytime while you hated early mornings with a burning rage. The schedule was fine like that, it worked for both of you and you don't know why he wanted it changed.
° You weren't the one the fall asleep first, it was almost always your boyfriend. But at 6am you were beyond exhausted, you haven't woken up this early since you went on tour with them. And they would sometimes let you sleep in, noticing you were a mess when up so early.
° Changbin secretly just wanted to see what you'd be like in the morning, wondering if you'd get used to it when running around or falling asleep on one of the work out benches. He wasn't surprised when you pretty much passed out the moment you laid down for sit ups.
"Baby, Felix brought us muffin-" Changbin announced, shocked when he saw you dead asleep on the floor.
Changbin didn't want your neck to hurt, so he quickly rushed over and let you lay on his lap as he sat up. He's never seen you in such a deep slumber, your body resembling a Ragdoll as he placed you onto his lap. Both him and Felix couldn't contain their laughter.
"Wow, y/n wasn't lying about not being a morning person." Felix teased, passing Changbin a muffin for when you wake up.
You weren't going to wake up anytime soon, which Changbin knew the moment he saw you asleep. Once he finished his muffin, he dragged you back to your shared bedroom. Flopping you onto the mattress and leaving the muffin on your bedside table.
Tumblr media
° If you just so happen to be tired or even the least bit sleepy, he will glue to you just so he has the chance of you sleeping on him. He's clingy in denial and everyone knows it... When you fall asleep on him, he'll act as if he didn't hope for this to happen even though his smile says otherwise.
° Will not stop kissing your face while your asleep, so much so that you will sometimes stir awake and grumble for him to stop. His whole body heats up when you hide your face in his neck, your melting him and he doesn't know if he can take it for too long.
° He will either settle down and eventually fall asleep with you, or wake you up so you two can cuddle in bed. Either way he's holding you and being able to kiss you, he can't resist doing either when you're all sleepy and pouty. The only time he's okay with PDA is when you're tired.
° The members have seen you two hug and share a small peck here and there, but nothing too mushy and cheesy. This is why they were shocked to see You and Hyunjin giggling and rubbing noses together, both of you babbling nonstop compliments before cuddling.
"You're *kiss* so *kiss* cute *kiss kiss kiss*" Hyunjin whispered, attacking your exposed cheek with kisses.
This would be fine and you probably would've kissed him back, if it wasn't for the fact that you literally got no sleep last night and were trying to sleep on your boyfriend. He could never resist you when you were sleepy, and you should've remembered that fact before cuddling him.
You grumbled against his shoulder, trying to move away from the hyper lovesick puppy. But he always managed to still stick to you, making you crack a tired laugh when he practically laid on top of you. His kisses soon felt soothing against your neck, making you feel sleepy again.
"Have sweet dreams my princess/prince." Hyunjin whispered, beginning to feel his own eyelids grow heavy.
Tumblr media
° Some may say Seungmin or Jeongin would become the stiffest in this situation, but I'm a firm believer that it's Jisung. You would be laying in bed watching some YouTube videos on his laptop, then you grew tired and fall asleep on his shoulder. Than bam! Statue mode activated.
° If the members were around they'd start laughing, because he'd look like a deer in headlights as he attempted to not breath too loudly. If you stir at all he'll stop breathing until you're comfortable again, and when he breathes again it's shaky because he doesn't want to sigh.
° You'd probably end up waking up thanks to some clumsy mistake he did, such as accidently shutting the laptop really loud, falling off the bed, making you head roll off his shoulder, or the most common for some reason... Spilling a drink on you because he's shaking.
° When you wake up, you have to tell him that it's alright to be natural when you're asleep. You don't want him to become a tense mess because of you, you'll have to reassure him quite a few times til he actually does this though. So overall, don't sleep on his shoulder or he'll become frozen.
You were watching some funny animal clips with Jisung on YouTube, and the clock was hitting midnight as your eyes began to feel heavy. You'd continuously yawn, and began snuggling closer and closer towards your boyfriend until you let sleep take over your body.
"Aww babe look at that pug-...Babe?" The moment he heard a soft snore is when he froze, gently shutting his laptop.
"Jisung, don't tense up you're shoulders are becoming too hard." You whispered, pushing both you and your boyfriend down to the pillows.
You tiredly pushed yourself into his chest, hearing his heartbeat slowly become a normal pace. You shyly smiled before returning to dream land, not noticing Jisung's protective grip over your waist as he gave you a small kiss on the head. He secretly admired his sleeping beauty.
Tumblr media
° You will be glued to him whether you are sleepy or not, he loves cuddles and who better to give them to him rather than his own lover? Will rub his cheek against your head, usually zoning out but it's still cute nonetheless. When you finally fall asleep on him, expect lots of head kisses.
° He was once giving you a shoulder massage in bed, when you fell back into him because you fell asleep. He couldn't contain his laughter, waking you up immediately to his disappointment. But that moment will forever be stuck in memories, always going back to it for a laugh.
° If the roles are reversed and he's the tired one, you'll be melting for two reasons. He'll be clinging to you nonstop, and he will also not stop mumbling about everything he loves about you. Felix will not hold back when he's tired, and he sometimes won't remember it the next day.
° It's a ritual between you two to have a long soft kiss before you both go to sleep, so if you fall asleep before the kiss he'll simply kiss you while your asleep. This makes you stir softly, but it's not enough to wake you up. He also likes to wake you up with kisses, even if you have morning breath.
"You're already asleep aren't you?" Felix whispered, glancing down to see your shut eyes and slightly parted lips.
He sighed to himself, content with the warmth of your pajamas and the cozy weight you laid onto him. Felix couldn't go to bed without your kiss, so he gently cupped your face and placed the most gentle kiss to your lips. He acted as if you were made of the most breakable glass.
You loved kisses from your boyfriend, so he knew you'd feel a bit bad for missing the goodnight ritual. So he made a promise to himself to give you more kisses in the morning so you don't feel bad, you were clingy in a way but he loved you for it.
"Goodnight lovely." Felix murmured, softly pulling you close to him before he leaned over to shut the lamp off.
Tumblr media
° Everyone always categorized you and Seungmin as one of the cutest couples in existence, and they weren't wrong about it. The member's would often catch you two snuggling in bed whispering the night away, going on late night adventures, and playing guitar together.
° You didn't know guitar overly well, so Seungmin would teach you. He'd sit you on his lap, guiding your fingers to the proper chords. You honestly had trouble focusing on the instrument when the whole situation was so cliché and romantic. You'd both end up laughing by the cheesiness of it all.
° If either of you wanted to take a nap. The other would follow and nap with them. You two always slept together, so much so that it was impossible to sleep for either of you when he was on tour. So whenever he came back, both of you would be inseparable and burrito yourselves in blankets.
° Seungmin was chatting about some moments on tour, when he heard you snoring quietly on his chest. He couldn't help but laugh to himself, not believing that you've texted him messages over and over about wanting to see him and here you were asleep as he told you some stories.
"I've been here for 3 hours and you're already bored of me?" Seungmin teased, watching as you snuggled further into his neck.
He knew why you were tired, you waited at the airport for hours and had a lot of trouble sleeping without him. He simply just liked to tease you lightly, adoring your whining voice when you defend yourself. Seungmin was also relived you were sleepy since he was quite tired himself.
"I'm just tired Seungmin, I'll never get bored of you." You replied, placing a small kiss to his lips as his face burned pink.
The moment your lips detached, he hovered over you before gently laying on top of you. You both let out a tired and content sigh as you held each other tightly. Your hands raking through his hair as he placed fluttering kisses against your collarbone. Both of you asleep in seconds.
Tumblr media
° Jeongin was comfortable he couldn't help it, he wore soft clothes, was great to hug, and placed the sweetest kisses. It came to no surprise when you found yourself latching onto him constantly, always putting a smile on his face thank to your cuddly nature. Only you could hug him like that.
° You can often be seen wearing his clothes, especially the ones he never wears our the ones he left behind while on tour. Jeongin has seen you dead asleep in his clothes on multiple occasions, but it never fails to become a great wallpaper so he smiles everytime he sees it.
° Likes dipping his hands under the hoodie to rub your back, especially if it's cold out since your body is so warm from being covered in his hoodie all day. Will press small kisses to the edge of your jaw, making you giggle in your sleep due to the tickling feeling he gives you.
° You will wake up sometimes and pull his head forward so you can kiss him to sleep, calming his hyper antics until he falls asleep with you. Once he's tired enough, you'll dip your head under his chin and wrap yourself around his torso. Not missing his small 'I love you' .
You were fast asleep in your shared bed, failing to stay awake through the movie you've been waiting to see throughout the day. Your boyfriend's hoodie was simply too comfortable and led to you growing more and more sleepy by the minute. Now you were snoring away.
"My baby was too sleepy to stay awake and greet me." Jeongin whispered to himself, smiling at your sleep talking.
"No chicken for you." You whispered, still heavily asleep and not realizing how random you sounded.
Jeongin broke into a fit of laughter, making you jolt awake at the sudden loud noise. He explained what you said in your sleep, making you confused because you now couldn't even remember what the hell you were even dreaming about. Once the laughter died down, he quickly joined you in bed.
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gingerbreadh4n · a day ago
i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your lips
pairing- lee minho x reader 
genre- fluff, best friends to lovers
warnings- reader skips meals because they’re super caught up with work, so if that might be triggering, please don’t proceed further. also a single curse word :D 
word count- 1.6k
synopsis- minho doesn’t want to be friends with you anymore, and today was just the push he needed, when he sees you giving attention to another male, he finally realises he can’t keep hiding his feelings.
author’s note- that synopsis was absolute crap. very cliché, bestf likes you, gets jealous and confesses. 
this is inspired by the song “i wanna be your girlfriend” by girl in red, specifically the lyrics ‘i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your lips; i wanna kiss you until i lose my breath.’ think i stumbled across an edit of minho on this song, which inspired this idea jdjdjdj ok bye. 
“why do you always end up skipping meals?” minho rolls his eyes for what seems like the hundredth time since you’d met him today.
“i was finishing this up, look it’s almost complete,” you quickly turn your laptop in his direction, showing him your progress. 
he scans whatever document you’d shoved into his face, but deems it uninteresting seconds later, opting to stare at you as you try to talk to him with your mouth full.
“don’t talk while you’re eating,” 
“ooh min your concern’s showing,”
“it’s because you look ugly,” he manages to pull a disgusted face.
‘of course you don’t look ugly’ he corrects himself in his head.
you never do, you never have; not in his eyes. 
he watches you as you eat the meal you’d pestered him to prepare for you, explaining how you lost track of time and forgot to eat.
it was true, well part of it was.
you weren’t going to tell him you wanted to see him with the excuse of food. 
when you’re done with your meal, you thank him and quickly pack up your stuff, getting ready to go back to the library where you were previously working in, when he stops you and tells you he wants to join you. 
“huh? but you’ll get bored there,” you say softly. 
“i’ve nothing better to do, plus i should keep a check on you so you don’t skip more meals,” he says, almost as if he was convincing himself and not you. 
lies. he promised changbin and hyunjin he’d join in on the weekly movie marathon and karaoke night.
but oh well, they won’t mind. 
so before you try to protest more, he grabs your arm, tells you you’re wasting time and walks you to the direction of the library.
“min, can we get ramen after i’m done with work?” 
“tch, little piggy. you just ate and you’re already thinking about your next meal,” 
but despite his words, he still smiles, appreciating the effort on your part to prove to him you were true to your word and weren’t planning on skipping any more meals.
it’s silent for a while as you walk to your destination together, only making a stop at a nearby café to get some coffee and pastries as snacks while you work.
he waits as you place both of your orders, wanting to treat him as a thank you for the meal.
you start to make your way to him when you hear a voice call out to you.
“y/n, hey!” a boy approaches you.
minho quickly analyses the male.
almost as tall as him, fluffy curly hair, thick glasses, dressed in a black hoodie and matching joggers. 
the boy takes off his mask and smiles at you, his dimples on full display.
he quickly pulls you into a hug that you happily return.
minho’s stomach churns in discomfort, as a pang of jealousy and insecurity hits him.
he doesn’t care to pay attention to the conversation you both have, zoning out and only catching onto parts of it.
do you ever look so happy when you’re with him? 
why are you smiling at this boy like that? 
you only smile like that to him. 
you only hug him like that.
“i didn’t expect to see you here, when did you come back?” 
“just a few days ago, i’m leaving after my sister’s wedding, what’re you doing here?” 
“oh i’m just heading to the library with a friend, come say hi,” 
his head immediately shoots up as he sees you approach him with the male.
“min this is my friend minho,” “and min, this is minjun,” you giggle at the same name you refer to both of them with.
minjun offers his hand to minho, smiling, and it makes minho feel almost guilty for thinking of him as a threat.
he tries to push away his feelings and returns a tight- lipped smile, clutching his hand with his own, maybe a little tighter than he’d intended to.
minho sees you smile at him for trying to get along with minjun, and the sight of it eases his nerves a little. 
‘the things i do for you,’ he sighs and tries to initiate a conversation with the new male.
after what felt like hours of watching you smile and happily giggle with minjun; minjun receives a text and suddenly becomes alert. 
“shoot, gotta go, i’ll catch up with you later though,” he quickly pulls you in for another hug. 
“maybe we can hang out soon,”
“i’d love that,” minjun smiles and squeezes your hand, passing a small smile to minho before making his way out of the café.
minho watches him leave as you go back to pick up your coffees, shooting daggers to the boy’s retreating figure with his glare.
while you’re in the library working, you can’t help take note of minho’s behaviour. 
he’s been awfully silent this whole time, only replying to you with nods and blunt responses, sometimes not responding at all.
he’s usually a quiet person, but this is unlike him. 
he sits beside you, idly tapping one of your pencils he got a hold of on the table, and he seems in a daze, staring far away and not paying attention to his surroundings.
“y/n who am i?” he suddenly asks you, making you tear your eyes away from your screen for a split second.
“minho. lee know. lee minho. min. uhh, cat boy,” you go on to list all the names you’d called him by over the years, only to get interrupted.
“no who am i to you?” he asks, his lips forming the smallest pout against his will.
“well, you’re my friend-”
you furrow your brows in confusion, now fully turning to his figure seated beside you.
“you’re not my friend?” you ask him innocently.
“i don’t wanna be your friend,” he responds.
it came out harsher than he expected, because he sees your chin tremble a little and it makes him feel extremely sorry in an instant. 
“oh,” you look away.
he contemplates on whether or not he should say it. 
he doesn’t want to lose you and your friendship.
but at the same time, he sure as hell doesn’t wanna lose you to another boy, especially not when he hasn’t even had a chance to love you properly, to show you how much you mean to him. 
‘say it’ the voice in his head chants to him, over and over. 
and so he does. 
“i don’t wanna be your friend because i want to kiss you,”
this makes you do a double take, your eyes widening almost comically, trying to comprehend if you heard that right.
“you what?”
“i want to kiss you; on your lips. also your cheeks, your nose. i want to kiss you everywhere,”
“that is if you’d allow me,” his previously harsh gaze softens as he looks at you before continuing. 
“why don’t you see? i’m in love with you, i’ve always been, i try so much but you never see me,” he finally lets out, almost whining.
“min, i- i never knew,” you stutter, overlapping your sentences. 
“well now you do. do something about it,” he concludes, huffing grumpily and crossing his arms over his chest, looking away from you.
he doesn’t know where all the confidence is coming from, but he decides it’s now or never. 
it’s so silent afterwards, both of you feel like you can hear just how fast your hearts are beating.
he doesn’t even look at you when you push your chair back, he assumes this is it. 
‘this is their answer, i’ve just ruined our friendship forever. i’m so stupid’
though he’s quickly pulled out of his thoughts when you take ahold of his face and lean down to capture his mouth with yours. 
he freezes for a few seconds before slowly relaxing into your touch, a small smile making its way to his lips.
then he pulls you down to his lap and sneaks his arms around your torso, holding you as close to him as your bodies would allow.
chests touching as you share sweet kisses; you sit there wrapped up in the other’s embrace.
you reluctantly pull away from him when you feel like you’re losing your breath, and disappointed, he tries to chase after your mouth with his own.
after you’re breathing somewhat normally, you slowly start to piece things together to why he was being so moody and why he admitted to his feelings now.
“were you upset because of minjun?” you ask him, trying to hold back your smile. 
“you called me a friend, i’m not just a friend, and you know it! i’m a friend and he’s just minjun? wrong.” he pauses and refuses to look at you.
“you called him min! i’m min,” he huffs 
“but i thought you hated that name,” 
“i don’t” he says in a low voice but you catch on nonetheless.
you even hugged him like that,”
“like what?” 
“l-like you only hug me!” he’s clearly upset and it’s evident from the way he’s speaking to you.
“i’m always the happiest around you though,”
“you’re my favourite min,” you state, fondling with his fingers.
you finally crack a giggle at his expression.
boba eyes, rosy cheeks, lips pulled into a pout.
“so what does that make us now?” he almost whispers, looking at you with the softest expression you’ve seen. 
wanting to play with him a bit more, you quickly kiss him again, for longer this time, not hesitant with your actions anymore, knowing he felt just the same as you did, and pull away to rest your foreheads together. 
“we’re friends of course, best friends,” you smile cheekily.
he scoffs at that, should’ve seen that coming. 
“fuck you,”
“i love you too min,” you kiss his nose. 
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hyunsuks-beanie · 21 hours ago
Homework <<< Makeout
Tumblr media
Felix x gn! reader; fluff/suggestive; 1k words
Mellow speaks: Here we go, a much-needed Felix makeout (and that too, not a soft one)! Thanks to the anon who requested this, and I hope you guys enjoy reading it!!
Tumblr media
"Babbbbeeee," he whines for what felt like the umpteenth time, looking at you upside down from the bed, a pout having permanently taken its place on his face. "You've been working for hours, can't you take a short break?" Sighing, you turn around to look at your boyfriend, pursing your lips as you try to stop yourself from just giving up on homework to give him what he wants. But it's hard, especially when he looks so cute, sticking his bottom lip out in the hopes of getting you to take pity on him.
"Felix, I know you want cuddles. Trust me, I do too. But this assignment is due in two days," you say, voice tired and husky from working so hard. You had thought your words would shut him up for a while at least, but on the contrary, all they do is make him even more sulky than before, as he heaves himself up, sitting cross-legged on the mattress while looking at you with sad eyes. "You love your homework more than your boyfriend," he whines, bringing his hands to his face as he fake sobs, hoping to get some reaction out of you. But his efforts go in vain as all you do is roll your eyes before going back to your laptop. What you fail to notice, however, is the way Felix's expression morphs from one of mock sadness to one of shock, and finally into one that screams, "Challenge accepted."
And so, the next thing you know, you are being pulled away from your work yet again, your boyfriend having turned your chair around to face him, his face inches away from yours. "Lix what are you-," you start, only for him to cut you off. "I said I want cuddles, and I want them now," he says, his already deep voice falling an octave lower as he gives you a soft smirk. "But my homework-," you start again, but it appears like Felix is in no mood to let you complete your sentences, saying, "You've been working for hours already. You need to rest. And I need my baby," as he wraps his arms around your form, picking you up and causing a squeal to escape your lips.
"The hell Lix! Put me down," you say, only to have him start carrying you back towards the bed. "No can do babe," he smiles, placing you on the mattress so that your back rests against the headboard, before climbing in next to you. Rolling your eyes, you decide to just ho with the flow, knowing full well that your clown of a boyfriend won't rest until he has you in his lap. And so, that's exactly what you give him, unable to suppress your smile as you throw your legs over his, snuggling closer to his torso. He doesn't waste a second in wrapping his arms around you, pulling you flush into his chest, your head tucked under his chin.
"This feels better," he whispers, a content sigh taking over his face as you let out a soft hum in agreement, snuggling even closer to him. You stay like that for what feels like hours, content to just be in each other's arms. A while later, the soft sound of snores catches your attention, and you can't help but chuckle at the sight of your Felix fast asleep, his head resting against the headboard and his lips slightly ajar. "I don't think that's really a comfortable position to take a nap in," you think to yourself, catching yourself leaning in, your lips ghosting right over his. Not wanting wanting think too much, you finally place a chaste kiss to his lips, lips curling into a smile as you register just how warm and soft they are.
The small action is enough to wake your boyfriend up, his eyes fluttering open as a groggy smile graces his lips. "Hey there," he says, catching you in yet another kiss, this one bolder and longer than the first, his hands moving from your waist to your hips as you wrap your own around his neck, pulling him in deeper. Feeling experimental, you dig your teeth into his bottom lip, eliciting a soft moan from him as he sticks his tongue out, your own wrapping around it as you battle for dominance. He eventually wins, biting on your tongue and catching you by surprise, your eyes narrowing as his lips curl up into a smirk. He continues to suck on your tongue before his own moves past your lips, exploring the depths of your mouth. Now it's your turn to moan, fingers getting themselves entangled in his soft curls as you begin grinding your hips against his, feeling your butt being squeezed as Felix pulls you closer to himself, your chest rubbing against his.
Wanting more, he suddenly pulls away from the kiss, a whine escaping your lips at the loss of contact. It doesn't take long for it to be replaced by a gasp, however, as he moves his lips to your jaw, moving down towards your neck, biting and sucking on your skin. Tilting your head to give him a better angle, you shift your hands to his shoulders, eyes closing in pleasure as Felix lets out a soft groan against your neck, no doubt the effect of you rubbing your hips against him. Hands making their way back to his hair, you tug on it, indicating your need to have his lips back on yours. Pulling away from your skin, he softly blows on the fresh mark, smirking as he notices your body shiver from the sudden coolness.
Finally lifting his head up, he catches your lips in another kiss, your homework long-forgotten as be gently pushes your body down towards the bed, pinning it to the mattress as he hovers over you, your slipping under his T-shirt, raking up and down his back. Pulling away after an eternity, Felix gulps as he takes in your appearance. Lips swollen, cheeks red, neck marked in hickeys, hair messed up, he can't stop himself from whispering, "I want you," only to have you reattach your lips to his, the taste addicting as you ready yourself for a long night.
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felixethereal · 2 days ago
𝗛𝗮𝗽𝗽𝘆 𝗕𝗶𝗿𝘁𝗵𝗱𝗮𝘆 𝗟𝗲𝗲 𝗞𝗻𝗼𝘄
#StrayKids #스트레이키즈
#리노 #LeeKnow
Tumblr media
Stray Kids messages to Lee know 💌
© shmesm2
Tumblr media
Bang Chan 💌
hey devil bunny~
happy birthdayㅋㅋ
we're both october babies and blood type Oㅋㅋ
we're so similar~
anyway, do everything you want since it's your birthday~
Tumblr media
Changbin 💌
happy bday~^^ let me know if there's anything you want
something related to cooking?ㅋㅋㅋ
if i buy you something, cook me something yummyㅎㅎ
love you~♥
Tumblr media
Hyunjin 💌
oh~ lee know~ is it your birthday~? happy birthday~!
eat lots of yummy food and live a full life~!
anyway happy birthday and love you♡;;;
Tumblr media
Jisung 💌
wish you a very happy birthday.
our minho always working hard to MC.
us members are always cheering you on.
be healthy and have a happy day.
happy birthday again~!
love you
Tumblr media
Felix 💌
lee know jjang♡
hyungnim~ happy birthday♡
your birthday is finally here♡ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
let me know if there's anything you want.
i'll continue to give you healing, so look forward to it~
happy birthday♡
Tumblr media
Seungmin 💌
today is a very good day.
it is lee know-hyung's birthday.
today, you should eat food cooked by a different member instead of yourself.
ah of course i won't cook for you.
happy birthday~
Tumblr media
I.N 💌
oh lee know happy birthday
i want to cook you beef wellington(?) whatever that is, but i think i'll burn down the dorm...ㅎ
so i'll buy you something more yummyㅎㅎㅎ
i'm baby bread so skip the cakeㅎㅎㅎ
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kitsblade · a day ago
Imagine 3RACHA reading smut of themselves in the studio…
Genre : smut
!!trigger warnings!! smut, masturbation, mentions of master kinks, daddy kinks, kitten kinks. Hot and heavy 3racha.
It was decently late at night when Changbin, Han, and Chan all decided it was best to take a break from producing songs in the studio. They had been in there for hours, working nonstop, perfecting the beat, vocals, and raps. Like always, they had been putting their heart and soul into all of it - and now they were exhausted. So they decided it’s be best to take a break.
They had been on their phones, scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, secretly looking at all of the ways stays spoke of them - sweet sayings about how talented they are and edits of their hard work, but some were a bit… thirsty. Now, they all blushed reading the sweet posts, but the tent that grew in their pants when they got on Tumblr for the first time and sound the archives.
Bangchan was reading a smut that involved him having a daddy kink and kitten play kink. He was a caring dom that loved his partner unconditionally, and he treated them like his own pet - and the reader of the story was willing to do anything for him.
Han was reading a smut more on the sweet side of things. In the story, he had taken them on a romantic date at a fancy restaurant where they finished up some cheesecake as desert. When the night was coming to a close, he had been sweetly fucking the reader while they came undone, screaming how much they loved him.
Changbin was reading a master kink smut. He never thought he’d find it so hot that stays not only looked up to him as an idol in the world, but as a domming leader in bed as well. In the imagine, Changbin had been fucking the reader harshly after they disobeyed the rules.
Let’s say, 3RACHA produced some HARD pulsing beats if you get what I’m saying.
Slowly but surely they all left the studio, claiming to be tired, but that’s not at all why they left. They left to go jerk off in their rooms because the thoughts they had wouldn’t go away. Some major tents got pitched.
Han left first, he simply couldn’t handle how sweet and sexy the smut was and immediately jerked off in the bathroom without question. Every time he finished, another one grew. Han tried so hard to be quiet, but it was getting difficult. Stays thinking of him this way turned him on so much.
Chan left second. He tried to have the willpower, but he broke. He thought about the times when he called himself ‘daddy’ and how stays took that quite sexually - and the man was not complaining. There was something about being called daddy that just ruined him. Being a leader, being in charge, having a pet right next to him willing to do whatever they want… made his head spin.
Changbin stayed in the studio though. That one shot called for his partner to be in the studio, under the desk, waiting for his command to come out and satisfy him when he was stressed. So you bet your ass he stayed in there and jerked off to the thought of a stay underneath the table willing to help him at any given moment in the process - anything to help him make his music the best it can get.
The next day, they all went about themselves feeling a bit more guilty than normal. They stopped working to jerk off to the thoughts stays had of them, but as guilty as they felt, the more they just wanted to fuck some needy, thirsty stays.
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skzgram · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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