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#change my mind
mmmfishsticks · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cookie Run Kingdom would be shorter if Almond Cookie had a gun change my mind
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catchymemes · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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When Alfred says “Language!” the batkids apologize and say something else.
When Bruce says “Language!” they say the exact same thing just in a different language.
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chicoree · 6 months ago
a friend in need
Tumblr media
Pairing: Itadori x Reader, mild Sukuna x Reader, mild Sukuna x Itadori
Warnings: MINORS DNI 18+ NSFW, aged up characters, smut, oral (f!receiving), fingering, squirting, tw virginity, tw virginity loss, anal play, Sukuna being Sukuna
A/N: Virginity is a construct, first and foremost. Secondly, this is just supposed to be fun and kinda fluffy, I guess, with just a sprinkle of mutual pining and absolute idiots that find it easier to sleep with each other than confess their feelings! Featuring a sneaky Superbad reference bc I have no shame.
Written for the corrupt-a-virgin collab! You can find the master list here.
WC: 5.4K
Tumblr media
“I decided something.”
Itadori glances up from his manga and smiles at you, like you didn’t just barge unannounced into his apartment, like you didn’t just slam the door to his bedroom open so violently it bounced off the wall and careened back towards you.
You nod, vigorously. “And it’s life-changing.”
“Oh!” Obligingly he sets his book down, sits up on his knees, palms resting on his legs so you can see you have his full, undivided attention—
“I’m going to lose my virginity.”
—and he promptly slips off the edge of his bed. Only years of training keep him from smashing his nose against the floor, but his desperate scrabble does nothing to hide the faint flush that paints his cheeks. “I—congrats?” Awkwardly, he scratches the back of his head as he rises to sit back on the edge of the bed. “Dunno why you’re telling me this, but I mean…yay?”
His thumbs-up wilts a little when you kneel before him, eyes glittering beseechingly as you lean forward. “I want you to take it.”
You don’t budge, don’t repeat yourself, just bow your head a little, extending your hands palm up, packets of condoms glittering in the light.
“Please! I’m in your hands!”
It’s so quiet he can hear you breathing, so quiet he can hear the A/C clicking on. So quiet his thoughts are unnervingly loud, Sukuna’s oh? far too interested.
“Why me?
You look up at him with a pout.
“Why not?”
“I just—I don’t— Have you done…stuff?” He waves his hand vaguely through the air, grinning when you track the movement with your eyes.
“Ahhh…” Yuuji hums in thought, looking up at the ceiling as if that will hold the answer to your question. He crosses his arms, and rocks back and forth a little as you wait, impatiently bouncing up and down a little in a way that makes your chest jiggle; in a way that makes him have to keep looking away, fixated on the textured paint above him. “Isn’t this kinda like going to fight a level 20 boss when you’re still only level 1?”
You snort, offended. “I’ve kissed someone and like…” You fall silent and he looks at you, flushing red along his ears when he sees you groping at your own chest. “And done like. This.”
“So level three instead of level one.”
“Shut up.”
“You’re pretty rude for someone asking for a favour—”
“Yuuji. Do you accept or deny?!”
He crosses his arms into an x. “Nope. Can’t do it.”
“Why not?” You lean forward, grabbing at his knees and clinging to him in a way that makes his head spin and makes Sukuna say oh? again louder, lewder.
“C’mon, you don’t want to come to me for this kind of—”
“I do.”
…you really…really need to stop sliding your hands higher or he’s going to—
Yuuji scrabbles backwards on his bed to escape your hold, creasing the forgotten manga beneath his limbs as he sputters, “But why me?”
You shrug, and it does absolutely nothing to ease his nerves. “You’re my best friend. Who else would I want it to be?”
This has to be a joke, right? This has to be some kind of prank; he’s going to say yes and then you’re going to laugh at him or pull out a hidden camera or Gojo will come bounding through the door or—Except nothing’s happened still, nothing but you shifting a little as you continue to kneel on the floor, patiently awaiting his reply.
Do you know?
He freezes, and feels the blood drain from his face.
Oh god, do you know about the number of times he’s shamefully jerked himself off to the thought of you? Do you know about how he’s thought about how soft your thighs are, about the feel of your breasts in his hands, what kinds of faces you’d make if he just—
There’s a twitch in his pants that reminds him this is a slippery slope; that maybe it’s not the best path to take when you’re watching him so intently. He slides along the bed to step around you, arms tense at his sides as he slowly walks backward.
“Just…give me a second.”
He pauses in the doorway to look back at you, as if he’s waiting for you to crack, waiting for you to start laughing and telling him that it is just some bizarre prank you decided to pull; but no, you’re still sitting on the ground, plucking at a stray thread on your skirt. Shaking his head, he trots to his bathroom and closes the door, locking it for good measure as he pulls out his phone.
The line rings half a dozen times before Megumi picks up, and Itadori beams.
“Fushiguro! I need your help.”
“What is it?”
“Well…” Yuuji scratches at the side of his nose, hemming and hawing as he tries to figure out the best way to phrase it. “Let’s say…how about…uh…we’ve been friends for a while, right? If I asked you to take my virginity, would you do it?”
There’s a pause on the other end, that stretches out far longer than Itadori anticipated, that makes his brow furrow as he presses his phone a little harder against his ear.
“…hello?” There’s a long, loud sigh and then three beeps, and Yuuji blinks as he looks at the screen. “…he hung up.” He shakes his head a little, flicking through more of his contacts. “Maybe Gojo could help—”
The line rings and rings and rings to no avail and Itadori sighs, letting his head thump back against the door as he shoves his phone in his pocket.
“Stupid brat.” The mouth that grins sharp along his cheek is cackling, the eye slit below his rolling up with glee. “You’re asking them for help? Give me control and I’ll ruin her—”
“Definitely not.” He slaps a firm hand over his cheek, but Sukuna just slides to the back of his hand, laughing raucously.
“Should I tell her? Should I tell her you’re just as inexperienced, tell her all about how pitifully empty your bed has been all these years—”
Another firm smack hand to hand as Yuuji frowns. “Whose fault do you think that is?”
“You’re blaming me for your incompetence—”
“You know, Sukuna, not a lot of people are used to seeing a mouth where it shouldn’t be—”
“Stop making excuses for yourself.” An eye blinks open on his wrist, dark and beady and far too knowing. “You know just as well as I do that half the maggots on this earth can’t see me.”
“But I can. And you never stop talking either…”
“Then we make a deal.” Sukuna’s smiling again, sharp teeth glimmering along Yuuji’s wrist, crinkling the corners of the glittering eye. “I’ll help you with her.”
Itadori, against his better judgement, lifts his hand higher to his face. “…what do you get?”
“I get to play.”
“Not a chance.”
“Like I’d let you.” Itadori sighs, scrubbing his other hand through his hair, staring blankly at the door as he toys with the lock. “Guess I’ll tell her ‘no’—”
“Then just a taste.”
There’s an edge to Sukuna’s voice that makes Itadori pause, hand on the handle.
“I haven’t touched a woman in years, so to let a virgin slip by…” There’s a low, rumbling chuckle that has Itaodri frowning. “Be honest with yourself. You’re curious too; you want to know just how sweet she’ll taste, how she’ll look beneath you—”
“—naked, begging—”
“Alright alright alright!” Yuuji shuffles a little from side to side, tries to push the image of you wanton and needy from his mind. “Just promise you won’t do anything weird.”
Sukuna laughs, cruel as always, and for some reason that sends a flutter of relief through Itadori. “It won’t be anything worse than how you’ve already pictured her, stupid brat.”
“Well…you definitely can’t tell her that.”
“I will if you don’t hurry up.”
“Yeah, yeah…” Itadori scrubs a hand through his hair one more time before he steps back out into the hallway, picking over his words as he walks back to his room. You’ve moved to his bed and that’s either…well that’s either better or worse, but that depends wholly on your reaction to what he’s about to say.
You’re really not one to beat around the bush, are you? He tosses his phone onto his desk and stands as tall as he can, nodding firmly. “I’ll do it.”
“You look like you’re heading off to war—”
“But I have to say something first.”
You look a little wary, but you nod anyway. “…okay…”
“I’m a virgin too,” he announces loudly, proudly, without shame. He bows, perfectly perpendicular, eyes shut as he says, “Please take care of me!”
You stare at him, mouth open, blinking rapidly. “But…wait, no I’m supposed to be telling you that!”
“If you don’t want to anymore, that’s okay—”
No, I—” You shift to sit on the edge of his bed, fingers digging into his mattress as you grow uncharacteristically shy. “It actually kind of makes me feel better. Is that weird?”
“No.” Yuuji rapidly shakes his head and crouches, tentatively lacing his fingers with yours. “Me too.” There’s a quiet moment where the two of you smile at each other, where your nerves swing from anxiety to anticipation, where you stare at the sharp lines of his face and realize that holy hell, your best friend really is attractive— “Can I kiss you now?”
You snort, cupping his cheeks with your hands, feeling the edge of his jaw press into your palms. “You don’t have to ask, stupid.”
“But just in case you change your…!” His eyes widen before they flutter shut, before he starts tentatively working his mouth against yours, mouth still in a cute little pucker when you pull away.
“It’s about spontaneity, Itadori,” you whisper, bumping your forehead against his.
You roll your eyes good-naturedly. “Yeah; how is it gonna be any fun if you keep telling me what you’re gonna do exactly when you’re…!”
This time you’re left stunned and fish-mouthed when the kiss ends, the cheeky grin on his face making you tingle all over. “Like that?”
“You smug little—” He cuts you off with another kiss and you can’t really find it in yourself to be mad at him, not when you’re threading your fingers through his hair to tug him closer.
You let him shift you back onto his bed, let him stroke carefully along your body, arching up against him when he hits a spot that feels particularly good, when he squeezes at something that makes your head spin. It isn’t long before he’s stripping you, carefully sliding each piece of clothing off of you, gently stroking his knuckles along each inch of exposed skin until you relax beneath him.
When you’re fully bare he has to take a minute, has to soak in the sight of you, commit it to memory on the off-chance that this is just a one-time thing (though he thinks if he’s good enough he can get it to happen again, and again, and again).
“Stop staring, you weirdo.”
You’re pouting, but the way you can’t really look him in the eye takes the edge off your words, making him smile.
“Is it really that weird?”
“It is when you don’t blink—”
“You’re really pretty, you know that?” His words seal your lips shut, make it even harder for you to meet his gaze. “You’re pretty great too.”
“Yuuji, I asked you to fuck me, not kiss my—"
“’M just saying.” He dares to brush a kiss along your collarbone, his fingers curling around the sheets as he makes his way a little lower, lapping at your breasts along the way. “I’m pretty honoured you’re sharing this with me.”
“Well…” You clear your throat, trying to push the soft tremble in it away, trying to pluck every flower blooming from your tongue, “it wasn’t going to be anybody else but you.”
His laugh tickles along your bellybutton, and he gives that a gentle kiss too. “The pressure’s on, huh?”
“No pressure just—” Your breath hitches when his tongue flicks just above your underwear. “I trust you. A lot. I guess.”
“Hey.” He taps at your hip until you look at him, trying not to shy away at the earnest intensity in his eyes. “I’ll take care of you. Promise.”
You don’t answer; you can’t answer, but he doesn’t know that; he just sees the way you let out shaky breath, the way you let your head fall back as you chew on the words you’re both still too shy to say. The line of your hips is too tight, too tense, despite the way you arch beneath his mouth, despite the breathy sighs you let slip as he trails his way down. Even the gentle circles he rubbing into your inner thighs aren’t helping so he pokes his head up from between your legs, eyebrow quirked.
“You okay?”
“Yeah.” You shoot him a wobbly smile. “Yeah.”
It isn’t enough to placate him so he pounces on you, pressing his nose against yours as he grazes his lips across your own.
“You know you can tell me to stop whenever, right?” He waits until you nod slow, steady, visibly relaxing. “It’s just me.”
“Just you and Sukuna,” you whisper back and he deliberately chooses to ignore the smug hmph that echoes through his mind.
“He’s not paying attention; don’t worry. I told him not to look.” It’s a blatant lie and you know it; he can see it in the way you arch an eyebrow, the slight roll of your eyes, the way Sukuna grins atop his throne of bones and shifts to prop his head in his other hand as he devours you through Yuuji’s eyes.
“Right. Sure.”
You kiss him, lazy and gentle before he can speak, the green light to keep going. He doesn’t take the same path as before, just skims his fingers along the gentle curve of your waist as he settles back onto his knees to stare at the wet spot in the middle of your underwear. He extends a finger to hook your panties to the side, sucking in a sharp breath at the way your folds are slick and shiny with your juices, at the way he can feel the heat of you on the back of his hand.
“You’re really wet.”
You squirm, whether from embarrassment or anticipation he can’t really be bothered to check, but the amusement that tinges your voice is clear as you reply, “Yeah…that’s supposed to happen.”
“I know that,” he mumbles, pouting a little only to forget his wounded pride the minute he has your underwear off. It’s like his hand is magnetized to your cunt, that same, brave finger that’d tugged the damp fabric to the side forging forward and slipping into your cunt. It’s soft and warm and makes his cock ache in his pants as he watches and feels his finger slide knuckle-deep. It’s fascinating watching it go in and out, watch the way more and more of your slick coats his skin to slip down the curve of his thumb. It’s even better when he adds another finger, watching the way it spreads you open a little more, hearing the cute little noises you’re making as he fingers you.
“Oi.” The mouth sitting on his cheek has the presence of mind to whisper, Sukuna’s eye fixated on the same spot as Yuuji’s. “It’s not a Chinese finger trap. Curl your fingers.”
“Eh? Like in a hook?” Itadori frowns but does it anyway, eyebrows rising as you squeal and buck your hips.
“No, stupid brat. Stroke them.”
“But I am—”
“You’re doing it wrong, little punk—”
“Yuuji?” You’re about to sit up and Sukuna’s still leering at your wet pussy and the thought of you finding out he’s getting sex advice from a thousand-year-old (older? Maybe? Who even really knows) curse makes alarms go off inside Itadori’s head, so he does what he does best: diving in, face first. In this case, tongue first. The noise you make though, some unholy combination of a moan and a yelp, makes his face feel hot, makes his head spin deliriously, makes him groan against the sensitive folds of your pussy as he slurps and sucks along the sensitive hood of your clit.  
“Now.” Yuuji jolts when Sukuna speaks, voice muffled against the meat of your thigh. “Crook your fingers, like in those stupid kung-fu movies you like so much.”
Normally, he’d argue that they aren’t stupid, that Stephen Chow is a treasure, that Kung-Fu Hustle is a cinematic masterpiece, but right now with the smell and taste of you thick in his face, he’ll let it slide. Especially because he does as told and you gush a little more, making everything a little wetter, a little messier, a little hotter.
Fuck, he’s so hard it hurts, but he can’t be bothered to fuck his fist, can’t even be bothered to tug his pants open when you’re crying out his name like that, pussy clamping down hard on his fingers as he strokes along that one spot in your pussy that’s making your toes curl and legs shake.
“Put your lips on her and flick your tongue.”
Blindly, Yuuji obeys, because…well, maybe Sukuna’s led him astray before, but right now…right now he’s helping Itadori pull all sorts of wonderful noises from your lips and your cunt. You tangle a hand in his hair and tug hard, hard enough to make him wince and in retaliation he sucks on that little bundle of nerves with all he’s got, pressing his fingers more insistently into you, and then you squirt for real, all over his face as you shake and saying something that sounds like Yuuji there there there there. Sukuna laughs and it’s a blessing you’re too far gone, too stuck in your orgasm to hear because he’s not bothering keeping quiet anymore as he says,
“Drink up, brat. Make sure you don’t waste any of it.”
Sukuna’s own tongue is slithering through your folds, lapping up what Itadori misses, occasionally grazing along the sensitive edge of Yuuji’s tongue in a way that shouldn’t feel good but does. Itadori has to take a moment to collect himself, to wipe the sheen of arousal that’s dripping down his chin on the edge of his shirt, to undo and push down his pants so his aching erection is blessedly free, standing stiff and pretty, curving up towards his belly.
He fists himself while he watches you come down, trailing a soothing hand along your body, the other squeezing at the base of his cock because you look better than he ever could’ve imagined, laid out across his bed like this. There’s a swell of pride when he sees you still panting, still jolting a little with the aftershocks of your orgasm as you eye his cock, eyes going wide at the flushed head that’s weeping precum down his fingers.
“You want me to…should I…?”
His eyes flicker to your lips and they look so tempting, look like they’d feel like heaven along his throbbing shaft, but he knows…he knows the minute you wrap your pretty mouth around him he’s cumming, coating your tongue with his seed.
“No.” Maybe he’s a little too abrupt because you pull back a little, a flicker of hurt crossing your face, and he amends himself as he tugs his pants down, kicking them off to the side as he hovers over you. “I really…really want to be inside you. Like, right now.”
You look cute all flustered; no, cuter than usual, Yuuji thinks, ignoring the sneer Sukuna sends him. The way your hands sneak up his shirt are not even remotely shy, though, not with the way they stoke along his abs, not with the way they graze past his nipples. You help him slip it off, hoodie and t-shirt in one fell swoop, the edge of the hood and the front still damp from your cum, something that makes him grit his teeth as he thinks maybe…maybe he won’t wash it for a while.
He takes his time once he’s undressed to kiss you again, thoroughly, properly, giving him a moment to calm down, giving you a minute to gather your nerve. The curve of his cock keeps bumping teasingly against your mound, not enough to satiate the need blooming inside you, just enough to remind you he’s still there, thick and hard and heavy.
“I’m ready,” you mumble into his mouth, feeling the shiver that races down his spine.
“Kay. That’s…yeah. That’s cool.” Reluctantly he draws back, fumbling for the condoms. The first one is abandoned to the garbage. The next slips out of his hands (why is he so nervous?). The third one works, slips easily down his shaft, a protective barrier of latex that he thinks, stupidly, is kind of like the cursed veil of sex. He grips the thickest part of his cock, slicks the head along your entrance. “Good?”
“Yeah…” The tip nudges your clit, blossoming starbursts behind your eyes. “Yeah.”
“Okay.” It’s an awful, awful tease, and he deserves the half-glare you shoot his way when he shifts away, smiling sheepishly. “I uh…I think it might be better if you’re on top. So you can control how fast it goes, you know?”
“I…” He clears his throat, his eyes skittering from your pussy to your tits, before landing on your face. “I don’t think I can go slow.”
The look you give him, just open lust and a shaky inhale wash his embarrassment away, and suddenly he’s very, very glad he told you this, especially when he lies down and you move to sit atop him, your body on display for his hungry gaze as he watches you angle his cock towards your entrance.
It’s when you’re fully straddling him that he realizes, belatedly, maybe this isn’t the best position for him. He can see the way you’re dripping, lube and slick a delectable cocktail that smears all along the inside of your thighs, and the sight of you grabbing his cock with a firm hand to guide it to your entrance makes him shiver.
“Don’t cum too quick, brat,” Sukuna cackles.
Yuuji hisses, “Shut up,” trying not to think about how good it’s going to feel inside you, fucking you, cumming in you—
“Huh?” You’re panting, the tip of his cock nudging at your tight hole, just the barest heat kissing the head and if he was a lesser man, he might cry at the way you pause above him. “Do you…do you want to stop—”
“No.” It comes out a little needier than he wanted it to, a little more strained and it makes him flush down to his chest when he hears Sukuna’s laughter grow louder. You’re so close though, and he can’t really help himself; he bucks his hips a little, just enough to spread your lips apart a little more, just enough to feel the delicious friction of your – tight wet hot good so fucking good – cunt.
“Ah, Yuuji that—” You sink a little lower and his eyes roll back in his head. “That felt good—”
You bite your lip to muffle your moans but they still ring out, sweet and clear and driving him into a frenzy. Your walls cling to every inch of him, the slow way you’re lifting your hips up and down to take a little more of him every time turning him into a white-knuckled mess.
Sukuna swears, voice low, growled, sounding as wrecked as Yuuji feels when he says, “Open your eyes. You’re going to want to see this.”
It’s a struggle to pry them open but Itadori does as told, mouth falling open as he watches the obscene squelch of your pussy trying to pull his cock in, grasping desperately around the thick girth of his shaft. And your face…you’re biting your lip so hard he’s worried you might draw blood, but the dazed pleasure that sinks your lids low, that creases your brow as your lashes flutter…the way you still have a hand wrapped around his base, no, now it’s splaying along his abdomen, nails digging into his skin as you drop your hips lower—
“S-stop—stop!” he bites out and you freeze, pussy clenching and quivering around him as he grabs at your thighs, digging his fingers into your legs.
“You okay?”
It should be a little shameful that you’re asking him this instead of the other way around, but he’s so close to cumming and the sight of you wiggling your hips down to meet his accompanied with the gush of arousal spilling from you isn’t helping.
“Y-yeah, it’s just…it’s just a lot.” He forces himself to take a deep breath, forces himself to stop thinking about the exquisite heat that he’s desperate to rut into. “Are you good? Doesn’t hurt, right?”
“No, it just feels…uncomfortable, but not in a bad way.” You bounce experimentally, ripping a moan from your throat as you sink a little lower. “Not in a bad way at all.”
“Shit—shit I can’t—” Whatever he’s trying to say is lost as you take him in all the way, the fat of your ass cushioned along his muscled thighs, your nails scrabbling along his chest as you cry out at the feeling of him inside you.
“Yuuji.” You collapse onto his chest, shivering in his arms as you rock your hips from side to side, the sound of your cunt sucking him in and out filling your ears. “’M so full—”
He lets out a little huff along your ear and that’s all the warning you get before he wraps his arms around you, holding you firmly to his chest. He shifts you a little, mutters a half-hearted apology when he jostles you so he can brace his feet against the mattress as he begins to fuck up into you. Hard.
“Yuu—!" His name is lost in your throat, swallowed by the high-pitched keen you let out instead, drowned beneath the drool the spills from the corner of your mouth as he pumps his cock in and out, breathy little gasps and ahhhhs whispered into your ear. You couldn’t move if you wanted to, arms pinned to your side, chest pressed firmly against his, nothing but the loud smack smack smack of his hips against yours. He shifts for a moment, but he doesn’t let you go, doesn’t stop mouthing at your neck and licking and biting at it, doesn’t stop moaning in your ear. Instead, he gropes at your ass, squeezing and rubbing and spanking and jiggling at the cheeks as you whimper and soak his cock with your essence.
“I sh-should…what?” He hears your faint noise of confusion but he can’t find it in himself to acknowledge it, his eyes growing wide as he listens to Sukuna’s suggestion, as his hips stutter and falter, plunging into you hard before he pulls out, stilling as he swears and tries to keep from cumming. “Fuck. Fuck. Okay okay okay.”
“C’mon, please, fuck me—fuck me again,” you beg, biting at his lip until he kisses you, until he presses the head of his cock back inside you, making your mouth fall open as the air stutters from your lungs, the feeling of his cock carving into you just a delicious the second time around.
He starts a steady pace, strong enough for you to feel the deliberate way he aims at that spot inside you that makes you squirm, slow enough that he can slink a hand down your back, over the swell of your ass to swipe at the mess between your bodies, his little moan so sweet when he nudges at his balls. He doesn’t linger there though; his fingers, slick and slippery slide up and up and up, nudging your cheeks apart to circle a wicked finger around your tight pucker, warming the ring of muscle beneath his sure stroke as you choke on your words and go taut against him.
“Just—relax, okay? Breathe. You gotta—unh—stop squeezing me like that—” He seats you firmly on his cock, lets you grind into the feeling, lets you slowly start to crave and press back into the dual sensations, clit rubbing against his abdomen as you rock back and forth.
“’M gonna—gonna cum again,” you whimper and god you shouldn’t sound that good. Three little words shouldn’t be enough to have him hissing and fucking into you faster.
“Yeah? You getting close?”
“Y-Yuuji I’m gonna—”
“You keep—keep getting tighter—‘s so fuckin’ wet down there you feel so good bouncing on my cock—” He gulps down a desperate breath as your walls start spasming around him, your voice pitching higher as your back arches and you keen,
“Yuuji ‘m gonna cum I’m gonna cum I’m gonna—”
Maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s happenstance, maybe it’s Sukuna speaking absolute filth either out loud or in Yuuji’s head (he can’t really tell right now) about how you’re going to look so tempting with Itadori’s cum leaking out of you, about how you’re taking his cock so well for your first time, about how you’re probably ruined for anybody else now, pussy made for Yuuji, moulded to his cock, hungry just for him— Yuuji’s finger slips past the tight ring of your ass and your eyes fly wide as you cum with a wordless shout, pressing your face into Yuujis’ shoulder as you clench hard on his cock, so tight he feels you trying to push him out, so tight he has to fight to stay buried inside you, so tight he doesn’t even notice until five seconds later that you’ve squirted all over him, your cum pooling along his stomach and trickling down to the bed.
“O-oh g-god—I…I…!”
It feels infinitely better cumming inside someone than inside his hand. That’s the first thing he thinks after his mind blanks, after he only sees white, after he feels like he’s finally done pumping you full of cum, cock still twitching and pulsing inside your still too hot, still too tight pussy.
“That was…” You turn your head to nuzzle your nose at his jaw, leaving a sloppy, exhausted kiss at the corner of his chin. “That was…um…”
“Yeah.” He splays his arms out wide, heart still beating rapidly as he stares up at his ceiling, glitter still winking at the corner of his vision. “Pretty good for a first time, huh?”
Yuuji smooths a hand over your hair, glancing down at you with a silly little smile on his face. “Wanna clean up then watch a movie?” When you nod his smile grows bigger. “I’m thinking Kung-Fu Hustle—”
“Not so fast, brats.”
Both of you tense from the voice that floats up from Yuuji’s belly, one big gleeful eye sitting above the wide mouth that sits below his stomach. Before either of you can respond Sukuna’s tongue lolls forward to curl around the base of Yuuji’s flagging cock to lick it clean, sliding along your puffy folds and tingling clit to pull a sharp gasp from you.
A pair of arms – Sukuna’s arms – riddled with black tattoos and tipped with black nails pry you from Yuuji’s hold, sitting you up to paw at your tits, and roll your hips until you feel Itadori stir inside you, his brow pinched as a reluctant ah spills from him.
It only takes a second, the lines streaking across Yuuji’s face, the fiery eyes that flash open along his cheekbones, the press of a second (a second?!) cock tight against your clit, thick and veiny and intimidating. The world spins and you’re pressed back against the mattress, hands pinning your arms above your head, broad shoulders pressing your legs to your chest, a mouth biting greedily at your tits, your neck, and then your jaw as Sukuna growls,
“It’s my turn now.”
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rockandrollonthat45 · 10 months ago
Jack, rescuing Cas from The Empty: So, do you want to go back to earth? The bunker? Sam and Dean have missed you.
Cas, trying to avoid Dean at all costs: You know what? I think heaven needs to be rebuilt entirely
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geeeeezzzzzzz · a month ago
because you already have them!
tell yourself "i already have it" whenever you think of your desire
i already have the perfect body
i already have my desired body
i already have a perfect face
i already have my desired face
i already have billions in my bank account
i already have tons of friends
i already have tons on cute clothes
i already smell heavenly
stop thinking you don't have it!! YOU DO! stop thinking in that mindset and tell yourself "i am perfect, everything about me is perfect and i have every single thing i want"
this may be harsh and it is a hard mindset to adapt after years of thinking differently so try your best and do not go back to the old "i don't have it" mindset or you'll be going back and forth and making no progress!!
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autonomerdackel · 8 months ago
Shut up about Wanderlust and whatever, the only real untranslatable German words are: tja, naja, and doch
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princezukodiangelo · 15 days ago
You can say whatever you want, but I KNOW that Andrew Minyard holds Neil Josten like he’s the most precious thing that exists in this world.
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Duke and Cass could trigger the apocalypse and they’d still be the angel children.
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The only dragon age discourse I want to see is "Varric keeps his shirt unbuttoned in subzero temperatures all game for what reason?"
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