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silversparks27 · 10 hours ago
ToG Relationships
I think the best thing about the bonds and relationships in Throne of Glass is that the friendship remains. Even after the many romances and breakups within the group, the respect and love for each other never completely goes away. Whether it’s Aelin with Dorian and Chaol, or Rowan with her exes too. Even Manon only has grief in her heart for Dorian losing Sorscha. No matter what, everyone remains mature, allied and friends, knowing they will have each other’s backs irrespective of their personal feelings at the moment. There is not a hint of unnecessary jealousy and irrational feelings, no betrayals due to spite. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things ever. This group truly sets the standards and shows how well things can be handled.
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vxlarhys-insta · a day ago
Chaol: Welcome to today's session of Daddy issues.
Dorian: Last session we discussed our various problems with our fathers.
Aedion: Today we should speak abou-
Manon: Ok I may have misunderstood the agenda
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himadrij · a day ago
Pls I just finished kingdom of ash and I’m on my periods so I’m sobbing every paragraph
I need to get a fkn grip ffs
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Bread on 'Throne of Glass'
Book By Sarah J. Maas
Before anyone says anything, here are my qualifications to criticize the book:
I am a reader, that means I can have opinions about books I read
I am a writer
I am no book critic, of course, and this is also my first ✨book review✨, and I am open to polite discussion if anyone actually reads this and has something to say about it. The review is gonna be a list type of thing because I add as I get further into the book.
Let's get into the review.
Okay, so, I currently am at chapter 7 and so far I am enjoying the read. It's not the most exciting thing I've ever read but it's okay. My first issue comes here: chapter 7, page 41, these two specific paragraphs:
Slaves staggered down the gangplank of a merchant ship. A mix of conquered nations bound together, each of them had the hollow, raging faces she'd seen so many times before. Most of the slaves were prisoners of war—rebels who survived the butchering blocks and endless lines of Adarlan's armies. Some were probably people who had been caught or accused of trying to practice magic. But others were just ordinary folk, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now that she noticed, there ere countless chained slaves working the docks, lifting and sweating, holding parasols and pouring water, eyes at the ground or at the sky—never on what was before them.
She wanted to leap from her horse and run to them, or to simply scream that she wasn't part of this prince's court, that she had no hand in bringing them there, chained and starved and beaten, that she had worked and bled with them , with their families and friends—she was not like these monsters that destroyed everything. That she had done something, nearly two years ago, when she had freed almost two hundred slaves from the Pirate Lord. Even that, though, still wasn't enough.
These are the only two paragraphs about slaves in the whole chapter. The thing that stuck out to me is that Caelena never says anything about wanting to free those people. The paragraphs don't go like "She wished she could get off her horse and run to them, to break their chains and let them go free, so they could have their lives like people, treated with basic human decency and respect, not like animals.", she never says anything on the lines of that. It goes more like "She wanted to get off her horse to remind these people that she wasn't a rich kidTM".
Let me repeat: she doesn't say anything about caring for these people, she just wants to make herself feel better. It's like when White AlliesTM go like: "No, I'm not racist, I posted the black square on Instagram last year! Oh, you're asking about sharing petitions and information about how to help POCs on my platform, making sure people are educated? That's too much."
Even the part about her freeing two hundred slaves put there like that makes it look like she is doing everything literally only to make herself feel better.
Look, I'm not saying that Chaol and Dorian are in love, I'm just saying that if you view their relationship as romantic it makes everything more interesting. The intimacy, Dorian saying he's be alone if it weren't for Chaol because he feels different from everyone else, the teasing regarding Caelena... oh, they both have a female love interest later on? You fool, you absolute fool. They're both bisexual and polyamorous.
Finally finished reading! I enjoyed the book. My point of view was very biased when I started reading it, as it had been formed only by reading Antis posts (which I'm not saying are inherently wrong, but I had started thinking that all the books were gonna be complete utter shit because of the bad things I read—mea culpa, it was stupid, I know.
The plot was entrataining, even if pretty basic for a YA fantasy, I liked reading about the Tests, but the "evil force" plot was kinda meh to me. Like, it goes like:
Caelena: mh, I wonder who might be the person doing all this evil stuff and taking the champion's power. It must be Nehemia, my best friend here, definitly not Cain who would gain a lot by taking other's strength while also eliminating completion, the same Cain who has been acting weird and suspicious lately and who also has been weirly gaining a lot of muscles with no explanation.
Caelena wasn't so bad, I didn't particularly like her but she could be pleasant in some scenes, even if really annoying in others. Her motivation is very simple: not go back to the slave camp, a very understandable reason that worked. The whole "Wyrdmark on her forhead" thingy is probably gonna turn into her being the Chosen One of the Big Cool Prophecy to beat the Big Bad Evil, but okay I guess :/
Dorian was cool, I guess. I liked the scenes with him in it and he was pleasant, so a good 8/10 for him? I don't really have a lot to say about him.
I liked Chaol. That's it. 7/10
Nehemia is amazing, intelligent, friendly, kind, sweet, smart, a good person, a healer, a queen, caring, brave, strong, beautiful, a fighter, the closer thing to a Saint that the book has, I would literally die for her, simply perfect. 10/10
Nox my beloved <3
Again, Dorian and Chaol should be boyfriends. I'm temped to write a fanfic from their point of view where they deal with Caelena as boyfriends. Chaol being jealous? Who is he jealous for, Caelena or Dorian? def both. And in the end they all get together in a good poly relationship because yes <3
Nehemia deserves a girlfriend. SJM, make Nehemia get a gf >:( (I know that she probably dies in the next books, but still)
That's it I suppose. Overall I'd rate it a 7/10 or a 8/10
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book2sims · 2 days ago
Yrene Towers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yrene Towers | Tower of Dawn (Throne of Glass Series) by Sarah J. Maas
Described as:
golden-brown skin and rich brown curly hair with flashes of dark gold, considered a beautiful woman, especially accented by her golden-brown eyes. Has a slender frame, a small waist and other features that she has been generously blessed with.
“For wherever you need to go - and then some. The world needs more healers.”
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ToG/ACOTAR Crossover
Rhys and Aelin are immediate best friends
Rowan and Feyre have a cup of tea while watching their mates out-sass both enemies and allies alike
Rowan and Rhysand watching Feyre and Aelin wreak chaos and havoc
Aelin and Mor give each other fashion advice
Cassian and Dorian become friends purely based off of dating shit-scary women
Nesta and Manon find this delightfully hilarious and become best friends
They proceed to join Aelin and Feyre in their chaos (to Aelin’s delight)
Fenrys and Azriel have an arm-wrestling match (Fenrys’s idea)
Fenrys proceeds to lose
Mor and Aelin find this hilarious
Lorcan is delighted
Elide calls him out on it and makes him arm-wrestle Azriel
Lorcan loses (to Aelin’s eternal joy)
Nesta grows an immediate liking to Elide
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goldenxxhour · 2 days ago
I just finished reading Queen of Shadows and now I feel empty (until I start reading the next book) and I have to say this book actually made me like Chaol and I love the Doraelin friendship and I'm sure I will start shipping Chaol and Yrene at some point but Chaol and Nesryn would be great for each other 🥺
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booksbabey · 2 days ago
ok now that i have fallen back into crescent city and we are all waiting for hunt to be the next tamlin/chaol i feel like she KNOWS she’s become predictable and will switch it up i’ll do anything at this point hunt has my heart in a way that tamlin and chaol never did pleas sjm
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chaoticeldestdaughter · 4 days ago
finished the throne of glass series
time to email my therapy sum to Sarah J Maas jokes aside, that series shaped me further. gods help my friends who will now have to deal with more arrogance and an even heightened god-complex of mine
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venmomejoy · 4 days ago
Convince Me- Ch. 14
notes: surprise!!!!!! if you're thinking "omg it has been forever since you've updated this fic," you'd be right, and the reason is because I suck. but seriously, I got super stressed with school and college decisions and stuff and I truly didn't have the time, but I just recently graduated as my high school's valedictorian so I guess it paid off! Nonetheless, I have plans for this fic and I am going to finish it goddamnit. I really hope you guys still have interest, I know this may not be my best but I really hope you all still like it :) if you have thoughts on the story or just want to talk leave a comment and I'll reply! Anyways love you guys mwah mwah mwah
read it on AO3 here or the previous parts are linked in my masterlist!!
The silence in the room was thick. It felt as if the density of the air had shot up, so heavy that it had locked all of them in place. Maeve's outstretched hand did not waver, her dark eyes glittering with threats she didn't need to vocalize. Rowan had gone still the second Maeve walked through the door, and he hadn't so much as taken a breath in the time since. No, the only movement Aelin could see was the flitting of his eyes as he read and reread that headline. Neither of them uttered a word.
Aelin wasn't so prone to silence. She had arguments and defenses practically dripping off her tongue, but she knew better than to let them slip. This wasn't her fight, at least not yet. If things turned south, it was Rowan's career that was at risk, not hers, and she would never forgive herself if her inability to hold her tongue cost Rowan the one thing he loved. Even if the accusation in question was the most idiotic fucking thing she had ever heard.
That title alone was enough to have her seeing red. She wanted to break something- maybe the offending phone in Maeve's hand, maybe the large windows that made up several of their studio's walls, maybe every single one of Lysandra's father's fingers, one by one. She wanted to clench her fingers around a glass until it shattered in her hands, and then squeeze the shards until blood ran down her arms. She thought she might dip her fingers in the warm substance and let it be her ink, and she would write about how fucked up this whole thing was, because maybe if she did something so grotesque and disturbing people might finally pay attention.
She already knew that news sites had little reservations about exploiting celebrities' weaknesses. She had seen it done too many times, had experienced it herself. But this- this was different. They not only capitalized off of Lysandra's pain, but then further commodified it, twisting it to wring out one more story they could sell. They put the most vulnerable part of her life on blast without her consent, just to trivialize it by making it a launching pad for some bullshit love story.  
It didn't matter that the whole of Lysandra's trauma had been laid out for the world. It didn't matter that she was hurting, forced to relive the worst moments of her life. Because all she was- all any of them ever were- was a story. They were things to be sold and consumed, and how they felt didn't really matter, so long as the views kept rolling in.
It made Aelin feel sick. And powerless. Because god knows they all had shit they wanted to keep to themselves, but that wasn't really feasible in this line of work. She didn't care if there were tabloids of her shopping at Trader Joe's or pumping her fucking gas, but she would like to think there was a limit to what reporters would stick their lenses into. Some universally accepted boundaries, so when things got too private or too serious, they'd all back off. Or at the very least talk about it amongst themselves and have the decency not to harass the artist. But there wasn't, and there never would be.
Aelin loved her job, and she wouldn't trade it for the world, but there were some parts that she fucking hated. Parts that needed to be changed.
After what felt like ages, Rowan finally opened his mouth, some quiet word forming on his lips, but he closed it again before he made a sound. And then, he laughed. It was short and harsh, more disbelief than humor. "This- this has to be a joke."
"One might think so," Maeve mused in a mocking voice. "I mean, for someone who seems to value his career so much, you make a habit of disobeying me. It's doesn't follow reason, yet here we are."
"There's no way anyone is taking this seriously. Nothing that happened today was even the slightest bit romantic."
"I'm glad you think so, Mr. Whitethorn, but the general public seems to disagree. First you're found leaving Lysandra's house this morning, of which you had been at for several hours, and then you passionately embrace her, making a show of being all big and protective. I'm sure you can see where they got their story."
Rowan scoffed humorlessly. "I would hardly call that passion. She was falling apart, Maeve. I did the only thing I could to keep her together."
"That's not your job, Rowan. Your job is to do what I ask of you."
Rowan opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it again sharply, jaw flexing with the effort of his silence. It surprised Aelin that he was being even this forward with Maeve- this defensiveness was a far cry from the quiet acquiescence she was used to from him. But she guessed there was a limit to his backbone when it came to their boss- Maeve was right, his career was dependent on her, and Aelin knew he would take the unjust blows if it meant he kept his job, no matter how angry it made him.
But that didn't mean she would.
"You would rather he had left her to the wolves? Would that have been better for appearances- Rowan standing idly by while Lysandra spiraled, thrown back in to the most traumatic time in her life for everyone to see? Are your priorities really that out of whack?"
Maeve dragged her eyes to Aelin's slowly. "I don't remember asking for your input, Ms. Galathynius. Besides, you're not off the hook either- your little scene this morning caused plenty of problems of its own."
Aelin's nails dug into her palms. "Forgive me for standing up for my friend. Your artist. You know, you should be out there defending Lysandra, not in here scolding Rowan for being a decent human being. Something you obviously couldn't understand."
"What a touching show of loyalty." Maeve canted her head, letting the slight slide right off her back. "Stupid, but touching. I didn't realize Rowan here needed someone to fight his battles for him. Tell me, then, Ms. Galathynius, what was Rowan doing at Lysandra's house in the first place? I wasn't aware they were friends, were you?"
Aelin took a measured breath through her nose, attempting to both rein in her anger and buy herself some time. They were broaching dangerous territory. She couldn't exactly tell Maeve that Rowan had driven her there because he had been in bed with Aelin when she got Lysandra's call. There was no need to explain Aelin's presence there- beyond being Lys's best friend, she had lived through that time in Lysandra's life with her. It made sense. But Lysandra and Rowan were hardly even friends. There wasn't a chance Maeve would believe that Lys called him over to comfort her, and even if she did, that would paint a poor picture for Maeve's romantic concerns. Plus, there was only one extra car there, which meant the only plausible stories were either that one of them had gone home with Lysandra that day and had been staying the night, or that they drove to her house together. Neither seemed like a very good option.
But Maeve was staring at her expectantly, and she had to give her something. "They aren't," Aelin lied on autopilot. "Lysandra called me in the middle of the night. I could tell she was in a really bad place, and I knew I needed to get over there, but when I got in my car the damn thing wouldn't start. I didn't have any time to waste, so I called Rowan and asked him to take me there."
"Why Rowan? Why not Manon or Elide- people she's close to?"
"Rowan's house is the closest to my apartment. I needed to get to Lysandra as soon as possible- it just made the most sense."
"And Rowan got up in the middle of the night, just to do you this favor?" Maeve says doubtfully.
It was taking everything in Aelin not to punch her boss in the nose. "I conveyed the urgency of the situation. It had nothing to do with either of us- it was about Lysandra's safety."
The story might seem farfetched and highly coincidental, but Maeve couldn't disprove it, and Aelin was a damn good liar. She would sing this story into the ground if Maeve wanted to push it, but as mad as her boss might be at how the situation looked, Maeve had no way to contradict her explanation and she knew it. If she hadn't been entirely committed to making this lie believable, Aelin might have let a smirk play on her lips. Maeve might be good at getting people where she wanted them, but Aelin wasn't a stranger to the art either.
"Well," Maeve spoke through clenched teeth."How lucky for you, that Rowan was feeling so charitable. But that doesn't negate the fact that he was fully aware of the simple restrictions he's been given and chose to violate them anyway. If you refuse to comply with what you legally agreed to, Rowan, you and I are going to have a problem."
Maeve turned to face Rowan fully, leaning into his space a bit. "Do I seem like someone who doesn't follow through on their promises to you? Or are you actually just stupid enough to think you can keep getting away with willfully disobeying me? Your signature is on that contract Rowan." She gripped his chin harshly. “You. Are. Mine. And if you value your career and your reputation, you'd do well to remember it."
Aelin's body moved before her mind did, grasping Maeve's wrist and pushing her away from Rowan none too gently. There was a red haze clouding her vision- if she had been pissed before, she was royally so now. It wasn't new information that Maeve thought she was god and expected everyone to bow to her every whim, but the way she was speaking to Rowan, and to go so far as to put her hands on him- Aelin wouldn't allow it. She wouldn't sit back and watch this tyrant bulldoze everyone she cared about because she, what? Had some fucking sway in the music industry? If facilitating her career was just going to be used as leverage over her, Aelin didn't want it.
Maeve looked slowly from Aelin's incensed eyes to where her hand circled her wrist. Then, Maeve's hand gripped her back, her acrylic nails digging into the thin skin of Aelin's wrist. Aelin's lip curled a bit in a silent wince, but she refused to balk at the cruel gleam in Maeve's eyes, even as her cherry-red lips twisted into a sneer. "You-" Maeve started.
"This could be helpful, Maeve," Rowan interjected.
After a moment, Maeve forced her eyes to turn towards Rowan, her infuriated gaze conveying how unhappy she was to have been interrupted. But she wasn't saying anything, so she had to be moderately intrigued- Aelin imagined that glimmer of curiosity was the only thing keeping her from ripping Rowan a new one. Whether Rowan anticipated this response from Maeve and decided he could get away with the interruption or if he had just done the first thing he thought of to deescalate the rapidly intensifying situation, Aelin didn't know. Probably a bit of both.
Before Maeve could decide she was more angry than interested, Rowan elaborated. "A story like this- new and mysterious and tragic, already spreading like wildfire- is going to taint any coverage the band gets for at least a month, likely longer, and Bitch Queen's tour starts in a week. Any press you were hoping to receive for their debut tour is practically scrapped, entirely overshadowed by this story. Every time they go out in public or have any sort of press release, the questions won't be about the tour, they'll be about Lysandra. Any articles about the tour won't praise their performance or skill- they will all circle back to this. No one will talk about anything else- not the music, not the performance, not even the girls themselves. We both know the reception of a debut tour is crucial to a group's future success. Without positive coverage for their tour, it won't matter that the band's album was a smash hit- they'll start to fizzle out. And as long as this story is everyone's focal point, the tour's screwed.
"But, if there was another, less damaging story circulating- like these dating rumors- that might die down quicker. Dating gossip is always interesting for a week, and then the next big rumor comes and everyone's forgotten about it. If we let these rumors run their course- not necessarily encouraging them, but not denying them either- it would give people something else to focus on. It would take a bit of the attention off of Lysandra's situation and redirect it towards something more superficial. That would give Lysandra some privacy and let the attention circle back to what it was meant to be on- the tour. Then, by the time they start performing, people will have ditched the rumors and will be able to properly focus on the girls' performance. Once that happens, I can make a public statement denying any relationship with Lysandra, and we're back to where we started. Everybody wins."
Everything was silent for a tense moment. Maeve's face was carved from granite, showing no particular emotion, but Rowan had made some good points, and they all knew it. Aelin applauded his quick thinking- the plan would get him out of hot water with Maeve, and he managed to help Lysandra along the way. The logistic benefits it brought were undeniable, and though she was saving face, Aelin knew Maeve recognized the solidity of Rowan's idea.
Unable to admit Rowan offered a good plan, Maeve snapped, "Don't condescend to me, Whitethorn. You think I haven't already thought about how to spin this? You think I don't know how to make a scandal into a PR dream? I've been doing this a lot longer than you have, and you're lucky that my expertise will get you out of this shit hole you've dug for yourself. Your thoughtless actions put us in a terrible spot, and this unplanned opportunity that arose from it is the only reason I won't have your job for this."
Rowan was prudent enough not to smart back, even though they all knew it was Rowan who had likely just saved Maeve's ass. The lame attempt at saving her pride was something Aelin almost laughed at, but they had come close enough to ruining their careers for one day- she would let Maeve pretend she was saving the day if it meant they kept their jobs.
Maeve looked between the two of them before throwing her head back dramatically, using her thumb and pointer finger to massage a spot between her eyes. "Get out," she snapped.  
"Yes, ma'am," Rowan said deferentially, bowing his head slightly. Aelin didn't need to be told twice. But as they darted out the door, Maeve stopped them.
"Oh, and Rowan?"
They both turned to face their boss, but Maeve only had eyes for him. "Yes ma'am?"
Her eyes never left Rowan's as she curled her lip and said, "Keep your girlfriend on a tighter leash."
With that, she strode past them, not sparing Aelin a glance. As if she wasn't there at all.
"Christ, I'm so sorry about all of this."
Lysandra hadn't stopped apologizing to Rowan all night, no matter how many times he told her it was fine. Maeve had caught Lysandra before they all left for the night, and she had kept their meeting brief. Maybe she didn't want to broach the subject of Lysandra's assault too directly, or maybe she was just tired of dealing with her artists and their problems, but she simply informed Lysandra of their situation and their plan, promised that her PR team was already working to handle or remove as many sites as they could regarding her past, and let her go. At first, Lysandra was a bit concerned about their boss's lack of emotion towards the whole situation, but her icy removedness was better than the harshness and blame she had been expecting.
It made more sense to her once Aelin explained she and Rowan's run-in with Maeve. Whatever anger Maeve had about the situation seemed to have been expelled then, and since Rowan had been able to spin it all to their benefit, their boss was drained back to her regular levels of bitchiness. So, if nothing else, at least her provocation of Maeve ended up helping her friend. Even though she would likely be on Maeve's bad side for the rest of her life, that made it worth it.
Still, Lysandra felt horrible about dragging Rowan into the whole thing. "You were just trying to help me," she bemoaned, "and look what that brought you. You ​guys already have the media on your asses, and I just added one more problem for you to deal with."
"Worry about yourself, not me," he said gruffly, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest. "I can handle some fucking paparazzi assholes."
Rowan never was the comforting type, but Aelin appreciated the effort. He wasn't much for tears and feelings, but he had done his best to be there for Lysandra, a girl he honestly hardly knows. It meant a lot to Aelin.
"But now you're in trouble with Maeve, and-" she turned to face Aelin, "Everyone thinks I'm dating your boyfriend! God, I can't believe I somehow managed to make this situation worse. I'm more trouble than I'm worth."
"Hey, stop that," Aelin said firmly, her hand lifting Lysandra's chin. "All of that was outside of your control. You haven't done anything to feel sorry for. Besides, this whole thing is going to end up helping us, remember? It should hopefully get the reporters off your back and let us have a fun, normal tour. So stop moping about it. Everyone's good."
Lysandra shot her a watery smile. "Right. Thank you, A."
"Of course. I'm serious, Lys- stop feeling guilty."
"I know, I know." Lysandra raised her hands defensively, a small laugh bubbling out of her throat. Then, she sighed. "It's just been... a lot for one day."
Aelin eyes drifted over her friend sadly. "I understand." She didn't want to prod at already open wounds, so she spoke carefully as she asked, "Did they ever... figure out who tipped them off?"
Lysandra's eyes were downcast as he nodded. "Arobynn Hamel. Remember him?"
Aelin closed her eyes harshly. "Fuck," she whispered. "I thought he was in prison?"
Arobynn had been a good friend of Lysandra's father. Aelin had only met him a handful of times during their childhood, and he had always felt off to her. Something about the lingering touches to her shoulder and the gleam in his eye as he looked her over had always made Aelin uncomfortable. He had never actually done anything to either of them, as far as Aelin knew- probably didn't have the chance, seeing as he got arrested for drug possession and intent to distribute when they were still young- but Aelin knew he had been aware of what Lysandra's father was doing. And he never turned him in, never beat his fucking ass for touching a child. He probably slapped him on the back, knowing the sick fucker.
"He is," Lys explained. "Turns out he and my father managed to maintain their friendship while behind bars. Because of the nature of his crime, my father doesn't have many privileges, but Arobynn's was nonviolent and he's supposedly been on good behavior, so he has some. Anyway, he made some calls to someone at US Weekly, and all he had to do was drop a few hints and they found everything. Our guess is that my father heard about our success and wanted to get back at me for turning him in, so he had Arobynn leak it all for him."
"Fucking bastard." Aelin twisted her lips. She didn't like seeing that look in her friend's eye- so distantly devastated, laden with a pain so deep and constant that it had become a constant ache. It might not be big and flashy anymore, but it was there, and it had sunken into her flesh, perhaps more bearable now, but never ending. That pain was something Lysandra could count on. And it was exhausting. "Is there anything I can do for you?"
Again, a weak smile. "No. You've done more than enough already." Aelin shook her head dismissively, but Lysandra wasn't having it. "No, I'm serious, Aelin. I couldn't have gotten through today without you. Just having you here... it's the only thing that makes it bearable."
Aelin gripped her hand. "I know the feeling." Using their joined hands, Aelin rose and hauled Lysandra up. "C'mon, you want to go to bed?"
"Yes, but I'm, uh-" Lysandra looked down, scratching the back of her neck self-consciously. "I'm waiting on Aedion. He's going to stay with me tonight."
Aelin grinned at her words and the flush creeping across her friend's cheeks. She nudged Lys with her shoulder. "You don't have to be embarrassed. You guys have been dating since you were thirteen in my eyes."
"It's not embarrassment, it's that. I can't stand to give you the satisfaction." Lys playfully rolled her eyes.
Aelin patted her shoulder in mock sympathy. "Aw, Lys, I can't help that I'm always right. You all should really start listening to me more- my track record is stellar."
"Didn't you almost get us fired today?" Rowan questioned.
"Irrelevant. When it comes to matters of the heart, I'm never wrong."
"Didn't you spend months swearing up and down that you didn't like Rowan?" Lys added.
"Willful ignorance. Who would own up to having feelings for this brute?"
Aelin met Rowan's glare with a bright smile right as a knock sounded through the room. Lysandra darted towards her front door, and Aelin began gathering her things, knowing that her cousin's arrival was her and Rowan's cue to leave.
Lysandra had barely opened the door before Aedion had wrapped her in his massive arms. She melted into his touch, shoulders sagging as she buried her face in his chest. He was murmuring her name over and over, his hands clutching her back and waist like he was trying to pull her into his skin. Rowan looked desperate to be away from the PDA, and Aelin was also inclined to give the couple some privacy- Aedion had been out of town on business when the story broke late last night, but he came home as soon as he heard, and though they had spoken on the phone, Aelin knew he and Lysandra would have much to discuss tonight.
Just as Aelin and Rowan slid around them to the door, Aedion pulled away from Lysandra, moving his hands from her waist to her cheeks, scanning over her wildly. She shot him a sad smile, eyes beginning to brim with tears again. Aelin didn't want to intrude on their moment any longer, so she simply called out, "Call if you need anything, Lys," before walking out towards Rowan's car.
The drive home was quiet. They had both had an incredibly taxing day, and unless Rowan had managed to cram a few hours in on Lysandra's kitchen counter, they had been operating on very little sleep. Still, Rowan's hand was a constant weight on her thigh, unmoving even when she twined her fingers with his. She couldn't wait to burrow into his soft mattress, wrapped up in thick blankets and his arms. Perhaps she had tired herself enough that sleep would come easy that night.
Once they arrived at Rowan's house, they moved like machines, hanging up keys and shedding clothes, brushing teeth and turning down covers. Aelin could see the sleepiness in all of Rowan's movements- the slight shuffle of his feet as he walked, the slow blinks of his eyes, the periodic yawns that took over his face. Looking at him, Aelin was overcome with gratitude. Rowan was kind, yes, and she knew he didn't want Lysandra to suffer, but she also knew that if Lys wasn't her best friend, Rowan wouldn't have devoted nearly as much of himself to this situation as he had.
When he slid into the sheets next to her, Aelin could stop herself from wrapping her arms around him. "Thank you," she murmured into the taut skin of his chest.
"What for?" he asked with heartbreaking gentleness. His hands started making slow strokes through her hair.
"Everything. Today. I really appreciate all that you did for Lysandra."
"It was nothing."
"It wasn't nothing. You don't know Lysandra all that well, but you still drove me over there in the middle of the night and stayed up while I comforted her. You held her when she needed support. You helped today- so much. So thank you."
She listened to the thrum of his heart as they fell silent for a moment. Then, he said, "She's your best friend, baby. Anyone whose important to you is important to me."
Aelin propped her chin on his chest, looking him in the eye as he brushed golden strands out of her face. "And, I'm sorry. I never wanted to get you in trouble with Maeve. And I know you can handle it, but I also know how important your career is to you, and I hate that you had to jeopardize that for me today."
"You aren't responsible for Maeve's actions. Don't feel guilty about things you can't control. Besides, we worked it all out, so there's nothing to beat yourself up about."
"Still, now you'll have to indulge these idiotic rumors. I know you hate how the news meddles in your personal life- I'm sorry that I forced you into a place where you had to compromise your privacy."
He shook his head bemusedly at her. "Weren't you just telling Lysandra not to feel guilty about all of this? How is she supposed to take your advice when you can't even manage to?"
"It's different," Aelin huffed, snuggling deeper into his chest. After a moment of silence, Aelin said, "Maeve called me your girlfriend today."
Rowan stiffened a bit. "Mhm."
"Have we been too obvious?"
"No," he reassured her. "I mean, everyone with eyes can see that there's something between us, but she has no reason to think that we've acted on it. I think she mostly just said that to get under my skin, make sure I know she's watching me."
"I don't want to make things harder for you."
He tightened his grip around her, nestling them deeper into the mattress. "Hm, I'll live. But you'll have to make it up to me." He dragged his nose playfully along her cheek, though his eyes had fallen shut.
"Oh, yeah? How so?"
"Lots and lots of sex."
Aelin grinned. He somehow always knew how to make her smile, even on a day as shitty as today. "I think that can be arranged."
"It has to be the good stuff, too."
"Have I ever disappointed?"
Aelin could hear the smile in his voice when he said, "You couldn't if you tried."
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theonewhoimagined · 6 days ago
ffs i watched a TOG trailer bc ya know it's just✨ a beautifully made fan trailer✨until i read a spoiler at the COMMENT SECTION. WHY DO I NEVER LEARN
Tumblr media
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scorpihoe · 7 days ago
So I just started reading Throne of Glass and I know that Aelin/Celaena ends up with Rowan and has this epic story with him later (and I’ll probably end up liking them more) but so far her and Chaol are really cute together ♥️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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delicatastrophe · 8 days ago
I love SJM a lot. Her writing is phenomenal.
But BRUH, if she describes a place as having the “reek of unwashed bodies” ONE MORE TIME, I will drop-kick her.
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Dorian: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Aelin: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Chaol: There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
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aelinsfics · 8 days ago
an early sneak peak at the LIGHTS OVER NASHVILLE update. thank you for the wonderful feedback, this is truly the fic of my heart. 
“Rowan and I had another fight,” She frowns, and Chaol takes her hand. 
“We don’t fight.” 
“Rowan says I only want to be with you because I’m a slut, and you’re trying to reap some reward for being my friend.” 
Chaol’s eyes widen, and he says, “That’s some piping hot tea.” He lets out a low whistle and looks away.
the fact that you’re getting a sneak peak is mostly because @naboojakku and @flamingveritas calmed my ass down. 
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