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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#chaos fam

i am 7 away from 350 followers… when I get there, I’ll draw a little self-portrait and write a backstory for chaos fam, I think, so let’s get there soon!

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hey i know i have some chaos family followers so uh. does anyone know. how to uh,, join? i’ll probably exist on the periphery, the way i tend to, but like if y’all are taking applications for maybe a weird neighbor or cool babysitter i think it would be fun

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Floyd: First I made them with shrimp and cheese! And then sausage, oysters…

Tomatoes, broccoli, strawberries, heavy cream, chocolate, anchovies, potato salad, konnyaku…

I see you’ve tried out a lot.

Floyd: Yeah! It ended up turning into a contest over who could make the weirdest combo… All of ‘em were so gross, it was hilarious!

Okay, was rereading Floyds birthday card yet again and just thought about Floyd and Midori making totally garbage takoyaki for dinner and dying laughing together at Yoru trying to eat it without barfing. This family is going to be the death of me.

translation borrowed from @twstarchives translation of the birthday cards :D

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Finally attempting to draw/sketch fullbody works of my ocs lmao

Decided to also rework Otero’s look (Mei is staying the same, but she needs a ref regardless), nothing solid yet but have a super rough idea of Tei’s spawn # 1

Also if you realized i forgot to give his horns the correct color in the Vigilant outfit no you didn’t
#for those wondering about skin texture, #save for the darker scale patches its like touching a scaleless snake, #majority of the rougher scales on Otero are located on his back fun fact, #but uuh im also prob gonna be using him for a full Vigilant playthough? (He'd obv look more like an argonian in game), #but still thinking storywise on why he'd try n join at first, #bcus growing up w a werewolf reptile dad who also kinda pokes at other daedra, #a dad who has a bad past with one, #aaand a dad who really just is along for the ride, #Otero was p much taught alongside the rest of his siblings to be wary of the Vigilants, #so uh fuck what i got so far is 'Tero kinda booked it to Dawnstar during a crisis(tm), #(weird dreams & also pressure from both fam & the public w Kaidan leading the Dragonguard & Tei seeming to move their way up to Emperor, #& both kinda needing a heir. lotsa pressure for a lad who just wants to chill), #he initially brushed off Altano but the dude may or may not have used Otero's current insecurity/unsure state to their advantage, #on convincing them to join idk like Altano invites him to the vamp hunt before taking him to the temple, #hmm dunno dont want to make the mod's characters ooc but the jist is Otero really wasnt thinking clearly now he's in for chaos, #bad daedric encounter must run in the family, #but enought rambling i gotta sleep, #skyrim, #skyrim oc, #argonian hybrid, #rough doodle, #wip, #digital art, #digital work, #goat dad's work, #Otero Perdes, #also shit i really need to work on my watercolor final so yep bed time then early rise fdasfadsfasf
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Mail man: *leaves after delivering a package*

Spn fan: Wow, that was a really bad studio fanfic epilogue

Mail man: *comes back*

Spn fan: *checks the doorstep*

Mail man:


SPN fam, in rage:

Mail Man: *walks away*

SPN fan: what—he said–they censored—they really did that?

Mail man: *come back*


Mail Man:

oh, one more thing.  Good thing I didn’t go far.

SPN fan:

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