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#chaos family

Ok, here’s my piece. This situation going on is fucking insane. Why the fuck were two people who only knew each other over tumblr in a relationship in the first place? That’s dangerous as hell, but anyway, even if you think your are in the right, there’s no excuse to just call us all toxic. And furthermore, stay the FUCK away from Jam! What did they do? I don’t know why you’re going at them, sort out your goddamn drama with your ex-partner none of the rest of us give a shit about your fucking dysfunctional internet relationship.

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-Darry makes chicken and it’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted

-I think it was a bad idea to let Soda make mac and cheese? It was this weird blue grey color. But it was good overall.

-Johnny was sooO thankful like, he kept saying thank you every 5 minutes for the dinner because nobody ever cared for him like the gang did.

-Two Bit, Steve and Pony started a food fight and one of them hit you in the face with mashed potatoes.

-Steve hit you in the face with the mashed potatoes.

-You got mad and threw some mac and cheese at Dally. 

-Oh shit he was so pissed, he looked like he was bout to murder you.

-But he didn’t, he just dumped his whole plate of corn on your heaD?!

-Darry gave up and went into the living room to read the newspaper.

-Johnny threw a piece of chicken at Pony.

-They both had a little food fight together, it was honestly adorable

-This little shit, Soda tried putting mashed potatoes down your shirt

-You bitch slapped him like a boss and he went to whine to Darry

-Johnny broke a plate and a glass hoW the fuck did he manage to do that?

-It all ended when the chocolate cake was brought out, by Darry.

-Never have a family dinner with the gang ever again

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Alsldjsjshs yeah oops- I saw the other icon and thought “hey look it’s me” so I changed it alsldjjsshsh

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What has he done?

Or is his existence the greatest sin of all?

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Masriel - „As soon as they met, they fell in love.“

some kind of wallpaper for a spin-off 😏

today i can present you my latest artwork. i‘ve spent 4 days on this and it was a lot of work. i hope you‘ll like it. 😊🙈💜

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I opened my drafts because there are a few of my posts but it’s mostly just long reblogs I meant to read

And it’s nearly 3 am I’m not reading it now either

Do you know how much will it took to not save this post as a draft. The draft box is like superturbohell /ref. You gotta get dragged out.

Guess how many drafts are in there.

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Hello dear!

How are you?

You should know, I’m very happy to always see you in my notifications! Always makes my day a little better

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Hello ^-^

How is my favorite poet doing today?

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Mochi tries to get help. Uh-Oh spaghetti-os Cenn got to them first.

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Family is worried and goes to ask Cenn. Unfortunately its pretty easy to lie and change the villain of the story.

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@unlawful-lawyers-chaos i saw your post about the obscure ads disappearing and right after I got this one

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