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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The chaotic good energy that Lucifer radiates sometimes though?? Like he would be at a grocery store checkout and the screen would say “Would you like to donate $1 to help end poverty?” And Lucifer would be like “Wonderful I’ll donate $1000.”

And he does this multiple times a week.

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Failed science

Jesse opens the window in Alex’s kitchen, trying to fan the smoke outside before the smoke alarm goes off again. The kitchen is a mess, there’s scorch marks on the counter and a container with melted something no longer identifiable in the sink.

Her eyes widen in surprise when the front door opens and Alex walks in.

“Hey ‘lex,” she smiles and throws a hand towel over part of the blackened counter. “I thought you were going to be gone til tonight. What are you doing back so early?”


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I’m just thinking about this one time when me and my brothers were little. We were rewriting the Bible and one on page we drew God looking all buff or killing a snake or something and it said, “GOD FUCKS ASS!” And our mom was like, “Shouldn’t it say ‘kicks ass?’” and we were all like “No, fucking ass is way cooler!”

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Weird dreams: Angelic House

In the main dream, i had gone to a higher angelic House somewhere in the upper spheres. Which one? Thats speculative. Their uniforms were of blue aura and the house itself was of stone clockwork and spinning brass doors.

In any regard, there was an encouraging message from a couple of the residents. Felt like a performance review i have had at work or progress report at school spliced with a board meeting discussing future projections but the language spoken was like memory memes and not really words.

I have grown accustomed in speaking in this manner and it is easier to do so in dreams. Issue is, They tend to be more precise where i will jabber on with rapid flowing images like an excited child with much to say.

The setting reminded me of old law buildings or an early 1900s surgical center with something close to stone hedge where the main floor would be or the surgery table. The room itself was a dome shape with stained glass roof that bled color into itself like pressing paint between glass plates.

Really an awe inspiring sight but inwas clearly there to speak to a many eyed silver faced monk wearing blue robes and the legs of a bird of prey with the talons capped in matching silver.

The frustrating part, everytime i encounter these types of dreams or do these exercises my homework increases.

These Ones in blue -for the silver faced monk was merely the mouth piece for the others in the area- pointed out various texts i ought to finish reading in my spare time then basically said “keep up the good work”. And continued speaking of visages i had presented in the past for consideration.

The dream end with a rapid descent back to a more familiar dream setting where i continued dreaming about teeth.

From a psychological stand point, my subconscious seems encouraged by my progress in my crafts and hobbies. Afterall, i did just finish writing my second book ever.

From a spiritual standing, Skål Imam.

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“[Socialism, communism, fascism, capitalism] is not sustainable and will not last! Historically, they have failed!”

*snorts macha*

Historically, all kingdoms fail and kneel before the passages of time.

*eats lichen*

Law is a construct and so is a crown.

*rolls in dirt*

Death and Rebirth doesnt recognize mortal authority.

*Becomes moss*

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GOOD GIRLS,  accepting.  @ruinaa​ asked:  “  relax.  i’m just gonna scare him a little.  “  for amelia. 

           she had naturally assumed that,  dragging behind four children the last time she came into the cafe,  that she might be a stick in the mud.  but they run into each other following the man that had been very rude to one of the waitresses.  and amelia would have done something there,  but it was more fun to give him a riling up later,  when he thought he was just going to go about his day.

          but someone had beat her to it.  


          “  oh?  “  her eyes light up.  “  what did you have in mind?  “ 

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Ready for a story?

The other day me and my dumbass friends were bushwalking and stuff around some parklands near where we live and I was having fun, vibing with nature, collecting rocks and the like, when one friend is like “Hey lets climb this big ass hill thats covered in mud and rocks and moss” and we’re like “bet”

So anyway long story short it turned out to be MASSIVELY HUGE like a lot taller than we expected and covered in the slipperiest mud and we all got stuck when we were almost at the top which sucked because we couldn’t get any further but we also couldn’t get down because it was hella steep and muddy andd rocky so we were stuck. I did get very up close and personal with some mud and moss which was nice

We did get up evently but it took forever and we were covered in mud (which was kinda cool) and i ruined a pair of shoes which was fun lmao. I feel like that experience screams chaotic Goblin so that was great any way bai sorry for boring yall

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