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Had college at 10. Planned to wake up at 4 am but haha didn’t walk up until 9:30

Of course my outfit wasn’t planned so yeah. Need to rush choosing my outfit. Had 2 lectures and 2 toturials . So tired. But yeah. Now it’s 4:38 .

Wanna sleep but trying to make it till 10 so I can wake up early tomorrow. Have a lot of assignments and stuff to study.

Wanna be productive but yeah I am actually on my bed so yeah. I hope i won’t sleep. Gonna plan my day I wish. And then do whatever I have to do.

Anyways gonna update that so yeah.


Feeling lil better now bought my logic kit and actually started taking things in a positive way.

Went for a tiny lil walk which really helped .

I smell so f***ing bad so gonna take shower and do some work.

Went to buy Harry potter 2 and it wasn’t there So yeah doesn’t matter it will come on Wednesday.

I am feeling like a bad b**** after my dad told me that I am easy to learn and my English is good. English is my second language so yeah.

also feeling so much good after drinking tea with milk . Wasn’t a productive day but actually Productive so yeah.

gonna clean my space and shower and do some work and then go to sleep cause I am gonna wake up early tomorrow. PERIOD.

I thought it will be lil update but yeah.


It is not the most aesthetic picture but not everything needs to be perfect

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You know all the dystopian YA stories about future projections of society? Where cities are in factions or districts? 

What if the future had factions or districts entirely based on the social media platform of your choice?

Think about it!

  • Instagram - A district divided by aesthetics and popularity that is measured by follower count. Clothing is optional. There are some parts of the district that look like amazing art museums, others that look like an acid trip.
  • Facebook - Population of Karens and Kyles. Very family orientated but very Stepford housewives at the same time. And everyone’s got a pyramid scheme going.
  • Twitter - The Candor district, except nobody’s listening. Constant revolutions. The district itself is broken down into sub-factions that have constant elections of new leaders and revolutions. Scandal is rife! 
  • Pinterest - Talk about aesthetics! The prettiest district and everyone is really really chill. They’re at one with the world, growing their own food, making their own clothes, looking fabulous and being fabulous. It’s just peace and beauty. 
  • Tumblr - The chaotic wildchild of liberal fuckheads. Perfecting the art of a zingy one-liners is a right of passage. Constant celebration of people’s talents and abilities. Takes a long time to route out scandal though because it’s a faction entirely comprised of neurotic cats and ferret-memelords. Sub-factions consist of types of academics and fandoms that generally co-exist in harmony. Sub-sub-factions within fandoms - not so much. 
  • Tiktok - The trendy cool district full of clubs. They specialise in music and stand-up comics. Very adept at political revolutions and far more organised than the Twitter faction. Two main subfactions that vehemently oppose one another and live in a perpetual state of Cold War.
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If you wanna know what kinda person I am

The other day I stepped on a bunch of a thumbtacks, casually pulled them out of my feet, and then went to look up posts about the SPN finale

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you think, if I made like, a rhyming chant … and said it really loudly. With a whole fucking heap of dedication. I’d be able to summon this deity I wanted to just ya know talk to? I dunno. Lemme try.

s c o o b i s

d o o b i s

p u b i s




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On today’s episode of life isn’t real

Apparently I have the energy of someone with a p*ss k*nk, so some friends have decided to ask others what they think. So far its 7-4, pro people thinking I have a p*ss k*nk.

And in other news, another friend has decided to write an Emily dickinson poem on a small picture of peppa pig and fold it into a swan….

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