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infiniteinoblivion a month ago
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Made these for my bestie. Use if you want馃グ
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clownmilkandchaos 8 months ago
Clown Milk is not suitable for human or clown consumption. The Clown Company is not responsible for the side effects that may occur. PLEASE DO NOT DRINK CLOWN MILK
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kitaystaxes 4 months ago
chaotic academia is [writes on hand] [ink on ankles] [ink on elbows] [ink on neck] [urge to buy white flowy dresses] [writing unfinished poems] [making a big deal of birthdays] [writing prose and poetry for friends] [forgetting mundane schoolwork] [researching something niche] [reading old queer love letters] [editing a friend's book] [wishing for love] [shouting into the void silently] [reading incessantly]
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thedangerfloofhasreturned a year ago
D&D Character Alignment Charts聽for Dummies
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Defined by Lawful Good
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Defined by Chaotic Good
Tumblr media
Defined by Lawful Evil
Tumblr media
Defined by Chaotic Evil
Tumblr media
Defined by True Neutral
Tumblr media
Defined by Philosophic Theist
Tumblr media
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aestheticbiopolar 3 months ago
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ishipdeanwithhappiness 10 months ago
misha鈥檚 latest cameo video for some 鈥榥eutral鈥 misha content as opposed to his chaotic tweet from before
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sirkayleeofcamelot 9 months ago
Idk if you鈥檙e going to lift my chin gently with that dagger or stab me, but it鈥檚 kinda hot
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probabilisticworld 3 days ago
Q should have put 5 pips on his captain outfit, just to have one more than Picard. Doesn't matter that 5 pips aren't a thing. Q would still do it just to be chaotic.
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secretdecadence 11 months ago
what if we hang out but not to kiss, we can read poetry, run through a hallway, take pictures at a museum, eat cookies and drink tea and then kiss
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midnight-cosmonaut 19 days ago
chaotic academia things that don't promote unhealthy habits
or,, things I do on a regular basis
鈥 knowing all about different types of coffee; undertones and flavors, light and dark, how to brew them to achieve the perfect taste
鈥 listening to music more often than not, knowing specific songs for specific moments that make you feel like you're in a great movie scene
鈥 binging tv shows and movie series on your days off
鈥 getting up and writing when you get that one scene in your head for your work in progress and knowing you'll forget it if you just go to bed; answering that call
鈥 reading all literature; good, bad, controversial, light, dark, not your genre, your favorite childhood book, etc.,,,
鈥 gifted kid burnout....
鈥 you either are illiterate or read moby dick in sixth grade as a joke and unironically enjoyed it
鈥 venting on a suspiciously specific and niche discord at 4:00 am
鈥 putting on your fanciest clothes at night when no one is awake and playing Tchaikovsky and dancing with simple ballet moves that you learned off youtube because you can't really do ballet but it's a dream of yours
鈥 playing meme songs on a classical instrument
鈥 you're probably on twitter idk
鈥 mismatched socks, or those weird yoda socks your mom got you for christmas
鈥 going on bike rides around your neighborhood when it's quiet
鈥 getting your sweaters off of ebay
鈥 laying in the first snow of the year, making snow angels
鈥 planning your own murder, planning other people's murders, planning your lego murders or your sim murders or your stuffed animal murders, planning all the murders
鈥 having a stuffed animal :)
鈥 naming all the inanimate objects in your room, bonus points if they're literary references to your favorite books
鈥 being really proud of that one essay you wrote in middle school that you got an A on and your teacher asked to use as an example and really you haven't written anything that good since; maybe it was your magnum opus
鈥 hyperfixiating on any little thing. neutral, could be good or bad, borderline an obsession
鈥 searching up corsets even though you're never going to buy one (just me? okay)
鈥 learning the scientific names of birds
鈥 making an impulsive buy and never using the item even though you thought you would
鈥 reading all the books one author has written. multiple times over. an acheivement in itself
鈥 making a fort and watching your comfort movie in it
鈥 candles
鈥 pirates
鈥 starting to decorate your room purely based off of one aesthetic, realizing it's not for you, then adapting that aesthetic and making your room your own. books lined up against walls, a hello kitty plushy in the corner, a pink floyd poster on the wall, 3 pairs of vans in your closet, every single book published by wheelock's latin, it might not be dark academic but you sure call it that
鈥 notes!! in!!! books!!!!!
鈥 pressing flowers in your dictionary, forgetting about them, opening it up four months later and being pleasently surprised
鈥 not smoking at all unless you know the risks idk
鈥 naming your dog after oscar wilde but no one in your family knows (ah, also me)
鈥 being able to stand at your bookshelf for hours and explain what each book means to you, because they all mean something, but you haven't found someone yet who will listen, so you stand alone and voice your thoughts to an empty room
鈥 forgetting to water your plants
鈥 rearranging your bookshelf every week
鈥 using your academy access to articles to fuel your latest random obsession
鈥 don't lie, you've only read one shakespeare play but you talk about him like he's your favorite author in the world and maybe he is and that's okay (er... also me)
鈥 finding that one author that's a little bit unheard of or forgotten and them becoming your favorite author and you don't know who to share your excitement with
allowing yourself more freedom than a traditional aesthetic permits. making it your own personal version, romanticizing your life and striving for more. accepting the messy parts of you and trying to change the darkness
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go-spaghettininja 2 months ago
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Ladies and gents, please meet Halumo and Gharvantes, the halfling bard who's left the comfort of his home to pursue art in all its forms, and the warlock drow who's trying to break free from the grip of Lolth.
They are respectively mine and my partner's characters for a lovely DnD one-shot, with a spooky Halloween theme! This is the first time I get to play Dungeons and Dragons and I'm loving it!
Have you ever ventured in the dungeon yourselves?
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im-just-a-ghostt 5 months ago
On a scale from *slow dancing with your abusive father's ashes while wearing your sister's clothes* to *breaking into a department store to steal your future/past mannequin wife* how chaotic are you?
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clownmilkandchaos 8 months ago
I would like to eat the moss
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shorte1995 9 days ago
Adult Kate Bishop absolutely WRECKING that bell tower in her introductory scene into the MCU is 1000% the kinda chaotic neutral energy I wanna radiate in 2022
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chaotic-bi-bliophile 6 months ago
It's always wyd and never let me buy you books
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aestheticbiopolar 8 months ago
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fearmyduckarmy 4 months ago
*cough cough* so I made a quiz鈥 it鈥檚 not very accurate but I had fun making it and I think you鈥檒l have fun taking it, whether you match your answer or not (you probably won鈥檛 tbh) so yeah here鈥檚 that go crazy
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black-belly-bella 15 days ago
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If I wrote a book this would be the lil photo on the back cover.
What would the title of my book be
Also gamer lights new addition to my office/art studio. Want the whole gamer set up to piss people off when I tell them I only play solitaire.... I鈥檓 gonna stream it too just to for shits and gigs
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dragonsanddarkacademia 2 months ago
"Art is to console those who are broken by life."
- Vincent van Gogh
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twogoatseatingsilverware 2 months ago
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