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Okay so listen. This fic wasn’t meant to turn out this deep. It was supposed to be as deep as a puddle on the sidewalk, then all of a sudden I poured my literal soul into this and then BOOM bottom of the Marianas Trench. Anyways I think you guys will like this- PR manager Dean x CW exec Cas who are also dming each other on Tumblr. Lemme know what you think <3333
Don’t Blame Me (E, 19k)
Of course, just as soon as Dean begins plotting the downfall of whoever decided to butcher what should have been the most beautiful and powerful scene of the whole goddamn show, he gets a text message interrupting his contemplation of arson or blackmail.
Castiel Hardass Novak, 9:06 p.m.
→ What is the social media response like?
Oh. Right. He is supposed to be monitoring social media for the response to the confession. Ignoring the fact that the rudest CW exec he’s ever known had to remind him to do his job, he logs onto his primary, and also favourite, social media site to monitor: Tumblr.
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In the beginning, there were no days of the week, so no one really knew what it meant to be the angel of Thursday. Castiel, said angel, thought that he could decide for himself, but at first there wasn’t much to decide from. 
He wasn’t the first angel and he wasn’t the last, and even though he was a seraph the ranks were vast and he faded into the background, simply being for centuries, millennia. 
Then life came to the world. 
No more were there just swirling clouds and rocks and gnashing fire—now there was something alive down there. Castiel was fascinated and he watched that life instead of merely being, and then one day he took a walk, and it was an auspicious day to do so, because that was the day a fish made landfall. 
He very nearly stepped on it. 
Castiel decided that being the angel of Thursday meant being the angel of life, and he loved all of the living things in the world (too much, some angels said). When humans came about and eventually came up with the idea of Thursdays (and called the day many things in many tongues), Castiel found that Thursdays seemed insignificant but were often a signal for good things to come, much like the small organisms that had first graced the planet. 
His love of living things would damn him eventually, in the eyes of the others, but to him, it gave him something like a purpose. Even so, he did not understand all of the creatures of the earth until he spent nearly a decade living among them, a fragment of his life triggering the fall. 
It’s been a nice fall, Castiel—no, Cas now, thinks. 
No more does he just watch the creatures of the earth; now he sits among them. At the present moment, he is sitting in front of a lake house that he owns with the human he fell for, and he’s holding a frog. 
(Cas wasn’t planning on holding the frog, it just kind of hopped into his hand. Maybe it could tell all that he had once been. Still was. He didn’t lose his love for the earth along with his wings.)
In the beginning there was nothing, and now there are many things, and as that human (Dean, because who else would it be?) comes up behind him and the frog hops away, Cas thinks that he is overall quite pleased with his choice for Thursdays. 
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riverevelations · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
supernatural, airing only on hbo
SPIRITUALITY — the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.
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ghostmary · a month ago
How about beach as a prompt?
THANK YOU LINDEN BELOVED! this exists in the s6 where cas and dean fucked on the down low during his time with lisa. i don’t have many warm sandy beaches where i live so i went for the kind of windy cold rock beaches that do nothing but act as background for train tracks and tide pools. create marine layers that last until 5 pm. yk.
Dean and Cas coexist peacefully in the oil painting, brushed on climate of a car on a beach. “Cas,” Dean murmurs, tucking his chill hands under the dress shirt Cas is wearing. “Angels don’t get cold, right?”
“I’m perfectly warm,” Cas replies. The wind snarls at the front of the car. Good. Good that he’s warm, the heater’s crapping out after all these years. “You’re cold, though,” he says, directed at the goosebumps on his arms. Dean shrugs, wrapping his arms around himself.
“You don’t think this is t-shirt weather?” he laughs. Cas frowns at him. “You’re right. It’s not.” The wind on the coast feels strong enough to rattle the Impala’s windows, and clouds bathe the sky in gray.
“I have a vessel.” Sometimes, Dean remembers- post sex, usually- that it’s not Cas’ first body or his real one. He’s still riding Jimmy, even though Jimmy is dead. “You always forget. I’m not like you.”
“Guess I do.” Dean wants to say Cas’ name, but it gets stuck in his throat like a wad of gum. He wants to bury his head in the soft, warm stomach beside him. With Sammy being back, with everything- it’s like a dream, any time he was with Cas last year.
He’s made of an impenetrable flesh. They are made of an impenetrable moment. “I wanted help with a case,” Dean says, gesturing at the papers on his lap. “It looks biblical.” He hands Cas a steaming cup of hot cocoa, smiling at the marshmallows in his own.
“Of course.” When Dean looks up, Cas is staring at him intently, a direct line from Dean’s mind to the drawn up unknown factor on his face.
Dean, more dogged, tries to show the notes he’s made instead of the throbbing of his heart. He wraps his freezing fingers around the hot cocoa instead of using body heat, using the front windshield as distraction, like he can count every rock on the beach.
Gentle fingers tuck Cas’ trenchcoat around his shoulders. “That should help,” he says. Dean breathes in deep, breathes in the smell. He’s probably going to take Cas to the Holiday Motel where he’s staying, soon, even though it’s been so, so long.
As many months as it takes for them to see each other again, Dean still feels something when he gets around him. A permanent attraction, until he starts to wonder if he’s not attracted to Cas at all, but rather- if it goes deeper than that.
He pulls the trenchcoat tighter around his shoulders.
thanks for reading❣️ 💐❤️💌🎉
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happy happy birthday! hope you’re having a wonderful one 💫🥳😇
thank you so much ida! it's been really amazing so far :)
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spnblrcrushes · a month ago
chapeldean 💓
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jackklineolantern · 6 months ago
17 (i’m so curious lol) and 19?
hello!!! I answered 17 here (at the end of 5x03 free to be you and me but then they never speak of it again 😔)
19. Would you have wanted Dean to confess first or Cas?
I actually really like the way it happened! Obviously not the aftermath or specific events, but the general structure. I like that we had a quasi-confession from Dean in purgatory, that if nothing else was confirmation to Cas that yes he is important to Dean and yes Dean actually does want him to stay. I think that needed to happen first (I think. specifically in a world where the confessions happened naturally and not as a result of like....self-sacrifice to prevent imminent death) before Cas would feel comfortable actually saying the word “love” but that Cas was always going to actually confess first. 
This is getting long for a response to an ask game but it’s like. Their respective abandonment issues, right? This endless push and pull cycle. Dean would have suffered in silence convinced that both 1. Cas would never feel the same way and also 2. telling him would mean he’d leave. But Cas is also perfectly content to stay quiet forever (all I need, darling, is a life in your shape) and would never risk losing Dean or Dean kicking him out. So I think it would need to come from Dean first, a little, out of a need to just tell Cas to stay. Something close enough to “I love you” that Cas could interpret it as such, or at the very least would solidify Cas’ place and significance in Dean’s life, but not close enough to the full thing to trigger Dean’s own flight or fight response. Then Cas could full send it with a full love confession and then Dean could reciprocate 
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maydays2 · a month ago
here’s a ummm summary of your blog; top notch person who posts amazing content and leaves funny tags that frequently make me put my Head in my Hands
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birthdayboycas · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
a little late! but happy valentine’s day!!!! you’re rad 💓
best date idea <3
happy valentines day!
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Here it is folks. The somewhat-heavily anticipated destiel McDonald’s au. I’m not quite sure how this became 15k in under two and a half days, but it is. Lemme know what you guys think <3333
Crazy Little Thing Called Love (E, 15k)
Just before Dean is about to hit the button on his headset to turn on the mic and take the next drive thru order, a rumbling voice belonging to the most irritating manager he’s ever known interrupts him.
“We’re trying to keep the number of pulls below 15% of cars, Winchester, so next time at least try to get the food ready on time.”
And again, Dean finds himself counting to ten in his head, trying to calm down.
(I also went absolutely crazy with this and drew an actual floor plan that the fic is based off of, so I suggest checking it out to help visualize some parts of the fic)
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oh, jesus. i’m so sorry that happened to you!! but you gotta know that person was so wrong to say that. as a fellow english/EFL teacher it hit close to home because as a second language speaker, there’ll almost always be traces of an accent. that’s just how it works. and although the native speaker ideal exists, there’s literally no point to it?? despite what this person said, being proficient in a language does not equate (or require!) sounding like a native speaker or whatever. (and like. which native speaker?? which accent??? it’s a dumb argument to use). i thought the idea of an instagram page for teaching english sounded amazing and i hope you blocked that person (for being outright mean) and that you won’t let this bother you 💖💖 you know your stuff and your english is fantastic.
yeah, i blocked her immediately!! and like, i knew right there and then that she was wrong for saying it all, but i still let her get to me cause i was already feeling vulnerable and self-concious cause i was putting myself out there... but now i have so many kind messages to remind me what’s right if it ever happens again... thank you! 💖
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riverevelations · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
supernatural, airing only on hbo
FIRE — consumes, warms and illuminates. Fire is the symbol of inspiration and represents eternity and the concept of rebirth in many different faiths. It burns old things to rejuvenate the entire world.
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5x04dean · a month ago
🍓 (i mostly just want to give out these as treats. u have great vibes and love your dta postin’, you absolutely deserve a strawberry snack)
Thank you, seriously, this is so kind of you!! <3 I love the stuff you post and you seem like a very chill person. I'm always so excited to make new DTA mutuals, and I really love the vibes of your blog so much. thank you again bro ahhh.
send me a 🍓!!!
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bipridedean · a month ago
🐝 and 📹 for the ask game?
thanks for the ask!! 💖
🎥- what show are you currently binging on?
I just binged watched the pursuit of love with my mom. It was a period drama miniseries with lily james on prime. It only had three episodes but it was really good!!
🐝- describe your aesthetic in emojis
this is kind of hard because I'm not really a big emoji user but I'll give it a shot! 🖤🌻 🌈 🎶 🍂 🐾 ✨ (this is a mess lol, but my aesthetic is all over the place so it works lol)
sweet and pure ask game
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spnblrcrushes · a month ago
<3 the övernaturlig swedish queens themselves @chapeldean and @supernatural-jaeger <3
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hocuspocusdean · 2 months ago
hhmmm let’s see.. red… green… blue.. turquoise.. light blue… perchance even orange.. ily 💘💘
alskdbffk all the same ones to you <3333 love youuuu
Tumblr media
ask game
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