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#chapter 12
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Chapter 12 is up!  HOORAY!

Sorry a bajillion times more that this update took so long.  I really hope that readers enjoy it, and let’s hope I can get 13 up a little faster haha.

Anywho.  What can I say about 12?  HMM.

Loads of drama haha.  “The kid” makes a return, and will stick around for 13, too, so I hope you guys like that little creep.  What else?   A little more of Robin this time.  We find out what the Professor’s been up to in the lab.  Also what Mojo wants is revealed of course.  Oh, and Sedusa returns for a bit- we will be seeing more of her soon!  And Mitch too I guess?  Lol.

For the Princess fans- she’ll be in the next chapter.  For the Gangreen Gang fans- also next chapter. 

Please if you have time to leave a review/comment, they are always appreciated.  <3

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Basically Doomguy Meets a borrower

Summary: Warren was desperate. Sure, the little three-and-and-three-quarters inch tall man had some close calls in the past; exterminators, rats, that one teen who’d been too curious for his own good, but nothing that even remotely began to prepare him for this.

Honestly, Warren was doubting that anything could have prepared him for the end of the world.

Enormous creatures that the humans had called demons roamed outside, killing each other as well as anything they could see. Buildings had been completely destroyed in the invasion. Not a single human had been seen in months. Food was scarce to nonexistent.

Everything changed when he was caught by a human called the Slayer.

[Ao3 link] 

Chapter 12: I Like-Like Him

Summary: The idiots are starting to realize things. It only took them eleven chapters. 

Warren is adorable and John freaks out because he doesn’t know what to do.

Disclaimer: I wrote 3k of this story on prescription grade pain killers, so who knows if its actually good.

Contains: Confused romantic feelings, self deprecation, swearing and assorted f bombs, male in a dress

Wordcount: 3.5k  

Warren was waiting for John to return, sitting on the edge of the console, watching the stars. They looked so pretty from up here. The shirt was completed and he had taken the time to fold it and hide it in his room. Hopefully John returned okay. 

“Stand by for portal entry.” Vega’s voice softly reminded him as the portal frame whirred to life. 

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Update 1/20/21

It’s been swell having my freedom again now that I’m covid-free.  I’m not going anywhere or anything.  But things like gardening in our backyard, taking my dog-kids Fable and Riot on walks, cuddling with my wifey on the sofa and watching netflix or whatever, and just being able to cook again for myself in the kitchen… I’ve missed all of it so much.  So much in fact that I’ve been slacking on editing more than I should, whoops.  SORRY, GUYS.

But I did finish up all my rewrites yesterday FINALLY so the new chapter is nearly done.  All that’s left is another swoop of editing and maayyyybee swapping out this one scene I have for another that I originally had planned for 13 instead.  So give me a day or two to decide what feels best for the story while I start tinkering with 13 a bit.

So basically I’m stepping away from 12 today to work on the scene for 13.   Depending on what I decide to do with that scene, I might finish chapter 12 tomorrow night after work, or I might need another day after that.  But I don’t think so.  I’m already like 90 percent sure on what I’ll probably end up doing lol.   Just gotta write this up first to be sure and it will EASE my perfectionist mind.  Once that’s done, then it’s final editing and formatting stuff which takes me usually a day or two.

Alright that’s just a really wordy way to say I will have CHAPTER 12 up this SUNDAY, JANUARY 24TH.  PROMISE GUYS.  

I feel so bad it’s been so long since our last update that I’ll share one scene with you guys from 12.  I mean, if you’re checking this blog you’re probably looking for an update, right?  Well for now, I hope a little sneak peek will suffice until Sunday.

Personally, I think it’s kind of a cool sneaky peeky because honestly it doesn’t really give away much of the plot of the chapter and still leaves the suspense of where we last left off pretty much.  SO.  If you wanna read a little bit of 12, here’s scene #3 for you guys early.  If you want to avoid it and remain pure, I’ll see you Sunday I guess lol.

Uh… heads up, it’s got some gore lol.  A creepy little horror comedy scene, really.  One of my personal faves of the chapter, too.  PLEASE ENJOY.

SNEAK PEEK:  Chapter 12, Scene 3 under the cut….

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the best part of the wire scene in chapter 12 is that it’s objectively hilarious on the surface (local man explains electrical engineering to an infant), but tbh grogu is such a weird mixture of developmental milestones…

- he walks but doesn’t talk (but definitely communcates)

-he sometimes obviously understands what mando is saying/gesturing

-he has some kind of grasp on his freaky mystical powers

-he saved his dad from a rhino monster which shows some kind of cause-effect comprehension

-he understands the mechanics of stealing the lever knob by unscrewing it, etc

…that this scene is actually very interpretable as mando testing the boundaries of grogu’s capabilities because he’s seen some out-there shit from this baby before and it is actually perfectly reasonable to conclude that this wonderful little freak could hack it as the galaxy’s squishiest engineer 

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hellooo! the final chapter of “heat waves” is out, i hope you all enjoyed the story and please read the author notes after! love you all :)

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Chapter 12

For two days, Carl lay comfortably on Negan’s bed. Leg elevated, hair let down, eyepatch off, all discomfort was erased as Negan brought him food and let him read his books. He even helped him to the bathroom, coming to his aid anytime he used the walkie to ask for anything.

He loved it all, apart from when Negan moved away from his touches and slept on the couch, all to avoid getting to close to Carl. He didn’t like that at all.
Denise had come up once, providing hot soup for him and some hot chocolate which he drank gratefully. He could feel Negan’s eyes on him as he spoke to her, his gaze making him flustered and putting him on edge all at once.

He tried to forget about the kiss at the security post, he really did, but every time Negan looked at him, the memory was vivid in his mind again. The feeling of Negan’s scruff scratching his cheeks and rough lips moving on his. Fuck, how did he fall so hard for the man in so little time, it wasn’t fair. Now he’d been left in the dust because he was a kid.

He tried not to let it frustrate him, but it did. So much so that he found himself snapping at Negan a few times when he asked reasonable questions. The man didn’t react much, didn’t slap him like Carl expected. At least that would be some sort of touch to acknowledge his hurt feelings.

He fucking hated being so weak that he couldn’t go to the bathroom on his own, and he was extremely grateful that he hadn’t been forced to bathe yet. The sheer embarrassment of Negan undressing him would be too much.

It was lunchtime when Negan wandered into the room with a glass of water and a sandwich for him, a frown set on his face.

‘What’s wrong?’ Carl asked, curious as he took the offered food and drink before looking up at him.

‘I’m going on a supply run to one of our provider towns today.’


‘I have to leave you here with Denise to look after you.’

Carl smiled just a little at the worry in his voice, and with excitement that he would get to learn Italian with Denise again. He sipped the water before speaking again.

‘That’s okay, I like Denise. How long will you be gone?’

‘Just a few hours, I’ll be back before dinner.’ Negan smiled and Carl blushed at the kind expression, quickly biting into his sandwich so that the man didn’t see his red cheeks.

He avoided his eyes while he ate, trying not to react when Negan pulled off his shirt to change into a white one. He’d learned that he liked to wear white shirts to show the bloodstains of victims, which shouldn’t have made Carl so hot under the collar but damn it, it did. He felt ashamed of his hormones having so much control of his body like this.

‘Expecting trouble?’

‘I’m always prepared, kiddo. Why do you think I haven’t taken you on a supply run yet? I’m making sure you don’t get hurt.’

Carl rolled his eyes at that, taking another bite of his sandwich and talking through his mouthful.

‘You haven’t taken me because I can’t walk, asshole.’

Negan smiled when he said that, and Carl did his best to suppress the shiver it sent through his body.

‘Well, it’s also to protect you. I killed your dad so you’re my charge now.’

The teen winced at that.

‘You could stop reminding me of that.’

‘Sorry, kid. See you at dinner, try not to hurt yourself before I come home.’ Negan stroked his gloved hand over Carl’s hair before leaving, Denise coming in from behind the door and locking it up.

Carl frowned, looking at her strangely. She smiled.

‘To avoid disturbances to our Italian lessons. Some of Negan’s security team are truly rude figli di puttana!’ Denise swore and Carl laughed easily, loving the old woman’s attitude.

It distracted him enough from the real reason Denise had locked the door, and they settled into their lesson.


It was five minutes until the usual dinner time when Carl began to get worried. He hadn’t heard trucks outside since lunch and no alert whistles had gone off to signal Negan’s return. Denise had gone down to the kitchens to start dinner preparations half an hour earlier, leaving Carl with the walkie and promising him she would come running if he needed help.

Now there was no sign of Negan, and he was worried. Really worried. Picking up the walkie, he tuned it into the security team’s radio frequency, listening for any news.

‘The place is fucking burning.’

‘He’s probably already dead.’

‘Lookout a mile from Riverton says he’s seen nothing come out of the flames.’

Carl’s eyes widened as he listened and then the other guy on the radio laughed.

‘Good riddance, man, I never liked him.’

Carl’s heart was beating so hard that he thought it might break through his ribcage. Negan couldn’t be dead, he couldn’t. He refused to accept it, and he was damn well ready to kill the guys implying that he was.

Getting off the bed carefully, Carl pulled on one of Negan’s hoodies, seeking comfort in the warmth and scent as he limped to the door. Negan’s knife was sitting on the dresser, glinting in the lamplight. Carl considered it for a moment before taking it, not sure if he would need protection from betrayers, and then opened the door, relieved to find no one there to force him back into bed.

He held onto the wall as he stumbled down the corridor, his hands as steady as they could be when he held onto the staircase railing, edging himself down each step by using his arms to push his uninjured leg up and down onto the next step. It took him at least ten minutes but he got to the bottom, ignoring the stares of the Saviours in the community hall.

They couldn’t care less about his safety, he knew that. He would always be an Alexandrian to most of them, but he knew in his heart that he was a Saviour now. This was his home.

Hanging onto the wall again, Carl forced his injured leg to work, limping down the hallway until he reached the door to the outside. Then the radio in his hand crackled again.

‘Shit, he’s back.’

‘How the fuck did he get past the lookout?!’

‘I don’t know! Must have taken another road back to avoid the smoke, bastard!’

‘We have to make a plan to overthrow him, man, meet me tonight in my room.’

‘Will do, Fry.’

Fry. He was going to kill that bastard.

Wrenching open the door, Carl let out a breath of relief when he saw Negan stepping down from his van, but the relief was quickly replaced with rage. He half limped, half stormed across the courtyard to get to the older man, finally reaching him and ignoring his confused face when he turned around. He slapped him hard across the face, chest heaving and tears welling in his eye.

‘I thought you were fucking dead!’

Negan froze at the slap, his hand coming up to the red mark on his face before he was glaring down at Carl.

‘Well fucking hello to you too.’

‘You said you’d be home for dinner.’

‘I am!’

‘You’re five minutes fucking late!’ Carl snapped in response, tears falling now.

He didn’t wait for a reply before he buried his face in Negan’s chest, too upset to look at him as he hugged him tightly, taking shaky breaths.

It took a moment before Negan’s arm was around his shoulders and his hand on his head, hugging back.

‘Hey, it’s alright, kid, I’m fine. I’m right here.’ He reassured but Carl shook his head, bravery and upset taking over his mind as he looked up at him, tears streaming down his cheek.

‘I thought you were dead.’ He whimpered, before reaching up to bring Negan’s face down to his, kissing him desperately.

He waited only a few seconds before Negan was kissing back, and suddenly Carl was being picked up under his thighs and pressed up against the van door, face level with his now.

Negan only pulled away for a moment, looking at him with dark eyes.

‘I’m sorry I rejected you.’

‘Stop fucking apologising and just kiss me again.’ Carl snapped, gasping at how quickly Negan’s lips were back on his, the back of his head hitting off the van window briefly as he was completely pressed up against it.

‘If you’re late again, I’ll stab you.’ Carl muttered into the kiss in a sour tone that made Negan chuckle deeply.

‘If I get treatment like this every time I’m late, I might do it more often.’ The man grinned and Carl narrowed his eye at him, using his good leg to kick Negan’s thigh.


‘You fucking love me, shut your mouth.’ Negan scolded before they were kissing again, completely forgetting about the other people surrounding them as they got on with unloading the supplies, letting the two have their reunion.

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And that was news so serious that it even came close to reaching Valiant.

Chapter 12 summary: We open with Rion waking up in a strange room. He’s grateful that the sedative has worn off, and even the hillsom powder. He’s able to touch the power the same way he did before all of this unpleasantness. After using the washroom, he then ventures out and finds Naran talking with another man, uhhh… Phil. They fill Rion in on what’s been happening, and about how they have men trying to track down what happened with Lorand and Jovvi.

Rion asks about Val, and Phil explains where Val is. After Rion finishes eating, Phil takes Rion and Naran to Val. Val is not good.

We then jump back a little while to when Val first awoke. He’s able to move more freely now, but it doesn’t appear as though even the sedative has completely worked itself out from his system. And it’s obvious that the hillsom powder is still in there as well. He is under the impression that his power is gone for good. He stands by the open window for a long time, just lost in thought.

When we eventually circle back to when Rion and Naran come into his room, we see the same scene as earlier. However, there’s an odd distortion as Val is clearly in the early stages of some intense PTSD. He isn’t processing things quite right. And it’s honestly kind of powerful writing.

At the end of the chapter, a “familiar voice” (aka Tamma) says that their hosts believe that Jovvi and Lorand are no longer in the city. And she’s hella pissed about that.

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I read Eden’s Zero Chapter 12.

(Image set 2 of 2)

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I read Eden’s Zero Chapter 12.

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           After that debacle, they decided there was no point in trying to go back to sleep. The siblings yawned, stretched, and prepared to start the day. Koto, with a spring in her step, checks up on the World Orb she and Straus first bonded over. Since the first merging of their ideas, that World had evolved to be something much more than either of them could imagine. They also finally came up with a name for it.

They called it [Lightverse].

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Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Warnings: Language, violence, abuse, sexual situations, abortion, mention of suicide

Summary: You’re not sure how to deal with your current situation. Your owner, Byun Baekhyun, isn’t helping with the stress. But what happens when you find a risky solution that might just solve all your problems?


Prologue [M]Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5 Chapter 6Chapter 7Chapter 8Chapter 9Chapter 10Chapter 11Chapter 12Chapter 13


Another month flies by with no progress on the vampires’ end. You, however, had gotten a healthy, pregnant glow. Your skin is no longer pale, and instead it had become rosy and plump. You’ve read about pregnancy acne, and all those other terrible things that come with being pregnant, but other than morning sickness, you haven’t felt unwell. It was awful the first two months or so, but now it’s surprisingly easy. It’s so strange to see yourself in the mirror now, no longer broken and sickly like you used to be.

The vitamins Yixing gave you seems to be doing wonders. You don’t get tired as much and have had a growing appetite. Finally, you feel more like a normal person, how you were supposed to be. 

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